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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  October 5, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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this broadcast is real time captioned by carrie o'brien. a major drug operation found inside of the same house as a daycare center. good morning. i'm meghan mccorkell. with more on this disturbing discovery. >> ravens hope to get their running game in gear. that is coming up. >> taking live look outside. a clear and quiet morning in our area. but tropical storm karen is moving closer to the gulf
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coast. so will she have an impact on us? meteorologist tim williams has the answers in his first warning weather forecast. >> eyewitness news saturday morning starts now. good morning. welcome to eyewitness news saturday morning. i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm meteorologist tim williams. it is very mild outside right now. you know? you like the days? >> yesterday, i don't know what was going on, it felt lie may or june. >> yes. it is going on, now, we are going dryer and humidity. it is drier and warm. it is humid, it feels more summerlike when the humidity is at today the mix. so wuwe're getting today, starting off with temperatures,
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you can see, it is a cool start outside, it is 70 degrees in parts of the area. we're at 68 at bwi. we have 68 in oakland and the dew point is in the 60s. so we have the moisture out there. today, temperatures getting up to 86 degrees and patchy morning fog. a partly sunny day and a warm day. our high is 61. mostly cloudy skies, and warm. tomorrow, like today, 86 degrees and humid. and clouds and stun. we will talk about that and the timing of karen coming up in the exclusive eye witness news first warning five-day forecast. >> thank you, tim. first, here's what people are talking about today. the family of the woman who was shot and killed after leading police on a bizarre chase from the white house to capitol hill is speaking out. they are addressing question about her mental state i the
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the use of force from police. danielle nottingham has more. >> we feel that absorbing all of the things. >> amy and valerie carey don't know why they drove her young daughter to washington, d.c., and miriam carey died. >> she had postpartum depreciation with dissoc us. >> reporter: nine months before miriam carey rammed her car into a white house barricade, she told connecticut police, president barack obama had put her home under electronic surveillance and she was communicating with them. her sister, valerie, disagreed. >> to my knowledge, she did not believe that the president or a government official was going to do her harm. >> reporter: miriam carey was not armed when she led police on a high-speed chase, her 1- year-old daughter was in the backseat. police opened fire on miriam
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carey, because she was user her car as a weapon, valerie carey questions washington, d.c. police protocol. >> there was no gunfire. >> reporter: they are seeking her niece. >> my niece has lost her mother, we want to know why. >> reporter: investigators want to know, too. danielle nottingham. >> now, police searched miriam carey's apartment for 12 hours first using a robot, and then they took several items as possible evidence. a man in critical condition this morning after police are saying he lit himself on fire on the national mall in washington. it happened yesterday around 7th street. you can see what appears to be smoke there. a witness saw the unidentified man dump a red can of gas on his head and then lit a match
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and set himself on fire. officers and near by joggers helped to put out the flames after a medevac flew him to the hospital. a major drug operation run out of the home of a daycare, police found guns and drugs inside of the howard county house. this morning the owner is facing serious charges. meghan mccorkell explains how the operation remained a secret. >> reporter: good morning. police are saying an unanimous tip led them to the daycare center. for the past year parents have dropped their children off at this home, a licensed daycare center, but whait is what police are saying 31-year-old david anderson that built underneath the house that has neighbors in shock. >> we had no idea. >> reporter: a secret room that was specific used to grow
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marijuana. >> it was clear to our detective, this was a large scale operation. >> reporter: that room had special insulation, electrical system, lighting and a ventilation system to mask the owner. during the raid, detectives found baggies of drugs all over the house, that's not all. >> we executed a search warrant at the house and found loaded weapons and ammunition inside of the house. >> reporter: and police found multiple firearms inside of the backyard shed, where they played. >> one of the kids went over there and found the guns. >> reporter: neighbors cannot believe this was happening here. >> this is mostly young family and nice people. it is surprising. >> reporter: david a major druggerson is charged with manufacturing, production, and distribution of marijuana. she is likely to face near charges. he is released on $35,000 bond.
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meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> the daycare center is licenseed to anderson's fiance. it is suspended. a two car crash in anne arundel county kill as woman and injuries others. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene. the woman tried to merge and her car collided with an suv. she died at the scene. the driver and passenger in the or car are expected to recover. it is day five of the government shutdown this morning. the impacts on maryland is worse. over capitol hill yesterday, president barack obama said he wanted a temporary spending bill on his desk with no strings attached. a house speaker john boehner pointed the finger at the senate democrats and the white house. lockheed-martin is going to furlough 3,000 workers on monday because of the shutdown.
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reaction is coming up. cell phone crack down, city police target drivers nall following the state's new cell phone laws. officers setup a check points at harford road and pulling over driverwise cell phones. and looked for driver in the backseat not wearing street belts -- seatbelts. this is the first of many. the ravens are facing questions this week, following their loss in buffalo, now, the team heads to miami. >> reporter: good morning. week to week it is hard to predict what ravens team will we see in miami on sunday. the team admits they are a work in progress. part of ravens preparation in miami is talk of an attitude adjustment, especially for the
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rubble game. -- run game, they job is to run the ball, but they have not been able to do it. >> it is that much respect for our run game, everybody is coming to play. we have to match the other team's yale-n tensity out there. >> reporter: through four games, the ravens find themselves in an unusual spot, near the bottom of the nfl in rushing yardage. flacco is okay with passing more if that's what it takes. >> thank you, mark. you can see the ravens and dolphins right here on wjz eyewitness news. tensions have high on the gulf coast bracing for topical
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storm karen. this is south carolina, this is a look at a parish in louisiana. alabama, louisiana, mississippi and florida have declared states of emergency. >> yeah. that's going to be kind of tough and many, many fema workers being furloughed. >> the way that we get information is from government agencies. the national weather service, they are all governmental agencies. with the workers not at full force it might be difficult. we will keep an eye on this. and it is one of the situations, fortunately, this is not a huge storm but any storm can be problematic. but not a huge one. we will show you how it will play into the forecast, it will be monday and tuesday before it moves in our general direction. right now a gorgeous day. like the last few.
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the fog is out there again, because the humidity and dew points have been higher. today again. 63 is the dew point. and 67 is the temperatures. when the numbers are close, you are going to get fog. the calm winds there is nothing to move it around and stir it. we will start to see most of that leveling out. when the sun comes up it burns it off. the wind picks up a little bit. everything will be rick with the world as soon as the sun comes up at 7:00. here are the temperatures around the state. 58 in oakland. 65 in elkton. 77 in washington, d.c. and 77 in west minister. so you get the idea, a very mild start to the day. 62 in bel air, 62 is your coolest spot in october, before sunrise? you have a preteens nice day shaping up. calm winds around the area.
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and the flow is from the west and southwest and bringing in the arm air. you're looking at several things after a warm front is leading the way bringing us into the warmer air. we're bringing warmer air from the south and southwest, that is helping to get it temperatures up in the 80, mid 80 d degree-- range. following that is a cold front to pull in the moisture from tropical storm karen. karen will make landfall between this evening and tomorrow morning, as a category 1 hurricane potentially. but is going to other direction. now, the winds are down at 5:00 to 4 miles per hour as opposed to increasing. we expect it to be a tropical storm. it moves across the mid atlantic, it will lose the characteristics. it will be a rain storm.
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all of the models are moving it across the atlanta. we will see the rain on monday, but on tuesday it is leaving the area. we will get the rain but not the problems. we need the rain. 6:43 is your sunrise time today. we're looking at temperatures going up to 86 degrees. the fog, there is any other there will be gone quickly. 64 degree tonight. mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow 86. the humidity remains. there is the front. temperatures 80 on monday. 73 on tuesday, the front comes through. 72 and 70 for wednesday and thursday. >> all right. still to come on wjz eyewitness news -- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,@6
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welcome back to eyewitness news saturday morning. it is the 5th day of october. can the temperatures are going up to near 85 and in some cases -- 90 degrees. behind me you see what is the symbol for the tropical storm. we are following tropical storm karen. that is something on monday and tuesday. it will be rain storms for us, but we will be watching the moisture moving into the region. high pressure in control. warm conditions after a front to the west that will interact with tropical storm karen. tropical storm karen will start to move in, the front will lif it up and into the area, and zoom it out of here. a two day event. monday and tuesday. right now temperatures around 70 degrees. we're going to 86. with partly sunny, and warm. the exclusive eye witness news first warning five-day forecast
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is coming up. g? >> thanks, tim. good evening. people on the northern gulf coast are preparing for tropical storm karen a tip mentioned. it is going to strike amid the government shutdown. marley hall reports for wjz eyewitness news from florida. >> reporter: the surf is whipping up on the northern gulf cost. the first sign is what's on the way. tropical storm karen is moving fast and expected to make landfall on saturday. forecasters predict tropical storm karen could bring as many as 10 inches of rain took some areas. >> it will be a big rain event. there is flooding in low lying areas. >> the wind is picking up here in florida, but the sky is clear. some emergency officials have expressed concerns they could face problems getting help to stricken areas because of the partial government shutdown. hundreds of thousands of
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federal workers are on furlough. the white house is saying something of those employed by fema are called back. and local fire determines are getting ready. >> some people don't heed the warning. they don't think they are in a flood zone. >> the governors of louisiana, mississippi and florida, have placed states of emergency. >> energy companies in the gulf have shutdown production. severe targets the northern plains with hail and damaging tornadoes. take a look at this. strong winds whipped up debris in eastern nebraska as the storm system spawned two twisters. the storm damages dozens of homes but no injuries were
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reported so far. national weather service is saying 3 inches of rain fell in 24 hours. pennsylvania governor is under fire this morning for his controversial comments on gay marriage. they came during a television interview, he compared it to insist. >> there was a mark may be a member of your legal team. >> i think a better analogy would be brother and sister. >> corbett apologized saying his words were not intended to offend everyone. he is up for reelection next year. we now have a face to go with the voice. the identity of the iphone's virtual assessment, siri, is revealed. >> hello. i'm susan bennett. you probably know me, i'm the voice acker who provided the
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voice for siri. >> she recorded all of the lines in 2005. it took four hours a day for a month. her voice was used for the first atm. and the calming and voice in many airports and gps units. >> does it sound like siri to you? >> not right there. >> maybe once it goes through your phone it finds a little different, or computerized. >> you have to hear that ding ding -- >> right. >> first. >> that is tim's cue. still to come on wjz eyewitness news -- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the exclusive eye witness news first warning five-day forecast looking at 86 today and tomorrow. and start to see the clouds increase tomorrow morning. and then the leading edge of the point of tropical storm karen will lift into the area on monday and tuesday. linger until wednesday and then clear out. temperatures to normal highs, 73, 72, and 70 on wednesday and thursday. she is called baltimore's statue of liberty. she is about to get a new home. >> ron matz has more with lady baltimore. >> reporter: the monument, and punched on tom is lady
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baltimore. she has been there 200 years, but time and the weather are taking a big toll. >> her material is marble which is very fragile over time. so the conditions are quite sugary of. >> reporter: replica, one year in the making will take her place. >> two years ago we restored the whole monument, the column and everything. at that time, we took a mold of lady baltimore of the day of one day cast a new one in a replica. >> reporter: the lady weighs 257 pounds. >> she is one of the earliest sculptures in the nation. so we decided that we needed to rescue her. >> the statute will be placed in a cage and then carefully
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lowered from the monument, her new home, the baltimore historical society. celebrating history and baltimore's statue of liberty. >> what it is and what the represents. so it is a terrific thing. >> reporter: ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> today's operation moving lady baltimore is scheduled to begin at 7:00 a.m. and expected to take several hours for a light lady. >> yeah. , a light lady. >> 275 pounds. >> you don't tell anyone your weight or age. >> she did both. >> ron did it. >> he outed her. coming up on eyewitness news saturday morning --
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>> asking for answers. the family of the woman shot and killed outside of the is saying she didn't deserve to be killed. this is more when eyewitness news saturday morning continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back to eyewitness news saturday morning. i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm meteorologist tim williams. temperatures are in the 60s and near 77 degree here at the bottom of the hour. it is the first weekend of october. it feels like the last weekend of -- >> june. >> the really does. it is a very mild start to the day. comfortable. if timing is anything. saturday and sunday are what you see out there. that looks like miami. it looks like palm trees on the side of the camera. >> really, you see that? >> yeah. kind of like when you look at clouds and see things. >> all right. >> a 10 years old. >> a 10-year-old in my brain, but it will be a mild start to the day and a very nice weekend shaping up. the temperatures stay in the 80s for the weekend. we are around 77 degrees. we are at 67 at bwi marshall. our daytime high today, 86 degrees. partly sunny and warm. and lows in the 60s. mostly cloudy skies and warm.
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and tomorrow back up again into it mid and upper 80s. the exclusive eye witness news first warning five-day forecast is coming up. >> all right. tim. first, here's what people are talking about today. the family of a woman shot after leading police on a bizarre chase from white house to capitol hill speaking out addressing questions about her mental state and the use of force by washington, d.c. police. danielle nottingham has the latest for wjz eyewitness news. >> we are still absorbing. >> reporter: amy and valerie carey don't know why their sister, miriam carey, drove their young daughter to washington, d.c. amp trip that end would a wild chase from the white house to the capitol hill. and miriam carey shot dead by police. >> she did suffer from postpartum depress with psychosis. >> reporter: nine months before miriam carey rammed her
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car into a white house barricade, she told connecticut police that president barack obama hutted her home under electric civilians and communicating with him. her sister disagreed. >> to my knowledge, she did not believe. >> reporter: miriam carey was not armed when she led police on a high-speed chase. her daughter was in the backseat. police opened fire because she was using her car as a weapon. valerie carey a former new york officer questions police. >> there was no need. >> reporter: the sisters are seeking custody of miriam carey's young daughter in protective custody. >> my niece lost her mother. we need to know why. >> reporter: investigators want to know, too. in washington, danielle
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nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. police searched miriam carey's apartment for 12 hours first using a robot and then took items. a man is in critical condition this morning after he lit himself on fire at the national mall in washington. it happened yesterday around the 7th street area. you can see smoke in the picture. a woman saw the about identify man dump gas on his head and then set himself on fire. officers and joggers put out the flames. medevac flew the man to the hospital. school bus filled with children ends up on its side in a ditch. it happened yesterday morning. as monique griego explains, several people were injured. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. this was a single car accident and according to baltimore county place, the bus somehow lost control, veered off of the road and crashed into the
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ditch. frying moments for baltimore county parents who arrived on green spring avenue who found their child's school bus, off of the road, tipped over, 10 feet down in a small creek. >> i cannot imagine the fear of the parents, when parents came. >> reporter: baltimore county police are saying the bus was carrying 10 middle school students, the lost control, veered off of the road and crashed into a ditch. >> it was like on the hill. one wheel will go off and it pulls you off. >> reporter: inside the students were tossed around, with the main door facing the sky, everyone escaped through the back roof hatch. five kids and the driver were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> everyone was able to get off of the bus. >> reporter: this shows the path that the school bus went, you can see how deep the ditch really is. >> it is miraculous that we didn't have significant injuries. you can see the condition of
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the bus. >> reporter: investigators are looking into the cause of the accident. that will take time. one thing is clear, how lucky the students were. >> i'm sure it was terrifying. no seat belts on the bus. they need to take that into consideration. >> that was monique griego reporting. police and baltimore county school districts are both conducting investigations. family members and friends will say good-bye today to a woman killed in a fiery car crash last month. funeral services will be held this morning. she was one of three people killed in northeast baltimore. the funeral is set to begin at 10:00 a.m. at the north side baptist church. the cause of the crash is under investigation. the government shutdown this morning continues and its impact on maryland is getting
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worse. lockheed-martin is set to furlough 3,000 employees. yesterday, president barack obama said that he wants a temporary spending bill on his desk with no strings attached. john boehner pointed a finger that senate democrats and the white house. the shutdown enters the fifth day. frustrated americans and maryland leaders are signing off about the no deal being reached. all signs what the closure to come to a swift end. >> reporter: on a hot october day in washington, tensions reached a boiling point. hundreds rallied on capitol hill. >> get the employees back to work. okay? so we can have the service. >> reporter: than marched across the capitol hill grounds. >> it affects all of us, around the country. this is not washington, d.c. thing, a country thing. >> reporter: these furloughed federal employees cannot go to work. they are standing outside of the senate.
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>> you have bills stacking up on your desk and no way of paying them. >> reporter: they went legislatures to pass the clean continuing revolution to end the shutdown. >> they are arguing about petty things. they are not, again, there is no reason just go ahead and pass it. >> reporter: we spoke with maryland lawmakers who are frustrated with the government shutdown, but they don't when it will end. >> speaker john boehner will allow a vote on the house floor. we are convince that the votes are there. >> reporter: congressman sponsored a bill to give retroactive pay to furloughed workers. >> that will give a sense of security to people who have -- basically laid-off or furloughed. >> reporter: but frustrated americans want to resolved now. >> let the government go back to work. stop the government shutdown. . >> a new crisis is just around
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the corner. treasury secretary jack lew is saying that the national's debt limit is not raised by october 17th, the country could head back into a recession similar to the one that took place back in 2008. this morning the fbi is looking for a group of armed robbers. take a good look at the surveillance video pictures of the suspects. they are wanted for a series of robberies at convenience stores in baltimore in the last two months. if you have information, call fbi violent task force. prince georges county police are searching for two brazen armed men who held up a nail salon. look at this surveillance video. one of the suspects hitting a salon employee in the head with a gun. police are saying the men burst into the district heights salon demanding cash and purses. if if you have information, call police. the baltimore city fire department plans a thrilling
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start to fire prevention week. today they will hold their annual thrill show at the training academy. families are encouraged to attend in order to meet the firefighters and learn more about home and personal safety. there will be a live fire demonstrations and competition. the event runs today from 11:00 to 4:00 p.m. the ravens have win facing a lot of questions thill week following their lost in buffalo. the team heads to miami. has sports director mark viviano reports, the answers to the question may take time to develop. >> reporter: good morning. week to week it is hard to predict what ravens team will we see in miami on sunday. the team admits they are a work in progress. part of the ravens' preparation for miami, is talk of an attitude adjustment, especially for the run game. they are saying their identity on offense is to run the ball, they are not able to do it. and other teams are determined
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not to keep it that way. >> it is that much respect that come into play. we have to match the other team's intensity to go out there to be effective. >> reporter: through four games, the ravens find themselves in an unusual spot in the bottom of the nfl in rushing yardage. quarterback joe flacco continues to say he is okay passing more if that's what it takes. back to you. >> thank you, mark. the season may be underway, but you can sign up for the 2013 pro football damage.
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of course, that game was in question for a while, but they will be able to get the played. >> all right. >> very nice. good weather for everything. >> everything. >> all of it. even for our miami people asking about what the weather will be if tropical storm karen impacts the game. tropical storm karen is football's end, you know, kind of way, way out and going around. sweeping around. so not impacting miami at all. so this is pretty good. still showers because of, you know, stuff there. >> activity in the area. >> but not because of karen. that's a good thing. we're looking at a nice weekend. so get outside and enjoy it. you can start now, temperatures at 77 degrees. so look at this, this is your saturday, folks. a sunny star to the day. skies are clear, winds are warm, the temperatures are mild. and a really nice weekend. thrill show out at the fire -- academy that will be with the warmest day of the week so far.
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so they will be dealing with the fire apparatus and all of that stuff. the temperatures in the mid to upper 80s today. we're at 67 right now at bwi marshall. there is moisture out there. the car might have dampness today. calm winds, around the state the temperatures range from 59 to 77 degrees in washington, d.c. we have 61 in ocean city. winds are calm pretty much now. we had a flow from the west to the southwest that bought in warmer air and tapping into temperatures around the gulf and our southern states. of course. you're watching here several states. there is a warm front leading the way. when we have a warm front over us we stay in the range of the warm temperatures under the
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weaver. here is the moisture and tropical storm karen. this is a cerf that will interact with tropical storm karen and lift it in and out of the area. we are watching here, tropical storm karen making her way into the gulf, 300-miles to the mouth of the mississippi river. it will make landfall as a tropical storm and then move in into our direction and laws it's tropical storm characteristics. we get the rain out of this. it a 40 miles per hour storm. it is just holding onto tropical storm status. 39 is the tropical storm, it is at 40. so we will be getting the rain. as the front lifts into the region, we will see the from basically picking up tropical storm karen's moisture, and bringing it into the state and out of the state quickly. so monday through wednesday or so we have the rain then the goes away.
6:44 am
very warm today, 64 degrees tonight. cloudy and warm. tomorrow, 86 degrees again. together humid day, but the clouds and sun with us. that is the last day. tropical storm karen moves through and the temperatures drop with the cold front. 83, 72, and 73, and 70. and the normal high is 71. so that's the range of temperatures for the week coming up. >> okay. still to come on eyewitness news saturday morning -- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mostly sunny and 67 degrees in central maryland right now. the exclusive eye witness news first warning five-day forecast is coming up. first, here's what people are talking about today. a vacation turns deadly for one family in oregon, it is caught on dash cam video.
6:48 am
police are saying john van alan struck the officer who pulled him over and then fled with his three young children in the car. he was found a half-mile down the road dead from a single gun shut wound. the military veteran was on a road trip with his children. shocking new information in the new york road rage attack by a group of stunt motorcyclists. sources are saying one of the bikers was an undercover new york city police officer. and according to our new york affiliate. the detective stood by and didn't stop the attack because he didn't want to blow his cover. the biker accused of committing the beating turned himself in. >> reporter: law enforcement is saying champs is the biker who used his helmet to smash the window of the suv. a mob of importantests swarmed the suv on sunday and the
6:49 am
driver, alexian lien took over and ran over a biker. his family hired gloria albright. >> the suv hits him. >> >> reporter: both of his legs are broken and his spine injured. >> it tears me about to think that he deserves. >> reporter: he was operating the important without a license, and didn't have one since 1999. it is believed he was part of a stun ride with 1,000 other bikers. new video shows the group running red lights the same day of the incident and weaving in and out of traffic. the police have not not charged the driver of the suv. on thursday she issued a statement, expressing sympathy for mieses, but explained that her husband was forced to do
6:50 am
what he did. 15 riders were charged in the incident. and 55 motorcycles were confiscating. take a look at this video if you want to be creeped out. it is a space in a cheetah. it really does move pretty fast. the fastest four-legged robot reaching 16 miles per hour in the field test. it mimics the bounding and galloping gaits of a cheetah and make complete turns and stop on a dime. >> i guess because you don't see the muscle and fir of a cheetah. it doesn't look like that. >> i see something chasing me that is robotic with no head. >> the won't stop. >> the won't stop. >> that just -- >> it doesn't look good. >> there is a lot wrong with that. still ahead on eyewitness
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news saturday morning -- ,,,,,,,
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have hail damage to both their cars. ted ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments. just a click away on
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well, this morning, wjz eyewitness news school watch report, purple friday at one baltimore school is a teaching -- lesson for school leaders. it is a serious lesson with a light hearted approach. >> come on, let's go. >> reporter: rounding up more than 600 students for picture day on the pe field takes a bullhorn. >> you're doing great. >> reporter: and a little bit of encouragement from the principal.
6:54 am
>> don't forget to smile. >> reporter: but the important thing at this middle river school is not the photo. it and the teacher. it is the right color for a purple friday and the right message for the start of bullying awareness month. >> when people bully. something is happening in their life that they don't like. they put the stress on other people. >> reporter: students at the school have seen bullying in the halls before, but not much. the purple t-shirts teach them to be leaders after a major theme at the school and speak up if they see it. >> i don't want anyone to get hurt. so i will go up to one person, and say, chill, it is not worth fighting for. >> it is working. really working. >> we are many, fewer kids getting referrals to the office. kids are doing compliments. >> reporter: many of those compliments are on the purple t- shirts. >> they look good. well, parents didn't have to pay a time for the t-shirts. they were given for free by a
6:55 am
donor. >> that is great. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the exclusive eye witness news first warning five-day forecast. all right. 86 degrees today. 80 tomorrow. and then the moisture from tropical storm karen is moving into the area on monday and tuesday, and lingering into wednesday. 80 and then 73, 72 and 70. and the lows in the 60s and 40s. >> six days. i'm feeling generous. >> yeah. you know. the season. >> that is nice. that's the first hour of our saturday morning show. there is another hour of eyewitness news saturday morning coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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