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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 7, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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megan mccorkel is joining us now. >> reporter: we're in the town of northeast here in cecil county. spoken to several neighbors they tell us this is the worse damage they have ever seen here. we're seeing multiple trees snapped. some of them torn up right at the roots. i spoke to one neighbor a few moments ago who was here as the firm moves through. she says it sounded like a cross between a freight train and helicopter. she said she was laying in her room. she jumped runing to the basement but a storm had come through so fast that it had moved through her home before she was even able to get to the basement. she says she had several windows open and things throughout her home were knocked over. heavy plants had fallen over. she says just from the noise itself she believes it was a tornado that hit the area and as we said we are seeing multiple trees down in the area. now at this point there's no word for the national weather service as to whether this was actually a tornado. but the good news in this
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neighborhood. we've been walking around talking to people and it doesn't appear any homes have sustained any damage. a lot of trees down, none of them have fallen on homes but there are wires down and people are very concerned about exactly when their power will be back on. for now live in cecil county, i'm megan mccorkel. >> our wjz weather center tracked these storms all day long. and we go to bob turk. >> we have rains still in the low issues showing portions of the portions of delaware moving slowly moving out. still raining throw ocean city, but will be moving across the next few hours.
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a little sunshine before it sets this evening. so things will be drying out quite nicely. we still have a coastal advisory. because you had these southerly winds pushing the water tides could run one to 1-1/2 feet or so above normal this evening at time of high tide. temperature wise they had a 59, 57 in oakland and 68 still ocean city. the rain will cool you down slowly as it cooled everybody else down. more cooler weather headed our way. chelsea has what's ahead. >> very seasonal at that. temperatures will set right around 70 degrees for our high. take a look at this graphic. seasonal weather all across the north atlantic. we'll see increasing sunshine and all around a very pleasant day for tom. as -- for tomorrow. as if -- as to what you can
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expect, we'll have that coming up. >> check in for wjz for live doppler radar log on any time. two bouncers stabbed during a melee at a popular baltimore club. mary is live in the news room with more on the suspect and what exactly happened. >> reporter: jessica police say it all started with a dispute over the bill. corporal is charged with two accounts of assault. police say he pulled out a knife stabbing one bouncer in the back then the other in the shoulder. corporate then ran from the scene according to police he was arrested earlier today. back to you jessica. >> mary, thank you. both security officers were treated for nonlife threatening injuries. a state trooper struck by a car this weekened remains in serious condition in shock
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trauma tonight. jaqueline kline is being treated for cuts and contusions. week two of the government shutdown and still no signs of progress in reaching a deal. in just days, the nation faces a threat of a default over the debt limit. daniel nottingham reports for wjz with the very latest from capitol hill. >> president obama stopped by the federal emergency management agency to pressure president obama to pass a temporary spending -- pressure john boehner to pass a temporary spending bill. >> reporter: jeff gates has also been furloughed. >> we want to be able to do our work and we're hopeful that
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there'll be a resolution so that we can get back to work. >> reporter: speaker boehner and house republicans are doubling down on their position. they want to put conditions in the bill that will reopen the government and the bill needed to raise the debt ceiling. >> this morning a senior white house official said that the president would rather default than to sit down and negotiate. really? >> reporter: one thing both sides can agree on is getting federal employees back pay. this week the senate is expected to pass a house bill reimbursing workers once the shutdown is over. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz news. the ongoing concerns about the fiscal dead lock sent stocks into a spiral. the dow down 136 points closing at its lowest level in a month. the s & p and nasdaq also lost ground. breaking news right now. a federal judge just issues a
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ruling in the lawsuit in the naval academy to recuse himself. hi denise, that decision from the judge just coming down. we have learned she will not order the recusal of the superintendent in court today she said she would not micromanage the navy decision. the attorney says miller was openly expressing his anger and animosity about the victim public rig. they said his behavior would not grant their client a fair trial. the victim says she was raped
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by her three classmates. >> i was drinking, i drank a lot. from that point on i don't remember what happened. i woke up the next morning with bruises. i knew something wasn't right. >> reporter: but her assailants tell a different story. saying the sexcapade was consensual. the judge says she didn't believe she had the authority to interfere with the military's judicial system. and the judge said intervening in such an investigation would be unprecedented. we're live tonight, i'm rochelle richie. the ravens get the first road win of the season. sweating in 90-degree heat. south florida heat. sports director mark viviano has more on what the fans and the team are saying about the
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win over the dolphins, hey mark. >> reporter: hi denise. that's right the ravens got their running game in gear. that combination helped the ravens earn that first road victory of the season. for all who wondered where where's ray rice he showed up in miami in the end zone twice. rice scored two touchdowns and carried the offense for parts of the game. the ravens defense was coming off a poor showing in buffalo, but they responded in miami with an all out sack attack led by terrell suggs who brought down quarterback tanahi will, -- tanahill twice. >> this is a very tough miami dolphins team. i wouldn't be surprised if we saw them again. >> mainly by the pressure and mainly by terrell. if we have to take over a game like that you don't see that too often. >> reporter: it took a couple
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of kicks to determine the final outcome to give the ravens the lead. then miami missed its chance to win. so the ravens win by three. we asked you with our fan cam, did you have any doubt the ravens would pull it off. >> no i don't have any doubts. i think they're going to be gel and everything is going to be fine in the end. >> no i didn't because we have an awesome team. >> i'm glad we pulled it off and we got the win and that's all that matters. a win is a win. >> reporter: now the ravens won the game yesterday without starting offensive lineman simley who had to leave the game because of back spasms. coach harbaugh reports today progress in the position of simley and that's good news as they prepare to take on the vickings on sunday. >> thank you very much mark. green bay also won yesterday.
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and the packers will come to town with a record of 2-2. the ravens are three point favorites for sunday's game. >> it's going to be a good one. it's move in day for dozens of new animals at the national aquarium in baltimore. part of a major relocation following the closure of washington's aquarium. wjz is live at the downtown aquarium right now. monique griego has more on the moving in process. >> this is the first group of animals to come to baltimore. in all we're going to receive 1,700 animals from washington, d.c. today's most exciting new addition was probably an octopus but there were also some eels and a lot of fish. four wheels is not the way you would think an octopus would travel but packaged in cardboard is the way this octopus arrived. he's part of a large group of animals to make the long
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stressful trip north from the recently closed aquarium in washington, d.c. >> he was responsive when i opened the box. so everybody down in dc did an excellent job. >> reporter: the dc aquarium lost its space. in all baltimore will receive 1,700 of its animals. today a truck hauled in the first 38. while some went to the aquarium. the different species of fish were unloaded to a holding tank. >> they're all from different habitats. so there's a lot of things we have to be careful with. cold water instead of warm water. salt water and not. they come in we check them for health issues. we make sure they're all clean with a clean bill of health.
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>> throughout the day, they will bring in the animals. this octopus will make two at the aquarium but some of the animals will be things we've never seen before. >> having him come in is just going to be an added benefit for everyone. now the octopus and the other animals are placed in those small containers just so that they can get used to their new surroundings before going into the holding tank. today i did learn a lot of new facts about octopuses. one thing that caretakers said is they have very distinct personalities, he everyone called them feisty. everybody is waiting to see how this new guy is going to get along with the female they already have. >> they're also good huggers apparently. thank you. the national aquarium has created a task force on how they can keep a presence in dc.
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but for now. nothing official. still ahead tonight on wjz news. baffling security breech. how did a 9-year-old boy fly across the country by himself without a ticket. >> she was just the most generous kind person i knew. >> running for yeardley. the event that her sister is organizing and the cause they're running for. >> new court documents reveal kern's defense in the baltimore city police training i -- incident that left a police recruit shot in the face. look at that. any more rain coming this way? stick around for the updated first warning weather forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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it is cloudy, 62 degrees in central maryland. the complete forecast is coming up. next week a baltimore city police officer is going on trial accused of a shooting of a recruit. >> court documents are revealing what williams kern defense will look like. on february 12 at the former rosewood city, a police recruit is shot in the face in an exercise that went terribly wrong. roy was shot in the face and went blind in one eye after
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william kern used his own gun instead of a special training gun. next week, kern's attorney is going to try to prove that he was supposed to carry a gun. the training gun and the real weapon are roughly the same size weight and measurement. the only difference is that the grip of the training weapon is blue. any individual gripping a training device in the same fashion as they would grip a live weapon would not see the entirety of the blue grip. the effective muscle memory and recall of an officer of 17 years would cause that officer to engage in the same mechanics of withdrawing, aiming and firing a training device as they would a live weapon. eyewitness news found though other police departments used training weapons entirely colored blue to avoid any
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confusion. >> william kern is charged with second degree assault and reckless endangerment. both are misdemeanors. meantime the recruit who was shot is out of the hospital. his family has filed a civil suit against kern and the city. >> thank you, mary. >> the training academy was shut down for several weeks during the investigation. it is now back open under a new commander. it's been more than three years since cocky sville native was murdered by her boyfriend at the university of virginia. now as athletes prepare for the running festival. a team called every yard for yeardley will be running in her honor raising awareness to combat violence. >> training for a half marathon has been challenging for lexi love. in 2001 her sister yeardley was beaten and left to die by her
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boyfriend george hughley. both were lacrosse players at the university of virginia. lexi and a team called every yard for yeardley will lace up their sneakers. fund raising for educational programs designed to combat relationship violence. >> she was, the most generous kind person i ever knew. and to see all these people come from near and far for these races, it just constantly remind me of what a great person she was. >> reporter: each year partner violence kills 450 women between 16 and 26 years old. lexi and her mother sharon founded the one love foundation. teaching young women to recognize the warning signs of an abusive relationship. an app created by one love asks young women questions about their relationship. and provides resources for those in danger. every yard for yeardley started when a group of friends ran in her honor and has since grown.
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lexi hopes that others will be inspired to create their own teams in honor of yeardley. >> it means the world to my mom and i and we're very grateful. >> the race is this saturday. for more information on how you can help and to learn more about the one love foundation go to cbs and look for this story under the news tab. >> maryland's casinos continue to rake in the cash. the four generated just over $65 million in total revenue in september. maryland live the state's largest casino made the most more than 60 million. revenue is up by 19 million this september compared to the same month last year. that's a 45 percent increase. >> that's a lot of people having fun at the casinos. >> we have a 45% decrease in temperatures coming up compared to the 90 degrees we had this weekend. it'll be close to average. take a look at temps now. it has cooled down.
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62, no wind at all currently but it's going to be shifting more to the west and southwest. that will bring a lot drier air into the region. come back and take a look at that forecast right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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as you saw the sun was beginning to peer. we will see stars coming in later tonight. the rain that moved through the airport picked up .85 of an inch of rain so it was very
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welcomed rain we got across the region. take a look at temps right now, it has cooled down some tonight. only 64 in washington. the oakland around 37 degrees. we are down at 67 so a lot drier air will be moving in tonight and over the next several days. 62 rock hall, annapolis and 63. the sun is beginning to just come out as it sets tonight in westminster. the rain as you can see, a line from atlantic city to the eastern section of delaware. well on the coast there. salisbury the last good shower moving in through the area. it just cleared cambridge and richmond. areas west we've seen a few breaks in the cloud coverage. now we have no wind here but to the west of us it's generally a westerly flow that will bring in the drier and some what cooler air. a cooldown this afternoon but the rain we got rid of all that heat earlier this morning when
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that front moved through the area. cloudy skies, rain all throughout the east coast. some of the rain was left over remnants of karen. which was downgraded to a depression and was completely wiped down completely. they did get as much as an inch of rain in portions of florida. for now, all the rain to the east of us. as crow can see clearer skies to the west. we will see a lot of sunshine. however there's a fly in the ointment as they say sometimes in weather. this front could develop a low pressure. down across the carolinas. if that low pressure does drop and it hugs the coast with the northeast wind we could see rain and cloudy conditions repeating themselves in the area. late wednesday night may continue from thursday, friday even into saturday that's possible. if it does develop. we do have a chance of getting some more rain this week which
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we certainly still need. northeast winds 10 to 15 at bay. the bay temp around 70. tonight clears out. it's going to be a cooler morning which is pretty close to average. tomorrow back up close to 70. the normal high tomorrow is 69. so we'll be just about where we should be for these days in october. >> oh, good. nice to be where we should be. thank you, bob. still to come tonight on eyewitness news. >> coming up making sure the city's tax bills add up right. that story as eyewitness news continues. chaos on capitol hill, what the centers of the woman shot and killed are saying tonight. >> and the war on terror, more details about the daring rage ,,
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it is just before 6:30. 62degrees and cloudy. good evening thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. u.s. counter terrorism agents are questioning a top ranking al-qaida leader captured during
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a terrorism raid this weekend. wendygillette reports. >> reporter: abu anas al-libi has been captured. before american special forces captured him in libya on saturday, al-libi was on the most wanted list. there was a bounty for his arrest. officials in libya call the operation an abduction and said libyan nationals should be tried in their own country. traveling overseas secretary of state john kerry defended the operation. >> the united states of america is going to do everything in its power that is legal and appropriate in order to enforce the law and protect our security. >> al-libi is expected to be transferred to new york where he will be put on trail. during a raid, navy seals
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stormed the compound trying to capture the suspected master mind in the massacre in kenya. government officials say it appears the suspect known as akeima was not killed. the navy seals got into a gunfight and had to withdraw. >> reporter: al-libi family members said she had been living openly in libya for many years and had no ties to terrorist groups. a woman who caused the white house to go into a lock -- a woman's sisters who caused the white house to go into lock down are speaking out. >> reporter: investigators say the young woman believed that president obama was communicating with her. last month carey tried to penetrate the security barriers at both national landmarks.
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her sisters say she may have been scared by seeing all the officers with the guns pointed at her and tried to flee. and officers overreacted when they shot and killedded her that's what the sisters say. back to you jessica. >> mary, thank you. police in washington say they are reviewing the encounter and the use of deadly force. anne arundel county police arrest a serial bank robbery suspect. 47-year-old queen faces a number of charges. police say she tried to rob another bank and was captured after a bank worker took down her license plate number. whether it's getting rid of
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the trash or fighting fires, the city has to pay its bills. >> the citizens are paying the city on a timely basis as they should. >> reporter: but not all property tax bills are all error free. some historic structures, homestead and intersurprise zones have seen errors. it's something the mayor is trying to stave off saying the system has been improved. >> we need to give the system that has been put in place a chance to work first. >> reporter: after the -- as to the type of errors being made. >> what the paper said the errors were causing properties to under pay their taxes. >> reporter: in an investigation by wjz's media partner the baltimore sun, $700,000 was understood paid by
6:34 pm
three. $2million went uncollected from tax credit accounts. >> we basically went through all 2,783 tax credit accounts identified any errors, cleaned them up and the bills that went out in july reflect that clean review. >> we're dedicated to making sure that we get this right. >> or face growing pressure to have a private agency collect city taxes. there's also an ongoing call for an audit of the department of public works over erroneous water bills. a preview of canton crossing, one of the city's largest retail centers. how one man's lifelong quest will be complete after he crosses the finish line at the saturday marathon. for these stories and much more read tomorrow's baltimore sun and remember you can look for the updated forecast on wjz
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first warning weather team. still to come on wjz eyewitness news, explosion caught on tape. what's behind this chaotic scene in brazil. >> animal attack, a tiger mauls a woman. why she blames herself. i'm bob turk, at the weather center. cooler temps coming this week. i'll have the exclusive five day warning weather forecast coming up. wjz13 is always on. here are some of the top stories on at this hour. for all the instant news and the updated fore,,,,
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6:39 pm
tiger's face. the tiger grabbed her arm through the hole and bit it off. doctors were able to save her arm but they say she has a long road to recovery. a fourth motorcyclists is in police custody. and the chase scene beating of an suv driver in new york. and the biker accused of smashing the suv's window is being held on $75,000 bail. >> reporter: police say the person seen pulling the range rover's door open is this man. the man who later slammed his helmet against the driver's side window is the chance, 37 also from brooklyn. chance's attorney said his client overreacted and smashed the suv's window. >> reporter: you can see him
6:40 pm
turn into his -- >> you can see him turn to his bicycle and there are still photographs that will show you he's not physically threatening. >> reporter: both are charged with felony. chance stomped on the head of the suv driver. an unknown attacker tried to yank his wife and 2-year-old daughter out of the vehicle. >> i heard a lot of people screaming and telling the men, no not the woman. not the woman. there's a child. there's a child. sergio consegra was late to church when he saw the man being attacked by five men. >> he was hitting him with the helmet. >> yeah, real hard. real hard to the head. >> reporter: you went straight to the men who were beating him. >> i said that's it, there was more coming. i said that's it guys, let it go, let it go. >> reporter: at least three police officers now admit to
6:41 pm
being in last week's motorcycle rally. one of them a detective who works undercover even saw the attack. but apparently fearful of revealing his identity did not intervene. >> reporter: now the motorcyclists who took the video is cooperating with police and is not considered a suspect. a crane is left dangling 40 floors over a high rise. it's the same manhattan site where a crane collapsed over superstorm sandy. the crane is now secure and residents are being let back into their homes no injuries were reported. in minneapolis a 9-year-old boy sneaks on to a plane headed to las vegas. the boy a run away from the twin cities managed to get through security by pretending to be part of someone elses family. then he slipped on to the plane without a boarding pass. the flight crew realized he wasn't on the unattended list and contacted las vegas police.
6:42 pm
officers are currently working with his parents to send him home. >> do we think he chose las vegas randomly. >> no, of all places. >> he had heard of it. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up on the evening news. >> inside this weekend 's terrorist raids, who is al- libi. coming up on the cbs evening coming up on the cbs evening news with
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a wet start to the workweek. this is a sign that cooler fall weather is going to be settling in for a while. meteorologist chelsea ingram and bob turk are updating the weekend forecast and have what we can expect tomorrow. >> tomorrow morning we will have a cool start. temperatures right around five a degrees. we'll have a cool sky but more sunshine than anything that will take us into the afternoon. highs will be right around 70. by dinner time temperatures around 60 degrees. bob is inside with a look at the next five days. bob. >> as we mentioned earlier we may see several days of
6:46 pm
overcast and rainy conditions possibly late wednesday, continued through the end of the week. not a guarantee but it's possible. 70 back in the 60s. if it does rain, if the clouds go away we'll probably be in the upper 60s and probably around 70 at the start of the weekend. jessica. >> bob, thanks. a recent study of drop outs in baltimore show that for many who do drop out a pattern of absence begins in elementary school. the mayor is personally asking students to keep coming back to class. >> in baltimore 15% of elementary school kids miss more than 20 days a year. so the mayor is using the celebrity of being mayor -- >> to encourage the students to come to school every day on time. >> today it's the wolf academy mostly a hispanic school who's parents are getting their children here on time. >> reaching numbers such as 98, 99% daily attendance. they get it. >> reporter: but even with such
6:47 pm
high numbers the mayor tells these kids there's a city wide contest for the school that shows the most improvement in attendance. >> i remember meeting elected officials when i was a kid and how important. it sticks with you for the rest of your life. so i want to do what i can with the time that i have to make sure i'm giving that good impression to our kids and makeing the thing that is i care about important to them as well. >> last week was fredrick elementary. today she's in upper fells and this will continue every monday. her visit shows the kids what they can achieve. >> as a regular person who grew up in baltimore who went through a series of hoops to rise to the point where she is now and that really is great for our kids because it gives them a sense of what's attainable. >> reporter: they ask if she's rich, lives in a mansion and has a limo. no, townhouse and no the answers. a few minutes on a monday morning with perhaps a lasting
6:48 pm
effect. >> we need to make sure every one of them is in school prepared to learn because we're turning all of this to them. >> reporter: in east baltimore, schuh. the mayor's competition continues until the day before thanksgiving? -z still -- still to come on eyewitness news, the ravens offensive line flexings flexings -- flexes their muscle in miami. their muscle in miami. >> and we have
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6:51 pm
well it was hot but they were hot. a win in miami. >> all that matters. mark viviano is live at the training camp. >> it was last week that we heard coach harbaugh's harsh comments about his team. maybe being called out in public helped the line. they are still concerned about
6:52 pm
how well the line is protecting quarterback joe flacco. >> yeah i would say it was improved, we lost a couple of 1- 1 battles in there that got to joe. joe i would say still under too much duress. but they were one on one battles they weren't situation where is we had miss communication or errors. so that was positive. >> reporter: dolphins touchdown the ravens traded for left tackle eugene monroe last week. it's expected that monroe will replace bryant mckinny this week. harbaugh say we'll see how it shakes out this week. other nfl news to pass along, josh freeman has found a new team. less than a week after he was cut by tampa bay. freeman signs with the minnesota vickings. he is not going to play this
6:53 pm
coming sunday against carolina. but freeman can take over the offense. the vickings are 1-3. the late game out west. pryor connected with streeter on a 23-yard td pass. oakland bill an early lead and never trailed in rout to beating the chargers 27-23. both of those teams 2-three. the monday night football game has the jets playing at atlanta. and there's plenty of monday night baseball. play off baseball. all four divisions in action. a cool windy day in the motor city and the oakland a's brought their a game. tied 5th inning when brandon moss connects. it's a home run off sanchez that gives the a's a 4-3 victory. oakland would add to that later in the inning when seth smith
6:54 pm
ends one to the outfield. oakland can clench the best of five in detroit tomorrow. the national league this afternoon, the cardinals in need for a win to avoid elimination in pittsburgh michael walker had a blast. in the bottom of the night reliever trevor rosenthal has mckutchen. fifth indecisive game coming up wednesday in st. louis. more from coach john harbaugh and his assessment of the ravens. >> thank you very ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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don't miss the prime time cbs tonight hostages followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. a world war ii veteran and his wife celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary over the
6:58 pm
weekend. william and mercedes parsons got married three days after meeting. william was shipped off to pearl harbor. he says there's no poor -- formula for a long lasting marriage. and they're still holding hands. notice that. and leam and lewis took a break from their australian tour by hiting the waves but they couldn't get a moment alone. their security guards decided to surf with them while life guards tried their best to hold back all the female admirers. how do you hold people back at the beach. >> wear that hat i guess. scare them all away. >> thanks for watching wjz maryland's news station. don't go away there's much more, >> pelley: tonight, how we caught one terrorñi suspectñi ad
6:59 pm
why another got away. a man suspected in the 1998 u.s. embassy bombings is rlatched off the streets of tripoli, but the seals missedñr their man in somalia. bob orr and david martin report. why are democrats and republicansñi unable to reopen e government?ñr we have insight from nancy cordes and major garrett. how did açó nine-year-old boy ps through security and get on a plane without a ticket?ñi dean reynolds on the case of the las vegas stow away. and we'll talk the future of the n.f.l. with cowboy's owner jerry jones. the commissioner, roger goodell, seems hell bent to start a team in london and i wonder what you think of that. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. te


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