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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  October 16, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> ellen: thank you very much. thank you very much. >> ellen: it is so not necessary. i don't need that to feel good about myself. but it feels real good and i give it all back to you. thank you for being here, everybody. y'all know a lot about me. you know i'm an animal lover. do you love animals? i love animals. i have animals. i have dogs. and i have cats. and i like wild moils. one time, i had to get 15 skich -- and i like wild animals. one time i had to get 15 stitches because i tried to hug a dingo. like a wild dog. it will come no surprise to animal lovers. dogs have human emotions.
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does that surprise anyone? no. how many of you knew that dogs had human emotions? how many of you think that your beanie babies have human emotions? i had to ask to weed out the crazies. scie this is an nbc news special report. here's brian williams. >> good day from new york. with the government shut down now for over two weeks and with hours to go until this deadline for a debt ceiling in washington, and, by the way, with public discontent at an all-time modern era high toward our elected officials, meetings are underway. a bill has been drafted in washington. looks like there's real movement toward heading this off by midnight tonight. kelly o'donnell covers capitol hill for us. kelly, what's going on there? >> reporter: well, a breakthrough, brian. house speaker john boehner saying we fought the good fight, we just didn't win. boehner urged fellow republicans
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to support this compromise that we expect senators to pass later today. boehner says the government could reopen tomorrow. >> kelly o'donnell on the hill. let's check this with chuck todd, who covers the white house. what does this mean for the people who work in that building behind you? >> reporter: right now they're saying as little as possible. they don't want to somehow create some sort of problem or stumbling block here in the last minute. that's why you've not seen or really heard from the president today and not heard them say much other than praising that a bipartisan deal is finally going to happen. they're just waiting for it to get on their desk. at the end of the day, you still don't know what happens when the house gets the bill. >> all right. chuck todd, kelly o'donnell. it is clear we're probably in for a long night here as this goes into its final reaches. markets have just closed here in new york, and so far based on the early indications, the markets appear to like the news. the dow up over 200 points.
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the ultimate irony here, this was all about obama care, which during this rollout has been fraught with problems and yet has been overwhelmed by coverage of the shutdown. complete report tonight on "nbc nightly ♪ ♪
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[cheering] [applause] >> ellen: say hello to my guest c.j. that's twitch over there, everybody. i don't know this about you. should know this because i know you a little bit. do you have a dog? >> i have a dog. >> ellen: one dog? >> that's all i need. >> ellen: that's all? >> yes. >> ellen: how old is your dog? >> he's six years old but in jack russell years, that's one, know what i mean? >> ellen: they're young. they've got a lot of energy. what's your dog's name? >> crypto. >> ellen: why? >> because he's a super dog. >> ellen: i see. a cute dog. i didn't know you had one. today, i guess everybody is counting. it's day 16 of the government shutdown and we want it all to end. we really do. but i picked 18 days in our government-shutdown pool so i'm hoping it goes until friday, so
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-- so the museums are all closed, and i want to help. i'm always looking for solutions and ways to make money. so i thought i would turn our riffraff room into an ellen museum. we have priceless artifacts. i think that's the wig from season one that i used to wear. yeah. that's on loan from the smithsonian, i think. then we also have in there, we have -- those are the original short-shorts that andy zener used to wear and then we also have -- let's see. that's our first audience member. that's joyce. no flash photography, please, no, thank you. all right. that's not our first audience member. that's joyce. if you have been watching the show, you know that she's been appearing in the background a lot. that's why last week i started a wonderful new contest with the worst theme song ever. it's called "rejoice. there is joyce."
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♪ rejoice, rejoice, oh, my gosh, i just saw joyce ♪ >> ellen: that is the most requested song. people are requesting that we never play it again. [laughter] >> ellen: joyce was on the show every day last week and all you had to do was spot her and go to our website and tell us where she was. over 10,000 people spotted her every day and i'm going to announce the five winners. they are. [drum roll] >> ellen: allison mccaden, katie johnson in bloomington, illinois, madonna carr in boyington beach, katie sganz -- katie canes. it's also classic joke wednesday.
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>> ellen: fasten your seat belt, batten the hatches and your easy spirits. this is a good one. "what did the fish say when he swam into the wall?" "damn." "dam." it works two ways. [laughter] >> ellen: classic joke wednesday is so moving and so powerful. here is a preview of next week's classic joke. >> on the next classic joke wednesday. >> ellen: ready? here we go. >> what happens next will blow your mind. next wednesday, all will be revealed. you won't believe your ears.
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[horn] >> ellen: i hope we can make it until next week. we'll be right back. [cheering] >> ellen: what are you in what is your cost -- i have to give you something first, don't i? i have to give you this. >> candy crush. >> ellen: candy crush. [applause] [cheering] >> ellen: i try to see the positive side of things. the other day someone said to me it's flu season and that's great because it means bikini season is over. >> pamela anderson is on the next "ellen." >> ellen: singlehandedly brought sexiness back to day time. >> plus. music from jimmy buffett.
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♪ ♪ that people are finally getting together. ♪ ♪ i think it's wonderful now ♪ that people are finally getting together. ♪ ♪ i think it's so groovy now ♪ that people are finally getting together. ♪ ♪ i think it's wonderful now ♪ that people are finally getting together. ♪
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hi, honey. how's the camping trip? well, kids had fun, but i think i slept on a rock. what are you doing? having coffee. ah, sounds good! i thought you'd say that. ah. ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ you're the best! wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers.
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♪ ... is folgers in your cup! >> ellen: halloween is two weeks away but i'm starting to see giant spiders and men who tuck their sweaters into their pants and the best part is kids and costumes. fuhaven't figured out who your kids are goi to be yet, i have some suggestions. come on out. [applause] >> ellen: what's your name? >> cole. >> ellen: how old are you? >> eight. >> ellen: what grade are you in? >> second. >> ellen: are you married? >> no. >> ellen: ok. all right. and you are -- what is your costume? what are you? >> a wrecking ball. >> ellen: a wrecking ball.
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that's a great costume. you just really need -- very easy. look what you are going to get there. all that. a wrecking ball. [cheering] >> ellen: wait. that's good. go ahead. [applause] >> ellen: all right. wait. come here. come here just one second. no. [laughter] >> ellen: let's see the next one. [cheering] >> ellen: hi. stand right there. what's your name? >> nicholas. >> ellen: nicholas. how old are you, nicholas? >> five. >> ellen: are you in school? >> yes. >> ellen: do you go to kindergarten? >> yes. >> ellen: what are you studying? >> i'm studying new stuff at school. [laughter]
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>> ellen: great. that sounds great. what is your -- i have to give you something first, don't i? i have to give you this. >> candy crush. >> ellen: candy crush. [applause] >> ellen: there you go. don't crush that candy. thank you, nicholas. ok. that's it. all right. let's see the next one, please. [cheering] >> ellen: hi. what's your name? who are you? i think i know. >> i'm a boy. i'm in school. and i'm famous. >> ellen: are you michael jackson? >> yeah. >> ellen: yeah. you're michael jackson and look
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at this. now, you're "breaking bad," see? [applause] >> ellen: all right. thank you. oh, my lord. [laughter] >> ellen: totally fine. >> ellen: let's see the next one. >> ellen: step on up a tiny bit more. what is your name? >> nora. >> ellen: how old are you? >> seven. >> ellen: you're in school? >> yes. >> ellen: first grade? >> second grade. >> ellen: what are you studying in second grade? >> korean and english. >> ellen: different from when i was growing up. what are you? >> i am a new iphone. >> ellen: you're the iphone 5
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but let's make it scary. here, watch. >> ellen: you're low on battery. oh, no, no. >> ellen: go find an outlet. quick. >> ellen: all right. let's see theext one. come on out. [cheering] >> ellen: come on out. hi there. what's your name? >> sophia. >> ellen: how old are you? >> five years old. >> ellen: are you in school? >> yes. >> ellen: what are you studying? >> i'm studying korean and english. [laughter] >> ellen: ok. [laughter]
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>> ellen: and what are you? >> i'm a compass. >> ellen: you're a compass because there is north, and west, and east, and south, if i take this away, and if i take this away, now you're just one direction. [applause] >> ellen: or i could give you back this, and if you head northwest, you could be kim and kanye's child, northwest. you will laugh at that someday. [laughter] >> ellen: all right. thank you so much. that was wonderful. we have one more. [cheering] >> ellen: come on out.
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>> ellen: hi. what's your name? >> evelyn. >> ellen: evelyn. how old are you? >> seven. >> ellen: seven years old. and what are you? >> mount rushmore. >> ellen: well? i think i have to add something to that. [applause] [cheering] >> ellen: it has not affected the candy giving-out. i'll give you some candy. thank you so much. you look great. [applause] >> ellen: all right. i want to explain one more thing. j.c. penney wants to make every day magical so they launched their disney shop at penney so
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you can find toys at affordable prices and for helping us you're each getting a $500 card to the disney shop at j.c. penney. >> i'm not one to curry favor, but i just saw this stuff in the dressing room and i said beautiful. >> the only tacky part was the limo to the county clerk. who takes the limo to the county clerk? but that was part of the package. but that was part of the package. ♪ i woke up to a lightbulb
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expertly blended spices and breadcrumbs on the other transforms your chicken in just 30 minutes ♪ love is a bright idea ♪ life is amazing ♪ with the love that i've found ♪ [ female announcer ] fresh take from kraft. every flavor is amazing. ♪
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[cheering] [applause] ♪ >> ellen: our first guests are
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academy-award-nominated actors who teamed up in the new animated movie "free birds." please welcome owen wilson and woody harrelson. [cheering] [applause] >> ellen: right now, i like woody better. see? >> and i'm not one to curry favor, but i just saw this stuff in the dressing room and i said beautiful. >> ellen: yeah. >> better than what i brought. >> ellen: you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> ellen: i love it. it's comfortable, isn't it? >> ah, it feels so good and i heard it's a real nice eco-product. >> ellen: it is good. i thought you would like it. so -- i'm surprised to hear that this is the first time y'all
4:23 pm
have worked together because you're friends, right? [laughter] >> we are. we are good friends. >> this is the first time. it's funny. we had other sort of ideas, but this is the first one that came together. and who came to who? who had the idea? >> well, woody -- we sort of -- it was our friends from texas had this animation company, real effects and they're producing this movie, "free birds," and they came to both of us. >> ellen: at the same time? >> we thought it was a great idea. you guy it is don't know the idea, right? how could you? it's turkeys who go back -- he and i -- go back in a time machine to the first thanksgiving to take turkeys off the menu. [laughter] >> ellen: turkeys from the other side of the tracks that have to work together to take it off the menu, because why wouldn't you want to do that? you're tuey.
4:24 pm
>> he's the pardoned turkey. he's got the life. living at camp david. watching telenova. >> yeah. i'm not really -- i don't really fit in with the flock, and then this guy comes along and enlists me on this mission. >> ellen: it's great. it's a movie for the whole family. it's a kids' movie but it's for everybody because it's clever. >> i'm glad you said that. it's really from two to 72 can watch this. >> ellen: i would even say someone 1 1/2 can watch this, woody. >> i like that. maybe 1 1/2 to 73. [laughter] >> ellen: broadened our audience. your child will watch this movie. he is almost two now, right? >> he's almost three. he was actually at the premiere. he was on the edge of his seat. just loved it. he, in fact, took the 3d glasses off because i think it got too intense for him, ford really liked it, and -- >> ellen: he's almost three. what's he into? >> he's into, kind of -- he's
4:25 pm
sort of -- you know, it just gets more and more funny. ford started to play hide and go seek but he doesn't seem to understand the nuances of the game. it's like i'll hide and he can't find me until the dog, garcia, shows him where i am, i will be hiding under a bench, then it's his turn and he will take the exact same hiding place and i'll say "where is ford?" before i've even finished the sentence he's like, "i'm here, i'm here." >> ellen: adorable. >> the game takes finesse that he hasn't figured out. >> ellen: doesn't last that long either. >> it takes him, like, five hours, finally starving to death and you are like all right. [laughter] >> ellen: you brought a video, right? >> i did, yes. this is a video. you hope that -- you know, gosh, wouldn't it be like amazing fuhad a prodigy for a kid that was, like, watching "monty
4:26 pm
python" at age two -- amazing if you had a prodigy for a kid that was, like, watching "monty python" at age two. >> ellen: we'll be the judge of that. would [laughter] >> hysterical. sophisticated? >> ellen: there is nothing cuter than a little baby's laugh like that. your daughter is seven now? >> yeah. >> ellen: i can't believe that. i think i saw her when she was four or five years old. >> yeah, she's getting up there. >> ellen: are they friendly? do they know each other? >> yeah, they're actually -- they're quite good friends. >> ellen: yeah? >> i thought we brought some
4:27 pm
pictures. >> mcconey took ford to show and tell at her school. yes. >> ford was her show and tell. >> yeah. yeah. she's always kind of hugging, like ford's always kind of -- yeah. >> ellen: that's sweet that she likes him because there is quite an age difference and yet it's clinging to him like it may not be ok. >> ford -- she's almost like a cougar. >> ellen: that's what i'm thinking. [laughter] >> ellen: you don't see that, woody? >> i never looked at it that way, yes. i thought it was a little more innocent. [laughter] >> kids today, they grow up. [laughter] >> ellen: and you two -- i heard a hilarious holiday story. was it christmas, owen?
4:28 pm
>> i was there for christmas, i had to get something christmas morning before i went to my house and when i was there you were starting to open presents and saying "hang around a little bit" so i watched you open some presents and then i had an idea and i excused myself and i went out like i was going to my car and ran around the house to woody and lara's bedroom into the clos sxet went into woody's closet and grab -- closet and went into woody's closet and got some stuff and put it in a bag and i was like i got you something. he pulls out a sweater and i said "i wasn't sure about your size. you might want to try it on." he put it on and it fit perfect, like a hemp sweater, lara, it's perfect. when he put the shoes on he was literally jumping like a kid going, "they fit perfect."
4:29 pm
and it literally -- he did not know, and then i went back around and got more presents and this time i didn't even bother getting stuff that looked new, i go around and you're almost in tears, "i can't believe you got me stuff" then you're like, "this looks familiar." [laughter] >> he had, like, 22 items before i got wise. >> ellen: hilarious. >> i said i gave him t most important gift of all. appreciating what he already has. [laughter] >> ellen: that is so beautiful, and so true. we have to take a break. we'll be back. [cheering] [applause] ♪
4:30 pm
>> ellen: what's your name? >> jennifer. >> ellen: what are you? >> pamela anderson is on the next all new "ellen." >> ellen: i singlehandedly brought sexiness back to day time. >> plus music from jimmy buffett.
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>> that's right. we're going back in time to the first thanksgiving to get turkeys off the menu.
4:33 pm
♪ >> who are you talking to? >> this guy right here. he totally gets it. >> see how he's nodding? hello, soldier, welcome to the turkey freedom front. >> i'm going to let you two get acquainted. >> ellen: woody harrelson and owen wilson in "free birds." you have not done an animated film before? >> this is the first animated film and the first had film that any of my children can see. >> ellen: i didn't think of that. that's great. did you work together in the studio or separately? >> we tried a little together time and then they separated us. they rapped him on the knuckles with a ruler. >> wasn't very productive the sessions we tried to do together. there was too much goofing
4:34 pm
around. >> they wanted to get, like, 24 pages that day and we got four. but we thought they were quality. >> ellen: i would like to see what that ended up being. i think that y'all would be hilarious together but i can see why you would be separated because you're both competitive with each other and there are some pictures i guess the paparazzi got of y'all fighting on some -- >> i know what this is. >> ellen: what was happening? >> get the other guy off the raft. >> king of the hill. >> king of the hill. that's who it was. >> ellen: who won? >> off the coast of france or italy. that looks a little suspicious. [laughter] >> "from here to eternity." >> ellen: looked like you were winning. >> it strikes me that i won. >> ellen: we thought we would
4:35 pm
watch the two of you be competitive here so later in the show we're going to have you joust. it's the same kind of thing, just more violent. you knock each other off a pedestal. >> that sounds like a lot of fun. [laughter] >> ellen: you're dressed for it. >> take my jacket off. >> come on. do it in the suit. >> ellen: whatever you're wearing. >> ok. >> ellen: he's got the advantage with the ellen sweatsuit. we'll see you later on in the show to do that and you can catch "free birds" in theaters on november 1st. we'll be right back with rosie perez. >> the only tacky part was the limo to the county clerk. who takes a limo to the county clerk? that was part of the package. w
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right now out of our nations capital -- a deal to raise the debt ceiling has been reached on the senate floor. we do know that both the house and the senate still need to vote on the deal. the senate will vote first and the house of representatives will vote later tonight. the deal would end the shutdown and reopen the government. be sure to watch 11 news at five and six as we bring you the latest - on this deal - directly from washington. washington. sometimes all you need is the wow... sometimes all you need is the smooth creamy taste of werther's original caramel to remind you that you're someone very special.
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>> ellen: our next guest is an academy-award-nominated actress who you can catch in the new thriller "counselor." >> what is it you want to tell me? >> he was coming to see me. >> what's he in jail for? how fast was he going? what is that? that's not a speed. how much is the fine? >> $400. >> jesus. >> i don't guess there was. >> $400? >> all right. >> all right what? >> all right, i'll get him out. >> fine. i owe you. >> ellen: please welcome rosie perez. [applause] [cheering]
4:41 pm
>> ellen: so woody was happy to see that you were here. he's like rosie was here because you were costars. >> yes. >> ellen: did you see him back stage? >> yes. he looked weird with the beard. >> ellen: really? i like the beard. you don't like the beard? >> no. i haven't seen him for -- oh, my god. look at that. >> ellen: babies. >> babies. >> ellen: "white men can't jump." he got you the job from what i understand. >> kind of, sort of, because what happened was during the auditions, the director says, "you're doing good. let's call woody in." he said "woody who? he said harrelson." i wasn't scared nervous or intimidated but i was excited and at the end of the scene there was supposed to be a kiss, he went for it tongue and all. i got the job.
4:42 pm
[applause] >> ellen: congratulations: new you'rely married. >> ellen: congratulations >> ellen: congratulations. you're newly married. people have surprise weddings but you were surprised. >> yes and no, because what had happened was when he proposed, and first of all i got to say he is the best guy ever, i'm so love it's disgusting, everyone is irritated because i'm so happy, right -- >> ellen: how long have you been forget? >> we have been forget almost five years but i have known him for 18 years and i kept forgetting who he was. [laughter] >> i did. and i was like oh, "hi, i'm rose." we met. he did this for like four or five times then like the eighth time i went "who is that?" you say that all the time and i got flustered and he told me he was single and we have been
4:43 pm
together of ever since and it was wonderful. >> ellen: how did the surprise wedding sort of kind of happen? >> we -- right. he wanted -- he wanted a big wedding, and i was like why? why spend all that money? then you get all like stressed out and everybody is worrying about where they're going to sit and it is just a waste, it's about just me and you coming together and i said let's go to city hall and he's like no, i really want a wedding, and then we were going to the mayweather fight, remember the one, awesome fight, i'm a big boxing fan -- we're big boxing fans, he and i, that's why we -- you know, so what had happened was he goes and we're on our way to the mayweather fight and i'm saying oh, my gosh, i bet mayweather is going to win" and he's like "yeah" and i'm like "this is going to be the perfect weekend" and he goes you know what would be more perfect? if we got married in vegas." and i'm like "yeah, that's
4:44 pm
awesome" in the back of my head i'm thinking it's not serious, we get to vegas and he starts telling me about the m.g.m. grand chapel package and i was like oh, my god, this is awesome, so mayweather won, we get married the next day and it was beautiful, it was beautiful, it wasn't tacky. i thought it was going to be tacky. but it wasn't tacky. [laughter] >> it was really nice. we were crying and the guy who was officiating the wedding, he was crying -- i didn't know him but he was like i never cry and my girlfriend ileana, they work for kia, that's not important but they were having a kia convention too. >> ellen: i'm listening. david works for kia. >> yes, david works for kia, they were our witnesses and stuff and it was beautiful, it was awesome, we leave the chapel, we don't know what to do so we went to a bar. that was that.
4:45 pm
[cheering] >> ellen: it wasn't tacky. it was vegas, it was a beautiful ceremony and the guy that married you cried and all that stuff. you don't think of any of that stuff happening in vegas. >> the only tacky part was the limo to the county clerk. who takes a limo to the county clerk? that was part of the package. [laughter] >> it was. >> ellen: fantastic. all right. i just want to talk to you for a long time and i forgot how much i love your accent and everything. tell us about the movie. we should talk about the movie. >> yes. it's called "the counselor" it stars michael fassbender, a star-studded cast and everybody is wonderful and the reason i really wanted to do this is that everybody talks about legalizing drugs or not but really people don't understand the human costs of drug trafficking, and it's about a lawyer that goes crooked and gets involved in the drug cartel and my character is involve in the drug cartel as
4:46 pm
well behind bars running things and he doest realize it, and what happened is that he does a favor for my character and all these negative repercussions happen afterwards, and his life goes to hell, and so does everyone else's, and it's just really about greed and not worrying about the hum costs and what's going down in mexico -- about the human costs and what's happening down in mexico is important. >> ellen: it's not only interesting to watch but it's brad pitt and javier bardem. >> you know what's funny? nobody asked me like how does javier kiss, nobody asked me about brad pitt, nobody asked me about nicolas cage, everybody wants to know about woody harrelson. now his head is going to be like this, i can't stand it but it is
4:47 pm
true. >> ellen: how does he kiss? [laughter] >> ellen: you better say good. >> i mean, it's weird because he's married, i'm married. you don't say that any more. [laughter] >> ellen: but you weren't at the time. >> ok. he kissed good at the time. >> ellen: that's all i wanted to know. >> real good. [laughter] >> ellen: "the counselor" is in theaters next friday. that was rosie perez. that was fantastic. [applause]
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
>> pamela anderson is on the next all new "ellen." >> ellen: i singlehandedly brought sexiness back to daytime. >> plus music from jimmy buffett. escape to paradise with ellen. [cheering] >> ellen: we're going to see. it's the best out of three. all right? ready, set, go.
4:51 pm
>> ellen: that's one. [laughter] >> ellen: that's a tie now. >> is that it? >> ellen: that's a tie. >> i thought you were going first. >> this is not stable. [laughter] [laughter] >> ellen: are you giving up? >> no. >> ellen: that was a tie again. >> is that a tie? >> ellen: yeah. only one person can go -- you have only been down -- what
4:52 pm
happened to your -- be careful. this is defective. [laughter] >> ellen: 1-1. >> 1-1? >> ellen: yeah. [laughter] [applause] [cheering] >> ellen: it's a tie. we'll be right back. the day my doctor told me i had diabetes,
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>> ellen: one more costume to show you. come on out. [laughter] >> ellen: what's your name? >> jennifer. >> ellen: hi, jennifer. how old are you? >> six. >> ellen: you're six years old. are you in school? >> yeah. >> ellen: what are you studying? >> i don't know. >> ellen: korean? >> no. >> ellen: ok. [laughter] >> ellen: and what are you? >> miley cyrus's -- [laughter] >> ellen: we have to face this way so people understand. let me give you some candy right here.
4:58 pm
>> thank you. >> ellen: you're welcome. thank you. and a mint on your tongue. [applause] >> ellen: also. i'm going to give you a $500 j.c. penney gift card so you can go to the disney shop and i want to thank twitch and woody harrelson and owen wilson and rosie perez. be kind to one another. bye bye. [cheering] [applause] >> life can take you almost anywhere, and that's exactly where american airlines flies. book your travel now on anyway.
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wrecks live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news at 5:00 p.m. >> there is a real sense of relief that we are going to reopen government a have the u.s. [inaudible] >> a collective sigh of relief as disaster is averted. after more than two weeks of tense debate and harsh words, the shutdown should be over at least for now. >> leaders hammered and public opinion polls gave in and pressured their ring to accept the terms that democrats have demanded for months. more in the temporary fix.


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