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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  October 16, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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immediately. we will begin opening our government immediately. we can begin to let this crowd of uncertain to lift this cloud of uncertainty and unease from our businesses and the american people. >> crisis averted. congress has moved to open the government and avoid default. the house followed suit. >> the legislation is has i heao the president's desk. republican andy harris was the only maryland lawmaker who voted now saying on twitter that this was kicking the can down the road trade we do have live team coverage tonight. we have reaction from here at home. we will get the latest from washington from the cold killian. i wish i had counted how many times i heard the phrase kick the can down the road tonight. >> and you will hear it again and again but that being said we
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do have a temporary resolution and as you heard the president mentioned we got some died in some the way house that the president will sign that bill tonight to get the government back on track. yeas, 18 nays. darkness this great can come some light. >> governing this crisis is historic. let's be honest. this is pain inflicted out -- on our nation for no good reason. >> harry reid, one of the key authors of a bipartisan agreement to reopen the government and prevent the u.s. default ending the two-week standoff. the president applauded the vote shortly after was taken. exit want to thank the leadership for coming together and getting this done. hopefully next time it will not be at the 11th hour.
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>> the government would be funded through january 15 and the debt limit would the extended through february 7 of next year. lawmakers are working on a broader budget agreement. >> this is a terrible deal today that it is a terrible deal for the american people. s decriede conservative the bill and others rallied around it. >> it is time to restore some sanity to this place, to do this we have all got to give a little . clearly no one on either side has received everything they wanted. i believe that now we all should act with a greater -- with the greater needs of our nation. -- with thehouse house and senate approval, thousands of workers are preparing to return to their job. those employees should report to work tomorrow morning.
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>> thank you. we will make the point that the white house budget office says federal workers should plan to return to work on thursday morning. how much damage has been done and have voters lost trust in the process with what many refer to as brinkman -- rings mentioned politics. >> you have a lot of people with hurt feelings. speaking from the white house president obama said we need to put the shutdown behind us but it will not be that easy for some. >> in the last couple of weeks we have seen our schedule drop off the cliff. >> frank hill is trying to stay busy but ever since the government shutdown it has not been easy. 60% of his customers are government or military employees who have not been spending money on specialty car repair. >> we usually stay booked out at
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least two to three weeks and next week we have nothing on the schedule. >> he said he will not forget about the impact the drum on capitol hill has had on his family anytime soon. professorsing, said larry gibson. >> voters will forget some things but things that start to threaten social security checks they remember. veterans benefits and fundamental governmental resources people remember. the last time there was anything close to this when the voters pretty much -- severely punish in that case,ault the republicans. i believe that will happen again. >> they were member this time because this hit people pretty hard. i really do. >> it was a headache for everybody. headache, and. >> the professor pretty sue will
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end any possibility of republicans recapturing the senate. >> the big question of whether this will flip the house. >> they are disgusting. we are disgusted with our government and discussed it with the congress and senate. maryland is second only to virginia for the percentage of voters who are employed by the government. frank thinks it could take six months to a year to recover what he has lost. havepublican majorities saise the debt ceiling 40 time and democrats have 24 times. you can learn more on >> more breaking news. there is a report of a police involved shooting in northeast baltimore that happened in our go. kim dacey joins us live from the scene and has the latebreaking details. what is up?
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>> got here a few minutes ago but this is a new crime scene. this happened over an hour ago just before 10:00 p.m. this evening. police still on the scene. we walked up a few minutes ago and they were interviewing what looked like some witnesses trying to piece together what happened. a police helicopter is flying overhead so we are not sure if that is related to this investigation but it is ringing a lot of police officers this evening. shannont the corner of and minnesota avenue. there was a police involved shooting and a suspect in a car and somehow a police officer was himged by that car, causing to fire shots at the suspect. a medic was called for both the police officer and the suspect but right now, we have no word on the condition of either of those people right now. we're expecting to learn more and a little bit and we will update you of who -- if we have any more new information. >> thank you. all is quiet at the port of
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baltimore tonight. he closed for business at midnight when the longshoremen there went on strike. union members filed into their headquarters in south baltimore for a meeting after a long day on the picket line. after three years of working without a contract a say they are striking because of stalled contract negotiations. they're asking for a fair wage and a safer place to work. >> it is all at a standstill. no one can work anything so everyone is losing money. this is not helping any. >> he is disappointed the members have decided to disrupt services and says there could be an injunction to force workers back on the job. the union notes they will be walking the picket line until an agreement is reached. the union says they will be walking that picket line. also baltimore county school officials have begun deciding who will attend a new elementary 's chapel.may;
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talk for a second. it is my job to talk in your job to listen. expectedhool that is to hold 700 students is set to open in september. a committee made up of school officials, parents, and community members held the first of four meetings to draw those boundaries. the entrées are being held at cockeysville middle school. the project is not favored by everyone. some residents are concerned about the loss of arc space. broke yesterday before five. approached vi
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ripken showing a firearm and manager buick. she hit the panic button on her key fog, scaring him away. she ran into the bank and told the teller to call 911. authorities were able to track bowen down. this comes 18 months after she was kidnapped and released by a man who still has not been caught. authorities do not believe they have -- that this case has no connection to the kidnapping. was serving in armed --sentence for armed robbery. he is back in custody. >> during opening arguments the prosecution told the jury the
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case is about choices, actions that violated the law, and reckless disregard for public safety. the defense contends that kern's actions were not criminal, calling them a tragic mistake. he wore his loaded service revolver during training and accidentally drew the wrong weapon. >> it seems like the training gun was in his pocket. was in service revolver the holster. so how do you get those two mixed up? kerourt testimony indicates n. he fired the training weapon at the door to teach cadets a lesson when he saw them lingering in the hallway. the judge said a reasonable officer would not have fired anything and would have communicated the lesson. >> a lawyer for one of the -- accusedis askg of sexual assault is asking that
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he be removed from the case. he told the judge that by central michael miller was unfit for the position. miller decided to refer the case to a court-martial in spite of recommendations from an investigating officer not to. he tate is one of two naval -- navy football players charged with sexually assaulting campus -- a classmate. the congressman said he is still looking into throwing his hat into the race and added he is not concerned he will be behind his competitors. the former altra county executive said he is being encouraged to rent in response to stories about the lack of baltimore area of representation among the current candidates including anthony brown, lieutenant attorney general doug gansler and [inaudible]
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. we will have details. >> a group of ravens fans win the prize of a lifetime. what they will get to be doing. not oncen beat cancer but twice. >> cloudy skies in the area and there are some r >> the tipoff of the new nba
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season is less than two weeks away and this year marks the 50th anniversary of the baltimore bullets basketball team. now the washington wizards. to coincide with this anniversary, humala anthony was in town. the extensive renovations to the center included new floor, new port, or even a new mural. he is taking this opportunity to get back to the use. we are taking this opportunity to let the youth say thank you to him and also to say thank you to them. >> the dozens of students invited to the event were selected because they are excelling in their school studies. >> disappointing when you do not when the megamillions. which 10 lottery winners will attest to but instead of winning lots of
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money, the price they one is priceless. >> i got a message on my home phone and my wife called me and said some lady from the lottery called you and i said i just won a prize. >> a once-in-a-lifetime prize. he was one of 10 people who got a second chance on a non-winning powerball ticket and turned it in and turn it into a trip to the ravens-brown's teams in cleveland november 3. >> i was excited. and is were i was born raised so i am going home. i am ready to go. x it is an amazing opportunity. i am so excited. >> it is overwhelming. a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. you cannot even fight us. >> no, you cannot. they get to take a guest with them to the ravens game, play on staying atane and
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the hotel and meeting the players in a special reception. >> this is the way trip with the team. it is a prize like no other and you cannot get it anywhere else. >> this is the fifth year they have teamed up for this kind of contest. the weekly drawing continued all season and someone is going to win season tickets for 20 years. >> i got an e-mail and told me to, here and here i am. >> the chance of a lifetime, everyone kept telling me. it is going to be a great trip so i guess i'm kind of lucky. better than that, i beat cancer so i am living on top of the world. >> the kindness of strangers is lifting the spirits of a young annapolis woman. melissa smith has beaten cancer two times but the intense chemo
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treatments led to a rare disease that left her paralyzed from the chest down. after continued lease from her sister the website the chime chose her out of their charities. they played strictly thousand dollars and encouraged others to match that amount and within seconds of going online, the donation started rolling in. it shattered the previous fundraising records. the total, close to $390,000. >> i do not know why everyone took my story to heart but i appreciate it more than i could ever put into words. >> that money to help pay for physical therapy, her medical bills and a down payment on a house with equipment to restore some of for independence. your 11 insta weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> 69 degrees at b-w my -- bwi marshall. 58 was the real eye popper on this almanac. it was the morning low.
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13 degrees warmer than the typical low. the record low in 1876. the record high was also set back in the 19th century when we hit 90. a huge bread of possibilities here in mid-october but we are on the warm side of things that it will stay mild tonight because of the cloud cover and there are some showers showing up just to the north and west. no threat to the baltimore area. maybe up passing sprinkle late tonight or tomorrow morning. cloudsmeantime we have and a south wind create it will be unseasonably warm overnight into the morning. 65 in eastham. we will hold we not get much below 60 and down town baltimore, maybe some low to mid 50's in the coolest suburbs but unseasonably mild thanks to those light southerly winds and overcast skies. there is a front to the west that is bearing down on pittsburgh. there is some showers ahead of it. this front will work through the
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baltimore area tomorrow, picking up a few scattered showers especially in the afternoon and our best chance for rain will be the area of low pressure developing to the south and cuts that region tomorrow night. that will be the best chance of showers at least tomorrow evening. some showers here for the evening rush hour. they will be off the coast by friday morning. friday afternoon we are enjoying lots of sunshine and click -- slightly cooler temperatures and the weekend looks good. we will keep an eye on this activity. the bulk of the showers will stay in the mountains but we will have a cloudy start to the weekend and probably more sunshine on sunday. tomorrow, clouds and spotty showers mainly in the afternoon. another mild eight. 68 to 73 degrees. winds at of the south fairly light on the bay. some spotty showers later. high tide -- the mountains have the best chance for rain but it will be gone by friday. highs in the low 50's out that
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way. eastern shore locations, late afternoon heading toward the evening rush hour, a few rain showers tomorrow. sunny skies and nice on friday. the beaches not expecting any rain until tomorrow night and it should clear up quickly friday morning allowing sunshine to return as we head into the weekend. 71 tomorrow, slightly cooler for friday through sunday. a chilly monday with the morning low possibly in the upper 30's and another front comes through tuesday and that gets colder by the middle of next week. heiser in the mid--50's. >> the talks are supposed -- are starting to get serious. what they have to say about next sunday's showdown. that is next in sports. >> it is america's favorite jackpot game. this is powerball. good evening, america. we have got an estimate of
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157.6t for you worth million dollars. i hope you have got those powerball tickets ready. it is time to play. first number, three. after that 42. we are heading to charlotte, north carolina to meet ricky are in heart. he matched all five white ball numbers and one $1 million. and 34. rounding it out with 28. for the winning powerball number if you match this number you are always a winner and tonight it is 28. taking one more look at the winning numbers. have a great night.
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>> the ravens look healthy going into this sunday's road trip to pittsburgh. with anlast week's game injury returning for practice today. also brandon stokley who has missed the past two games because of a groin injury. 53 the ravens jet plan to rush him
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back but mclean says he feels ready for full contact whenever he gets the green light. they are expecting plenty of full contact in pittsburgh against the steelers. -- they understand that records cannot measure the intensity of the dislike between the ravens and the steelers. if this is something special about this game. this game right here in the nfl. ravens-steelers. my bet is we will get the other 30 teams watching it regardless of how they fare. everyone is looking forward to this one. that is the biggest game -- thing about it. they are a good team. we are a good team. that is the way it has been and because of that it aches for a big football game. >> ben roethlisberger did not get to play in the series last year because of injuries but he is back this year. even though pittsburgh no longer has casey hampton, several other
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players. the ravens no longer have ray lewis. they think the trends -- the rivalry transcends. crexendo is not matter. no ray lewis, it is still the same rivalry. there might be different people and it. suggs is still over there. that is saying the same thing. a good job ofo making everyone understand what this is about. the sameot to repair way. >> the orioles will have to look for a new pitching coach. he left for personal reasons and does not plan to return to the team for the 2014 season. they will have their fourth aging coach in as many seasons.
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.o not count out the dodgers helping his own cause with an r.b.i single to the left. 2-0 dodgers. unties the knot, solo home run, one of his two home runs for the day. 3-2 dodgers could answer the call when facing element nation. cardinals two on and two out. winending with the dodgers 6-4 and cardinals leave the series three games to two and the series shifting for game six at st. louis. calls so far on this one. they have gone to the ninth, detroit leading boston 7-2 great if the tiger lead holds detroit will tie the series at two games apiece. stick around. tom tasselmyer back with a look at the seven-day forecast right after this. what are you doing?
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at 866-650-7900 today. >> checking the weather. a little rain. >> the evening rush hour might be trickier than the morning and
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it will be cloudy and some showers pop up and it means friday is a nice-looking day. more clouds than sun on saturday. showers clear out on saturday and it will turn cooler toward the middle of next week. it is that typhoon that went through japan that will change the atmosphere a little bit and send some cold air here the middle of next week. >> that is ready amazing. >> if it disrupts the jetstream it sends the cold air into the middle of the united states area and -- united states. >> that is all for a 11 news tonight. >> thanks for joining us. have a good night. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from the new movie, "enough said," julia louis-dreyfus.


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