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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  October 18, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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rexam jennifer franciotti reporting from howard county. please have a warning for residents we would tell you what . is next very >> what kind of weather should you plan on for this purple
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friday that go 11 news continues right now. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news today at 6 a.m.. >> good morning, happy friday. i am mindy becerra. >> and i am stan stovall. you will deftly want to wear your purple today to show your pride because the ravens take on the steelers the sunday. >> we will have a preview on this game later and sports. first we want to look at your forecast. right now, we are waking up to this gorgeous weather out there. a few clouds, temperatures in the 50s, it feels pleasant. at the airport with some cooler air moving into the region. today we will see the high temperatures between the mid and upper 60s with plenty of sunshine out there heard winds
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right now coming in from the west at roughly six miles per hour. temperatures will stay in the upper 60s right and 60 for new kids are heading off to school. we will talk about a rain chance moving back into the forecast sunday, or saturday afternoon i should say. right now we'll go over to sarah for the traffic heard >> good morning, everybody. a few things to watch for. we'll take a look at some accident. northbound crain highway in the area of 424 there are some closure effected to the accident. for those of you traveling on the howard county line. this is southbound traffic coming out of the toll plaza. no problems at the harbor tunnel and we are tracking a pretty nice start on 95 coming out of hartford county. if you are good travel at 924 --sing a road in abingdon,
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outer loop traffic running smoothly there. we're seeing a little buildup on the west side at baltimore national pike. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. howard county police have a message for residences morning, especially women. >> thieves have targeting women dropping off their kids at day care. >> good morning, jen. what is their advice? >> their advice is definitely for women especially. if you have a purse, either take it with your hide it in your car because they say thieves are watching and they say it is part of a growing trend right now. they believe the same these are the same ones that hit a lot of women over the wintertime throughout the county. on wednesday alone they were investigating for thefts of their calling smash and grab her these are targeting women are going to gyms about the purses for workouts and moms are just trying to drop off the kids at a
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care and pretty soon leaving -- at day care and preschool leaving the purses in the car. >> by processes to get them in as quickly as possible and leave because i have to be to work or whatever and i am guilty sometimes of just leaving my purse in the car. >> she is not alone, all of us are guilty at one time or another. it is easier to bring in the car, take your keys with you run in there and come back. leezer saying that is when these are striking. live report at 6:30. wbal-tv 11 news. policeltimore county officer william kern faces up to five years in prison after a guilty of him reckless assault. kern claims he was trying to
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teach trainees a lesson an accident late told israel service weapon instead of the training weapon. >> there is absolutely nothing that has come out in the course of the seven months that i've been involved with this case to suggest that it was anything but an accident. >> to me an accident implies that it is something that nobody has any control over. tapas are current had complete control over what happened that day and it was only because of his actions that this injury happened. >> the shooting big m raymond gray is still recovering at an out-of-state rain injury facility. it judge will sentence officer kern in december. investigators say during a traffic stop wednesday night near minnesota avenue in northeast baltimore, 40-year-old sean dean tried to get away from officers. according to city police, officers opened fire when please strike him along for at least a block. he later died at the hospital. >> why did they have to shoot in that many times?
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even though officers are trained to shoot, they don't take that many shots to shoot somebody to get your point across. >> police say there was crack cocaine in d's glove compartment and he was on control -- and he was on parole for a drug conviction. the officers now recovering at home. >> gynecologist john hickenlooper is under investigation after it was found he used and distributed drugs like cocaine, had an affair with the patient and stored explicit images of female genitalia on his mobile phone. he previous he worked at saint agnes health-care and baltimore health center. marshal remains in custody this morning after he admitted to taking inappropriate pictures with his cell phone. sa has tried to figure
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out whether to suspend him or fire him. the witness reported the incident to a flight incident -- to a flight attendant and he was taken off the plane. he admitted to taking a dozen photos and others in the past. he faces disorderly conduct charges. >> new this morning, the national zoo is one of the many attractions going up to speed as the federal government reopens following a 16 day shutdown. nikole killion is live with that. good morning, nicole. >> good morning to you, mindy. it is day two for the government grand reopening. some experts say it could take weeks before it is fully functional. >> here's what you missed will the government was shut down. a growing baby panda that made its return to the popular panda
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cam. the entire exhibit reopens with along with the rest of the national group. just another sign of life emerging along the capital and the country. barricades and signs were cleared from monuments and parks from yellowstone to the st. louis arch. thousands of furloughed federal workers are back on the job expecting to receive back pay by the end of the month. back so iy money think that is more important anything. >> thanks for your service, welcome back. a president obama extended personal thanks to employees for enduring the pain. >> let's be clear, there are no winners here. these last two weeks have and 50 completely unnecessary damage on our economy. how much damage? standard & poor's estimates the damage at $24 billion.
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>>, schlanger before we get back up just read? >> you can expect backlogs. you can take economic data for instance. we would've gone the monthly jobs report earlier this month. that is not due out on october 22 and even next month job report could even be delayed along with a number of other key economic indicators. it mighter reason why be a while before we really truly know the impact of the shutdown. back to you. >> time now for a look at what is coming up later this morning on the today show. natalie morales joins us live from new york and tgif, natalie, how are you? >> yes, tgif to you as well. hunt for two convicted murderers mistakenly released from a florida prison. authorities say how it happened is actually becoming a real threat to your safety. story,ead, a frightening 11 kids returned to mom safely after they were on a bus
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hijacked by a man. as in oxford scientist finally resolve the mystery of whether there is an active bigfoot? the stories and marwan we get started right here on "today." >> a time is now 6:10, it is 52 degrees at the airport. >> will over catch up. the new top-selling condiment coming up on this month's consumer alert heard >> even though it is not the top seller, plenty of people who use catch up during this weekend's steelers versus ravens game. we will also look at the steelers versus ravens stats. live look at the denvern your a
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international airport where the snow is coming down. you can see lots of snowfall there after a cold front moved across the region. they're getting the snow. we on the other hand are just getting some cooler weather, not getting into snow just yet. we are not looking at any snow check. this first cold front has already made its way through.
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there are a few scattered clouds just to our west iran hagerstown. the rest of us are getting a break. cockeysville and 52 in columbia at this time. expect ties between 63 and 68 today with west winds about 12 mile-per-hour. here's your day planner. 66 degrees by 4:00 this evening. headlines showing that another cold front is on the way saturday and that will give us a rain chance. it does not -- this cold front will certainly pack the daytime highs. take a look at that in just a moment. here's how the weather plays out for the next few hours. we'll see plenty of sunshine all through friday in the daytime and watch how the clouds roll in. this is where our next front will come in. back with a rain chance by saturday evening. we will have a slight chance for
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showers. now let's look at the cool air as it comes down from canada. with take you through to next tuesday and wednesday. these bluish colors indicate the pushing intos the region. here's a look at your forecast. what will the weather be like on sunday? between 55 and 59 degrees with west winds. 30% for char's saturday evening, 61 degrees sunday. temperatures in the 40s in the morning. 67 on tuesday, a 30% chance for shower there. overnight lows going into 40s. look of the cool off for wednesday and thursday. highs 56 wednesday, 54 thursday, overnight lows, you bet you will need a blanket. temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. sarah? >> good morning everybody. just a couple of tngs we are
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tracking this hour. for those of you who want to take northbound crain highway, we have an accident there. another one being cleared on spencer and santini. as you travel on the west side, this is what it looks like coming toward us. delay starting to form just hard to i 70. we have police activity nursing a road. little further down this baltimore national pike. we continuing to see build up their. you'll start to see some delays north side. trafficthe latest on pulse 11. mindy, over to you. >> breaking news this morning out of ohio. police on the scene of a deadly auto accident in upper arlington. lisa the officer was responding hit robbery call when a car his cruiser. six people inside the car died
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including a small child. crews took the child to office -- to the hospital for treatment. bad weather is being blamed for the airline crash that killed all 49 people on wednesday including an american. the recovery operation hit a snag because of the lack of specialist equipment. >> meantime in australia cruiser battling a huge wildfire. the fires to blame for one death and has destroyed several homes. it is burning across 330 square miles fueled by strong winds and unasonably hot temperatures which are threatening surrounding towns including sydney. milder conditions moved in to that area giving firefighters a break. army air force lieutenant robert ester mocker died in world war ii received full military honors when he was laid to rest. he was
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recently identified. -47was flying a he thunderbolt and crash in belgium in 1944. >> in this morning's consumer alert, i don't pass the ketchup. chipotle has another price hike coming. the workers are getting an overdue pay raise. good morning to you jane. maybe i should say point sts, jane. >> good morning to you. sayess i don't know how to that in spanish. the s&p yesterday wanting to a record after that shut down and debt ceiling deal was reached in washington. theirers hammered out deals over the budget impasse. president obama also signed into law a measure called the alternative pay plan for federal
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workers. the plan would institute a one percent pay increase for federal workers as of january 1. employees pay had been frozen for the past three years. chipotle says it makes food with integrity and as it plans to use more non-genetically modified ingredients in its food, that will lead to higher prices for the breed offense. salsa ingredients like tomatoes and corn are also rising. chipotle expects high prices sometime next year. ap says salsa is the number one preferred condiment in the country. they consumer research firm called package faxed as latino culture has impacted grocery aisles to the extent that it is has redefined american cuisine. i love salsa.
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>> i am surprised hot sauce wasn't on the list could i put it on everything, bacon, bigs. all right, jane. thank you. weekend, jane, thank you. you need a drink to go that salsa? coca cola officials are worried about sales of diet coke right now because of consumers concern over their ingredients. last year sales have diet coke have felt some three percent. it's full calorie counter saut sales rise two percent and coke zero sales jump five percent. if he is a microsoft powered hat or a pc, there's new windows software update available now. the new windows 8.1 is more user friendly we are told and it includes more back on colors, more sizes for life towson or screens and improves at
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multitasking functions. it also allows users to boot their pcs in the more traditional looking desktop environment or stick with the default tile interface. >> now, weather and traffic on the ones. >> good morning. if you see scattered clouds is just about this morning, make way for plenty of sunshine today. 54 in white marsh at this time. west winds about 12 miles per hour. 67 -- 63 degrees by noon and 60 six by 4:00 this evening. knotscraft advisory, 13 of north winds. we would talk about rain changes coming to forecast. right now let's go to sarah with a look at traffic. morning, everyone. getting busy on the west side. we are starting to see some delays around security boulevard. on crain highway at 424 you may have a little bit of
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backup due to an accident. 95 thisravel south on is what looks like out of the white marsh area. beltway talk about the near the- at 924 abingdon road. this is the beltway on the west side. definitely starting to see delays there. lets you it's going on in 795 where it is 60 miles per hour. not bad. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. stan and mindy, back to you. >> 52 degrees at the airport heard >> from the ravens take on the sea... sunday they will have at least one major professional athlete cheering them on. keith mills will tell us who. some of us feel depressed,
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anxious, angry. if you're just like me, say something.
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>> thiis 11 sports. ,> good morning everybody in neither the steelers or the ravens are in first place as they get ready to resume their rivalry on sunday. in no way does that diminish the relevance of the game. in fact, it may even make it more important, especially for
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the steelers who are 1-4. shut down the big play on defense. the ravens are knocking on the door of being an elite defense if not for a handful of big plays. >> they're playing so well in some phases, i wish you wouldn't get down there quite as much. we're playing well in the red area, we play well on third down and we really played well in the first half. when i can to be a top-five defense until he quit giving up big plays. >> did plays will hurt you. ravens won the last three games in pittsburgh and carmelo anthony will be watching on sunday. gamew the ravens after the them we need this win against the steelers.
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john wall, brad beal, to top drafts from last year. last night clearly belong to carmelo anthony. he did not disappoint. melo said later it is great to be back home. ravens, go beat the steelers. red sox beat the tigers last night in game five of the championship series in detroit. , but the timeme the second inning ended it was three nothing. it would eventually be the game- winning run. miguel cabrera in the seventh. here it does score a run to cut up to 4-3. that is how it ends. it is the final out red sox lead the series 3-2.
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tomorrow, the 28th jim mckay marilyn
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>> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news today at 6 a.m.. >> good morning and welcome back. thanks for joining us this morning. first a look at some of today's top stories. >> police are investigating a late-night shooting in randallstown. officers found the victim in the 3900 block of sadie wrote heard >> meantime, in baltimore city, police investigated to deadly shootings. a person ofve interest in custody for a thursday morning shooting in the >> later this
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morning, the mail and public service commission will hold an event should very -- an evidentiary hearing. $2.50 more for gas every month. >> your time now 6:31. let's begin on the weather and traffic with mary. >> good morning everyone. right now it is 52 degrees. temperature will go up to 68 degrees. here is how your day breaks down. right around 57 by 8 a.m., 63 by noon. and 66 degrees by 4:00. here's your seven-day forecast. there will be a 30% chance for showers with a cold front that moved to the region. 61 sunday, 65 monday with some sunshine, 67 on tuesday and a strong cold front will come through. we look at the cold on after
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that, 56 degrees wednesday, 50 four thursday with overnight lows fall into the 30s. cerro? >> good morning everybody. the good news is the one on north bound crain highway has now been cleared at 424. getting back to normal there. otherwise, 95 coming out of the white marsh area starting to build but overall pretty nice with about 65 miles per hour around mountain road. watch for police activity as you travel through the abingdon region. this is outer loop traffic coming towards security. this is when delays form and they will continue down towards all summer national pike. that is the latest on wbal pulse 11. roadse traffic on the causes headaches, more traffic and local communities is a good thing. nearly 7000 social security employees were furloughed.
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now they're back at work. that is a big relief for local businesses like monahan's woodlawn. even though federal workers will get back pay, his customer count was down during the two-week shutdown. no one was coming here at the end of 15 days and order 15 lunches. that is money that is lost to us forever. >> it is hard when you have family and you have bills to pay. we will get through it. we do. and we will very hopefully everything will get back on track. >> a recent wall street journal poll found that a third of the country's population felt personally affected by the partial government shutdown. despite the government being open, the port of baltimore is still on strike. they are notperating there. arbitration talks are scheduled for later today with union reps for the longshoremen and the
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trade association. the longshoremen are demanding changes to their work contracts. the board handles more than 30 million tons of cargo a year but the strike has cargo operations on hold right now. cruises are still up and running in baltimore and we will have updates on today's arbitration meeting tonight on 11 news at 5, 6 and 11 p.m.. >> police are investigating a series of smash and grab robberies. >> thieves are breaking into cars and moms are dropping off the kids at day care. >> this isn't just happening in howard county, right? >> this kind of thing happens all over the area, but in howard county they believe the same leaves the target moms this week are the same that hit a lot of area people in the county over the winter. so this morning they have a warning. >> natasha walker could be like a lot of us. kids in preschool and day care.
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>> my process is to get them in as quickly as possible and leave because i have to be to work or whatever and i am guilty sometimes of just leaving my purse in the car. >> she is the kind of target smash and grab thieves seven feasting on lately in howard county and police said on wednesday they struck again watching women drop off the kids at days care, preschool, jim, just for a minute they leave their purses in the car. >> always take my purse with me when i get cash for that very reason. we have a higher level of awareness now. >> on wednesday, four women reported thefts in the parking lot. >> i just walked to the parking lot. the director of this monarch so a school where one of the thefts occurred says she is doing her part. we are talking to the parents
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id letting them be aware that walk around school every 10 or 15 minutes. always looking out of what is going on. ofwill this change in habits all? >> yes, it will. >> armor my mom giving me that same advice when i was 16 years old when i first started driving , never leave your valuables were you can see them. it is the same morning the police are giving. howardng live here in county, jennifer franciotti, wbal 11 news. republican candidate david craig will speak at the maryland state education association convention tonight about his vision for the state school and casino revenue should not be used in the education operating budget but instead for construction and technology.
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he also plans to talk about enhancing teacher evaluations, and getting rid of common core. one of the democratic candidates expected to is also talk education today when she unveils two more education proposals. she also wants to increase state funding for afterschool and summer programs and to improve access to childcare. school officials are saying there do more diversity training for teachers students and parents. >> this comes after parents raise concerns about a racially biased test given to students that high school. diversityay a training session for parents was already due before the test called achievement test happened. before the test called the
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chitlin test happened. >> what experience did you have growing up and what beliefs do you have that may affect how you treat others? something is missing. it is evident that something is missing. >> we are told that test was handed out without the principles knowledge and the school is now investigating. your time now six: 38. your time now 6:38. halloweenting
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>> here's a look at your friday morning commute. a few new problems to the list. let's talk about what is going on. we're hearing a pedestrian involved crass along applewood drive. be careful on that location. watch for lane closures along route 97. there is a wned tree to watch for. santini wrote an accident wrapping up. here's what it looks like as you travel southbound on 95. we stillsignal road have a problem. please activity in the abingdon region. as far as traffic elsewhere looks pretty good here on 20 92
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and from the ellicott city region. that is a very latest on traffic also 11. here is mary on the traffic forecast -- on the weather forecast. >> 49 degrees in tony town and 54. a few scattered clouds but mostly sunny skies. 63 and 68 degrees. 63 by noon and 66 by 4:00 this evening. winds just six knots in the inner harbor. up to one foot or less are the waves. >> now return back to stand in mindy. >> this year's oktoberfest -- fest, i know you folks got that.
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most people think penguins are cold-weather birds, are not onnguins somec view yet very >> animals in florida got some halloween treats this week. two bengal tigers at the big cat rescue in tampa got some chicken filled treats. hopefully, we will see. there he goes, right up the tree. yummy. if it has meat in it he'll need it. he is a big cat. >> beautiful animals. your time now 6:43. >> here's a look at your friday
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morning commute or there are is some delays forming around the area plus some accidents. one on pepper would drive. we're hearing that is pedestrian involved. fanny dorsey road it wrote 97.
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an accident further south at spencerville road and santini wrote clearing. this is 95 north and southbound in howard county. 95 coming out of the north least not that at all. here are your delays on the west side. to starting to fund raise at baltimore national park. here is mary to check on your forecast heard >> working up to a cool morning out there. plenty of sunshine today with highs between 63 and 68 degrees with winds in the west at about 12 miles per hour. here's hat tricks down for you by 8 a.m.. temperatures right around 57 degrees, 63 by noon and 66 by 4:00 this afternoon. a few scattered clouds out west along haven town otherwise you're enjoying clear skies. a cold front is moved through so we're cool this morning.
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there is another right behind it even dumping a bit of snow in the denver area. we are not looking at snow but rain chances will be in our forecast coming up. tuesday in even stronger front will make its way through the reason. one cold front after the other. look for those temperatureto be really cool behind this next front. let's get a look at how the rain and the council -- and the clouds pan out for you. we will enjoy plenty of sunshine even through friday night to discuss her men mostly clear but early saturday morning about seven or 8:00 in the morning you begin to notice the clouds filtering in and then saturday afternoon look at this line of showers moving in and of that front that will push its way in saturday evening, saturday night. that is when the rain chances will be better. we can see that cooler air diving in from canada, these blue scholars represent really cool air that will make their way into the region.
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temperatures going below average. sunday. temperatures between 55 and 49 degrees. here's your 10 day forecast. the 30% chance for showers saturday evening, saturday night will be the best chance to see that. sunday, temperatures around 65 degrees, 67 tuesday with a 30% chance for showers. wave goodbye to the 60s hello. dipping toows between 36 and 38 degrees by wednesday or thursday. this morning in howard county following a series of smash and grab robberies. thieves are targeting women that day cares.
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>> howard county police warning women everywhere to take their purses with them or if they do leave them in the car, make sure they are well hidden. this is partly growing trend on wednesday alone they are investigating for thefts. it calling them smash and grabs. this is about women going into -- jim's without workout without taking their purses. police are warning these women, they're telling them this is part of something that has been ongoing in howard county, something they started investigating last winter as a matter of fact. they're definitely advising women to keep the purses hidden or take them with them. i want to tell you where the status of had these thefts, colombia, elkridge, ellicott city, a ymca, they really happening everywhere. it is really to something for
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people to keep in mind. >> taking a look at the rest of the morning's top stories, jury convicted officer william he escaped second- degree assault. he claimed he was trying to teach clay other types of lesson, but he pulled his service revolver instead of a training weapon. later this morning, the maryland outlook service commission holds a public service for the b.g.e. application to adjust the rates. moreerage they are $4.44 on your bill. the psc will hear arguments from 10 until five today here in baltimore. if you're looking forward to spend part of the weekend, you can now head to the national zoo in washington dc.
6:51 am
that the partial government shutdown is over the zoo will welcome back visitors starting at 10:00 this morning. to encourage crowds, the national zoo is offering a 10% discounts on all food and merchandise through sunday. >> here's a look at some of the new stories you will find at 11 news at 7 a.m.. retailers are getting some bad news. consumer optimism is going down. >> we are two days away from steelersravens, matchup. neither team is as popular as they would like to be. more on why the ravens are no longer as popular as they were after the super bowl when we come back. >> now, traffic on the ones. >> during busier by the minute. we have a couple of accidents. showing thatsh there are some closures in ffect.
6:52 am
we have a problem to my down tree in sykesville. right near route 97, so be careful there. further south, santini wrote an accident wrapping up. then in abingdon new singer wrote police activity will be there. delays forming big-time in the outer loop. that is the latest on traffic also 11 over to you mindy. -- mindy, sorry i meant mary. we will have mostly sunny skies. in westminster right now 49 and hancock 54 in hagerstown. forecast, schoolday highs around 66 degrees it
6:53 am
mostly sunny skies. 66 and 67 in southern maryland. we will have more on your
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>> looking pretty good. >> we have a few accidents. we will start in the pepper would drive area where we have an accident. route 97, watch for down tree blocking the lane. an accident and police activity on abingdon 924 new singer wrote. in the outer loop beginning at 790 five third >> cooler temperatures trying to make their way into the area. >> temperatures inching up to 57 degree mark and 8 a.m.. 63 by noon. mostly sunny and 66 by 4:00. greece.w at 68 to a strong cold front, 30% for
6:57 am
showers. wednesday and thursday with overnight lows following to the >> to upper 30s. >> did you know that today is also national chocolate cupcake day? >> our producers wife always treats us. >> i am so sorry. for joining us this morning on 11 news today. >> have a great weekend. >> number cupcakes for you. [laughter]
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