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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 21, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: police in nevada say a student opened fire on the campus of sparks middle school shortly before class started. he killed a teacher and shot two other students. >> one has gone through surgery and is out at this time. the other individual is doing well. >> reporter: the student suspect died but it's unclear yet whether he shot himself. >> then i saw people running and i, and i saw their face so serious like, it was like a no joke. >> reporter: police say they have nearly 30 witnesses to interview and video to review but that it appears the teacher was shot and killed trying to intervene and stop the shooter. >> as you can imagine, the best description is chaos. hard to say whether or not he was targeting specific people or just going on a, indiscriminate shooting spree. >> reporter: nearly 200 law enforcement officers secured the school and surrounding area. students from both the middle school and a neighboring elementary campus evacuated to a near by high school where rattled parents reunited with
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them. >> there was pure fear in these children's eyes running everywhere. >> it's very scary not to feel safe. >> reporter: the school district says it is closing spark middle school for a week while it offers counseling and the investigation gets under way. >> family members identified the staff member as 45-year-old math teacher michael lansberry. new international anger about top secret u.s. tactics by a former howard county resident. >> reporter: edward snowden is now seeking asylum in russia. nsa swept up more than 70 million french phone records in a 30 day period. france calls the practice totally unacceptable.
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president obama called his counter part to discuss the situation and try to smooth things over. >> the u.s. is trying to spark a balance between security and privacy. closing arguments are under way in the case of the cardiologist once known as the best heart doctor. the case involves patients receiving unnecessary stents. rochelle richie has both sides of the case. >> reporter: the patient calls the physicians practices faulty. it's the beginning of the end in a malpractice case after dr. mcday the president's former cath era zation doctor was accused of giving patients
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unnecessary stents. >> dr. mcday said it was 90%. after they reviewed it was 10%. >> reporter: the higher the number the greater the need for a stent. the case dates back to 2009 when letters were sent to patients. his case is now being heard in baltimore county circuit court. he claims he's lost about $50 million after scaling back in business to deal with matters of the heart after being diagnosed by dr. mcday. wineburg's attorney told the story mcday inserted three metal objects into a man's heart where they don't belong. mcday testified that wineberg would have -- without the procedure. wineberg has unknowingly suffered a heart attack and there were unknown changes that occurred to the heart.
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he performs hundreds of stent operations. >> what i did is what i would want for myself, anybody in my family. my father, my mother, they were treated appropriately and with the highest regard for his health. >> reporter: he has resigned signed from the st. thomas hospital which is also listed in the lawsuit. this case is now in the hands of the jury. we're live tonight in townsend, rochell richie. dr. mcday lost his maryland medical license in 2011. hooters flapped with allegations of racial discrimination by a former employee here in baltimore. it all has to do with her hair. wjz is live. derek valcourt has more on her complaint. >> reporter: the complaint
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alleges that white waitresses at hooters are allowed to have highlights in her hair but black waitresses are not. >> reporter: as summer approached, this former hooters waitress decided to put gold streaks in her hair. >> my other coworkers had different colors. red and blond highlights i didn't think it would be an issue. >> reporter: the color didn't sit well with her managers at hooters who said it wasn't natural. >> they gave me a write up and said i couldn't have blond in my hair because i'm black. they said black women don't have blond in their hair so take it out. >> reporter: at the time she didn't have the money to have her hair dyed. she was told that her hair color violated employee imagine standards. and was later fired for improper imagine. >> clearly say that employers
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can't impose two separate and dis -- distinct standards. >> i believe that as long as you're in a presentable fashion that's all that should matter. as long as you present yourself nicely. >> reporter: hooters of america declined to comment on the case siting the pending litigation. the case is now in the hands of a judge. this is the first step before she and her attorneys can go ahead and file any kind of civil suit. we're live, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you very much derek. one maryland lawmakers plans to introduce a bill regulating what employers can and cannot impose. the former political consultant convicted in the high profile robo case is getting back into politics.
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henson announcedded he will run for the state senate. he is seeking a seat which is in east baltimore. henson was convicted of authorizing what ended up being an illegal robo call to thousands of voters on election day 2010. he spent 30 days in jail. a fixture in baltimore's restaurant and catering legend losses his fight with leukemia. >> reporter: more than 1,000 people showed up at his funeral including senators cardon and mccolsky. a small memorial on cold spring lane for a man with a big heart. at miss shirley's it's business as usual. >> eddie would have wanted us to remain open that's why we're
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here. >> reporter: he always said -- >> you know there's lots of positive things about being in baltimore. >> reporter: in 1994 he began transforming the keswick evergreen neighborhood. >> it's such a great place and so lively and so much energy and that has to be a reflection on him and how he inspired his staff to do those type of things for the people that come here. >> he loved this area. he grew up in baltimore he just loved the street. >> reporter: jennifer mcgowen is managing pr for miss shirley's. >> he would give you the shirt off his back that's the kind of man he was. >> reporter: the current mar you released a statement. his commitment to the city was unwaiverring. >> i'm going to miss him a lot. it's really hard and i know
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it's really hard for everybody here. and we're all just trying to stay strong and push through. and run the restaurant the way that eddie would want it to run. >> reporter: his signature restaurant may be in the country's top 20 but he was number one in the hearts of so many. >> reporter: eddie co-owned classic catering the company that caters to the baltimore ravens and they participated in many charities like meals on wheels. >> had to be a special guy for so many of his employees to feel that way about their boss and the owner. thank you very much. dokins was 61 years old. the ravens had another bye week with a sour taste in their mouth. the latest loss to the pittsburgh steelers. wjz is live at the complex in owins mills. mark viviano has more on what the team, head coach john harbaugh and fans are saying
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today, mark. >> reporter: denise the ravens do reach the bye week with a record of three and four. it's the first time they've had a losing record this the far into the season since john harbaugh has been the head coach. speaking today the coach made it clear. they will use the extra time of this upcoming bye week to fix whatever it is that isn't working. >> and he is gone, pittsburgh wins. a three point loss in pittsburgh is the latest punch in the gut for a ravens team that was basking in super bowl glory. as if the ravens won close games this year they're losing close games. three of the ravens four defeats have been by three points or less. so how do you change that? >> we'll do whatever it takes, we'll trade guys. we'll cut guys, we'll sign guys, we'll coach guys. we'll change schemes. it doesn't matter, we're going to find a way to get better. that's the business we're in.
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>> reporter: the ravens still have nine games to go. they would need to win seven of those nine to match the win total of 10 they had last season. we'll ask you with our fan cam, do the ravens still have time to turn their season around. >> i don't think the ravens will turn it around because you don't have a running game. >> yes, absolutely. 100%. never lose faith. >> i don't think they have time to turn their season around. i think they need to make some changes in the coaching staff. >> we have time to turn it around. get on the grind and get working. >> reporter: we heard the coach say that the team will do whatever it takes to get better including trades. well the ravens pulled off a trade today as they send left tackle mckinney to the miami dolphins. i'll have details of that deal coming up a little later on in sports. the ravens next game sunday november 3rd in cleveland against the browns. well a sunny and seasonal
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fall evening. a live look outside right now. it's a beautiful night to head out and grab a bite to eat or take a walk or just enjoy that gorgeous picture. bob turk is in the weather center with conditions from first warning wealther. >> - - warning weather. >> the sun is going down in the next few minutes. right now we're down to 61 degrees. 57 oakland and 60 in ocean city. dc at 64. but this morning we had very cold temperatures in many areas. 38 this morning at the airport. 39 haguerstown. oakland had 34. ocean city at the airport away from the beach was 37. dc the warm spot with 46. we have a front approaching the area tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow night it'll bring some clouds. it'll turn chillier after the front goes through but as the front goes through we expect some showers to develop late tomorrow night which may continue into wednesday morning because the low pressure
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expected to drop along that front. then it just stays cool for the rest of the week. vic. >> reporter: okay, bob, thank you. big changes coming to the mega millions game and it's all in an effort to generate new excitement. wjz is live. pat warren has more on the changes and what it mean s if you play the game. pat. >> reporter: the lottery wants to make sure the lottery doesn't go stale and at the same time increase those jackpots. >> reporter: a million for one. >> how much is it? >> a dollar. >> give me two. >> reporter: a big pay out. the minimum of $250,000 for matching $5 grows to $1 million. the odds for prizes other than the jackpot improve to a one in five. >> that's having one or two numbers of the total that are selected. >> reporter: the changes are part of a plan to generate interest and sweeten the pie. >> you're getting a chance to get something. >> that sounds good. >> the starting jackpot
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increases from 12 million to $15 million but it will be harder to win. the odds against winning increase from 176 million to one up to 259 million to one. >> so it is going to be harder to win, but over time those jackpots are going to increase. we know that players of the lottery really enjoy coming in. sharing tickets and you know purchasing them when there's a really large jackpot on the line. >> reporter: an anne arundel county family won $189 million this month. second largest jackpot in maryland history. ticketholders hope that luck holds for them. >> i certainly hope so. i certainly certainly hope so. >> reporter: the next drawing is tomorrow night and the jackpot as of now is $55 million. i'm pat warren reporting live. now back to you vic. >> reporter: see you at the store pat so we can buy those tickets. the largest jackpot 651 million
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was won in march 2012. 45 states participate. >> 45 million is fine with me. i don't need 651 million. international mystery the questions surrounding this little girl and what really happened to her parents. i'm alex demetrick and coming up maryland water men take the extraordinary step of suing the state. find out why as eyewitness news continues. >> i'm mary bubala a facelift for baltimore's washington memorial. we'll detail the changes coming up. >> it is a picture perfect october evening. evidenced by sky chopper 13. will the trend continue all week long. bob is updating the weather. ,,,
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it is mostly clear, 61 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather is coming up. in a rare move, water men are preparing to sue the city. >> reporter: a little fish has turned into a big issue with water men saying efforts to protect it is threatening them. in maryland waters, there aren't many who use pound nets like this. but it's how mounthadens are
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caught until maryland stoped the catch. this is the straw that broke the camels back. we've got to do this lawsuit. >> reporter: which challenges the state's numbers. federal law set a 150,000-pound quota. >> dnr is saying we're way over. they said we had 5 million- pound back in june. we didn't have 5 million pounds back in june. >> reporter: that was set when scientists said unrestricted harvest were threatening the species which is critical as a food source for larger fish like striped bass. >> the number that we estimate to be in the ocean is lower than it has been in 50 years. >> reporter: now it remains as crab bait. >> there's no science on these
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regulations. there's, i mean their idea of science just doesn't cut it. it's a political process that they're taking with no science. >> reporter: the suit is asking for a restraining order against the state's order to reopen manheden fishing in the bay. back to you. >> maryland's attorney general say it is waterman suit will be challenged and that quotas are based on strict federal guidelines. repair work on baltimore's washington monument is about to get under way. mary joins us now with more on these repairs. mary. >> reporter: denise it is a project that is going to take the monument back to the condition when it was built 200 years ago. that view has been off limits for three years after the structure was deemed unsafe. the nonprofit organization in charge of the renovation takes us inside the monument today. showing us how water leaks have
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weakened the structure. by rusting metal support brackets and hollowing out mortar. so scaffolding will go up. >> the monument is approaching its birthday. >> reporter: the conservancy is working in partnership with the city. >> you can really see all the damage that moisture has caused. there's just so much mortar that's crumbling out of all the joints here. and so all of this needs to be stabilized. we need to remove any mortal that's lose. >> reporter: the big question will the city still able to have its lighting of the monument to kick off it's holiday season. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: the city say it is time honored tradition will happen this year. the city's chief of parks tells us the 42nd annual lighting is on the schedule. >> i have seen an e-mail that said we start in january.
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so we've got to make sure the lights are down by january after the lights, so yeah. >> reporter: the monument was built starting in 1815 it was completed in 1829. it should be back open to the public on the 4th of july 2015 which is the monuments bicentennial. so good timing i think they planned it that way. >> one hopes so. thank you mary, the 500 million renovation is being paid for by private and city funding. >> beautiful sunset out there tonight. we had a beautiful day. we have cool weather headed our way. maybe a little bump in the road with some rain. right now a look at temperatures throughout the area. really nice night to be out there. southeast winds at six. the barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at that forecast ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a beautiful sunny start of the week. we have some clouds maybe late tonight and during the day tomorrow. we'll talk about that in a second. temperature wise we have normal temperatures. 61 right now. 60 in ocean city and 57 in oakland. d.c. warmer at 64 by the river. and 60 kent island, annapolis and up in bell air as well. we have a light southeast wind tomorrow. the winds go back to the west as the front approaches us from the west. it will bring clouds with it. by tomorrow night looks like
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they might see shower activity along this front there may be some clouds as the front goes through. the rain, some of this moisture coming in through the gulf of mexico. we expect to see an area of high pressure coming in. it'll kick in some clouds and maybe rain. the best chance will be eastern sections. delaware and jersey. but as the front goes through it's going to slow down a little bit. behind it there's more chilly air coming in. it turned quite a bit cooler on wednesday, thursday and friday this coming week will be below normal. there's the low pressure that could bring a little rain mainly on wednesday morning. but temperatures wednesday may struggle the to get out of a low 50s. quick look in the tropics. we have another tropical storm that's not going to do anything. likely because it's in the middle of the atlantic and it will dissipate in the next two days. this has been a very unusual hurricane season so far. it's not every yet. bay temps 65, sunrise 724.
6:27 pm
tonight late tonight you will see high clouds moving in about 46 by morning. then tomorrow clouds and some sun. but maybe by tomorrow night. very late some rain moves in with a high of 66 and then rain early wednesday. temps will not get out of the low to mid-50s on wednesday. >> here it comes. >> it'll feel pretty chilly by this week. still to come on eyewitness news, sucker punched. male and female fans of rival nfl teams fight after a game. who police are looking for tonight. stolen from the feds. dozens of cases of bullets recovered by police. the suspects now facing charges. >> overwhelmed by the moment. a woman
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it is 6:30, 61 degrees, good evening thanks for staying with wjz. president obama is acknowledging major problems for people trying to sign up for his affordable health care program. and promises to get it fixed. tara mergener reports from washington with the latest. president obama walked into the rose garden with janice baker who says she's the first woman from delaware to enroll in the health care program. >> it took me a number of frustrating attempts before i could apply and select my plan. >> reporter: problems continue to plague health only a half million have successfully applied. and the white house won't say how many people have actually been able to select a health insurance plan. >> nobody is madder than me about the fact that the website isn't working as well as it should. which means it's going to get
6:31 pm
fixed. >> reporter: the president says it experts are working on repairs but is not giving a target date for when the site will be up to speed. there are problems throughout the site. and it could take weeks or even months to fix. >> this is a system that was rushed out much too quickly and they didn't have a chance to thoroughly check the system before it went into operation. >> reporter: one change already in the works, users will be able to use plans without first having to fill out applications with huge amounts of personal information. in washington, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> and some added excitement -- a woman nearly fainted while the president was speaking. a woman nearly fainted while the president was speaking. she had type one diabetes and later sent out a tweet that she
6:32 pm
is fine. it all started with a coincidence of the man who found the man who held three women hostage. police believe he raped three women. he lived just down the street from ariel castro. they found that acevedo was a sex offender who did not register his new address. back to you vic. >> castro was sentenced to life in prison he was found dead in his prison cell earlier this year. a deadly shooting under investigation tonight. this one inside a high end nightclub in las vegas. shots erupted early this morning at dre's after hours. a club at the bally's casino. a man pulled out a gun and
6:33 pm
opened fire. a club patron was killed. two employees are in critical condition. the suspect is in custody. baltimore city police arrested a suspect in a murder from last month. 39-year-old marvin hunton is in custody. he was arrested saturday morning by the warrant apprehension task force for a killing of a man on september 24th. he is charged with first degree murder. anne arundel police are looking for the suspect who stole cooper from a bge substation. take a good look at surveillance picture. police say he cut a hole in the fence. this is the latest in a string of cooper thefts from the facility. anyone with information is asked to call police. also in anne arundel county, three teens face felony charges after they confess to stealing ammunition owned by the government. mike schuh has more. >> reporter: this is what police found. >> at approximately 1:50 a.m.,
6:34 pm
police were on patrol in the area. >> reporter: a car driven by brandon shreve stole a vehicle and drove away. >> they noticed in plain view loads and loads of ammunition. a total of 3,500 bullets police say that none of the teens could come up with a reason as to why they had enough ammo and this is special ammo. >> it ul at -- ultimately came to our attention that a storage shed that's owned by the u.s. air malls service. >> reporter: burglary tools were found including a bolt cutter. >> an 18-year-old and two i believe 16 and 15-year-old juveniles involved in this. seems like some isolated incident of teenagers being teenagers. but this is a serious case. >> reporter: all three were arrested, only shreve was identified as being over 18. mike schuh, wjz news. the 15-year-old is from glen burney. the 16-year-old from baltimore.
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time to look at what will be in tomorrow's edition of the baltimore sun. the effect it could have on casino projects here in maryland. a look at regulation on hookah lounges. and meet linea gonzalez ranked as one of the best field hockey players in the nation. for these stories and a lot more read tomorrow's baltimore sun. remember you can read the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. same-sex couples are free to get married in new jersey and today the state's governor says he's not going to stand in the way. molly hall reports. >> it's officially midnight, same-sex marriage is official in new jersey. >> i cory booker declare you lawful spouses. you may kiss your spouse. >> reporter: they were among
6:36 pm
dozens of couples who didn't waste a moment as new jersey became the 14th state to recognize same-sex marriages. >> i am glad that we stood up and we fought and we won. >> roberto fayes. booker had refused to perform wedding ceremonies for any couple until now. >> it was my way of protesting the painful reality that we could not -- i could not marry all citizens equally. >> reporter: during his first ceremony, booker asked if anyone in the crowd objected to the marriage and a protester spoke up. >> this is unlawful in the eyes of god. >> please remove that person. >> reporter: chris christie tried to block same-sex marriages. he has now withheld that
6:37 pm
appeal. marley hall, wjz news. several of the couples who were married at midnight say they will continue fighting until same-sex marriages are legal in the state. still to come. troubled waters, a fishing ship on fire. who came to the rescue before the coast guard could get there. large fires threatening to merge into one mega fire. the city in danger. and some cooler temps headed our way this week. i'll have the five day forecast. and wjz13 is always on here are the top stories on cbs at this hour. for updates on all the day's for updates on all the day's news and updated forecast,,,,,,
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massive wildfires are raging in california and there are fears that it could become one huge fire. right now the fires are burning in the city of sidney. more than 1,200 firefighters are battling the fire. troubles at sea off the coast of alaska. a fishing ship on fire. the five fisherman on board escaped on a life raft and were picked up by another fishing boat. all of the men are in good condition. no word on how the fire got
6:41 pm
started. a fight breaks out after an intense football game between the new york jets and new england patriots. a jet fan punched a woman with a patriots jersey. police are looking for that man. the jets organizations says it is aware of the incident and following the investigation. a big mystery surrounding a little girl in greece is making headlines. police are searching for her parents. >> reporter: the girl known only as maria is seen playing in this video with the woman accused of abducting her. police found her during a drug race last week in a gypsy community. maria is now thought to be five
6:42 pm
or six years old. an investigator became suspicious because the girl didn't look anything like the people claiming to be her parents. the 40-year-old woman and 39- year-old man told a judge monday the child's biological mother gave maria to them because she could not take care of her. they're being charged. police suspect the girl is a victim of child trafficking. but the family's attorney says that if that was the case they would have sold her instead of raising her. investigators say maria speaks only a few words of their language. greek social services are caring for the girl now while investigators pursue thousands of phone and e-mail tips from around the world including the united states. in london, alfonso van marsh,
6:43 pm
wjz eyewitness news. >> now police in greece say they are looking into whether the child was illegally registered to collect government aid. it's not the first time this has happened. cat was caught with cell phones and chargers taped to its belly. see most people, well -- sol -- some folks don't trust cats. >> or handlers. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight. >> there's been a shooting at a middle school. several have been shot and a popular teacher died defending others. we'll take you to the scene tonight on the cbs evening news. >> thanks scott, here is a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the fall like conditions, beautiful sunset out there. the first real spell of the season could be coming and bob turk has details on that and more from the first warning weather center, bob. >> pretty shot. we have some clouds coming in late tonight and they'll be with us from time to time during the day tomorrow. i think by tomorrow night we'll probably see some rain in here. temperatures in the 40s to the 50s to the 60s by the time the day is done. you might see a little rain wednesday morning. cooler 56, 54, 54, 56 temperatures there. running eight or 9 degrees below normal. with daytime lows in the 40s.
6:48 pm
vic. >> okay, bob. thank you. still to come tonight on eyewitness news. the ravens have a long time to think about that heartbreaking loss to the stealers. mark has more on the team's focus heading into the bye week,
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
well it's starting to get painful. >> yes it is. most definitely. mark is live at the ravens training complex with the the fan report. >> reporter: we could say some players are alarmed as suggs said the ravens are in a state of emergency. coach harbaugh was asked about that comment today and though he didn't speak specifically about what suggs said. the coach said, a sense of urgency is a good thing right now. now for the first time in his six year tenure as head coach. the ravens have a losing record after seven game, three wins and four defeats following that heartbreaker in pittsburgh yesterday. offense, defense and special teams and they now have extra time to evaluate themselves and make changes as they reach the
6:52 pm
bye week. >> it's going to be an opportunity to improve. certainly we've tried to use it every year that way. and you know we can use a chance to heal. it'll be important to us. get our legs back a little bit. that will be a plus. look at ourselves, continue to do that. we've been doing that. we will continue to do that. we have to find the things we do best. it's not a lot different than it was last year at this time. we won some postgames last year, we won -- we lost some postgames this year. they sent bryan mckinney to the dolphins in exchange to a conditional draft pick. mckinney was the starter during the ravens super bowl run but was replaced a week ago when the ravens acquired monroe from jacksonville. next game for the ravens when they play in cleveland. harbaugh said over all his team is in good health and that's
6:53 pm
unlike many nfl teams who are suffering major injuries. also with a knee injury and the chicago bears have lost their starting quarterback for at least a month. jay cutler suffered a torn groin muscle in the first half of the bear's loss for the bears yesterday. he will miss at least four games and that will include a meeting with the ravens in chicago november 17th. back up josh mccowen elevated to startedder while cutler is out. the nfl mourns the death of tennessee titans owner bud adams. adams passes at the age of 90. he is the original founder and owner of the houston oilers. he moved the franchise to tennessee. adams owned that team for more than 50 years. long time manager jim leland announces he will retire in detroit stepping down after eight years with the tigers. 22 years managing over all. he was also with the pirates,
6:54 pm
the marlins and the colorado rockies. at age 58 cleveland says it's time to get out of the dug out but he will remain with the tigers organization. the boston red sox beat detroit. boston beats beats st. louis in the world sere reu -- series that will start on wednesday. john harbaugh assesses things with the 3-4 record and a bye week ahead. that's the latest from owins mills. back to you. >> thank you very much mark, we'll be right back. >> we're on the scene at a nevada middle school as parents and teachers try to understand today's shooting. >> who is she and where are her ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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don't miss the prime time line up. hostages followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. finally tonight this is probably a crazy question but would you help raise money for charity by setting yourself on fire? that's what a group of people did in cleveland, ohio over the weekend. they set a new world record in the process with 21 people in special fire resistant suits being set on fire. the previous record was 17 people on fire at the same time. money raised goes to local charities. >> so you couldn't volunteer for someone to be set on fire? probably not a good idea. >> got some ideas do you. >> that's it for us right now. back at 11:00 i'm vic carter. >> for bob and mark i'm denise carter. there',, >> pelley: tonight, a shooting in a middle school.
6:59 pm
several are shot, a popular teacher dies defendingñi othersi john blackstone is on the scene. we've investigated the obamacare web sites. today the president says what he thinks. >> nobody's madder than me about the fact that the web site isn't working as well as it should. >> pelley: wyatt andrews on what isn't working. a naval officer and ançó n.c.i.. agent have been arrested in a prostitution and bribery scandal. david martin reports. and speeding to a freeway near you. they call themselves stunters. what they're doing is illegal, but bill whitaker finds stunting is a growing phenomenon. >> pelley: what(>> reporter: whe you stop? >> i believe really nothing. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. there's been another deadly shooting at a school-- this time a middle school in sparks, nevada, east of reno. the police are telling us that a


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