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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 22, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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information as it comes in. well, dozens of businesses in the perry hall area remain without water tonight, after a major water main break on joppa road. wjz is live in perry hall. derek valcourt has more on how it happened and the problems it's causing, derek? >> reporter: well, for starters, all of the businesses in this area of joppa road have no water in their faucets right now. and joppa road itself, normally very busy in this stretch, from bel air road, all the way over to 7 courts trive, it's about two blocks long, has completely closed to all traffic. >> reporter: inside nottingham dental care, no running water at all, means an empty waiting room and no patients. >> without the water, we can't run the equipment. so we have to reschedule all afternoon patients. so it's quite a big inconvenience for my staff, for myself, for the patients that took off work to come in. >> reporter: the problems all stem from this hole in the ground, caused by a break in a
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12-inch pipe. officials say that break occurred monday night, as crews did some scheduled work. >> some valves were being opened and closed, maneuvered. and that caused a pressure surge. and also sent a pressure surge to a pumping system. >> the effects caused a widespread water outage monday night. it's now repaired. but the busted pipe showed some problems. >> patients who need to be able to wash their hand toss take contact lenses out, need to be able to wash my hands before i touch people's eyes. it make its a little difficult. ask the fact that you have no rest rooms for patient our yourself to use. >> reporter: and regular shampoos are for now, out of the question. >> we're making the best of it. we could have closed. but some of the clients are willing to come in and deal with it and not be as pampered as they normally are. they're being great and we thank them. not much to do.
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>> check this out. we're back live. and you're looking at some of the damage that this water main break did to the road itself. it raised this section of the road up, a couple of inches. so once the crews do get the water back on, they've got to, of course, -- road crews now have to repair the hole in the middle of joppa road. and they might have to fix some of this stretch of joppa. though they hope to have the water back on tomorrow, they certainly have their work cut out for them. we're live, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> looks like a mess, derek. thank you. for now, traffic is being rerouted around that stretch of joppa road, just off bel air road. a new agency is joining the investigation into ammunition stolen by three anne arundel county teenagers this weekend. vic is in the newsroom with the latest. vic? >> looking into how the items were stolen and why. it happened on saturday night. police arrested 18-year-old brandon shreve and two other teens after they were driving
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suspiciously. they found 70 boxes of ammunition. they belong to a u.s. air marshal. the tsa says it is looking to see whether its procedures for storing ammunition would follow. it is typically stored in a more secure facility. but had been put in the trailer after being used in a training exercise. numerous auto parts were also found in the teen's car. >> all three have been charged with theft. a $150 million lawsuit against a baltimore county hospital, and one of its former doctors is now in the hands of a jury. the month-long case involves a physician once called the best heart doctor in the county. wjz is live at the courthouse in towson. rochelle ritchie has more on an important question from the jury today. rochelle? >> reporter: well, mary, the jurors started deliberating early this morning. and there are already signs that they're having trouble coming up with a verdict. >> dr. mark meday remains at
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the center of a $150 million malpractice lawsuit, in which he is accused of giving his patients, unnecessary card jack stents. or practicing as director of the catheterization labs. >> they were treated appropriately, with and with the highest regard for their well being. >> reporter: one of the hundreds of patients suing meday. wineberg is a partner of the company responsible for the developments like the maryland live casino. he blames meday for leading him to believe he had coronary heart disease. medei has defended has his actions from the beginning. >> what i did was anything i would want for myself, for anybody in my family. >> reporter: legal ramifications for deciding what is best for a patient. >> on the one hand tshows any physician has potential malpractice liability if he does or fails to do for a patient what he or she should do.
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>> reporter: wineberg's attorney claimed medei put stents in where they don't belong. wineberg may have suffered a heart attack and may have died without the stents. strong owrmts, now left in the hands of the jury. >> i think what the jury has to decide is, is the harm what we call cause allly connected. this afternoon, they said, we are unable to reach a unanimous decision. some are ready to stop deliberating. >> reporter: and the jury has to come back tomorrow morning to decide if, in fact, there was a breach in standard care. we're live tonight in towson. i'm rochelle ritchie, wjz eyewitness news. >> rochelle, thank you. st. joseph medical center is now under new ownership, since this lawsuit surfaced. well, police identify a woman killed in a stabbing over the weekend. latricia gowdy died from stab wounds, after getting into a fight at her ex-husband's house, when she went to pick up her son. it all happened along fairview
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avenue in northwest baltimore. police say her ex-husband's girlfriend, gabrielle smith, was outside when they arrived. police got into an altercation. and police say smith charged gowdy. charges have been filed against smith. a tech surge to improve the healthcare website, plagued with problems since it launched. house republicans are trying to get to the bottom of what went wrong and identify the person responsible. danielle nottingham reports from washington. >> reporter: verizon is reportedly among the tech experts that they have called in to try to help fix white they are trying to prevent americans from signing up for insurance coverage. >> a number of very qualified people, involved in the process of making improvements, identifying problems, isolating them and fixing them. >> reporter: according to a new cbs news poll, only 12% of
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americans say sign up on the new healthcare exchanges is going well. republican lawmakers plan to grill the contractors who worked on the website and the health and human services secretary at upcoming hearings. congressman mike rogers wants to know who dropped the ball. >> why did you spend almost $1 billion on a system that does not work? >> reporter: under the new healthcare law, individuals who do not have insurance by march 31st of next year, will have to pay a $95 fine. senator marco rubio plans to introduce legislation, delaying that deadline until the white house can prove the website is functioning properly. danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the white house said it is willing to be flexible with the march deadline, for those having problems signing up. >> making a little appearance after rain was spotted around baltimore today. but gray skies almost camouflage this south korean
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naval ship, docked this week. you wouldn't know it now. let's take a look. the sun is shining. there it is. it's nice around our area. bob turk is in our first warning weather center with a look at temperatures. we have a few clouds around right now. but it cleared out, compared to what we saw earlier. just a few sprinkles around the noon hour. 62 now. actually went up. 43, oakland, and 67 down in ocean city, d.c., 65. dew point in the mid-40s. that's moderate humidity in the area. but pee have a caps of getting more shower act, overnight tonight. i'll show you why in a moment. temps drop to 42. normal high is around 44. but yesterday, we were at 38. and 51 over in d.c. and pax river. now, over the next day or so, this jet stream is going to dip way down across the midsouth. and along that line, where you see that little arrow, could be an area of low pressure that could give us a little rain overnight into the morning
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hours before it clears out. one thing is for sure. over the next several days, we will definitely be on the chilly side, compared to temperatures we've seen over the last couple of days. kai? >> coming off a super bowl win, the ravens season isn't going that well right now. jessica kartalija spoke with the frustrated fans and have more. jess? >> reporter: that's exactly right. while the fans may be frustrated, guy, no fairweather plans, regardless of how they're playing, they're sticking by the ravens. >> reporter: ravens came back from pittsburgh this week with another loss. in historic ellicott city. >> i think we can turn it around. i think there's still time. but i think that the time is now. >> reporter: lapalapa grill still boasts ravens pride. >> it's sad. but i mean, every good team has their struggles. but i think we're going to pull it out. we got this. >> because it's kind of a whole new team. they're still trying to get to
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know one another. know how they play. >> i still have that tiny bit of fake that says they're still going to make it. >> there's still a big excitement with the ravens. every game, whether they're home or away, we get a big crowd in here. >> celebrating birthday, ravens style. >> i got the wreath and a got a shirt and a bumper sticker for my car. >> reporter: she's cfd the team will make a comeback. >> we need a front line. but we'll do it. we're world champions. >> looks like they're degree through this super bowl slump right now. they lost a lot of good players. it's going to take a little time to rebuild, i think. >> here at cross street market in federal hills, fans tell me they are standing by their team. >> they can do better. but they're working on it. so hopefully we're pull through. >> no. i'll never lose faith. you know, i'm a ravens fan by heart. >> i'll hang with them, no
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matter what. my boys are going to do good. they're coming back. >> they're going to turn it around. >> i hope and pray they will. but i think they will. >> reporter: now, the one thing we can all agree on the last couple of games have been very stressful. the good news, we have a little bit of a reprieve. this weekend is a bye week. no game on sunday. we can all kind of relax, take a breath as the ravens gear up for the game, the following week. >> jessica, thank you. we'd like to hear from you. what are your frustrations with the ravens so far this season? tweet us at cbs still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. >> can you please stend police out here? there's a kid with a gun. startling calls released just a day after a school shooting hear from one of the
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kids who saw it happening. many graduate. now, the blue angels will be returning to town. i'm mike schuh, the story next. after a dreary start to the day. the sun has come back out in baltimore. don't miss the updated first warning forecast with bob. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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partly sunny. 62 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. a 7-year-old montgomery county girl is fighting for her life, after her mom accidentally ran over her with the family surf. tonight, the mom said she was making a quick trip to the grocery store. and her daughter must have tried to come with her.
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>> they often respond to roadways, not driveways. but a serious crash has investigators going door to door in this upscale potomac neighborhood, asking residents what they have may have heard or seen along this stretch of concrete. >> it's shocking. >> police say the mother was backing out her driveway in a mersidy -- mercedes, suv when she hit her daughter about nine:30 at night. >> this neighbor said the mother banged on the door, once she realized what happened, asking for help. >> she is very pretty, feel girl -- pretty girl. >> reporter: a family member and the girl's 16-year-old sister visited the mouse monday afternoon. the two talked with police, went inside, and then left. >> so your life just changes. you're just saying, everything is great. and something totally unexpected happens. turns your life upside down. >> reporter: police say the mercedes equipped with a rear
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view camera. but say the mother may have disabled it for a state driver's test. >> she has to live with this memory for the rest of her life. >> reporter: police impounded the mom's suv as part of the investigation. the 7-year-old daughter remains hospitalized in critical condition. no charges have been filed yet. >> if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads with kristy breslin, at wjz traffic control. >> hi, kai. hi, everyone. let's give you another update on that major water main break that happened last night. it happened at east joppa and perring hall, in the 4300 block. right now, east joppa remains closed between seven quarts drive. to get around, your alternate would be to take silver spring. as far as the rest of the area goes, we have a couple of accidents along the beltway. at providence road, the left shoulder is blocked on the inner and outer loop, which is causing quite a slowdown. east side inner loop, an accident there at 95, blocking the right-hand lane. traveling in harford county.
5:18 pm
543, an accident had the ramp to northbound 95, completely closed off. other accidents include 29 northbound, at the howard county line. also, clarksville pike, closed between shepherds lane and trotter road, due to an overturned vehicle. as far as your delays go, still quite heavy on the west side inner loop, from southwestern to liberty road. and plenty of brake lights from the jones falls expressway to bel air road. also watch for a slowdown in the harrisburg expressway, shawan to belfast. let's take a live look. as you can see, instead of congestion there on security boulevard, this traffic report is brought to you by pnc. see your business cash flow in a whole new way, with cash flow insight. can you go to flow insight. back to you. the world famous blue angels are making a comeback. they were grounded die to budget cuts. but you'll once again see them
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over the skies over maryland. >> reporter: here in annapolis, they're considered the world's most premiere demonstration flight team. >> reporter: 5 months ago, when politicians couldn't agree on the funding. the angels were grounded. cheers to graduate. no joy that the graduation air show was canceled. it's been three years since they last performed here. two years ago, an improperly performed maneuver and practice led to a safety stand down. and last year, the graduation date was moved and the team was already booked. now, the show will go on, much to the delight of lindy shepis, who today is taking an entrance exam to join the military. >> they're definitely majestic. yeah. it's amazing to watch. and i got to see a lot of photos. got to see a guy who is a blue angel. there's a lot of pride in the family. >> reporter: afghan vet, neil gusman is a journalist. >> i'd love to see them.
5:20 pm
i have six kids. two still at home. i'd love to have my boys see them. >> benjamin stineman says, this is one of the few times civilians can hear what it's like to be in combat. >> to see these things and to be close to them. and for it to be a show and to be enjoyable is great for everybody. >> during their upcoming season, the blue angels will not only visit here at the naval academy. but they also will come to baltimore. in annapolis, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. back to you on tv hill. the blue angels will be in annapolis in may for the naval academy graduation. and in baltimore in september for navy week, which will be start of the star-spangled spectac lawyer. -- spectacular. >> i can't wait to see them. >> amazing. i saw mine in san francisco once. scared me to death. it was so loud and so closing. let's take a look. sprinkle activity. 62 now. west winds at 8. barometer, holding steady. come back and take a look at a chance for rain overnight.
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east, you might see a little bank of clouds. looks like the bulk of any rain tonight will probably be just east of the baltimore d.c. area. the way it's shaping up right now. it may not get a whole lot of this. but there will be some rain, perhaps in the region, overnight, into wednesday morning. and it will be cooler, that's one thing for sure. 62 now. 67 at ocean city. they got close to 70 a little while ago. 43 in oakland. big range there. d.c. at 65. 67, pax river. got up to about 64 today. now, 67 in westminster. and 63 in annapolis and kent island. winds now, out of the west. that will bring in eventually, some cooler air for the next several days. tomorrow, i think winds more out of the north. and that will bring in chilly air tomorrow. probably only in the mid-50s. compared to the low to mid-60s, which is now normal. and in addition, as i mentioned, chance of rain. to the south of us, there's quite a bit of rain, light
5:25 pm
stuff. from florida panhandle into georgia, the carolinas, all along this stalled frontal boundaries. and it's moving off to the east and northeast. bulk will pass to the southeast of us. in addition, there's another weak system coming through indiana. that's going to bring clouds. maybe even by wednesday afternoon. and garrett county. 2,000, 3,000 feet up. they could see their first snowflake of the year. up there, temperatures in the 30s. here, eastern sections. the rain just south of us. you see the very quick cutoff to the clouds. there's a chance overnight, particularly south and east of us of rain. if it gets to baltimore and d.c., shouldn't be much in the way of rain. during the day tomorrow, that front continue toss move away. as that low pressure kind of zips through the area. it will dry out quickly by the afternoon. expect to see partly sunny skies again. but cooling temperatures over the next several days.
5:26 pm
north and northwest will break out some snow here in the great lakes. erie, pennsylvania will see some snow. watertown, new york. some of those areas, because the cold air coming across the warm lakes, going to pick up a half a foot of lake-effect snow by the end of the week. if you want to see some snow, head up this way, over the next four or five days. garrett county may see a trace of snow by tomorrow night and on thursday. north winds, 10 to 15 on the bay. and gusts to 20, with a small craft adviser ony on the bay tomorrow. it will be breezy and feel pretty chilly. bay temp, 65. tonight, then, increasing clouds. a little rain possible by let's say 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. and a little rain possibly. and partly cloudy skies. breezy, temperatures only in the mid-50s tomorrow. which make it feel around 49 or 50. so dress for a chillier day tomorrow. >> all right. thanks. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. criminal history. the man caught on tape punching a woman after a football game, has a mixed past. who is coming to his defense,
5:27 pm
though. telling their story. how three women held captive for more than a decade want to clear up misconceptions about what really happened. a new campaign to make teenage drivers safer. i'm meghan mccorkell with the five rules every parent needs to know. and here's today's report from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 5:30. 62 degrees. partly sunny in central maryland right now. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz, eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. stopping teen tragedies. the national transportation highway administration is launching a new program to make teens safer. it is called five to drive. meghan mccorkell has more on this new campaign to save lives. >> reporter: car crashes are now the leading cause for death for teenagers between the ages of 14 to 18. now, feds are trying to reverse that trend. >> reporter: four teenagers killed in a tragic crash on kent island in april. one of the causes, excessive speed. >> it's just shock and dischief. -- disbelief. >> reporter: a young father dies riding his motorcycle in gambrels. investigators say the 19-year- old driver that hit him was particularring -- texting behind the wheel. three were in the car, when the teen driver mistakenly went the
5:31 pm
wrong way down route 50. all three died in a head-on crash. now, federal officials are trying to stop tragedies like those. >> they've launched a new campaign, called five to drive. outlining the five rules every parent should have for their teenage driver. >> it's very important that parents set background rules and more importantly, or equally, importantly, i should say, it's important those parents be good role models. >> no cell phone use or texting behind the wheel, no speeding, no alcohol, and no driving without a seat belt. behavior often seen on the roads. >> it's scary how many people you see driving on the highway and on their phones. >> reporter: young drivers we spoke with say they think the rules are a good idea. >> as a driver, i try to avoid doing those things, because obviously it's unsafe. >> reporter: avoiding risky moves to help save lives. >> reporter: and triple a also recommends driving with your teen in more challenging situations like bad weather and heavy traffic. reporting live, meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> it is good advice, meghan.
5:32 pm
thank you. officials recommend drawing up a parent-teen driving contract. outlining any consequences if they break rules. investigators are gathering evidence from a shooting. including chilling 911 calls. >> police say the 12-year-old shooter got the gun from his home. the weapon was a 9-millimeter, semi automatic ruger handgun. the student opened fire outside sparks middle school, monday morning he shot and killed two students and shot and killed michael lansbury, a math teacher who tried to stop him. disturbing 911 calls have been released, including this one by a student. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> this is a student from sparks middle school. can you please send police out here. there's a kid with a gun. >> reporter: police are looking into how the shooter got his hands on that gun. his parents could face charges in this case.
5:33 pm
kai? >> reporter: denise, thank you. police do not yet know the motive behind the shooting. a mother is trying to save her son's reputation, after he's caught on camera, punching a woman in the face. that assault occurred after a jets-patriots game this weekend. a group of people got into a scuffle. a woman lunges. the man and he punches her. that man was accused several years ago, of serving alcohol to minors and later served jail time for stabbing a teen to death. his mother said he was wrongfully convicted and defends him in the latest incident. >> she punched my son three times to the head. cut his eyebrows. a guy should never hit a girl. i understand that. but when the girls are out of control, how do you defend yourself? >> reporter: what the mother describes is not caught on video. he was questioned after the fight and police originally said that no charges would be filed. now, all police will say at this time is that the investigation is ongoing.
5:34 pm
a new york teen is accused of giving birth to a baby being then throwing it away. hazel sanchez reports, her neighbors are very shocked because they didn't even know she was pregnant. >> reporter: police say tiana rodriguez gave birth to an 8 1/2-pound baby boy wednesday. sources close to the investigation say the full-term baby was breathing when he was born. but it's not known yet how he dide or if his 17-year-old mother took his life. >> i hope she didn't do nothing to the baby. that's all. i hope she didn't do it. >> reporter: neighbor gloria pair said she saw rodriguez with her 2-year-old son and had no idea that she was pregnant with her second child. it became a surprise when rodriguez and another 17-year- old girl were caught allegedly shoplifting at victoria's secret in harold square. security guards smelled a foul odor, coming from rodriguez's bag and discovered the baby's
5:35 pm
body inside. >> i don't understand why she would do something like that. >> reporter: police now believe rodriguez was 6 to 8 months pregnant when she gave birth. investigators say the young mother told them, she didn't know what to do with the child. the medical examiner is still trying to determine the baby's exact cause. death. but friends say they don't believe rodriguez killed him. >> she's not a harmful person. just the type of person you can be around her and chill with her and stuff. she's a nice young lady. >> reporter: both girls pleaded not guilty to larceny and possession of stolen property. an autopsy will determine if the young mother will face any charges in the baby's death. after a crippling four-day strike, a tentative agreement is reached for bay area rapid transit employees. union officials announce said the deal, which still requires approval from union members earlier today. limited service was restored this morning and should be fully functional by the end of the day. bart issue as it's known, is
5:36 pm
the nation's fifth largest rail system, with an average week day rider ship of 500,000 in oakland and san francisco. key issues were salaries and workers contributions to health and pension plans. the labor at any -- department's most pressing measurement of the economy. it had been delayed by more than two weeks by the government shutdown. good news is, thousands of americans got jobs last month. bad news, there weren't enough new hires. alexis christoforous has more for wjz. >> reporter: employers added 148,000 jobs in september, which was lower than expected. but numbers were strong enough to help push the unemployment rate down. the lowest it's been in nearly five years. >> reporter: wall street looks at trends. and the trend is saying that the unemployment rate is dropping. we've gone from 7.3. and we went down to 7.2. that's really the important story. >> reporter: but part of the reason for the drop is that more americans stopped looking for work. so they're no longer counted as
5:37 pm
unemployed. economists say the employment numbers could be affected by the government shutdown. and we may not get a true picture of what's going on until the november report comes out. >> reporter: and there's more good news for job seekers. retailers are planning to hire more holiday help than in recent years. and those part-time positions could turn into full-time work. >> iten moose the people running the business have a positive outlook. they're expecting more people to walk through their doors and spend money. >> reporter: while a large number of retailers are planning to spend college students for the holidays. many say they intend to hire retirees. and experienced workers who are not retired. >> alexis christoforous, wjz eyewitness news. >> the stock markets opened the day, following the release of the employment report. and ended the day with gains. a popular highland town supermarket is closing its doors for good. later tonight, the owner says
5:38 pm
the ste's bottle tax caused significant business losses, prompting the closure of the store. the mayor -- disputes that is the sole reason it is closing. according to want report, several other chains have expressed interest in taking over the site. time for a look at the baltimore sun. meet a woman who has taken on the cause to repair neglected burial grounds and expose fraudulent cemetery operations. how the terps are struggling to become bowl eligible while dealing with injuries to key players. and recipes for scary, but tasty halloween-themed foods. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. well, as we showed you earlier, there is some frustration around town, with the ravens' performance so far this season. wjz is live in north baltimore. jessica kartalija is live with more on what people are saying
5:39 pm
about the team. hi, jess. >> well, mary. i mean, it's not great. people are definitely standing by the ravens. but this is the first time the ravens are below 500 this late in the season, under coach john harbaugh. we asked you what you thought about it. and here's what people tweeted us. grant white said he is upset that the ravens are setting for field goals, instead of six points. tricia smith tweets, very flat, not exciting to watch. predictable, seems to be a lack of passion. and aaron goldsmith tweets, bad penalties, lack of strong receivers and no running game which s what is holding the ravens from succeeding. we still want to hear you. just tweet us at cbs baltimore. your frustration with the ravens. we'll have much more coming up tonight at 6:00. yikes, guys. back to you on tv hill. we have a long season ahead. all right. thanks, jess. coming up in a few minutes, sports director mark viviano and how coaches are spending their bye week.
5:40 pm
studying the plays. still ahead on eyewitness news. leap for mosquitoes. the new deadly findings. what you need to know and where they have already been spotted. plus, apple's new release is just in time for holiday shopping. i'm bob turning. first warning weather center. bit of rain possible. then it gets chilly for the rest of the week. i'll have the exclusive first warning ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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seasonal weather today. wjz is in eldot city, where we find one woman getting coffee in historic downtown. in charles village, forget the gym. it was perfect weather for these guys to get in a quick workout. look at that. working it out. how is the rest of the week shaping up for you? let's go over to first warning weather and bob. looks like we may see some rain developing, late, late tonight, or overnight into the early morning hours. and the clouds are keeping temperatures down in the 40s to mid-50s. may only get to about 55 by afternoon. as things begin to clear out. next five days, yes, it's going to be chilly. 54 on thursday. and friday nighttime lows and 30s. good chance. some areas north and west of
5:44 pm
town. frost and freeze thursday night. and up to 59. sunshine, a few clouds here on sunday. kai? >> bob, thank you. thick smog is closing highways and canceling flights in northeast china. today marks the second day that smog and conditions have blanketed harvin. it's a city with more than 11 million people. the thick cloud of dust is making it hard for people to get around. even forcing people to cover their eyes and mouths, when they walk out the door. all in the city are closed. and nearly 2,000 airline passengers are stranded. a potentially deadly mosquito has made its way to the u.s. the invasive species has been found in more than a dozen states. and health risks are extremely trouble -- troubling. bigad shaban has the latest. >> reporter: biologist jody holman is working to eradicate a potentially lethal mosquito. >> she's collected more mosquito eggs than she can count. >> as many as 192 eggs in a
5:45 pm
single trap that has been there all week. >> reporter: 192 eggs in just one trap? >> yes. >> and you have 150 traps? >> that's correct. >> reporter: the white-spotted mosquito can transmit deadly diseases like yellow finger and dengy with one bite. and nearly 1,000 eggs in clovis morning since the mosquitoes were first spotted in june. holman found at least 50 in her front yard. >> i can see her antenna twitching. >> biologist tim phillips is leading a crew to warn residents. >> the nightmare is that it gets established. and we have locally transmitted disease. >> do you have any guarantee that you'll be able to stop? >> no, there is no guarantee. >> reporter: the mosquito has infested in 12 states. and d.c. hernandez says her san came home with bites, right around the same time the mosquitoes
5:46 pm
started popping up. >> it's scary. nerve-racking. i'm not going to have any peace of mind being outdoors. >> the potential has holman hope for a bitter winter. bigad shaban, wjz eyewitness news. >> the mosquitoes are blamed for infected at least 18 people with dengy in florida last month. it is treatable if dealt with early on. in colorado, fire crews and police are investigating four suspicious fires overnight. two of the fires involved structures. and the other two involved cars. you can see the flames overtaking the building with the cars just burn said up. there are no reports of any injuries in any of the fires. police suspect it's arson. a florida man is sentenced to life in prison, after admitting to stabbing his ex- girlfriend, 32 times. it took the judge just one hour to hand down the sentence for 22-year-old robert burton. police say he attacked melissa
5:47 pm
domey after she broke up with him last year. domey testified burton asked for one more hug, then began stabbing her during that embrace. so relieved at knowing he'll never be able to get back on the streets again and come back to hurt me. >> reporter: doctors say it say miracle that she survived and is able to walk again. burton blamed his rage on an untreated bipolar disorder. two of the women held captive for a decade in a cleveland home by ariel castro are speaking out. the women who were kidnapped and assaulted for years now talking to a pulitzer pry prize winner, who will write a novel about their experiences. the women escaped in may. castro, who was in jail, awaiting trial, committed suicide. police are searching for the biological parents of the little girl found in a gypsy settlement last week. a u.s. family is now among several couples who think the child, known as maria, could be
5:48 pm
their daughter. alphonso van marsh has the latest for wjz. >> reporter: a greek children's charity says it has identified eight missing children from around the world; the smile the child charity has been caring for maria, since police arrested and charged a man and woman with kidnapping her. a kansas city couple says maria strongly resembles their daughter, lisa irwin, who was taken during a home invasion in 2011. they've contacted greek authorities with an image of how lisa would look today. however, lisa would only be about 3 years old now. the greek charity says maria is closer to 5 or 6. a translator will speak with maria and learn more about where she's from. police became suspicious because maria looked nothing like the people in the roma community, also known as gypsies, where police found her. this woman said the public is prejudging her community. she said in greece, there are
5:49 pm
rumors rumors that romas steal children and is end them to beck on the streets. the couple admits they adopted maria illegally, but deny they're involved in trafficking. >> at least one greek school administrator say roma kids are skipping class because they fear authorities will come and take them away. for all new stories coming up, vic is in the newsroom with a preview for us. hard at work. department of public works crews are trying to repair a major water main break in baltimore county. more on the surge, the cause of the break, and wide-reaching impacts. a new ad is asking in immediaters to swap beverages out for healthier beverages. why they're asking coca cola to start marketing more of their zero-calorie drinks. all right, vic. thank you. joe flacco and the ravens get some extra rest, as as they
5:50 pm
reach the bye week. but there is plenty to be done. mark has more coming up. ,,,,,,,
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5:53 pm
ravens gather for two days of practice and meetings, before they break for their bye weeks. sports director mark viviano joins us with more. mark? in the bye week for the players will begin after practice tomorrow, that's when they can start their mini vacation, before they reconvene in owings mills next week. coaches and players are going through intense meetings and anal analysis, with extra time to look how they're doing. and with three wins and four losses, the ravens aren't doing as well as they'd like. super bowl mvp. flacco's job has been made more difficult by some of the roster changeover. top receiver is gone. flacco throwing the ball through a group of younger, less experienced players. plus, receivers he's not worked with before. and his offensive coordinator told us today, he likes how flacco is handling the traditionition. >> he's been working through
5:54 pm
with some new guys, new faces. i think that process is going along well. and every single day, even a day like today, i mean, we got better today. doing a little better. and a lot of it is because of him. he's done really, i think, a good job of developing ra port. and i think he's going to continue to grow and get better. >> reporter: flacco's completion percentage and yards per completion percentage are right on average. but he is on pace for the most yardage and interceptions. more on the ravens next hour. plus, fans vote on the most disliked players in the nfl. and there are a few player that the baltimore loves to hate who make that list. i'll have details in sports at 6:00. back to you for now. it's becoming an annual fall event. a major announcement from apple. the majority of the event is centered around updates to apple's line of ipad tablets.
5:55 pm
the fifth generation ipad will be known as ipad air, which is thinner and lighter. the ipad mini is also getting an upgrade of the clearer, sharper picture. both will go on sale in november. did we need an ipad air? >> i need a price point. >> that's for sure. >> i always like to see what they're costing if they're going to come to a christmas list. >> need to make sure they're vere cycling these ematerials. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. much of perry hall, left without water, thanks to this giant hole in the ground. and the water main break that started it all. i'm derek valcourt, with that story coming up on eyewitness news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:56 pm
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coming up. water woes to businesses without services because of a huge water main break in perry hall. we'll tell you about the impact ask where service will be restored. the jurors deciding the outcome of a lawsuit against a former doctor, are having a tough time coming up with a verdict. i'm rochelle ritchie. that story coming up next. cominguf a super bowl win. the ravens season is a little tough to swallow for some. i'm jessica cartallia. what ravens fans are saying. is rain moving this way? stick around for the updated first warning weather forecast. check in for these stories
5:59 pm
and all the day's breaking news. >> wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. water main woes. a large water main poses an impact on the community. >> tonight, how long until services are restored. >> hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >> dozens of businesses in the perry hall area are without water now, after a major water main break on joppa road. we'll is live along that stretch of road in baltimore county. derek valcourt has more on how it happened. and the problems it's causing. derek? >> reporter: a lot of crews here right now, as you can see. some of them down in this hole, working on this water main right now. this is a top priority for the department of public works ri


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