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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  October 25, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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cold case. it was a crime that captivated the nation. now, new information in the murder of jonbenet ramsey. >> how close her parents came to being charged in her death. >> i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> it's been nearly 17 years since jonbenet ramsey was beaten to death. and today, documents reveal that the grand jury wanted to charge the 6-year-old's parents. bigad shaban reports on what those documents allege. >> reporter: john and patsy ramsey never faced charges for the death of jonbenet. but a grand jury indicted the couple 14 years ago.
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then district attorney alex hunter chose not to pursue it, citing lack of evidence. the jury alleged the ramseys allowed their daughter to be unreasonably placed in a situation which posed a threat of injury, which resulted in the death of jonbenet ramsey. in another affect account, the couple was accused of accessory of the crime, for trying to delay the capture of their daughter's killer. while that person not named, the ramseys are accused of failing to render assistance. >> please, if you know anything, i beg you to call us. >> reporter: the ramseys always maintained their innocence. jonbenet's mother died in 2006 of cancer. a d.a. exonerated the couple, saying new dna testing showed the killer was a stranger, and not a family member. john ramsey believes the four pages tell just part of the
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story. and he's now demanding all of the documents be made public. bigad shaban, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: jonbenet's murder remains unsolved. the. >> reporter: ruled to release the grand jury indictment, after a colorado journalist sued for the documents. five people are left injured. >> reporter: state inspectors are checking the ride, called the vortex today. last night, the ride came to a stop and then suddenly started up again, as passengers tried to get off. several of them were thrown to the ground and knocked unconscious. two people remain in critical condition today. the rides are supposed to be checked three times a day. and officials are now trying to determine if those regular inspections did, indeed, happen. a carnival company in georgia. despite the accident, the fair is open today. mary? >> all right, denise. thank you. the injured raiders range
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from 14 to 39. students return to a massachusetts high school, where a math teacher was murdered earlier this week. the body of colleen ritzer was found early in the morning in the woods behind the school. a 14-year-old student, phillip chism is charged with her murder. cnn reported that he allegedly followed ritzer into the bathroom and attacked her with a box cutter. a man accused of shooting a howard county police officer is out of the hospital and behind bars. 29-year-old stephen prather was arrested along route 1 in savage yesterday, after a 15- hour-long manhunt. he is accused of shooting officer steven hawk wednesday nit. praghtder exchanged gunfire with police. he was charged with attempted murder today, after getting out of the hospital. wjz will have much more on the charges prather faces, coming up all new at 5:00 and 6:00. a maryland lawmaker is going to jail. anne arundel county delegate
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don dwyer is sentenced for two alcohol-related arrests. wjz is live. alex demetrick was in court when the sentence was imposed. >> reporter: delegate dwyer is looking at 60 days in jail, and smab as much as a year it he goes anywhere near alcohol. >> reporter: when delegate dwyer's boat collided with another in 2012, people were hurt, including broken bones and a concussion to a 5-year- old girl and her 7-year-old brother. >> it true that i was drinking while operating my boat yesterday. >> reporter: then this past august, he was pulled over for drinking and driving. today in court, he was sentenced to 38 days in jail for each conviction, a total of 60 days behind bars. >> bare minimum of a sentence, compared to what i think he deserves. >> reporter: mash harbin was piloting the other boat. and in court, he said it was harbin's fault. >> being drunk and speeding,
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seems to be a crime. >> it was nice for him to -- would have been nice for him to apologize. what happened? stop denying? the accident probably wouldn't have happened. >> once you're willing to admit you're an alcoholic, it's not something that goes away. it's something you deal with the rest of your life. >> reporter: dwyer's efforts to do that helped the jail time go down. >> he said he will take judge cliff's words and put them into action, by making sure he remains sober for the rest of his life. >> reporter: at least the next three years he's on probation. the judge ordered him to stay out of any place that serves or sells alcohol. step inside, the judge said he will sentence dwyer to a year in jail. >> reporter: well, dwyer will be allowed to serve 60 days on weekends. and that will begin next month. he must also continue using an alcohol sensor tied to his car's emission. >> as to his political future, dwyer's populars -- lawyers say
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he plan to continue serving out his term as a delegate to anne arundel county. of course brisk fall day in anne arundel. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams is at the silvern arboretum. but we begin with tim -- bob turk. >> we didn't get quite as cold as forecasted. tonight, we might. might just get that. we're at 53 degrees around here. to the west of us, out in western maryland. oakland, stuck 82 degrees once again. they have been 30, 32. [ no audio ] >> well, we're here at the civilern arboretum. we did not hit any records last night. 36 degrees, roughly, is where we got down to in the city. but we do have frost and freeze warnings in effect again for tonight. it's going to be chilly tonight. this could be again, the
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coldest night of the year. we're here at the civilern arboretum. we'll have the civilern arboo retum. let's talk about what going to be going on with weather for tonight. it's going to be chilly. then tomorrow, we expect to see milder air moving into the region. your saturday is going to be a little milder than today. and yesterday, we received temperatures in the low to mid- 50s for the last few days. tomorrow, we'll start to approach that 60-degree mark, with a good bit of sunshine. and milder temperatures. and if you plan on using a saturday with sunshine and fall- like temperatures to start heading out to the west, maybe to start seeing some of the fall colors, which we're starting to see now. you can expect that the colors are starting to change. or slightly change really down into the lower eastern shore. and as you start to make your way up across the bay bridge or so. they're in the moderate range. you start heading to the 70 corridor. they're in their best form yet. and there's a slice toward garrett county. this could be a very good
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weekend before they start to come down. to go out to western maryland and start to see those colors. we'll continue to keep you posted on what is going on out here. for now, tim williams, with the wjz mobile weather lab. sending it back to you on television hill. >> all right, tim. thank you so much. let's check on our roads. here's kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. >> hi, mary. hi, everyone. it's proving to be a very busy start this afternoon. an accident, we're watching northbound 95, blocking the right-hand lane delays. right now, back to moravia road. also, watch for an accident, northbound at inverness avenue. also, mlk, between pratt street and m washington boulevard. closed off at remington avenue, a fuel spill. also, 100 eastbound, after 97, also blocking the right-hand lane. as far as delays go, plenty of them. west side inner loop. 895 to liberty road. top side inner loop, that is just crawling along. gridlock in some areas, from reisterstown road, to bel air road.
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average speed, only about 33 miles per hour. and if you're traveling on the harrisburg expressway, delays to watch in the southbound direction, beginning at timonium road, going over to the beltway. let's take a live look. you can see, things are almost stopped there on the inner loop, west of york road. this is brought to you by mummies of the world, the exhibition. you can get your tickets now at maryland science back to you. >> thank you, kristy. a new smart phone app gives howard county students and patients a way to bully -- parents a way to get bulliless. >> need to report a bully? it's part of the effort to stop bullying online and in person while protecting the individual reporting it. >> we are giving our children, our students and adults a way to report bullying, wherever it happens. >> reporter: just go online or this app. with the click of a button, fill out a form and submit what you saw. >> it has a great possibility
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to protect children. >> reporter: it's the kind of app christine says could have saved her daughter grace's life. she committed suicide after repeated taunts from a bully. >> because she wasn't willing to fill it out, there was no action taken. and you know, it accumulated and it's damaging. >> reporter: and online reporting isn't the only way to crack down on bullies. take a look up here. these cameras are coming to all howard county school buses as a way to catch bullies in the act. >> there's a lot that happens on the bus that people don't hear about. >> with 400 husbands in -- buses in the fleet, the school district says each bus will have cameras. carly is part of a group that surveyed experiences. >> we found that almost all of the kids who have been bullied, have reported at least once or twice that they were bullied on the school bus. >> reporter: now, multiple tools were in place, so this community can stop falling victim to a bully. in howard county, christie
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ileto, wjz eyewitness news. >> the system is already used in about 25 other states across the country. >> six orioles are announced as finalists for one of baseball's most prestigious awards. third baseman, manny machado. >> he has flied out and struck out. >> goes to the best defensive player at each position. the other, o's finalist, center fielder, adam jones, catcher matt wieters, shortstop, jj hardy, chris davis, and nick markakis. the winners will be announced tuesday night. >> we wish all the orioles well. there could be something, i don't know, really nice or poetic if manny got this, after suffering an injury toward the end of the season. >> good luck to all of them. >> yep. still ahead at 4:00. mystery solved. dna tests reveal the results of a test of a little girl found
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in greece. more on the video that has everybody talking. shocking admission from an nfl legend. the frightening health problems brett favre has revealed. a chilly start to the night, with a freeze warning about to go into effect in just hours. bob has the details ahead in our updated first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is mostly sunny. 53 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. floods triggered by heavy rain forces thousands to evacuate their homes in india just weeks after a cyclone killed 33 people. heavy downpours in the region have caused damage to hundreds of homes. officials say two straight days of rain have caused rivers to overflow, leaving thousands home little. so far, no injuries have been reported. well, police in
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pennsylvania arrest the man responsible for driving a car down the steps of the philadelphia museum of art. you know, the ones made famous by the movie "rocky ." police say the 20-year-old man is charged with felony criminal mischief, for causing more than $8,000 worth of damage to museum steps. several people posted videos online, showing the car driving down the steps and speeding off. police are investigating why the driver did it. one of the most successful quarterbacks ever to play the game of football says he suffers from memory loss and believes it may be a result of concussions. 44-year-old brett favre says he can't remember some personal family moments and says that has him scared. jarica duncan reports for wjz. >> reporter: for 20 seasons, brett favre stared down some of the biggest, meanest players in the nfl and won. now, retired, favre said something else has him scared. >> i don't remember my daughter
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playing soccer, youth soccer, one summer. i don't remember that. >> reporter: favre told washington sports station, wfpr -- wfpz, he's experiencing memory loss. >> that's something to me. for the first time in 40 years, that generated a little fear in me. >> reporter: favre said that he has been affected by concussions during his long career. it's in the a new problem facing pro football veterans. in august, the nfl agreed to pay $765 million to settle lawsuits lawsuits from more than 4,000 players who claimed their conditions were caused by repeated concussions. a new york sideliner said favre's -- physician said favre's symptoms were typical. >> often, the initial test we do may be normal. but there's functional changes. changes involving memory. >> reporter: favre says he knows his career has taken a toll on his body. >> after 20 years, god only knows the toll. >> reporter: favre says for
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now, he's trying to enjoy his retirement with his family. jarica duncan, wjz eyewitness news. >> brett favre played in an nfl record 297 regular season games in a row. can wall street end the note on -- end the week, rather, on a high note? i'm getting there. [ stock bells ringing ] sounds like i'm ready to end the week. stocks end the week higher for the third straight week. let's take a look at the numbers. dow is up 61. s&p up 8. and the nasdaq is up 14. let's go to new york right now, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: stocks spent the day higher, after positive quarterly earnings from several companies, including microsoft. the tech giant's net income hit more than $5 billion, thanks to improved corporate sales of its operating system. also beat wall
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street's expectations. revenue jumped 24% during the last quarter. despite these upbeat reports, many americans have a dimmer view of the economy, because of the government shutdown. a measure of u.s. consumer sentiment dropped in october to its lowest level in almost a year. increased demand for commercial airplanes boosted factory workers last month. the commerce department says orders for durable goods jumped 3.7%. aircraft orders alone, climbed more than 50%. and one day will cost united airlines $1.1 million. the 7-figure fine is for 13 lengthy delays at chicago's o'hare airport, on one july day last year. it is the largest fine since the limiting rules took effect. for more, follow me on twitter. in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. an engrish artist claims he set a record for the fastest
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100-meter paddle in a pumpkin. the uk man covered over 100 feet in this oversized pumpkin in an astonishing two empties. he -- minutes. he is known for growing two 600- pound pumpkins and one 800- pound pumpkin. the guinness book of world records was not notified of the attempt. i guess it becomes anecdotal? or just not official, at least with guinness? >> i don't know. all i'm happening is that is an edible kayak. >> he could make a pumpkin pie out of that thing. >> that's strange. all right. coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00. breach of trust. how the white house is hoping to contain the crisis over the ns a's spying on world leaders. i'm ron matz. it's a bargain hunter's paradise. the annual best-dressed sale, benefiting johns hopkins
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hospital. the story coming up here on wjz. another cool, crisp, fall day. bob will tell us if there are any changes in store for the weekend. the forecast is next. wjz is always on. for the top stories on, for updates, click ,,,,,,,,
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meningitis tim williams -- meteorologist tim williams here, at the silver arboretum. a lot of things going on starting at 5:30. you can bring your families out. carriage riding, trick-or- treating. carvin -- what, pumpkin carving stuff. it's halloween stuff. come on out and enjoy it. sending it in to bob for the forecast, in case you plan on bringing out the little ghosts and goblins. >> anyone heading out this evening, once again, wear the warm jackets and maybe take some gloves. you'll need them later on. right now, we're at 53. and it's still dry out there. dew point is at 28 degrees. humidity only 37%. and the breeze is making it feel like 48 degrees with that wind, west/northwest. 16.
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the barometer has been rising. way up there. 39 points. currently, still freezing in oakland. they have been stuck the last few days. 46 in cumberland. 56 in d.c. and pax river. and we were in the middle there at 53. locally, low to mid-50s around the region. still running 8 or 9 degrees below average this time of year. still that breeze. thou, last night, we thought we'd get down to freezing at the airport. got down to 36. there was some spots north of town, where we had frost reported. and some 32-degree readings. tonight, looks like a more general area of more freezing temps, as the winds finally die down. we had a little breeze still. and that turns the atmosphere over to the west and north. there's a big warmup. denver, sketch. -- 67. bismarck, 71. some of that milder air, yes, will be headed our direction. over the next several days. meantime, chilly night tonight. lots of frost and freezing temperatures. a little snow this afternoon.
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this morning, across northern p.a. but pretty much, all dissipated. lake-effect stuff going on. still clouds and sprinkle activity. overnight tonight, all through this central portions of pa, much of maryland, east of the blue ridge, as you can see, still under a freeze warning. and frost advisory for some spots. if you didn't get frost or freezing temps last night, this morning, you might tonight. not in downtown baltimore. not in d.c. but most areas, i think, particularly away from the bay, will see some frost or freezing temps by the morning. in the meantime, milder temps for the weekend. despite a weak frontal boundary, temps are going to be just about close to average for this time of year. and it will stay dry right now. southwest winds on the bay, bringing in milder air, at 10 to 15. and small craft advisory there saturday. bay temp around 62. tonight, frost by morning. many places, 32. probably at the airport. your neighborhood may be 30 downtown. probably 38.
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sunshine and milder. kind of breezy, though. tomorrow's high, up to 59, which will feel better than the low to mid-50s we have been seeing. >> yeah. >> thanks, bob. don't miss tonight's cbs primetime lineup at 10:00. it is blue bloods, immediately followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. and still to come tonight on eyewitness news. the parents of a little girl found in a gypsy camp are revealed. why they say they gave her away. a lawsuit after six people are killed in an horrific limo fire. who the families blame for the tragedy. hundreds of pets die from tainted treats. the new steps being taken to keep animals safe. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise after this. [ yodeling plays ] [ hans ] toaster strudel! [ angelic music plays ]
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it is mostly sunny. 53 degrees. in central maryland. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about. dna tests confirm that a bulgarian gypsy couple is the parents of a mystery child discovered in greece. lucy macdonald has the latest for wjz. >> bulgarian authorities say dna tests confirmed this 35- year-old woman is the biological mother of maria. she's the little blond girl discovered at the jipszy camp -- gypsy camp last week. she said she had a baby girl four years ago, but she and her husband gave her away, because they were too poor to care for her. >> she said, yes, i gave birth there. i gave the baby to a woman to take care of, so i could come back here to my other children. police in greece triggered an international search, after they discovered maria during a
4:32 pm
raid. they questioned the couple looking after her because they looked so different. the couple was arrested and charged with kidnapping. now, maria's biological family, who lived in neighboring bulgaria want the 4-year-old back. she said, i'd like maria to come here. she's my sister. but it's not that simple. police are investigating if the biological parents sold their child. if so, they faced up to six years in jail and thousands of dollars in fines. lucy macdonald for wjz eyewitness news. >> now, the greek couple that has raised maria for the last few years claims they received the child, after an informal adoption and say they plan to fight for custody. european leaders are preparing for a trip to washington, to investigate widespread u.s. spying allegations. kai is? the newsroom -- is in the newsroom with the latest. >> they plan to travel early next week to confront u.s. officials about the alleged electronic spying.
4:33 pm
they reportedly tapped german chancellor angela merkel's cell phone. merkel says trust between the u.s. and germany has been shattered. despite reassurances from the white house that the u.s. is not and will not monter -- monitor her calls. >> all right, thank you, kai. the united states has a no- spying deal with britain, australia, new zealand, and canada. it was struck in the aftermath of world war ii. demolition is under way at the site of one of the greatest tragedies. crews began leveling sandy hook elementary school. 26 children and six adults were killed at the school. the demolition progress is expected to finish next week. they are going to build a replacem structure on -- replacement structure on that property. the new school is expected to
4:34 pm
begin in about three years. with tainted treats blame for the deaths of hundreds of pets, the food and drug administration proposes new rules to make foods safer. they want to make sure they follow certain sanitation practices and detailed food safety plans. right now, the fda is investigating what caused over 600 dog pets, believed to be from dog jerky treats imported from china. it's unknown which product and which ingredient is causing the death. a freeze warning is set to go in effect tonight. taking a live look outside. mostly sunny with clear skies. wjz is live with first warning weather. meteorologist tim williams is at the civilern arboretum. but we begin with bob turk, updating the temperatures here. >> reporter: about the same temperatures we saw yesterday at this time. low 50s. high yesterday was 53. look out to the west.
4:35 pm
oakland has been stuck at 32 degrees for the last two days. 46 in cumberland. 55, ocean city. and d.c. at 56 degrees. dew point is 28. this morning, we fell to only 36. thought we'd get a little colder. a bit of a breeze and a few clouds, would actually keep temperatures higher than they would have gotten. tonight, looks like clear skies, lighter winds. probably temperatures will be getting colder. oakland got to 34 today. and because of the chill tonight, from midnight to about 9:00 in the morning, we have the freeze warning once again, if you didn't get frost or freezing temperatures this morning, you probably will tomorrow morning. tim is live with the wjz mobile weather lab at civilern. beautiful weather day. with a warm look at the temperatures. >> reporter: it is a great place to come out and really enjoy the change of season. we're here with the wjz mobile weather lab as bob mentioned in
4:36 pm
northwest baltimore. today, called the arbooretum. we'll talk about that in a little bit. it is a nice day to come out. it feels very fall-like. and it's going to be right on into the weekend. we have dry conditions for the foreseeable future. high pressure is responsible for directing the cold west wind here. it's going to ease off a little to the east. as it does, it's going to allow for milder air. these temperatures in the low 50s, about 10 degrees below our normal high of 64. will be up in the 60 range for the next few days. and if you plan on using this fall-like weekend to go out and see maybe the colors, you can come here, of course. but you can also go down to the lower eastern shore. where the slight change is going to happen with the fall foliage. and as you get out across the bay bridge. you start to see the colors starting to get really active. then they in the moderate range, heading to the 70 corridor. and only one little high elevation point, out toward garrett and allegheny counties. good weekend to be outside. we'll talk about how low we're
4:37 pm
going to get in these temperatures overnight. with bob in these temperatures outside. tim williams. back to you on television hill. >> thank you, tim. look out for norman bates. >> hi, denise. hi, everyone. hopefully you're not along northbound 95. we have a lot of complications. actually in both directions. delays stretching from 32 to the beltway. we have accidents northbound at 95. and also, southbound at the beltway. the delays continue in the northbound direction from after that beltway on the southwest side, all the way up to whitemarsh boulevard. average speed, about 35 miles an hour. top side inner loop, continues to run, very, very slowly, from reisterstown road to bel air road. give yourself at least 30 minutes to get through. as far as 70 goes, in the westbound direction, very heavy on the west inner loop. delays stretching from 95 to 70. if you are traveling on the harrisburg expressway, an accident there at pedonia road, blocking the right-hand lane.
4:38 pm
other accidents include richie highway at cypress creek. and washington at gilford. inner and outer loop for the beltway. we have an accident slowing that side down. this traffic report is brought to by pnc bank. see your business cash flow in a whole new way. go to flow insight. back to you. >> thank you, kristy. cbs radio is bringing some country flavor to baltimore. >> reporter: welcome to new country on 106.1. my name is fast jimmy. we want to welcome everybody to a brand new baby radio station. >> fast jimmy. new country on 106.1, officially launched today. the new station features today's biggest artists in country. new country on 106.1 can also be heard online and on the app for mobile devices. if you love clothes and great bargains, the evergreen
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museum on north charles street is the place to be this weekend. ron matz reports, it's time to shop at the annual best-dressed sale at johns hopkins hospital. after evergreen, they're getting ready for the annual best-dressed sale. from jewelry to handbags, dresses and vintage. men's clothing, too. sponsored by the women's board at johns hopkins hospital. >> all the proceeds go to the johns hopkins hospital. and last year, we waste $200,000 on this sale. >> who are you wearing, laurie? >> i am wearing st. john's. >> laurie's red jacket is just one of the hundreds of bargains you'll find here. >> the best dressed. >> st. john's, typically, a jacket like this is for hundreds of dollars. we are selling this jacket for $175, which is a bargain. >> reporter: everything is donated by individuals and local boutiques. most of the work is done by volunteers. you can't miss this sale.
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now in its 46th year. >> reporter: more men's clothing than ever before here this year. right, duffy? what do we have? >> that's right. ron, we have suits from joseph banks. donations from samuel parker. this suit is -- this actually is a custom-made suit. >> reporter: it's happening all weekend. i picked up a few $5 ties. >> i mean, you're a shopper here yourself. you know. you have gotten amazing deals. and it's just like that throughout -- through men's, through the boutique, furs, vintage, everything is just a bargain. >> ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the best-dressed sale, benefiting johns hopkins hospital, continues through sunday, at evergreen museum and library on north charles street. for more information, log onto our website, straight ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. pirates kidnapped two americans off the coast of nigeria. the latest on the efforts to bring them home safely.
4:41 pm
inspiring story from texas. a boy with a brain mal formation. and bob turk tells us if it will warm up for the weekend. when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in illinois. an suv crashes into a town home. it was completely engulfed in flames. police say the driver lost control of the vehicle, veered into the home. the suv then ruptured a gas line and explosion. the driver fled the scene but was later arrested. everyone said -- inside the town house did make it out safely. >> family members of a victim of a fatal limousine. mary has more on the companies being sued. mary? >> family be ins are filing
4:45 pm
suit against six different companies, claiming they're responsible for modification and maintenance of the machine. five women were killed back in may, after the limo erupted into flames over a bay area ridge. four others and the driver managed to escape. investigators say a failure of the air suspension system caused that fire. the women were en route to a bridal party when the fire occurred. denise? >> thank you very much. mary, no criminal charges were ever filed in that case. a mystery off the coast of nigeria, after two u.s. citizens are kidnapped by pirates. as barbara star reports, the two are the latest victims of violence in the pirate of infested waters. >> reporter: the two, the captain and engineer, were kidnapped off this ship, named the sea retriever. off the coast of nigeria. u.s. officials say here in the gulf of guinea, it was another act of piracy on the high seas. >> we are seeking additional
4:46 pm
information on the incident so that we may contribute to safely resolving the situation. obviously our concern at this point is for the safe return of the two u.s. citizens. >> reporter: the sea retriever is owned by the louisiana-based company, edison offshore. attacks against nigeria's oil facilities, shipping and personnel, are rising steadily. 62 last year. an increase from each of the two years before. >> they're out for anything they can get their hands on. cargo theft is a large part of it, be it machinery, supplies, be it the actual fuel. be it prisoners that they take ashore and hold ransom kidnapping, essentially. they're looking for money. >> reporter: the rise for violence off western africa is in marked contrast to the decline in attacks off somalia, on the east coast. where the world's attention was riveted in 2009, when navy seals rescued captain richard phillips, after he was held by
4:47 pm
pirates. now, a hollywood thrill thriller, starring tom hanks. maritime security has significantly improved off somalia. but off the coast of nigeria, a different story. even now, european warships are off the coast. part of an exercise to improve security in this very unsettled oil-rich area. barbara star, cnn, the pentagon. >> now, the conditions and whereabouts of the kidnapped men. nigeria's navy says they are searching for them. police in north carolina say a gunman surrendered after holding several employees hostage at a cvs. officers say the armed 46-year- old first tried to rob the belmont pharmacy. police exchanged gunfire with him, before he allegedly started screementing he had hostages. -- screaming that he had hostages. police say a negotiator worked with the suspects. the hostages were not hurt. one texas 8th grader with
4:48 pm
special needs brings football fans to their feet. as brian gnu reports, he scored a winning touchdown after fighting for play-off time, all season. >> it was first and 10, the call pro 46 power. takes the handoff and fumbles. but if you thought this would be a setback for the 16-year- old, you have no idea what he's been through. >> tyler has been through probably 11 different surgeries on different parts of his body. four of them on his legs. and every time you think, why am i doing this? >> reporter: eyler was born with a brain mal formation. he can't talk, swallow, and some wondered if he would ever walk. >> he would fall down, but he always tufts himself off -- dusts himself off, with a smile and he plays. >> i told him, hey, you gotta go. you don't go down.
4:49 pm
you get all the way to the end zone. >> reporter: and he did. a 40-yard touchdown run, followed by a spike and a celebration no one in the stadium will forget. >> it felt really good to the whole team. because he only gets to do that once in his life. so we wanted to make it super special for him. >> he was these kids' biggest fan. he was at every game, cheering them on. and those kids loved him. and he loved those kids. and we just thought it was time to put the script. >> reporter: that night, eyler made this video. he had forgotten to do his touchdown dance and. ed to tell everyone thank you. >> when things like this come out of the tough times, it make its easier to get through them. because you see the light at the end of the tunnel. you see why -- why the tough parts were so worth it. >> eyler's touchdown was so
4:50 pm
inspiring, fans for both teams got up and began cheering for him. well, another crisp fall day, as we head into the weekend. bob will let us know what to expect the next few days, when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:51 pm
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4:53 pm
meteorologist tim williams here with the wjz mobile weather lab. with the silver arboo retum. they have festivities at 5:30. how will the weather be? we're sending it to bob turk for the five-day forecast. >> it is going to be a little chilly. but it is the end of october. storeif you're heading out with the kids, dress them warm. west/northwest wind at 15. barometer still rising. and 30.23 inches. currently, it's been stuck at 32 degrees. t's been stuck at freezing. and they've had fog out there. they had snow yesterday. some flurries today. still 32. 46, cumberland. 50, hagerstown. and 56 in d.c. and pax river.
4:54 pm
locally, temperatures around the low 50s. this time of year, our normal high back in the low 60s. so we have been running, 8, 9, 10 degrees cooler than average. we still have that breeze. later tonight, this is when we expect to see the temperatures fall. the winds diminish. last night we had a bit of a breeze. which turns the atmosphere over. temperatures can't fall. quite as cold. unless you have light winds and clear skies. temperatures will be a little higher. last night, we only got down to 38. tonight, probably only getting to 31, 32. demending where you live. good chance you'll see frost and freezing additions tonight. much milder air in the upper midwest. winnipeg, 32. milder air should generally be heading our direction. the really cold stuff up here in ontario and quebec. it's going to probably stay there, and they expect to see some snow there tomorrow. for us, a lot of sunshine. maybe a bit of a breeze still tomorrow. and that a weak front across the northern central portion of the united states. not going to change temperatures.
4:55 pm
in fact, we'll probably stay around the upper 50s to low 60s. this afternoon, still a few rain showers. had some snow earlier. but rain showers up there, across portions of new york state. now, tonight, much of jersey, delaware, eastern shore. central p.a., and all of central maryland, down in virginia. once again tonight, you didn't get croft last night or freezing temps, you probably will. the exception, by the bay. the metro areas will not see temperatures that cold. now, during the day tomorrow. high pressure begins to move to the south. that means warmer southwest breezes come in. milder temps for the weekend. and into next week. southwest winds at 10 to 15. still a breeze out there tomorrow. but it will be milder. 62 is the bay temp. overnight tonight, yeah, frost by morning. many spots. that. probably 39 in the city. and then tomorrow, 59, sunshine. and warmer than today by about 5 or 6 degrees. so to feel a little better. and the sun should feel pretty good, too. >> great. thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness
4:56 pm
news. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, anne arundel county delegate, don dwyer gets jail time. time. th and when you get up -- can i play? no! you don't even get football. [ male announcer ] when you've got 100% fiber optic fios, you get it. america's fastest, most reliable internet. it's the ultimate for downloading, streaming, and chatting. you have that guy all over the football field. thanks, joe! if the running backs don't start picking up the blitz, the quarterback is going to have a long night. is that your sister? look, are you trying to take my job? maybe. [ male announcer ] switch to a fios triple play online for just $89.99 a month guaranteed for the first year. plus, your choice of a $300 gift card or a $300 visa prepaid card with a 2 year agreement. fios is 100% fiber optic so you get america's fastest, most reliable internet and unbeatable picture quality. and now you can take your fios entertainment with you when you're away from home. switch to fios now for this amazing deal.
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coming up next on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. a maryland lawmaker will spend sometime behind bars. emotional reaction at today's hearing for anne arundel county delegate, don dwyer. . >> details just released about a shooting. day 2 of the beach party fiasco. i'm pat warren. more questions are being asked
4:59 pm
and answered about what attorney general doug gansler should have done in this situation. >> check in for more on these stories and the breaking news. eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. behind bars. a maryland lawmaker is sentenced to quail time for two alcohol-related arrests. what this means for don dwyer's political future. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> a maryland lawmaker is going to jail. anne arundel county delegate don dwyer is sentenced for two alcohol-related arrests. alex demetrick is in court when the sentence is imposed. >> reporter: his lawyers asked for no jail time. but the judge ordered delegate


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