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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  October 25, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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playing defense tonight, maryland attorney general, continues to answer questions about a photograph that could compromise his come pain for governor -- campaign for governor. >> for the second day in a row maryland attorney general tackles issues regarding his presence at a party where under aged drinking may have been going on. pat warren has the latest and a growing debate over parental responsibility. attorney general, doug gambler, pictured at this teenaged party, triggers a fire storm of questions about what
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he should have done. what he did do was speak to his son and leave. >> how do you react? what do you do? what is appropriate in that situation where there is 19, 20- year-old kids having fun, having a party and some of whom may be drinking in other parts of the house. >> reporter: parents have options. >> we are in charge. not the teenagers. >> you are responsible for your child. >> me personally i would stop it. >> reporter: to the extent people are looking at this as an issue i think it is a good thing. it confronts, every parent that has 19 and 20-year-old kids. >> reporter: clinical psychologist, says parents face tough questions, but the responsibility is there. >> to contact the chaperons there, reas sure -- i would do it to reas sure myself things were going well there. >> reporter: in a statements today he says he always tries to make the best decisions in this case maybe i should have
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done something differently. the head of a group, that made a public service announcement agree. >> we know parents don't want other adults providing alcohol to their kids so at that point, i think you do have a moral responsibility. >> reporter: he says when he has made a mistake he is willing to admit it. pat warren reporting back to you. >> the party took place at a beach house in delaware in june. behind bars, the man accused of shooting a howard county police officer is out of the hospital facing charges. 29-year-old prather was arrested yesterday along route 1 after a 15 hour man hunt. he is accused of shooting officer steven house he is in stable condition at shock trauma. he was shot in the leg when he exchanged gunfire with police. he was immediately charged after he was released from the hospital with attempted murder. a former fire department
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volunteer, accused of sexually abusing two children. wjz live. monique has more on a plea from police searching for more victims. >> reporter: well, denise, according to police, 31-year- old scott was not only abusing the children police say he videotaped it and because of the severity of the crimes tonight he is being held on $22 million bond. parents dropping their kids off at a community dance at the ferndale volunteer fire department received shocking news a former department volunteer and organizer of the dances, 31-year-old preston scott was arrested for sexually abusing two children. >> a shock to the neighbourhood of course. you wouldn't expect it to be -- when it hits local it is a little different. hits home. >> reporter: even more disturbing anne arundel county police believe he videotaped some of the abuse which allegedly occurred over a 6 year period. >> these victims appear known
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to scott. >> reporter: he was not a firefighter but an administrative employee. >> he was involved in fundraising activities. he would come up if we had a bad storm. >> reporter: the department handed out these flyers to parents dropping kids off at the dance. >> our investigation has not lead to us finding he touched any children at any of these dances inappropriately. >> reporter: parents we spoke with had not lost trust in the department. >> approximately 20 chaperons as well as a few police officers, so i don't think anyone has to worry about anything here at the dance. >> reporter: and tonight scott is facing a long list of charges including various sex offences, sod my and child pornography for filming a sex act. any possible victims should contact police. >> police are not releasing any
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information about the victims to protect their identities. scott remains in jail on a $22 million bond. another freeze warning about to go into effect temperatures set to drop again. those out in hampden, west baltimore needed scarves, jackets and gloves if you had them. outside the national aquarium, winter jackets and gloves were a must to face the chilly temperatures. bob turk is here with an updated look at those cool conditions. >> get used to it already when it gets back up to 65 it will feel like a heat wave. right now 41 degrees, 2 degrees warmer than last night at this time. 30 i don't know, 36 cumberland, 35 one of the cold spots at the airport, ocean city beach as well away from the water it can get cold. and this is what we have the dew point is 29. it is possible some locations could get down to 29 that is why we have midnight into 9:00 a.m. that freeze warning for the
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entire region you can see east of the blue ridge mountains, southern pa, delaware and eastern shores much of virginia. in the morning probably scraping a little frost off your windshield unless you live by the water or downtown city like baltimore or dc will not see frost or freezing temps. how cold would the temperatures last through the weekend? warm up, complete forecast coming up. thank you bob. a maryland lawmaker is going to jail. anne arundel county delegate, sentenced for two alcohol related arrests. alex was in court when he entered his guilty plea. >> reporter: when the boat collided with another in 2012 people were hurt including broken bonea concussion to a 5- year-old girl and her 7-year- old brother. >> it is true i was drinking operating my boat yesterday. >> reporter: then this past august, he was pulled over for drinking and driving today in court he was sentenced to 30 days in jail for each
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conviction a total of 60 days behind bars. >> bare minimum. of a sentence compared to what i think he deserves. >> reporter: he was piloting the other boat with his grandchildren in court, his lawyers said it was harbin's fault. >> to speed and be drunk and not watching where you are going? >> apologized and stop denying acknowledge what happened? stop denying had he not been drunk the action probably wouldn't have happened. >> once you are willing to admit you are an alcoholic it is not something that goes away. >> reporter: his efforts to do that helped keep his jail time down. >> if he takes the judges words and put them into action making sure he remains sober the rest of his life. >> reporter: or at least the next three years he is on probation. he is ordered to stay out of any place that serves or sells
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alcohol. step inside he will sentence him to a year in jail. he will serve his 60 days on weekends beginning november 9th back to you. as to his political future his lawyer says he plans to continue serving out his term as a delegate to anne arundel county. crackdown on the roads, state troopers on the lookout for drivers who violate the move over law this after several of their own are injured by driver who is did not make room. wjz is live. megan mccorkle has more on the stepped up enforcement. >> reporter: earlier this month, trooper klein was innerly killed when she was hit by a car as she was helped another trooper on the side of the road. along the side of route 100, trooper klein was struck by a car, thrown into the air, through the back windshield of a cruiser. camera's captured the near death experience in september 2012. >> i have been hit by a car. >> reporter: both troopers nearly killed by drivers in
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violation of the move over law. now state police are cracking down. >> that vehicle is in violation. >> reporter: they are targeting drivers who don't obey the law, requiring drivers to move a lane away from emergency workers. if driver can't get over they must at least slow down. state police made more than 1400 traffic stops. >> 335 were cited for move over violations and there was an additional 481 issued. >> reporter: one driver who was given a warning tells wjz he understands the importance of the law. >> all you got to do is slide over a little bit, be courteous. >> reporter: for troopers it can be the difference between life and death. >> this is almost a law that saves the life of officers, and people that we are dealing with. >> reporter: a law that could
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prevent scenes like this. and as for trooper klein she has been released from hospital and moved to a rehab facility, a 5 k will be held november 10th to raise funds for her recovery. >> thank you very much megan. state police will have additional move over crackdowns throughout the year. tonight there is a timeline for solving problems with the affordable care act website. president obama appointed management consultant to fix the glitches. he admitted today there are dozens of issues to be addressed but the majority of them will be fixed by end of november. the government says right now as few as 3 out of 10 people can complete the application process at health elephants get in the halloween spirit in baltimore by taking part in the annual
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pumpkin smash. oh. it is exciting. kids watch as all right the animals pound it and then ate the pumpkins a special treat the elephants only get once a year the zoo hosted zoo boo it runs through the weekend. events include games, crafts and trick-or-treating, took my kids there when they were little. mystery wild fire flames spread fast creating a cloud over towns in the area. now the investigation into how the fire started. >> state fair scare. a ride malfunctions was it inspected as much as it should have been. >> new evidence nearly 17 years after the death of child beauty queen jonbenet ramsay, never before seen documents are released. what they reveal about charges in the case next. >> warm up just in time for the weekend. complete first warning forecast coming up next ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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spreading, the cause of this wild fire is under investigation. ride at the north carolina state fair malfunctions leaving several people injured. police say inspectors examined the ride called the vortex just three days before the accident. the ride, stopped and then as people were getting off it restarted throwing them to the ground. five people were hospitalized, two in critical condition. a safety switch may be to blame for the accident. the ride will remain closed throughout the weekend. nearly 17 years after 6- year-old jonbenet ramsay was bludgeoned to death a colorado court releases new documents. >> reporter: this is the first time those documents are being released and reveal charges a grand jury made against jonbenet ramsay's parents. they never faced murder charges in the death of their 6-year- old daughter but newly released documents show a grand jury indited them 14 years ago then
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the district attorney refused to pursue charges in the high profile murder citing a lack of evidence. the court documents reveal a grand jury accused them of child abuse, resulting in death in another count they were accused of accessory to a crime but that person is never named, the daughters killer. >> please if you know anything i beg you to call us. >> reporter: the ramsay's always maintained their innocence. her mother died of cancer in 2006, two years later another district attorney publicly exonerated the couple saying new testing proved the killer was a stranger not a family member. only four pages of the records were released but john ramsay's attorney says hundreds of thousands of pages of testimony and exhibits are still sealed. >> if you in fact had the benefit of a full review of the evidence, there would be no evidence that would in any way implicate the family in being involved in the death of this
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child. >> reporter: her father requested all the documents be made public but a judge ruled against it. the murder remains unsolved. kai jackson reporting back to you. >> a judge ruled to release the grand jury inditement after a colorado journalist, sued for the documents. >> parents of a mystery girl only known asthma rya have now been identified -- known as maria have now been identified. a bulgarian gypsy couple are her parents her biological parents say they were too poor to look after her and now want her back. police are investigating if the parents sold their child. pirates kidnapped two americans working on a commercial ship near the coast of nigeria. the u.s. owned ship was attacked off the gulf of guinea two people were kidnapped, captain and engineer. the other 11 crew were released experts say the pirates are
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after a profit. >> cargo theft is a large part of it, machinery, supplies, be it the actual fuel, be it prisoners they take ashore and hold as ransom, kidnapping. >> the nigerian navy is looking for the hostages and u.s. navy is monitoring the situation. the state department says there has been a disturbing increase in maritime crime in that area. in china a man sets a new guiness world record for kite board spinning. the brazilian man competed at an event with 80 kite boarders around the world he stole the spotlight successfully completing 7 spins in a single jump. he had just 5 minutes to make the spins. man, like ice skating.
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one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. there he did it. >> he has a hiccup headache now. >> we have chilly weather tonight but it will get warmer this weekend. nice fall weekend. football gamewhat not, dress for nice weather but it will be chilly. 41 now, 29 dew point could get that cold in some of the coldest suburban areas. west winds way down at 6, barometer rising, 32 points, 30. only been up to 34 degrees last few days. 36 cumberland. 34 at the airport. ocean city and salisbury. when you have clear skies and light winds the soil doesn't retain heat at all. warm spot by the the river 46. winds much lighter and they continue to get light overnight
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eventually should become just about dead calm. they pick up again tomorrow. to the west, a lot milder air. look at this minneapolis, 57 degrees height now milder air will filter into our region, over the weekend. so finally get up closer to average now about 63, 64, may not get quite that warm until middle of next week. 79 phoenix, 43 boston. also at 43 degrees. a lot of sunshine, really for the most part most of the country in pretty good shape. another weak front crossing the great lakes. rain up there, yes, it is mild enough for rain not snow that may bring us some clouda bit of a breeze but if you stay on the milder side however tonight once again that freeze warning, all the areas except by the bay and city areas, metro areas, get in the upper 30s overnight. we have high pressure south of us moves further down to the south along somewhat of a southwest or southerly flow of
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milder air. so looks like really next three or four days temperatures will be warmer than the past few days. southwest winds in the bay 2 to 3 knots and small craft advisory on the bay saturday. slowly cooling down. 32 by morning with frost many spots except for the downtown areas. back up to 59. sunshine and clouds and breezy, 59 on sunday, warmer on monday, 58 on tuesday more clouds maybe a brief shower late wednesday. 64 i think thursday may get up to upper 60s denise. >> thank you bob. you too. coming up in sports ... >> long throw. >> a half dozen orioles are final lists for gold gloves. who made the cut coming up next,
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some possible post season honors. wjz the fan sports report. >> hi everyone the orioles were the best fielding name baseball this past season it is no surprise six players are final lists for the gold glove. >> manny is one of the final lists at third base seemed like every other week he made a spectacular play at the hot corner. if he were to win it would be his first gold glove also. >> jones coming coming, diving. adam jones makes the catch. >> adam jones, he won last year if he were to win again it would be his third gold glove. also final lists, catcher matt wheders and first baseman, chris davis. winner will be announced
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tuesday night. home coming, college park. maryland just needing one more win to become bowl eligible. they are dealing with an overwhelming number of injuries. digs and long are both out with broken legs as starting running back, ross and starting quarterback brown. head coach says the team is up to the challenge. >> it is unfortunate but we have to continue to move forward. everybody has to step their game up. we have to step it up as coaches. and we have to deal with it. >> they will honor, former all americans and the coach may need a few of them to help out on the field. back to you. and they are undefeated at home so far this year. legendary quarterback, brett favre says concussions may have left him with memory loss. the 44-year-old says he can't remember some personal family moments at one point during his
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final nfl game in 2010 he says he couldn't even remember which team he was playing on. throughout his career he was sacked more than 500 times in august the nfl settled with more than 4,000 former players who claimed they were effected by repeated concussions. we will be right back ,,,,,,,,,,
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