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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 30, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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[ inaudible ] under attack. in washington, over >> i am as frustrated and angry as anyone. >> kathleen sebelius is taking the fall for the flawed website. >> i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about remember. >> congress targets health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. they'd like to know when she found out had major problems and who she told. derek valcourt has more, but we begin with danielle nottingham who begins with the questioning on cap doll hill. >> reporter: health and human services secretary, kathleen sebelius says computer services workers are working 24/7, to get working properly. >> you deserve better. i apologize. >> reporter: sebelius blamed the slowness on the site on problems with the server, but
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said she was ultimately responsible. >> i am as frustrated and angry as anyone. >> reporter: republicans grilled president obama's top health officials, also demanding to know why millions have been kicked off their current health plan, after the president gave assurances that would not happen. >> some bureaucrat in washington said we think your plan is not good enough, even though you like it, even though you were promised you could keep it, you're now not able to keep that plan. >> reporter: cbs news, obtained this internal government memo from september 27th. it discusses incomplete security testing on the website, but still recommends an october 1st launch. you have exposed millions of americans, because you all, according to your memo, believed it was an acceptable risk. >> reporter: secretary sebelius, says the memo is an authorization for further security testing and says all consumer information entered on the site is secure. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, danielle. complete coverage continues now
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with derek valcourt who is live in north baltimore, with more on local reaction here. >> reporter: hi. we're hearing a lot of stories from people who are having difficulty enrolling in those online website insurance programs. and so you're about to hear from one of them. a woman who says at first, she was very excited for the affordable care act and say its is not living up to her expectations. >> reporter: waitress kathy kelly, one of millions counting on the affordable care act, for health insurance that right now, she doesn't have. >> i need it. first of all, my age, i need healthcare for surgery if it comes up, or whatever might come up. i need some kind of healthcare to help me out. >> reporter: she said she was able to log into the website, but says she is still in sticker shock over the rate she was afforded and can't afford on her modest income. >> i had a $24,000 deductible. >> not the only one. glitches have forced many people to seek outside help,
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getting enrolled. small businesses like the double t diners are waiting to learn more before they explore plans for employees. >> we will be shopping when the time comes. we don't offer health insurance rates at the current time. but it's something that we will have to look into and shop. >> reporter: for now, waitress kathy kelly says she, too, will wait for improvements and changes in the website, before she decides what she'll do next. >> maybe they'll find out something i don't see or i don't know. >> and you'll hope that it helps you. >> hope that it helps me. because right now, it's not. >> reporter: officials say they are working hard to make improvements to both the state and federal health insurance website. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> derek, thank you. the white house says president obama has complete confidence in secretary sebelius. the president just wrapped up a speech in boston, defending the healthcare law. >> a washington state man pleads guilty to mailing threatening letters to lawmakers. denise has more on how a maryland senator was targeted.
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and denise has more. >> reporter: maryland senator barbara mikulski was one of several lawmakers who fell victims to 54-year-old carlson. he is accused of mailing letters to mikulski and several other lawmakers in february 2012. the letters contained white powder, causing major concerns about bioterror attacks. carlson was caught after his wife reported to police that he had laced envelopes with a mixture of corn starch and celery salt. mary? >> denise, thank you. of about 100 letters sent out, most went to u.s. senators and members of congress. wjz is following a developing story. an employee at a city school, under investigation for lacing cookies with marijuana, is arrested on gun charges. a teacher, as i should say. several students at the reach partnership school got sick last week, after eating cookies, made with marijuana. according to our media partner, the baltimore sun, while police were investigating that incident, they searched the
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home of 40-year-old clyde tatum, a convicted felon. according to charging documents, a handgun was found in his home, within reach of children. tatum is being held on $350,000 bond for being a felon in possession of a handgun. he has not been charged in the cookie incident. an investigation is under way tonight, after a man runs into traffic and is killed, following a traffic stop. this happened on i-95 north, near exit 74 in joppa. mdta police pulled the driver over for seat belt violation. they later discovered, the driver ever was breaking the rental agreement and the car would have to be impounded. that's when the driver fled into traffic and was hit. the investigation is ongoing. >> inmates running the baltimore city detention center, living the high life and making big money behind bars. the scandal drew national attention in maryland. ask now, another correctional officer enters a guilty plea. wjz is live. investigator mike hellgren has
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details. mike? >> reporter: and kai, these cases were built on extensive wire taps, now person half of the officers involved have entered guilty pleas. >> reporter: a correctional officer admitted smuggling tobacco, marijuana, and pills into the baltimore city detention center, on behalf of the violent and powerful black guerrilla family gang. kimberly dennis is now the 7th of 13 correctional officers charged in this bombshell case to enter a guilty plea, since the u.s. attorney announced indictments earlier this year. >> we need to be able to rely on people who are in law enforcement and associated with law enforcement, to make sure they're on our side and not the criminal side. >> reporter: wjz obtained dennis's guilty plea, where she admitted to having sex with gang members. easy prey for leadership who counted on corrupt officers to run a criminal empire. >> it was a strategy of bgf to identify people who they thought were weak. >> the fbi said they thought
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they would have a lookout while she had sex in a closet with a gang inmate. and they say she hoped to earn up to $2,000 a week, smuggling contraband into the jail. >> reporter: bgf started in california, and later hit it big in maryland, becoming the largest prison gang, distributing a book, and quickly developing a network, selling drugs behind bars, where one of the gang's king pins made more than $15,000 a month. critics wonder how this was allowed to happen. >> it looks like the rot is pretty longstanding and deep. >> those indictments are a direct result of our efforts. >> reporter: one by one, the government is gaining guilty pleas from indicted officers. who will be next to fall? >> reporter: and the latest will have to forfeit any ill- gotten gains. she does face jail time. her lawyer d not returnure -- did not return our call, seeking comment. those in charge of the
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state's prisons have implemented new screening and safety procedures as they work to crack down on corruption. >> just days after being jailed in washington, d.c. for punching a man in the nose, r&b singer, chris brown meets with his probation officer. brown got approval before heading off to rehab. a move his lawyer says was entirely his call. the rehab stint allegedly had no end date. brown spent the night in jail, after getting in a fight at the w hotel in d.c., early sunday morning. another mild day around baltimore. just in time for halloween. outside right now, the sun is trying to peek through the clouds as it begins to set. bob turk is in the first warning weather center, updating current conditions. >> actually, looks like we're going to start seeing some fog this evening. if you're heading out, could be some fog in some areas. a little morning rain gave way to a good deal of sunshine. but the air is rather moist. and the humidity is up. dew point up to 55. temperature at 62 now. 64 in d.c. 62 in ocean city. and 54 in oakland. this morning, with a little
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rain, we're at 44 degrees. warm 53 this morning in d.c. and 44 down in ocean city. now, during the day tomorrow, we'll have a breezy afternoon. clouds and sunshine. but temperatures up into the low 70s. it looks like the rain out to the west with the breezes will probably not get here until well after midnight. and duh the morning on friday -- during the morning friday, breezy but damp. before it clears out. mary? >> thank you. a roster shakeup as they hit the practice field for sunday's game in cleveland. wjz is live at the ravens' training facility in owings mills. sports director mark viviano has more for us. mark? >> reporter: well, mary, just last week, coach john harbaugh threatened to cut players, if that's what it takes to make the team better. and today, he did just that. as veteran defensive players, marcus spears and mark huff are both let go. ravens are hoping for a fresh start after their bye week. and they believed that as the weather turns cooler, they're
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going to heat up. >> reporter: back to work, after a bye week. extra time to ponder a 3-4 record. a losing mark doesn't sit well with the super bowl champions. and they're focused on fixing it, start sunday at cleveland. >> we know --ee we know what time of year it is. you know. i think coach harbaugh will tell you, we built this team on november and december football, on to obviously have a chance to play in january. >> the sky is the limit for us. you can see across our roster, the guys that we have, you know, we gotta make that jump. it's now or never. >> it's the second half of the season. it's our opportunity to become what we're going to become as a football team. we're always chasing that. we're not going to be perfect on sunday. but we need to be our best right now. and hope that that will be good enough. but i real believe we can be a great football team. >> in the six seasons that john harbaugh has been the head coach, this is the latest in the seasons that the ravens have had a losing record. and they returned from the bye,
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after losing their last two games. >> after a loss, you're always, you know, eager to get back out in the field. but i think our -- i think our outlook on things is pretty good. and we're just excited to get back out there. just like we are every week. >> reporter: now, all 53 players on the ravens' roster participated in practice today, as john harbaugh proclaimed the team at its healthiest all year. we'll have more team reaction to the release of marcus spears and michael huff, coming up next hour. back to you for now. >> all right, mark. thank you. and remember, you can see the game against the browns sunday afternoon at 4:15, live here on wjz. >> being on the practice squad may not sound like a glamorous job. but roster changes and all of a sudden, you're up. you have the opportunity. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. more spying allegations. the latest twist in the growing espionage confrontation hits the vatican. the incredible details coming up. keeping the private
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pictures private. i'm pat warren. coming up, a move to prosecute people who post other people's explicit images online. there's a new way to fight alcohol abuse on college campuses. i'm linh bui. coming up on wjz, maryland schools get together to end excessive drinking. a really beautiful day out there today. and we'll give you the forecast for halloween, coming up in the first warning weather forecast with bob. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is partly sunny. 62 degrees in central maryland now. the complete first warning forecast is coming up. it is a problem on college campuses across the country. alcohol abuse. but maryland colleges are now coming together to fight excessive drinking.
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wjz is live. linh bui is live to explain this collaboration. linh? >> the idea is universities can accomplish more if they work together and with community warns. >> reporter: it's comm common on almost every campus. >> people drink in college. >> take a load off and have a few beers or drinks. >> reporter: but excessive drinking is a major problem. in maryland, one in five college students shows signs of alcohol abuse. >> you will always have cases of excessive drinking. >> now there is a new initiative called the maryland collaborative. bringing several universities together. >> alcohol has gotten to be too much of the college experience, when we're seeing 1800 deaths a year, 600,000 unintentional injuries, close to 100,000 rapes and sexual assaults. the collaborative just released a report on college drinking in the state. most maryland universities have alcohol education and basic training. but this collaborative takes it
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a step further. >> reporter: schools will develop multilevel intervention. targeting parents, students and the surrounding area. >> colleges don't exist in bubbles. you gotta work with communities to reduce the level of risk from alcohol use. >> the collaborative will provide approximately health expertise and assess which strategy will work best for campus. >> college drinking will go on. we can't make that go away. however, we can do things to help students function in an environment in which underaged drinking is going to happen. >> reporter: the collaborative will also host intensive training sessions. the next one is scheduled for early november. reporting live for wjz, linh bui, wjz eyewitness news. >> they host the collaborative. nearly a dozen other colleges participate. if you're waiting for somebody to get home from work, let's check in on our roads right now, here's kristy breslin at wjz traffic control.
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>> hi, mary. hi, everyone. we're dealing with a lot of accidents this rush hour. watch for a crash there at 197, blocking the two left-hand lanes. others include oak wood, washington boulevard at ridge road and howard county. and also, the accident cleanup continues in the city for north charles street at gatehouse drive. as far as delays, no improvement whatsoever. the top side of the inner loop, very slow there from the jones falls expressway to bel air road. on the west side inner loop, plenty of brake lights there from southwestern boulevard to liberty road. quite a backup on 70 westbound, beginning at the best -- beltway, going to marriottsville road. and also, watch for congestion as well, northbound 95 from 32 to 195. let's now take a live look. you can see, things are easing up on the beltway there, just a bit there. this traffic report is brought to you by disney on ice. let's celebrate all of your favorite holidays, packed into one spectacular ice show. baltimore arena, now through
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the 3rd. and tickets start at $15. >> kristy, thank you. we have an update on the lion cubs born at the maryland zoo earlier this month. the cubs are now 26 days old. and their eyes are completely open. they're growing quickly and showing interest in playing with each other, a good developmental sign. in a few weeks, the zoo will seek the public's help, naming the cubs. any suggestions? >> cute ask cuter? >> chicago cubs. get it? >> yeah. let's take a look at temps around the region. right now, a little on the humid side. yeah. 77% humidity. east/southeast winds at 9. at 62 degrees. it's going to be a mild night. and a very mild halloween. forecast right after this. my budget and i are good,
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shop with low monthly payments. they've got over 30,000 products from brands like dyson, sony, dewalt. all you gotta do is click on over to and get the credit you deserve to get all kinds of great stuff. (al's budget) juice! stir a live look outside, from sky eye chopper 13, looking good. >> mild. mild, very mild night. very warm halloween this year. >> great. >> sometimes, it can snow on halloween, but not this year. it's going to be very mild, up and down the east coast, way above normal temperatures, at least for a couple of days. right now, we're at 62 degrees. to the west of us, 66 now in hagerstown.
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and a lot more sunshine. just west of us. 64 in d.c. lower eastern shores in the 60s. we have a bit of a breeze coming off the atlantic ocean. keeping us very moist. dew point is pretty high. 55. compared to the temperature. the closer those two things are, the more moist the atmosphere is. later tonight, expect the dew point to get up maybe low to mid-50s. there will probably be some fog forming in some locations overnight. right now, 64 in westminster. and 60 in annapolis. right now, east winds around 9 miles an hour. tomorrow, the winds come out of the south. that brings in very, very mild air, out to the west of us, right now, chicago, 59. 75, memphis. 74, atlanta. and 68, kansas city. there's warm air just southwest of us. detroit is at 60. here in the east, that warm air comes up the east coast, while to the west, it's a boundary line, right through there. that's where the chilly air is. that's moving into this warm --
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rather moist atmosphere. shower activity is breaking out. particularly over the ohio valley and mississippi valley. up towards chicago root now. low pressure still spinning up there. but that low is going to pass well to our north and northwest. however, that front will approach us with some showers, but not until very late tomorrow night. probably after midnight. and during the morning on friday, with the winds out of the south. breezy and mild. but those showers will be around. warmer day tomorrow. and warm on friday before the front comes through, clears things out. probably about 3:00, 4:00, friday afternoon. the sun will come back out again. it will be breezy. but eventually somewhat cooler air coming in after halloween. that's one big pumpkin. covers the entire state of ohio. can you believe that? all right. let's take a look at the forecast for the winds on the bay. 10 to 15. through friday. sunrise at 7:43. setsa the 6:07. if you're heading out with the kids, it will be dark a little
5:25 pm
after 6:00. bay temp around 59 degrees. tonight, then, let's call it 53, but a mild night with fog in some areas. tomorrow, back up to 72. breezy, warm day. clouds and a little sun. rain late, late, late tomorrow night into friday, early afternoon. >> after all the ghosts and goblins are inside in bed. thanks, bob. still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 5:00. navy yard investigation. where security guards. were they properly prepared? the finger pointing following a deadly rampage. a man known as the dive and dasher is up to it again in baltimore city. i'm rochelle ritchie. how he gets out of his cabs will shock you. that story is next. coming up next on wjz, what tony sera gussa is doing in world champion lacrosse player paul raible's kitchen. what are you doing here? >> we're putting light fixtures in. >> all part of man caves. we'll give you a sneak preview
5:26 pm
when we come back. here's today's report from wall street. ,,,,,,
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it's 5:28. 62 degrees and partly sunny in central maryland. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. they call him the dine-and- dasher. a man is in jail tonight, for scheming baltimore restaurants out of hundreds of dollars. police say he does the unthinkable, to get out of paying his tab. wjz is live at the inner
5:29 pm
harbor. rochelle ritchie is there and has more on the crime. >> reporter: police say he has been doing this for three years. he falls out, fakes a seizure, all to avoid paying for his food. >> reporter: baltimore city police have dubbed him the dine and dasher. but his real name is andrew palmer. he likes a good meal, but doesn't like footing the bill. >> we've had a number of incidents, involving a fraud scheme, where an individual pretended to be ill not to pay for his food. >> he ordered pizza. >> we were getting the money together to bring up to the office. and he had no money to pay his bill. it was a $50 tab. >> reporter: once the bill came, the manager said that he told her a sob story, about how three men rob -- robbed him
5:30 pm
before he came into the restaurant. >> and knowingly came and ordered without having any money. >> police say the upscale steakhouse, sullivan's lost out on more than $50 after palmer collapsed onto the ground, to pretend having a seizure, to avoid paying for his four blue moons, one chicken picata, one split lobster, one rib eye steak, a strawberry blond, and cup of coffee, costing more than $160. paramedics were called to the restaurant. police say he was taken to the hospital, where doctors found no evidence of a seizure. restaurant managers say when businesses are stiffed, the servers end up losing, too. >> sometimes when a table walks out on their bill, the server ends up having to pick up the tab. >> reporter: palmer has been found guilty of petty theft at least eight times. he is now behind bars. his meal there is coming with a $1500 bail.
5:31 pm
we're live tonight, i'm rochelle ritchie, wjz eyewitness news. >> rochelle, thank you. many of palmers cases involve theft, under $100, which carries a light penalty, and in some cases, little to no jail time. a new report says ifed security guards are not trained for situations like the deadly navy yard shooting. vic has are more on the new report. >> reporter: the new report says contract guards who protect federal buildings receive uneven and consistent training in responding to shootings. in september, the massacre at the navy yard left 13 people dead, including the gunman. the gunman worked in one of the buildings there. the report says five security companies say their guards have not received proper training on what to do when a gunman opens fire. the report was presented at a house subcommittee hearing on securing facility facilities. mary, back to you. >> investigators believe the navy yard gunman was suffering from psychiatric problems. the widow of the nevada middle schoolteacher, who gave his own life to save others, speaks out for the first time.
5:32 pm
last week, sharon lansbury's husband michael was killed in a shooting at sparks middle school. he died trying to convince a 12- year-old boy to drop his weapon. lansbury had a feeling michael, a marine, and nevada air national guardsman had stepped in. >> i knew exactly what he did. i knew that he stopped it. he wouldn't want me to be angry. there's no reason to be angry. we lived a good life. >> reporter: the 12-year-old shot and killed the popular math teacher, wounded two classmates before killing himself. on sunday, michael will receive a 21-gun salute, as family and friends celebrate his life. people who post explicilate pictures of their ex-lovers on the internet, could soon face consequences. it's called revenge porn. and the bill coming up in the maryland general assembly next year make its a felony. political reporter pat warren has more on what is considered cyber sexual harassment. >> ann marie shariny became a
5:33 pm
victim of revenge porn when nude pictures showed up on a website. >> i did have a suicide attempt twice. and the second time, i felt so helpless and hope will. i felt like, this is my life and there was no escaping this. it has taken me a long time to recover from that. >> reporter: maryland is one of a number of states now addressing revenge porn. >> this is about people exposing others, putting others in harm's way, jeopardizing their reppation. >> the bill makes it a felony to post sexually explicit photos of a person without their consent cent. wjz continues to track the balance. this year, the general assembly passed grace's law, to protect minors from cyber bullying. in another development, facebook will take down posts
5:34 pm
considered damaging to students. and marie is now an advocate. >> the damages can be severe. but we have to stand strong and more importantly stand together. >> the penalty would be up to five years in prison. and andip to $too -- up to $5,000 fine. >> new jersey and california have enacted laws crning re -- concerning revenge porn. others are looking into it. vatican is nonot worrying about reports that they spied on cardinals. the national security agency listened to calls in and out of the vatican. this comes as spain's prime minister joins a growing list of those who are agery. police are asking for your help in finding a man who stole
5:35 pm
a package and assaulted a teen. it happened in edgewater. police say a 15-year-old male observed a suspect stealing a fedex package from the front steps of his own home. the teen chased the suspect and pulled out a knife and attempted to cut the teen. then the suspect fled the scene. anyone with information is urged to contact police. overcrowding overall. and they roll out an aggressive plan to relieve overcrowding. it comes with air conditioners. an upgrade they protested for. >> reporter: enough elbow room to learn. there is no overcrowding here. but the mag net school doesn't have air conditions. and parents say the warmer months are brutal. >> it's very muggy, makes them feel sluggish. >> reporter: the school is on a long list of those californiaed
5:36 pm
to receive funding. the school voteed on a plan to move some to other sites and build additions to others. student students were moved to the old loch raven facility. after construction, there will be room for at least 500 students. parents have asked for the renovations for years. >> brand-new school equals brand new start. new kids, friends. >> our kids are going to get such an amazing opportunity. >> they say the new buildings are slated for state of the art technology. while the plan isn't approved just yet, she says she is ready for the upgrade. >> just moving us over there, it's just going to take us to the luxury neville. a long-time coming for parents parents and teachers there. teachers protested in may because that school lacked air conditioning. it was built in 1951. that building will get a new building, with room for 700 700
5:37 pm
opportunity students. -- students. >> all projects are set for completion in the 2016-2017 school year. time for a look at the baltimore sun. six months after the city took its speed camera offline, the system is still not working. more and more holiday partygoers these days are turning to professional makeup artists. and more to make room for two practice squad players who are expected to contribute immediately. for all of these stories and a whole lot more, read the baltimore sun. remember to look for the wjz firstwarning weather team. guys, listen up. if you ever dreamed of having your own man cave, listen to this. paul raible's entire basement is getting a makeover. jessica kartalija reports, it's all part of the hit show, man caves. jason cameron and his crew
5:38 pm
are used to tight deadlines. >> it's normally the small detail things that kill ow time. >> reporter: he and former raven tony tony sirra gussa transtorm basements on the hit show. for three days, they have taken over world champion lacrosse player paul raible's home in baltimore city. >> i walked down there. >> had it been tempting? >> of course. >> with tight security and a basement offlimits to everyone but the crew, the professional lacrosse player and hopkins grad has no idea what his man cave will look like. >> it's a mix of all of those things he loves. that's what a man cave really is. it's a guy's space. >> what are you looking forward to seeing the most down there? >> i mean, i'm a huge plan of the show. bar is always awesome. >> reporter: for sera gussa, it's good to be back in baltimore, where he played for the ravens when they won their first super bowl.
5:39 pm
>> when ii get an opportunity to come back. they told me, paul raible, big fan. >> reporter: well, raible and his fiance kelly have been confined to certain rooms in their house, he says the entire process has been a blast and great for promote being lacrosse. >> great exposure for the sport. shows that people are continuing to look to see the next lacrosse thing to show. and man caves is another one. >> reporter: paul raible's man cave marks the 150th of the episodes on the diy network. in baltimore city, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> the episode will air on the diy network coming up in the future. right now, some maryland students are enjoying a day at the white house with the first lady for the annual hall harv -- fall harvest. the first lady is promoting marketing healthy food to kids. the white house honored schools that offer healthy snack options for students. afterwards, they did some gardening, which you know mrs.
5:40 pm
obama loves to do. >> you think it sunk in with them that they're at the white house with the first lady? or you think it will hit them later? >> i think it sunk in right away. probably going through security and such. >> probably. still ahead on eyewitness news. a high-speed chase ends with an horrific crash. the familiar video and suspect police are familiar with. bob turk. a warm end to the week. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. warning five-day forecast. we'll be right back. ,,
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5:43 pm
we have clouds that moved in. and fog in some areas. already seeing a little haze out there. moisture has increased, yes. tomorrow morning. will probably see some fog when you start out. but it will be very, very mild. mid-50s to 60s. eventually into the low 70s. but it looks like any rain tomorrow doesn't really get here until well after midnight, well after the trick or treaters are asleep in their nice little comfortable beds. 74 on friday. showers until about noon or 1:00. and it will be windy. 50 on friday night, as it clears out sometime in the afternoon.
5:44 pm
for the weekend, gradually cooling down. 66, sun and clouds on saturday. 56 sunday. and 54 monday. mary? >> all right, bob. thank you. a car flies right into a police car's windshield. and it is all caught on camera. >> milwaukee police say the suspect is a repeat drunk driver. a deputy was pursuing the car, driving the wrong way on the expressway when the driver lost control. they were reaching speeds of up to 110 miles an hour. as a result, the driver is now charged with his third dui. he posted bond and has been released, pending trial. >> police in colorado are on the hunt for a man they're calling a predator. they say the man broke into an 8-year-old girl's bedroom and tried to drag her to his car. she fought back. and police say it saved her life. miguel marquez has more on what happened and the search. >> reporter: terrifying moments for an 8-year-old girl in
5:45 pm
aurora, colorado. >> looks like an unknown party came in through the daughter's bedroom window. >> just after midnight. >> we don the light was on in the bedroom. it might be possible for the predator to look inside and see the child, which in some ways makes it even more chilling. >> reporter: the man ripped the screen off the window other grabbed her as she laid in bed. pulled her through the open window. forced her toward a dark alley, toward his car. >> this young girl immediately cried out. immediately put up a fuss and a struggle. and who knows if that might have saved hear life. >> her cries and struggle, enough. alerting her father and mother, escaping her captor and into her father's arms. the suspect only catching a glimpse of what appeared to be a new silver bmw, driving away. now, an entire city on alert. >> part of the reason for this press conference is to alert the entire denver metro area, that this predator was on the loose. >> the girl was able to help investigators draw up a sketch.
5:46 pm
white man, blond hair, black coat, smelling of cigarettes. the reward for his capture, now doubled to $20,000. >> the child's grandmother said another child was in the room at the time but was asleep. a rabbi in beverly hills is arrested and faces charges of child sexual abuse. authorities are acting on a warrant issued in new york, charging the rabbi with criminal sexual acts. according to jewish community watch, an organization that focuses on child abuse prevention, the charges go back to the mid-1990s and as recently as 2004. the watch dog group reports, four men say they were molested by the rabbi. he's still in jail in los angeles but is expected to be extradited to new york this week. a new york bus driver stops midroute, hoping to save a woman from making a terrible mistake. >> reporter: ma'am, are you okay? >> bus surveillance video caught the woman standing on the ledge of a buffalo
5:47 pm
expressway. that's when the driver, darnell barton, stopped the bus to check things out. >> she was distraught. she was distant. really disconnected. >> i grabbed her and i -- grabbed her arm and put my arm around her. and i said, do you want to come on this side of the guardrail? and that was actually the first time she actually spoke to me. she said, yes. >> i love darnell. he said it was fate, that he was supposed to be there to help this woman. the bus was filled with mostly high school students who applauded when he got back on the bus. and the woman is okay. >> wow. >> costumes, candy, parties and decorations, and much more. all part of baltimore's halloween celebration. ron matz has more on what people will be wearing for one of the most popular days of the year. >> the faces of halloween. from spooky to sexy. artistic costumes in towson has them all. >> they have a disco booth.
5:48 pm
probably a disco lady. >> do you have any idea what you might dress up as? >> i'm always a witch. it's my alter ego. >> game of thrones. >> tv shows are popular. duck dynasty is red hot. folks just want to celebrate. >> whenever there is a recession or down time, people still spend their money to party for halloween. it's their one day to, like, get out and spend money and have fun. >> this year, haley jones is going to a party. >> well, usually, i really don't really dress up. if i do, i'll take out my little cousins to go trick-or- treating. >> reporter: from super heroes to wigs and plenty of makeup, it's time to get your halloween on. >> my young neighbor next door asked his father if hippies were extinct? so i decided to show him that there is actually an elderly hippy living next door to him. >> reporter: from the hip to the hippy, just let your hair down. >> just for fun on halloween. because halloween, all barriers and boundaries are let down.
5:49 pm
ask it's a time to prank and be funny. >> it's either howard stern or i don't know, maybe blaze star, but i don't know. [ laughter ] but it's you. [ laughter ] >> ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> retailers estimate americans will spend about $7.6 billion on halloween this year. the average celebrant will shell out just over $75. >> if ron had a sister, we would know what she looked like. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00, for all new stories coming up, denise is in the newsroom with a preview for us. denise? tough questions, frank answers. the hhs secretary, grilled on capitol hill about the website. her frank answer to congress about the widespread problems. and... also ahead. beautiful shorelines. it's what makes maryland so special. but are shores in jeopardy? >> thousands of miles of coastlines are shrinking. >> dozens of islands are diss
5:50 pm
appearing. >> why is maryland so vulnerable? tonight, it's wjz. next. check in with eyewitness news coming up all new at ix:00. now, back to mary. denise, thank you. the late beatle john lennon's home is solda at auction, raking in nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars. it went up at the famous cavern club, where the beetle beatles played hundreds of times in their early career. the price started much lower, but i a bidding war kept it going up. and expil to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. i'm just telling her, please don't let me g. two victims of the north carolina state fair tell the ,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 pm
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new accounts of what happened at the north carolina state fair continues to emerge this evening. two students who were on the vortex ride when it started to back up are now sharing their
5:54 pm
stories. bo minic has more. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a fun night at the fair. but for chardonnay patterson and callia donaldson, they ended up hanging on literally for dear life. >> i tried not to scream because i felt like screaming would have made it worse. >> reporter: the two are students at louisberg state college. they went to the fair thursday night and had ridden the vortex earlier that same night. after riding it a second time, donaldson had trouble getting out of her harness. >> it released but couldn't get to the last quick. i tried to push my way out of it and it didn't let me. >> reporter: after the ride was stoped and people are starting to get off, the ride started up again. donaldson was partially harnessed and patterson had no harness on at all. >> my eyes were closed the whole time, but next thing i know, people were laying down unconscious. >> reporter: witnesses say the ride went 30 feet into the air, flipping upside down and leaving patterson with nothing
5:55 pm
to do but hold on. >> i'm telling her not to let me fall. >> the two managed not to fall. they had bruises and injured shoulder. but they realized for five others it was much worse. they also realized the ride operator, timothy tutoro, is now facing charges, accused of tamplering with the safety devices. >> he should be held responsible for that. he was in control of it. >> whatever he gets, he deserves. because he hurt five people. a lot of people were in emotional dress. that was a wrong, meanful thing to do. >> reporter: patterson guesses, she had to hang on for 30 seconds to a minute. she said being an athlete helps her to hang on. >> crazy. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. money, sex and power. i'm mike hellgren, and i'll tell you what happened at yet another former correction officer, here at the baltimore city detention center. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new passat,
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coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 6:00. contraband and sex. wjz investigates the latest guilty plea in the city jail scandal. a man known as the dine and dasher is up to it again in baltimore city. i'm rochelle ritchie. how he gets out of his tabs will shock you. that story is next. the ravens say their play- off push starts now. i'm mark viviano, in owings mills. what the team is saying about resuming the rest of the season, when eyewitness news continues.
5:59 pm
system down again? the healthcare website crashes, while the woman in charge is grilled on capitol hill. her answers to frustrated americans. >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. sire money -- money, power. >> how a violent gang, infill freight --in filtrated the prison. >> inmates, running the baltimore city detention center, living the high life, making big money behind bars. the scandal drew national attention in maryland. now, another officer enters a guilty plea. wjz is live. investigator mike he


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