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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  November 1, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it is the top of the hour on a purple friday. it's also a warm, windy and wet start to the week's end. apparently the weather is only just beginning. sharon has the rush after marty's first warning weather. >> the weather has been ongoing since 9:00 last night. we had shower activity during the early bedtime hours through about 2:00 a.m. and then a break in the action. now we're seeing more light shower activity come in just in time for the morning rush. what we really want to talk about is severe weather and severe weather alert out to our west. you get the big broad view of this you can see that this leading edge of this big front cold front that we've been talking about for the past couple of days. now, having said that we have severe thunderstorm watches in effect as close in as frederick and
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carroll county until 10:00 and severe thunderstorm watches in effect for allegheny, washington counties and york county in washington pennsylvania. that is way in advance. that's indication that smart minds are thinking this line of thunderstorms are staying in tact as it moves across the mountains. it certainly isn't impossible that between now and lunchtime we get potentially gusty weather through our neighborhoods locally and even up the 95 corridor. it's 72 on tv hill, really warm. that 72 is 15 warmer than this time yesterday. i think we'll hit our daytime high before lunch and then temperatures falling rapidly through the afternoon with clearing skies and windy conditions. don, take it away. >> thank you. how about the rainy rush hour? here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> good morning.
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the rainy rush hour is startingo have a couple of problems, including debris in two spots. first on the beltway on the outer loop on the northwest side at 795, then on the inner loop on the east side of the beltway at the key bridge. an accident route 91, gamble road just north of deer park road a accident involving three vehicles. a disabled vehicle in columbia on columbia gateway drive at robert fulton drive. if you're headed out on the beltway starting to see minor delays on the west side. 53 is your average. 95 southbound still at full speed. that's a look at 95 at 175. there's a look at the topside of the beltway at putty hill avenue. here's don. >> thank you. we'll stay with the transportation theme for a moment. airline passengers will soon will able to stay plugged in throughout their flight.
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the faa has deemed electronic devices during take off and landing. here is christie illeto with the latest. >> any electronics with a switch we ask that you turn them off. >> thursday the faa said staying connected is about to get easier. >> airlines can safely expand passenger use of portable electronic devices during all phases of flight. >> as long as devices are in airplane mode passengers with read, listen to music and watch videos. they still can't make calls or send texts. until now mobile devices couldn't be used until planes rose above 10,000 feet. >> why have it so serious for so long and then loosen up now? >> the faa has planned that using a electronic device poses safety threat and imposes with communication why change now? >> most commercial airplanes
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can tolerate interference. >> cases with low visibility you will be asked to turn off your device. >> i always believed that it was silly that we couldn't use our phones because they localized the circuit so it shouldn't interrupt communication with the pilot. i'm happy to see that someone else agrees. >> before airlines eases the rules it has to show the faa its planes can withstand the interference. >> flight attendants won't be seeing if your stuff is in airplane mode so passengers have to do their part. >> it is still unclear how many airlines will start following the faa rule in time for the upcoming holiday travel season. a masked man opens fire killing one person on halloween night. it was just before 8:00 anne arundel county police responded to a shooting in the 7400-block of railroad avenue in harmons. 44-year-old rene arkels was shot and later died at the hospital. police are searching for who shot him.
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>> also we're trying to find out exactly why these men were in this parking lot. this is a secluded industrial-type area and we believe this is a targeted incident, don't believe it to be a random act. >> police believe this may have been some sort of robbery or robbery attempt. anyone with information is urged call police. the family of a man who died in baltimore city police custody are demanding millions of dollars in damages. mike schuh is live outside city police head quarters. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it it has been more than a year since anthony anderson died while in police custody. now his family is officially saying that they crossed the line. >> read this multimillion dollar lawsuit and it contends that 46-year-old anthony anderson died from police brutality. we spoke with his family's lawyer. >> they want to be able to put this matter to rest. obviously
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more than anything else they want justice for their son, their father, anthony anderson. >> it's september 2012 police confront anderson in east baltimore suspecting a drug deal. officers say anderson refused to follow orders and put drug in his mouth. an officer bear hugged anderson and talked him to the ground. family members say it happen. >> i saw them kick him, throw him to the ground >> the medical examiner ruled it a homicide. anderson's family was outraged. >> we do not have a problem with the baltimore city police department. we have a problem for officers that take their job and think they're above the law. >> this lawsuit names the detectives involved in the arrest and the baltimore city
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police department. the 86-page complaint alleging officers handcuffed anderson then kicked him in the ribs, stomach, back and chest for several minutes maliciously for the purpose of causing harm. the family wants their loss to spur changes in the police department. >> there's not discipline. there's no accountability. thed to train and failed to super vie super -- supervise. >> reporter: city police have declined to comment on this lawsuit. i'm mike schuh reporting live. back to you. >> thank you. you're re call after anderson's death there were rallies marches. more than a dozen nfl players include, ray lewis is suing a bank for $60 billion. bbt bank allowed a financial firm to open accounts in lewis's and 16 other players names and make unauthorized investments. that firm is now banned from the
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investment industry. in the suit leis claims he lost $4 million. americans who rely on food stamps will see a change in their benefits. the average benefit per person is a little over $133 a month. that's about to be reduced. that means on average a family of four receiving food stamps will get $36 less a month. the cuts will save the federal government $5 billion. some people may be waking up with a stomach ache or sugar buzz from all that halloween candy. the holiday isn't just about tricks and treats at your front door, it means big money for retailers. here is kai jackson to explain, it's now a multibillion dollar industry. >> halloween rolls in and the trick-or-treaters roll out looking for sweets. candy isn't the only thing up for grabs. >> a lot of people celebrating at the houses, cross street
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market. that was quite fun. >> i got gummies. >> halloween has become a one-day financial jugger knot in the united states. $2.6 billion goes towards costumes and $300 million is spent on pets. >> at a business called dog style on light street in federal hill pets with best. from pet treats to every imaginable kind of costume, this is one of many many businesses like bars and restaurants poised to make a killing on halloween. >> i think i sold more costumes this year than in the past. >> while kids are out with halloween bags the real treats might go to businesses who make money on this day. >> we're here celebrating halloween. >> whether you're a meteorologist who thinks he's batman or a woman slightly dressed up as a cat, at the end of the day it all adds up. >> how much candy did you get? >> a lot.
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>> are your parents going to let you eat all that candy? >> yes. >> even though $6.9 billion is a lot of money americans spent more money on halloween last year with a whooping $8 billion. by the way, our presence here tonight is compliments of bob hosier. i'm kai jackson reports. back to you. >> thank you. it is estimated 158 million americans celebrated halloween last night. the ravens will be in cleveland this weekend with the browns after their bye week. even though they have beaten the browns 11 straight times that doesn't mean sunday is going to be easy. earlier this season the browns came to town and had the ravens down before a close rally produced a ravens win. the ravens expect a closely contested game in cleveland this sunday. don't forget you can see that game this sunday afternoon at 4:15 live right here on wjz 13. >> game takes on additive importance as the bengals lost
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in over time to the fish on a safety. bengals have the ball like on their five yard line, let's say. ball is snapped, the offensive line collapses, the dolphins get the quarterback in the end zone, safety. the bengals went down last night. that's a huge, huge victory for the ravens. we need to take care of the browns, then the bengals. it is what it is. starting to get real interestink s. real interesting. let's take a look at first warning doppler weather radar. we have got gar -- garden variety showers now. 72 degrees now. the high is going to be 74. we will have hit our
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daytime high by lunch. through the afternoon skies clearing, very windy at times as this new cold air mass comes screeching across the state. the warnings out right now are now confined to washington county until 6:30. they have been dropped for garrett and allegheny. york, pa, you have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for the next couple of hours too. the watches extend as far east as carroll county. what we have right now immediately in the local is the calm before the storm. literally. all right. ron, good morning. how are you? very busy today. >> reporter: yeah. it's a greek purple friday. how is that? >> works. >> reporter: yes, it does. the 42nd annual greek festival coming up. it starts today at
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thanks for being with us. we have shower activity locally, we have got -- we talked about that before the break, potential severe weather out west. it's a big, big line of showers and thunderstorms, it must cover a couple hundred miles that's the leading edge of a big cold front coming in here that's going to change our weather. right now 71, 70% humidity, barometer is 29.60. oakland where that front is passing 68, 70 easton, 71 pax river, 71 on tv hill, 66 westminster, 63 bel air, 71 columbia, annapolis and kent
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island, 68 in rock hall. this has been a very, very interesting 36 hours for weather. this weather system has brought severe weather to 18 or 19 states as we end october and start november. now this front is going to get through our region and here comes a hit of colder air. 75 is going to be the high early on today. 48 over night, clearing skies. tomorrow partly sunny, windy, 66 degrees. 53 sunday, over night 29. there's a wow factor. 49 monday, 33 over night. 57 tuesday, 44 over night. finally back to 68 degrees on wednesday. we're getting into this, you know, fall roller coaster of temperatures. this is going to get your attention. 29, 49, 33. don, take it away. >> thank yu . worried about problems on the wet pavement? here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> we have a whole list of them. first we're going to
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start with debris. 795 on the northwest side. route 91 shut down north of deer park road. an accident involving three vehicles, medivac on the ground. disabled vehicle at columbia gateway drive at robert fulton drive. a new accident on annapolis road at charter oaks drive. delays on the west side. 50 is your average on the outer loop. 95 southbound still at full speed. that's a look at the topside of the beltway at putty hill avenue. keep in mind the roads are wet this morning. now is the time to find a great deal on a toyota at let's go places. marty and don, back over to you guys. before we get to ron i need to bring in first warning doppler weather radar. as i was ending that weather forecast and walking over here we now have a
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severe thunderstorm warning in effect for frederick county, which will last until about 7:00. so you got to think to yourself, it's only a matter of time before carroll county's watch becomes a warning. york pa, we've been informed it's going to be a 6:30 severe thunderstorm warning in effect. frederick county 7:00 you're under is severe thunderstorm warning. ron, take it away. good morning. >> reporter: thanks. we know we got a lot of weather. happy birthday to camilla, she'a student at perry hall middle school. geek festival this weekend, 42nd annual. it starts today. >> it starts today for lunch so come on down. it's free all weekend, friday, saturday and sunday. this is the festival where all the food is homemade. >> reporter: it starts today
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and goes three days. tell us about the entertainment. >> we will have dancers all weekend long. this is an award winning dance troop. many other ones also. it's family friend, fun and also there's free parking. if you go to you can see all the area lots where you can park. we have tours, all sorts of fun stuff. >> reporter: you can tour the cathedral. >> we have silent auctions for ravens items and orioles. >> reporter: listen to this, big screen tv will be up for the ravens game that you can see right here on wjz at 4:30 on sunday. ravens and the browns. the ravens are going to take care of business. gail, let's talk a little bit about this food we have here. >> sure. we have wonderful greek pastriee were all homemade by the people of the church. these are christy fried dough. everything will be
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available at this festival starting friday. >> reporter: hold that micro phone for a second. >> i will. do you want to go dance? all rit . go ron. yes, ron. it's like doing the horror, right? >> reporter: i think i pulled a hamstring. all right. gail, thank you very much. >> thank you so much. see everybody down here this we. >> reporter: don't forget to fall back one hour saturday night. we will see you monday in fells point from a frantic friday to a manic monday. >> thank you. we're taking a break and will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 25 past 6:00. long lost pieces of history are in baltimore city. the kinsey collection reveals new details about the rich history of african americans. it's now on display at the reginald f. lewis museum. >> a crowd gathers to take a history course. >> we have collaborated with kinsey family. >> the people behind the collection bernard kinsey. >> when you come you have this connection. >> for several years the kinsey
6:26 am
family has gone across the world collecting lost pieces of time to bring to light the struggles and successes of african americans. >> we were not supposed to be in the story. when you find us not record it finds it more valuable. >> the collection showcases art that's never been seen in person, books from the 17th century, shackles that imprisonened a female slave and letters. the decision to go on a treasure hunt started with a home work assignment. >> typical family history report. family tree, whatnot. the only difference is that my classmates could go back a lot further in their lineage than i could. >> the family together set out an an unforgettable journey that's made its way to charm city. >> to see the artifacts is what blows it away. >> she said it's time for the
6:27 am
education system to revamp its history lesson. >> i think they should go to more museums like this. they don't go on that many field trips. they should go to places like this that would really help them. >> rochelle richie, wjz eyewitness news. >> that collection will be on display here until march the 2nd. next up this morning right here on wjz. >> cbs news obtained early enrollment figures for i'm susan mcginnis in washington. coming up, numbers the government has refused to reveal. good morning. the family of a man killed during a city drug stop is now suing police. i'm mike schuh, a live report next. the wet roads seem to be causing some big problems this morning. we'll go down the list of problems in just a few. sandra saint vicor is making the leap leap forefront talking
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it is the bottom of the hour on a purple friday. it is warm, windy and wet outside and there's more rain coming. sharon will have the rush after marty's first warning weather. we have a ton to talk about. hang with me just one second. we keep getting updates as we speak. we now have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect as close in frederick county now. washington county a severe thunderstorm warning in effect. washington county has been extended out until 7:00. 6:30, 7:00 hagerstown you've going to get a severe thunderstorm. the white you see is carroll county under is severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00. the common sense says as this line of storms moving east that become a warning before not too long. i can see watches being extended out across the state.
6:32 am
above the mason dixon line, york, pennsylvania you're into a severe thunderstorm warning and that's going to be in effect until 7:30. it's a potent weather system moving our way. let me show you how potent it is. it's 50 degrees where this front has passed. it's 71 where it has not on tv hill, 17 warmer than this time yesterday. 74 degrees is going to be the high. that's going to happen within the next couple of hours. through the afternoon, clearing, windy at times, definitely getting chillier. 63 this evening, it may be chillier than that time. there are some hassles on the hurry up. here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> good morning. definitely busier than usual for . partially because of the rain out there. we have that outer loop debris still there at 795. we also have an accident in carroll county, particularly bad one on route 91 gamble road north of deer park road. medivac on the ground.
6:33 am
disabled vehicle at columbia gateway drive at robert fulton drive. an accident in anne arundel county involving a pedestrian, annapolis road at charter oaks drive. speeds slow on the west side. 41 is now your outer loop average. slow on 95 southbound between white marsh and the beltway. there's a look at the topside at putty hill avenue. there's a look at a traffic camera at old court road. now wjz has the stories people are talking about this morning. here's don. >> thank you. this morning another revelae attempts to implement the affordable care act. newly uncovered documents reveal enrollment got off to a slow start. here is susan mcginnis with the latest for wjz. >> the troubled website hits its one month anniversary today. no one in the white house is celebrating. newly obtained documents from cms, the agency running the site revealed major problem from the start. only 248 people had signed up for insurance.
6:34 am
the notes also tell why, including high capacity on the website, direct enrollment not working. >> republicans grilled the head of cms to find out what the current totals are. she wouldn't share even though the documents show the government has access to them. >> no numbers sm >> mid november. >> cbs news confirmed insurance companies are telling more than 3 million americans they will soon lose their current policies because they don't meet new government requirements like maternity care and emergency visits. >> in many cases the inability of an individual to not keep their coverage is because their insurance company has decided to phase out their plan. >> the white house claims many of those people will qualify for subsidies to offset the cost of new plans. susan mcginnis, wjz eyewitness news. >> the obama administration wants to sign up 7 million people by march the 1st. the days of turning off your
6:35 am
electronic devices for take off and landings on an airplane may be over. the federal aviation administration is changing its policy. passengers will be able to go gate to gate using devices. phone calls won't be allowed, neither is surfing the web or sending e-mail unless you're using the plane's wi-fi connection. it's unclear how many airlines will follow this rule in time for the holiday season. a city man dies in police custody and now his family is suing the department. mike schuh is live outside city police head quarters. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning. it has been over a year since anthony anderson died. some of his family members witnessed police's attempt to take him into custody and they are say anything a lawsuit they crossed the line. >> read this multimillion dollar lawsuit and it contends that 46-year-old anthony anderson died from police brutality. we spoke with his
6:36 am
family's lawyer. >> they want to be able to put this matter to rest. obviously more than anything else they want justice for their son, their father, anthony anderson. >> it's september 2012 police confront anderson in baltimore, suspecting a drug deal. officers say anderson refused to follow orders and put drugs in his mouth. an officer bear hugged him and tackled him to the ground. >> i saw them kick him, i saw them throw him to the ground. that's what happened. >> an autopsy shows anderson died from blunt force injuries, including a ruptured spleen and eight fractured ribs. the state medical examiner rules his death a homicide. in january the state's attorney decided not to file charges, saying officers did not use excessive force. anderson's family was outraged. >> we do not have a problem with the baltimore city police department. we have a problem with officers that take their job and think they're above the law. >> this lawsuit names the
6:37 am
detectives involved in the arrest and the baltimore city police department. the 86-page complaint alleges officers handcuffed anderson and then kicked him in the ribs, stomach, back to cause harm. >> there's no discipline, no accountability. they failed to train, failed to supervise. as a result the citizens are placed in parrell. >> reporter: city police have no comment on this lawsuit. i'm mike schuh reporting live downtown at police head quarters. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you. anderson's death set off ralliel marches in the city. in east baltimore police are trying to find who gunned down two men at 22nd and kennedy yesterday. both men were shot multiple times. the vatican is preparing for
6:38 am
a major meeting on family issues next year. first the pope is asking catholics to weigh in on them. the vatican is conducting a global survey on how they're dealing with birth control, same-sex marriage. it will set the meeting for next october. intense thunderstorms spread damage from texas through the midwest yesterday. three deaths are being blamed on the severe weather, including a child on a bike in tennessee. here's the report for wjz. >> a 9-year-old boy died thursday night after coming into contact with live power lines knocked down by strong winds near nashville. possible tornados downed trees and blocked roads, siding ripped off homes and this shed was tossed around. in indiana nearly 100 people were forced out of this
6:39 am
apartment building last night. heavy rain caused the roof to collapse. >> this was the same system that caused problems in the plain states. early thursday evening a school bus drove off a bridge and plunged into water near wichita, kansas. the driver and ten children were on board. rescuers brought everyone to safety in 30 minutes. terrified parents were reunited with their children. >> in austin, texas emergency crews had to air lift stranded people to safety. flash floods killed at least two men. >> as marty has been showing us, heavy rain and high winds be push through the northeast later this morning. travel delays are likely along the 95 corridor from washington dc to boston to our north. the loyola greyhounds
6:40 am
getting ready for the season to get underway. they hosted shipmansberg last night. r.j. williams got things startey ly with 9 points for the night. loyola rolls to a 92-59 win. the real season for the hounds starts next week. i've been over at the -- >> you've been busy over there. >> it's become a by vi busy morning. we want to dive into the break . we have a ton of weather to talk about. there's severe thunderstorms out to the west marching our way. we've had over night rain to wet the morning commute. now the morning commute is going to start to get problematic here locally. coming up on coffee with, it's sandra saint vicor. she joined us on coffee with.
6:41 am
her new self-titled album is in stores as we speak. it's a nice sit down and talk with someone who worked the trenches and now in the spotlight. sharon has traffic, we have first warning weather more and more coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. let's just talk about what's going on out to the west. it's starting to get active. we're starting to use our storm tracker. generally thinking as you look at this line of showers what's along the southern edge is actually moving up more towards carroll county and the mason dixon line. what's out here around hagerstown is moving more east. i think we're going to see quite a storm around william, tawny town and carroll county before not too long. we've had over night and morning shower accelerate here in the immediate metro. the warning goes until 7:00 for washington and frederick county these times get adjusted as this cold front moves our way. 71 degrees right now, 70% humidity, south, southwest breeze at 14.
6:45 am
that will eventually turn northwest strong this afternoon with gusts maybe above 30 miles per hour at times. a barometer right now of 29.60. you can see where this front is passing through the area. again, i keep pointing out oakland at 50, low 70s around the metro, 68 westminster, 71 columbia, 68 rock hall, 71 kent island and annapolis. this is a really strong cold front. it's brought severe weather to -- well, we just reported on it to well over 10 states in its path. it's bringing us severe weather right now. not only are we going to get thunderstorms but rain behind that. then this new air mass comes in. you can be your own weather person. skies start to clear, winds pick up, temperatures start to drop. we're losing temperatures that have been spring-like before not too long. 75 early, before noon. that will be our high.
6:46 am
48 tonight, 66 tomorrow. behind that front 53 sunday, 29 sunday night. 49 monday, 57 tuesday. back up hopefully to 68 wednesd. let's go straight to sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> good morning. if you're just about to head out , 95 is a mess right now. 95 southbound just past the beltway we have an accident blocking two left lanes that's causing pretty big delays. average speed in the area in the lower 20s. watch for that debris on the outer loop at 795. we still have that serious accident in carroll county, route 91 north of deer park road. all lanes blocked. medivac on the scene. a dis disabled vehicle at gateway drive at fulton. speeds on the beltway down to 37 on the west side outer loop. 48 on the topside outer loop. 13 now between white marsh boulevard and the beltway. that's all because of that accident that is
6:47 am
just south of the beltway on 95 southbound. so keep that in mind this morning. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota maryland dealer. now is the time to find a great deal on a toyota at let's go places. back over to you. >> thank you. this morning's coffee with h sandra saint vicor. >> please welcome sandra to the witness news morning edition. it is fantastic to meet you. >> thank you. you too. >> our you applause ended suddenly there. they slammed the door on
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>> the creative process never stops. that whole time i'm really just always -- you're collecting, you're collecting stories and writing down ideas and themes. i've never really stopped performing. i have been doing some performing mind you but not as much as i will be doing now. >> you have a new cd out. >> yes, i do. scomblsz -- >> were those songs in your mind when you were taking that 10 years sort of off? >> sure. you don't really know the songsl your start literally writing that song. all this time it's just sort of subconscious observation. >> okay. >> when you start write ing ing you realize that came from that experience, that experience in italy that i had that gave me that thought and put this idea in my head. so these things kind of come together when you sit down to work on a project
6:50 am
and that's what happened. >> you're lucky to recall them. i get great ideas in the middle of the night and say i'll remember that. >> you have that phone by the bed and i'll pick it up and sing real quick, even if i'm half asleep. if you have a baseline in my head, pick up, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> give me some advice. i won't sing into my phone. >> you can speak the ideas. >> sure. tell me who oya is. >> we're talking about mytholo. she's a good he says of the goddess of the change, storm, forward motion, protector of children, forbearer for women and all of those things have been my lifestyle. you know. so when i sat down to write these songs i realized that that energy was
6:51 am
very prevalent and wanted to define it for myself and people listening. >> for those who haven't heard you yet, define your sound or your music to me. >> well, you know what, someone called it gourmet soul the other day. i like that. i always like -- it's extremelyn ky and it's also -- it will hit you're emotional jugular because i take you on a roller costar ride through social, political as well as emotional, sometimes physical, sensual things. it runs the gamut of the emotional circuit but all based in soul and funk. >> that's the song i listen to on you tube. i had to listen to the end. >> you did not click away from me. >> no. the commercial before you, yes. >> i got you. >> what's the next project?
6:52 am
>> we're just getting started. this has been out for 2 week s. we're going to be doing some shows in the dc area coming up in 2014 early in the year. please keep up with the website and we'll let you know where we'll be. >> please go to you tube because it will be a treat. our time has run short. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> it's great meeting you. >> you too. >> great luck in the future . it dropped today, the day we're dropping this. pick it up at a record store near you if you can still find a record store. >> good luck with that. >> we're going to take a break and come back with more first warning weather and the wjz traffic control right after,,,,,
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5 until 7:00. here come your updates. we're tracking a line of se severe thunderstorms that are effecting primarily washington county. you're under is severe thunderstorm watch until 7:00 -- excuse me, a severe thunderstorm warning until 7:00, carroll county a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00. you know for a fact that that watch is going to become a warning and these storms are going to continue to march east across the state for the next couple of hours. we'll of course have updates on air and online at 75 degrees is going to be the high, mostly cloudy, windy, a touch of rain between now and 1:00 or 2:00. skies slowly clear this afternoon, the wind kicks up, temperatures fall behind this front. now over to sharon gibala at
6:56 am
wjz traffic control. >> good morning. two problems now on 95. first in the southbound direction just past the beltway. we have an accident blocking two left lanes. then in the northbound direction an accident at white marsh. we have that accident at route 91 shut down just north of deer park road. an accident in anne arundel county, annapolis road at charter. there's a look at your speeds on the beltway. 34 on the west side, in the lower teens on 95 southbound because of that accident. that's a look at that delay. this traffic report is brought to you do by jiffy lube. want to be an over productive super achiever? extend the life of your car with a quick oil change. don, back over to you. >> thank you. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. complete news, weather and traffic still is ahead this morning. the affordable care act website one month after its launch, new details about the problems and
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