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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  November 1, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon. i'm don scott. >> i'm jessica kartalija. here's what people are talkt today. it's the weather of course. the righteous rain that ran through here earlier. the roland park the umbrellas were out just a short time ago. a lot of the state saw heavy downpours and even thunderstorms this morning. the rain seems to have let up here for the time being. >> reporter: it's gone. >> things could pick up where they left off. marty bass is saying it's out in the out back. meteorologist tim williams is over in the first warning weather center. good afternoon, tim. >> good afternoon. as you take a look at first warr weather radar right now we're looking at just some light showers moving their way across the bay and now into delaware. lower eastern shore seeing the last batch of them. you can see that the state is somewhat
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clear, except for clouds. we will start to see some breaks. we will back this up around 5:00 or so this morning. as don mentioned, him and marty started to watch a severe line of thunderstorms that triggered se their thunderstorm warnings in each county. we do not have any major reports of damage but the winds took their toll and the rain came through here quickly. a front will come through later and wipe all of this clean. we already hit our high for the day. we did get close to 70 early this morning. we're at 62 right now at bwi, 67 in ocean city, 52 in oakland. our over night lows never got much lower than that. we stayed around 60 degrees across the entire area for the over night areas. how is this going to play into the next few days? for more on that out to marty >> reporter: how about this sunshine? you can see the back end of that rain.
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don, everybody when you walk out the back door of the station in the parking lot, blue sky, let the weekend start. tgif. now, this weekend in order let'e it. tomorrow night you got to set your clocks back an hour. we go back to standard time. of course, change the batteries in all of your detectors. it's tomorrow night before you go to bed that you change your clocks back. now, having said that, on sunday at about 4:25 standard time the ravens are playing the browns up at the great north coast in cleveland. that frontal boundary already passed through cleveland. by the end of the game 36, 37 degrees with sunny skies and just a light breeze. we're all going to be dealing with fall this weekend, home and away. again, we go back to standard time before you go to bed tomorrow night. the long dark fall and winter is
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upon us. tim williams talks about a spring-like warm up. last coming your way in our first warning weather segment. more than a dozen and former nfl my players, including ray lewis files a suit against a bank. >> reporter: the athletes are suing bbnt bank for nearly $60 million. the bank allowed a financial advising firm to open accounts in ray lewis's and 16 other nfl players named. it was deemed illegal under alabama law. the firm involved is now banned from the industry. lewis, a two time nfl defensive player of the year who retired in february said he lost nearly $4 million. jessica, back to you. >> ron, thank you. according to the lawsuit, in ado lewis, former ravens linebacker
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gooden allege did lost $515,000 through an unauthorized bank transfer. anne arundel county police investigate a masked man opening fire on two men. just before 8:00 police responded railroad avenue. one man was not one but one man was and died at the hospital. police need for information to find the man responsible. >> also what we're trying to find out is exactly why these men were in this parking. this was a secluded industrial-type area. we believe this is a targeted incident. we don't believe this to be a random act. we believe these parties had some knowledge or knew one another. >> police also believe it was a robbery most likely. anyone with information is urged to call anne arundel county police. one month after the roll out of the focus remains on the website's technical problems and some 3 million insured americans learning they can't keep their
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current plans. danielle nottingham has the latest. >> cbs has the late eres for the enrollments for 248 people enrolled in the first two days. they need to average 39,000 a day to meet the goal of 7 million insured americans by march 1st. the obama administration has acknowledged the problem and pledge today have the problems fixed by the end of the month. the white house says that it expected enrollment to start slowly then pick up significantly as the march 31st deadline approaches. >> small business owner phil signed up and is saving $700 a month but he said it took him days to make it happen. >> i don't know of anyone else who has gotten through. >> the other big issue is that insurance companies are telling up to 3 million americans they will lose their current policies because they do not meet new government standards.
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>> in many cases the inability of an individual to not keep their coverage is because their insurance company has decided to phase out their plan. >> the white house says most of the canceled policies did not provide adequate coverage. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the white house says it will release official enrollment figures later this month. germany is trying to organize a meeting between its investigators and edward snowden of reports of spare spying there. they want to learn in more detail the nsa's activities, including surveillance of the chancellor's cell phone. snowden who faces espionage charges said he will not speak with german officials. one in every seven americans including thousands in maryland will have is less money for food. today billions of dollars are being cut from the federal
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food assistance program. the report for wjz, even more cuts could be coming. >> $20 is a lot for us. >> single mother lisa otis said she may run out of money next month trying to feed her children. after losing her job she started receiving $450 a month from the nation's food stamp program. she and another 47 million americans will soon see a more than 5% cut. >> do i have to tell me 13-year-old sorry, hold off on that peanut jelly and butter sandwich, we have to make that loaf of bred last. >> the stimulus bill expired, which means a $5 billion in food stamp benefits nationwide. a family of three like lisa will lose up to $29 a month. for others, the loss could range from $11 to $36 for a family of four. a non-profit for low
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income families worries the demand for food banks will spike. >> you're talking about families maybe having to decide about whether we pay the light bill, whether we pay all of the rent and could end up faszing homelessness. >> lisa hopes a social worker can help her family find housing. they're temporarily living in a hotel. >> if you're struggling now what will it be like with these cuts? >> more struggles. you got to wake up every day and face it. >> members of congress are now debating will to trim even more funding from the program. >> a bill from the gop controlled house proposes to cut an additional $4 billion from the food stamp program. one in nine marylanders depend on stamps. the state of maryland is out pacing the nation when it comes to gaugeuation rates. 83.6% of
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students graduated in 2012. that's an increase. the national graduate rate currently stands at 78%. officials here are credits maryland's steady funding of education for the improvement. if you're looking for a way to get rid of those pumpkins you can head to the maryland science center at the inner harbor. the museum is offering reduced admission prices today for visitors bringing left over pumpkins to smash. the pumpkins will be dropped from the roof. there will be live music and other halloween themed activities. >> sounds like fun. still to come on wjz eyewitness news at noon. >> this could have ended up a lot worse. >> a school bus takes a plunge into a kansas creek. the latest on the students and their driver. becoming less popular. the social network that's losing interest among teens. the answer coming up. the sun is slowly starting to sign on the west side. will the wet weather stay with us
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it's mostly cloudy and 68 degrees in central maryland.
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your complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. in kansas a bus crashed off a bridge, overturned and ended up half submerged in the water. ten children were pulled from safety from the water after climbing out of the emergency exit. quick thinking and quick responses prevented a tragedy. >> i'm very proud of the kids. we've got great children. we've got great parents here in the district. everyone's response has been positive and considering this situation we're very thankful for that. >> the bus driver was taken to a hospital to be checked. no charges have been filed. the roman catholic church is preparing for a major meeting on family issues. first vatican is conducting a survey on how
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people think about divorce, same-sex marriage and birth control. is interest in facebook fading in just last quarter coe mark zuckerberg said they do not have a problem with the teen market. in the new report it seems teens are losing interest in the social networking site. it sent the company's stock falling. teens are moving to other social networking websites like instagram, snap chat and twitter. just when we figured it out. >> or when they figured out we were reading it. we're just 2 and a half minutes away from your complete first warning weather forecast. here's a look at today's midday stocks and last night's winning multimatch numbers. ,,,,,,
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it's one good deed that will go just right.
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welcome back to eyewitness news at noon. simba is 6 years old. >> all business. >> simba is all business. he really is. he needs a good home. he obviously had to be given up by his previous family. >> oh. >> who, what, where, when and why is not important. what's important is he's sitting here and needs a home. he's a begal mix. he's at the maryland spca. that's 235-8826. the number. you know where it is. you can always hit the website. the reason we have a 6-year-old dog here today is because there's no young pups at the shelter. >> unusual.
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>> that's very good news. so if you can simba out that will be a good thing. tim, it's going to get cold by the middle of next week we could be swinging and sweating kind of sort of. >> definitely. we're flanked by the warm temped the middle is like the oreo cookie. the you got to get through you that to get to the end. 68 is our temperature. we did hit 71 degrees around the 6:00 hour during the morning edition with don and marty. southwest winds at 7 miles per hour. we're starting to dry out. as you saw with marty earlier, the sun is breaking through and we're starting to see temperatures levelling out. we're at 68 right now at bwi, 52 where the front is already starting to approach and clear western maryland. still sitting under the milder temperatures. our normal high is 62 degrees. put that in perspective.
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here's the warmer air we're seeing. 64 annapolis and kent island. that southwest winds is calm around much of the central portion of the state. it starts to pick up as you get through the afternoon p it's going to be breezy as that front starts to clear the area. here is what moved through here this morning. some of these triggered severe thunderstorm warnings right on across the state starting in garrett and allegheny counties. now here's the clearing we're going to see. the weekend is very, very nice. we have temperatures levelling out in the 60s. the winds are going to pick up tonight, be breezy tomorrow and then up around cleveland things are going to be pretty nice but colder as we talk about that forecast for the ravens temperatures in the low 40 ohs into sunday. 6:05 your sunset time today. remember the time goes back into going sunday morning. a small craft advisory because of the winds until 6:00. 73 degrees was our high today. we're dropping now. we're around 68 going down. 48 tonight, breezy with partly
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cloudy skies. for tomorrow, 66 partly sunny, pleasant. you can see the ravens battling the browns in cleveland sunday at 4:15 live on wjz 13. still to come on wjz eyewitness news at noon, are nurses and mid wives just as good if not better than doctors at providing certain types of care. what a new study says coming up in health watch. remember wjz is always on for you. here's the top stories on our website at this hour. for constant updates of all this day's news and that first warning weather go to ,,
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to go the distance with you.
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in today's wjz health watch a new study finds mid level health care workers are just as good and in some cases better than doctors in providing certain types of care. the world health organization report says when mid wives care for newborns and their mothers the rates for surgical incisions and the use of painkillers is lowers. it finds nurses are just as good as physicians as providing prevention and treatment in various fields, including heart disease and diabetes. be sure to check in with wjz eyewitness news today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. a plane forced down after a troubling note found in a bathroom. what is being done to make sure the new york marathon goes safely. join us for these stories and all the
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,,,,,,,,eaking news at 4:00
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i ♪ know i can't deny... ♪ that i got a new feeling ♪ deep inside... ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. welcome back. a pretty good run of sun now through wednesday. 66 today, 68 wednesday. in between it's going to get chilly, particularly sunday night with a low of 32. the air-conditioning will probably be on in this room. >> always is. >> that's the truth. don't miss tonight's prime
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time cbs line up on wjz. at 10:00 it's blue bloods to be immediately followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. thank ss for watching eyewitness news on wjz 13, maryland's news station. maybe they want to make sure you're awake. >> fresh. >> preserved. >> go ravens. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. >> see
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