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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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on alert. warnings on two college compasses and the students. a street where it's happening and the group of suspects police are searching for. hello, everyone. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >> two attacks in two days on the major college hub around touson college. one student fighting for his life. we have more on the actions police are taking to spot it from to stop it from happening again.
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>> reporter: three suspects are targeted students and police are stepping up patrols in the area. a heavy police presence in touson after a terrifying scene on sunday night. >> we awoke to flashing lights and screaming. >> reporter: a touson university student stabbed multiple times as he was robbed of his cell phone. >> i think these same assailants are targeting these kids and it's frightening. >> reporter: police believe the same three suspects robbed a student monday night on the same street threatening to stab him. >> these suspects seem to be targeting people who are alone and who are not paying attention to their surroundings. >> reporter: that student wasn't hurt. the two attacks happened less than 24 hours apart and just one block away from each other. east berg avenue is an area where many students from both towson and gouger live.
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it's off the busy york road corridor where we found plenty of students were walking after dark. >> i'm scared and i'm walking with my pepper spray. >> i won't be walking the street by myself. >> reporter: college officials say we urge all of our community members to remain vigilant and take appropriate safety precaution both on and off campus. and towson university has put out a crime alert warning students about the atashg. ttack. police have not been able to interview the towson student yet who was stabbed because his injuries are so severe. they do not have specific descriptions of the suspects. police are also searching for aus pekts in three murders in the city. one person was killed in the oliver section of east baltimore. less than an hour earlier a double shooting. we're at the scene, city police
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say both victims died at the hospital. anyone with information is asked to call police. new information in the lawsuit filed by ray lewis and several other nfl stars. we have the evidence that players say proves a bank owes them millions of dollars. >> reporter: look closely at these two different sets of signatures. on the left the real signatures of athletes like lewis and fred taylor. on the right what their attorney claims is an obvious forgery. >> i was shocked, i was shocked at the scope and the magnitude of this case. >> reporter: andrew kagan represents ray louis and 15 other current and former nfl athletes who say because of those bogus signatures they lost millions in unauthorized transactions. the investigation centers around jeff ruban whose firm helps pro
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athletes pay bills and manage money. bp and t allowed ruban to open accounts in players names and transfer money out using these phoney signatures. >> anybody can look at them and see they are forged. >> reporter: the nfl players insist they didn't know their money was being used for investments including this alabama entertainment complex which was raided for having illegal gambling machines. ray louis lost $3.8 million say the suit. for its part, bp and t declined to comment on the lieu suit. -- lawsuit. >> now the financial individualsor at the center of the allegations and been banned for life by securities
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regulators half high risk investments lost millions for other athletes. a truck driver pleads not guilty to a misdemeanor crash that sent a woman's car plunging off the bay bridge. morgan lake is clinging to a rock after her car was pushed over the edge. she was hit by a 18 wheeler driven by lavaf. he pled guilty to making an unsafe lane change among other charges. he will have to pay a $450 fine. a kidnapping victim chained up and tortured inside an ohio home, michelle knight opens up about her abuse and her captor. >> reporter: michelle knight, and two others held captive in this house of horrors for 11 years. their abductor and abuser aerial castro abused the women until
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they were held escaped. six months after being rescued. >> this is where i was abducted from. >> reporter: 32-year-old michelle knight talks with dr. phil. >> and he took a pipe and he held it like this over my head and he said if you scream, i'll ram this down your throat and i'll kill you. so i didn't scream. i didn't make a noise, i just laid there. he took me to the basement and he ties me up to a pole with chains wrapped around it. the chains are big and he wraps it around my neck. he sits me down on the he floor and he says this is where you will stay until i can trust you. >> reporter: knight says she was repeatedly raped. becoming pregnant at least five times.
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>> he was like, i'm going to do something about it. that's when he punched me in my stomach. >> how did you do that. >> i was standing up and he punched me with a barbell. >> was there a time that you thought you would rather just die? >> yes. but that would be taking the easy way out. >> reporter: aerial castro was sentenced to life behind bars plus 1,000 years. in september he was discovered dead in a prison cell. . >> you can see part two of the exclusive interview with michelle knight tomorrow at 3 right here on wjz. hazing takes an ugly turn tonight. the nfl is investigating a bullying at football's highest level after a miami dolphins player walks off the team. we're live with the menacing messages that allegedly came from a teammate. >> reporter: it sounds like something that would happen on a college campus but the nfl is
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now investigating for the rookie and other football players that are being hazed. 24-year-old jonathan martin graduated from stanford university before becoming a tackle on the miami dolphins. this is miami dolphins guard ritchie incognito from a team promo. >> on the field players call me overly aggressive. >> reporter: that may have been on and off the field. incognito has been suspended for allegedly threatening martin and his families using racial slurs. martin left the team after a lunch room prank that was apparently the last straw. >> threats i'm going to get your mother, i'm going to kill you, that is pof and beyond the code, above and beyond what's accepted anywhere. >> reporter: the hard knocks video shows hazing is the rite of passage for some nfl rookies.
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now the nfl will conduct a review. >> if the review shows that this is not a safe atmosphere, i will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that it is. >> reporter: incognito joined the dolphins in 2009 after being let gi by the st. louis rams where he apparently had an altercation verbally with the head coach. >> martin has not commented what happened to him. it is election night and there is a winner a race that could impact the 2016 presidential campaign. democrat terry mccullough will be elected governor of virginia. the numbers were back and forth all night. mccullough is a good friend of the clinton family meaning if hillary clinton does decide to run for president she could have a huge edge in virginia. the national zoo in washington needs its help to
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name the female giant panda cub. voting began today at 2:00 and had continue until november 22nd. you have five names to choose from. the winning name had be revealed on december 1st when the baby panda turns 100 days old. >> little squeaky. coming up, terror on the tarmac. passengers run for their lives after fire breaks out on a plane. the latest on the investigation. new jersey mall shooting, a man kills himself inside. were there warning signs, what this family is saying? a milder wednesday on the way, and then some rain perhaps. the complete first warning forecast coming up next. . >> announcer: also ahead, he was a code breaker and then the feds kicked in his door. was he a whistle blower or did he put the nation at risk? >> is it the biggest violation
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of privacy. >> announcer: spying gone awry on wjz, next. ,,,,,,
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we're switching car insurance. why? because these guys are the cheapest. why? good question. because a cut-rate price could mean cut-rate protection. you should listen to this guy. [ female announcer ] get great protection and a great price! plus an agent! drivers who switched saved an average of $498 a year. plus, allstate has new lower rates just for baltimore. switch and start saving today! just another way allstate is changing car insurance for good. [ female announcer ] call a baltimore area allstate agent at 866-650-7900 today. . it is mostly cloudy, 53 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning forecast is coming up. dramatic video from montreal as a fire breaks out while a mane is on the tarmac. you can see passengers shieding down the emergency chute and
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running for safety. a luggage loader caught fire and smoke filled the cabin. five people whether taken to the hospital with minor injuries. 250 passengers were on the flight from casablanca. new jersey's largest mall will reopen tomorrow less than 48 hours after richard schup terrorized people. he started firing into the ceiling. hundreds fled the mall as others were trapped inside as police searched for him. they discovered his body in a lower level area not accessible to the public. germany is pushing security. intelligence officials are working out guide lines on how the allies share intemperature generals including whether they spy on each other.
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a former code breaker reveals that more than that decade ago he tried to expose government spying on everyday americans. this marylander says he blew the whistle long before anyone heard of edward snowden but no one would listen. the price he paid. >> go, go, go, go. >> reporter: september 11th, 2001, the day that changed everything. [ screaming ]. >> reporter: after the attack, the government vowed to find a more sophisticated way to uncover terrorist plots. william biddy is called on to help. a mathematician and code breaker, for decades he commuted from his home to southern maryland to the nsa in fort meade working on top secret projects after 9/11 he and a small team create add computer program constantly scanning data
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from cell phones and e-mails aiming at looking at terrorist activity. >> how can you look into terrabytes of data going by ever month and see what you need to pull out and analyse. >> reporter: but he soon became concerned that the government was spying on average americans. >> the daya that was being taken in was all about the united states citizens. >> you think this goes way, way beyond pursuing terrorists. >> aboslutely. they're destroying our democracy is what they're doing. >> reporter: controversy was raised when snowden leaked documents. congress had a warning about this years ago. biddy says his program was turned against americans. >> they can't admit a mistake. >> reporter: then you had a
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knock on your door one day. what happened? >> the f.b.i. came and pushed their way in with guns drawn and pushed my son out of the way and came upstairs and pointed guns at my wife. they took our computers and all the electronic equipment we had. >> reporter: the government thinks you overstepped the boundaries and possibly put the country at risk by coming forward and exposing some of the things you think are wrong. what do you say to that? >> i say they're violating of foundation of this country. the rights and freedoms we have, and the constitution. >> reporter: but not everyone thinks the government has gone too far. obama and bush said the program was necessary and does not violate citizen rights. >> there's not one incident i know of that anyone has been looking at anyone's phone calls or e-mails. >> reporter: biddy doesn't buy
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tfrmths he doesn't know what the nsa is doing because he doesn't understand the technology or what it takes to find terrorists. . >> now, biddy says he thinks edward snowden did a great public service by forcing nsa surveillance noot spotlight. toronto's embattled mayor rob ford makes a stunning admission about rumors he used crack cocaine. the allegations started six months ago when a video showed the mayor smoking a crack pipe. last week police said they were in possession of that video and now the mayor comes clean. >> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. >> when, sir? >> am i an addict, no. have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors about a year ago. >> he issued a former apology to the people of toronto. despite calls for him to step down he says he plans to fulfil
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his term which runs through 2014. a family of elk wanted to have a good time while wandering through this backyard in colorado, so they took over the trampolene. [ laughter ]. >> this elk had fun and had trouble getting out. he probably wanted to find a swing set to play on. [ laughter ]. >> come out of there. get out of there right now. >> give that elk a contract. he's jumping around like crazy. oh-oh. >> elk and trampolene. they're not meant to mix. >> there was an opening. >> crazy. >> we mentioned they had snow in colorado as you saw. they had rain there mixed in. portions of nebraska picked up 2 to 3 inches. indianapolis got 2 inches late
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tonight. 53 here. no wind at all. humidity up to 77%. and the barometer is holding steady at 30.35 inches. i'm not sure that's accurate but it's been there all day long. 55 ocean city and a milder 56 in dc. and locally compared to last night, it's eight to ten degrees warmer most places. 46 belair. right now, little wind, a breeze out there, ocean city has a wind off the water. clouds off the atlanta ocean. there's the snow this afternoon over nebraska, northeast colorado, portions of south dakota, had some snow. this moved to the northeast across portions of minnesota. south of it it's warmer and there's shower activity. some of that rain, not a whole lot, some of that rain will move in here on thursday as the front out to the west brings warmer air in ahead of it. so tomorrow looks like a mild day. right now not much in the way of
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cloud cover showing up but we have a thin layer of clouds around the area. during the day tomorrow, we'll be in the mild air. on thursday the front approaches, behind it cooler temperatures, rain on thursday. clearing out, sunshine returns for friday. temperatures go down but nothing frigid for this time of year. bay temp around 56, sunrise at 6:40, set 5 p.m. so tonight what's left of it, 43 and mild tonight. partly cloudy skies, tomorrow mild, 63 degrees. 64 on thursday, but shower activity, particularly in the morning, ending in the afternoon. down to 42. clearing out. sunshine 54, and 54, and 358. good deal of sunshine coming our way for the end of the week and the weekend. >> thank you, bob. coming up, quarterbacks are crumbling around the nfl. crumbling around the nfl. >> but the ravens joe flacco,,,,
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. mark is here with the sports report. >> if your quarterback is standing you're in good standing in the nfl. they are falling certainly. aaron rodgers is on the list of injured quarterback. he suffered a broken collar bone in the monday night game. out indefinitely. nearly half of the league has lost a starting quarterback to injury this year. then there's joe flacco. he keeps getting knocked down and gets back up. he's been sacked 25 times this season, well on his way to a career high in that category. john harbaugh says the ravens have to do a better job of protecting their qb. despite a rough season and but flacco says he's okay. >> i'm healthy this year. i've had other seasons where i
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haven't felt nearly as fresh as i do right now. so yeah i'm holding up pretty well and i'm fresh to be honest with you. i don't know if i'd take any more hits or not but i've been fortunate so far in how i've been feeling. >> flacco has never missed a game in his career. he will have the ninth longest iron man streak by quarterback in league history. the ravens need to stop a three-game losing streak. the bengals come to town next, a game right here on wjz. game at 1. the finalists for the major league most valuable player award in the american league. chris davas is in the final three. he led the majors with 53 home runs. cabrera and trout of the angels were the other finalists.
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