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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 6, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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election victories. election victories. democrat terry mcauliffe delivers defeat to a tea party candidate in the virginia's governor's race while chris christie cruises to re-election in new jersey and sends a message to washington. >> maybe the folks in washington should tune in to tvs right now and see how it's don. toronto mayor rob ford says he's not resigning despite admitting he smoked crack. >> have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors approximately a year ago. >> i think i saw him. it's there. it's there. oh, my gosh. and a mother and father
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rejoice as their son has his 40-year sentence for murder overturned, but his legal fight is not yet over. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, november 6th, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning the post-election day analysis is focusing on the two governor's races that highlighted the voting. governor chris christie led. in virginia the race was more ideological and a cliffhanger. long-time democratic fund-raiser terry mcauliffe was elected in a contest that focused health care and abortion. marlie hall begins our coverage >> reporter: it was a nailbiter in virginia where democrat terry mcauliffe narrowly beat ken cuccinelli. mcauliffe is the former head of the national committee who campaigned against cuccinelli's
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tea party voters. >> it was a choice about whether virginia would continue the mainstream bipartisan tradition that has served us so well over the last decade. >> reporter: in new jersey governor chris christie is keeping his job. the republican won his re-election campaign in a landslide against challenger bar r barbara bono. >> i guess there is open bar tonight, huh? welcome to new jersey. >> reporter: christie, who enjoyed bipartisan support will lead through january 2018 unless he leaves office to run for president in 2016. >> i know that if we can do this in trenton, new jersey, maybe the folks in washington, d.c., should tune in their tvs right now and see how it's done. >> i think we're going to see him a lot in the national spotlight, certainly in washington saying this is how
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you govern. >> reporter: the mayor is getting its first new leader in 12 years. bill de blasio defeated joe lhota. and boston voters chose between two democrats and elected state representative martin walsh as their mayor. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. back to the two governor's races, governor chris christie's support, in 2009, just 8% of new jersey's democrats voted for christie. this time he was supported by 32% of the democrats. in virginia, ken curb nelly's ideology hurt him. 50% of virginia voters said cuccinelli was too conservative while 41% saw mcauliffe as too liberal. illinois is on the verge of becoming the 15th state to allow same-sex couples to marry. state lawmakers approved same-sex marriage yesterday in a historic vote following a year of intense lobbying.
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governor pat quinn says he will sign the bill. it would take effect june 1st. and president obama heads to dallas today to meet with volunteers who are helping people sign up for the affordable care act. the issue of canceled health care plans has become a rallying cry for critics. it's likely to be one of the top issues today when health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius answers questions from the senate finance committee. susan mcginnis has the latest from washington. susan, good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. this will be the third time she comes to the hill to talk about the health care law. she'll likely focus on the positive aspects of it and the improvements they've made to the website. that's what mary tavenner did. probably neither of them will apiece all the critics of the website and the health care law. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is on capitol hill today answering
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questions about the troubled website. >> we're now more than 30 days into one of the greatest website disasters in history. after nearly $400 million, is synonymous with failure. >> yesterday the head of the government agency administers the website says fixes are working. mary tavenner says can now process nearly 17,000 people registering every hour with almost no errors. the government needs more enrollees, especially healthy young people to help make insurance affordable for everyone. >> our goal is to stabilize the website this month and we do have a targeted plan that includes not only young people but the large populations of the uninsured. >> we still don't know how many people have been able to sign up on tavenner says the government will release the numbers next week. but that's not good enough. for some of capitol hill, the
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house, ways and means committees released a subpoena calling for tavenner to release the numbers by the end of the week. he appealed to them to better communicate with folks being dropped from their policies to better communicate the alternatives they have available to them. anne-marie? >> susan mcginnis in washington. thank you, susan. family members of the man who opened fire at the new jersey mall said they never saw it coming. a candlelight vigil was held at the mall last night. the mall was closed yesterday as police tried to get more inside into richard shoop. when shoop opened fire monday night, thousands of shoppers ran for their lives. his brother said shoop was on a suicide mission. >> my brother intended to harm nobody else but himself. he just sadly decided to make an act of -- an act of, i guess, self-indulgence by taking his own life publicly, and it's a tragedy to it all.
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>> reporter: shoop died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. no one else was injured. the mayor of canada's largest city remains defy yanlt amid calls for resignation. this morning two of the biggest newspaper says rob ford should step down. >> reporter: five days after toronto's police chief confirmed the existence of a video of ford allegedly smoking crack, the mayor finally admitted it. >> have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors approximately about a year ago. >> reporter: so when ford called app press conference hours after his admission, speculation was he would resign. he did not. >> i want to be crystal clear to every single person. these mistakes will never, ever, ever happen again.
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>> reporter: ford has had a contentious relationship with the media. this past week he got into a shoving match with reporters as the clamor grew for him to step down. >> what don't you understand? get off the property, partner. >> reporter: even as he ended six months of denial, he took a swipe at reporters. >> i wasn't lying. i'm not an addict and, no, i do not do drugs. >> reporter: don dahler, cbs news, new york. well, coming up on the "morning news," a warning about taking testosterone supplements. and later we'll hear from a missouri man who could walk out of prison as early as today after his murder conviction was overturned. after his murder conviction was overturned. ic trip... or tripping the light fantastic... find your balance™. balance bar dark chocolate crunch has 40-30-30 balanced nutrition to give you energy that lasts. balance bar® dark. have you found your balance™?
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supplements. as dr. jon lapook reports, it links testosterone with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. >> reporter: when restaurant owner luca marcato started feeling tired, he asked his doctors to test his testosterone. his levels were low and his physician described a gel containing testosterone. >> and now i feel the way i should be feeling. >> reporter: low testosterone levels are linked to problems like fatigue, muscle and bone loss, and increased libido. while it's approved in some condition conditions, it's widely marketed as a way to improve health and stay young, but there's little data on its long-term effects. the study looked at older men most with heart disease. there was a 29% increased incidence of heart attack. cardiologist steve nissen at the
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cleveland clinic says we need better studies to assess the benefits and risks of testosterone therapy. >> just like women go through menopause, men go through manopause. that's probably part of male aging and treating it as a disease may get us in a lot of trouble. >> reporter: urologist elizabeth kavaler says there are risks that are complicated. >> there are risks associated with low testosterone and testosterone replacement. >> before you start treating millions of americans with testosterone, you probably ought to think twice. >> reporter: there are several possible ways testosterone replacement might raise the risk of cardiovascular disease. researchers suggest it might increase clotting with the arteries. further study of the risks and benefits is clearly needed. dr. jon lapook, cbs news, new york. on "cbs moneywatch" now, new safety rules for airline pilots
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and casino gambling could be coming to the big apple. alexis christoforous is at the new york stock exchange with the latest. good morning, alexis. >> good morning, anne-marie. tokyo's nikkei gained 1%. hong kong's hang seng was flat. they blame low earnings for a weak day on wall street. the dow jones industrial average lost 20. the nasdaq edged up 3. but all in all the market remains close to record levels. the federal aviation administration has issued the most extensive overhaul of pilot training in two decades. the move was triggered by the 2009 crash of continental express flight 3407 in buffalo. the captain failed to respoond correctly when the plane lost lift, called a staal. under the new requirements airlines will have to provide simulator training for pilots on how to deal with a stall and other expanded training, but the faa is giving airlines five years before they have to implement those new requirements.
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and here in new york new york has approved an amendment to allow the building of new casinos. and voters in houston rejected a $217 million bond issue to turn the astrodome into a convention hall. opened in 1965 the astro dome was the first multi-purpose dome stadium. it's been closed since 2009. city leaders said if the bond failed the astrodome would be torn down. that is sad. lots of memorable moments at the dome and beyond. anne-marie? >> i'm sure the fans will miss it when it does come down. alexis christoforous, cbs news, new york. thank you, alexis. coming up, an update on the medical condition of houston's head coach gary kubiak. and a small school but a big-time dunk.
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we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york will be cloudy today with a high of 62. miami, mostly sunny. rain in chicago, 54 the high. dallas, showers as well. los angeles, lots of sunshine. and time now for a check of the national forecast. this morning a storm is tracking east from the plains to the upper midwest.
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light snow is predicted for parts of wisconsin and michigan. there will be showers from southern texas to kentucky, and it will also be dry through most of the west and warmer in the northeast. houston texans' head coach gary kubiak is out of the hospital after suffering what the team calls a mini stroke. kubiak collapsed on the field at halftime of the texans' game sunday night. while doctors say kubiak will make a full recovery, there's no timetable on when he will be back with the team. and new allegations of bullying against suspended dolphins' linemen richie incognito. incognito was suspended earlier this week after supposedly sending threatening texts and e-mails to a teammate. he also made threats with his previous team.
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he's trying to weather the storm. he will lose $200,000 for each game he misses. >> in the nba a career milestone for lebron james. a dunk in the first quarter gives him ten points. he's now scored in double digits for 500 straight games. lebron finishes with a season-high 30 points and miami heat beats toronto 104-95. okay. take a look at what some are calling the dunk of the year. this is javonte douglas of the college of central florida. he goes above the rim with a little help from his teammates and an opposing player to throw down the missed jump shot. talk about giving a guy a lift, right? when we return, a murder convex is overturned. a missouri man serving a 40-year sentence may walk out of prison a free man as early as today. that's the last crescent! oh, did you want it? yeah. we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half. that's not half! guys, i have more. thanks, mom. [ female announcer ] do you have enough
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., some sun. 65 degrees the high.
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atlanta will be sunny with a high of 70. st. louis, cloudy today but sunny in denver and rain in seattle. a missouri man who spent most of the last decade behind bars could be free. on tuesday a state appeals court overturned ryan ferguson's murder conviction. "48 hours" was there when the parents learned the news, and erin moriarty has covered the case since 2005. >> i think i saw ryan. oh, my gosh. it's there. oh, my gosh. look. it's there. >> reporter: ryan ferguson's parents have been waiting nearly a decade for this. >> it cannot get better than that. >> reporter: a missouri appellate court overturned their son's murder conviction. >> guilty of murder in the second degree. >> reporter: ryan ferguson was convicted of the 2001 murder of
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kent heighthold, a sports newspaper editor. there was never any evidence tying him to the crime. there were two witnesses. ferguson seemed to be his accomplice, but seemed to know very little when talking to the police. jerry trump, a janitor, claimed he saw ryan at the crime scene. >> would you point to that individual, please. >> yes. >> reporter: last year at a hearing both witnesses recanted under oath. but ferguson's appeals have all been denied. until today. >> i feel good, but i haven't been able to actually enjoy it yet, you know, be in the moment. so i think once i'm with my family, you know, i think that's when it will probably hit me and i step foot out there and hug my mom, hug my dad. >> reporter: the state has to decide whether to retry ryan ferguson. if not, he could be out by thanksgiving, his first at home with his family in a decade.
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erin moriarty, cbs news in columbia, missouri. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," analysis of the election results. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." [ woman 1 ] why do i cook? to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious.
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4 minutes before 5:00 on this wednesday morning. marty is over at first warning weather. it's in the low 50s right now. it's not far away from yesterday's high. low 50s now. 62 at lunch going to a high of of 65. 55 this evening. this is going to be a cloud ier ier day than yesterday. don, take it away. >> thank you. an edgewood man is facing je . jacob george admits to selling narcotics. businesses along saint paul street downtown have water service again this morning. it was knocked out after a water
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main break. adam jones will be on hand for a ribbon cutting ceremony at the boys and girls club. the facility has undergone a $75,000 renovation. students at towson are on alert after two robberies there. witnesses speak out about the shooting inside a new jersey mall, this after reaction from the shooter's family. hazing fall out. how the nfl is launching a league-wide investigation into the incident that happened with the miami dolphins. details coming up. more news, first warning wer more news, first warning wer first,,,,,,,, [ laughter ]
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