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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  November 8, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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a super typhoon slams into the philippines. the damage done already. good afternoon. here's what people are talking about and watching closely today. the roaring wind and rain displacing hundreds of thousands of people from homes that are being destroyed. it's one of the strongest storms in history slams into the philippines. wjz has complete coverage. meteorologist tim williams is tracking the storm's path from here. first let's go to alfonzo van march.
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>> typhoon haiyan unleached 200 miles per hour plus winds. it forced more than a million people across the philippines out of their homes. forecasters say the massive typhoon also a known as a hurricane in the western home is -- hemisphere is the biggest. >> it has put some 12 million people at risk. >> this man said i saw those big waves and i immediately told me neighbors to flee. we thought it was a tsunami. >> the roaring winds and downpours knocked out telephone lines and electricity service. tourist resorts were destroyed. it's on path to hit china next. >> meteorologist tim williams
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is over in the first warning weather tracking where the powerful typhoon is heading next. he can show you the path. afternoon, tim. >> good after. this is history-making typhoons. they're hurricane in the pacific basin. that's where we start here. local time we're talking 13 hours ahead. they are roughly just around 1:00 in the morning on saturday there. it's moving across the philippines, 200 miles to the south of manilla moves towards vietnam. it's one of the strongest hurricanes we've talked about, dumping 10 inches of rain in 12 hours. we talk about a super typhoon. it's generated winds up to 195 miles per hour. a super typhoon would be 150 miles per hour plus. so this is on the highest range of the scale if we were looking at that here it would be a category 5. this is a major storm.
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we will continue to keep you posted. more on your local weather here coming up. an over night accident is still under investigation. ron matz is in the news room with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the car involving three cars lee dead and two others injured. it happened just after 10:00. baltimore county police say a hyundai was traveling northbound on york road north of mccormick road in front of a dodge dart. the driver of the hyundai cross lined the center line striking a car. it went into the northbound side and struck the dodge dart. the driver and the passenger in the tucson were pronounced dead at the scene. another person was medivaced to shock trauma where she remains in critical condition. the driver of the hyundai was treated for non-life threatening injuries. back to you. >> thank you. this just into us, investigatort speed and alcohol appear to have been factors in the crash and they are continuing their
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investigation. after a string of violent student robberies in towson, county and commuters leading are taking steps to improve safety. monique griego is live with more. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. s you said, don, the task force is looking at ways to improve safety. it wants to changes to happen as soon as possible. >> just this week three university students have been robbed while walking in the same towson community. one of them a 24-year-old male was viciously stabbed after being assaulted by two suspects. >> now that it's getting darker earlier it's scary walking home from classes. >> the robberies involved one goucher and two towson university students. the most recent happened thursday morning. the student said two suspects pulled up in a tan nissan vehicle and demanded her purse. while no weapon was involved, both of the previous attacks involved knives.
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>> that's been the problem, these incidents literally are involving students. >> it led councilman david marsh to form a task force. >> i think it will improve. i think the second thing we cano is improve awareness among students. >> towson university advised students to stop distractions and be aware. the last victim describes two of the robbers as thin black males, 5 foot 8, wearing black hooded sweat hearts and black masks. all of the suspects remain at large. >> never this late. that's what is scary, that it'se after time now. >> reporter: and, again, mark said he wants the security improvements to happen as soon as possible. he gave a deadline as to get things started by the end of the year. don, back to you. >> thank you monique. baltimore county police increasa
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s in that area. the october jobs report has been released. u.s. employers seem to have gone on a hiring spree last month adding 204,000 jobs. the higher than average number comes despite the government shutdown. the unemployment rate ticked slightly higher to 7.3%. that's because furlough workers were counted as unemployed. the october jobs reports is having a positive impact on stocks. all stocks are up quite a bit right now. here still counting and waiting. the mayor's ways in annapolis still too close to call. ballots are being counted and recounted to decide whether mike pantelides or john cohen will become the mayor. today the board will consider more than 100 provisional ballots. voters can challenge every ballot and are. pantelides was
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leading by 50 votes at our last check. this afternoon is a chilly one. it's still pretty. take a live look outside. brigt sunshine and blue skies but we're feeling the brisk temperatures. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage for you. marty bass is in the out back in his leather jacket. tim is over at the weather center as well. we're starting with marty. >> reporter: let me just tell you how chilly it is. when don and i were doing the morning show is the temperature was in the low 30s. 25 degrees colder this morning than yesterday morning. take a look at our current numbers. with the sun up and higher in the sky obviously than it was 5 hours ago, we are still only at 49. we're going to bump it into the low mid 50s today. look at the departure. still 10 degrees colder. with this wind that's chucking in here out of the
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northwest, 16 on tv hill, it's making 49 feel like the low 40s. when the sun goes in and out of clouds you can use the jacket with a liner that's four for sure. take a look at a graphic. for -- that's for sure. take a look at a graphic. for the ravens game the temperature will get up to 60 degrees. today and tomorrow the low 50s. 60 behind that warm front on sunday. it's going to remain bay main bree be right back remain breezyin. the bengals and ravens on wjz 13 at 1:00. we have more weather to talk about. maybe even mention the word snow by next wednesday. tim williams with those details coming up shortly. now back inside. >> thank you. got me attention attention. happy birthday to the pride of baltimore 2. the ship is celebrating the 25th anniversary
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of her construction today. tonight a fundraiser called pride after dark will be held to commemorate all the ship has established. the event take place in canton and kicks off around 6:00 p.m. it will include a silent auction, food and a tour of the deck. tickets are still available. still to come on eyewitness news at noon, getting closer to a deal. john kerry returns to the negotiating table for nuclear walks with iran. while israel said striking a deal is a bad idea the holidays are upon us. preparations are underway where that tree is heading today. it's a sunny and cool afternoon in our area. will it remain the same for the weekend? the complete first warning weather forecast coming up.
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it is sunny but only 49 degrees in central maryland right now. your complete first warning weather forecast still coming up. john kerry is joining his counter parts from france, germany and britain today for nuclear talk with iran.
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they are hoping to put the finishing touches on their not making nuclear weapons. a moment of silence will be held for the tsa officer shot and killed at los angeles international airport last friday. at 12:20 security check point operations will stop to honor gerardo hernandez. he was killed when a man opened fire inside lax one week ago today. two other tsa agents and a bystander were wounded in that shooting. the 23-year-old suspect is hospitalized in critical condition after being shot by airport police. he's facing charges of murder and violence at an international airport. a christmas tree from shelton, connecticut will light up the night in five new york city. the 76 foot high tree has been in the same yard for 7 decades. they don't move around
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much. it is expected to go down to manhattan today. a tree lighting ceremony is set for december 4th. it will remain on display until early january. and still ahead on eyewitness news at noon, mostly sunny this afternoon. what's in store for the weekend? more clouds out there for the moment. your complete first warning weather forecast straight ahead. first a look at last night's multimatch numbers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪ i woke up to a lightbulb
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you know that old saying if you're a dog the view never changes. you're living it? we're going to get you turned around here. what are you looking for? the cube? >> come on. >> bub by, come over here. he is 9 years old. he's a terrier mix. the folks who had him could not afford to keep him to be quite honest about it. he needs a good home. this, by the way, is adopt a senior animal at the adoption a senior shelter pet if you will. the adoption fee is waived. >> that's a good thing. >> if you can help us out and get bubby boy a nice home that will be a good thing. he has his ravens gear on. pretty good weather this weekend. chilly to start, seasonal and sunny through the weekend. tim, we may be talking about coastal
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weather midweek next week. take it away, pal. you know, the season is changing. we have 49 degrees right now, a little below the normal. 20.18 is your barometer. in the 40s from basically cumberland right on over towards washington county. 51 elkton and down towards ocean city, 52 at pax river and easton. as you can see, everyone in the mid to upper 40s to about 50 degrees. we have a good bit of sun but breezy. double digits around most of the state. breeze stays with us through the afternoon. it will start dying down into tomorrow. what marty is talking about is a storm system setting up shop. we will start watching this as it makes its way to the coast. it's going to tap into the colder northwest wind. we're looking at pretty much this set
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up. there's a little bit of a lake effect, nothing that's going to impact us. into next week, we're talking wednesday or so, the cooler air starts to settle in. cooler air settles in and a system that might be setting up along the coastline is going to be tapping into that. it could bring us a mix of rain and snow. we'll have to keep an eye on it. we're still about 5 days away from it. we will keep an eye as it starts to form. sunset at 4:57 it's getting dark. 10:37 is your next high tide. today going up to about 54 degrees, mostly sunny, breezy this afternoon. tonight's lows down around freezing. tomorrow 54 degrees for you saturday. as marty talked about, sunday sunshine. >> sunshine not bad. it's going to stay winter. s a reminder, the ravens play at home this sunday taking on the bengals at m&t bank stadium. you can see the game live at 1:00 sunday afternoon right here on wjz 13.
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still to come on eyewitness news at noon, where children live could effect the risk of hey for them. wjz 13 is always on for you. for constant updates of all this day's news and the first warning weather forecast go to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in today's wjz health watch research says that more young people have hay fever but kids in the south suffer it from it more. it can last year-round down south. you want to be sure to check back in with wjz 13 eyewitness news today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. the strongest typhoon striking the philippines. complete coverage will continue this afternoon. he said, he said, the war of words over what happened inside the miami dolphins locker room amid bullying allegations. join us for these stories and all the day's breaking news today at 4:00 right after dr. phil. stay with us, the 5 day forecast is co,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. 54 tomorrow, 60 sunday. it's tuesday and wednesday, this coastal storm if you will is going to give somebody in the mid atlantic some snow. a high of 44, a low of 30. we're going to see rain but we may see wet snow mixing in. >> that will get people excited. >> it will. don't miss tonight's prime e up. at 10:00 it's a new episode of e bloods to be immediately followed by eyewitness news at 11:00.
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