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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  November 12, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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at the top of the hour, a live look at i-95 in the south corner of the city. sharon is watching the rest of s . marty is over at first warning weather. we keep watching this frontal boundary march our way. we will put this moisture layer in motion. very light shower activity is going to start over the mountains and approach us. it's not going to be a big deal.
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you can see a wet snow flake at the end of it. look how mild it still is. 48 degrees, two shy of 50 on tv hill. we're pretty much at our high. it's 10 warmer than this time yesterday. by lunch 40, by bedtime 32 and continuing to fall. here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> we have two issues. first of all, if you're traveli7 70 mount rooer ree -- mount erie road there's a deer in the road. speeds still good on the beltway and on 95. that's a live look outside at 95 just north of the beltway. there's a look at 295 southbound at 175 looking at some volume there. that is right near where we have that accident that we were telling you about. now wjz has the stories people are talking about this morning. here's don.
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>> thank you. thousands and thousands ares emergency workers begin to arrive in the philippines days after the monster typhoon there. wjz has complete coverage of the storm for you. mike schuh has more on marylanders still waiting to hear from missing loved ones. first here's marly hall with the latest for wjz. >> people, some injured are packing the airport trying to evacuate the area devastated when typhoon haiyan slam intoed the philippines. >> it's not a good idea for me to be here anymore. the fewer people here the easier relief will be. i have to tell my family i'm alive. >> the storm nearly wiped out cities. thousands are homeless, survivors desperate for food and drinkable water. >> there's nothing here. we need to go somewhere where we can eat and stay, have some shelter. >> u.s. marines have landed with much-needed supplies. the united states will send more help to ramp up relief and
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rescue operations by air because many roads and bridges were destroyed. >> there was a 15 to 25 foot wave that came across entire villages. so everything is wiped out. >> philippines from new york to california are collecting everything from food to money to medical supplies. >> water is one of the biggest things. all the sources of water have been contaminated. >> getting those supplies to those in need will be difficult. many remote low lying coastal regions are still too hard to reach. in new york, marly hall, wjz eyewitness news. >> thousands of volunteers across this country and here in maryland are doing what they can to help. our complete coverage of the typhoon continues. wjz and mike schuh are live with more. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning, don. good morning, everyone. with phone lines and cell phone towers down communication getting off the islands is very
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difficult. particularly hard hit are some of the people here in maryland who are waiting to hear word from their loved ones. >> much of the land is crushed, people homeless now in the streets. the size of the devastation overwhelming. >> i keep on praying they're fine. i can always worry. what is it going to bring me? >> she hasn't heard from her mother, sister or niece near where the typhoon first made land fall >> seeing these videos is heart wrenching. >> the only thing rose has received is this picture of her hometown sent with by her brother. >> roads are not passable. i heard that some people are abe to go but just take pictures and videos. >> many members of the river of life church are collecting food,
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medicine and other supplies to send over seas. >> we're planning to send a big container. we want to make it fast because time is of the essence. >> the pastor still doesn't know the fate of her own family. >> land lines, cell phones, no nothing. >> now this community is doing whatever they can as they wait for news. >> reporter: that church will host a benefit concert this weekend on sunday and they'll be collecting supplies for the next two weeks. reporting live, i'm mike schuh. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you. if you'd like to help catholic e s is taking your low foundations donations at 877-help-crs or both links available on the wall street journal is reporting loewenw enrollment
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numbers for obama care. joan peters said she can't confe numbers but enrollment is expected to be low due to the website glitches. the obama administration said it will release official numbers later this week. two men, including one from here, plead guilty to an involvement in the silk road. jay cob george said he boughted heroin in this city and resold it on the website. curtis green pleaded guilty to conspireing to deliver drugs. he had his supplies sent to his door. >> the uses that used to occur on the street are now occurring over the internet. our law enforcement followed them on to the internet. they can be traced. >> george faces up to 20 years, green a maximum of 40 years. the fbi shut down the website last month but a new clone site is now up and running. a cougar attack leaves an
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employee at annapolis mall sanctuary in oregon dead. police say rene rasawans was found inside a cougar enclosure. she was bitten on the head and neck. the owner said she violated a safety rule by going into the cage alone. her mother said her daughter expressed concerns about safety at what she called an understaffed facility. in michigan dashcam video shows a chase that ends with a trooper and the man he was pursuing falling over a guardrail. the trooper was trying to pull over a 41-year-old man when the man takes off on foot and goes over the rail. the trooper grabs him as he tumbled over the rail. they both fall 35 feet below to the ground. the trooper has been released from the hospital. a pleasant surprise for drivers at the pump as gas prices fall to a 2-year low. here is is denise koch with the story. >> good morning. experts say this may just be thg
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beginning -- -- the beginning. >> surprising numbers are forcing drivers to pull over. >> that's why i stopped here sgsh here. >> gas prices hit a 2-year low >> we're seeing a steady decline. >> right now in maryland the coverage cost for a gallon of regular $3.23. that's higher than the national average of $3.21. over all prices are 23 cents lower than this same time last year. >> they effect me. i go in search of the low est price i can find. >> part of the drop in de mand has to do with the low number of hurricanes and our luck may continue into the holidays. >> all things remaining the same we expect prices to continue to trend downward through the thanksgiving holiday and possible hopefully through
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the end of the year. >> aaa said we could get down near $3 a gallon before the end of 2013. >> thank you, denise. it has been three years since te of regular dropped below $3 a gallon. the bishops who run the catholic churches in this country are in this city preparing to choose a new leader. >> ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> yesterday cardinal timmy dolan of new york began the four day united states conference of bishops with his final address as president. they are set to elect a new president today. william lori is one of the nominees. ravens head coach john harbaugh is talking about ray rice and the injury that's limited him so far this season. the ravens run game ranks at the bottom of the nfl now has its pro bowl running back struggles to recover from a hip injury. the coach said he does not want
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to replace rice with bernard price complete, saying they need both players to get and stay healthy. >> both of those guys are to get a large number of carries. whichever guy is playing better should get more carries. bernard had his hamstring issue, ray had his hip issue since the second game. both of those games seem to be getting healthier. that's a plus for us. >> the ravens play the bears next, a team that lost their starting quarterback, jay cutler. he will not be playing against the ravens. mccow will start instead. don't forget you can see the ravens taking on the bears in chicago this sunday afternoon at 1:00 live right here on wjz 13. when the game ends stay around for our special post game show with high lights, interviews and analysis. a full ravens sunday here on wjz 13. let's take a look at first warning doppler weather radar. we've got really nothing going
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on. it's very mild. it's almost 50 degrees. we're r high right now essentially. by lunch the low 40s, an over night low of 25. the moisture out to the west is coming out of the mountains and losing its ump. it doesn't mean we're not going to see a couple of showers and maybe a wet snow flake. it's not a huge issue. i don't see a dramatic impact on the commute. ron matz is with the salvation army. >> reporter: correct. my car thermometer said 51 degr. we're in federal hill this morning with the salvation army. major gene hog. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter:k s for coming by. >> absolutely. wouldn't miss it. >> reporter:e going to be talking about a member of the baltimore ravens who has an incredible story and
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good morning. this is keizer's ridge in western maryland. it's one of the mdot cams. i got to tell you, they got a pretty good little snowfall in western maryland and maybe as you take a look at first warning doppler weather radar more snow maybe falling out in higher elevations of western maryland. here we've really had a very, very calm morning. it's very, very mild. i mean, look at that 48 at bwi . frontal boundary sits to the east of westminster. 38 degrees in hagerstown. moise -- coming through with light shower activity. 51% humidity, barometer at 30.0e that front has come through. 29 oakland, 38
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cumberland and hagerstown, 42 elkton, 50 easton, almost 50 pax river and ocean city, 48 bel air, 43 westminster, 48 columbia, 50 annapolis and kent island. there's this big push of cold air. it's going to be with us a couple days, today, tomorrow and thursday. by the weekend it kind of moderates again. this is really going to be a pretty good punch out of central canada and the great lakes. we hit our high now. by lunch 43. dinner time the md 30s. down to 25 over night. the record is 22. tomorrow is going to be a windy day, a high of 42. much of the day in the upper 30s. much of the day with winds feeling like the low 30s. 52 degrees on thursday. now by friday look at this, 59 and sun, saturday 62, sunday showers and 60 degrees. don, take it away. >> thank you. watch out for deer. here is sharon gibala at wjz trc control. >> good morning.
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we have an issue on 70 that is 0 that involves a deer. 70 eastbound at route 27. there's a deer in the road thern accident 295 northbound at 175. if you're headed out on the beltway speeds beginning to slow just a bit. 53 is your average there. still 56 and 55 on 95 southbound between white marsh and the tunnel. that's a look at the west side of the beltway, which is getting busier. seeing brake lights there to the right on the outer loop. this traffic report is brought to you by your middle-aged toyota dealer. do you ever sit back and dream of all the places you'd like to go? toyota is ready to take you there. now is great time to find a great deal on a toyota at let's go places. back over to you. straight to ron matz. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're live here on light streetl . the salvation army. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter:k s for coming out. we're going to be talking about number 53, a member of the
6:19 am
baltimore ravens, jamal mcclain and what he's doing for the 4th years in conjunction with the salvation army. >> he came along and partnered with us to sort of give back. you know, when he was younger he and his mother stayed at a salvation army family lodge. he's never forgotten that. he's sharing that experience as he's coming back and we're eating together with families and people are going through similar situations. he gets to tell this incredible story of hope so is say if you stay focused, driven your life can change. that's what we're about. >> reporter: yeah, his story is really just unbelievable. if you follow him and his adversity off the field when he was a kid growing up in the philadelphia area he and his brothers and sisters had nothing. >> no. you know, even today when peoplr ing that way the issue is is they don't feel like they don't have any hope, any avenues to change their lives. he's a standing testament that people can change their lives and give back. >> reporter: he's going to be
6:20 am
helping to donate. it's the 53 dinner. >> yeah. there will be about 250 individg e -- coming to the salvation army to have an incredible thanksgiving meal with them. they will be able to meet him and other players, be able to receive food that goes far beyond that. just have to have a time of fellowship and hope. >> reporter: how can people donate? >> our kettles will go out on november 15th. we appreciate you doing that. also, you can go online and donate online. we have a new website up, the go to that or 800-sal-army and donate in that fashion. >> reporter: good to see you. thank you for dropping by. scou -- >> thank you. appreciate you being here. >> r pleasure. live at the salvation army on fl . back to you on tv
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hill. >> talk to you in a bit. >> thank you for giving back. is still to come on wjz this morning. >> i never meant it that way. >> dolphins richie incognito s. i'm jessica kartalija. why he said his actions came from a place of love. ,,,, middle-earth is back at denny's with the build your own hobbit slam. twenty delicious options, like sweet potato pecan pancakes, hearty breakfast sausage and honey cake french toast. a meal to satisfy the hungriest of hobbits.
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the nfl player accused of you bullying a teammate wants to set the record straight. richie incognito said he never meant to hurt fellow miami dolphin jonathan martin. now the dolphins owner said he will meet with martin tomorrow to get the facts. here is jessica kartalija with more. >> richie incognito said he's embarrassed with the language he used the jonathan martin. >> last how -- that's how we communicate, how our friendships was. >> incognito said his actions came from a place of love. >> as the leader, as his best friend on the team has me mythed, how i missed this and never saw it. i never saw it coming. >> martin left the team two weeks ago after accusing incognito and others of harassment. incognito gave fox
6:25 am
sports more than 1,100 text messages he exchanged with martin over the last year. one of them sent by martin just 3 days after he left the team saying just know i don't blame you guys at all. it's just a culture around football and the locker room got to me a little. >> i blame the culture. i blame what was going on around me. if i was a racist and bully bullying that locker room would have said, listen, we saw this, we saw that. i'm proud of my guys for having me back and telling the truth. i took stuff too far and didn't know it was hurting him. >> martin has not spoken publicly about the issue. both players are supposed to discuss it with the nfl. >> i'd give him a big hug. >> richie incognito was kickedf the university of nebraska football team and rams for issues involving teammates and coaches. jessica kartalija,
6:26 am
wjz eyewitness news. >> dolphins owner steven ross said he wants to hear all the facts before he decides on anyone's future. next up this this morning. >> enrollment for the president's health care law has been opened for more than a month. how many people are actually signing up? i'm susan mcginnis in washington. coming up, early estimates from industry analysts. good morning. i'm mike schuh live. waiting and worrying, local philippine americans want to hear what happened to their loved ones after the typhoon. a live report next. good morning. a virus last killed dolphins from new york to florida is now the worst on record. i'm kai jackson, i'll tell you what scientists are trying to do and fears that it may be spreading whales -- to whales. sharon gibala with wjz traf. we will give you a look another our speed sensors.
6:27 am
27 years after the challenger disaster the science channel takes us into the investigation after wards. one of the stars of the new film bruce greenwood explains on coffee with. stay tuned, it's the morning edition, we're coming right back. ready? happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru.
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it's 6:30. a big jet just took off from bwi there. you're looking at 95 as it comes into the city. sharon is watching all the roadways for you. marty is over at first warning weather. here's first warning doppler weather radar. we still have this frontal boundary out to our west. very mild. only an inch away from 50 degren tv hill. some shower activity trying to r the mountains and down to our area. i assume some of that will but not for a while. it's been a calm commute so far and warm. there's that inch away from 50. 11 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. by lunch around 40.
6:31 am
by dinner probably, you know, it's not impossible to be in the low 30s. the low 20s this next over night. so what awaits you on the way to work and/or school? here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> good morning, everyone. just couple of issues out there. 295 northbound at 175 we still have that accident. a new one in anne arundel county on solomon's island's road. that average speed on the west side outer loop down to 46. there's a look at your speeds on 95. no delays there. in fact, 57 between white marsh and the beltway. that's a look at the west side of the beltway. the average speed there about 46. there's a look at 295 in the area of 175 where we had that accident. you can see traffic moving better than it was about 15 minutes ago. now wjz has the stories people are talking about this morning. here's don. >> thank you. the white he will release its report showing how many people have signed up for health insurance under the affordable care act. it's to be released
6:32 am
this week. cbs has learned the numbers will be very, very low. here is susan mcginnis reporting for wjz. >> industry analysts confirm to cbs news the number of people signing up for health care falls far short of the government's target. the wall street journal reports fewer than 50,000 people have made it through packing the airport pbt go -- through they have been trying to lower expectations because of technical problem with the site. >> the enrollment numbers, which will be the first month of enrollment, are likely to be quite low given the struggles that people have had getting access to the site and information. >> about 49,000 people signed up for coverage so far on 12 of
6:33 am
the state sites. secretary sebelius said is supposed to be fully functional by the end of the month. >> the white house wants to enroll 7 million americans before march. relief efforts have began in the philippines after the typhoon there. now families here in maryland are desperate to hear from loved ones living in the storm's path. mike schuh is live with more on this. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning, don. good morning, everyone. with ln and cell towers blown over information is hard getting off the islands. those here in maryland all they can do is worry and wait. >> much of the land is crushed, people homeless now in the streets. the size of the devastation overwhelming. >> for julia these pictures are hard to see. scomblsz i keep on raying that they're fine. i can always worry but what is it going to bring me.
6:34 am
>> she hasn't heard from her mother, sister or niece who were on an island near where the typhoon first made land fall. >> seeing these videos, it's just heart wrenching. >> the only thing rose marie received is this picture sent by her brother. >> roads are not passable. i heard that some people are abe to go but just take pictures and videos. >> many members of the river of life church in white marsh have been impacted by this storm. the church now collecting food, clothes, medicine and other supplies to send over seas. >> we're planning to send a big container and we want to make it really fast because time is of the essence. >> the pastor still doesn't know the fate of her own family. >> no land lines, cell phone, nothing. >> now this community is doing whatever they can as they wait for news. >> reporter: catholic relief
6:35 am
services based here in baltimore already has workers on the scene. i'm mike schuh reporting live. don, back to you. >> thank you. we can help you connect. 877-help-crs. or their website is as you see, both of those are available on our website at college park is said to be on edge this morning as police search for a group of robbers. early sunday morning police say two maryland students were walking when they were confronted by a group of eight to ten men. the group attacked the students, stealing their cell phones and their money. the students are expected to recover from their injuries. anyone with information on that group is asked to call local police. the montana woman accused of pushing her newlywed husband after a cliff wants her trial postponed. jordan graham will be put on trial in december as planned, her attorney said he would not be prepared to defend
6:36 am
her. the couple had been married less than two weeks. according to the defense, prosecutors say they have evidence graham's husband was blindfolded just before he fell to his death. just before the holidays amazon reaches a deal with the united states postal service to deliver some packages on sundays. the seattle-based company said sunday delivery will be able to amazon prime customers. some say they're excited about this change. >> especially because of work. i don't like the package being n the doorstep. sometimes you have to go pick tp at the post office. having it on a sunday is a great idea. >> sunday delivery will not cost any extra money for amazon prime customers. the service will expand to a greater part of the u.s. by next year's holiday season. a health warning this morning. spending the day sitting on the coach may be bad for pregnant women and their babies. here is the report for
6:37 am
wjz. scomblsz 25-year-old melinda williams thought she had to quit her daily work out when she found out she was pregnant. >> my doctor told me that i was highly already physical and already in the gym that i shouldn't stop it. >> now new research is backing her doctor's order. canadian scientists have found low impact work outs like swimming and walking actually help a newborn's brain develop faster and could have even more positive effects as a child grows. >> exercise has been shown to have numerous benefits. it makes sense that it may improve and enhance baby brain function. >> scientists measured activities as their brains responded to different sounds. they say newborns with more physically active mothers had more mature brain function. >> for most pregnant women at least 20 to 30 minutes of moderate exercise is recommended on most if not all days of the
6:38 am
week. >> if pregnancy is the time they're going to start an exercise program and healthy lifestyle modification, what better incentive than to do it for your baby. >> you're going to see me in the gym every day now. >> williams is due in january. he said it's more fuel to keep her moving. terry oketa, wjz eyewitness news. >> researchers have been tracking the baby's cognitive, motor and language development to age 1 to see if the benefits have some sort of lasting effect. one of this nation's most prestigious universities is strapped for cash. harvard university will see a $34 million shortfall. they saw a $7.9 million deficit last year. they blame it on program cuts to research, grants and increasing operating expenses. a crisis along the east coast. dolphins dying by the hundreds. a new report shows
6:39 am
the die off is now the worst in history. kai jackson has the story. >> an epidemic disease has killed bottle nose dolphins from new york to fl -- to florida. since july 95% of dolphins thatd ed have died. >> these animal dolphins carry the virus in their system. >> now scientists say this out break is the most unprecedented stranding in die off in their reported history. the last major die off occurred between 1987 and '88. experts say in 2013 alone 753 bottle nose dot finishes died. that exceeds the die off in the 1980s. >> this is an unprecedented event in the large numbers that are occurring and this such a quick time frame since july 1st. >> experts say even though they know what's killing them there's nothing they can do to stop it
6:40 am
from spreading. >> it's not like it's a controlled population where we have easy access to the animals. these are just free roaming, they travel large distances. it's difficult to impossible vaccinate these animals. >> now scientists are investigating whether hump back whales have infected. >> they are endangered so this could have an effect on their population. >> scientists are working to see if the virus has mutated and the source. i'm kai jackson reporting. back to you. >> thank you. although the vie virus can occur naturally in dolphin scientists are trying to understand why it's so deadly. a big night for a winless team on monday night football. trailing into the 4th quarter the tampa bay buccaneers put together a big drive to take the lead. on defense the bucs
6:41 am
refused to give up big plays and they get their first win of the season 22-19 was the final score. after starting 3-0 the dolphins have lost four of their last five games. for ravens fans locally,it's not too late to enter the purple pride slide show contest. go to and up load your favorite game day photos for us. it's sponsored by the zone super store. >> okay. all right. i can't wait. the bears will be a good game. >> it should be. >> a lot of people from baltimore going. >> i hear that. >> we will be getting you a travel forecast and game forecast as we move through the midweek and on towards the weekend. of course, football talk after the game, come and join us at the green turtle. >> got you. on coffee with it's actor bn wood. what you can expect from the science channel's challenger disaster film.
6:42 am
it's about to air on two different platforms, discovery and the science channel. it's an interesting look back 27 years ago. a cover up. >> yeah. >> stay tune d, sharon gibala has our wjz traffic control, first warning weather and more. you're going to see a little wet snow this morning. we're going to try and look at this. coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. thanks for being with us. 48 degrees right now, 51% humidity, a northwest breeze at 7. barometer now at 30.03. 38 hagerstown, 42 elkton, near 50 in dc, easton and pax river and ocean city, annapolis and kent island at 50, columbia and bel air 48, 52 rock hall. take a look at first warning doppler weather radar. we had righteous snow in the higher elevations of western maryland during the over night. here just not a lot has gone on. i expect to see maybe a couple of light showers in the area as this final push of moisture and the front itself press into the
6:46 am
region. it's right behind that front we're starting to get this cold air slamming into the moisture that's slowing down as it hits the mountains anddown sleeps. it's not impossible to see a sprinkle, light snow shower. we're at our high right now. it's going to get cold through the day. let me point out what i'm talking about. this 43 degrees is going to be pretty much let's say a lunchtime temperature. temperatures falling into the 30, 25 over night. 22 is the low. tomorrow we'll call it 42, windy, much of the day feeling like the low 30s. by friday and saturday back above normal, 59 and 62. gray, showers on sunday, a high of 60. >> thank you very much. let's go straight to sharont wjz traffic control. >> good morning, everyone. ovl not so bad out there. we still have that accident 295t 175. it's blocking the left lane. if you're headed out in anne
6:47 am
arundel county solomon's island road at mary mount there's a crash. speeds slowing down on the topside of the beltway as well as the west side. 51 on the topside outer loop, 43 on the west side outer loop. 95 southbound slow between white marsh and the beltway. 37 is your average there. looking better than it was before on 295 northbound at 175 where we have that accident. that is a look at the west side of the beltway at exit 17. this traffic report is brought to you by your maryland toyota dealer. do you ever dream all of the places you'd like to go? well, toyota is ready to take you there. now is a great time to find a great deal on a toyota at let's go places. this morning's coffee with is with bruce greenwood. the satellite interview is furnished by the science channel. >> hey, bruce, welcome to the eyewitness news morning edition. who are you texting? >> i'm just changing my watch because i just got off a flight from the east coast. >> did you really? where are you now, obviously la?
6:48 am
>> i think i'm in la. >> there you go. >> implement -- i'm impressed you still wear a watch. >> you know what, i took it off for a while and i just thought, i like it. i like the watch. i don't know. i'm an analog guy . >> how come you're only going to be there for a couple of hours? >> i've just had a really cool trip doing this musical thing that john mellencamp wrote where steven king. we finished the last show, flew here to do these interviews and i'm going back tomorrow to start a movie. >> a renaissance man. >> there you go. take advantage of it while it's happening, man. listen, take this in the spirit in which i'm asking it. it's going to open up the door for you to answer. >> all right. >> they built a complex solid
6:49 am
rock and because of political connections they got the dig, protocol ignored, seven astronauts dead. what more are you going to tell us? >> well, that in spite of what seems now in retro aspect sppz -- in retrospect it speaks to human nature in your willingness to protect your own. sometimes you need someone like a richard fineman to come in with clarity and logic to break that stuff apart. >> interesting. so what we're -- so it's not abt the challenge disaster per se, but it's about the environment around the event. >> and the commission that followed. >> yeah. it's about the investigation af.
6:50 am
the event itself everybody is tremendously familiar with. the after math of the event and the parsing of information and the hiding of information is something that people are not that aware of. >> everything that i've seen -- >> it's something that i'm -- >> go ahead. >> no, go ahead. >> everythig i've seen from the science channel seems to stress that this is a dramatic feature film. how much dramatic license are we taking? >> i don't think there's a -- in terms of departing from the truth, not a whole lot of dramatic license. they're actors, so you have to say it's a dramatization. it isn't a documentary. a lot of the dialogue was taken from transcripts. some meetings and scenes are imagined to drive the story forward. in a fundamental way i think it's pretty true to what happened. >> you know, it's -- >> you're going to say it's
6:51 am
probably simpler than what happened by some large factor. >> now is this on a bunch of discovery communication platforms or just a science channel. if i see the promo's, is it on science >> it is. >> isn't it on discovery also? >> it is. it aired on the bbc already. >> what kind of reception did it get in europe? >> really well received in europe. >> very cool. >> it's an interesting program. not because fineman was a fascinating guy. you familiar with richard fineman? >> yeah. >> my dad is a scientist so i was brought up with him. he has this incredible way to bring humor and irony into things that are incredibly complicated. he distills them down to their simple --
6:52 am
simplest level. >> here's more space talk, our satellite time has run short. thanks for sitting down with us. enjoy your night at home. good luck on the next flick. we'll see you next time you're up on the bird. really, thanks for being with us man. >> thanks, don. thanks, marty. >> cheers. see you later. william rogers now heads the cou look and there sits neil armstrong. you knew it was getting ready to hit the fan. two guys whose reputation is way up here. >> sure. of course all those memories ofd i standing in the news room watching it explode. >> i said, dude, you got a new lead and i pointed up at the tv. we're taking a break and coming right back with more of the eyewitness news morning edition. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5 before 7:00. time for updates from sharon and marty at first warning weather. i'll tell you what i want to do, i was just checking something real quick. >> okay. >> i just looked again. i just don't see any shower activity in the immediate hour, hour and a half future of baltimore. a high temperature now. 43 is going to be our lunchtime temperature. temperatures will fall. we will see the sun return late this afternoon. it's going to be breezy and easily in the 30s by dinner time now over to sharon at wjz traffic control. >> good morning, everyone. we will be more than happy to lt
6:56 am
that shower activity come after the morning commute. right now there's only two issues. 295 northbound at 175 still have that wreck there. another one in anne arundel county, that one on solomon island's road at marry mount. speeds in the 40s on the topside outer loop of the beltway, in the 30s on the west side. in the 30s also on 95 southbound between white marsh and the beltway. that's a look at the west side of the beltway, our most delayed area at exit 17. this traffic report is brought to you by jiffy lube. want to be a super achiever, extend the life of your car with an oil change in between meetings, you don't need an appointment. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. complete news, weather and traffic still ahead this morning. more on the devastation in the philippines. the death toll is rising. here there's a steady breeze blowing up on federal hill, there's some dark clouds in our northern horizon at the moment. blah p ,,,,,,,,
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