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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  January 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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(laughs) hold this. oh, no. kay, i will follow you anywhere! we need some sunscreen! i better hold on to these for when i have to arrest them later. okay. all right. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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good evening. i'm lisa bell. i'm matt austin... some of us another big chill. >> i'm lisa bell. >> and chive meteorologist pinpointing how cold it'll get. >> it'll be cold, but not as cold as last night. the only problem is the frost. come take a look. here's a close up view of it right there. we pointed into ocala all the way down to the village. see the blue? thatst the frosty zone. frost advisory until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. it kicks in at 3 o'clock. some of that frost still over, western belusha counties. but otherwise, most of us are
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what you're looking at right now is the water way boar loop. the moisture coming down. temperatures. right now, we're only at 51 in orlando and 45 in ocala. 45 in the villages. before it's over, ocala can get as low as 45. orlando 43, and 46 in melbourne. rebound tomorrow. and talk about the changes ared. we have the stormy time thursday and friday. i'll break it out for you in a minute. breaking news in cocoa. police say a clerk just shot a man that try ed to rob his store. this happened at the chevron on south cocoa boulevard here the cocoa water tower. here is video just into the news room from the scene. and you can see a gun lying on the ground there. police say two men try ed to rob the clerk at gunpoint. that's when the clerk took out his own gun and started shooting.
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car and get away. the first is shot and hurt. we'll bring you updates during this newscast. tonight, a crime tracker alert, a 73-year-old woman said a man knocked her down and ran off. the man was walking along south atlantic avenue. jennifer ortega is there live tonight. i know you just spoke with that woman, she's just as puzzled as police. >> reporter: yeah she is, she was actually walking her dog right here on the sidewalk. she barely got to the end of the building when a man came around the corner and attacked her. >> he come out of nowhere. he scared me. i think, and i scared him. but he had something in his hand and he come around so far and he caught me on the side of the head. >> reporter: the 73-year-old woman is recover fraying a concussion. she's too shaken up to show her face on camera. knowing her attacker is still out there. >> i hope they catch him. because i don't want this to happen to anybody else.
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walking her dog around 1 o'clock as she does any other day. when the man struck her in the head and took off. >> why would somebody do something like that? i wasn't a threat to him. i was walking a little dog. >> reporter: neighbors tell us, the daytona beach shores is known as security and safety. >> there's a police department a mile that way i and a mile that way. >> reporter: sin dip said she's lived here for more than a decade. >> i won't come out here anymore until we know he's caught. >> it's scary and never would have thought it down here. we've been coming here for several years and never had a problem. >> reporter: now police tell us, they should have a sketch by tomorrow. the victim describes that man as six-feet tall, curly hair, and early 20s, a scar on the left side of his face.
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live at this hour, ten american sailers remain in iranian custody after two u.s. navy boats entered their waters. they are being held on far see island. they are head ed to bahrain from kuwait. the pentagon says iran has assured the sailors are being treated as well and will be allowed to continue their journey. president obama did not discuss the sailer situation during thinks final state of the union address tonight. the focus, the future of america after he leave office. a future he says can be bright if politicians can stop letting politics get in the way. >> we make change work for us. always extending america's promise out ward. so to the next frontier. to more people. and because we did, because we saw opportunity where others saw
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and better thanmar in the republican response, south carolina governor criticized the president saying it has often fallen far short of his quote, soring words. now to a case of tree trouble. as a local man pitted against the city of orlando. a man says the tree crushed his suv while he was inside it. a tree he says should have been removed years before the accident. it happened back in 2012 in dixon park that's in orlando. shaun's there live. he says this man's attorney says the tame type of accident could happen to more people. >> reporter: yeah, just think about this, the city says there are 90,000 trees in orlando. the question is, how many could fall at any time and is there a warning? >> all of a sudden, i feel an impact. and next thing you know, i'm under the tree with no
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>> reporter: rescuers had to cut him out of his truck after a large tree fell from orlando's dixon park in 2012. since then, he's had three surgeries. screws and rods placed in his neck and back. and now he's suing the city saying it knew that tree was dangerous. >> they knew about the problem and did nothing about it. >> reporter: in court documents, a 2007 inspection vowed the tree had limb decay. and scheduled for a priority two removal. >> they were on notice this tree was to be removed since 2007 until it ultimately fell on my client in 2012. >> reporter: attorney matt morgan said the city fail ed to check the try's condition since 2007. the city claim s the tree fell because of fungus rotted its roots. and although it was scheduled for removal. it was not the highest priority
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eminent failure. the tree was leafy and green and no evidence of rot or fungus on the outside of the tree. so the city says, it had no way to tell there was a problem. so it begs the question, how many other trees are out there acting as ticking time bombs waiting to fall on another family or an innocent pedestrian. this could happen at anytime to anybody. >> reporter: we asked the city how many trees have been lifted for removal. and how long it takes to get removed. and i should also mention this case had a mistrial today. but it is scheduled to go back to court in early march. matt? new tonight a man is suing fun spot america after he was shot at the park last february, marketa done can was shot in his upper arm when investigators say jamal fortune fired into a crowd.
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felon had just been involved in an argument when it turned violent. they said, fun spot did not do enough to protect guests. there was a lack of security and screening measures. in the days following the shooting, fun spot added extra layers of security including an extra hour of patrol for orlando police, bag checks and metal detecters. we called fun spot for a comment, but we have not heard back. tonight a yore key puppy is back with his brother. take a look at the little guy that was snatched by a couple visiting the puppy stop on east colonial drive. they were caught on surveillance video last friday walking down the door with him. fast forward to today, orlando police tweeted this picture. you can see a deputy holding that tiny puppy. the store owner tells us he had a call from police saying the couple turn ed the little yorkie over, now he's back at the puppy stop with his brother. in less than 24 hours, you
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power ball fever rising as high as the jackpot tonight. and if you haven't bought one of these guys just yet, you might have some questions. >> like where should you get one and what numbers should you play? it doesn't even matter. eric is myth busting for us tonight. >> reporter: lots of people come to these machines with lots of theory. is it they know something we don't or don't know. >> well why later? >> they can buy maoi house maybe a little luckier if that store balls. >> reporter: you're saying the stores close to your house are more chance of winning? scientific. >> it works for me. >> reporter: he admits his method is not statistically sound. it's just superstitious. he know it is truth, it doesn't matter where you buy the power ball incompetent thes, even
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states have won more than others. >> it doesn't matter where you live. it matters what numbers you're picking. even those states had slightly more winners, doesn't mean that next winner might not be from florida. everybody has the same odds. >> reporter: caitlyn says it's just luck, not rocket science, even though she is actually studying to be a rocket scientist while at the same time, directing the winner park location of math nays yum. >> the only way absolutely to increase your odds of winning the power ball is to buy more tickets. buying more tickets with different number combinations, of course. so here's another myth. >> then it's probably better because now you don't have 100 million people playing because it's lower jock pat. but. >> reporter: it's the a smaller jackpot, your odds of winning are no worse than if it's a record. still 292 million to 1. thatst 292 million possible combinations. so, that's where your odds come
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>> reporter: remember what does change as the jackpot goes up is the chance that is someone will win. that also goes up because the chances of course that somebody getting the right number combinations also increases. so, you may have to split your jackpot. at winter park. thank you. here is one thing s that guaranteed. the only place to seeing the drawing live is right here on news 6 right before news 6 at 11. we will also send out the winning numbers to your smart phone. so download our free click orlando app. and good luck. just in, a party store crasher. >> really scary stuff. shells@uiy collapse. shoppers hurt. this all happened inside a florida store. what we just learn about all this. plus who would rob a monk. the wild video and what police say this crook took. >> we're waiting for the frost
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strong 51 in orlando. i'll be right back to talk about the frost advisory. how long it lasts and when the rain comes back to central florida. first though, the hidden addiction. gambling, news 6 investigates why more and more of your kids are falling victim and why it's
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king, it's only going to get worse. >> 44% of callers stated they started gambling between the ages, or before the ages of 25. >> a lot more fans are making money on draft kids. sometimes i see them make more than that. >> i've done drafting before. >> the money's there, if you pick the right team. you could win a lot of money. >> reporter: the big problem, there aren't any tell tail signs. >> you can't look at someone and say they have dice eyes or roulette breath, or card eyeses. >> i was able to hide it from a lot of people. it's like living two lives. and for me, it certainly was a jeb
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>> reporter: allen says he hit rock bottom and finally got help. he's one of the lucky ones. one in five will attempt suicide. >> compulsive gambling is never cured. it's one day everyday for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: seeing more problem compulsive gamblers. we have posted more of her interview on our facebook page. if you think you might be a compulsive gambler, i've posted warning signs and the 24 hour hot line for help. that number is 1888 admit it on our facebook page too. thank you. chief meteorologist tom sorrells joining us now. and looks can be deceiving. it looked beautiful. you step outside though. >> burr. >> exactly. >> i can't remember which newscast it was and i looked over at you guys and said the sun is lying to you. it's flat out telling us all lies. i want to start tonight's weather story of what's going on
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what you see tonight is changing everything. we're going to start out with a look in orlando. notice the clouds beginning to build in. good work elliot. kathy in titus. see the clouds taking over? those clouds are really bailing us out tonight in the heat department. from satellite beach, beautiful shot reflected on the water replete. but again, notice the cloud cover. it was building in before the day wore on today. that's really making the difference for us right now. radar, clear as can be. it's going to be a while before we track anything. differential. here's daytona beach. everything is really good. camera showing what's going on there. temperature reading, 47 in daytona beach. so there's not a lot of low level clouds, not a lot of fog or mist or anything like that. it's the upper level cloud cover that's coming in and buffering us and chilling out so quickly. we're at 41 in gainsvill. 43 from ocala to the villages.
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look at how far ahead of the game we are compared to lan. last night last night at this time, it's 9 warmer than they were last night at the same time. every single reporting station in central florida is ahead of the curve from where we were last night. for that reason, there's no freeze warning. there's only this one frost advisory from marion county. if we could get enough cloud cover and buffer that temperature up to 36-37 for your overnight low, that wouldn't be any frost. we have the frost problem possible here in western belusha. right along to the ocala and marijuana county borders. otherwise, i think we're going to be a frost free zone in orlando tomorrow morning. you see the moisture building in. cloud cover beginning to show up from the gulf of mexico. see these clouds, that's what we're tracking. those are the one s that make a big difference for you right
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farther out to the gulf, there's moisture. making a difference on the gulf coast. by friday, we will have enough moisture here and the next covert on the way. we will get scattered showers. but between now and then, it's just the cloud cover that's going to help us tomorrow. and the clouds continue to build on thursday into thursday night and friday where scattered showers will begin to be a player in our forecast. tonight's low, 35 in ocala, 37 in the villages. i'm going 43 in the city of here's -- >> your forecast brought . we hit 67 today. and 65 tomorrow because of the increased clouds. 70 on thursday. friday's high 74. but more action. more charts. and enthe weekend, 74 on friday, sunday 65. meteorologist troy bridges will
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track the the frost. a monk robbed. he didn't let him get ate way without a fight. shoppers hurt in this and what we just learned. tonight's winning lottery numbers.
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caught on camera, a knife fight between a robber and a store owner.
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right after the open -- see the knife, and jumps on the counter, he threaten it is clerk with a knife. but the owner starts fighting back with a bigger knife. it show s the two fighting for more than a minute. look at the size of that thing. at one point the clerk comes out from behind the countier. the thief did i get away with some money and later caught by the police. more video tonight show ing a robbery victim trying to fight against his attack. >> a buddhist monk chased and grabbed a man that stole his wall let. surveillance video shows the 61-year-old dressed in an orange robe at a lottery machine. you see another man grab the monk's wall let right out of his hand and run out of the store. fight back. it looks like he try ed to tackle the suspect but was pushed down. the guy got away and the monk receive ed a cut to his leg. lottery. >> me either. tonight investigators are
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a group of shelves to collapse like dominos. this is the scene inside a party city. shelf on top of shelf. seven in all. palm beach county rescue posted these pickses on their twitter page. they saw rummaging through to make sure known was trapped. three people injured with minor injuries. ping joining us now. >> i have the strangest request tonight coming out of the ping me inbox. never had this request. and gator fans. stop it. oh my goodness. you'll never believe the out come tonight. texas a and m. the gators after this. plus the strange request. today on the morning news, we were live as central florida flirted with the freezing mark. and police work to get results for those in need in the cold. >> and coming up tomorrow,
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