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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  January 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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5:00 a.m. >> troy bridge s is helping everyone get out the door. >> some people are off, getting to enjoy some nice weather. if you are out and about, it will be chilly. don't forget the jacket and the wind not all that strong but strong enough to make it feel cooler. we'll continue that straight ahead. >> some superfans go out in their support of their favorite team. >> for some denver bronco fans, their spirit is painted all over their walls. >> that is a bright color. >> why they let painters cover their home in orange just ahead. have you ever had an orange room? >> no, i had a bright red room. >> i have seen a few red rooms. >> it is going to be hard to cover that. people who want to change it later on. we are talking about chilly air. cool all day. not a big warmup if you are making plans to get outdoors. 39 is the temperature right now in ocala. it is 43 in the villages.
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42 up in palm coast. 45 in orlando. we have a front that moved through and brought us strong to severe storms overnight saturday into sunday. now we have seen the effects of that front, the cooler drier air building in behind it. it even feels cooler when you factor in a breeze, it feels like 39 in leesburg. many other areas feeling like the actual temperature. orlando feels like 39. a jacket in order. a lot of sunshine today, no rain chances with more dry air. 65 by noon. 67 as we head into 4:00 today. we'll talk more about those temperatures in a bit. >> thank you, troy, here's a look at the roads. i-4 at kaley. the headlights moving towards you. traffic is moving smoothly, with no big delays to worry about. here are the drive times, i-4 westbound, 408 to osceola parkway. 14 minutes. 15 minutes now on i-4 eastbound, turnpike to 408, takes about
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>> now to breaking news overnight in orlando. things get scary after two armed men push their way inside a home. >> a mother and her two children were inside when a dangerous scene happened, not far from john young parkway and colonial. news 6 reporter johnny is live this morning. are police saying anything about suspects yet? >> yeah. what we know are the two suspects, they were armed and they were able to get away in a gray impala. police say this whole thing took place a little after midnight. they say the two suspects pushed their way inside the home once the homeowner came to the door. police say the suspects were looking for money. when they entered the home people were confused. police say the suspects may have targeted the wrong house and with anything. we are back live. police say a mother and her two
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the good thing is no one was hurt. police describe these suspects as guys wearing face masks and also wearing dark colored clothes. if you have any information about what happened, you are urged to contact orlando police. >> also breaking overnight, a wild scene outside an etonville church after one hit a tree. kirsten is live this morning. there are a lot of unanswered questions about what caused this. but many church members want to know still what is going on. >> reporter: you can see the broken tree branches behind me. i'll walk you through what happened. this is when a car kaem off kennedy boulevard. you can see the tire marks right on the grass, came up and nearly hit this church. this is the scene right now.
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different from the scene overnight. let's give you a look at that now. that car ended up slamming into a pole and thaen tree, stopping inches away from the church here. initial reports from the scene was this was the end of a police chase. i talked to etonville police dispatchers and they tell me this was not the result of a pursuit but wouldn't say what led to the crash. they wouldn't say anything about the driver. we asked, they wouldn't give any information if that person was hospitalized or if they stayed at the scene at all. we reached out to police for answers several times. we were told we have to wait until a little later. you can see the stop sign has been repaired. the street signs are still down this morning. we'll continue to reach out for answers with etonville police, trying to find out more about that driver and what happened, what led to the crash.
5:05 am, powered by news 6. >> a south florida family is picking up the piece this morning after a devastating tornado left two people dead and sent five others including four children to the hospital. this is all that is left behind after that tornado rimmed through the family's home early yesterday. steven and kelly were both killed avenue tornado with winds up to 125 miles an hour picked up their home and carried it across the street. their son and four grandchildren between the ages and 6 and 10 were home at the time. they are recovering in the hospital. neighbors say they are surprised anyone survived this. you have looked at the debris behind us. this is complete devastation to the home. >> that same storm also brought severe storms with heavy winds to central florida.
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sign at a store in daytona beach, knocking the iconic shark off. the storm knocked out power to creek area. all the lights are back on. remember, with the strong el nino we'll have a bigger chance for bad storms all winter long. it is a good time to make sure app. it is free, search wkmg in the app store. >> developing this morning, a crime tracker alert coming out of osceola county for two men store. surveillance cameras captured them before they walked into the a&m store in kissimmee. one of them is wearing a hoodie. you can see a guy grabbing a gun before going inside the store. detectives say the two men hopped the counter and demanded money from the clerk.
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guys, call the crimeline at 1-800-423-tips. >> a teen accused of beating another to death with a you bar is expected to take a plea deal. police say last year goata nearly killed daniel busavich. humbridge is expected to take the deal in exchange for testifying against thomas. >> a shakeup to the biggest airline at orlando sanford international. the chief operating officer of an allegiant air has stepped down. the airline isn't stay why he is leaving but allegiant has been in the headlines for safety issues. four flights had to be diverted for various issues. this is video from a december flight from orlando that was forced to land in rhode island after smoke appeared on the plane. no one was hurt in either of incidents. all the issues have come as
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of the airline safety and better maintenance. >> as part of martin luther kipping day, sun rail won't be running today. there is one business that will be operating and that is trash pickup. orange county utility crews tell us despite the holiday, today is a regularly scheduled collection day. officials want all garbage bins at the kesh by 6:00 so you have less than an hour. the service is supposed to be more efficient by several homeowners say their trash wasn't being picked up. officials admit the new system has fallen behind. they say a learning curve for the trash haulers and homeowners is to blame at this point. >> it is chilly if you have to get out there and get that can out there. >> a lot of folks off from work, maybe planning to do volunteering, getting out and about. if you are, you'll need the jacket for most of today. look at how cold it is. it is 15 degrees in nashville.
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we are at 45 in orlando with a orlando. 39 is the temperature in ocala. that's what it feels like there. afternoon high. most of the day in the 50's. coming up, a warmup later in the week and also another chance of showers and storms. we'll detail that in a bit. >> the time is 5:09. we'll look at the roads. a live look at i-4 at kennedy boulevard. cars on the rightside of the screen are heading westbound. traffic is picking up a little bit this morning. if you are about to head out the door, no major delays as of now. here are your drive times for i-95, we start with northbound from eau gallie to 528. that will take you 19, 20 minutes. southbound from 44 to 528, that is more like 39 minutes. >> there is a big shakeup coming to the roads. >> we'll show you what a road
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drive this week. plus there are no developments in the iran prisoner swapped. >> first, we continue to follow breaking news overnight in orlando where a mother and her children are targeted in an armed home invasion. an update on the search for suspects is next. you are watching news 6 getting results for holly hill, ocala and all of central florida.
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>> we'll continue to follow two stories for you. two armed men forced their way into a home. detectives say a mother and her two children were inside and they think the men may have targeted the wrong house looking for money. >> we are waiting for answers for what caused this bad crash. a driver ran into a pole and tree and nearly hit the church. police won't give us any information about what caused the crash. we'll let you know as soon as we get any answers. >> three american frees are in germany waiting to be reunited
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they are undergoing treatment at a hospital. the washington post reporter and he and three others made a stop. the three men and a fourth american were swapped for seven iranians charged in the u.s. the families of those men say news of their release came quickly. >> i don't think it will hit me until i'm hugginging him. my kids helped to put together some cards to write to him while he was in prison. >> the exchange comes as the u.s. lifts sanctions because of the nuclear program. the u.s. moved to impose new sanctions against 11 individuals and countries tied to the country's missile program. >> rough seas with waves up to 20 feet high made search efforts difficult yesterday. searchers have gone through
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the north shore of awau hoo looking for the remains of the marines. the oldest is 41 years old and the youngest is just 21. searchers say they found debris but are still focuseded on finding survivors. >> police continue their hunt to find two more people they say were involved in an officer involved shooting. we brought you this as breaking news saturday morning as police say trevon was shot by officers. police say the 17-year-old and two others were driving a stolen car when officers tried to approach them at a traffic stop. they say lammens tried to drive over one of them so officers opened fire. they caught up with him after he crashed into an abandoned home. the other two caught in the car got away. . >> in sumter county, we know the name of the man whose body was found in the woods on friday. detectives say they believe he is a murder victim. they say the remains found in the area are of robert banks of lakeland. detectives have been interviewing family and friends to determine where banks was before he ended up in the woods.
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about his death, call the crime line. >> drivers are going to run into a huge detour this week, it is part of one busy road being shut down for days. on thursday night crews will close off southbound lanes for a one mile stretch between lee road and lake avenue. workers are repaving the road but lanes will be closed through monday morning. a similar shutdown is planned for the weekend of the 29th and fdot says it will have detour signs up but there will likely be backup. >> three others in critical condition after police say at least 50 cars were involved in a pile-up crash that happened on i-95. investigators say nearly a dozen tractor-trailers were in the pile-up which shut down eastbound lanes of i-94 near hartford. that's just west of kalamazoo. detectives say speeding drivers and near whiteout conditions were to blame for these wrecks. this crash comes one week after another person was killed in a
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>> peyton manning and the broncos are on their way to the title game after knocking out the steelers. >> playoff fever is running high. take a look. this family won a contest to have all the walls painted orange in their house in honor of the broncs. in return, they got some game tickets for yesterday's game from the broncos in addition to the tickets the couple also got a visit from the cheerleaders and the mascot. >> it is a nice color. >> the couple says after playoffs, they might be repainting but they may leave on the orange, at least for one of the walls for an accent. >> one. >> that's true. >> maybe in the mancave. >> you think of those bright colors, the deeper reds and oranges make you angry. they may get mad at each other. >> our coworker willy loves the
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too. >> his wife may disagree. today we are going to be pinpointing cooler air, all behind the front that brought storms over the weekend. we are glad to get that out of here in time for a holiday. a lot of folks off for dr. martin luther king jr. day. if you are doing volunteer work or just enjoying the day. you'll need a jacket. here is the weather story, a chilly start. lots of sunshine through the afternoon. only warming into the 60's. much of today will be in the 50's. certainly cool enough for the jacket. the food thing is the kids won't need it because they aren't going to school. there's your thursday the, thursday, back into the 70's. out the door right now, look at where we are with temperatures. we are at 37 in ocala. 44 in leesburg. it is 45 in orlando. 44 at daytona beach.
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you factor in a little bit of a breeze and there are some areas that feel a little bit cooler, not as much of a breeze to the north and west. that's why it feels like the actual temperature of 39 in ocala. in orlando, a little bit more of a breeze making it feel more like 39 rather than the mid 40's. cool enough for the jacket area wide. you may want a heavier coat through the day. here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> as we help you plan the day, no concern with rain or storms. we'll hardly see a cloud out there with lots of sunshine. we are at 58 degrees by noon today, warming to 62 by 4:00. we are back to 57 by 6:00 this evening with a beautiful sky with lots of sun. mostly clear skies overnight. we'll be dry with hardly a cloud out there. 46 at 9:00. 45 at 10:00. 44 at 11:00. quickly dropping off without
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we step you through the day. one or two clouds beginning to build in. those are high thin clouds. temperatures will drop off quickly overnigh. afternoon highs look like this, 61 in sanford. 59 for a high today in daytona beach. 58 in ocala. early tomorrow, 33 in ocala. 39 in daytona beach. 38 in sanford. many areas in the 30's. even orlando dropping into the 30's. there's your tuesday, a lot of sunshine and a high of 58. back to 70 on your thursday. notice rain chances at 50% by friday. >> here's a look at your roads. a live look at i-4 at princeton, cars on your left heading westbound. the right lane is blocked for construction. drive carefully around that. here are your drive times on 408 eastbound, good holmes to john young parkway.
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is about eight minutes right now. still ahead on your monday big news for pet owners. >> what researchers say about cuddling with your cat and dog when you are sick. >> gun owners square off. we have a look at last night's debate just ahead. >> you are watching news 6, new
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>> welcome back. good news for pet owners who enjoy cuddling with their pets. >> cuddling even when you are sick is safe for you. researchers at vanderbilt medical center say pet owners cannot get their pets sick and pets can't get their owners sick. there is no harm in you holding your pets when you are trying to feel better. >> that is good. >> if you are feeling blue today, you may not be alone. >> that's because today is what they call blue monday.
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depressing of the year. here's why, the holiday was created by british travel company using a sue doe science, if you will. taking into account things such as the weather, debt and failed through year's resolutions resolutions. this always falls on the third monday of january. many researchers have spoken out against this label saying it is a self-fulfilling prophesy if you buy into it, there is no scientific basis. i'm not buying it. >> i'm kind of like you. i think mondays are tough for a lot of people. troy, how are you holding out? >> it is hollywood -- hollywood? my brain is not working yet. it is a holiday. dry air continues to work in. it is going to be a great day. can you tell i'm trying to be positive. as that dry air continues to work in. it is going to lead to a lot of sunshine. you can see the darker color on the water vapor imagery showing
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the drier air leading to a cool start. 45 in orlando. 46 at new smyrna beach. you factor in a breeze. it feels like 39 in orlando. feels like 39 across the board for leesburg up to ocala. coming up, we'll talk about a warmup and some rain chances for later in the week. >> coming up, a planned mission to land a space x rocket did not go as planned. >> up crows video we got in of that explosion just ahead. we are following breaking news from overnight in etonville after a car slammed into a tree outside a church. what we are learning about what happened out there. >> and home invaders terrorize a mother and her children. after all this, we'll explain why police say the suspects may have been at the wrong home on this monday. you are watching news 6 getting results for daytona beach shores and celebration and all of central florida.
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