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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  January 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> we continue to follow breaking news overnight as a double shooting leaves one man dead and another inju ed. police are working to figure out who pulled the trigger. >> disturbing details in a vicious attack that injured five people. what officers say they saw and heard when they arrived. >> there is a battle over bills as homeowners working to get results after they say their water prices have skyrocketed. >> good morning, it is 5:30 on your thursday. thank you for waking up with us. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. joining us at the table, we have amy and troy. >> good morning. >> how are we looking outside? >> not too bad at all. a couple of lingering things. >> how could it be bad as we get closer to friday, getting closer to the weekend. we are excited. >> we are tracking changes. when rain chances increase tomorrow. when you can expect stronger storms and how much cooler that new front will make the weekend.
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then there are superfans. >> we know some. >> where a group of jedi want to be's are gathering to work on their skills. >> we have a superfan behind the camera. >> it is cold out there, cold again, not as cold as yesterday. high pressure dominating our forecast. you see the blue h. it is spinning around a clockwise fashion, bringing in those south winds. through the afternoon, because of the south winds we'll warm up. look at the front and this area of low pressure out to the west, it will be moving in, it will increase our rain chances to 70% by 10:00 tomorrow morning and through 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. a few thunderstorms to deal with. nothing like we saw last week. there is the chance for stronger wind gusts. today the story is the warm air. we'll start off cold.
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we'll warm nicely. 34 in orlando. 42 at new smyrna beach. look at the warmup with sunny skies. a few additional clouds but 74 will be the afternoon high, well above the average of 71. coming up, we'll pinpoint the timing for the rain and the cooldown behind it. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napeleton traffic center. >> good morning to you at home. things are looking good if for your drive. you don't have to plan out travel time. traveling around 417, that won't be a problem. you can see your drive times looking very nice at this point. it is a little bit dark but you can see i-4 this morning over by the turnpike, really moving along just fine either side of the roadway, even under construction, no delays right now. back over to you. >> now to breaking news in seminole county where police are investigating a double shooting.
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a woman is hurt. it happened late last night at kensington oak apartments in sanford. mark lehman is following this breaking news. what are police saying about a possible suspect. >> police aren't releasing any information about who the gunman is or if there is more than one suspect. just 30 minutes ago, police remove the crime scene tape from this apartment complex. we have learned the shooting happened inside apartment three of this building. this is video overnight. a line of officers making their way into the same apartment. police say they got the 911 call around 10:30 for reported gun shots in the area. two were found shot as officers arrived. a man was killed and a woman with a bullet wound to her hand. so far, that's the only thing investigators are saying about what happened here. we spoke with a woman who lives right next door to the apartment
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she says her boyfriend heard the commotion and heard children crying and screaming after the shooting. we are working to gather more information about a possible suspect. coming up in the next half-hour, you'll hear from the woman and what she has to say about the shooting that happened here last night. >> deputies are trying to figure out if a man involved in a hunting accident will face charges. the man says it is an accident. we learn the hunter has been in trouble before. you can see some of the scene behind me. the shooting happened yesterday in the woods of oak hill west of i-95. deputies say he fired a 12 gauge shotgun in the wrong direction hitting his friend bruce best. right now, investigators are calling this shooting a tragedy. but they say they are still looking into this incident. >> loss of life is tragedy for the family and friends and for the hunter who fired the shot,
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>> court records show sutton has been in trouble for hunting related violations including killing game out of season. >> osha is trying to figure out how a worker died after an accident in orange county. we have learned he has been in trouble with the government before. we wrought you this story yesterday after deputies say a 38-year-old man was killed when he got stuck in a piece of heavy machinery. this was at taylor farms on chancellor drive. we did digging into the company's history and discovered osha cited the farms twice, including a serious violation for equipment during inspection in 2012. the company says it is cooperating with osha as they investigate this accident. >> this morning, we are learning details about the vicious dog attack that left a sanford woman in critical condition. >> there are still big questions about why those dogs were even in one family's apartment in the first place.
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>> it is all spelled out in this graphic detail police report. five people hurt after a group of five dogs went on the attack. one of those victims had to be air lifted to the hospital. police are not releasing her name at this moment because they are not sure if she'll survive. we brought you this as breaking news on tuesday when those dogs started attacking the victims inside the stone brook apartment complex. when the first officer arrived at the scene, he found five dogs attacking the woman in a hallway. the officer says he fired his gun to try to stop the attack but that's when one of the dogs who he describes as a pit bull started charging at him. the officer shot and killed all five dogs. the whole thing left neighbors stunned. >> i never heard any dogs barking. i came back from running errands
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>> we don't know. we were wondering what could have happened. >> the complex does ban people from having large dogs and say they were not in the apartment when they last inspected the apartment. >> testimony will continue at the trial of a pedi cab driver accused of raping a woman nearly two years ago. the defense could start presenting the case as early as this afternoon. the victim in the case took the stand yesterday saying 29-year-old george bernard picked her up and took her to nearby woods where he raped her. the woman said bernard threatened to leave her in the woods if she didn't give him what he wanted. >> homeowners sound off. they say their water bill is too high. they are looking to get results and looking to get their bills lowered.
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>> many families packed city council meeting last night. some say their water bill are more than double what people in other cities pay. we went to get answers from city leaders. they say the higher bills are because of newer and more accurate meters. >> we put all new meters in. i think with the new technology, i think it is accurate. >> that change may take months. city leaders say they want to finish installing new meters before deciding on new rates. >> the orlando soccer team is months from being done but the team will own the land it will be built on. they will pie two blocks from the city for $18 million. you can see glen lane, central boulevard and church street border the site. we are told the lions will pay
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payments twice a year. if you have a hard time envisioning what it will look like when it is said and done, you can find a 3d tour of the $155 million stadium on their website. season ticket holders can see the view from their seats before it is even finished. >> a brand new hospital designed especially for women will accept its first patients. news 6 was there for the ribbon cutting the first phase of the 12 story hospital will focus on young woman cardiac care and breast cancer treatment. the second phase is expected to be complete next year. if i believes say the facility will treat thousands of women every year. that's exciting news. >> that's big news for the community. troy, we are talking about changes. >> oh, yeah. change change changes, is that a song? cold air this morning but a nice warm up this afternoon. getting into the 70's before a
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front brings more cold air for the weekend. it is that el nino pattern. you can see downtown orlando, a few cars hitting the royce. i-4, the 408. it is 45 from that vantage point with calm winds. cooler north and west. ocala at 36 degrees. so the kids will need the coat at butts stop. we are at 45 northwesterlied 45 in orlando. 73 by 3:00 in the afternoon at the bus stop with a 10% chance of rain. more moisture in the form of clouds. we'll talk about rain chances increasing tomorrow and we'll pinpoint when you can expect some of those stronger storms, nothing like what we saw last week. let's check on the roads right now and head over to amy in the napeleton traffic center. good morning, amy. >> take a look at this. we have reports of an early morning accident that looks like it is still closing down your southbound lanes if you are traveling around melbourne this morning. it looks like it is over on the
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again, southbound lanes around poinsettia street are blocked off. follow that detour. that is probably one of the biggest things we have going on. we have construction picking up which isn't causing any big issues. it is dark as you can see. either direction of 95, that is not going to be an issue for you, even i-4 is moving along clear. that's your check on traffic for now. back over to you. >> it is now 5:41. a major retailer is offering customers money back. >> why amazon is offering refunds on hover boards. >> video released in a crash involving the police chief of daytona beach. still ahead, what happened in the seconds leading up to the crash. >> we are following breaking news from overnight in sanford as a double shooting leaves one man dead and a woman injured. an update about a possible
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>> a man is dead, a woman hurt after a double shooting in sanford. the victims were found late last night at an apartment complex off melonville avenue. right now, no word on a possible suspect. mark lehman is following the breaking news story. he'll have an update at the top of the hour. >> the obama administration is expected to announce visa requirements for some europeans to keep a closer watch on possible isis militants entering the country. it would apply to dual citizens and it would apply if they visited those countries in the last five years. congress passed this law in december. sources who have been working
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alongside the department of security say exceptions will be made for those traveling for business or for humanitarian work. >> in volusia county, we are now getting a closer look at what happened when three teens slammed into the car at daytona beach police chief. here's new video showing the teens in the stolen s.u.v. driving recklessly. you can see the chief chitwood car drive up to the s.u.v. when the teen sideswiped the car causing the car to spin out. chitwood was not hurt. police chased the teens down. they were eventually arrested. the three 16-year-olds are facing felony charges. >> thousands of firefighters from across the state will be in volusia county. it is part of an result they hope will help them in saving more lives. the east conference features hands on training as well as fewer fighting competition. this afternoon the fire service awards will be held out. it is being held at the ocean center through saturday. >> more trouble for the makers
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of the so-called hover boards. an online retailer is now offering refunds to anyone who bought one. says due to growing concerns the two wheeled balance boards are not safe. the consumer product safety commission is investigating more than three dozen cases of hover boards smoking and bursting into flames. amazon is still selling some of those boards on their site. >> it seems the force has been delayed at least a little bit. disney reps say the next film will be released in december of 2017, that's seven months later than the original release date. disney did not give a reason for the delay. you may remember the current film was delayed by several months. that movie is the highest grossing u.s. film of all time. >> they are teasing everyone. >> some are taking their love of
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sci-fi films to the next level. >> we are all proud to be geeks. not one of them here will deny that. >> that's all right. check it out. this group of fans gets together to work on their light saber skills. they have been doing this for five years. now the group is looking to expand to the next generation. they are working on an after school program so they can learn the way of the jedi. >> i can think of worst things i guess. >> elike that they are owning the nerdiness. >> wer giving away an umbrella at 6:45. the storm pin of the day. we have a lot of storm pins from yesterday. dry air in place leading to a great sunshine, even a great sunrise.
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search wkmg in the app store. carl often pins photos from downtown orlando. mainly because of the dry air. a lot of folks pinning photos of the moon. it is not quite full. it is waxing. we'll see more of a full moon in the coming days. if you have some shots you took last night. maybe you can take some shots this morning. search wkmg in the app store. we'll give away an umbrella. hold tight for that. what about the weather story for today? still cold enough for a jacket heading out. a nice warmup into the afternoon. getting into the 70's, mid 70's, that's going to be above the average into the afternoon today. by friday, we'll be pinpointing some storms, a couple could be strong, nothing like we saw on last friday but still the risk for stronger wind gusts. we'll pinpoint the timing straight ahead. look at the temperatures, it is 36 in ocala.
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41 in the villages. 37 at palm coast. 49 in melbourne. you'll need a jacket heading out the door what about the rest of today? here's the pinpoint accurate forecast. >> as we help you plan the day hour by hour, only a 10% chance for one or two showers as more moisture works into the atmosphere. a few additional clouds. 70 will be the temperature at noon. 74 at 4:00, heading out on the town, milder, we'll take it. 60 by 9:00 tonight. dropping off to 59 after that. gray indicating clouds rolling in. still sunshine on and off. a few additional clouds than we saw yesterday. this is ahead of the storm system, the front that will bring an increased chance for rain tomorrow. here is tomorrow at 7:00 in the morning. notice by 10:00, 11:00, we see a push of heavier showers. a line developing through 2:00
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in the afternoon and continuing off to the east through 4:00, 5:00, losing a lot of energy by 4:00, 5:00, most of that severe threat will be north of us in north florida and north georgia into the . the timeline is before 5:00, that's when we'll see a line of quick moving showers and storms moving through. the cold front bringing cooler air. we'll talk about it in the planning forecast. today, low and mid 70's everywhere. 71 in daytona beach. 74 in orlando. tomorrow's coverage of rain, up to 70% beginning at 10:00 in the morning. we'll be at 75 and then a cooldown behind that front. a high of 57 on saturday. morning lows in the 30's. 38 on sunday morning heading off to church. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napeleton traffic center. good morning, amy. >> good morning. so far things are looking good. we have had a couple of minor
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not causing any major issues for i-4 travelers. all your travel speeds are in the green which means you are moving along on time. we'll get you outside so you can take a live look at i-4 as you make your way past kaley avenue. no issues either direction there. rest of the roads, you'll find the same thing, a quick check on the turnpike, travel times not going to be a problem. that is your check on traffic. back over to you. >> 5:52. they are popular with adults and teens. a new warning for energy drinks this morning. >> we'll tell you why they could pose health problems for your children. that's coming up at 6:00. >> next, an update on the big stories, including breaking news in sanford. what we learned about the search for suspects after two people
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>> it is time get you up to speed on our big stories, including breaking news overnight. a man is dead and a woman
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injured after a shooting. the victims were found last night at the kensington oak apartments off melonville avenue. we don't have any word from police about the reason for the violence or possible suspects. >> investigators are searching for more possible victims after a former teacher is arrested for allegedly molesting one of his former students. donald sharp was a teacher at an elementary school. he is being held without bond in the orange county jail. >> we are waiting to see if a man will face charmings after he said he accidentally killed his friend in a hunting accident. the numbers are out for new election 2016 poll. >> which candidates are leading in the sunshine state. >> some are praysing for what could be one of the worst storms to hit the east coast. how people are preparing in the area. no snow here, we are in for big weather changes. troy is pinpointing what you can
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coming up at 6:00. you are windchilling news 6 getting results for longwood, debury and all of central florida. in two or three minutes, we'll
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sdmoo. >> snoofrjts. >> a we are live as police try to track down the suspects responsible. >> a former teacher in trouble,
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what he is accused of doing to a
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