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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  January 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> and disney at the center of controversy, a family set to file a lawsuit aft they say their son was bitten by a snake at the animal kingdom park. if you ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> there is a shift in focus at last night's republican debate with front runner donald trump skipping that event. who became the focus of the big night. >> good morning. i'm bridgett ellison. >> joining us at the table, we have troy and amy. >> good morning. >> good morning. happy friday. >> happy friday. how are we looking outside? >> we are doing ok. watching construction pick up. >> the rain is out of here. hit the road jack. clearing skies, sunshine, cooler air. we'll talk about how cool it will be for today and then a nice warmup for part of the weekend. >> sounds beautiful. residents in one neighborhood have a reason to smile here.
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>> what is it? >> he is just 3 years old. the story behind this snowplower is ahead. it looks like fun. >> he'll get a lot done i'm sure. >> it might take him awhile. >> today we are talking about a cooldown, it is all behind that rain, we are sweeping that stuff out of here. if you are making some plans, go ahead. you do not need the rain gear. make sure the kids have those jackets as they head off to the bus stop. we are at 56 in orlando. 52 at daytona beach. 46 now in marion county, for ocala. we have dropped a couple of degrees from the top of the newscast at 5:00, or 4:56 when temperatures dropping a couple of degrees likely before 7:00 and then we warm up. we'll be at 53 at 8:00. 63 at noon. only warm to 67 by 4:00 today. we are below that. for the weekend, we warm back
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we'll talk about that and let you know about rain chances. first, let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton, got a lot to say there. >> you sure do. >> thank you very much. happy friday morning to you. watching construction pick up at this hour of the morning. we have an accident to report on the beachline heading westbound. watch out for lane blockages, i'll keep you updated on the live camera looking very nice. taking a live look outside at i-4. it looks like not a lot going on. over by john young parkway, again, some construction picking up, not causing any you any major delays. that's your check on traffic for now. >> now back to breaking news in volusia county, a mystery surrounding a fire near ormond beach as a house goes up in flames. firefighters say it may have been set intentionally. >> it happened on river drive around midnight. there is another part to the story. firefighters actually delayed
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man was found dead right down the street. connected. kirsten o'connor is there live in volusia county this morning. what else have you learned? >> i just talked with the deputy on the scene. she tells me they will be here for another several hours. we are still not getting a lot of answers from them about the person who died here. we do know that person died me. you can see there is a lot of damage left behind, crime scene tape is wrapped around that house, broken windows, the whole second half of the house blackened out by those flames. this is where it all started. deputies were here investigating overnight at the same time that firefighters were trying to put out the flames. the volusia county sheriff's office tells us deputies saw a man run ing fromthis house, then heard a popping sound and found him dead. firefighters say as they were rushing to get water on the
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>> a delay in getting a water supply supply. luckily, they were very aggressive and they were able to extinguish the fire with the water they had on the truck. >> a lot of damage left behind on this quiet street. we have seen a few neighbors come out this morning. we have been reaching out to the volusia county sheriff's office asking if that man lived in this house, asking what they know about how that man died. we still haven't received any calls back from them. we are going to be continuing to reach out to get answers about this, still very mysterious situation in volusia county. we'll bring you new details we get as soon as we get them. >> kirsten thanks. breaking overnight, a woman hit road. it happened late last night along world center drive right near state road 535. we know the victim who is believed to be in her 30's was rushed to the hospital but
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troopers haven't released any other information about what happened. more possible charges for the driver involved. >> to a disturbing case, this woman held her against her will and battered her. detectives want to know if there could be more victims out there. the 20-year-old carried out this attack outside a home on palm bay on tuesday. investigators aren't saying where this happened, only that they served a search warrant at the house and selected several items. we have learned baptiste has been arrested before. he is now charged with sexual battery and false imprisonment. detectives asking anyone with information about baptiste to come forward and call immediately. >> now to a crime alert in orlando as police try to find the man behind a bold robbery. take a good look at a clerk was showing up for work at the city mart over the weekend, a man came up to her and others outside the store and he pulled out a gun. detectives say he took the
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taking off in a dark blue mini van. if you know this guy, call the crime line. >> we are expecting to learn information surrounding a lawsuit in the works against disney. a family says their 8-year-old was bitten by a snake at animal kingdom park. they claim that bite led to the death of an another family member. mark, what is expected to happen today with this case? >> reporter: bridgett, because of the overwhelming interest, the family's lawyer will be hold answering our questions later this morning. allegations. they offer a completely different version of what they say happened inside the park. >> the attorney says his clients man to sue after a trip they made to animal kingdom ended with a grandmother's death. in their experience at the park in 2013, the alabama family says a large snake escaped and entered an area reserved for the general public.
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and biting an 8-year-old boy. his grandmother saw what happened, went into cardiac arrest and died. in an e-mail morgan told news 6 the grandmother had symptoms of an attack, went back to their thereafter. disney offers a different version of the events. a spokesperson said no ambulance grandmother at the park. when asked about allegations, a disney spokesperson called them a miscashingization of the facts. >> this morning, we'll be asking matt morgan about those facts and how his case will be moving forward t. press conference is scheduled for 11:30 this morning. we'll bring you an update at noon and throughout the day on >> now to election 2016 coverage. candidates hit the stage in a prime time debate. the only person missing, the party's current front runner, we
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with trump not in attendance, the focus fell on his biggest rival ted cruz. he moved to center stage and other candidates also worked to take the focus off the controversy and back on key issues impacting iowa and the rest of the nation. >> this is an election about people that are really hurting. we need a leader that will fix things and have a proven record to do it. >> there is no reason why you can't stand for principles and fight for them and be able to start to get things done in government. >> trump held his own event on raised money for the veterans. it is estimated the event brought $6 million with a chunk brought in by his own account. >> leaders will gather for getting results for those living in poverty. the first central florida poverty conference will be held from 9:30 until 2:00 at florida
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the event features new workshops aimed at helping leaders address poverty. it is estimated 20,000 workers in orlando make under $30,000 a year. >> it is a big weekend for zora festival. today kicks off tan yule outdoor festival complete with educational activities, demonstrations and, of course, good food. the event celebrates zora. we have the details on the activities including annizely brothers concert. head to should be a great time. >> i'm so happy about the weather. so many fun things to get out and do. let's check in with troy bridges in the pinpoint weather center. >> in daytona beach, the rolex 24, all the events going on across central florida will be dry and cool. temperatures do gradually warm into the 70's this weekend. look right now, we are at 56
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a northwest wind at 14 miles an hour. at times stronger, bringing in more cool dry air. we are at 46 in ocala. right now, 52 in daytona beach. 53 in sanford. 56 in orlando. now, 53 will be the temperature at 7:00 this morning, as we drop from here, the kids will need a jacket but no rain gear. tons of sunshine, a jacket needed, a high of 67 by 3:00. coming up, we'll take you through the weekend forecast. first, let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. i got it right. >> yes, you did. i want to give you an update on the accident that happened not too long ago. not going to be a huge traffic impact. now, it is over on the beachline, traveling in the westbound direction, right on the onramp that takes you to 417. we have minimal blockage. not going to be a huge headache for folks getting around. dark, quiet. taking a live look outside at
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no issues there. i-4 construction picking up. not a ton of delays right now. looking great. that's your check on traffic. back over to you at desk. >> thanks. a scam alert in volusia county. >> investigators are searching for an imposter trying to steal your money by posing as a deputy. >> what airline companies are offering pregnant women in the wake of a new health warning. >> we are staying on top of new breaking news out of volusia county after a man is found dead after a home on the street goes up in flames. an update is coming up next. >> you are watching news 6 morning news, getting results for titusville, windermere and
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>> a busy night in one neighborhood after fire erupts at a home near ormond beach damaging most of the house. as firefighters try to put out the fire, deputies arrive at the same scene after a man's body is found in the middle of the road. investigators working to figure out if the two incidents are connected. kirsten is live. she'll have a report coming up at the top of the hour. >> growing fears over the zeke virus has prompted airlines to make changes for travelers.
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virus is spreading. so far the disease has exposed in 24 countries. the virus is transmitted by a certain type of mosquito. right now, there iso treatment or vac sdeeb for the virus. it has caused babies to born with abnormally small heads. pregnant women are told to avoid areas where the virus has been confirmed and to wear mosquito repellent. >> deputies say man posed as a law enforcement officer and scammed a woman out of thousands. the man claimed he was a lieutenant with the sheriff's office and even game the victim a badge number. he then said that they need to pay a $5,500 fine due to outstanding warrants for missing jury duty or they'll go to jail. an 82-year-old woman fell for it and she sent the man money. others have been targeted and they say they knew something wasn't right.
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news the elderly being victimized such as this gentleman. that's not right. >> the city says they'll never call about outstanding warrants. they'll come to your home in person. they are asking anyone with information about this scammer to call the sheriff's office. >> information surrounding the most recent arrest of zenaida gonzalez. detectives say this video shows her leaving the store. here's the video wrshgs she used a credit card stolen from a cancer patient. this was taken at a wal-mart last month. in it you can see gonzalez and an accomplice leaving the store. deputies say gonzalez and her boyfriend stole the credit card last month. only news 6 was there to try to get answers when gonzalez walked out of jail early yesterday. but she had nothing to say. gonzalez once sued casey anthony for defamation. she is now facing grand theft charges. >> jobs coming to the space coast. space florida is working on a
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company to brevard county. according to our news partners, the deal is being called project fable. it would include a manufacturing facility that womened bring jobs to the area. the salary would be $86,000 a year. the company which hasn't been named could make the move as early as next year. >> the residents in the north continue to see snow and lots of people still digging out from it, including some getting help from this guy. >> take a look, this is 3-year-old sam curry, possibly the world's youngest snowplow snowplower. he has been helping to keep the street in front of his house clear. looks like fun. no seat belt? the residents of his hometown
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skills, they gave him his own street sign. >> spins on a dime. >> we don't need anything like that. cool kid, maybe he can show us how that works. >> i would probably get stuck. >> he can come and plow sand. >> as we show you changes on the way, the front that brought the rain the last couple of days moves to the south. more cool dry air is working in. are you ready for sunshine? inow you are. we'll see a lot of that. temperatures in the 60's for afternoon highs today as that front scours out those clouds. most of that coming to an end. we are at 46 in ocala. 51 at palm coast. 58 in melbourne. right now, 56 in orlando. 52 in sanford. you'll need a jacket but no rain
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here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. >> look at the sky into the afternoon. we'll see plenty of blue sky and sunshine. 63 will the temperature at noon. we'll be below the average. the average high is 72. only getting to 67 as more cool try air works into central florida. heading out on the town, the 50's wh mostly cloudy skies and no rain chances. you'll need a jacket heading out tonight, maybe heading off to the movies, maybe having dinner. we have a lot of great restaurants with outdoor seating. maybe they'll wheel one of those heaters out. there's the clouds and rain forecast. watch the clock add top of the screen. we count you down through the day. one or two high thin clouds, that will be it. temperatures will drop off quickly and so tomorrow morning, cooler than what we are seeing this morning.
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where you live by 3:00, 64 in palm coast. 65 for the high in ocala. 67 in lease burst. 65 in cocoa beach. 66 in sanford. a fairly cool day. with a breeze, at times it will feel cooler, especially for the first part of the day before we make it up to that high of 67. tomorrow, there's the weekend in red. up to 70 degrees. morning lows in the 40's. 44 early on saturday. 49 on sunday. jackets in order, heading off to church on sunday. look at sunday afternoon, warming to 75. let's check on the roads with y this morning in the napleton traffic center. >> gd morning. >> good morning. happy morning as well. we are getting ready to head out the door. don't need a ton of extra time. a live look outside, i-4 is looking lovely at this point you have a good view of the eastbound side of the roadway, westbound moving just as well at
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drive times doing fantastic. a small accident not causing any delays. everything is fine. 95 to the airport, we are right on time, looking great. now we'll send things back over to you. >> in the next half-hour, what the retailer is doing away with that could mean less mail for you. >> up next, a check of the big stories on this friday including breaking news overnight in volusia county as a man is found dead after a nearby home goes up in flames what investigators are now trying to
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>> good morning. it is 5:55. if you are just heading out the door, this is a quick check of the big stories, including breaking news in volusia county where an investigation is under
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it happened right down the road from where a man's body was found on the same street. vestigators are trying to figure out if all this is connected. >> the attorney for a family planning to sue disney is expected to address the media later today. the family wants to sue after they say a snake bit an 8-year-old boy at animal kingdom. the family says the incident then turned deadly when another family member who saw what happened died after suffering a heart attack. >> he kept to his word. donald trump skipped the final debate after an ongoing feud with megyn kelly. the rest of the candidates took stage and trump said he raised $6 million for the nation's veterans. >> coming up, detls on this year's harry potter expo. >> one of dlchlt central florida's most popular surfers is credited with doing off the coast of hawaii. >> a man is shot in the middle of a neighborhood. who deputies are trying to find
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>> you are watching news 6 on this friday getting results for orange city, ocala and all of central florida on air and on
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>> a mystery in volusia county after a fire damages a home and a man is found dead right down the street. we are live working to get
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>> parents say a snake bit a
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