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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  January 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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volusia county deputies say a man was found dead on the street with a self-inflicted gunshot lined glistening block away from his own home.
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a completely different scene as the fire tore through the home >> the houses are close. i am glad they came fast. it could jump from house to house >> they say they had trouble getting water on the fire because deputies were investigating the area where the body was found. no one was inside the home when they arrived but the marshall is still trying to figure out if the fire may have been intentionally set . beach, news 6 >> two missing children in indian river county has been canceled. they were searching for a four-year-old and a . they believe the children with , maria lopez. his a suspect in a murder case in vero beach. let you know when we get more information. learning new details about a woman who killed by a car near disney world. it happened near state road 535 . we now know the victim is in
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canada. he said he felt the impact of the collision in her head struck the windshield . they both stopped and called 9-1-1 and check for a pulse. she did not survive. the crush is under investigation. weather today. after a chilly start, we are starting to warm up likes it will be warmer tomorrow. troy bridges is pinpointing everything >> lots of sunshine helping us to warm up. it's a chilly start but no rain in the forecast. the skies and sunshine with a live view over downtown orlando. we are at 59b0. it's nearly 50 mph bringing in more of the dry stable error. we are at 61 in ocala and 59 the summer beach. 61 in southern brevard county.
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notice the sky high is hardly a cloud out there. we will talk about the warm-up for the weekend and if you can expect some rain chances as we head into saturday and sunday. bridget and david, lots of events going on. the rolex 24 and those forecasts will be in minutes >> see you then, troy. have the latest weather alerts directly on your phone by downloading the free app. search wkmg in the app store. in his conference just wrapped up after a family cleaned a snake bit a boy at the animal kingdom. story yesterday afternoon. the family's attorney says it calls the grandmother to go into cardiac arrest. the incident happened on the 14th. it entered a reserve for the public. the snake did bite the boy at the park but it was wild and non-minimus.
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>> she had no breathing episodes and no difficulties with no health problems at the time. her symptoms began immediately following this bite . it progressively got worse until she was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> disney has responded to the claim saying no ambulance called for the grandmother. the allegations were an utter mischaracterization of the facts. we'll have more coverage on this coming up on news 6 at 4:00 >> a judge has ruled that a marion county woman had 102 cats taken from her home and she can no longer on the pets. she had the cats removed from her summerfield home. 60 of the cats were euthanized after they were taken from the home. the rest were treated for severe respiratory infections. >> mormon police say richard
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while he went to look at a dumpster. say he jumped into his car and drove away dragging him. the suspects were arrested after the victim's car crashed into an unmarked cruiser. the names have not been released >> a city ordinance is sparking a protest. there are gathering to speak out against street performers on park avenue calling it a funeral for free expression. artists are gearing up for a daylong protest. back in december, the commissioners voted to ban street performers from park avenue after shop owners complain saying they block the sidewalks or play the music too loud. is a violation of the rights >> winter park says we don't
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ourselves in a cause the problem so we will put you in a designated area. that is wrong >> artists are allowed to central park. they say they are testing the ordinance by performing in the band area >> jerry deming says he is meeting with the aclu because of a new report from the group claiming black drivers are more likely to get tickets for not wearing seatbelts. the aclu says the problem statewide but in orange county , black drivers were three times more likely to be ticketed for a seatbelt violation. the sheriff's office says it's now checking the report for accuracy. the spokesperson says they are constantly looking at their policies and procedures >> hundreds of new jobs could be coming to the coast. space florida is working ideal to bring a major aerospace company to brevard county. according to the news partner, the deal is being called project stable. include a $36 million facility that could bring 250 jobs to this area.
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86,000 per year. the company, which is not been named, could make the move next year >> a protest plan for today about the ongoing problem with homeless people in daytona beach has been called off >> it's a growing problem for the last few weeks. the reason a homeless advocate is postponing the rally is still ahead in the recent harry potter fans are flocking to universal this weekend >> we will show you how the focus of donald trump's guest
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just days before the iowa caucus, the candidates are vowing as they hit the stage for the big time debate. >> doing personally missing is a front-runner. molly hall has a story
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one of the first gop candidates to back out on the campaign trail this morning. following last night's trunkless debate in des moines >> the gop front runner has bowed out in his ongoing feud with fox news was ad addressed the elephant is not in the room tonight >> he appeared at his own event about five minutes away. in nashua new hampshire, donald trump tried to rally more support them push you around >> at center stage for the first time, roaming neck and neck , ted cruz became a target >> if you guys ask one more mean question, he may have to leave the stage [laughter] >> doctor ben carson gave his own performance >> i had the most substance but the least amount of time >> some say chris christie gave a solid debate performance last night.
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behind in the polls and he will iowa >> potential supporters will tell their neighbors why he should get their votes >> he is most tested person on the stage. he is most ready >> voters have been following the events closely it's not smart >> they have their hands full with last-minute campaigning in the long-awaited first in the caucus begins on monday. >> the protest plan for the ongoing problems with homeless people in daytona beach. dates now off the table. homeless people started giving outside beech street. they want a permanent shelter but they never left. one advocate was planning a protest outside the seve speedway . they will have to hold out until he sees with the county
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businesses are planning on meeting today to see if they could help >> they are supposed to flock to universal for the harry potter expo. there were huge crowds last year at the park event. starting today, the wizardly world of harry potter is inviting us to take part in 25 activities, including a film tribute and behind that seems sessions with cast members. they will do a scavenger hunt throughout the wizardly world. they could finish up on sunday >> tornado touched down in south florida blowing over behind. you could see the aftermath. it just expired in delray beach when they uprooted the trees and knocked over a fence. tornado touched down but it's possible . the damage is minor. the national weather service may not even send a survey out. they have seen a lot of rain in those areas tonight
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>> we can all say that collectively >> it's alive you in high definition.-clouds with a lot of son. getting into the 70s. if you are heading there we will look good with temperatures warming nicely. let's take you to the official forecast early in the morning tomorrow. we will start off near my 9:00 when things open up . 46b0 in a little bit chilly. you will see the jacket as you
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jackets are in order for daytona beach or anywhere. a lot of 61b0 here. 61 cocoa beach and in melbourne. no summer beach at 59. gradual warm-up for those chilly temperatures this morning. it will gradually warm a little bit here. it's not a big warm up even though you will see sunshine with dryer air building in. here is a look at the pinpoint accurate forecasts >> your forecast is brought to you by dallaire >> noticed the sky. sunshine and clouds are off and on. temperatures are pretty steady in the upper 60s from 3:00 b 5:00 . we are at 65b0 i make it up to three and 4:00 and looking good and funny.
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with north and northwest wind. tonight, without much in the wave cloud cover b it acts as a drop quickly. we will need the jacket at 55b0 at 9:00 . 10 5351 and 11:00 tonight as we are looking at tom sorrells. we are going to be dry as we pinpoint the sunshine today. you can see the clouds and rain forecast and stopping at 5:00. high and thin clouds through the afternoon with out much in the way of cloud cover. 42b0 in ocala and 44 in orlando. 45b0 in daytona beach and there is the weekend in red in good . it's spectacular with a good word to use at 70 on saturday and 75 on sunday. it increases the moisture a little bit by the work week
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10% at 80b0 on tuesday. it's a warm-up on the way >> thank you, troy. breaking news. sky 6 flies over a shooting investigation in orange county. here is the scene . where deputies are searching at wilmer avenue. the 28-year-old man was transported to ormc . they say the victim was shot at the gas station. you could see the cruisers there. we will keep you updated on this at wilmer avenue. >> that 28-year-old man was taken to the ormc. we will keep it live here on if you still don't have health insurance, time is running out >> you could face heavy penalty if you don't ask act
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how much you could pay and why they won't be an extension this time around. first up, a look at how stocks are doing. it looks alright to me. 255 points. the s&p 500 is going up.
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>>david: medical marijuana will be back on the ballot. again, the fight will continue john morgan. if the measure fails, he says he will not spearhead a third effort. 50% , he says he is confident that it will succeed this time
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loopholes and been more specific in the language. we think we have taken away that argument >> morgan as a major component that grady judd will not come out in opposition this year. it's a big weekend for a orange county festival. we will tell you what's going
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right now, we are staying on top of this breaking news story. sky 6 is live over the scene of a shooting investigation. it's happening at an orange county gas station. this is the scene. you can see an active scene there with several patrol cars out there. wilmer avenue at the gas station and we are told that a
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to ormc and details are still coming in. fire rescue says the victim was shot . we will let you know as soon as we get more information. look for more updates on . a man was shot at this gas station at wilmer avenue in orange county. we will keep you up dated >> it's a big weekend. zorro fast 2016. the annual outdoor festival complete with educational activities and good food. the event celebrates the famous author, toro houston which is from the orange county town. the cruise will be right there. say hello and hang out with us. we will have all the details on the activities including the isley brother concert. you can find all that information on >> everything looks okay for the weekend. >> a lot of folks will write
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we knew it would be out of here. we are having a beautiful day today and that extends through the weekend. tonight is a chilly night down to 53b0. 51 at 11 and overnight, 44b0 orlando and 42 in ocala. there is the weekend at 70b0 on saturday afternoon. sunday and 80b0 by next tuesday. warmer air works in a 30% chance of rain on wednesday and thursday. spectacular and dry . for the most part b it's sunny. morning lows are chilly in the 40s. heading out to any of those events this weekend b jackets are in order >> more news and weather is coming your way right centurylink prism tv has all your favorite channels, tons of live sports, and more. watch when and where you want with advanced features like our wireless set-top box, whole home dvr, and prism on the go. and choose from a variety of great packages to fit your home. call... ...and get started with
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