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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  February 5, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. >> breaking overnight, two men shot outside a restaurant. what we are learning about the search for suspects happening now. >> there are through worries over the zika virus after new cases are confirmed in florida. what one senator is asking president obama to do. >> all eyes on the cape as the countdown kick down to the launch of the atlas 5 rocket, will the weather cooperate with us? good morning. thanks for joining us. it is 5:30. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. we have troy and amy with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> a jacket in the car for sure. >> and turn up the heat in the car. >> i had a scarf too. >> fancy on the way to work. today we are talking about the cold air.
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concerns at the cape. it is not because of rain, not even cloud cover. it is the wind, that wind is kicking up, gusting 20 to 25 miles an hour, even sustained wins near 25 miles an hour. the winds will make it feel cooler. these are the actual temperatures across central florida right now. some areas not seeing as much of a windchill as others. it is 50 in orlando, 53 at cape canaveral. 43 in ocala. 45 in the villages. you factor in the wind and it feels like 37 right now in ocala. a cold start area wide. you'll need a jacket most of the a bunch. hour by hour, a good mix of sun and clouds. up to 58 at noon. only getting up to 61 for the afternoon high at 4:00. most of today will be in the 50's. we'll talk about the weekend, some rain chances rolling back in. first, let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. good morning, amy.
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>> your drive into work and school, it really does look fine at this hour. no issues as far as your drive times go. everything is coming back on time, either direction of i-4. no slowdowns right now. construction is no longer a factor. all that just makes it nice for you to hit the roads nice and early. 95 also looking fantastic. a live look outside, over by wickham. not a lot going on. these are northbound cars traveling away from you. that's your check on traffic. we'll go back to you. >> back to the breaking news, the search is on for suspects after two men are shot outside an orange county restaurant. >> deputies tell news 6 it appears one of the victims was an innocent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time. this is where we find kirsten. kirsten, what are we learning about the victims' injuries in this? >> reporter: we know both men are recovering from gunshot wounds but they are expected to be ok.
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it is an active scene. a lot of deputies still in the parking lot. some are still inside the restaurant. this happened in the parking lot. investigators are still busy out here, our cameras were rolling overnight as the ambulance drove those victims to the hospital. deputies say they are going to be ok but one of the victims was arguing with the suspects inside the restaurant. when he tried to leave, the two men ambushed him and started shooting at him. there were about 50 people in the restaurant at the time. witnesses we spoke with say they heard nearly 20 shots out here. they were stuck inside the restaurant. some of them for a couple of hours. we know one of the victims was the man in the fight. police say the other man who was shot had nothing to do with this. it sounds like he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. a detectives was driving by. he heard the sound of the gun shots. he was able to get out here
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victims. they did have to call in extra deputies because extra people were not able to speak english. deputies are looking for two men, one in his 20's, one in his 40's who are the suspects in this case. they tell us they were driving an unknown vehicle. that is one of the questions we are continuing to ask, what type of vehicle they are looking for and a better description of those two suspects. >> also breaking overnight, police trying to figure out who shot a man at a condo complex. officers say the gunman started shooting at the condos after victim. several cars and the side of the building got hit with bullets. the victim was taken to the hospital. >> the man considered the main suspect in the disappearance of a jacksonville toddler could enter a plea. he was expected to appear at a hearing this morning. detectives say they think he had
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barton's disappearance. he vanished last july and police say ebblon led them to the toddler's remains. >> police say a burglary case here helped them solve a rape case hundreds of miles away. 32-year-old travis travis nemy was arrested. his d.n.a. was entered into a national database and police say it matched an unsolved rape case from 2011. he is charminged charged with rape, kidnapping and burglary. >> the countdown is ticking. managers continue to shoot for the planned launch of the atlas five rocket from the cape. now, mother nature could have some other plans. >> yes. at last check, just a 30% chance of good weather at launch time. mark lehman joins us live right
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for now, the launch is a go but what is the latest? >> we just got an update from mission managers. they say there are no problems with the countdown. what could be a big issue is the weather. a cold front is bringing gusty winds. you can see some of it out in space view park when you look at the trees. that is making for unfavorable launch kids. earlier this week, the united launch alliance released this showing the payload being launched to the rocket. it is carrying a satellite designed to improve accuracy for military and civilians. this is scheduled to be the first atlas launch of the year. there are questions on whether that will be happening at all. winds are steady at 15 to 18 miles an hour. of course, that could change over the next three hours. if the launch is scrubbed, we are told another window will be opening up on a saturday. we'll let you know how conditions are looking throughout the morning.
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up at 6:00. >> if that launch does happen, we'll see it live on news 6 and also at the launch window opens at 8:38. new this morning, palm bay city leaders rejebbinged a plan that would have created new human rights laws. after hundreds of people pack city council meeting that went six and a half hours. the mayor and three council members voted against this proposal. protected members of the community from discrimination. critics didn't like how it was written. they say it was unnecessary because they believed the lbgt community is already protected under federal laws. >> the new worry that a new call for action when it comes to the zika virus, one senator is calling on the president to do more to stop the pred of the virus. florida u.s. senator bill nelson says there needs to be a federal response to the virus. he is calling on the president to appoint a special point
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there are worries the rain we got could make problems even worse. that's why some counties like seminole have stepped up their mosquito spraying and health workers are, again, urging people to make sure there is no standing water around your home. that is where mosquitos can breed. florida has 12 confirmed case up from 9. it is the highest number in the country. >> we'll continue to be in constant communication with offices and the ct to ensure we prepared to prevent the spread of the zika virus in florida. >> almost all the days are from people who recent traveled from latin america where the virus has been spreading rapidly. we reached out to major theme parks and they say they are in constant contact with officials to stay on top of the latest developments. >> we have more information about zika virus, the symptoms, the treatment on, powered by news 6.
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box right at the top of the home page. >> you'll see the news team is decked out in red. there is a good reason. >> today is national go red day. it is the campaign to help raise waerps about the toll heart disease takes, especially on women. the greet says heart disease and stroke kill a woman every 80 seconds. many times the symptoms are hard to detect which is why it is called a silent killer. everyone in orlando is being asked to wear red. just making a few changes with your health and your diet, exercise, those things can make a big difference in surviving and beating heart disease. >> it is all about awareness, right? >> troy, it is chilly outside. >> i just tweeted out all that stuff but didn't say orlando goes red. now we know. if you get a lot of tweets from me, that's why. i'll retweet it.
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right there, the wind is continuing to kick up. the winds at the cape where we have those concerns near 20 miles an hour or greater. making it feel cooler. it is 43 in ocala. 50 in orlando. 54 at cocoa beach. you factor in the wind and it feels more like 35 now in ocala. feels like 41 at palm coast. definitely jackets needed heading out. we'll need it most of the day. the actual temperature around 49 at 7:00 this morning. make sure the kids wear the coat to the bus stop. they'll need it later today. warming to 61. with that wind, at times it will feel cool. winds gusting near 20 miles an hour all day long. coming up, we'll talk about rain for the weekend. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. looking great in red. i want to sing that song. >> when you are trying to get out the door, grab something red, get out and you'll be right
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as far as the roads go, not a lot working. everything is not red as far as the map goes. we are in the green. that eequals zero delays. the live camera is looking nice as well. this is on i-4. these are westbound cars moving away from you. seeing plenty of elbow room out there. drive times really reflecting those conditions. no delays so far in the green this way as well. we look good on this friday morning. that is your check on traffic. we'll go back over to you. >> 5:41. now we are two days and counting until super bowl 50. >> you can bet a lot of people will be tuning in for the half time show. coming up, how the band at the center is preparing for the big performance. >> a sheriff helicopter captures a teen's attempt to hide and the unlikely place he was found. >> we are following breaking news in orange county, the search is on for two men after a double shooting outside a restaurant. what detectives say happened
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>> we continue to follow breaking news from overnight. two men hurt outside a restaurant along orange blossom one of the victims was an innocent bystander. the other was ambushed by suspects in the parking lot. investigators are searching for the gunman. kirsten is getting updates. she'll have another report in the next half-hour. >> the whole thing is captured helicopter. take a look. >> north towards 16. >> deputies just released this
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say two people took off in a neighborhood near apopka after being caught in a stolen car. one of them was quickly caught, it took a couple of minutes for the helicopter's heat seeking camera to find this other guy. >> i think he might have put himself in a trash can. >> you heard right. it was a trash can. seconds later, deputies moved in and dumped over the trash can and made the arrest. he is now facing charges of resisting arrest. >> super bowl 50 is two days away. the excitement is building. the count down clock, two days, 12 hours, 43 minutes until the matchup between the broncos and the panthers. you'll see it here on news 6. while most people will be tuning in, for others, it is all about half type. yesterday the british pop superstar cold play sat down for interviews. the guys say they are excited.
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when it comes to the game, they they probably won't pay much attention. >> we are split down the middle between those of us who know nothing about football and those of us who know absolutely almost nothing about football. as long as lebron james has a good game. >> he is joking around there. our special coverage starts on sunday and a special edition at 8:00 a.m. >> where you can see ginger, julie, justin and candace. the kickoff, 6:30 p.m. an update to a story that keeps getting better. >> a gainesville officer and players get a surprise not too lopping after an nba visited them. here's why. you might remember seeing this video all over the internet. it started when an officer was called to the neighborhood after someone complained about him on a noise
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they were outside trying to have a good time playing b-bay. instead of scolding the boys, he picked up a ball and started playing with them. the officer got a visit from, that's shaq diesel. he was invited to a game. >> i get to go court side while they are warming up. you guys will be sitting together watching the game. >> that is an experience, play with shaq and then get to watch the game court side. the magic will pay for a bus to pick up the gang and bring them to the game against the hawks. those kids will never forget that. >> do you think that could be the best fallout from a noise complaint ever. >> absolutely. >> i'll never complain about anyone downtown.
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>> i met his mom, wonderful lady. raised a good guy. here's what we are pinpointing. a front bringing in much colder air. you can see the rain pushing out as we continue to see the moisture in new england in the form of snow. traveling in that direction, there could be some delays. the good news for us, even in south florida, traveling down there. things are clearing out finally so area wide, it is all about the cold air building in behind the front. we are at 43 in ocala. 50 in orlando. 50 at new smyrna beach. right now, daytona beach at 48. 54 as we take you into the temperatures at cocoa beach. factor in the wind and some areas feel colder. feels like 35 in ocala. 41 in palm coast. 43 in sanford. here's the way it looks as we take you hour by hour with a
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>> notice the sky, a mix of sun and clouds. warming to 58 at noon. 61 at 4:00. a cool day all day long. with the breeze, it will feel like the 40's. >> the actual temperature in the 50's until we do barely reach the 50's. a chilly night tonight. the breeze continues into the evening hours. rain is not a factor. at 10:00, we are at 52 with chilly conditions. you'll need those jackets all day and into the evening hours. the clouds and rain forecast stepping you into the day, clouds trying to move onshore. then tomorrow, we pinpoint some rain chances. the green indicating showers early in the morning. a 30% coverage into the afternoon on your saturday. not a soaker. a few off and on showers and a good bit of cloud cover through
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it is out of here by sunday afternoon. sunday afternoon for all of the outdoor fun, you'll need a coat. it will be cool. >> 57 in daytona beach and in cocoa beach. we'll be at 48 in orlando. there's the weekend in red. we show you a 30% coverage of rain through saturday. 20% sunday. sunday afternoon only getting up to 62. all weekend, barely cool. next week, not getting out of the 60's. amy in the napleton traffic center. >> a coat in the car. once you get under way, no major slowdowns. drive times not reflecting any issues, st. john's river over to colonial, only 18 minutes and the eastbound trip, osceola parkway to oklahoma, only 17 minutes. same scenario on 50 this morning.
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just fine. here's the reason why, a live look at 95. we are doing just fine. that is our check on traffic. >> a central florida restaurant is getting a hand from a tv show. >> up nengs, a check of your big stories, including breaking news where two men were shot outside a restaurant. what deputies are saying about the search for a gunman. >> news 6 is home of super bowl 50. we are throwing a party online, we would like for you to join us. we'll go live on facebook. facebook live is a brand new feature. here's all you need to know. go on facebook. like our news 6 page. once we go live, we'll send you an alert and you can join on facebook. we'll talk about the game, the
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with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> if you are about to head out the door, several big stories including breaking news overnight in orange county where deputies are searching for two gunmen after a shooting outside a restaurant. it happened along orange blossom trail near oak ridge road. one of the victims was ambushed in the parking lot. the other was an innocent bystander. >> these are pictures of the scene along the river in melbourne. officers say the boat started sinkinging in rough surf. the map and woman were rushed to the hospital. they are expected to be ok. >> there has been a major data breach. thousands of records have been
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