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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  February 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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that's a great idea. ever notice how people always show up when you have free pizza? free pizza? hello? we get it after the super bowl. oh... i'll come back. order now through super bowl sunday at and get a free pizza starting the monday after super bowl. use promo code superbowl50. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john' >> new at noon, a launch v launches into the cape. >> a suspect in the father's disappearance plead guilty. find out how officials say. >> deputies search for suspects in a double shooting outside of the restaurant. why one victim may have been an innocent bystander.
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thanks for joining us. minute. first it's a chilly morning on this friday after a rainy night. here is the forecast. >> we have cleared out across front. front that brought us that rain yesterday now has cleared florida. still, though, bringing some u.s. the new england area. now more winds are coming in out of the north. as they do, they're bringing in cool air. ocala. we started at 46 in orlando. 45 in new smynra beach. at time it felt like freezing because of winds. little built. average afternoon high in orlando is 72. we're still at 55 in orlando, 54 in ocala. 57 at cocoa beach. the wind will pick up, gusting near 20 to 25 miles per hour
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we will make it to 61 by 3:00. a cooldown again, we'll talk about the temperatures for the weekend and those rain chances straight ahead. >> and don't forget, you can get the latest weather alerts directly on your phone by downloading our free app. we have liftoff. >> mark was there for the spectacular launch. he shows us what was on board. >> it really was a spectacular sight for a beautiful morning here on the coast. today's launch kicking off what looks to be a busy year for space launch. a thumbs up from this crowd of rocket launchers. dozens braving gusty wind and chilly temperatures for a liftoff that almost didn't happen. >> i was afraid. i saw the wind thing yesterday and it was saying there were winds. >> watching and waiting until -- >> and we have liftoff of united
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>> it was white and then fire. again. it was neat. satellite. >> think about all the technology involved in that, it's amazing. >> today's launch is the first of 2016. what promises to be an active year on the space coast. as many as 30 launches are expected. that number easily eclipsing last year's mark of 18. welcome news for those here, giving plenty of opportunities this >> we're coming back >> there are several planned launches this year, but dates have not been set for the next scheduled launch. it's another atlas v rocket and that's just over a month ago, march 10. >> there's a breaking news story out of new york. one person has died in a crane collapse.
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seriously injured when the crane came crashing down, landing across several parked cars just smashing them. this is in the tribeca neighborhood in lower manhattan. the crane was stretched across most of the block. >> also breaking, the main manslaughter. plus charges of child neglect, lying to police and tampering with evidence. prosecutors said the autopsy of remains found weeks ago in woods off interstate 295 have been tentative the identified as barton who was in care when he disappeared july 24. assistant state attorney said that lonzie drowned him in a bathtub. water. >> victim of a teen accused of
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to death will be charged as an adult for second degree murder. she was left in his care. brevard county deputies said that walz intentionally hit the little girl causing injuries that killed her. the search continues for the suspects in a double shooting outside of an orange county restaurant. >> deputies tell us it seems like one of the victims was in the wrong place at the wrong time. it happened on orange blossom trail north of oak ridge road. here is more on that investigation. who might have done this? >> a double shooting outside of a restaurant led to a long search as investigators found hours in the parking lot looking for clues. >> undercover detective heart shots fired at a restaurant where two men were hurt. our cameras rolled overnight as the ambulance drove both victims to the hospital. deputies say it started inside the restaurant when one of the victims was arguing with the two suspects. when he tried to leave, the two men ambushed and started
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about 50 people were in the restaurant at the time and witnesses we spoke with say they heard about 20 shots. some were held inside for hours while deputies questioned them. detectives say one of the victims was the man in the fight but the other man who was shot was just in the area. deputies say he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> detectives are now looking for two men. one in his 20s and one in his 40s who sped out of the parking lot right after the shooting. >> orlando police are trying to figure out who shot a man at a condo complex off seminole boulevard. the gunman started shooting after getting into a fight with the victim. several cars and the side of the building were hit by bullets. the victim, a man in his 40s, had to be taken to the hospital. in marion county now, one of the former deputies accused in the beating of an unarmed man
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jessie terrell is accused of violating civil rights after rice appeared to surrender and then being kneed and kicked by several deputies. >> there's a traumatic rescue in the indian river in brevard county. a couple was trapped in the house boat. police sent us these pictures of the boat t. slammed up against the seawall. police say that boat started sinking in the rough surf and crews had to break out windows just to get to the 81-year-old man and 76-year-old woman who were inside. both were taken to the hospital and they are expected to be okay. u.c.f. officials plan to send out letters to a computer hack. victims include current and former students dating back to the 1980s and also current and former staff and faculty members and current and former athletes, most from this year or even last since they all have that information compromised. yesterday we found out school leaders have known about the
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so we asked, why it took so long to let the victims know. >> even if you suspected a student group or a faculty group, what may have been breached, why wouldn't you let them know immediate ly? >> we want to make certain we know who is involved. >> u.c.f. staffers set up a hotline for students to check to see if they were victims. a website answers a lot of questions. >> there's a new obstacle and plan to get a permanent homeless shelter built in daytona beach. volusia county took down the vote. that comes after city commissioners say they would put up $4 million if the county offered a similar investment. dozens of people had to be moved into a temporary shelter after they'd been camping out in front of a county building for weeks. while the county voted against funding the shelter for now, commissioners say they will reconsider their plan when they get more information.
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worker is suing the theme park. >> he was fired for having a gun in his car. what happened that caused his termination and sparked this lawsuit. plus new worries and a new call for action when it comes to the zika virus. what one florida senator wants the president to do to help stop the spread of the virus. >> you're watching news 6 at
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>> a new worry a new call for action when it comes to the zika virus. >> one florida senator is calling for the president to do more to stop the spread of the mosquito borne virus. bill nelson says there needs to be a highly coordinated response to the virus. he's calling for the president to appoint a point person to
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the rain we got this week, there's worries that could make the problem worse. health workers are urging people to make sure there's no standing apartment. cases. that's up from nine and the highest number in the entire country. >> welton to be in constant communication with local hospitals, county health and the c.d.c. to ensure we're prepared to stop the spread of the zika virus in florida. >> almost all the cases in the state are for people who recently travelled to latin america where the virus is spreading quickly. the theme parks said they're in constant contact with health latest information. we have the latest information on click >> former universal worker is suing the theme park after he was fired for having a gun in his car. he says he was let go after
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stole the gun. he said that he also kept the gun in his car. universal spokesman said the company doesn't speak on pending litigation but officials say that he violated workplace policy. according to florida law, workers can keep their guns in their cars at work with the exception of prisons but theme parks say they're exempt because they run programs for young children. >> bears are gearing up to take on the swamp rabbits. you can watch it live on our digital channel tomorrow night at 7:00 or catch it in person for free perhaps. we're giving away four tickets to the game. go to 6 to enter. >> the game on sunday, the super bowl and the big game, that hockey game. does >> looks like a lot of people about.
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ready for the game this weekend. not a bad idea f. you're heading out in a few minutes, maybe get some fixings for the big super bowl party or having, we're looking good. windy. that wind kicking up near 20 miles per hour bringing in more of the cool air. so if you're making plans to head out on the town tonight, be ready for it. that wind will make it feel more like the 40s, even some 30s tonight. a cool day in store but by the weekend, tomorrow, into the afternoon on saturday, a chance for some rain. we were getting into that and the planning forecast straight ahead. what about the temperatures? we started off cold and with the wind gusting near 20 miles an hour earlier this morning, it felt cooler. 39 was the actual temperature in ocala but there were times when it felt like freezing early this morning in marion county. 46 is where we started in orlando. we started at 45 in new smyrna beach. 49 in melbourne.
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with the sunshine and apparently dry air in place. now we're at 55 degrees in orlando and in sanford. ocala. factor in the wind and at times it feels like the 40s even now. here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. notice the sky as we take you through the afternoon today clear. off. rain not a factor into the afternoon hours. you're up to 61 by 3:00. 59 degrees at 5:00 and 6:00 we're at 57. again, with breezy conditions. those winds coming out of the north and northwest at times gusting greater than 20 miles per hour. what about your evening plans? we take you through it hour by hour, rain chances out of the picture except for along the coast late tonight. one or two areas of rain trying to move onshore but not a big push for rain as dry air is still in place.
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we're at 52 degrees. again, feeling more like the 30s and 40s late tonight. here is the clouds and rain forecast as we step you through the rest of the afternoon and evening. notice the clouds, a little moisture moving back onshore late tonight. this is a little oversold. we don't expect much in the way of rain at all. tomorrow we'll pinpoint more washout. a 30% coverage on and off through the day tomorrow so don't cancel your plans but be ready for clouds to move in and some rain showers to be a factor through the afternoon and early in the day on sunday. you can see this as we stop the sunday. still rain building in but most of that coming to an end by sunday afternoon. so if you're making some outdoor plans for the super bowl, maybe having people out and about, things looking good but chilly. we'll talk more about the temperatures early in the morning tomorrow, 42 in ocala, 44 in the villages, 46 in leesburg. 48 in orlando.
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daytona beach so jackets in order tonight and through the day tomorrow. notice the afternoon high tomorrow, the average this time of year is 72. we're going to be well below it at 65 tomorrow after today's 61 and then again, 10 degrees below the average on sunday with a high of 62. so most of sunday cool, feeling more like the 50s, even some 40s at times so it will be chilly. 20% chance for rain really is the first half of the day. then looking better by the afternoon and we are dry for monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. look at wednesday's high. 59 degrees. we don't get out of the 60s any next week so being well above the average for so long, we're used to the warm air where we should be is 72. we're going to be well below it the next several days. >> i need to find my jacket. >> you needed it this morning. >> i had this. >> the weekend looks good. >> it will be nice. >> thank you. half-time show is always a big
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>> what coldplay said. they joked they won't see much of the game. stocks are down on this friday. the dow down 190 points, nasdaq losing 120 points, s&p 500
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>> welcome back. we're now hearing from passengers who had a big scare in the flight. their flight from orlando made an emergency landing after people on board smelled burning. >> it smelled like burned plastic. >> he said he wasn't going to trust flying that plane, that it would be in an unsafe condition jacksonville. >> american airlines flight 608 from orlando to charlotte did land safely in jacksonville. the airline says maintenance workers are trying to figure out what happened. no one was hurt but all passengers had to be rebooked on other flights. look at the countdown. minutes. super bowl 50 is coming soon and the excitement is building.
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counting down to the matchup between the denver broncos and panthers here on news 6. for some it's all about the half-time show. >> coldplay sat down for interviews before their big performance. guys say they're excited and practicing extremely hard but when it comes to the actual game, they say they probably won't pay much attention. >> i think that we're firmly split down the middle between those of us who know absolutely nothing about football and those who know almost absolutely nothing. so i think it's a good game. >> don't forget, we have you covered from it comes to super bowl 50. special he had edition of the morning news at 8:00. kickoff is at 6:30 in the evening. >> today is national go red day.
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campaign to help raise awareness about the toll heart disease takes on the community, he specially for women. heart disease and strokes kill a woman every 80 seconds. many times the symptoms are hard to detect which is why it's also called a silent killer. as part of today's go red campaign, everyone in orlando is asked to wear red. and then share a photo online red. >> such a good cause. scientists are focussing on a deep sea creature for clues about life here on earth. >> different species of the worm were found and scientists say it's helping them understand the creatures. what scientists learned about this not so complex creature
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selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. tmost are made in a large factory, p p p where they're marked up and up p before finally selling and delivering them pat the original mattress factory p we take a straightforward approach. r we have eliminated the extra steps
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from our factory to you. saving you hundreds of dollars. >> keep sea creature has been identified as resembling an early form of life. >> it's kind of like a sea worm, if you will. check it out. it has no brain, eyes or
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sort of like a sock. since four new species were found at the bottom of the ocean, scientists said it's always been simple. the discovery helps them understand how animals have evolved over time. >> got to love science. >> what's so funny? today it's a beautiful day but chilly out there across central florida, warming to 61 degrees for the afternoon high. through the weekend, steady in the 60s. look at the rain chances. we're at 30% on saturday. off and on through the day, not a total washout. for the first part of sunday, we'll see a few showers. afternoon. high of 62. cool weekend. >> hope you have a great one out there.
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