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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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catch all of the highlights and postgame reaction after denver's huge when. because of the weather this morning, we started to pinpoint in the weather center. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison. along with troy br idges. troy, we are going to need jackets, scarves, maybe a toboggan. >> whatever you have that you can grab. the wind will be kicking up. let's show you the temperatures. it is freezing right now in ocala. 36 degrees in the villages. 38 in leesburg. 39 in orlando. it is 40 at new smyrna beach. 47 at cocoa beach. so area wide, cold enough with a big coat as you head out the door. he's the hour by hour forecast as we take you through the day. we'll start off with sunshine and then more clouds will build. rain chances not a factor this afternoon at only 10%. we only get up to 65 at 4:00. we'll pinpoint rain for tonight.
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making late evening plans. we'll talk about more cold air behind the front that brings the rain. first let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the traffic center. >> thank you. definitely that chill. grab a jacket as you head out the door. we are moving along nice. construction picking up along the main artery. a look at i-4, eastbound you can see on the side we have construction cones. drive times coming back right in the clear as well northbound and southbound sides of 459, right on time speeds. that is your check on traffic. we'll go back over to you. >> breaking right now, some scary moments for passengers on a royal caribbean cruise ship. some of the passengers posted videos from on board. you can see the rain in waves just rocking that ship. passiers posted pictures of the aftermath. you can see chairs and tables
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in two. executives have not commented on the damage. we are expecting that ship to arrive later this morning. news 6 kirsten o'connor is working to get new information right now. she'll have a live update at the bottom of the hour. >> we learned a convicted felon is facing charges after a 13-year-old is shot inside an orange county home and only news 6 was on the scene as deputies made the arrest. the shooting happened yesterday off south semoran boulevard. mark lehman is live at arnold palmer hospital where the teen is first off, how is the teen doing? >> we are told he is still recovering from his injuries. deputies say he was in critical condition when he was rushed here yesterday. the man arrested after the shooting has bonded out of jail. >> only news 6 was there as a man was taken into custody as a 134-year-old was shot at the home. that man is a convicted felon.
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that shot the boy yesterday afternoon. he wasn't at home when the gun went off. other family members were. investigators say two 18-year-olds found the weapon and started playing with it. >> the kid got shot in the neck. apparently they are just playing with guns. somehow it went off. happened. >> the next door neighbor heard the gunshot and spoke to the boy's father as his son was rushed to the hospital. >> he is devastated. he called me. i told him he needed to get home. five minutes later i saw him running down the street. he was messed up about it. >> while all this appears to be accidental. deputies say this is an active and open investigation. this morning i'm asking deputies
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filedment i'm looking into the criminal background of the man arrested in this. i'll have more in my report coming up at 5:30. >> also breaking overnight, details about a robbery at one store that left a worker in the hospital with several gunshot wounds. we know those weeks were so scared, they locked themselves in the cooler after the violence. >> the suspects responsible are still on the run. the scary scene happened as workers were getting ready to close the neighborhood food mart on second avenue last night. johnny is there live this monday morning. how is that victim doing this morning? >> the workers tell me the victim was shot three times. they tell me they expect him to be ok. as for the suspects, they remain on the run. >> what started as a routine end to the night for workers ended in near tragedy.
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i heard yelling, screaming. i tried to come out of the bathroom as soon as i could. >> it was too late to save his friend and colleague. after deputies say four men with their faces covered came into the store and point a gun at the clerk behind the counter. >> they asked the guy for the phone. he didn't know what to do. he froze. when another worker who was outside came back inside, that's when the suspects turned the gun on him, shooting him in the leg multiple times. another worker who had been in the bathroom at the time, then walked out to see what happened. >> i came outside. i saw him standing there, holding his leg leg. told me he was shot. >> they went to the cooler and locked themselves inside. by the time deputies arrived,
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>> it is really bad. i would never expect it you can shoot somebody for money. i don't know how you can describe that. >> this morning, deputies they do tell us they are still looking for surveillance video from the store. they say the victim is recovering at orlando regional medical center. as of right now, deputies have not released any information about the three suspects. back to you. >> scary situation there, thank you. >> developing this monday morning, we are working to learn the identity of two men found shot to death in metro west last night. detectives say they respond today a shots fired call. they say the man died from gunshot wounds. so far, they have not release anied other information. >> we are learning new details about a tragic crash that left three children dead and seven others in the hospital. the driver of a lincoln lost control near laurel avenue when it crashed head on into an oncoming jeep.
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and 6 and 8-year-old girls were killed in the crash. the drivers of both vehicles are currently in critical condition. deputies say the roads were wet at the time of the crash. it is unclear if that played a role in the accident. >> it may be early but if you are craving a burrito you have to go somewhere other than chipotle because the chain is closing all restaurants for four horse. chipotle says they are closing to hold food safety immediatings. health officials tied six outbreaks to the restaurant last salmonella. about 4500 people got sick. at the meeting employees will go over an updated food safety january. restaurants only will be closed from 11:00 this morning until 3:00 this afternoon. you can still grab a late lunch or dinner. >> super bowl 450 is officially in the books. peyton manning's career couldn't
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the offense against the top defense. in the end it was a broncos defense that the panthers. payton is the first to win a super bowl with two different teams. after the game he said he wasn't ready to make my decisions about retirement. >> i have some advice from tony dungy. he said don't make an emotional decision. this has been an emotional week, an emotional night. i have a couple of priorities in order. i want to kiss my wife, i want to kiss my kids, i want to celebrating. i'm going to drink a lot of beer tonight. >> the final score for super bowl 450, broncos 24, panthers 10. what would be a super bowl without commercials, we'll take a look at biggest spots that ran last night in a few minutes. >> i went to bed early. i must say, i didn't care who
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i just wanted to see a good game. my dad texted me that denver con. i was shocked. i was surprised. i was expecting carolina to win. >> you thought they would pull it out. >> i thought so too. >> how was your sunday evening? >> i will be watching it. i thought he would say i'm coming to disney world. >> he wanted to kiss his wife and kids. >> and drink beer. >> today we are starting off cold across central florida. we are at 39 degrees as we show you the view in high definition. most areas near the 30's, except brevard county. we are at 47 in cocoa beach. melbourne is at 40. 349 in orlando. freezing in ocala at 32 degrees. not a lot of wind this morning but later today at the bus stop it will be windy. we are warming to 65. at times it will feel like the 40's and 50's. make sure the kids are bundled up and all ready for the cold air.
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of this cold air working in with a new front. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> thank you. if you look at this map, you'll notice we don't have a lot going on. we have reports of one accident right now working over in christmas. here's what is going on for the time being. traveling through the area, keep this in mind. on east colonial drive at st. nicholas avenue reports of an accident. not causing any delays. it is a factor, going to be in that area. the main arteries, this is what they look like. we are moving along nicely. a look at i-4. these cars moving away from you are westbound travelers. plenty of open pavement to get you wherever you need to get to on time. that's your check on traffic. back to you, bridgett and david. >> young basketball players at the center of an a video get vip treatment. >> we'll tell you about their day coming up. >> a test drive gone wrong.
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pull off a dramatic rescue after this car crashed into a pond. >> and we are following some breaking news at sea. after a florida bound cruz ship hits rough waters. we'll get the latest on this story next.
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>> a weather alert to bring you as we pinpoint cold air. it is freezing right now in ocala. right now it is 36 in the villages. 38 in leesburg for lake county. 40 in melbourne. 34 in palm coast. now, bridgett and david, coming up we'll pinpoint more cold air for the rest of the week. not a big warmup. all that in a few minutes. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news after a cruise ship encountered rough seas on the way to port canaveral. pictures from inside the anthem board. look at this. about injuries.
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this morning. we'll keep you updated when we get new details. >> new this morning, a man being called a hero after a test drive took a terrifying drive. video shows the back end above the water. fortunately, john ignoreski was on his way home from church, sprang into action. >> all of a sudden, this window just crashed in, water came in, a man grabbed me. >> put us in this spot at the time we needed this. we were 10 minutes later, she probably wouldn't be here. >> amazing. perfect timing. with the help of an offduty deputy and another witness, they got lawson out safely. she is grateful and thankful other people were right there to rescue her. >> police hoping someone
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driving away from a deadly shooting of a clermont publix. police say andrew jones was shot and killed outside the supermarket in the east town center plaza. >> a weather reported seeing a car like this, a 24012 white volkswagen sedan, possibly missing part of the front bumper driving away. the volkswagen had florida tag n-49123i. if you have any information, call police in clermont. >> super bowl wasn't the only thing grabbing headlines. >> students treated to a special game in orlando. it started with this video. this video got even better when former nba and orlando magic star shaquille o'neal showed up. yesterday the team got to sit
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>> another shot at the end wins it. the team saw their first professional game. it was a buzzer beater finish. that's not all. they got to meet some of their favorite players. >> it was great. it feels like a dream. >> they have some good advice. the officer also received an award and some cash to help buy sports equipment for underprivileged children in gainesville. >> beautiful story. >> i love it. >> the super bowl is over with. we know the broncos won the game. do you know who won the commercials? usa today did a survey and came up with who they say is a clear winner. >>
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>> that's one of the only ones i saw. >> a commercial featuring kevin hart. it scored the highest on the annual ad, featuring hart as overprotective daddy. he keeps showing up because the car features a tracking device so they can keep track of where you are. second place winner -- >> i didn't see this one. >> when they get to what they are running towards -- >> really? >> you would think they wouldn't want to do that. >> it was a cute one. let us know what your favorites were. go to facebook 6.
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>> did you see the marilyn monroe one? >> the snickers one? >> i think it was snickers. that was funny. >> i did dvr it. i. >> that's whapdz when you do early mornings. >> today we'll pinpoint cold air. if you have just stepped out, maybe your feet just hit the floor, that's going to continue through the day and likely all week. here's a live view. in the 30's in a large part of central florida including downtown orlando. we are at 39. notice it feels cooler. the good news, not dealing with a lot of wind. the winds out of the southwest at 5 miles an hour, making it feel like 36. later today, we'll have more wind coming in, that will be gusting near 30 miles an hour, making it feel even colder. through the day, the actual temperature, in the mid 60's.
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of today. you'll need the coat for large part of the afternoon. we are at 30 degrees in ocala. we are at 34 in palm coast. 40 is the temperature in southern brevard county. here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> we'll start off with sunshine and more and more clouds will build as we take you into the future, you see the sky, the cloud cover. 61 is the temperature at noon. 65 by 4:00 today. with only taen% chance for rain. most of the rain comes tonight. a new front reinforces more cool air. rain ahead of the front and it moves out. the coverage at 30% p from 10:00 through 141:00 tonight when you watch tom sorrells. there's 5:00 this afternoon,
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with sunshine this morning. there's 9:00 tonight, marion county, beginning to see the leading edge of that moisture and that rain ahead of the front. a couple of storms possible with heavier downpours. no big risk of strong storms. we'll see this pushing through quickly. there is midnight. it is in brevard county. by 3:00 in the morning, it is all over with. the drive will be dry. afternoon highs today area wide in the 60's. 64 in ocala. windy conditions all day. early in the morning tomorrow, more 30's and 40's. 60 will be the high on your tuesday with chilly air in place really all week. there's your wednesday, 62. 58 for the high on thursday. with no big rain chances. let's head over to amy in the traffic center. >> we have a growing list of issues. here's what is going on right now.
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are travel by robertson by west mere parkway, we have reports of an accident. keep that in mind. again, an obstruction on the roadway over on curry ford road. just bear that in mind heading out the door. the main artery looking nice. this is a look at i-95. these cars moving northbound. we really do look ok overall. we'll go back to you. >> a recall alert for drivers. >> why reps for one company say thousands of tires could be dangerous on the roads. ahead at 5:30, an energy drink lawsuit.
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>> there is a recall alert for a popular brand of tires.
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heavy truck tires. the report that the tread can separate from the body. the recall covering 22.5 fire stoeb 561 ties made from january of 2015 to january of 2016. the company reps say they have no reports of anyone being injured. >> we are off to a chilly start, that is nothing compared to other parts of the world. >> that's what more than 900 people did when they braved the cold in ansonia over the weekend and took part in the sauna marathon. participants did into ice holes and then staying in 20 different saunas for three minutes. the winning team finished the race in 2 hours and 25 minutes. >> do you get thera flu? >> it looks like it was a lot of
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coming up, a meeting that could bring a dream one step closer to reality. >> we learn the details of an an his home. >> breaking news at sea after there are reports of damage on a cruise ship on its way to port canaveral. we are live at the port with the latest coming up next. skincare now becomes skinactive. new garnier skinactive introducing clearly brighter. a new active moisturizer to brighten dull skin. packed with antioxidant vitamin c, e and lha. clearly brighter does more than moisturize, it actively smoothes,
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