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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. officers are going pump to pump and checking for gas. several customers fall victim to thieves. there is a big honor for police. they are hurt in the line of duty. find out how he was honored after being shot . david hall with the big story at noon. it's the weather. temperatures are struggling to get out of the 50s. it's only going to get colder. that sticky live look out a daytona beach. it looks perfect. >> freeze warnings are already in effect for the overnight hours. let's get the latest. it's going to be a cold one. >> you can see that clear skies at daytona beach. you could see the clear skies as part of the reason it will be so cold tonight. the sun is helping to warm us. without the clouds in place, temperatures will drop . freeze warnings for flagler already in effect for tomorrow
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as you head out to work , you do whatever your plans are and it will be bitterly cold for a while. temperatures down near freezing in those zones . this morning, we were at 45b0 in ocala and 45 in palm coast. we started out at 49b0 in orlando and 46b0 in new smyrna beach. we take you through the temperatures every rebound a bit . the average high at 73b0 and were still well below that . 55b0 orlando. th the rest of today with a pinpoint forecast and we make it up to 60b0 by 4:00. it's a mix of sun and clouds with no rain. the big story today is the wind gusting your 40 miles per hour. it's some issues for the drive home. today. how many more days do we have to deal with this chilly air
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up? >> if you haven't done so already, now is the perfect time to download the weather app . track any watch or warning on the go. it is free by searching wkmg in the app store. >> a major crackdown in kissimmee. skimmers are found at gas stations in the middle of a citywide sweep when gas pump to ga gas pump checking to make sure crooks haven't switched out the credit card readers. mark lehman went with some of the officers to see what you need to watch for the next time you fill up at the pump >> detectives are looking inside the gas pump for the skimming device. one of them opened appear. these are looking to get past the first ever citywide skimming crackdown. >> two minutes at the most. it's in and out. that's how fast they say one of these pumps can be turned into a personal mining machine
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they will put the other one right in line. detectives are going through 30 gas stations. everyone in the city of kissimmee after this device was attached to a pump on thursday. it's one of four found in osceola county >> it's unacceptable. we are out trying to proactively avoid the victim's in the city. every gas station on the list is vulnerable. >> no device was found that th this pump but there was evidence it was tampered with. they are suggesting an attempt to install one. they hope it will serve as a warning to crooks >> will take it with us. it's useless to plant them here. today's sweep was only done within the city limits and it did not extend to osceola county. as a good practice, they suggest to remain cautious whenever using your credit or debit here at the pump.
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and no skimming devices have been found. the shooting was already found there. it happened at the mercury 3100 complex south of the campus off of the trail. detectives say when they arrived at the scene, they do not find anyone shot they did end up making a drug bust. people were arrested and two others were able to run away. investigators say they found the gun but no one was injured. the tone of police say he was attacked on sheridan road . witnesses say this all happened during a fight between several different people. he is now facing aggravated battery charges. dallas was listed in stable condition , atlas checked. now asking for a federal
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situation at sea leaving parts of the ship damaged and several passengers hurt. this is video from on board the anthem of the seas as it sailed from new jersey to port canaveral. at one point, the winds were estimated to be more than 100 mph the force of the storm damage the inside of the ship . senator nelson says they want to know why the course of the storm was even able to get like that. the crew started to turn around and go back to new jersey early. passengers will get a refund. the push to reopen the late nursing center is getting some help from a florida congressman. john mica visited the area to encourage the transfer of operations at the empty nursing home from the federal
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it's a 120 empty bed facility with that was used at a hub when it open. mica shared his frustration saying the center has been empty for two years and is hindering the health process for veterans in the area. >> this is a valuable asset for the veterans. it should not be emptied b not for one day. >> the state department of veterans affairs operates others across central florida. we will keep you posted. crews are working to get results as they make a seminole county intersection safer. want your opinion on the plan. we take a good look at the picture here. looks now.
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plans so drivers can no longer turn left. supporters say it cuts down on crashes. tonight's hearing is at 5:00 at the seventh-day adventist church. wonder the line of duty gets a special honor. he steps up and chases down a suspect . kiersten o'connell at the ceremony shows us how he was honored of the sheriff's office received honors. he will have to his purple heart around his neck >> he is back trk in full of e of energy. three months ago, he took a bullet to the neck while chasing after a man who shot his wife >> i dit see a handgun. we we were set to apprehend how many did what he was supposed to do. he caught the guy. he did physically apprehend him. that's when he was shot , when he was on the apprehension on the bad guys leg.
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but the lucia county sheriff's office says even after the german shepherd was shot , he never slowed down and was determined to protect the deputies. had we not located him then, another canine team, whether was myself or someone else would've tracked the guy >> he says he is the most decorated police dog in their department >> i might be wrong but i think it's all good >> he was also awarded for the calm reaction the moment and ensuring the safety of all the deputies in saving the lives of his most trusted companion
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the agency gets a big boost in funding. caught on camera. it's a roof at a gas station coming crashing down as workers are already standing on top . it's still ahead. how everyone managed to walk away without being injured. >> all eyes on new hampshire. the first primary is going on and up next , who is taking an early lead as the votes are already being counted . >> cape canaveral and all of ce
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developing now. new hampshire voters are casting their ballot in the first ever primary this election season. in a for you small towns, the polls opened up at midnight. resorts are coming in. we judging is in new hampshire with talks about bernie sanders and john kasich >> they are lining up to cast their ballots. it's the first ever primary you down! the candidates are out early shaking hands as voters head into the precinct
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organization in nevada. he also led the polls in iowa only to finish behind crews once the votes were tallied. take a major upset for bernie sanders to lose. today's votes are all about expect tatian moving forward >> hillary clinton is pushing for every last vote . bill clinton did with his second-place finish in 1992 earning him the title , come back kid >> sanders himself will likely say the win is proof that voters want a political revolution. >> another thing that could impact the vote is voters
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some of those are still undecided. president obama has released the eighth and final budget. they will help fight terror groups like isis. the president is calling for renewable energy research. that will total 19 billion for cyber security. collapsed on camera. come and check this out. see this video and you'll be amazed to learn that no one was seriously hurt. two workers were on top of the down. you can see the men walking on it collapses. one of the men crashed on with it . this guy walked away with some
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for you. it's cool and breezy here in central florida. troy bridges is joining us. will be call all week. 10b0 below where we should be. several days. cool air is in place as we have a freeze warning in effect for marion county. the sun is moving through and look at those warnings. flagler county as well as marion county. at or below freezing for watch that. through today, it's all about the wind b gusting at greater
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40 miles per hour. these are sustained wind near 20 miles per hour. it's feeling like the 40s at times. we will be freezing . what about the rest of today. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast >> your forecast is brought to you by dell air heating and air-conditioning
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sun and clouds. it gradually make it to 60. it will cool down from there. it will feel like the 30s for the late evening. it's 41b0 in melbourne. valentine's day is sunday.
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looking good but cooler . seven presidents' day is on sl slight rain chances rolling in and we will watch that forecast. folks are all for work with a long valentines weekend we are ready for the weekend. it's a picnic outside. it will be a nice one >> thank you, troy. drivers b listen up. it's a recall alert . we will show you which newly designed vehicles may have engine problems. here is a look at how stocks are doing up on this tuesday. it's not looking good right now. dow jones is up 89 point in the nasdaq is down 20 points. snp is in the red just under 10. we will be right back.
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plove your pizza, or get anotherpone, absolutely free. pget any large pizza up to 5-toppings pfor just $9.99. online only. at drones have more registered up up a service then there are registered pilots. there are 325 registered drone owners compared to 320,000 licensed aircraft pilots. the aviation administration launched the drone program just before christmas. there is a major honda reef all recall because the engine can stall while you are driving.
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civics. the pistons could be missing or incorrectly installed. that could call a pin to rub against engine block . until the problem is fixed b they are not allowed to sell you any new civics. easy celebrating mardi gras.
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mama carl's big parades rode through the convention center. the crew included bands, floats and of course those beads. the actor and musician herrick, junior came up with an idea in
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this year's king is nathan affiliate. along for the ride is harry scheer from spinal taps. >> defined the baby and it means you need to buy another cake. i thought it meant good luck >> it's probably both. >> we will deal with cold air bright and early tomorrow morning. grab the coats. it will be worse tomorrow. it's 32 in the northern zones. it will feel like the 40s and 50s.
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