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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> we are going to make america so great again, maybe greater than ever before. >> we'll look back at last night's surprising results. >> a mom asking for help after a driver slams into her car and takes off. >> off to a cold start. it looks like the chill could stick around. good morning, central florida. it is now 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday. i'm david hall. >> i'm in for bridgett and david, just like you mentioned, it will be cold again. parts of central florida waking up to freezing temperatures this morning. troy bridges is joining us now in the pinpoint weather center. you warned us yesterday.
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effect yesterday in advance. we are talking about marion county and flagler county under those warnings until 9:00. temperatures will be dropping below freezing. you see warnings, also a freeze watch for parts of sumter county. you can see until 9:00. that means temperatures are favorable. here are those temperatures. we are at 30 at ocala. 40 in sanford. 43 now in orlando. it is 43 at new smyrna beach. 47 at cocoa beach. a chill start area wide, you can shave a couple of degrees off those temperatures. not a big breeze in northern zones. through the day, we'll see a good deal of sunshine, warming us to 55 at noon. windy conditions, winds gusting 20 to 25 miles an hour.
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we should be. we'll talk about when straight ahead. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> we have construction picking up on the eastbound side of i-4 as you make your way towards lee road. not causing any delays. a few issues, reports of a car fire on obt near shader road. we have another accident, maple forest near valencia college lane. that doesn't look like it has any lanes blocked. >> breaking news out of brevard county where one person was shot after 11:00 last night. according to news partners, that shooting happened near monroe street and university boulevard. not far from stone middle school.
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been release ed released. >> turning to the race for the white house, the numbers are in. there were cig big surprises. bernie sanders is celebrating a landslide win over front runner hillary clinton, picking up 60% of the vote. on the other side of the aisle, donald trump got a huge win. mark lehman joins us live. what is the latest? >> the win is no surprise with a big lead for him many nuch. for the rest of the field, it was a shakeup on the republican side. for democrats, hillary clinton now has ground to make up heading to the next primary. >> voters in new hampshire sending a clear message this morning with landslide victories on both sides of the ticket. >> people want real change. >> bernie sanders taking 60% of the vote. hillary clinton acknowledging ground to make up with young
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>> even if they are not supporting me now, i support them. >> on the republican side, it was donald trump turning poll numbers into his first victory. >> i love you all, thank you, new hampshire. thank you. we are going now to south carolina. we'll win in south carolina. >> in a surprising but distant second place finish, john kasich trailing trump, highlighting a contrast between campaigns. >> at a time when clearly change is in the air. maybe just maybe we are turning the page on a dark part of american politics because tonight, the light over came the dark. >> so far, no candidates have dropped out of the race after last night's primary. chris christie said he is
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i'll have marco rubio's reaction to a disappointing finish coming up. >> sanford police asking for your help find ago hit and run driver. >> this hit and run happened on monday at 17/92 and 24th in sanford. that's where we find johnny. what can you tell us this morning? >> what we can tell you, the search for the driver that fled the scene continues this morning. detectives tell us they are looking for surveillance video from stores in the area, saying hopefully that will help to identify the driver and the car that caused this chaos. >> i was terrified. to hear her screaming like that, it was literally like the scariest moment of my life. >> with her baby in her car, she experienced ter fig moments
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her car and left. williams said everything happened so fast, she is still trying to recall what happened. she remembers feeling the bang and moments later her car spun out of control. her baby's car seat was pushed over on its side. >> the pillar pushed into the car. some of the bumper is still on there. >> i strapped her in all right. >> erica said after the accident she took to social media to try to help police catch the person who fled. >> it is horrible. it is horrible what they did. let alone if there wasn't an infant, how can you hit someone, not know if they are ok and take off like that? >> erica tells us she believes the car that was involved in the accident is a maroon colored nissan. if you have any information
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are urged to contact sanford police. >> many orange county now, an eviction notice posted on the orlando club where 11 people were shot over the weekend. the notice demands rent be paid. two people were killed in the shooting. nine others hurt. so far, investigators haven't made any arrests or released any information on any possible suspects. attorney matt morgan said he has been hired to see if the club had enough security. since this is the third shooting at glitz in the past year. >> friends and family are mourning this teen who died more than a day after being accidentally shot. it is a story we first brought you sunday night at 11:00 as that teen was shot while visiting family members. according to the sheriff report, fisher died last night after an 18-year-old found a gun under a bed and started playing with it. that report mentions the older
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when he lost his balance, woods said he coached fisher for years and he was a quiet man who did well in school. >> he always was -- we have a motto called the four h's, stay humble, keep your head up. that was lovato. the teen's coach says his teammates are planning to honor this 13-year-old. >> a man is now out of jail after police say he went for a jog in nothing but his sox and sneakers. police are working to find out if there are other people who saw him. a woman spotted brandon smith standing on a bridge and quickly
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>> i was hoping someone could patrol around to see because he was completely naked. >> police arrested smith for indecent exposure. investigators say this is the second time smith has been charged with the same crime. he served six months probation in 2014 for exposures himself to a woman walking her dog. >> now we know with the road uns will look like. the jerseys have a clean white look. the team's logo is now in 3d. the inner lining also supports the team's slogan, defy expectations. you can see the new uni. that game is on march 18. i love the clean look. >> looking click with the 3d. >> i have a baseball cap i wear all the time. i want a new one now.
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central florida. hard to tell that by looking out, as soon as you head out, you'll notice it. the winds making it feel cool as well. it is 43 but it feels 3 degrees colder. feels like 40 because of the winds out of the north-northwest. they are light at 5 miles an hour. they are just enough to lead to a windchill. a gradual low warmup. make sure the kid does are bundled up. they'll need the coat all day. take a good look at the drive time. no issues. hitting i-4 or any of the major roads. we are moving along steady and on time. westbound, eastbound, nice and
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we want to be. this happens to be a live check outside, where you are moving along nicely. this is by 192. no problems out there. this happens to be the northbound side of the roadway. they both look the same. they both look great. great. >> a local county sheriff is under fire. >> why officials are suggesting slapping him with thousands in fines. coming up, the bigger the flu season is just getting started. we'll explain what you need to know to stay healthy. >> a setback for president obama, why the supreme court has called a halt to the president's climate change plan. that's next. you are watching news 6 getting results for all of central
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. >> a weather alert to bring you.
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you can see that freeze warning in effect with those blue shaded counties. that's marion and flagler county, a freeze watch for sumter county. temperatures at or below freezing for several hours. we warm with sunshine. we'll talk about the timing and just how long this cold air sticks around. >> thank you, troy. a major setback for president obama's sweeping plan to address climate change. yesterday the supreme court ruled to place a hold on the president's plan. under the clean power plan, states would be required to meet specific carbon reduction standards based on energy consumption. the plan has been criticized by republicans who call it unlawful. more than two dozen states have filed a lawsuit to challenge the clean power plan. an appeals court will hold a hearing on that in june. the clean power plan can't be enforced while the rule is legally challenged. >> we are in the middle of the cold and flu season.
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say it is not too late to get vaccinated so you don't get sick. the number of flu cases has increased from 80 in january to 400 in the last few weeks. colds are pretty common right now with about 1,000 a week. with that number, officials are expecting this season will just get worse. >> we seed that rapid rise, it usually means we have another two or three weeks before we top out in the number of cases. then we have another six weeks of very busy flu season after that. >>. still a lot of sick people out there. >> henned ricks tells us most patients haven't even gotten a flu shot. there is still time to get one. for information on fighting the flu, go to our website,, powered by news 6. >> schools discussing a policy
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gender and orientation. the proposed policy was not scheduled for a vote and was addressed during a school board member. it applies to students and staff. the board agreed the policy should be forwarded to the school superintendent and legal department for fine tuning. >> the sheriff could be soon facing some serious fines. according to the journal the state suggested $19,000 in civil penalties as well as a public censure and reprimand for ethics violations. this comes after florida commission said manfried violated rules when he accepted gifts without properly reporting them. manfreed said he relieded on legal counsel and was unaware he
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>> a rocket set to take off in california at 6:40 eastern time. united launch alliance crews crews crews say it is in support. >> one swiss man getting attention for the creative way he brings skiing to life. check out nicholas signature slow motion shot. >> love it. >> the swiss skier did this with an iphone and lots of practice. he says it is as difficult as it looks and it took him two years to master this move. maybe this video will encourage people to get out there and try it also. >> it is like a picture peer west. >> it is not my thing. >> he knows what he is doing out
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it is cold but not quite cold like that. cold enough for any snow. that 97 really happens. we have had some flurries before but certainly nothing like that any time soon. below freezing in marion county. i'll show you the winds now. the wind will kick up a little bit later today, at times leading to a windchill. this morning, some areas not seeing much wind. where you see a c, calm, calm winds in the villages. only 5-mile-an-hour winds in leesburg. those yellow things, that indicate the direction the wind is going. it is coming from the west-northwest and moving to the south and southeast. we'll see the wind kicking up. in brevard county, you can see near 20-mile-an-hour winds. in cocoa beach and points north of there, not as much wind. that will be the story at least for awhile. then we'll see the wind kick up
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afternoon. the freeze warning, those warnings are in effect until 9:00. a freeze watch for sumter county. the warnings mean we'll likely see freezing temperatures for a couple of hours or below freezing temperatures for a couple of hours. approaching the cold freezing mark. here are the temperatures across central florida right now. 30 below freezing freezing in ocala. we are at 37 in palm coast. 44 in melbourne. as we take you through the forecast, here's an a look at the pin poirnt accurate forecast. >> notice the sky over central florida, we see a lot of sunshine today mixed in with clouds. we are at 55 at noon. 59 degrees at 4:00. 53 at 6:00. not a very warm day. we'll see a lot of sunshine. the wind making it feel cooler
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a good bit of today, rather than the 60's. we'll barely make it to 60 in some spots. we are at 45 at 11:00. a chilly night in store. there's the clouds and rain forecast as we step you through the day, there's the clock at the top of the screen. through the afternoon and evening, a couple of clouds possible but look closely. hard to see a cloud across central florida. normally that would show up in white. without clouds in place overnight, temperatures will once again drop well below freezing in spots. today's afternoon high in ocala. 59 in melbourne. early tomorrow, down to 30 in marion county for ocala. 37 orlando, 34 for daytona beach. a bundle up kind of morning again tomorrow. 63 op thursday afternoon. look at friday. you may want to take that day off. we'll get to 72. the weekend in red, valentine's
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a high of 64. right at the midpoint of the week. you don't have to plan on travel time. things looking great on the roads. no major issues. these are eastbound cars moving away from you. drive times this morning, no issues. i-4 that way as well. westbound and eastbound on time. the same thing for the rest of the arteries. back to you. >> 6:22 is the time. still ahead, a bust in a string of car burglaries. >> how detectives were able to track down some of the suspects just ahead. first up, we have a heads up for ikea shoppers. why the retailer is recalling we'll be right back. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going
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"sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs
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february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs for just $6 each. >> >> if you have a ceiling light in your home from ikea, you'll want to check it out. >> a recall involving a million
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lamps after 224 reports including 11 injuries. the recall includes the hyby lamp sold from october 2012 to january 2016. now, the lock ceiling lamp was sold from december 2002 through last month. ikea is urging customers to return the lamps for a full refund. >> a veterans home in salt lake city, they have a different take on this. we'll show you charlie. he is the red kangaroo, he is a therapy animal. for about a year, he has been there. he has taken trips to special education classes and hospice care facilities. he is being fed with a bottle. the red kangaroo is only about a year old. that's appropriate. the red cross says they plan to honor charlie. >> when he grows up, he'll take the diaper off.
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down to the grammys. >> we talk to experts to talk about who has the best chance of grabbing album of the year. >> a mom's plea to find a hit and run driver. plus -- >> i did not do well on sad night. listen to this, that will never happen again. >> marco rubio sounds off after a disappointing finish in new hampshire. we have a look at the surprise finishes from last night's primary.
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>> people want real change. we are going to make america so great again, maybe greater than ever before. >> all right. there is a big reason election 2013 as voters head to the polls nation. who walked away with the most votes. >> i was terrified. to hear her screaming like that. it was the scariest moment of my life. >> a central florida mother shaken up and calling for justice after a driver slammed
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her 3-month-old daughter was in the backseat. >> a blast of cold weather is blankets some places. we have watches and warnings in places. good morning to you, central florida. >> i'm in for bridgett today. we are joined by troy bridges. of course, you are pinpointing this cold and the freezing -- the freeze warnings that is yesterday. >> we knew early yesterday we would be dealing with these cold temperatures today. this morning until 9:00, meaning temperatures dropping at or below freezing for several hours hours. marion county, flagler county until 9:00, there is a freeze watch in effect for sumter county, ats meaning temperatures approaching for a few hours. the actual temperatures, it is 30 in ocala. below freezing. it is 42 right now in leesburg. 43 in orlando. the villages at 36. we are talking about mid 30's in
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you fact nor a wind and you can shave a couple of degrees off. the good news is we are not seeing a lot of wind. later today, once again, the winds will be kicking up, gusting near 20 miles an hour. blue sky and sunshine. it won't warm us much. 55 at noon. 59 by 4:00 today. ready for the 70's, hold tight. we'll get there soon enough. first, let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the traffic center. >> we have a car fire, it still looks like it is active. we have a car fire going on over on orange blossom trail around ace road. be careful through the area. so far, major road travel, really no significant issues. looking very nice. for this morning for the turnpike, these are westbound cars moving away from you.
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>> a big night in election 2016 and a big win for two candidates vying for the title of president. >> donald trump and bernie sanders both won big time after the ballots were counted. mark lehman is following the latest developments for us. mark, after a fifth place finish, florida senator marco rubio had a message for voters. >> after a disappointing performance on saturday, rubio vowed to never let that happen again. bernie sanders 22 points ahead of hillary clinton. it was a double digit win for donald trump. and john kasich came in for a distant second, marking a shakeup. >> donald trump sets his sights
6:30 am
he was nearly 20 points in front of second place finisher john kasich. >> so much will happen, if you don't have a seat belt, go get one. >> it was a di appointing fish for marco rubio, a fifth place finish after a criticized debate performance. >> our disappointment tonight is is not on you. it is on me. it is on me. i did not -- i did not do well on saturday night. listen to that this, that will never happen again. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders riding a wave of support from young voters. >> when voters in new hampshire confirm tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution. >> hillary clinton said while the loss is disappointing, her focus remains the same.
6:31 am
knocked down. it is whether you get back up. >> clinton and sanders will take the stage in wisconsin. the next primary will be february 20. the same day republicans will be choosing their candidate in south carolina. >> right now, a central florida mother is working to get results after she says a driver crashed into her car and didn't even bother to stop. you can see the damage here, right in this video. what is worse, that driver t-boned her car while her 3-month-old infant was in the back seat. now she wants to find the person responsible. the crash happened at 17/92 and 2th in sanford. that's where we find news 6 reporter johnny fernandez. what do you have for us this morning? >> erica williams did not waste any time after the crash when she posted on facebook about what happened. she is urging anyone with
6:32 am
contact police as the search for that driver continues this morning. >> a driver hit erica williams car, williams shaken up, holds back tears as she remembers the scary moment she lived with her 3-month-old baby. >> i was terrified. to hear her screaming like that, it was literally like the scariest moment of my life. >> williams said she was t-boneded on 17/92 and 24th street on monday. >> i saw that he was stopped. then i felt the bang pretty much and hear it. then i spun around. >> when she got out, all she could think about was her baby girl. she said the baby's seat was pushed over on its side. >> the pillar pushed into the car. some of their bumper is still on there. seeing her car seat, thank god i strapped her in ok. >> the search is is on for the driver that left williams shaken up.
6:33 am
maroon nissan. she says she won't stop spreading the word until the driver is found. >> it is horrible, it is horrible what they did. if there wasn't an infant, how kid you hit someone, not know if they are ok and take off like that? >> detectives tell us they are looking through surveillance video from stores that captured the crash. they are hoping that will identify the driver and the car. of course, if you have any information about this crash, you are urged to contact police. >> as early as today, what caused a water main break, sending water all over the place. check out the footage. this is what it looked like along kennedy boulevard last night. that road was shut down for several hours while crews try to fix this problem. problem. >> in seminole county, a bust in a spring of car burglaries. thanks to police work done by
6:34 am
were able to get results. it was this stolen gift card and a gift receipt that helped deputies track down robert conner and tyler johnson. the victim says the car was used at the gas station on semoran boulevard. when deputies looked at surveillance footage, they spotted those crooks. we are told the pair hit up six cars in the subdivision. >> students will head back to class. this is one day after a teen was arrested for bring ago gun to school. at one point the school was put on lockdown. this video posted comes from a classroom inside wachovia. if you look closely, you can see right there, deputies taking a 17-year-old student out of the room. we blurred his face because he is not being charminged as an adult. a classmate saw the gun and let officials know. >> police will be out in full force tracking down on drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians.
6:35 am
department's motor unit will be at several cross walks looking for drivers who don't stop. this is all part of an operation called best foot forward. drivers caught violating the law could face a fine of up to $164. >> temperatures took a tumble overnight. right now, central florida is feeling it. >> today our radio partner at mix 105.1 giving you a chance to keep others warm. they are holding a blanket drive. you can drop off blankets, gloves, scarves and coats. in return you'll get a free medium cup of coffee while supplies last. >> all things you'll need today. >> all those warm coats and that hot coffee. >> whatever you can to keep warm. dana and jay, we do the weather with them every morning.
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a beautiful view but a chilly start as we show you daytona beach, in high definition. there's the peer, we are at 37 at daytona beach. that's what it feels like, southwest winds at 3 miles an hour there. downtown orlando seeing a sky brightening as the sun will be approaching soon. 43 is the temperature. it feels like 40 with winds out of the north-northwest in inland areas. it is 28 with the update with the temperatures in ocala. temperatures have dropped well below freezing. that is why we have a freeze warning in effect for marion county and flagler county through 9:00 this morning. look at the bus stop. by 3:00 today t kids will need the coat. only getting to 59. coming up, we'll talk about the 70's returning. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. further into rush hour, but no trouble just yet. how we progress throughout the morning.
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your drive times, no significant slowdowns and no major accidents. if you are traveling on 50 this morning, eastbound, not a lot working. we are still right on time at this point. westbound i-4 from the expressway over to osceola parkway, only 16 minutes. eastbound from turnpike over to the expressway, only five minutes. looking nice. we'll get you outside as well, a pretty look over at the beachline. no issues. a beautiful day. that is your check on traffic. now back to you. >> good news for walt disney world. >> the theme park company is is getting great financial rules. what records were broken in the first quarter. >> new developments surrounding the fight around the zika virus. what the head of the cdc is expected to do to help lawmakers determine their nex the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers
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and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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6:40 am
chris stapleton, taylor swift who is no longer country and the weekend, big selection here. what do you think? >> country saw this guy come out of nowhere. this is really good. there is a lot of heart mind it. i say we look out for that one. kendrick lamar's year has been bigger, leading the nomination at the grammys. >> i'm think taylor swift with her album. that was her transsituation from country to pop. that album was incredible. >> lots of good choices this year. next time, tomorrow, when we join you, we'll talk about the song of the year with our power 95.3 morning team. >> safe to say, the grammys will be exciting. >> you can catch all that action from music's biggest night from
6:41 am
awards will take place next monday, february 15 at 8:00 8:00. set those dvr's if you go to sleep earlier like i do. go to our facebook page. >> new developments surrounding the fight with the zika virus. the head of the centers for disease control and prevention will be testifying. this comes as lawmakers want to know more about the dangers of the illness and what can be done to fight it. there are 16 cases of the virus and one in our area. that's the same number as earlier in the week. basically meaning no new cases have been detected since monday. the cdc sent 1400 testing kits to the state. the virus can spread through mosquitos which are common in florida. all this poses the biggest risk to pregnant women and their unborn babies. >> a big boost for disney's bottom line.
6:42 am
money in the past three months than any other quarter in its history. the reason, two words, star wars. disney said because of the force awakens, profits jumped to just over a billion dollars. attendance at disney world and disney land broke records. when it comes to the company's cruise line, another win. it had its best quarter in its history despite four of its ships being docked for upgrades. >> chances are you have probably been the source of a wrong number. >> he was mistaken, a free burrito promotion after their inconvenient closure. we covered that. >> people weren't happy. >> anyone who texted rain check to 88-222 that day got a free
6:43 am
rito burrito. instead of contacting chipotle, they reached henry he vine. >> my battery was being drained and i was feeling badly for all these burrito less folks. >> that's the payback, i guess. we are told chipotle is aware of the the mix up. he will get gift cards for his troubles. >> he needs to get a lifetime amount of burritos. >> they were getting all those phones calls. they never did that again. >> that would be a pain in the butt. turn the phone off and move along. >> we have another way to use your phone, the storm pins app is one way to show us auto
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also the pinpoint weather app. we have push alerts. i have pushed out information about this cold air we are dealing with. a beautiful sunrise this morning. we invite you to pin your photos with the storm pin app. search wkmg for all of our awesome apps and maybe you can show your vantage point. daytona beach is looking beautiful but cold we have been in the 30's for a good bit of the morning in volusia county. it is 37 right now at daytona beach. it feels like 37. there is not much of a wind. not a big windchill. there is a freeze warning in effect until 9:00 for two counties. that would be these brightly colored blue shaded area. flagler county and also marion county, meaning temperatures likely to drop at or below freezing for several hours. also a freeze watch right there for sumter county as we see temperatures dropping close to freezing for a little while. here are the temperatures, the 20's.
6:45 am
that's the actual temperature. it is 28 right now in ocala n. palm coast, you can expect the mid 30's. 37 in daytona beach. 43 in orlando. 44 is the temperature right now in melbourne for southern sections of brevard county. here's the accurate forecast for today, a lot of sunshine to enjoy. the sun is not going to warm us a whole bunch a. few clouds off and on. breezy conditions making 50's at times feel like the 40's. 46 by 10:00. staying good and dry tonight. notice the clouds and rain forecast. not much in the way of cloud cover. a lot of sun helping to warm a little bit and then with clear skies overnight. temperatures dropping off quickly. here are the afternoon highs, where you live by 3:00, palm coast, getting up to 56. 55 in ocala. 59 in melbourne. 58 in sanford.
6:46 am
all over again, dropping to 37. 33 in palm coast. tomorrow afternoon, warming to 63 degrees. friday, a keeper. a high of 72. saturday, another front comes in dry. no big rain chances through the weekend. another cool down for valentine's day. a high of 64 degrees. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. >> thank you very much. after a quiet start to the day. we have a significant accident on the eastbound lanes of i-4 this morning. right at the 429 exit pi exit 60, we have at least one travel lane. already seeing delays forming around that accident. that is sitting eastbound. i'll keep you updated. live cameras on the expressway
6:47 am
not a ton going on. looks fine traveling on 95 this morning, your drive times and no slowdowns there. that is your check on traffic. i'll send things back to you. >> a check of the big stories, including a call for justice by a local mother. >> a woman is asking a hit and
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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>> let's get to johnny fernandez where police are searching for a hit and run driver. johnny? >> reporter: kirsten, police are trying to get results in finding the driver that t boned a mom and her baby and then drove off. the mom took to social media asking for the public's help. now, the hit and run happened at 17/92 and 24th street in sanford. erica williams states the impact
6:50 am
baby's car seat was pushed over on its side. after the crash, williams took to facebook to help police catch the driver. detectives tell us there is surveillance video that will hopefully help identify the car in this crash. if you have any information about this, you are urged to contact police. police. >> landslide victories on both sides of the ticket. for democrats a big victory for bernie sanders, 22 points ahead of hillary clinton. on the republican side, a double digit win for donald trump. john kasich broke away from the pack for a distant second. for marco rubio, a disapointing debate performance. it is cold outside. temperatures in the 30's, well below freezing in spots in marion county.
6:51 am
breeze will make it feel cool. 55 by noon. 59 at 4:00. >> that's what we need. it is chill out there. >> cbs this morning is next. have a wonderful day. we'll see you at noon. with snap beans and strawberry parfait. from dinner to dessert it's easy to serve scrumptious florida meals. visit for tasty recipes. delicious is always served
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