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tv   News 6 at 6 pm  CBS  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> now on news 6 at 6:00, a major higher than bust. 10 people arrested, including a 74-year-old, wheelchair-bound grandma. first, though, another cold night is here in central florida. five counties under a freeze warning tonight. some of you will want to cover those plants, make sure the pets are inside. this is news 6 at 6:00. i'm matt austin. >> i'm lisa bell. almost all of us will be in the 30's tonight. let's get right over to chief meteorologist tom sorrells who is pinpointing these cold temperatures for us. >> you know what's coming. we've got a big freeze warning in effect for northern counties. we're talking volusia, flagler, putnam county in there, marion county and sumpter county there, all under the freeze warning until 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. most of you will go below freezing or close to it by 2:30, 3:00 in the morning.
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all of brevard and osceola and even polk counties, we have a frost advisory for those counties that goes until 9:00 tomorrow morning. here's why. we're already down to 52 degrees in orlando. 48 in ocala. 49 in gainesville and 50 in the villages. leesburg also reporting 49 degrees already with a wind speed of 15 miles per hour. that's pretty stiff. winds are starting to die. as they do, we just drop like a rock. overnight low tonight, 28 in ocala. 31 in the villages and 38 in orlando. standing by now, meteorologist candace campos is here to talk about how cold things were this morning. >> good evening. it looks like we're certainly going to be dropping like a rock when it comes to temperatures across town but especially in one spot where we're pinpointing for today. it's sumterville, in sumpter county. temperatures for tonight, dropping to 38 degrees by midnight. look at the wake-up temperatures as you head out the door on thursday.
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it looks like temperatures will climb back up into the low 60's. as we head into thursday night, it won't be as cold, but temperatures will be down to about 47 degrees. >> candace, thank you. in orlando. a car crashes into a house. this happened on rio grande and 19th street. hurt. orlando police say it started with a hit-and-run crash on colonial drive near i-4. one person was hurt in that crash. police say the car took off. when police tried to stop it, it caused this crash. police have the 27-year-old driver in custody. >> breaking right now, in now costs more to visit universal studios and the islands of adventure. universal orlando increased their ticket prices today. >> for florida residents to visit one park, it costs now $105, up from 102. to get a two-park pass, $155, an increase of $8.
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same say universal. >> tonight, a 74-year-old grandma is busted, locked up by federal agents. >> she's one of the biggest sellers of heroin in central florida. she and nine others are in jail as a result of what investigators are calling operation deals on wheels. news 6 reporter eric sandoval broke the news today. the feds do not want this 74-year-old woman getting out of jail. >> we found out she's actually being held here at the jail on nearly three-quarters of a million dollars' bond tonight. if she somehow comes up with that money, she has to convince a judge somehow it didn't come from selling drugs. she's here with nine other people who the feds say were helping to feed central florida's growing heroin problem. >> it's very unsettling. it's an elderly lady. i'm sure if you met her, she would seem very nice and all. >> but the spokesman jeff walsh says the woman was not what she appeared.
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uses a wheelchair was one of the biggest sellers of heroin in central florida and working with nine other people to get it and to sell it. they were all arrested, too. >> it doesn't matter how old or how young, any of that is out the window with this stuff. d.e.a. agents tell news 6 she and her group were selling two kilos of heroin a month and making around $300,000, all of it from this small home in east orlando. agents found these guns with ammo yesterday when they stormed the house, a sophisticated video of money. we asked neighbors and they told us they have absolutely no idea what happened inside. they say perez lopez blended into the neighborhood. walsh says she was putting her neighbors in danger.
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decency and the rule of law and they'll go to whatever great lengths it takes to protect their enterprise. that's the scariest of them all. >> the heroin the nine people are accused of selling in central florida probably came from colombia. we also found out federal agents are still looking for two suspects as part of this operation. they wouldn't tell us their names, though, because they said they didn't want them to run. >> thank you, eric. >> we now know the names of two men shot and killed inside a nightclub. the orange county medical examiner's office told news 6 the two men died when several people opened fire inside the glitz ultra lounge sunday morning. investigators have not told us any info about the suspects. >> last night, news 6 told you about an eviction notice was posted on the club's door. the notice demands represent be
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>> a 21-year-old clermont police officer is fighting for his life tonight. more than half of his body was burned on super bowl sunday while sitting next to a bonfire. chris cruz's father, jack, also a clermont police officer, tells us his son noticed a gas container sitting too close to their fire. he says as his son grabbed the container to move it, the fuel exploded because of overheating. doctors are now saying his chance of survival is just 50%. >> i sat there last night and just held his foot like someone would hold a hand. i hope he felt that. it would have meant a lot to me. we'll take what we can get at this point. >> that's a heartbreaking story. officer cruz's family says even if he does take a turn for the better, he's expected to be in the hospital for over a year. >> right now, news 6 is working to get results for one neighborhood dealing with a sticky, smelly mess. they say the new orange county
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news 6's erik von ancken takes us to eastwood and to show us the problem and work on getting results. >> this trail goes a quarter mile through much of this neighborhood. neighbors tell me when they first noticed it, it stunk. now they're afraid when it gets warmer out here, it's going to stink again. >> right up here, it goes all the way through the cul-de-sac and around. >> she showed us the stinky stains streaked by some 40 houses here at the preserve at eastwood. >> as the truck went on, when it stopped again right here to pick up the arm thing, it's like it was dripping and dripping and dripping. >> even though it's been a month now, they still smell. >> it's like all the juices from the garbage. >> juices from the garbage? >> yeah. >> yuck. >> yeah, it was -- it was -- it was a pretty bad smell for three or four days. >> the stench tells me it's food. now maybe some things are mixed into it and some things are
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people are putting in their trash. >> the neighbors say this showed up when orange county switched over to automated arm trash trucks and once a week collection at the beginning of the year. since then, it happened twice and since then, laura and her neighbors have been calling the county. >> no progress. we've been waiting and nobody's come down. >> i wish they would have cleaned it up. they had a month to do it. we sent them e-mails. my husband has called and no one's called us back. they promised to come out and pressure wash it and no one came. >> tonight we're getting results. what the county says they're doing about all this when i see you again coming up at 7:00. >> thank you. three local law enforcement agencies say they need help finding a smash-and-grab robber who stole lottery tickets from several convenience for. orlando police sent us this video of one of those robberies. it happened at a 7-eleven last
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the man in the black hoodie is wanted in eight robberies. orlando police are working with the orange county sheriff's office and winter garden police to try to find this guy. if you know who he is, call crime line. >> a local mom is charged with child neglect after her two kids just missed too much school. lake county deputies arrested 31-year-old woman on saturday. deputies and d.c.f. came to her house after both kids missed more than 30 days of school. she said they missed school because of sickness but don't have a doctor's note or because of religious reasons. >> last month, the mother was arrested on meth charges, by the way. deputies say she appeared to be high on saturday when they spoke with her. she bonded out of jail last night and scheduled to be in court later this month. >> a mess in eatonville after a water main break. now people who live there are being told to boil their water. last night a water main broke near kennedy boulevard near college and gabriel avenues.
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the problem. at last check, it was not completely fixed. no word on when the boil-water advisory will be lifted. >> in about three hours, passengers aboard a royal caribbean cruise ship that was damaged will be back on dry land. they'll no doubt be relieved. the anthem of the seas is set to dock in new jersey very shortly. it's already near the port. we showed you a live shot a few minutes ago. on sunday the ship sailed into a strong storm with 100-mile-an-hour winds and 30-foot waves. the ship was cruising down the east coast and supposed to stop at port canaveral but it turned around after that storm. four passengers actually had minor injuries from all that. everyone on board will get a full refund and 50% off the next cruise. >> getting results for those left out in the cold. >> look at the pile of blankets and coats, all thanks to our generous community here. how warm hearts are helping the homeless, ahead at 6:00. >> also the bear hunt caused a
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now a new bill to protect hunters' personal information is also causing some controversy.
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>> well, a controversial hunt could soon become even more controversial. >> the next time a bear hunt is held in florida, hunters might be allowed to keep their names secret, if a new senate bill passes. the senate governmental oversight and accountability committee backed the hunting bill yesterday. it would shield personal information such as naems, dates of birth, addresses and phone numbers. the bill would cover anyone getting a hunting, fishing or boating lines with f.w.c. the senator sponsoring the bill says the measure is meant to protect gun owners. right now, names of everyone who has a hunting license are considered public information. the bill must now be approved by the rules committee before it
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>> news 6 is helping get results for people who do not have a place to call home. we teamed up with our news partner mix 105.1 for a blankets drive this morning. >> the outcome was overwhelming. kirstin o'connor takes us there. >> the donation for mix 105.1 blanket drive piled up so high, we couldn't even fit them in one truck. >> in two hours, the piles of blankets, coats, scarves and gloves grew to an overwhelming heap. donors were thanked with a hot cup of dunkin' donuts coffee and tickets to the food and wine festival. >> a blanket, a couple of men's jackets and a couple of women's jackets. >> i've been trying to give this blanket away. >> all on the way to the coalition for the homeless. in the middle of the week when we've seen frost and cold temperatures, the donations couldn't come at a better time. >> gosh, look how cold it is. it's so needed. especially know that socks are a
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i put a bunch of socks in there. >> i'm donating jackets and hats for children. i know a lot of kids are standing at cold bus stops. >> mix 105.1 says the blanket drive was inspired by the years of charity work led by beloved radio host scott mckenzie before he passed away last year, a cause the community supports and many hope to see grow. >> we have things in our closet we don't even realize we have. it's always wonderful to put them to go use. >> keep in mind the coalition for the homeless is always looking for your donations with many more cool mornings ahead, it's a way to get results for those who need it the most. >> good stuff there. a good samaritan is on the mend after being beaten. >> detectives say he was targeted by people he tried to help. ginger has more on this. >> it's such a sad story. this is a man who tried to do a
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who said they were simply cold. >> my heart's broken that somebody would do something like that. >> deputies say he was attacked by thieves who were after his prescription pills. new at 7:00, how outrage over social media helped detectives make an arrest. >> also, i want change, i want something to be done with it. >> a mom says students are in danger and she has the proof. video shows cars speeding past buses with their stop sign out. how she's hoping to get results at 7:00. it's putting the lives of kids in danger. >> it's so maddening when you see that happen. >> 0, my gosh. >> that is not the only place. >> it happens everywhere. >> we see it all the time but this mom got it on video. thank you, ginger. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. the cold is not going anywhere tonight, is it?
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it will leave, just not fast enough. uncle, uncle, we've had enough. i want to give away an umbrella right now. >> that's the winner right there? you're coming out with the winner? >> no. you do this to me all the time. stop that. >> that could be a winner. >> that's a special photo. linda riviera, thank you very much. here's the money shot. they call this the money shot. >> the product placement, you're going to win every time. >> we've picked out new smyrna beach. there's a fake duck in the foreground. nice, huh? >> i thought it was a real one. >> either way, you won. you got the umbrella coming. we'll be in touch and give you freeze warning tonight for
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northern lake, all of marion and sumpter counties. everyone else has the frost advisory. you get the picture. it's going to be chilly. it's going to be cold and you need to take care of the tender plants, especially if you're from the northern parts of our viewing area. daytona beach right now, could still see the ocean is nice and fairly calm out there because the wind is pushing from the west-southwest. temperature right now in daytona beach is 52. temperature in orlando, also 52. and 56 in melbourne. up in ocala, we've dropped to 48. note the winds are calming, though. not nearly as wild as yesterday or even earlier today. we're down to a 7 to 10-mile-an-hour wind. it's turning colder. 49 in gainesville, 48 in ocala and 48 in the villages. 52 in orlando. when you get into the 40's, that's when the windchill factor kicks in. windchill factor in the villages, 45. it already feels like 43 in
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52 in orlando and 57, still, down along the coast in brevard county. visible satellite images showing you an end to the cloud cover. the drier air aloft has gobbled it all up. with that happening, no cloud cover tonight to help us hold on to what little heat we've picked up today. tomorrow, we stay clear, all the way into friday. by friday afternoon, we'll have a few clouds beginning to march on in here. the big story is the temperatures when you wake up tomorrow and the frost. 28 will do it in ocala. 31 in the villages. 32 in leesburg and 37 in sanford. in orlando tonight, 38. here's tomorrow. >> first thing in the morning, 40. by noon, 56. daytime high tomorrow is 64 degrees. we go back to 64, just a little warmer. then we warm up a bunch on friday. saturday's high is 72. valentine's day on sunday, a little cooler but not too shabby with a high of 65. >> looks like an awesome weekend, tom.
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>> ping is out live at the magic game this evening. what's going on out there? >> there's a lot of big things going on out here. the san antonio spurs are in town. the league's second best team. the interim head coach for the
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>> here we are back inside amway center. big game tonight. the san antonio spurs will be here tonight. the second best team in the league. the magic are going to be off the next eight days. they won two in a row, get excited! they're all off the court now but it should be an interesting game. rumors are out there that could be channing frye or tobias harris could be tradeable. i do think anybody on this roster at this point is considered trade bait. >> i don't know.
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every player is different. some people i know get stressed, you know, it's in the team's control. >> that's the head coach scott skiles. anybody is tradeable. there are rumors out there. i love this guy. john denton, knows everything about the orlando magic. he travels with the team. they've won 2 in a row. look out, baby, they won two in a row, johnny. >> shockingly, you're in every out of it in the east. they won two in a row, chicago lost three in a row, detroit lost 3 in the row.
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>> they beat the hawks two straight. they're not a bad ball club. >> they have more games left against winning teams. it's not going to be easy. you know, if they're going to make a playoff push, it has to be against good teams. >> the trade deadline is a week from tomorrow. skiles talked about pretty much is on the trade. >> anybody, anywhere could be traded. >> scott told them it's out of your control. like when you get on a plane, you're not in control, the pilot's in control. don't worry about it. go do your job. scott's big on professionalism and doing their job, like you. do your job. >> spurs tonight against the magic. it's cold in here right now. the ice is down. garrett sparks, you know, he played for the solar bears all last year. he was called up to the toronto
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has made five starts. he was at practice today there at the rdb and he's feeling pretty good. he gets one start tonight down in florida. >> having them take pride in the success i've had is a really good feeling. i really do enjoy the city. i think it's a great hockey town and i am very thankful i got the opportunity to play here. >> he returns to toronto after
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