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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  February 10, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> a cold weather alert. the sun is down and temperatures are dropping. nearly everyone could see frost, some could freeze. in moments, chief meteorologist tom sorrells pinpoints what it means for you. >> i want change. i want something to be done with it. >> a mom says students are in danger and she has the proof, video showing cars speeding past buses with their stop signs out. how she is hoping to get results. >> good evening, this is news 6 at 7:00, getting results. i'm julie broughton. >> and i'm ginger gadsden. >> i'm lisa bell. also a man who tried to do a good deed, buying food for people who said they're hungry is now recovering from a beating. >> my heart's broken that somebody would do something like this. >> deputies say he was attacked by thieves who were after his prescription pills. in minutes, how outrage over social media helped detectives make arrests. >> it's a story that's upsetting a lot of people. >> oh, yeah. >> we'll talk about that in just a moment. we start with our cold.
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freeze warnings. >> and nearly everyone could at least see frost. bundle up. let's get right over to chief meteorologist tom sorrells. >> good analysis. if you don't freeze, you'll be frosty. take a look over my shoulder here. big time freeze advisory for volusia, putnam, northern lake, all the sumpter counties, everyone south of there in the different color zone, that's a frost advisory that goes until 9:00 tomorrow morning. you're going to freeze or at risk of having a bunch of frost on you tomorrow morning. look at the temperatures right now. 45 in ocala. 46 in the villages. 49 in orlando. 47 in palm coast and 48 in daytona beach. over to brevard. watch these temperatures. 49 in orlando. 46 in the villages. with the windchill factor factored in, it's 42 in the villages and 45 in orlando and in gainesville, it already fields like 40's. the 30's are just around the
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overnight low, official low, not the windchill factor, but the real deal low is 28 in ocala, 31 in the villages and 38 in orlando. i'll be right back in a few minutes to pinpoint the warm-up. i promise you the cold is going to check out. i'll show you how quickly in minutes. >> thank you. local homeless shelters tell news 6 they're adding beds so more people will have a place to stay. >> we've teamed up with our news partners, 105.1 to get results for a blanket drive. >> blankets, a couple of men's jackets and women's jackets. >> in a matter of just two hours, the pile of blankets, coats, scarves and gloves grew to an overwhelming help on its way to the coalition for the homeless. donors were thanked with a hot cup of dunkin' donuts coffee and tickets to the food and wine festival. >> oh, my gosh, look how cold it is. i mean, it's so needed. especially know that socks are big ones.
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>> i'm donating gloves and hats for children. a lot of them are standing at cold bus stops. >> the blanket drive was inspired by the years of charity work led by beloved radio host scott mckenzie who died last year. donations this week will help people this week and beyond. >> people are bundling up in our area. >> candace campos is pinpointing neighborhoods in the northern counties. >> we've been pinpointing your forecast all around town. most areas are certainly going to be feeling the frost and freeze. some folks this morning woke up with frost on their cars. in melbourne, you can see the frost covering the roof of a woman's car. we'll be in store for another chilly night tonight. we'll pinpoint in at melbourne. temperatures are dropping into the low 40's.
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warming up to 40 degrees. topping off by the afternoon, up to 61 degrees. another spot that will certainly be feeling the chill tonight will be marion county as we pinpoint your forecast there for there. waking up tomorrow in forest corners at 38 degrees. bundle up tomorrow morning because the chill will be out there. >> thank you, candace. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> tonight, two women are under arrest, accused of severely beating a 74-year-old man. detectives say they attacked him to steal his pain medication. news 6 reporter justin warmoth shows us how social media got results and made arrests. >> it only took about 13 hours to find and place the two women into custody. it appears they were selling some of the prescription drugs they stole from the victim when
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the victim's son, who witnessed the arrests, said it was sweet justice. >> just hours after a 74-year-old ronald hollingsworth was brutally beaten with a cutting board over his prescription medication, orange county deputies arrested the two women who they say were behind the attack. >> i didn't think it was going to happen this quick. i'm very pleased with social media and the way the word got out and the people banded together in apopka and the surrounding this area to get these people. >> the two women basically tricked the 74-year-old, saying they were locked out of their home and didn't want to wait in the cold. instead, they began hitting him in the face and head before stealing his pain pills. >> my heart's broken that somebody would do something like this, not that it's just my father, but it could happen to anybody. >> hollingsworth knew from the start who was behind the attack. they live just a few doors down.
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them milk which they said they needed for their two kids. >> he's always been kind to these people. for somebody to do that because they need to get a drug fix is ridiculous. >> i had a chance to talk to mr. hollingsworth today. he's still very shaken by what happened. he told me he's going to be okay. as far as the women who were arrested for allegedly beating him, we just got their names. both are in the process of being booked into the orange county jail. for now, reporting in south apopka, justin warmoth, news 6. >> also developing tonight, a family forced to move out of their home. >> at least for tonight. a car on the run from police slammed through their wall and tore down the wall at the house on rio grande and 19th street. orlando police say it started with a hit-and-run crash on colonial drive near i-4. one person was hurt in that crash. then police say the car took off. when police tried to stop it, it led to this crash. >> police have a 27-year-old
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no one in the house was hurt. >> a local mom is taking action and trying to get results. she says students are in danger by cars speeding past stopped school buses, buses that have their lights on and stop signs out. as you can see she got proof on video. news 6 reporter amanda castro is helping her get results tonight in the metro west area. >> she waits here every morning with her daughter to catch the school bus. she says many cars just drive by, ignoring the flashing lights and the stop signs. she's worried the kids could be in danger. that's why she reached out to news 6 to get results. caught on camera this morning, a car driving past a school bus with the stop signs out and flashing lights. her daughter was almost hit while crossing the street. >> it went right past her when she was trying to get on to the bus. >> she says she sees drivers like this all the time at the bus stop in metro west. the mother has several videos of
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parked on the side of the road to pick up students. the vehicles are not stopping to let kids safely cross the street. angie says this has been happening for several years. >> it's a matter of time until somebody gets injured. >> she says she tried to get help but nothing's happened. she fed up no one is cracking down on drivers illegally passing school buses and putting these kids in danger. >> it's very scary because you're concerned for your kids' safety. you don't want them to get hit or injured in any way at all. >> that's why she came to news 6 to get results. i reached out to orlando police and orange county public schools to see if they're aware of this. both tell me they're looking into it. the school district adds it will work with law enforcement on any possible action. >> i'm hoping that people will see that kids' safety needs to be first in the morning whenever there's buses and they need to slow down. >> she's hoping it's a message
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>> i'm hoping that people around here will see that it is a problem and that they need to stop, if it's them. >> and we just heard back from the school district and they say their transportation leaders are looking into these violations, now that we've brought this to their attention. >> new at 7:00, news 6 is getting results for neighbors in one east orange county community. at 6:00, we showed you this. a trail of splotches and stains left behind by the county's new garbage trucks that neighbors have tried to have cleaned up more than a month now. now at 7:00, erik von ancken is getting them results. >> the dark blotches look like puddles every few feet it seems where the garbage truck will stop to pick up a few cans and the trail goes down the road for blocks and blocks. >> she walks every day all over the preserve at eastwood.
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section, the one with the stinky streak stretching in front of some 40 houses, sometimes she holds her nose. >> the stench tells me it's food. now maybe something's mixed into it, something that's coming out of the trash. you know, people are putting things in their trash. >> what do you think it is? >> i would believe it's probably just something leaking from the truck, either from the garbage or maybe there was something wrong with the truck that day. i'm not really sure. >> but weeks later it has not washed away. >> it has not and it's rained pretty hard in the last four or five weeks. >> they've tried to get this cleaned up since the beginning of the year when the county switched over to automated armed trucks and collection systems. >> what have you been told? >> they're going to come out and power wash it and they haven't and now it's february 10th. >> i called the county and within hours, the public information officer, doreen overstreet had these guys out
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once they look it all over, they tell me they will clean it all over. >> so then we called you and you came and got us results. thank you. >> tonight the county says all of these will be gone very soon. >> eric, thank you. universal is hiking its prices. new since 6:00, the resort is sharing ways you can save money. the popular one day park hopper went up. they're the only way to ride the hogwarts express between the two harry potter lands. a one-day one-park pass now costs $105 plus tax, up 3% from $102. the prices reflect the value it provides say universal and universal says annual pass prices will remain the same. to save money, universal points out it also offers discounts to florida residents throughout the year and online.
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universal park now costs the same as admission to disney's magic kingdom. >> disney charges a few dollars less for its other three parks. >> future space jobs are about ready to launch like a rocket. how soon a manufacturing plant could be coming to the kennedy space center. >> but first, neighbors complained about a hoarder's messy yard. up next, the changes we spotted less than a day later. >> we're getting results for central florida. >> and join us on facebook
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>> tonight, news 6 is getting results for one orange county neighborhood. >> people told us they were being held hostage by hoarder neighbors. >> we first broke there story last night on the news at 11:00. you can see there was everything
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to a boat, all sorts of junk. neighbors say the piles just kept growing. infested with roaches, rats and flies. neighbors say this has been going on since 2008. but after our story aired last night, things may be changing. today investigator eryka washington stopped by the avon wood court property and found people cleaning up, but the homeowner you see right there was not happy to see our news 6 crew. he greeted our crews with an obscene gesture and yelling vulgar and racist remarks. >> he spent the day cleaning the property up. >> we're trying to clean it up and it will be cleaned up by tomorrow. when you come, you won't see any junk in the yard. >> and he even -- you see it there -- he even picked up a
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it at our photographer. if someone is hoarding in your neighborhood, call the code enforcement board. what they can and can't do varies from case to case. let me tell you what you shouldn't do in that situation is start hurling things at people who are just trying to help. >> it's sad because oftentimes it's an illness that people suffer from. but he has a lot of neighbors who don't want to live next to that. it's a health concern for them as well. >> exactly. all sorts of problems with that. >> for more information on how to contact your county's code enforcement, we put up links on, powered by news 6 >> more space jobs are coming to the space coast. our news partners at "florida today" reports blue origin plans to begin building its rocket manufacturing facility next summer. the goal is to launch by 2019 at the cape. >> all right. chief meteorologist tom sorrells
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boy, if you were cold last night, it's only going to get worse. >> yeah. >> bundle up, bundle up, buttercup. it's going to be a cold night on the old ranch there. i've got great shots of what's going on outside, starting with storm pins. look at this one. you think it was windy today? >> yes. >> blowing palm trees around. good shot, steve in melbourne. and this is smoke from the horizon. you can see it's burning up over there west of clermont. you can see the sunset. and this is a last shot from linda. i love an empty coastside. thank you for the storm pins. download it in your app store for free. there's a frost advisory tomorrow in effect until 9:00 tomorrow morning. we talked about this at this top of the newscast. it's flat out cold.
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for this week. daytime high today officially at o.i.a. has been bumped to 61, just about 2:45 i think we hit it. overnight lows tonight are down to 38 in orlando. the average this time of year, 73, 52. we're way below that. records on the date, 87 and 31. we're not going to 31. but a lot of you will be in the 30's tomorrow morning. you just saw the storm pins that had the palm tree being beaten to all pieces. no one has a wind speed above 16. it's slowing down. temperature-wise we're okay. 49 in orlando. 45 in ocala. watch this. factor in that wind. all of a sudden it feels like 41 real feel in ocala. the windchill factor is 45 in orlando and 42 already there for you in sanford. >> tomorrow, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being awesome, tomorrow's about a 7 on the
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i give that big a number because it's going to be sunny and warmer. the water vapor shows you the dry air has just mangled the cloud cover. beat it all the way out of here. for tonight, no clouds. no clouds tomorrow either. by friday, a touch of cloud cover does return to central florida. lows tonight are the star of the show. the low is 28 in ocala. 31 in the villages. freezing, down to 32 in leesburg. in orlando tonight, i'm calling it 38, frost advisory until 9:00 tomorrow. here is tomorrow. first thing in the morning tomorrow, about 40 at 8 a.m. by noon, 56. daytime high, about 64. temperatures dropping through the late afternoon. low tomorrow night is 46. then on friday, finally a normal day with a high of 73. finally. we always love friday, no matter what. >> yes. >> this one's going to be really special. saturday, 72. valentine's day on sunday, the high is 65. buy someone you love a piece of
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>> tonight at 11:00, hit-and-run crashes. >> we report on them all the time. >> in fact, someone is killed almost every other day in a fatal hit-and-run crash in florida. >> he didn't even put in a phone call for help to say "i just hit somebody." >> her son was hit and killed just days after thanksgiving. a new law was supposed to help keep these crashes from happening, but with hit and run numbers going up, i investigate why the law does not seem to be working and what could make our streets safer. i'll have that for you tonight at 11:00. >> after news 6 at 11:00, stay tuned for "the late show with stephen colbert" >> colbert says there was an unlikely star of the new
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a woman who happened to be at a diner where candidate carly fiorina popped up. >> this woman in the middle just tries to finish her coffee and eggs. excuse me. i asked for a booth away. but i don't know how this woman is able to ignore the political circus swirling around her. it might be because she knows that pepper shaker right down there in front has a better chance of being president than carly fiorina. and folks online have been having fun with this picture. she's been photo-shopped into nighthawk, the last supper and o.j. simpson's bronco chase. there she is, the real killer, go get her. >> this woman clearly wants to be left alone, so let us all
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>> so you're obviously not interested in carly fiorina. is there another candidate that you like more? >> that was quite a struggle with that egg. or is the problem you would just rather everybody, including me, just stop talking about politics? >> tonight, colbert welcomes senator bernie sanders. don't miss it at 11:35. you have to imagine people in new hampshire and iowa are totally over it by now. >> look at the overnight lows tonight. 28 in ocala.
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i'll be back with an update at 11:00.
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