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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> two deputies shot and killed in maryland and they have ties here. >> health workers stepping up their fight against the zika virus. what t hey are doing to try to keep more people from getting sick. >> another alert as temperatures have dropped to below freezing in some spots. this morning, even if you don't hit the freezing mark, you could see frost as you head out the door. we start in the pinpoint weather center. good morning. i'm david hall. >> i'm kirsten o'connor in for bridgett along troy bridges. we are seeing dangerously low temperatures. >> think of the pets that have been outside. hopefully you brought them in overnight. we are talking about 20's in marion county. 28 in ocala. many areas seeing frost. all of central florida under a frost advisory. 28 in ocala. 39 in daytona beach. 40 in orlando. 44 in cocoa beach. 37 in melbourne.
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all of the light blue colored counties under the freeze warning, meaning temperatures dropping below freezing for a few hours. that is until 9:00 this morning. the rest of central florida, the dark shaded counties under a frost advisory so we invite you to pin your photos with the storm pins app. search wkmg in the app store. we'll see a lot of sunshine that. will gradually warm us. 61 by noon. 65 at 4:00 with no rain, we have to get through this cold start. the afternoon looks pretty good. tomorrow, the 70's. we'll talk about the timing. first, let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> roads are doing ok after a busy night of construction. no major travel lanes blokt. this stretch of i-4 by ivanhoe, you can see construction barrels on the shoulder which is a good sign. these happy to be quiet eastbound lanes with cars moving
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drive times not looking too bad. northbound and southbound directions for now are in the clear. kirsten and david, back to you. >> developing right now, two deputies killed in maryland and we are learning of a central florida connection to the tragedy. >> david bryan was wanted by police in maitland and he once had addresses in two other cities. this morning he is dead after a shootout with deputies. >> i believe we were sent here because someone knew who he was, tipping us off. >> investigators say it dpan after a deputy approached evans in a panera restaurant outside baltimore. deputies sat down to speak with him. moments later he pulled out his gun. >> one of several responding deputies caught up with evans and evans shot that deputy as well. both deputies later died. evans was killed after exchanging gun fire with other
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>> i believe the first deputy who went to respond to the call for service i think the suspect took that action because he is wearing a police uniform. we were called to panera bread for that suspect. >> police say they had dealings with evans in the past. he had a warrant out in maryland. he was wanted in maitland on charges of assaulting an officer. news 6 learned he once had addresses in altamonte springs and winter park. >> we give thanks to the deputies who gave sacrifice for our citizens. we'd ask the county to come together as we lift them up and protect their families as we go forward. >> we know the warrant was issued in october. we'll call maitland police for more information in the coming months. >> stepping up the fight against
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in a few hours health workers will be talking with the centers for disease control, all to learn ways to keep the virus from spreading. mark lehman is live outside the florida hospital. the governor says this call is is focused especially on those who care for pregnant women. >> kirsten, that's because the virus presents the most dangerous to pregnant women. governor scott said he requested the cdc to ensure everyone on the front lines like doctors and obgyn's here and everywhere are prepared for the virus. >> we'll get ahead of this. we always say to ourselves, hope prt best. >> health workers from across the state will be hearing guidelines from the cdc with case. >> it is expected to cause up to
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>> there have been 67 reported cases in the u.s., that includes 16 in florida. the virus has been linked to a rare birth defect that causes head and brain abnormalities. >> we are working around the clock to find out as much as we can, as quickly as we can to inform the public and to do everything we can do to reduce the risk to pregnant women. >> the vast majority is spread by mosquitos in warmer climates. >> we think it is likely we'll have limited local transmission in some of the southern states. in the winter months we have a chance to try to get ahead of this. >> the call with healthcare workers will be happening later on. i'll let you know what they found in my report coming up at 5:30. >> new this morning, one man
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a power pole before ending up in a pond. it happened on county road 48 in groveland last night. troopers say the 73-year-old driver hit a pole before his car ended up partially under water. good samaritans pulled him out of the water. he lost consciousness and died once he was back on land. that crash is being investigated. >> in orange county, we are now getting a close look at the damage left behind after this car slammed into one family's home. this happened after troopers say the driver somehow lost control and slammed into this house on rio grande and 1th street. the homeowner says his two daughters and his two grandchildren were home at the time. they just left that room minutes before the car came smashing inside. >> thanking god, that nothing really devastating happened. >> we know police in orlando arrested that driver right at the scene. they aren't telling us his name yet. friends are helping out this
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their house is not safe to live in. >> days after nearly a dozen people were shot inside an orlando nightclub. we learned two of those hurt may now sue the club over what happened. according to the sentinel, a pregnant woman shot in the arm along with a ucf student injured during the shooting have both hired attorneys. they were among the 10 people hurt after the shooting early sunday morning at the glitz ultralounge. the medical examiner says two others, 22-year-old joseph lobos and jonathan rohas died from their injuries. police say up to three people may have opened fire there. investigators still won't give us any information on possible suspects, only saying they don't believe the shooting was random and they are continuing to interview witnesses. >> in brevard county now, deputies say they are expecting to arrest more people in an alleged theft ring at brevard schools. on tuesday, detectives arrested this man, take a look at this picture, 55-year-old
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gunther. police say he stole $10,000 and used it to buy items for vehicles not part of the district fleet. another district worker was also arrested earlier this month as part of the same investigation. >> in just hours, parents will meet with teachers to discuss concerns they have with the direction of the school. today is the third of three meetings where parents, teachers and staff will discuss everything from curriculum to teacher shortages and budget priorities. this meeting is organized by parents and teachers and is not affiliated with the school board. the meeting is set for 6:30 at the middle school. the meeting comes a week after the district declared an impasse and contract talks with teachers. teachers are asking for a 3% raise but say district officials will not negotiate. a survey found 39% of teachers are looking to leave the district at the end of the school year. >> drivers in orange county will run into a huge detour starting
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busy road will shut down. we are talking about for days. crews will close all southbound lanes of 17/92. this is between park and monroe avenue. check out the map. crews will repave the road. construction means the lanes will be shut down from 7:00 tonight until 6:00 a.m. and this is monday morning. f dot crew recommend taking lee road or lake avenue. they say they'll have signs up to help drivers get around that mess. another shut down is planned in the same spot next week. >> i have been seeing a lot of signs around that area in the last couple of days. be ready out there. troy bridges is pinpointing what we'll see at least outside. >> this morning driving in, colonial and i-4, they had a big blockup. i had to get on i-4 some other way to get back here to come in and tell you about the cold air we are dealing with. look at this beautiful view, near where i tried to get on i-4. you can see the amway center bright and lit up. cars on the roads, we are
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calm winds and clear skies. that will lead to frost this morning in spots. we have a frost advisory for most of the central florida through 9:00. northern zones under a freeze warning, meaning temperatures dropping at or below freezing for a few hours. we are at 28 in ocala. 37 at palm coast. 37 in sanford. cold at the bus stop, 38 at 7:00 as we are likely to drop from here in spots. wear a coat, make sure the kids are ready. later today, a nice warmup with sunny skies by 3:00, up to 65 degrees. coming up, we'll pinpoint warmer air. we get into the 70's tomorrow. how long that will stick around. first, let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. >> you mentioned having difficulty accessing i-4. i ran into the same problem on colonial drive. there was a lot of work wrapping up shortly so it is not going to be an issue for much more.
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here's something in the process of closing up. right around epcot center drive over to the beachline this morning, just keep in mind if you are traveling early once we really hit rush hour, those won't be a factor. here's the scene on i-4 by maitland. a lot of this is daytime construction. you can see that is dormant for now. that is your check on traffic. back to you. >> a warning before your next trip to the grocery store. >> what one lady did to scam a victim out of her cash. >> a mom said drivers are putting students in danger. how she is working to get results keeping children safe. >> cold temperatures right now. that includes a chance for frost. we are pinpointing temperatures in your neighborhood. that's next. you are watching news 6 getting results for ocala, flagler beach
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>> good morning, a weather alert to bring you as we pinpoint bitterly cold air. most of central florida where you see the dark shaded counties under a frost advisory, meaning we'll likely see frost for the next couple of hours. all this bright blue shaded area means we are under a freeze warning until 9:00 as temperatures will be at or below freezing for several hours. coming up, we'll talk about today's warmup and when you can expect the 70's to return. >> don't forget, you can pinpoint today's cold weather with the news 6 weather app. it is free for download, search wkmg in the app store. >> a local mom is trying to get results. >> it is after she said cars are speeding past parked buses and she worries students could be in danger. >> it is a matter of time before somebody gets injured. >> it is scary because you are concerned for your kid's safety. you don't want them to get hit
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>> you see that is cell phone video. yesterday a car was caught on camera driving past the bus with the stop sign out and flashing lights. pretty scary. this is in the metro west area. angie has seen this happen, she has many videos of the car speeding past buses. she said she tried to get help but nothing has happened. we reached out to police and orange county public schools to see if they are aware of this problem. both tell us they are looking into it. the school district adds it will work with law enforcement on keeping students safe. >> a crime tracker for a thief that police say stole from a woman while she was shopping. detectives are searching for this woman on east broadway in oviedo. she swapped cards with another customer and stole her money. when the victim confronted the suspect she apologized and said it was a big mistake.
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loaded groceries into her car that she realized cash was miss ing fromher purse. >> that is called hiding in plain sight. you walk away and you have done something wrong. >> here is one more look at suspect. if you recognize her, please call police. >> friends and family of a deputy will gather to remember his memories. scott pine was shot and killed two years ago while responding to a car burglary call. today a memorial will be held at 5:45. >> florida lawmakers are pushing for a change in washington. they want u.s. senators and representatives to have term limits. the florida senate passed legislation calling to add term limits to members of congress. right now, members can serve for
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long as they are elected. 34 states must make a similar call to action before this process can move forward. >> we have the perfect valentine's day story for you. >> i heard this yesterday and it almost made me crime. a 93-year-old world war ii veteran finally reunited with his wartime girlfriend. after dating and losing touch, skype helped bring the 93-year-old norwood thomas and joyce morris back together. they used skype. when their story went viral, hundreds of donations poured in to help the two meet face to face for the first time in 70 years. they met in london before d day, that was the first meeting. he moved to the u.s. and she moved to australia but their
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>> find somebody who loves you and you love them, it would rather special, wouldn't it? >> morewood and his son will be in australia for two weeks. no word if there are plans beyond that. >> their story needs to be a movie. reminds me of the notebook sort of. >> they haven't seen each other in so hong. >> you know what today is. do the honors. >> we have the dancing umbrella. >> we'll give away this umbrella coming up at 6:45 this morning. to one of not the best but we'll pick one of our storm pins and we are inviting you to pin a photo of the frost if you are seeing it. if you are not seeing frost, get creative, maybe show us
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a heart in the frost or just a heart, i don't know. be creative. yesterday we had a lot of sun. today a lot of sun to warm us up. the first storm pin photo. clear skies and those clear skies leading to the cold morning. without clouds in place, temperatures dropped. we have a freeze warning in effect for all of the right colored blue shaded counties, that is all of our northern counties, volusia, flagler, marion, northern lake and sumter county under a freeze warning meaning temperatures dropping at or below freezing for several hours. the darker blue, purplish color. the rest of central florida, all under a frost advisory meaning we'll likely see frost within the next couple of hours. maybe pin some of the photos. search wkmg in the app store.
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show it on tv and then give you an umbrella. 28 in ocala. 49 at daytona beach. 37 is the temperature right now in melbourne. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. >> notice the sky, blue sky and sunshine, a beautiful day in store today. that sun will help to warm us to 61 at noon. we get up to 65 at 4:00 today. we are at 60 by 6:00 this evening. beautiful, not as windy today. we have to get through this cold start and things get better into the afternoon. tonight, chilly but not as cold. we'll be at 56 as we head into 9:00. 54 will be the temperature at 11:00. it will be chilly enough for the jacket, maybe a coat heading out later tonight. the clouds and rain forecast, stepping you through the day with the clock. do you see any changes? no. we'll be clear for the most part with sunshine, hardly a cloud. overnight tonight, temperatures will drop without clouds.
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64 will be the high in ocala. 64 up in sanford. we'll get up to 63 in daytona beach. 64 in melbourne. overnight, into the 40's. 46 in orlando. tom tomorrow, can you believe it? we have a friend on facebook who will tell me she loves the cold every day. 74 will be the high on friday. 70 on saturday. 65 on sunday. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. we like it when it is cool. we also like the warmup. first we have to get through the end of this week. we have a couple of things on the roads. this is a heads up, center lane is blocked for the time being. there is a piece of plywood after osceola parkway. just keep that in mind. use a lot of extra caution.
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outside everything is looking ok. i-4 by saxson, the other direction moving along fine. the express lane, 95, no significant delays. that's your check on traffic. >> it is 5:22 on your thursday morning. i'm getting ahead of myself. still ahead, a planned launch from the space coast runs into a problem. >> what crews found that caused the launch to be pushed back. >> plus youtube is branching out.
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>> youtube could be taking on big streaming services. >> after the company released three made for youtube movies. in what appears to be a response, you tube has released some movies. this service costs about $10 a
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you get rid of the commercials. i hate those commercials. >> the movies they make for netflix or hulu are pretty good. >> the race for the white house is heating up. >> the big name candidates dropping out is ahead. >> find out what they are saying
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