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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> cruise passengers caught in a monster storm are finally back on dry land. what they say happened when the ship sailed through 100-mile-an-hour winds. >> temperatures back below freezing in parts of central florida. winter weather continues to cover the area, prompting watches and warnings warnings. >> i'm david hall.
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let's get to troy bridges in the pinpoint weather center. this is even colder. >> here we go again. we are dividing central florida in half here. the southern half under a frost advisory. the northern half much colder under freeze warnings until 9:00. that means temperatures will be at or below freezing for several hours where you see the bright blue shading. the purple dark shading, the frost advisory. pin your photos with the storm pins app of the frost you are seeing. we are at 39 in daytona beach. 37 in melbourne. area wide, cold enough for a big coat heading out. look at later today as we pinpoint your forecast hour by hour. 61 at noon. a warm up with lots of sunshine today. tomorrow, the 70's return.
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first, let's check on the roads with amy in the traffic center. >> we have some things going on on the royce. we have a stretch of road closed because of construction going on on avenuendale from miller to columbia street. we have reports of an accident on sand lake by wineguard. watch out for that. we have one lane closed because of resurfacing work, i-4 eastbound between epcot center drive over to 528. i'll take you outside to look at i-95 i-95, dark and quiet. >> happening today, officials in florida stepping up the fight against the zika virus. >> in a few hours, doctors, nurses and hospital staff set to get an update on how to keep the virus from spreading. for pregnant women. what is the latest with this
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>> governor scott says a big focus of this call is on obgyn's and anyone who cares for pregnant women. while all of the cases in florida are travel related, this call is an effort to stay ahead of any possible threat of the zika virus. >> it can bite four or five people in the cows of one blood meal. it can spread disease quickly. >> while speaking to lawmakers, the director of the cdc called this mosquito 10my, the ability for the zika virus to spread has prompted a call with healthcare workers across the state. their will be discussing precautions. >> we are committed to continuing to share information as quickly as possible with the public and with healthcare providers and policy makers so that people can make the best possible decisions about health based on the most recent and accurate data. >> concerns are growing with
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80% of people who get zika don't show symptoms pu the virus has been link today a rare and serious birth defect. >> we are working around the clock to find out as much as we can, as quickly as we can to inform the public and to do everything we can do to reduce the risk to pregnant women. >> there haven't been any mosquito transmitted cases in the u.s. yet. consumer reports did a study of different insect repellents and they found the ones most effective at avoiding zika contain 20 of percardian and 20% deet. >> police in melbourne calling for a person. they caught a person in the area where 53-year-old kent willbanks body was found sunday t. video was taken between the bar around 2:00 a.m.
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willbanks died or what they believe might have happened. they say they do want to speak to the man who was captured in the video. if you recognize him, call police. >> this morning, the thousands of passengers taken by a wild ride are back on dry land and sharing their incredible stories. take a look at this video. the anthem of the seas was on its way from new jersey to port canaveral this past weekend when it sailed right into a monster storm, damaging parts of the ship and forcing the captain to turn around and head home. >> passengers are sharing tales of a dream vacation gone wrong. >> the 200,000 ton liner set sail for the bahamas last weekend but got caught in a major winter storm in the atlantic. the vessel was battered by waves
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>> i was on deck 8, i could see waves coming up to the balcony. >> they spent hours locked in their rooms while navigating out of the storm. >> the company said they are reviewing storm avoidance policies to ensure this doesn't happen again. they are done. >> i'm not going to hold it against them, i'll just never go on a cruise again. >> the coast guard will be inspecting the ship before it sails on its next voyage set for this weekend. some lawmakers are calling for a federal investigation into what happened onboard. >> a brevard county corrections officer is off the job and facing serious charges after
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with an inmate. detectives say other inmates told them about barry taylor. they say the five-year veteran had sex with an inmate at least two times. taylor was relieved from duties earlier this week and fired. he is charged with sexual misconduct. >> new information surrounding a 60-year-old rape case in lake county. the mayor of groveland is pushing for the exoneration of four men accused of that crime. the men are known as the groveland four. the alleged attack happened in 1949 but there was never hard evidence linking the men to the crime. one suspect was later shod to death by the sheriff of lake county, a second was also shot but played dead and later claimed the sheriff killed them in cold blood. a third was hunted down and killed by a posse. the other died four years ago. >> news 6 found a proclamation
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support to exonerate the four. it encouraging governor scott to pardon these men. it is expected to be discussed at a meeting next tuesday. >> the next cargo launch to the international space station has been delayed. it is all because of black mold. crews say mold contaminated cargo bags inside a spacecraft. right now, workers are cleaning every single bag. 22. nasa is trying to figure where this mold came from. >> in a matter of hours, the florida fish and wildlife commission meeting with worried owners in one town after a recent spike in coyote sightings. the coyote awareness meeting will be held at 6:30 at the gleason park recreation center you. might remember indian harbor stopped its trapping program at the park after dispute with the fwc over whether the animals should be euthanized or
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several coyote sightings have been reported as well as reports of cats and dogs moving. >> one dog hopes this dance move will land her a new home. >> animal crews posted this video of a dog they call ginger rogers. she will stand up on her hind legs and dance. she was found as a stray -- >> that is a long dance. >> ginger has tested positive for heart worm which is a curable condition but because of it, her fee will be waived. >> any dog that can dance like that deserves a home and a special collar. >> ginger, we love her. >> she'll find a home no doubt. someone has to adopt her. please find ginger a home. i put a purple circle, i'm a poet and didn't know it.
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air, the coldest spot right now in central florida 28 degrees, it is 40 in orlando. 378 in new smyrna beach. 38 in kissimmee. 37 in melbourne. chilly at the bus stop. 38 the temperature at 7:00 in orlando a we will likely drop a little from here. make sure the kids have their big coats. they won't need it all day. today is sort of a coat dragging day. they'll be dragging it home because we'll see sunny skies warming us to 65. still cool enough possibly for a light jacket at that point. coming up, we'll talk about the 70's for tomorrow, getting better as we get closer to the weekend. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. good morning, amy. >> good morning. >> 65 degrees does not sound bad. take a look at. this this is what we are dealing with on i-4. we have had a lot of overnight construction work.
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look outside by michigan, eastbound lanes to the right, not a lot going on. drive times looking fantastic. no issues over on 408, 417, no major slowdowns which is fantastic. traveling eastbound or westbound, no big delays there. overall, a rough start but right now, we are leveling out and doing just fine. >> orlando theme park raises its prices. >> get your wallet out. >> how much more you'll pay to visit universal studios. >> another candidate bows out of the race as another contemplates continuing. coming up, who is still in the race for the white house. >> overnight, a month long standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge. the fbi moves in. what is expected to happen today to bring the standoff to an end.
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>> i'm here with the power 93 morning crew. we are guiding you with what to expect for the grammys. i want to show you an important category. right now, we are doing song of the year. we have all right by kendrick ha mar. taylor swift, she is huge all
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girl crush, little big town. see you again with carlie puth and singing out loud. >> as much as i would like the grammy to go to someone in the united states, i think it is going to the uk. sharon, has this guy singing in the shower. >> i'm going for blank face, taylor swift off her album 1979. the song pokes fun at relationships. it is a fun feel. >> going with kailifa and charlie puth. sometimes people perth that video was a tribute to paul walker which is huge, it made the song larger than life. >> very competitive category as well as best artist which we are talking about tomorrow.
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thanks, matt. remember you can catch the grammys live on news 6 on monday night at 8:00. >> breaking overnight in oregon the remaining members of a group occupying a wildlife refuge for over a month say they'll surrender to authorities this morning. it comes after fbi agents surrounded the refuge last night. as you can see in the video, a lot of flashing lights, a lot of cars going by. at one point, negotiators were using a bull horn to speak with the four activists. the group took over the refuge early last month in protest over the sentencing of two rancher convicted of arson. the leader of the group with other members were arrested just a few weeks ago during a traffic stop. another member was killed. >> in just a few hours, two democrats vying for president in election 2016 will take to the debate stage once again. one week after their debate, they'll go head to head in milwaukee.
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sanders had a big win in the new hampshire primary. he took home 60% of the vote compared to clinton's 38%. on the republican side, the race is getting less crowded. carlie fiorina has announced she is suspending her campaign and those close to chris christie's campaign says the new jersey governor will announce he is dropping out of the race in the next few days. >> planning on heading to used to, get ready to pay more. get the wallets out. the theme park is raising prices again. universal's park hopper pass is now $155 which is an $8 increase. a one day park pass costs $105 up from $102. universal says the price increase reflects the value it provides and h lep with upcoming editions like skull island rain of calm. >> artist in california paying tribute to his father in a unique way.
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he covered his entire home with pictures from the past. gary sweeney scanned the pictures, had them printed on playwood and attached them to the outside of his home. the picture features sweeney dad, mother, sister and grandparents. many of the photos on the outside were nap shots taken over the years. >> amazing to see it from a zoomed out view. the whole house just covered. >> very passionate or very creative with that idea. >> great stories this morning. the long lost love, the beautiful house. >> all kind of sweet ready for valentine's day stories. >> storm pin photos. we'll give away an umbrella straight ahead. let's get to the serious weather story which is the freeze warning in effect for most of central florida where you see the brightly color shaded area, that is lake county, especially northern lake county. volusia county, flagler county,
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under freeze warnings until 9:00 this morning as temperatures will be dropping at or below freezing for several hours. watch out for that. frost advisories for the rest of central florida. pin your photos of frost if you have some out there. we are at 40 degrees right now in orlando. 28 in ocala. 39 in daytona beach. 37 in melbourne. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. >> and notice the sky, we like to point that out so you see exactly what to expect in the future. blue sky and sunshine, hardly a cloud out there. getting us up to 61 by lunchtime today. wi warm to 65 at 4:00. the average high, 73. we are still below that. we will be below it at least for today. tomorrow, getting closer to that average, back to the 70's. we'll talk more about it in the planning forecast. for tonight, we are at 56 at 9:00.
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a cool night, a clear night for the most part. here's the clouds and rain forecast. here's the afternoon, before we head into the evening hours at 3:00. looking good and sunny. no rain as high pressure is dominating our forecast all behind the front that brought rain a few days back. 65 in the villages. 65 in leesburg. 64 in sanford. 63 at palm coast. 64 in melbourne. melbourne. overnight temperatures in the 40's, that's a little bit better than the 30's. you'll see the gradual warmup for the next couple of days. today, 65. then a degree above the average, it is 74. tomorrow, with plenty of sunshine, morning lows back in the 50's into early saturday. there's your weekend in red. saturday and sunday. we'll pinpoint a new front that will come in dry. no rain to worry about this
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another blast of cooler air. not a big blast like we are seeing this morning but we will be dropping from 70 for the high on saturday to 65 on valentine's. president's day, back up to 73. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. good morning, amy. >> troy, good morning to you. good morning to you at home. something i want to bring to your attention. we have slow traffic forming around this. traveling by tradeport drive on the westbound side, keep that in mind this morning. live cameras are looking nice. major arteries looking nice and steady. as we take a live look outside over on the beachline, not a lot working by goldenrod. your drive times not turning up any issues so far. a nice ride under way along i-4. that's your check on traffic. back to you. >> this morning, harry potter
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after a surprise announcement when muggles can expect a brapd new novel. >> a central florida connection to the murder of two maryland deputies.
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>> let's check our big stories, bundle up. temperatures are back into the 30's and many areas are seeing frost this morning. troy is pinpointing everything you need to know to plan your day. we'll have another check of the forecast right at the top of the hour. >> we learned of a central florida connection to the murders of two deputies in maryland. the suspected gunman, 67-year-old david brian evans was wanted by police and once had addresses in altamonte springs. he was killed after a shootout with deputies. >> in the t state of florida is stepping up its fight against the zika virus.
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conference call with the centers for disease control and prevention. there are currently 16 confirmed cases of the virus in florida. >> in a matter of hours, a detour will start along a busy road. >> what drivers need to know this morning. >> a headlight and run driver slams into a house. you'll get a look at the damage
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