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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> first up, we have a weather alert for you again. temperatures dropped to below freezing. even if you don't hit the freezing mark, you could see frost as you head out the door. that is why we start in the pinpoint weather center. >> troy, no kidding, it has been really freezing out there. >> you are in it a lot and it is cold. it is colder this morning than yesterday. we are talking about the 20's in marion county. a freeze warning in effect for many counties shaded in the light blue color, the darker
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those advisories in effect until 9:00 this morning as temperatures will be close to freezing. look, we are well below freezing right now in marion county for ocala. we are at 28 degrees there. 36 in the villages. right there in lake county, leesburg, 38. we are at 40 in orlando. 38 is the temperature in daytona beach and in new smyrna beach. we are at 38 in brevard county for melbourne. area wide, we are cold enough for a big coat. if you have frost, we want you to pin the photos with our storm pins app. search wkmg in the app store. you can pin the photo immediately. through the day, we'll see a lot of sunshine getting us to 61 at noon. 65 by 4:00. a warmer afternoon but certainly a cold start. coming up, we'll talk about the 70's returning as early as tomorrow. let's check on the roads and go to apple in the traffic center.
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morning drive is doing fine at this point. clearing out overnight construction. over on the shoulder along ivanhoe on i-4 this morning doing ok. these are eastbound cars going away from you. right on time, the 408 and 417. david and kirsten kirsten, back to you. >> developing this morning, two deputies murdered in the line of duty in maryland and now we are learning of a central florida connection to this tragedy. >> the suspect, 66-year-old brian evans was wanted by police in maitland and he once had addresses in two other cities. this morning, he is dead after a shootout with deputies. >> i believe we were sent here because someone knew who he was, tipping us off. >> investigators say it began after a deputy approached evans inside a panera panera.
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>> he took out his gun and shot him after the deputy asked him, how are you doing? >> evans shot the other deputy as well. both deputies died. >> i believe the first officer -- the first deputy who went to respond to the call for service, i think the suspect took that action because he is wearing a police uniform but we were called to the panera bread for that subject. >> deputies say they had dealings with evans in the past. he had a warrant out for his arrest in maryland. he was also wanted in maitland on charges of assaulting an officer. news 6 also learned evaps once had addresses in altamonte springs and winter park. >> this is a traumatic day. we give thanks for the deputies that made the ultimate sacrifice for our citizens. we would ask the county to come together as we lift them up and
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>> as for the warrant in maitland. that was issued in september. >> also developing this morning, the state of florida is stepping up its fight against the zika virus. health workers are going to be talking with the centers for disease control to keep the virus from spreading. mark, the governor says this call is focused especially on those who care for pregnant women. >> reporter: kirsten, that's because the virus presents the most danger to pregnant women. governor scott said he requested the call with healthcare workers and obgyn's here and everywhere in florida to make sure those on the front line are prepared for the zika virus. >> we'll prepare for the worst and hope for the best. >> in an effort to stay ahead of the quickly spreading zika virus.
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guidelines from the cdc on protocols when presented with the case. >> it has reached the u.s. and is projected to cause up to four million cases in this hemisphere. >> there have been 67 reported cases in the u.s., that includes 16 in florida. the virus has been link today a rare birth defect that causes head and brain abnormalities. >> we are working to find out as much as we can, as quickly as we can to inform the public and to do everything we can do to reduce the risk to pregnant women. >> while there hasn't been transmission by mosquitos within the u.s. yet, officials fear it could only be a matter of time. >> we think it is likely we'll have limited local transmissions in the southern states. in the winter months we have a chance to try to get ahead of this. >> that call with the cdc and healthcare workers will be
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consumer reports did a study of 15 different insect repellents to best avoid the virus. i'll tell you the results of that study coming up at 6:30. >> one man dead after his car crashed in a power pole. that crash happened on county road 48 in groveland last night. troopers say the driver hit the pole before his car ended up partially under water. some good samaritans pulled him out of the car but detectives say he lost consciousness and died once he was back on land. the crash is still being investigated at this time. >> let's move to orange county. we are getting a look at the damage left behind after a car slammed into one family's home. this happened after troopers say the driver who took off from a previous hit and run lost control and slammed into a home on 19th street. the homeowner there says his two daughters and his two grandchildren were home at the same time. they had just left that room
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>> i'm thanking god that nothing really devastating happened. >> we know orlando police arrested the driver at the scene. they aren't telling us his name at this time. friends are helping out this family after they were told their house is not safe to live in. >> days after nearly a dozen people were shot inside an orlando nightclub, we learned at least two of those hurt may now sue the club over what happened. according sentinel, a pregnant woman who was shot in the arm along with a ucf student injured during the shooting have both hired attorneys. they were among the 10 people hurt during the shooting at the glitz ultralounge. the medical examiner says two others, 22-year-old joseph dilobos and 33-year-old jonathan rohas died from their injuries. police say up to three people may have opened fire that night. investigators still won't give us any information on possible
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believe the shooting was random. and that they are continuing to interview witnesses. >> let's move to brevard county. deputies say they are planning to arrest more people in a suspected theft ring in brevard schools. they arrested dale gunther. detectives say he stole $10,000 and used the money to buy items for vehicles not part of the district fleet. a second person was arrested earlier this month as part of the same investigation. >> drivers in orange county will run into a huge detour starting later tonight as parts of one busy road will shut down 6789 crews will close all southbound lanes of 17/92 between park and monroe avenue. crews will repave the road. the construction basically means the lanes reason shut down from 7:00 until 6:00 a.m. mopped morning. >> so keep that in mind. f dot crews recommend taking lee road or lake avenue as a detour.
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get around that messy situation. >> it is not over yet. the p you had trouble with it this morning --. >> be ready for changes. >> troy bridges is pinpointing cold temperatures this morning. >> oh, yeah. cold start across central florida. volusia county under a freeze warning. let's take you live tot view. daytona beach, main street, uh-oh, looks like someone is in trouble. maybe did some speeding. take it slow as you hit the roads. we are going to be dealing with frost as well. it is 38 degrees right now with calm winds right there in daytona beach. along main street. a cold start. many other areas colder. we are at 34 in the villages. 28 in ocala. 37 at palm coast. right there in new smyrna beach, we are at 38 degrees. 38 is the temperature in southern brevard county, right there in melbourne. 38 in many spots this morning. at the bus stop at 7:00. make sure the kids have the coats.
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we'll see a lot of sun and that will help to warm up to 65 degrees. still a jacket in order. coming up, we'll talk about the 70's returning as early as tomorrow. what about the rest of the valentine's weekend into president's day? we'll have that forecast. first let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. i had trouble on colonial and i-4. >> i did too. that is on its way to wrapping up. here is our trouble spot. this is camped out on i-4 this morning. these are the eastbound lanes, which are at pretty close to a stop. they have construction right now in the right and left lanes. everyone is being funneled into the lane. that is not a good scene for the time being. here's what it looks like on the map, you can see the slowdown dropping you to 12 miles an hour. hopefully won't be out there much longer. i'm watching that carefully for you. the rest of the roads traveling much better, even other stretches of i-4 not the same
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back to you. >> good news. thanks, amy. >> a warning before your next trip to the grocery store. >> what one woman did at a publix to scam a victim out of cash. a mom says drivers are putting students in danger. >> we have dangerously cold temperatures across central florida right now. that includes a chance for frost. we'll pinpoint the temperatures right down to your neighborhood next. you are watching news 6 getting results for all of central florida on air and on the news 6 app.
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in 1934,
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another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. . >> dmr good morning. we have a weather alert to bring you as we are pinpointing builterly cold air across central florida. you see the brightly colored blue, that is where we are seeing the freeze warning in effect this morning for all of those counties, meaning temperatures dropping at or below freezing for several hours. that will be in effect through 9:00. the rest of central florida, the
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is the frost advisory in effect until 9:00. we'll likely see frost. we'll talk more about a warmup an when you can expect the 70's, all that in just a few minutes. >> you can pinpoint today's cold temperatures any time you want to or need to with the news 6 weather app. it is free to download, search wkmg in your app store. >> a mom is trying to get results. >> after she says cars are speeding past school buses. she is worried students can be in danger. >> it is a matter of time until somebody gets injured. it is very scary because you are concerned for your kids' safety. you don't want them to get hit or injured. >> she even has video here showing the car that was caught on camera, driving past the school bus with the stop signs out. >> it is dangerous. >> those are students right near the school bus.
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of cars speeding past school buses parked on the side of the road a they pick up students. she said she tried to get help but nothing has happened so far. we reached out to schools to see if they are aware of this problem. they say they are looking into it. they add they'll work with law enforcement on keeping students safe. >> there is a crime tracker alert for a grocery store thief. the crook stole money from a woman while she was shopping. detectives are looking for this woman. take a good look. we have paused that video for you. they say she purposely swapped cards with another customer and then stole the money so when the victim confronted the suspect she apologized and said it was a simple mistake. it was not until the victim began loading groceries into her car she realized, wait a minute, cash is missing from my purse. >> i think that's called hiding in plain sight. you make it sound like you are something wrong.
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suspect. if you recognize her, call police. >> n. lawmakers pushing for a big change in washington. they basically want senators and representatives to have term limits. the senate passed legislation calling for convention to amend the constitution. right now, u.s. congressional members can serve for an unlimited amount of time as long as they are re-elected. those in favor of the change say the majority of americans support term limits. 34 states must make a call to action before the process can move forward. >> muggles celebrating a surprise announcement this morning. >> and those who are witches and wizards like me. some people who really believe in it, it turns out harry potter will be on a bookshelf near you. an eighth installment is set to come out this summer. unfortunately, the heart breaker
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it is the script book for the two part play called harry potter and the cursed child. london. the publisher announced the script will be released as a book the following day which is also harry potter's birthday. >> a lot of people excited. >> i never read any of them. i like the ride at universal. >> you are a muggles. >> is that what i am? understand. >> you are a witch? no, you are too sweet. >> you haven't seen all sides. >> we want to show you our storm pins photo. we'll give away an umbrella at 6:45 as we pick one. we invited you to pin a photo of the frost. most of central florida under a frost advisory. here's our friend supermario. i don't know if he is the
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he put news 6 on that. he scraped it. he did a couple of -- >> thank you, mario. >> joanne and jeff. look, there's the ring on the left. this must have been how jeff proposed or may be joanne proposed to jeff. this creative photo, this in grand island. what do you think that picture is? >> i think that's a facebook sticker. >> we'd like to see more photos. we'd love more frost photos. search wkmg in the app store. we have a frost advisory for all these darker shaded counties. that's from central sections all the way to the south, sanford, seminole county, all the way county. the brighter colored counties, all these in northern zones are
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until 9:00 this morning. as many areas at or below freezing. >> 28 in ocala. 40 in orlando. 38 in melbourne. here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> expect a lot of sunshine. look at the future view of downtown orlando. up to 65 at 4:00 today. with more and more sun, it will be warmer this afternoon than we were yesterday. certainly a cold start. a chilly night. we are at 56 at 9:00 9:00. the clouds and rain forecast showing little into the afternoon and evening. hardly a cloud out there. no rain, looking good if you are making plans. just have that coat. here are the afternoon highs today, 64 in ocala. 64 in sanford sanford.
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65 will be the afternoon high in orlando. a lot of sunshine, up to 74 and then 70 for the high on saturday. another cool front moving in. sunday, a high of 65. rain chances at 30% for president's day. if you have a long weekend in store, you are lucky to have monday off. it won't be a washup but it will be cooler. back and forth with temperatures. let's check on the roads and head over to amy. >> we have had vast improvements which is excellent if you need to take i-4 eastbound around maitland. we had all travel lanes shut down for a brief time while construction picked up. now the lanes are moving fine. this is in the maitland area. this is significant improvement. that lonl continue to get better. drive times won't be an issue either direction of i-95.
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for now, that's your check on trafg. we'll go back to you, kirsten and david. >> still ahead, a planned launch from the space coast runs into a problem. >> what crews found that caused the launch to be pushed back. youtube is branching out. that story is next. is fresh florida shrimp and clams, served over rice! it's simple to create a seafood delight. visit for more scrumptious recipes. delicious is always served fresh from florida. lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday.
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with this flavor packed meal. for more delicious recipes visit >> get access to the service. >> if you share your password for netflix, it is a real fine that you and your lover or your boyfriend and girlfriend are doing well. it is a new study. >> so we have the perfect valentine's day story for you.
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a 93-year-old world war ii veteran reunited with his girlfriend in australia. >> after dating and losing touch, skype helped bring together 93-year-old norwood thomas and 88-year-old joyce morris back together. here's to saying that everybody can use skype, no matter how old you are, how young you are. when their story went viral, hundreds of donations poured in to help the two meet face to face for the first time in 70 years tuesday. >> the most wonderful thing that could have happened to me. >> find somebody who loves you and you love them, it would rather be special, wouldn't it? >> very. norwood and his son will be in australia for two weeks. they haven't shared what their plan beyond that point. i bet you they are sharing their
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>> and they'll enjoy valentine's day. >> coming up in the next half-hour, the white house race is heating up. >> the big names candidates say are dropping out just ahead. >> a mystery developing. passengers on a cruise ship that got caught up in a storm are speaking out to the media what
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>> people in central florida taking action against the ze ska virus. what they will be doing to keep us safe next. >> sounds like a nightmare. crews caught in a monster storm are back on dry land. >> temperatures back below freezing in parts of central florida. winter weather continues to cover the area prompting watches and warnings. good morning, central florida. thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. i'm david hall. >> i'm in for bridgett this morning. let's get over to troy bridges in the pinpoint weather center.
6:28 am
>> 20's in central florida for marion county, most of central florida under that frost advisory. we have really divided central florida in half. the northern counties under freeze warnings until 9:00 this morning, meaning temperatures dropping at or below freezing for several hours. that's the brighter blue shading. the darker color, that is the frost advisory for the rest of central florida until 9:00 this morning. they are getting great storm pin photos in. search wkmg in the app store. >> it is 40 degrees in orlando. 36 in sanford. 38 in daytona beach. kissimmee at 38 degrees. as we take you through the forecast, we'll see a lot of sun that. will warm us a bit. we get up to 61 at noon. 65 at 4:00. get ready, tomorrow we'll be in the 70's.
6:29 am
and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. good morning, amy. time to crank up that heat. >> jackets are a must. i have good news for you as far as the roads go at this point. we had a big issue over on i-4 eastbound with clearing construction that had all eastbound lanes shut down. before normal volume hits, we'll continue to improve out there. your drive times; no big issues, 408 on time. looking fabulous. that is you check on traffic. back to you. >> happening today, florida stepping up its fight against the zika virus. >> doctors, nurses and hospital staff members set to get an update on how to keep the virus spreading. mark lehman joins us from outside florida hospital. mark, the main concern is for pregnant women.
6:30 am
>> a focus of the call is on obgyn's. >> while all of the cases that have been reported are travel related, this call is an effort to further prevent the spread of the zika virus. >> it can bite four or five people, meaning, it can spread disease quickly. >> the director of the cdc called this mosquito the enemy. the ability for the zika virus to spread has prompted a call with healthcare workers across the state. this afternoon they will be discussing symptoms, treatment and proper precautions. >> we are committed to continuing to share information as quickly as possible with public and with healthcare providers and policy makers so that people can make the best possible decisions based on the most recent and accurate data. >> with 16 confirmed cases in florida, concerning are growing. 80% of people don't show symptoms pu the virus has been linked to a rare and serious
6:31 am
>> we are working around the clock to find out adds much as we can, as quickly as we can to inform the public and to do everybody we can do to reduce the risk to pregnant women. >> there haven't been any mosquito transmitted diseases in the u.s. yet. consumer reports did a study on insect repellent. they found the ones most effective are the ones that contain 20% and picaden and 20% deet. >> police in melbourne are searching for a person they call a possible witness after the man's body was found outside a bar. surveillance video caught a person near where 53-year-old kent willbavrngs body was found t. video was taken inside the bar around 2:00 a.m. police have not released how
6:32 am
have happened but they want to speak to the man captured in the video, if you recognize him, call police. >> the thousands of passengers taken for a wild ride aboard the royal caribbean cruise ship are back on dry land and sharing their incredible stories. the anthem was on the way to new jersey to port canaveral when it sailed into that monster storm, damaging parts of the ship and forcing the captain to turn around and go home. >> after a nightmare at sea, passengers of the anthem of the seas cruise ship are sharing tales of a vacation gone wrong. >> the wind was coming through the doors. we thought it would break the glass. we didn't think we would make it. >> the liner set sail for the bahamas last weekend but got caught in a major winter storm in the atlantic. the vessel battered by waves and hurricane force winds. >> i was on deck 8 and i could see the water coming up to our
6:33 am
>> they spent hours on lockdown while the ship's captain navigated out of the storm. >> my sisters and my brother were distraught. my mom was ok. they opened up the mini bar. >> officials say they are reviewing the storm avoidance policy to ensure something like this never happens again. >> it should never happen. we can't ask guests coming to us to experience those kinds of conditions. >> some rattled passengers say they are done. >> i won't hold it against them. i'll just never go on a cruise again. >> they'll inspect the ship before it goes on its next voyage. some lawmakers including bill nelson are calling for a federal investigation into what happened. >> brevard county corrections officer is off the job and facing serious charges after investigators say he had sex with an inmate. detectives say other inmates at
6:34 am
the veteran had sex with a female inmate two times. taylor was relieved from duties earlier this week and eventually let go. he is charged with sexual misconduct. >> new information surrounding a 60-year-old rape case in lake county. news 6 has learned the mayor of groveland is pushing for the exoneration of the four african american men accused of that crime. the attack happened in 1949 but there was never any hard evidence linking the men to the crime. a second was shot but later claimed the sheriff killed them in cold blood a. third was hunted down and killed by a posse. the third died four years ago. >> an item on the groveland agenda, a proclamation pledging support to exonerate the four. it encouraging governor scott to pardon the men.
6:35 am
at a meeting next tuesday. >> the florida fish and wildlife commission will be meeting with worried homeowners in one town all after a spike in coyote sightings. the awareness meeting held at 6:30 at the gleason park recreation center. you might remember indian harbor beach suspended its trapping program at the park and the sports complex after a dispute with fwc over whether the relocate. several sightings have been reported over the last year along with reports of cats being killed or disappearing. >> a dog is hoping her dance moves will land her brand new homes. >> crews posted this video of a dog they called ginger rogers. she was standing on her back legs. any time someone -- she was found at oak ridge and young.
6:36 am
heart worm which is a curable condition but because of it her adoption fee will be waived. >> we want to see her in a nice home. >> i have never seen a dog that can dance like that. >> i love ginger rogers, the old one and the new one. she'll find a home soon. inviting folks to pin their photos of the frost. look at this one, a lot of frost on one of the windshields on news 6. this is from news 6 photographer marcus white. thank you for that photo. marcus already has a news 6 umbrella. we won't give him the umbrella, we'll pick one of you. we are at 28 in ocala. 36 in the villages. 40 in orlando. 36 in sanford. 38 at new smyrna beach. 378 at melbourne a. frost advisory through 9:00 through most of central florida. our northern county under a freeze warning as temperatures will be at or below freezing.
6:37 am
temperature as we head into 7:00 at the bus stop this morning. the kids need the coat. later today at 3:00, up to 65. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> good morning to you. something of a busy morning on the roads. we have a newer accident to report on poinciana boulevard. watch out for a crash there. no reports of any lanes blocked. i'll try to get information on that one for you and my life camera on interstates. the highways are doing ok. beautiful start to the day. this is i-95 this morning, moving just fine by eau gallie boulevard. these cars heading away from you, these are southbound travelers. we'll go back over to you, kirsten and david. >> an orlando theme park raises its prices. >> changes in election 2016,
6:38 am
bows out of the race as another contemplates continuing. >> breaking news involving that month long standoff. the fib has moved in. up next, find out what is expected to happen later today that could bring this february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs
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february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon"
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of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs for just $6 each. >> i'm news 6 matt austin with the power 93 morning crew. we are guiding you with what to expect for the grammys. i want to show you an important category. we are doing song of the year. we have all right by kendricks lamar, taylor swift with blank space. girl crush, small town, see you again which you can't say without singing it with charlie puth. i'm singing out loud. want to start with you, the ladies love ed sheerhan. >> i think it is going to the uk.
6:41 am
females but has this guy singing in the shower. >> i'm going for blank space, taylor swift off her album 1989. there are always jokes about her relationships and the song pokes fun at the relationships. >> totally going with see you again because i think sometimes people forget that video was a tribute to paul walker which is huge. it made that song larger than life. >> a lot of different people, a competitive category as well as best new artist which we are talking about tomorrow. join us then. >> hard to make a decision between those great ones. you can catch the grammys live monday night at 8:00. >> in oregon, the remaining members of a group occupying a wildlife refuge for over a month say they'll surrender to authorities this morning. it comes after fbi agents surrounded the refuge last night. at one point, investigators were
6:42 am
the four activists. the group took topher refuge in protest over the sentencing of two ranchers convicted of arson. the leader of the group along with other members were arrested a few weeks ago during a traffic stop. another member was killed. >> in a few hours, democrats vying for president in election 2016 will take the debate stage once again, one week after their last debate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will go head in head in milwaukee. this comes two days after sanders had a huge win in the new hampshire primary. he took home 60% of the vote compared to clinton's 38%. on the republican side, the race is getting less crowded. carlie announced she is suspending her campaign. those close to chris christie's campaign say the new jersey governor will announce he is dropping out of the race in the coming days. >> if you plan on heading to universal, get ready to pay more. the theme park is raising its
6:43 am
>> universal's park hopper pass is $155 which is an $8 increase. a one day park pass costs $105 up from $102. the price increase reflects from value it provides and will help with upcoming additions like the new ride skull island ring of calm. usually something you do for christmas or maybe for halloween. >> one family is going all out for another holiday, valentine's day. the loving family says they start decorating for february 14, the day after christmas. that is their real last name. there is even a kissing booth. >> that was so sweet of you.
6:44 am
>> some people think it is scary. >> i don't know why. >> i have never heard that, 20 years now, i'll say halloween instead of valentine's day. i don't know if it means anything. >> i ate enough chocolate this week. i'll let you do the honors. >> what we need is this. >> the dancing umbrella. >> we'll give away the dancing umbrella to one of our storm pinners. we have been inviting you to pin awesome photos of the frost. >> this from iris in clermont. she said this is her neighbor's car. that's probably why she didn't eat right. marcus white, this is someone else's car in the parking lot of news 6, marcus, one of our
6:45 am
want to scrape their window either. look at this one from steph, they used art after the effects. that's cool. we see the frost there. we have this one from supermario in orlando. the winner is supermario. we love you guys. thank you so much for that. he needs a one up. >> we'll send that to you. supermario and find out how to send that to you. we'll mail it soon enough. >> here are the temperatures and conditions. >> temperatures below freezing. all this brightly color shaded. the freeze warning in effect until 9:00 this morning. that means temperatures will be at or below freezing for a few more hours. the rest of central florida where you see the darker shading, that is the frost advisory in effect through 9:00.
6:46 am
you can shape those windows this morning. we'll check in with amy, she is an expert on that cold weather. 28 the temperature in ocala. 38 in new smyrna beach. 38 in melbourne. there is a nice warmup. as we pinpoint your forecast, 61 at noon with sunny skies through 4:00. we make it up to 65 degrees, showing you the pinpoint accurate forecast, looking good but chilly. you'll need the jacket. we'll be at 55 by 10:00. it will feel cooler. not a lot of wind to deal with to make a big windchill. there's the clouds and rain forecast. no white, no green. white would indicate cloud cover. as we count you down through the afternoon and evening, we are clear. tonight, looking good and looking cold. here are the afternoon high
6:47 am
3:00, getting up to 65 in leesburg, 64 in ocala ocala. 63 at daytona beach. 64 for the afternoon high with a lot of sunshine today. tomorrow, lots of sunshine. a high of 74. we warm into the 70's. for valentine's day on sunday. i have to concentrate so i don't say halloween. 65 will be the afternoon high. another cooldown and rain chances at 30% 30%. let's check on the roads. amy, if we don't have a scraper for our windows, what are other options? >> if you can allow a couple of extra minutes, use a credit card, not the magnetic side. the good news, once you get rolling, you'll be ok. here are eastbound cars moving away from you after clearing out.
6:48 am
an accident on poinciana boulevard by 192 this morning. watch out for that. your drive times, not going to be any issues. that's your check on traffic. kirsten and david, back over to you. >> up next, a check of the big story. >> a connection to the murders of two maryland deputies. what investigators are saying about the suspected gunmen.
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>> we are below freezing in some areas and many other spots are seeing frost. >> frost advisory in effect for most of central florida through 9:00 this morning. also freeze warnings in effect. i have been sending out push alerts with our pinpoint weather app. download it for free. we are at 28 in ocala. 40 in orlando. 38 at new smyrna beach. warming today to 61 at noon. 65 by 4:00.
6:51 am
to the murders of deputies in maryland. the suspected gunman was wanted by police and he even once had addresses in altamonte springs. evans was killed after a shootout with deputies. >> mark lehman is live where the state is stepping up its fight against the zika virus. >> in a few hours, everyone from doctors to obgyn will be having a conference call with the cdc. it is all to make sure health workers have all the info they need to try to stop the spread of the zika virus. there is a focus on pregnant women because the virus is known to cause severe birth dekts in children. there are 16 confirmed cases in the state. that number is only expected to climb. that's why the governor has already declared a health emergency. >> were close to wrapping it up so glad you decided to start your day with us. >> if you haven't seen this story yet, huge news for harry
6:52 am
to come out later this year. this is different. it is a script from an upcoming play. he is raising kids of his own. >> that's a new piece of information i didn't know about. >> just in time for valentine's. >> thanks for joining us. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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