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tv   News 6 at 5 pm  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs for just $6 each. [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> breaking new at 5:00, teen girls arrested in a wal-mart attack involving a knife. how this video led to their capture in moments. >> first, though, new questions about a local woman who died
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>> first, though, a rollover crash is causing a big mess on i-4, west of state road 434, mile marker 93. all westbound lanes are shut down right now. no word on whether anybody is hurt. we'll continue to follow this and bring you more as it comes in. it's a mess right now, though. >> right now, investigators are trying to figure out if a local woman was pushed out of a moving semi to her death. this is news 6 at 5:00, getting results. i'm matt austin. >> i'm lisa bell. arkansas state police say the woman who was from port orange fell out of the semi truck and run over by the trailer. her husband said this was an accident. news 6 reporter eric sandoval is getting answers in port orange. >> this is the apartment complex where william and carol sheffield lived. we checked with volusia county courts and found william has a history of domestic violence charges leveled against him. we found out today arkansas state police are looking into
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been more than just an accident. >> this was the scene around 2:00 tuesday morning near interstate 40 in fort smith arkansas. police say the woman fell out of the passenger side of this semi truck, fell under the trailer and was killed when it ran her over. according to arkansas state police, her husband, 55-year-old william sheffield, said his wife was trying to secure a door when she fell out. but investigators have more questions and they haven't closed their investigation yet. news 6 has found out sheffield has had three domestic violence
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tell us the 15-year-old meisha bryant some more relief from the cold weather, though, is on the way. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells, please set her straight. he's been pinpointing this for us.
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>> could we get her a big down jacket? >> we need to. >> i'll take it. >> we made it down to 66, 68 degrees. it was cold this morning. i'll grant you that. we dropped to an overnight low in the 30's. 65 right now in the city beautiful, 60 in melbourne and 64 is the reading right now in ocala, too. it got down to 35 this morning. 28 in ocala. really a hard freeze up north. 65 degrees right now in a lot of the viewing area. on-the-town forecast for tonight, we're going to slide through the 50's. by 11:00, though, lisa, just for you, it will only be 54. so clear, not as chilly. still not normal, but we'll get there as early as tomorrow. i'll be back to pinpoint the heat for tomorrow in minutes. >> thank you, tom. get the breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> developing right now, a new
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black box of the sunken el faro. >> senator bill nelson announced the search this afternoon. crews want to find the recorder. they found the wreckage during a previous search. 33 people were on board the ship joaquin last year. the ship was on its way to puerto rico from jacksonville when it went down. the national transportation safety board wants to learn more about the challenges the crew faced during the storm. >> more action tonight in the fight against the zika virus. two new cases have been confirmed in florida. governor rick scott spent the afternoon talking with healthcare professionals from across the state. we first let you know about this through a push alert on our news 6 mobile app this afternoon. the newest cases, one in miami-dade county, another in lee county, bring the total to 18 statewide across 7 counties. right now, florida has more than 5,000 kits to test for the mosquito-borne illness and another 1400 kits can test for
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all 18 cases so far are travel-related, none involve pregnant women. >> new details tonight on the latest price increase at universal orlando. sky 6 flew over construction at the theme park today. the company says upcoming new attractions are a big reason why ticket prices have gone up again. amanda castro talked with people who tell us the price hikes are making it harder for them to enjoy the attractions. >> we're in sky 6 today flying over the theme parks. you can see down below there's a lot of construction going on. that's a look at skull island, universal's newest attraction. the park tells me it's the new attractions like that and the experiences it offers are reasons why they decided to raise ticket prices again this year. >> universal orlando, home to harry potter, minions and wild rides. a fun adventure for the entire family. but it's going to cost you. >> you buy all the food and the drinks, the kid might want to have a souvenir, for sure, everyone wants a souvenir. in the end you pay for one day
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who can afford this? >> universal just announced it's raising ticket prices again. from $102 for a one-day, one-park pass to $105. and if you want to check out both parks, which you'll need tickets for if you want to ride the hogwarts express, it's going to cost you $155. an $8 increase. families we spoke with say it's getting too expensive to enjoy the parks. >> i'm on a fixed income. i'm retired. i could not do that with my grandchildren at all. >> we moved here to go to the parks and now it's hard to go when we want because the prices just keep going up and up and up. >> universal says the prices reflects the value of the entertainment we offer our guests. but for some, that price is too high for an entire family to have family fun at the theme parks. >> thank you. we spoke with disney today to see if they are raising ticket
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they tell us there is always speculation, but they have nothing to announce right now. >> breaking news on your money now. another big drop on wall street gives the dow its lowest close in two years. it dropped more than 250 points today. the nasdaq and s&p also dropped. oil prices, which dropped to the lowest point since 2003, are the blame to the big decline. >> two dogs rescued from a burning home in orlando. sky 6 flew over the scene west of john young parkway this afternoon. we're told no one was hurt. the cat, however, did not make it. the fire department says this was caused by a pot left heating on the stove. >> news 6 is uncovering new details on the maryland man who deputies. tonight we've learned he had an arrest warrant in orange county. police in maryland say david evans shot and killed the deputies near baltimore yesterday. evans was then shot and killed.
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evans was wanted for speeding away from officers here last april. eric sandoval talked with maitland police and hear their message for maryland investigators, coming up on news 6 at 6:00. >> we're learning more tonight about the man who crashed into this house in orlando. you can see how bad this crash was. he almost went all the way through. police say this happened after the driver took off from a hit-and-run minutes earlier. here's a closer look at the damage this caused. it happened on rio grande avenue and 19th street. the homeowner tells us his daughter was home at the time. >> officers arrested this guy right here, 27-year-old clarence mcclendon. he caused a hit-and-run on colonial and i-4 before taking off. he's charged with felony, fleeing and eluding. >> the man who pleaded guilty last week in the disappearance of a jacksonville toddler is now
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william ebron was transferred from the duval county jail to the department of corrections today. he told detectives he and lana barton locked the child in the bathroom last july. he says lonzie drowned in the bathtub. prosecutors say ebron led them to the boy's remains. he is now serving a 20-year sentence for manslaughter, child abuse and lying to police. >> a scooter catches fire along a volusia county street. check it out. the daytona beach fire department tweeted this picture of that scooter just in flames. you can't tell what it is but you can see that fire there. crews spent a while putting this fire out this afternoon. we're told no one was hurt and all is clear this evening. >> the search for answers is picking up after a damaged cruise ship returns home. >> next at 5:00, one passenger's story of how the nightmare ride went from bad to worse. >> overnight lows this morning were crazy. orlando. but i can promise you that's the end of it. you know, at least for now. i'll be right back to pinpoint
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it started today and really comes your way during the day tomorrow. >> and new developments in the race for the white house. the big endorsement one candidate picked up ahead of tonight's debate. >> you're watching news 6 at 5:00, getting results for central florida. staying on top of breaking news in seminole county. we want to remind you of this. westbound side of i-4 is shut down. if you're waiting for somebody to get home, this is just west of state road 434 in altamonte springs. a rollover crash, causing huge problems out there. we'll continue to update you throughout this newscast.
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>> i'm news 6 meteorologist candace campos. our pinpoint weather road trip around lake county continues on this thursday evening. we've made it here to leesburg at venetian gardens, a beautiful evening.
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>> we're staying on top of this breaking news in seminole county. we won't stop until this clears up. the westbound side of i-4 is shut down west of state road 434 near altamonte springs. a rollover crash, causing huge problems. you can see the fire truck, and that is the car that is rolled over, taking up at least a couple of lanes. the whole thing shut down right now. we're going to continue to follow this. we'll bring you more as it comes in. but let's wait a second as it pans out to see here as sky 6 shows you all of that mess of traffic in the westbound lanes of i-4. if you know somebody, getting ready to maybe come home from work and drive through that, you might want to give them a call and tell them to avoid this area. we're having a hard time even -- >> as far as the camera -- >> yep. there it's just starting to build. it's miles. avoid it if you can. >> right now, investigators are checking the damage on a royal caribbean cruise ship that
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dangerous storm. >> that ship is back at home after days-long nightmare for passengers. this is a look at the anthem of the seas this morning. it docked in new jersey late last night. the luxury cruise liner was heading to port canaveral when it encountered the bad weather. thousands of passengers were on lockdown. one of them described what he saw and felt. >> the boat was rocking. it was creaking. there was a lack of information and it was getting dark. >> that's when it gets scary. >> it got scary. >> royal caribbean now says it's reviewing policies to make sure this doesn't happen again. all passengers will get a full refund along with 50% off a future cruise. >> we're just hours away from another showdown in the race for the white house. the remaining two democratic candidates will take the stage again tonight. this comes after vermont senator bernie sanders beat hillary clinton in the new hampshire primary on tuesday. sanders and clinton will come
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clinton picked up a key endorsement from the black congressional caucus. sanders also got a big boost from his new hampshire victory. his campaign says he raised $6 million in just 24 hours. tonight's debate begins at 9:00. as for the republican candidates, they'll square off again saturday night in greenville, south carolina. you can see it's starting at 9 p.m. saturday right here on news 6. >> here at news 6 we're committed to not only getting results but to honoring people who are also getting results in our community. >> there are a lot of them out there to be proud of. each week i'm introducing you to some of those men and women. tonight at 6:00, we feature a man who has dedicated himself to helping the homeless here in central florida. he's gone so far as to live homeless. we're talking for long periods of time. i'm going to catch up with him and show you how his passion and commitment have made a difference. this is a guy like i have not met before.
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comfy place and goes out and lives homeless to spread awareness. >> looking forward to that coming up. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. finally it seems like we're over the coldest of the weather. >> i've got to wonder if we didn't have our coldest night of the year last night. 35 and 28 in ocala. 35 in orlando. that's cold. there. >> it's chilly. >> i don't want to go back there. i want to turn this thing around. >> it felt like it's turning around today. >> it did, man. and tomorrow is going to be better. look at the radar. no echoes are going on. it's all good. there's the radar. it's all good. no echoes, nothing to worry about. here's daytona beach. it's lovely. very little wave action with the winds west-southwest. it's 63 degrees right now in daytona beach. the wind is from the east-southeast at 5. right now in orlando, 65. 60 in melbourne. ocala checking in at 64 degrees
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all the wind is either from the west, southwest and east-southeast along the coast. either way, it's all good. no northerly component to the wind at all. here's are the overnight lows i was talking about this morning. 35 from leesburg to orlando. sanford, 33 degrees. daytime highs today rebounded very nicely, back to 68 degrees in ocala. 68 in gainesville. 70 in the villages. leesburg, 66. same in palm coast. 59 in new smyrna beach and a row of 66s from sanford to orlando to kissimmee. 61 did it for the high today in melbourne. right now, we've already started the decline. we're down to 65 in sanford and orlando and 64 does it right now in ocala. >> wind speeds, this is what i was just bragging about. most of them are from the west-southwest and the leesburg south at 6 and the villages southwest at 8 and orlando from the south at 8 and orlando on shore at the coast about 7. this is my favorite shot. i talk about it all the time.
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clouds and how we're basically void of any cloud cover at all in central florida. nothing happening. no clouds. no encroaching thunderstorms, no rain, just a very peaceful night tonight. so clouds and rain forecast is not much to look at until friday. here's friday afternoon, 8:00. a little bit of cloud cover building in from the north. during the overnight, friday night into saturday morning, a little frontal zone comes through. this front will not have the fanfare of the last one. it's not going to produce any rain and no big cool-down. it's only going to drop us 4 to 5 degrees in the beginning. overnight lows tonight are so much milder. instead of 28 in ocala, you go to 43. 46 does it in palm coast. 45 in leesburg. my official forecast in orlando, 48, wind is from the southwest at 5. it will be a very, very nice night. here is tomorrow. by noon tomorrow, we're all the way back to 68. sunny.
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normal high is 73. i'm calling tomorrow 74. the low tomorrow night is 53. on saturday, we go to 70 for the daytime high after the little front comes through. we'll chill out to a high of 65 on sunday for valentine's day. >> looking pretty nice overall. >> i like it. it's improved rapidly. >> thank you, tom. >> bye. >> scientists calling it one of the biggest discoveries in recent memory. >> next at 5:00, a major breakthrough, a century in the making and a touching tribute set for the grammys. you'll see the big show here on news 6. how the legendary glenn frey's band mates plan to honor him. >> it's going to be good. ahead at 5:30, a mom frustrated at drivers repeatedly breaking the law, passing school buses illegally. now see how news 6 is getting
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>> we continue to follow breaking news in seminole county. the westbound side of i-4 is shut down right now just west of state road 434 near altamonte springs.
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there's a tow truck. they stuck a wedge underneath it. they tried several times but all they're doing is dragging the car down the street. they might have to wait for the tow truck. i-4 is not doing well at all. this goes all the way past downtown which has joined with the rush-hour traffic. this is the westbound delay, past the lake mary exit. several miles down the road this is going on. if you have anybody taking i-4 home, give them plenty of time to get home. this is the mess they'll be
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>> i know you'll continue to stay on top of that for us and bring us updates throughout the evening here on news 6. >> we are just four days away from the grammys now. you will see them only here on news 6. >> many of the biggest stars in music will gather but the eagles plan to honor their late co-founder glenn frey. he died last month at the age of 67. his former band mates will give him a special salute at the grammys in l.a. they'll be co-hosting it with jackson brown. >> again, news 6 is your home for the grammys next monday night starting at 8:00. i sat down with the morning crew from power 95.3 to talk about the grammys. they educated me. you can see more of our chat tomorrow morning during the morning news. i always watch the grammys and have no idea -- i feel really
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they will help you with that. >> good to know. >> now to a huge scientific breakthrough. >> a group of physicists say they have detected the first evidence of gravitational waves, the last remaining pieces of einstein's theory of relativity. scientists recorded the sounds of two black holes colliding a billion light years away. they say the collision released energy that distorted the space time continuum -- i don't even know what that means -- the energy from the waves was 50 times greater than all the stars in the universe combined. it sounds like a lot. this is the first time the black holes -- >> that's a technical term lisa is using a lot -- >> -- the black holes have been detected. >> einstein came up with this
5:28 pm
something that happened 1.3 billion years ago to prove he was right. >> they have these two places in the country that detect that, one in washington state and one in louisiana and they're both 2.5 miles long to detect something like that happening. >> my brain hurts. >> ginger gadsden is going to tell us what's coming up at 5:30. >> a lot going on. coming up, a horrible wake-up call and a missing driver and evidence police says was left behind by the person who drove a rental car through an apartment february is huge for us.
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