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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  February 17, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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morning. troy and amy are here helping us get ready to get out the door. >> good morning. things are much simpler to get out the door today than they were yesterday. >> good news for you. >> absolutely. >> we are starting with patchings of fog, we'll talk about where you can expect that. great weather this afternoon if you are making plans, we'll detail it hour by hour. >> sounds great. we'll check in with both of you in a moment. we begin with breaking news where a worker was shot. it happened in the past few hours during a robbery on john young parkway south of 417 and hunter's creek. that's where we find johnny fernandez live. you talked to deputies. what are they saying about this? >> deputies are putting this whole thing together. they tell me that employee, the victim, he is going to be ok. he is 35 years old.
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deputies tell me he may have been shot twice. he is expected to be ok. he is recovering at osceola regional medical center. deputies have been out since 2:00 this morning. they tell me they got a call from someone inside the restaurant as this robbery was going on. they say a man was entering the store, he was masked wearing a hoody. he demanded money. they tell deputies he forced them into an office, a cash room, that's when they heard shots being fired. moments later witnesses say the suspect left the store running and then he got away many a possible -- in a white mustang. we are back live. deputies say they have possibly located that white mustang at a hotel nearby. deputies are trying to figure out if that was the car involved in this robbery.
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about 10 customers inside at the time when this whole thing went down. we got word that no one was hurt. deputies are still trying to put the pieces together. they are looking through surveillance video and csi investigators are on the scene. this is, of course, a developing story. once we get new information, we'll pass the information along to you guys on air and online on, powered by news 6. >> outside today, much different than yesterday morning. >> those severe storms are gone. it is chilly outside. time to check in with troy bridges. >> we are pinpointing patchy fog. most areas are looking good as we show you the visibilities in miles. notice the villages, north and west of i-4 we are seeing issues. visibilities down to zero in the villages. down to a quarter of a mile in leesburg. we'll watch that closely. as david pointed out, you need a jacket. it is chilly. we are at 41. could drop to the 30's as we
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hours for ocala. 50 right now in orlando. it is 55 at cocoa beach. through the day, we'll see a lot of sunshine, we'll get up to 69 at noon. up to 74 by 4:00. that's the average. that's where we should be. finally we are where we should be for an afternoon high temperature. we'll talk about a cooldown on the way. we'll let you know if it impacts the weekend. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the traffic center. amy, a better setup today. >> yes. that is not too hard to do. yesterday we didn't start things off on the right foot. today we are back to the usual. this means construction. with the big drive construction still under way. the on and off ramps remain closed. we had one access ing accessing i-4. as as far as drive times not a lot for slowdowns. nothing being impacted. either side of i-4, we are looking great.
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david and bridgett, back to you. >> a scare for passengers on board a jet blue flight after an emergency landing. in the past two hours we learned the flight heading for charleston headed to oia because of what the airline calls a mechanical issue. everyone on board is ok. a new plane is being brought in to take passengers to south carolina. we'll let you know as soon as we get new information on that. >> melbourne police asking for your help identifying this man. they say he is targeting women to get their purses. police say around 10:00 last night this man reached inside a woman's car at the aurora and yanked her purse away before driving away in a dark car driven by a white woman with blond hair. police believe the same man and woman were behind another purse snatching that happened at the gas station on babcock earlier yesterday morning. in that case a victim gave a similar description of the
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here's another look at the suspect. if you recognize him, call police in melbourne. >> to the mystery surrounding a woman and her baby. this morning that baby is nowhere to be found and the woman is locked up on child neglect charges. police believe something happened after the baby was born at the parts located on silver star road. mark, police really want to get results finding this newborn baby. what is going on with this investigation? >> david, police say many of their answers lie with the mother in jail, only charged with child neglect at this point. investigators have exhausted all of their search efforts here at the willow bend apartments. this morning, they are asking for the public's help. >> who would leave their child? >> that's the question everyone at the willow bend apartments is asking. now that mother is mind bars. she is charminged with child
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gave birth to a girl on monday and that girl has never been seen. >> no one has seen it or even heard her have her baby. >> the gruesome discovery of afterbirth leaving police on a chase for who they call baby willow. someone saw richardson between 10:00 and noon. that's when they say she gave birth possibly outside. no one has seen the child, including richardson's boyfriend. >> johnny and brian says his girlfriend first told them she miscarried but then her story changed. coming up, i'll bring you more from what he was telling us yesterday afternoon and also the story he is telling investigators as their search continues. >> such a sad story. mark, thank you. we'll follow this story all day long for you. you can get updates on our website, or by downloading our mobile news app.
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off the search for a missing boater. investigators say lloyd chamberland did not return from a fishing trip. the boat was found monday. chamberland's brother told us the family is thankful for search efforts. adding the search will continue through the sheriff and florida ferb and wildlife but now as a recovery instead of a rescue. please keep my family and lloyd in your thoughts and prayers. >> a teen pled no contest in the death of an officer found out her fate. a judge sentenced her to high security mental treatment facility. if she violates the terms of her treatment or probation, he could be resentenced as an adult. investigators say last june she was with her boyfriend when terrence started shooting at a
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terren died and the officer suffered injuries. >> it is a story we brought you as breaking news when an rv crashed and exploded. you can see tafr math there. police say craig lay from south carolina died after the rv went off the road and hit a tree on u.s. 1 at i-95. william bird was in the rv and the georgia man is still in the hospital recovering in gainesville. detectives are working to learn what caused the rv to go off the road. >> a fight over charter schools could end up in court. it is all after commissioners void against one developer's plans to build them. that developer was planning on building one of the school on avalon park. they would accommodate students but commissioners decided the schools would bring too much traffic and parking problems to the area. the developer said he may take the plan to court to get the
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>> heading out today you may see smoke. ucf sent out a tweet alerting the public there will be a prescribed burn until 1:00 in the afternoon in the woods behind the school's ash ree tum. heavy smoke in the area is possible. >> a close call for a dump truck driver after a hole opened up in the middle of a road. sky 6 flew over the scene last night on buena vista woods boulevard. the driver of the truck sent us pictures. he says his truck fell right into that hole. fortunately, it didn't give way and he was able to drive out. crews were called in. no word on what caused that. >> the orlando magic are still relaxing during the all-star break. when they return to action on friday, it will be without big man tobias harris. the magic traded harris for the pistons for jennings and forward silva. the deal will allow the magic to seal some salary cap room so
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free agent in the offseason. i'm confused by this move because now they have point guards and you only need two or three. >> they are probably not done yet. >> possibly. >> it is chilly as you head out. >> grab a jacket. you won't need it all day. we'll see a lot of sun. that will get is back to normal with temperatures in the 70's. starting off this morning, looking good as we show you downtown orlando. no rain, no wet roads to deal with. certainly a different setup than what we saw this time yesterday. we are at 50 degrees right now in downtown orlando with a west-southwest wind that is very light and with not a lot wind and a little bit of moisture in the atmosphere. we can't rule out fog. most areas are ok. we are seeing reduced visibilities in the villages. 41 in ocala 506789 in orlando. daytona beach right now at 46. a nice warmup to 74 at the bus stop by 3:00 today with sunny skies. short sleeves in order. a jacket over the short sleeves
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let's talk now about those roads. let's head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. any trouble, let's hope not. it is too early for that. >> i completely agree. no trouble by way of the usual things. we have scheduled construction. this is over on the beachline. setup in either direction. it is passable. your drive times not reflecting any delays, expressway travel just fine this morning if you are taking 95 or i-4. same things goes westbound, eastbound, you are in the green and on time. that's your check on traffic. back over to you. >> a change when it comes to travel in cuba. we'll show you why flying to the communist country will be easier. >> have you ever heard of an 18-year-old working as a doctor. find out what one teen is accused of doing that landed him in trouble with the law. >> we are staying on top of breaking news overnight after a restaurant worker was hot during
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we have an update on the story next. you are watching news 6 getting results for holly hill, bithlo
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>> it is 5:15. if you are just joining us, breaking news overnight in orange county where a restaurant worker was shot during a robbery. this happened at gators dockside on john young parkway and hunter's creek. that worker suffered non-life threatening injuries. the gunman is still out there somewhere. johnny is live on the scene getting updates. he'll have another report at the bottom of the hour. >> breaking overnight, another observatory is on the way to orbit. it will be on a three year mission measuring the structure of the universe. the launch was supposed to take place last week but it was delayed because of bad weather. >> for the first time in 50 years, commercial airlines to return to the skies over cuba.
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services between two countries being signed yesterday. officials signed the deal in havana. now american carriers can bid on routes for as many as 110 commercial flights from the u.s. to cuba every day. commercial flights could resume as early as june. >> an 18-year-old in south florida is facing charges after detectives say he was practicing medical without a license. investigators arrested this man for allegedly giving a physical exam to a female undercover officer. he grabbed attention last month when he held a grand opening for his medical clinic. some concerned family members called authorities worried the teen was posing as a doctor. >> they say you have been practicing without a license. >> these accusations will be cleared up and you will hear
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>> this isn't the young man's first brush with the law. he was cited for practicing without a license in october. >> people on both sides spent the past two months preparing for the visit. the pope will celebrate before hundreds of thousands of people in waraz. it is 50 yards where the pope plans to offer a special message. >> the plan is after the mass he'll walk up to the fence and to offer a prayer for migrants. >> not everyone is happy about the papal visit, with some calling it a diversion. there is a hash tag, i don't want the pope to come on twitter. critics say the money being spent should go to education, health and employment. >> dems need help identifying the man they say is a big time credit card scam
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he is racked up $7,000 on bogus credit cards. this is a pretty good look at him. if you recognize him, call the sheriff's office or you can reach the crimeline. that number is 1-800-423-tips. >> an unusual chase in south florida is caught on camera. >> it is unusual. a man took a joyride on a seven mile bridge in key west on a back hoe. >> deputies shared this wild video showing the driver tearing up the roads, sending sparks flying. investigators say the man used it to dump bowleders and went back and forth for 90 minutes. >> he must have had libations. >> he was arrested after the joyride. >> the joyride and the teenage doctor a few stories earlier.
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love to see that but you are always behind something slow. >> what is going on? >> what is this? that is a crazy story. today we'll look better than yesterday. a lot of sunshine, dry air in place. some patches of fog to start out with. let's get you out there and show you the weather story. cool with patches of fog. grab a jacket. most of the poing in northwestern zones right now in the villages, seeing reduced visibilities down to zero. most other areas are a-ok. sunny and warm conditions through the afternoon. by the weekend, we'll still be dry. looking good for the daytona 500. we'll update you on that forecast. look at this morning, we are at 51 degrees in leesburg. 43 in ocala. 49 in sanford. 50 in orlando. right now, it is 50 in melbourne. cocoa beach, 53. cool enough area wide to grab a
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here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> as we help you plan the day, notice the temperatures gradually warming to the average where we houb this time of year. we are not below it, we are not above it. 74 by 4:00. 69 as early as noon today. a nice warmup with plenty of sunshine, hardly a cloud out there. a couple of high thin clouds. 61 at 9:00. 58 by 11:00. a little cooler than last night. starting off this morning where you see the gray, a little bit of fog in parts of sumter and lake county. not a lot by 9:00. most of that burns off. through 2:00 this afternoon, no clouds. a couple of high thin clouds possible late in the afternoon. i think we'll see a ton of sunshine. that's sinking air on top of us. you need lift in the atmosphere for clouds to develop.
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effect t clouds don't development. that's why we'll see sunshine. we are up to 73 in ocala and in daytona beach. 74 in sanford. we get up to 75 in melbourne. overnight, the 40's and 50's. 43 in ocala. a cool start tomorrow. dry on your thursday, a high of 72. 75 on friday. notice this, no rain chances across the board and there is the weekend. speed week; the daytona 500 looking good. highs in the 70's. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. good morning, amy. >> troy, good morning. a beautiful looking forecast. roads are doing ok. a couple of things to keep in mind. offense on john young, right over by silver star road, reports of an accident working this morning. not all that far away. another on the eastbound side of i-4 by the 535 exit. here's what we look like
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this is a live look at i-95. a beautiful start to the day. not a lot going on by 192 or anywhere for that point. that's your check on traffic nice and early in the morning. >> they are used to catch red light runners but soon they could be banned. >> plus, it is good news for drivers. why transportation workers decided to cancel a big weekend road closure.
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sfloo. >> after a weekend of headaches and delays, a busy stretch of 17/92 will not be closing again. we told you about the big backups when a stretch of the road in maitland was shut down for days for construction. workers were planning another shut down but now say they got the bulk of the work done and
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there will still be overnight shutdowns in that area as crews wrap up the work. >> we are getting a look at wild video again out of south florida. check out this crazy aerial footage. all those black dots are thousands of black tipped sharks. researchers say the shark swarm as part of an annual migration pattern. >> searchers are trying to find a missing newborn baby. >> the charges the baby's mother faces just ahead. plus the first time we are hearing from the family of a mother and daughter who were found murdered in their orange county home. what they are saying about the tragic loss. >> we are follow breaking news coming out of orange county as a restaurant worker is shot during an armed robbery. coming up, a live report from the scene.
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>> a restaurant worker shot during a robbery in hunter's creek and the gunman is still on
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we are live on the scene with the latest. >> a woman will face a judge as police search for her newborn daughter. what she did after giving birth. plus -- >> a father's heart break after his wife and teen daughter are murdered. what he is doing from hundreds of miles away to get results for his family. it is 5:30. thank you for waking up with us. troy and amy are joining us. >> moving through the week. today better than yesterday. we have some fog. we'll talk about that. >> one crash and a little bit of construction on the roads. >> we begin with breaking news from overnight in orange county where a worker was shot during a robbery at a restaurant at gators dock side on john young parkway and hunter's creek. that's where we find johnny. what do we know about the suspect in the shooting?


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