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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  February 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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we are live on the scene with the latest. >> a woman will face a judge as police search for her newborn daughter. what she did after giving birth. plus -- >> a father's heart break after his wife and teen daughter are murdered. what he is doing from hundreds of miles away to get results for his family. it is 5:30. thank you for waking up with us. troy and amy are joining us. >> moving through the week. today better than yesterday. we have some fog. we'll talk about that. >> one crash and a little bit of construction on the roads. >> we begin with breaking news from overnight in orange county where a worker was shot during a robbery at a restaurant at gators dock side on john young parkway and hunter's creek. that's where we find johnny. what do we know about the suspect in the shooting?
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limited information about the suspect but deputies do tell me the suspect was wearing a gray hoodie. he had his face covered when he entered the gators dockside. they are combing through evidence and surveillance video to try to get a better physical description of the suspect. deputies and investigators have been out here since about 2:16 this morning. that is when they got the call from a person inside the restaurant. witnesses tell deputies the suspect entered with a gun and demanded money. they say he forced two employees into an office that they called the cash room and that is when witnesses heard two shots being fired. deputies say the victim is an employee here. he is a worker. he is 35 years old. he is expected to be ok. he is recovering at osceola regional medical center. deputies tell me another man ended up dead going to hunter's
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confronted at gun point by the suspect moments after the robbery. deputies are looking for a white mustang this morning. deputies do believe to have found that car at a nearby hotel. they are still looking to see if that is the car that was the get away car in the robbery. once we have new information, we'll pass any updates to you on air and online back t you guys. >> >> thanks. no storms this morning thankfully but there is patchy fog. >> yes. it is time to get to troy bridges for the pinpoint forecast. >> most of the fog is north and west of i-4. reduced visibilities in the villages and in lake county. down to a quarter of a mile for leesburg. down to zero in the villages. most other areas are looking ok. patchy fog in marion county. add some time in those regions to get where you are going on safe.
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as we had a lot of storms and cloud cover to help insulate the atmosphere. we are at 50 in orlando. 49 in sanford. 43 in ocala. 50 right now in southern sections of brevard county. through the day we get up to 74 with sunny skies and no rain. we'll talk about when rain chances do return. first, let's get you out the door and check on the roads with amy. good morning, amy. >> troy, good morning. thank you as far as the roads go. we have one accident to talk about. we have one that picked up and moved off john young parkway. we have one hanging out over i-4 eastbound. no real delays. as you make your way around that, taking a life look outside at i-4. still some construction set up. this is the westbound side of the roadway by ivanhoe. one lane blocked, pretty typical stuff. no major delays. that's your check on traffic. back to you. >> overnight, the search to find a man and woman who deputies say forced their way inside an apartment. detectives tell us they robbed three students inside that apartment.
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few hours at the collegiate village inn. we are told one of the suspects was armed with a taser. the two took laptops, cell phones. the suspects got away. >> there is a search for a newborn baby as the girl's mother sits in jail waiting to see a judge. this is her picture behind me. police say she admitted giving birth to a baby but she won't say anything else including where the baby is right now. detectives say the birth happened at the willow bend apartments. that's where we find mark lehman. this story is is heart breaking. facing? >> susan richardson is charminged with neglect and abandoning a child. while investigators continue their search for answers, we are hearing from the father of ha child. he tells us he too is left in the dark. >> johnny says it is difficult
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happened to his newborn child. >> i came home. there was blood everywhere. >> that's when his girlfriend claims she miscarried. then her story changed. when police arrived she told them she gave birth to a girl and left her at the front door of a nearby apartment but no one has seen the baby. >> if the baby, somebody would have came up with the baby. >> with the child nowhere to be found, police have charged richardson, charging her with child neglect. they are hoping someone saw the mother between 10 and noon when they say she give birth, probably outside. >> no one has seen it or heard her have her baby. >> police say they have searched this entire property for baby willow named after the willow bend apartments. we spoke with a man claiming tor richardson's brother. he says he is going to try to get answers from his sister as
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her first appearance before a judge will be happening later this morning. >> the community wants answers for this story. >> this morning, students and faculty at bethune-cookman will gather to remember a student murdered over the weekend. the memorial service for johnson will start at 11:00. it will be headed ald university performing arts center. johnson died saturday at the indigo golf lakes after being shot during a fight. police say lamont pastel jr. shot three students, killing johnson, the other two survived. >> a man locked up and charged with murdering his girlfriend's father is expected to face a judge later today. this is video as he was taken to jail last night. investigators say he killed 81-year-old julian gresham whose body was found over the weekend. he was previous found not guilty by reason of insanity in the murder of his own mother. he is now facing first degree murder charge.
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and speculation, we are hours away from meeting central florida's newest million theirs. >> lottery officials set to announce the winners of the jackpot. we have been waiting for this. the winning ticket was one of three sold. we know it was sold at the publix on a1a in melbourne beach. we know there are multiple people who will be present at a press conference this afternoon to claim their share of the big prize. watch the big reveal live at 1:30 this afternoon. of course, we'll have a fullup date on news 6 at 4:00. >> thousands of students in osceola county will soon get mandatory daily reses. school board members approved the plan last night. it requires at least 20 minutes of recess a day for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. parents pushing the district for months to make this change. the new policy is expected to start this coming august. >> in just a few hours,
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a look at the upgraded international speedway. an open house will be held from 3:00 until 7:00. tickets aren't needed. guests will get a chance to check out all of the new amenities as well as a wilder more comfort seating plan as part of the 400 million daytona rising project. it is all leading to the big race, the daytona 500. officials say the race is already sold out. that's more than 100,000 seats. the great part about it, troy is saying the weather is going to be good. >> that's what i was thinking. you can't beat it. all these days of great weather like this. >> some years we have cold weather and we have a lot of fans come in from out of town saying, it is florida. why is it so cold? we'll have perfect weather. temperatures on target in the mid 70's and no rain to deal with. high pressure dominating. that is keeping the rain away as well. the front that brought all of the storms yesterday morning has pushed well to the south of florida. south florida and miami looking good.
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for us, hard to find a cloud. this morning because we don't have clouds in place to act as a blanket, temperatures have dropped off. it is chilly. 43 in ocala. we are seeing patchy fog. we are at 50 in orlando. 53 at cocoa beach. the bus stop looking good. looking dry, looking sunny. we'll see a high of 74 at 3:00. the kids will need a light jacket heading out. and then short sleeves. let's head over to amy in the traffic center. amy, what is happening? >> we are off to a nice start. most areas traveling without any kind of issues. ocala, no issues. down towards the villages. donnelen, the whole area looks nice and clear. a similar situation, traveling anywhere, moving towards sanford, altamonte springs, not a lot going on which means you can head out the door without any extra time needed. taking a live look outside, a
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the expressway. this is a live look outside over by good holmes road. that's your check on traffic. back over to you. >> it is 20 minutes before the hour now, red light cameras could be a thing of the past in the sunshine state. >> we have the details on a new bill that could mean the end of the controversial technology. >> a major tech company is being ordered to help the fbi. what investigators want apple to do to learn additional information about the san bernardino terror attacks. >> a shooting at an orange restaurant. detectives are searching for the shooter.
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. >>. >> we are following breaking news in orange county, a worker is hospitalized after a shooting at an orange county restaurant. deputies tell news 6 the gunman stormed into the gators dockside and shot a worker twice during a robbery. the man got away in a white ford mustang. news 6 johnmy fernandez is at the scene getting updates. he'll have another report at the top of the hour. >> new this morning, for the first time, hearing from the family of a mother and daughter murdered inside their home. this is the first picture we are seeing of maria sanchez and her 16-year-old daughter.
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family is trying to get results from thousands of miles away. kirsten joins us live where their bodies were found on santa barbara road. we have learned they were actually planning on moving back to be with the rest of their family. >> maria's husband said there was a plan to move his wife and daughter back home. instead of planning their home coming, he is planning a funeral. jerry ledbetter is mourning the loss of his wife and stepdaughter from 3,000 miles away. on monday the sheriff's office says 36-year-old maria sanchez and her 16-year-old daughter were found shot to death inside their home on santa barbara road. sanchez moved to florida three years ago from portland, oregon.
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before the start of the new year. jerry said his whole family lived in orlando but didn't feel safe and moved. he said his wife and stepdaughter planned to move soon. >> everybody is out here. it is just better for them to be here. >> yesterday deputies escorted the man who lived with the victim back to the house. he did not want to talk. detectives say he is cooperating with the investigation. >> his relationship to the mother is unclear. jerry is trying to raise enough money on a go fund me page to bring the bodies of his wife and stepdaughter back to portland. >> i'm a single father. limited funds. this came out of nowhere. >> jerry said he just celebrated his 12th wedding anniversary
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his stepdaughter destiny was said to celebrate her 17th birthday next week. >> new information now surrounding that deadly terror attack in san bernardino. a judge ordered apple to help investigators learn more about the killers. the ruling means apple must help the fbi break into the cell phone of sayed far oshgok. police say farook and his wife opened fire inside a holiday party killing 14 people. the couple then died in a shootout with police. apple's ce oh, says he is going to fight the ruling. in an online fight, tim cook said forcing the company to get that uncrypted data. the privacy of millions of its customers would be at risk. red light cameras one step closer to being banned in the sunshine state. the florida house is expected to vote on a bill to bring the
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the house approachations committee approved a bill that would ban the use of the devices by 2019. legislatorses first approved the use of red light cameras in 2010 as a way to issue tickets to drivers who break the law. opponents say the cameras that reduce crashes crashes and increase safety. >> the westminster dog show and it is this guy, german short haired pointer cj. he won. he took homeowners for best in show. a pooch from central florida is also getting some time in the spotlight. charlie won best in breed. >> charlie. >> this is the second year charlie is making it to the finals. >> he is beautiful. >> handsome guy. >> he should have won. >> it must be hard to keep him in order with all that hair. >> a lot of grooming. >> a lot of brushing. i don't know if i could do that. >> flat ironing.
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if you watch, they do that behind the scenes. today is a different setup. yesterday at this time, we were talking about severe storms moving through. hay did move out. we dried out. now we are talking about patchy fog. a beautiful afternoon shaping up. here is the setup. behind the front, high pressure building in. we have a little bit of low level moisture this morning and that will be in the form of fog to start. it won't last long. it should burn off after 9:00. as we head through the day, we'll have a west wind. it won't be all that strong. a light west wind and northwest wind that will bring in more warm air and this afternoon we'll be right on target, temperatures in the mid 70's. if you are making some big plans. here's the fog this morning, you see the zeros. big old goose eggs for marion county, also for the villages. ocala, villages seeing visibility down to zero. reduce visibility in leesburg as well as a quarter of a mile for the rest of central florida looking good. we'll watch it closely.
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cool enough for a jacket heading out the door. it is 49 in sanford. 49 in palm coast. 46 in daytona beach. 53 in cocoa beach. 43 right now in ocala. 48 in the villages. here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> we take you through the day today. we'll see plenty of sunshine, one or two high thin clouds. the average afternoon high is 74. we will reach that today by 4:00, as early as noon, get up to 69 degrees. by 6:00 this evening, we are at 68, with dry air in place and without clouds to act as a blanket. temperatures will drop quickly. 61 at 9:00. dropping to 59 at 10:00. by 11:00 tonight, we are at 58 degrees. a cool evening to grab the jacket as you head out. maybe heading out to movies, heading out on the town. this morning, patchy fog in our western zones for sumter county and lake county. 9:00, after that, it looks good.
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we don't see much of a cloud at all. one or two high clouds. sunny skies looking good. clear skies tonight, temperatures will drop off again. the clouds act as a blanket. up to 71 in palm coast. 74 in sanford. 75 in melbourne. a nice comfortable warm day. 72 on your thursday. 75 on friday. no rain chances across the board through the end of the week and the all important weekend speed week in play. if you are going to get out there and go to the daytona 500, looking good and mild. temperatures in the mid 70's with no rain. many years, we get rain, we get cold air. not this year. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. we have to go to the 500, at least peek in. >> it sounds fun, i know. see what we can do as far as the weekend goes, we have to get through the rest of the week. it starts with today.
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just construction remaining as far as our data coming in goes. all the construction is passable without delay. shouldn't be out there much longer. still in the green, no issues getting past this morning. my live cameras look lovely. a truck over there, not impacting anything. a live look at a stretch of 95 over in the melbourne area. nice, quiet, everybody is moving on time. that's your check on traffic. back over to you at the desk. >> the magic make a big trade. >> ahead at 6:00, to bias harris claims one other team got in exchange. >> next, a check of our big stories, including breaking news in orange county as a restaurant worker is shot during a robbery. we'll tell you about the search
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>> if you are just heading out the door, we are following several big stories right now, including breaking news in the
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county where a restaurant worker was shot during a robbery. it happened at gators dockside at south john young parkway. we are told deputies have tracked down the suspect's car at a nearby hotel. we'll have another live update at the top of the hour. >> a jet blue flight is forced to make a landing at the airport. the flight which took off from fort lauderdale was on its way to charleston when it had a mechanical issue. we are told no one was injured. >> investigators in orange county continue their search for a missing newborn as her mother prepares to face a judge. police say 30-year-old susan richardson admitted to giving birth to a baby girl at the willow bend apartments but hasn't said where the baby is. richardson is being charged with child neglect. >> still ahead, a south florida teen facing charges after police say he was practicing medicine without a license. >> how he was caught and what he
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>> a crime alert. investigators say he targeted women, snatching purses out of their cars. >> you are watching news 6 getting results for all of
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>> overnight, s eral women county. a busy start on this wednesday. good morning. it is now 6:00 a.m. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison. t for waking up with us. troy and amy are here. waking up chilly but it is nice. >> i think we like what we are yesterday. >> the rain is out of here. we are dealing with fog. we'll tell you about that and a nice afternoon is in store. we'll tell you hour by hour straight ahead. >> we'll check back in in a moment. >> a worker was shot inside this orange county restaurant. it happened in the past few hours at gators dock side on john young parkway, south of 417 in hunter's creek. johnny is there live, getting updates. what are deputies saying about


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