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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  February 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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live getting results, this is bribinging right now at noon daughter. minutes after giving birth is going before a judge he for the first time as search for the afternoon. thank you for being with us. now newborn still has not been found but new search for her
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this all after one called police yesterday when they a cord in a parking lot news six reporter live in orlando what have you learned about this search area? >> well, orlando police search and rescue tells nikon ducking search right you in coastline drive. and near intersection of silver star road. i want put perspective where that is right behind me where is. that is the location where that cord and after birth were found yesterday they searching happening on opposite side of the apartment complex. threats show you what's happening live over the scene. a large group of orlando police search rescue looking through this area for any sign of who they are now calling baby willow. remember, her mother susan richardson told investigators she gave birth to this baby and disconsidered her. where she is now, she is not saying. now to ground or where we shot some video. orlando police say they plan to search for baby willow until they found her.
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they tell me they are in this search for the long haul. meantime, baby's mother is in jail. charged aggravated child neglect and decemberer is shun. she made her first court appearance this morning where she almost fell asleep. watch. >> all right, miss richardson you are charged with neglect of a child and neglect of a child unlawful desert shun. are you awake. >> yes. >> paired me? i didn't hear you >> yes. >> back out here live from sky six now searchers searching for baby willow. or orlando police say they still need help filling a gap in richardson's story. they say they need to know what happened between 10:00 yesterday morning and noon. so eif you saw her, if you know what happened better yet if you know where baby willow is, call orlando police.
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back out here live right here. apartment complex where search teams are, we will live tweeting updates and of course we will have live update for you coming up on news 6news at 4:00. for now we live in orlando. erik, news six. david? >> such sad story. thank you. orange county deputies tell us is suspect in custody robbery sxhooting at restaurant if orlando that shooting left an employee wounded gaither dock side on young we have more on what happened out through. >> investigator spent hours piecing together crime scene inside of restaurant but much of their investigation is poised caused outside, too you can see several evidence marker zatered across this parking lot. meanwhile we are are learning more about a suspect in custody. >> certainly was shocked it happened. and you know just was praying that everybody was okay. >> the reaction from arealm management imagine after an employee was shot at this gaither dock side. gunman storming while customers were still inside. >> pretty brazen in my opinion
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still guest inside. according to investigator suspect 23 year old craig kerry demanded cash as forced workers into an office. while assistant manager was cooperating deputies say kerry shot him twice, once in shoulder and again right below the his rib. >> nothing light threatening at this point we are praying for that he recovers fully. witness say kerry jumped into white mustang leaving trail of cash as he sped away. but soon after the get away car was tracked down at near by hotel. kerry now faces armed robbery, and attempted murder charges. >> right here are two several surveillance cameras both outside and were inside restaurant and investigator are closely looking at that video likely captured much what happened earlier this morning right now we lockering get a hold video as well as soon we do bring would to you here on news six on for now reporting in hunter's craig. news six. >> if you stepped outside this morning we were off to a chilly and foggy start. across parts of central florida.
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camera thick fog make it tough for drivers on roads this morning. our meterologist is pinpointing forecast and what's in store for the rest of this wednesday. troy? >> lots of sunshine. that's fog burned off quickly after 9th this morning. and in fact look at this gorgeous shot of the daytona beach almost looks like post cared plent which people out on beach we have warmed nicely. from that chilly air would had deal with earlier interest morning we are at 68 almost 70 in daytona beach with calm winds look at the humidity very low. dry air in place. with some winds coming in out of the west northwest. and that will continue through the day today. wind will be light. here where we started this morning. 41 in okeechobee. leaves bevering at 50 degrees. we started out 47 in orlando. and 48 degrees in melbourne there is daytona beach. 45 so cool enough area wide for jacket not any longer we are near 70 most spots mere at the lunch hour we are 668 in orlando and in an ford 66. and then villages right now at 68 degrees.
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here with all of sunshine. and no rain chances up to 74. by 3:00 today. still 71 at 5:00. now there are few changes in the forecast. we do have some rain chances in the planning forecast we will talk about that we also going to be checking in with our storm pinkers show you more of that fog we had to deal with this morning. >> and about an hour and half, lottery officials are expected to announce the partial winner of the biggest power ball jackpot in history. >> you will remember ticket was purchased out melbourne beach but win near not if news six live in tallahassee where announcements will be made today. so justin there a lot of excitement with this story what can you tell us about the winners? >> well, lottery officials winners will actually be at the press conference today right inside lottery headquarters here in tallahassee. it has been more than months since they won mega jackpot and since then, they have been laying low as you might imagine.
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now, this is the publix on a went a where winning pick at the time was purchased it was one of three tickets that won the record breaking power ball jackpot of more than $1.5 billion last months of course the winner melbourne beach coming forward and n about an hour and half or so. another winner in tennessee claimed their prize shortly after numbers were announced. and winner california is still unknown. trio over came the odds of get this one in 292.2 million to land those lucky numbers of 4, 8, 189d, 27, 34, and power ball of ten. we are being told there will be multiple people here at lottery official headquarters. claiming that winning prize. we will be streaming live on our web site. if you like to watch it for yourself. it is starts again at 1:30. live in tallahassee. news six. >> thank you. >> well fire officials are working to figure out what caused home that go up in flames. we right there as crews worked put out this fire we just got this cell phone footage in our news room from neighbor on
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check it out. home on rhythm boulevard in pine hills. the officials tell us flames were shooting from the garage when -- [no audio] >> or at the time the fire that's good news. state fire marshal is investigating. and of course we let you know as soon as we learn more. >> man locked up in charged with murdering his girlfriend's father expected to go before a judge today. this is video of david bucken as he was taken to jail last night investigators say he killed 81 year old julian grisham his body was found over weekend in taft. he was previously found not guilty by reason of insanity in murder of his own mother. he now facing first degree murder charges. >> search on right now to find man who held up busy fast food restaurant near full sale. take a look. deputies say the man here, threatened workers were inside mcdonalds on university boulevard monday morning. and demanded money. the suspect took off towards the school. if you any information on this
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>> and brevard county coast guard crews called off search for missing boater. they say did not return from a fishing trip on sunday. . 38 year old boat was found monday and this was on shore line of the indian harbor beach. his brother told us family very thankful for search effort adding search will county through brevard county sheriff as recovery instead of search and rescue. please, keep my family and those close to lloyd in your thoughts and prayers. >> saw stents faculty are gathering today. they are honor students who was murdered over the weekend finds out about the memorial service plan for him. that's next at noon. plus we will explain how police in sanford are hope get results encouraging more people to come forward and report crimes. >> and we are hearing from the family of a mother and daughter murdered inside of their pine hills home. how they are working to get results from thousands of the miles away. you are watching news six at noon.
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to time hearing family of mother and daughter who were murdered inside pine hill home this is first picture we are seeing of marry san hez can her 16 year old daughter. and now, we are learning their family trying to take action from than is a miles away. mother and daughter are originally from portland. and all family currently in oregon. jerry let deet better husband he now working raise money to get their bodies moved from orlando to portland by raising money on
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their bodies were found inside of home on santa barbara road. now jerry says his whole family lived in orlando briefly but didn't feel safe. and moved. he says we maria destiny had plans to return to >> they are might be some friends and stuff, but everybody out here. and, it is just better for them to be here. >> and deputies are speaking to man who lived with the victims he did not want to go on cameras but he cooperating. >> students staff corbett cookman university are getting together remember student and former football player murdered this past aweibe. memorial service will start at 11:00 at the university performing arts center. johnson died saturday at the golf club in daytona beach after being shot during fight. detectives say this man 23 year old shot three students killing johnson. the other to two i can are
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scare for passengers on a jetblue flight after an emergency landing in orlando this morning. flight headeded from lauderdale to charleston had to be diverteded to oia because of what airline called mechanical issue we told jet landed safely and everybody on board was okay. the airline says new plane was brought in take the passengers to south carolina. >> police families and sanford city commissioners are asking violent crime onces to speak up in about an hour ago news conference wrapped up announce new city wide stop silence campaign investigators with the police department talked about importance of anot mouse tips. and information from the public. police say, unsolved cases, any call to crime line could provide a new lead, and they hope this community event will help encourage more witnesses to come forward. the father of the dennis williams sanford man murdered in 2010 supports this campaign and hopes it will help police find
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>> it has been six years in -- no one had been arrested at this opinion. so, we want to see that person brought to uptis. and justice serversth. finally bring some closure to this. stop silence community events this saturday start at 1010:00 am at the sanford police department. community activities including basketball tournament, will continue until 6:00 pm. >> well, thousands of is race fans will get firsthand look at the upgraded daytona international is speedway. there open house this afternoon starting at 3:00 and it will go until 7:00 tickets are not neededed guests will get chance to check all new ammenities as more comfortable seats as part of the rising project. it is all leading up to this weekend's big race. daytona 500, troy's excited tore nfrment wider seats you got to be happy about that >> yes. >> speedway otherers say race already sold out. we are talking more than 100,000 seats. weather going to be -- we are
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>> we talk about every year we have changes that come and some times we have rain some times we have cold this year. perfect. going to look a lot like this live view downtown orlando. the amway center. you see that little bit of white in sky those clouds are high thin clouds and those the sun can fitter right through. they are actually made up ice crystal because they are so high, in the atmosphere. there a little sigh en lesson but we got storm ten photos today from pinker in who ufog this morning. it was tough go on some of our western zones on roadways especially in sumter county and lake county marion county. the villages mario county and lease betters had visible down to 0. here one pinker in showing great shot mere in grand island we have another great shot there hard to see very he very far >> in one from a bobby beige in leaves bevering they had. and this from down toe oar you can see sun coming up helping to
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that was elevated this morning. that one from carl. so, plenty of foggy, shots to see earlier today. we will be showing those again later today i am sure so tune in later starting at 4:00 and if you want pin your photos just search the wkmg in app tore it is news six storm pins app we can show your photos instantly no matter what kind of weather you want to show us. if it is stormy we would love to see in. high pressure dominating the forecast today. here is satellite if radar imagery you don't see any green that would normally indicate rain what we see few of those high thin clouds that sinking airway high pressure, leading to a beautiful afternoon. with hardly cloud but few high thin once through. look at the temperatures we rebounded from the 50s we had earlier in the 40s this morning to 66. in okeechobee. 67 in lease eberg.
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here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. >> your forecast brought to you by dell air heating and air conditioning. as we take you through the day you can see blue sky sunshine up to 74 degrees at 3:00. the 6206s tonight. until we reach 10:00 then down into 50s. 58 by -- [no audio] >> without those clouds to act blanket tonight you know the dropping off again. we will down 43 in ocala. 46 the village and 51 in orlando and 51 in daytona beach. what next three days? tomorrow 72 average high is 74. and that's where we will be that. then back closer to average for the end of the week there friday. high of 75. 74. on your saturday and then we put logo for daytona 500 on sunday. 75 and dry. that's the good news, guys. beautiful. >> yes.
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>> thank you >> i did something right. >> all right. we have some breaking news to tell you about right now sky six flying over breaking news and police and fire rescue are at 400 west robinson street responding to a bomb threat here is a look and you can see several people outside. we are told employees were evacuated. but it does appear that people are starting to head back inside we are continuing to get more information on this. but be again building evacuation after bomb threat at west robinson street. in orlando. so we will continue to monitor this situation out there and let you know as soon as we get more details. well for the first time in half century u.s. commercial flights will return to cuba. >> they could start as early as this summer m. we will explain deal signed in havana yesterday that rescheduled. first up, there look at hour spokes are doing right now on wall street. everybody looking good. dow jones in the green. 233-plus points. and nasdaq in the green as well.
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and the s&p 500 is going up. just under 30 points.
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of u.s. airlines return to skies over cuba. and change comes after deal reestablishing scheduled air services between the two countries, that will sign yesterday. officials from the two countries
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currently dozens charter flights regularly service the u.s. to cuba route every week but with limited capacity. now, american carrier will be able to bid on routes for as many as 110 commercial flights from the u.s. to cuba per day. commercial flights between the two nations can esummary as early as june. >> well results are in from year westminister dog show. young german short haired pointer, won the show. [no awed goes]. getting some time in the spotlight.
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into top dog. result are for pier west minister dog show in new york city. this three year old german short named cj took home owners last night. gorgeous but pooch from central
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in spotlight. representing charlie. he won best in breed made to final round. >> i like charlie better. i do, too. i should say that. if i had to pick. guess where he lives? >> marion county. ocala >> we love marion county this second year for charlie making final. marion county cooler than the rest central florida so he equipped with all of that march. all that hair comes handy. can you imagine how hard it is to keep him neat and tidy? . . if i had charlie he would be worst shape. >> his salon bill probably really high. absolutely. he knew he won that contest. he looked great today up 74 with sunshine skies we are 72 tomorrow. staying in 770s mid 70s is through weekend and no rain. it in for cap until we reach tuesday of next week but who thinking about that. this going to be good week and good weekend. looking good. more news and weather coming up right here at 4:00. we will see you tomorrow centurylink prism tv has all your favorite channels, tons of live sports, and more. watch when and where you want with advanced features
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>> dylan: patty wanted to warn me. that's why she broke out of fairview the night of the fire. she wanted to warn me. and when i asked her what it was that she wanted to tell me, if it had something to do with why she killed dr. anderson -- >> paul: d-dylan, look, i appreciate you looking for some reasonable explanation for what happened. but patty's beyond reason. she's beyond logic. she doesn't even remember being in dr. anderson's office. >> dylan: okay. all right. but if patty had a reason to be worried or frightened -- >> paul: she's always frightened. listen, her mind, her brain, has


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