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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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about the zika virus. what officials are doing in one county after word of another case in central florida. it is now 5:00 a.m. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison. thank you for waking up with us. things are looking better than good. >> we are enjoying a better afternoon. a breezy day. the wind gusting near 20 miles an hour. a picture perfect day afternoon. let's show you temperatures this morning starting off cool. 45 in ocala. right now, 47 at palm coast. it is 59 in melbourne. 53 in orlando and sanford. this morning a light jacket in order in many spots, even many brevard county as temperatures will likely drop a little from here. look at the sky into the future. the winds will gust near 20 miles an hour. we warm to 65 at noon. the average afternoon high in orlando is 74.
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making some evening plans, temperatures will be cool. we'll talk about what you can expect in a little bit. the official forecast for the qualifying going on tonight at the speedway. let's go to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> thank you very much. we have nothing out of the norm going on. scheduled routine construction. that seems to be picking up early. heading out the door, no major delays. let's give you a look at your drive times. either side of i-4, westbound, st. john's river to colonial, only 19 minutes. heading eastbound osceola parkway to colonial, only 18 minutes. that's your check on traffic. david and bridgett, back to you. >> breaking news overnight in winter park, police spend hours collecting evidence after two people are found dead following a shooting.
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night along comstock avenue. kirsten is there live. >> reporter: winter park police and their task force investigators have been out here overmight. we have been talking with them. they are searching for clues about what led to the shooting. their search is focused around this white house. they tell us any time an investigation involves bullets or gun shots, the search for evidence is drawn out. >> crime tape and flashing lights wakes up a street. this. the public doesn't like to hear this happening. since this happened, we have to come out and take care of this situation. >> neighbors heard shots fired of the street. police are not releasing the names of the two men or their relationship but say they found
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home on comstock and another on the sidewalk. >> we are not looking for anybody else at this point. >> police tell us they are not looking for suspects at this time. they say this section of comstock will likely be closed even when the sun comes up. we'll follow up with their search and asking them if they found any clues or any evidence pointing to what led to this shooting. shooting. >> also developing this morning, troopers say they found the car they believe was involved in a deadly hit and run. we brought you this as breaking news monday as investigators say jason rodiger was hit while on a morning jog on satellite boulevard near state road 520. troopers saying an anonymous tip led them to a jeep cherokee. troopers say the s.u.v. has damage consistent with the crash. it is being processed for evidence. troopers won't tell us where the s.u.v. was found or any
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we'll keep pressing them for more information. we'll let you know as soon as there are new developments. >> in brevard county, cocoa firefighters being called heroes after they rescued a pet from a house fire and then resuscitated it. that fire ripped through a home on parkway street before 8:00 last night. the homeowner was not home at the time. two cats were trapped inside. one of the cats got out. the other had to be rescued. investigators say the fire started in the kitchen but the cause is still being investigated. >> i-4 near the attractions is back open this morning after a deadly crash backed up traffic for hours last night. sky 6 flew over the scene after troopers say a truck rear ended a toyota which hit another truck which then hit another car in the westbound lanes of the highway near world drive. investigators say the woman in that toyota died. so far, her name hasn't been released. >> brevard county workers say they are stepping up their fight against mosquitos after learning a case of the zika virus was found on the space coast. the health department said tin
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virus in brevard county but instead had recently traveled to haiti. mosquito control workers say they are stepping up spraying, trying to get rid of as much standing water as possible. there have been 22 confirmed cases in florida. >> hoping you can help them get results after someone broke into a business and stole two bikes. the owner posted this video of two masked thieves wearing hoodies. when we pause the video, you can see a clear shot of his bearded face and tear drop tattoos. they made a hole in the back door which the owner said should have woken someone up. >> how do you not hear a metal hammer going -- that's my finger. for an hour and a half.
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>> the break-in was the second in four months. if you recognize anyone in the video, please call police. >> in just hours, governor scott will make a stop at walt disney world. the governor is set to announce tourism numbers for 2015 from epcot. we know 2015 had record breaking numbers for summer visitors with 25 and a half million guests visiting mountain third quarter. today's announcement is set for 9:00 a.m. we'll keep you updated. >> after weeks of anticipation, things kick into high gear ahead of the daytona 500. >> we were at the track yesterday as some of the biggest names in nascar took their cars out for practice. hundreds of people were there to see see it. ping will be live at the track later tonight to break it all down for us. >> another thing we have been looking forward to is that great forecast.
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>> it will be breezy for the races. we won't deal with rain. here is a live view in high definition over downtown orlando. a few people up, getting ready to head to work. it is going to be cool. you'll need a jacket heading outment not for long. a nice warmup today. 53, the north wind is working in the cooler air. 45 in ocala. 53 is the temperature in sanford. 52 in daytona beach. let's take you to daytona beach for the big speed week. the cam am dual race tonight. at 5:00, if you are going to get there early, maybe you are working there. 64. 61 at 7:00 when the races begin. at 9:00, 56 degrees with clear skies but breezy conditions. the winds out of the north-northeast. coming up, we'll talk about what you can expect for the rest of the weekend if you are making some plans to head to the
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let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. amy? >> if you are traveling early, no issues stepping out the door. no extra time needed. as an example, this is over on the beachline this morning out by goldenrod. not a lot working. westbound cars moving away from you. drive times showing no issues, i-4 either direction, you are still in the green. same thing goes for the rest of the major arteries. on the 408, no issues along the expressway. that's your check on traffic for the time being. back over to you at the desk. >> still ahead t battle in the south carolina primary heats up. >> the big name getting behind marco rubio. >> caught on camera, two robbery suspects lead deputies on a wild chase. how detectives were able to stop these guys just ahead. >> privacy versus protection. the big name competitor supporting apple in its fight with the government.
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results for ocoee and all of central florida. on the air and on the news 6
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it is 5:11. candles and teddy bears and balloons sit at the middle of a mystery. >> this morning, we are learning new information about her mom who is now behind bars, charged with neglect. mark lehman soudz the willow bend apartments. what else at this point can you tell us about this mother? >> deyed, we have learned she suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar. we learned she has been arrested several times before on various charges from drugs. right now, this memorial sits outside these apartments as a reminder that the search continues for her missing baby. we were out here yesterday as crews gathered a dumpster that was draped in crime scene tape at the willow bend apartments. crews fanned out, searching
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here off silver star road for any sign of the missing baby. that mother i mentioned, 30-year-old suzanne richardson isn't really telling police anything about what happened here after the afterbirth was found a few days ago here at the apartment complex. yesterday she appeared lethargic during her first court appearance on neglect charges. police say it is the same demeanor she had when they questioned her. as she sits in jail, they continue their search for baby willow. as we come back live, these balloons are a reminder that volunteers are searching and their efforts for baby willow, they are hoping to find any sign of that baby as they continue that search out here today. we'll be talking to police to see if they are going to be back out here and what efforts they are going to do to continue their search for this missing baby willow. >> what, if anything, has the
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most recent search? >> we spoke to him yesterday. he said he no longer wants to talk about this. he said all of the answers lie with the mother who is in jail. she is in jail on neglect and dez desertion charges. >> thank you for the updatement. the debate between apple execs and the government continues. >> google is supporting the rival company, saying farook and his wife killed 14 people. farook's phone was in the couple's car. mandy piper whose fiance in the
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>> i would be outraged if in the future it is used in other ways. this is an investigation into a terrorist attack. >> in a statement, federal authorities maintain the order and request were only for farook's phone. apple ceo tim cook said complying would have major consequences for the rest of the users. the company says it is willing to take the fight all the way to the supreme court. >> we are getting a look at a wild chase. two men went on a crime spree earlier this month robbing a tourist at anout let mall. the sheriff's office posted this footage showing deputies following those men in a car they say was involved in a car jacking when they slammed into a
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>> northbound 189 to south orange avenue. >> they took off as you can see but they would not get far. the two men are now both now facing charges and are being held without bond. >> in the race for the white house, marco rubio has picked up a major endorsement with just days to go before the south carolina primary. south carolina governor nicky hailey endorsed the florida senator. haley will be on the campaign trail with rubio through the primary. according to the latest nbc wall street journal poll rubio will need all the help he can get. he trails front runner ted cruz by 11%. last night rubio took a stage cruz. >> if you say something that isn't true and you know that it is not true, there is no other
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>> jeb bush, donald trump and john kasich will take part in a debate. >> the case was set for trial when rustle roscoe and disney struck a deal. russell was a mechanic but he died at the park back in 2011. >> while many americans dealing with snow and ice, people in australia have another problem to deal with. lots of and lots of tumble weed. it is summertime and tumble weeds are all over this australian town. with truckloads of the stuff filling streets and yards. in some places, fluffy peedz have piled up to the roof tops. it is crazy out there. the strain of tumble weed is called harry panic. locals suspect it is coming from a nearby farm that the farmer has failed to maintain.
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>> you know pig pen that had the cloud around him, that's what it looks like. >> well, today is thursday, we'll give away the news 6 umbrella. you can see that. we'll give that away to the best storm pinner of the day. we don't have new ones yet. we'll give the umbrella away today at 6:45. we'll start with beautiful sunset shots from last night. we got great ones because of the clear sky. clear skies lead to a chilly morning. without the clouds acting as a blanket, the temperatures drop overnight. the warmth escapes into the atmosphere. look at this shot from hazelwood, beautiful. look at that one, that's gorgeous. looks like a postcard. that's in orlando. this one in st. cloud, a beautiful sunset.
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we'd love some nice weather shots. it is going to be chilly. a coat dragging day today because we won't need the coat all day. high pressure is is dominating the forecast. there is a clockwise flow and that is sending winds into the north-northeast. right now, seeing a north wind. that's why the north wind is bringing in more dry air. it is cooler to the north. 45 in ocala. 50 in the villages. 53 in orlando. daytona beach right now at 52. it is 59 in melbourne. what about the rest of today? here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. >> through the afternoon, we'll see a lot of sunshine. temperatures gradually warming to 65 as we head into noon. then we are up to 72 degrees for the afternoon high at 4:00. keep in mind the average high is 74. we'll be a couple of degrees below that.
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out, cooler than last night. at 9:00 at 57 with mostly clear skies. the temperatures drop to 55 at 11:00. what about the cam am dual race tonight at the daytona international speedway. 64 at 5:00. we'll see sunshine and then breezy conditions last through the evening hours. we'll be at 56 by 9:00. that's when much of those races start at 7:00. we'll be mild at 61 degrees. clouds and rain forecast, trying to show some rain moving onshore as we head into the afternoon and evening. most of that will be additional clouds after a sunny day. upper 60's along the coast for highs. tomorrow, 72. there's the weekend. mid 70's for highs, looking good for the daytona 500. let's check on the roads and head over to amy mountain napleton traffic center.
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roads, not a ton going on. some scheduled construction which does seem to be picking up nice and early, not causing any kinds of issues. not a ton popping up on the map. it is a good thing. taking a look at the some average speeds around ocala, the villages, no issues. doenlen, you are fine heading out the door. a live check outside, this is at i-4 over by 535. eastbound cars moving away. a lot of open pavement. that's your check on traffic. david and bridgett, back to you. >> still ahead, good news for food lovers. >> we'll tell you about the popular festival that will run longer this year. >> remember that florida teen accused of practice ing practicing medicine medicine?
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>> tax season is here. while many people hate this time of year, some people are more scared than others. >> a survey finds 80% of millennials say they are fearful about preparing their taxes. according to nerd wallet, that's the highest of any age group. almost a quarter of those nervous 18 to 34-year-olds say their biggest worry is making a mistake on their return. >> don't mess with uncle sam. >> listen up, foodies, some news for you. >> epcot epcot goers have more time to enjoy the festival. the 21st annual kicks off on september 14 before wrapping up on the 14th of november. i might have to check that out this year. >> it is good. let's check in with troy bridges. you always talk about the line. >> you know me so well.
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say maybe this will help with the lines. because every time i go, the lines are out to here. they are all over the place. still, delicious food, always fun to see it. look at the temperatures, we are at 67 for the afternoon high in ocala. as we take you are you live by 3:00, we warm to 66 at daytona beach. 68 in cocoa beach. inland warmer at 72 in orlando. it will be breezy. winds out of the north-northeast at 20 miles an hour. you'll notice that. that will be the only issue. we'll talk more about whether you can expect some rain coming in the next few days. right now, back to you. >> a big name restaurant is ready to make his debut in the city beautiful. >> big name celebrities will be here for the grand opening. we have the details just ahead. a bold crime caught on camera. new video police hope will lead to an arrest in the case. >> we are staying on top of
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are found dead in a winter park neighborhood. we are live at that scene next. you are watching news 6 on this thursday getting results for
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>> breaking overnight two men sht and killed in winter park. what police are saying about the search for a gunman. >> a bold theft after two men storm into a cell phone store and walk away with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. what police are asking you to do. >> a crime alert in osceola parkway. a neighborhood on alert after a teen says a man touched himself in front of her. >> i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. troy and amy are with us this thursday morning. >> we made it this far, we can make it the rest of the way. it is going to be a great week. it is still thursday. we haven't made it there yet. >> we have a lot going on this weekend. of course, a lot of events including the daytona 500 and even tonight, the qualifying. we'll talk about what you can expect. we won't deal with any rain.


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