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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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now, the bodies of two people found inside of a home and why neighbors are concerned. the search continues for a missing newborn.
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and found no clues. we spoke to a driver who told us what he found right after the crash. witnesses could not leave it . news 6 tells us why the driver was never supposed to be on the road in the first place. >> i spoke to the driver involved in the crash and he says he could not believe it . it went down americana boulevard. troopers say the driver should have never been behind the wheel. they are leaving the scene of a deadly crash. the impact is killing the driver of this mercedes, adams >> i heard a boom sound and i said , this is like a horrendous scene >> they were behind the wheel of the acura and they never slowed down and may have sped up . he approached the intersection
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very fast. it's unbelievable >> instead of stopping, they say he drove off in a badly damaged car tracking him down within minutes >> they were excited to leave the scene as much damage as was seen there. >> they made another discovery. he is a guatemalan national living here with only never having a drivers license. he was booked into jail on a $45,000 bond. witnesses are coming forward for a quick capture and arrest need all the information we can get . we are on top of a mystery after the bodies of two people were found inside of a home. investigators are saying how they died but the discovery was made late last night. it's a long indian street in merritt island.
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was found they are. you could see the child out in the yard. we have been pressing the sheriff's office for answers and they only say it's a death investigation. neighbors say they are concerned about the little girl. we have asked the sheriff's office about the child and they are refusing to tell us the condition. they have arrested someone in a double shooting. one victim was found lying in a doorway. before 3:00 am along washington street. drugs were involved in the situation and they say three people in a situation when to train marijuana with crack. >> the gun went off and wondered all three men. one man lives near a homeless camp. the investigation is ongoing and we will let you know more information >> is kind of you are searching for three suspects after a shooting inside a restaurant. it's on lancaster road not too far from oak ridge high school. they say the victim was rushed to the hospital and will be okay. the suspect is often an suv
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detectives are trying to figure out if the victim is a target here or if the robbery was just a random situation. southwinds working out today mo more and more the clouds are afternoon. you could see this live you in high definition over downtown. the average high as 75b0. we are above that in orlando. many other spots are approaching 80b0. sanford is at 77 in daytona beach is at 77. with clouds building in later an and we make it all the way up to 82b0. there's a few showers. david and bridget, they mention the front that's moving in and we'll talk about the timing and how strong some of the storms will be by wednesday. back to you >> don't forget to get all the latest directly on your phone by downloading the app by
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>> police are back at the willowbend apartment searching for the missing newborn baby. you could see the search team out on the water looking for clues . this is the entire weekend looking in the retention pond. it's a couple blocks somewhere police say that 87-year-old mother may have given birth control. so far, no signs of a little girl known as the willow. richardson will not say what happened to the babe . she is charged with aggravated child neglect. anyone out there with information, please call police. hitting a preschooler at lake county derry care . re really read was caught on camera hitting a four-year-old with a stuffed animal as he was napping. he was picking him up and dropping them on his face. she did not show up in court entered a not guilty plea.
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boy , she was just roughhousing with him. there is no word on when she will be back in court . questions death of a man found at the front door of a farm pharmacy. the body of a 48-year-old homeless man was found in front of the walgreens pharmacy near nassau boulevard yesterday. police say no signs of trauma were found in the medical examiner is investigating. >>anchor: the crash in the villages leaves two people dead. it happened at 466 eight and morris boulevard. according to troopers, he drove on to regard golf cart lane . he killed nancy vaughn and ma marsha either. as as left a serious injury serious uv driver was rushed to the hospital for treatment. a
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for donald. the billionaire won the primary by double-digit the history of delegates . as they prepare for the caucus, the race is coming down to three candidates. trump , rubio and ted cruz. south carolina was the end of the road for jeb bush. i i am proud of the campaign that we ran to unify the country. to advocate conservative solutions that would give more americans the opportunity to rise up and reach their god-given potential. the people of iowa and south carolina have spoken.
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the 4 mile detour will last for the next 40 days. major changes for orlando residents when it comes to the trash. it's a program similar to the orange county program with a face programs over the next few weeks. the uber driver and a deadly shooting rampage is expected to be arraigned with several
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michigan over driver is expected to be arraigned today. he is facing murder charges after authorities say he started shooting at random killing six people. kenneth craig has the story >> investigators say jason dalton picked his victims at random. he killed six people and seriously injuring two others. police say the over driver began a shooting spree complex in kalamazoo michigan he killed a 17-year-old and his father at a car dealership . then gunned down for women at cracker barrel hexavalent video arrest early on sunday morning. >> he is a , insurance adjuster and father to see arraigned here at the county courthouse as a search for a motive >> there is no connection that we are aware of between the three sets of the m's to each
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huber says he passed a background check. he may have picked up passengers during a shooting spree. mark and his friend say they got nervous when he pulled up in a black chevy it matches what police were looking for >> we said, you are not the guy come are you and he said no >> hundreds came together at a prayer service as he tried to make sense of the senseless >> there is a traffic alert. a major road is closing tonight and it will not reopen for 40 days >> they say it will cause big headaches . it's an $800,000 project helping roads in flooding. crews will cut a trench all the way across the road to install 110 foot long drainage covert.
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complete the project for the rainy season. the drivers say the 40 day delay is coming at a busy time. >> it would've been easier for the school kids. it will be a major undertaking. the road closes tonight at 10:00 and it's a 4 mile detour with northbound drivers east. it goes up proton road. it will take the same roads and reverse. local traffic will take access to the shots in between. >> the city is experimenting with a new pickup schedule and several local neighborhoods. with recycling, picked up every week, will now be picked up every week. they are trying to make the change after people
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that the recycling was piling up. if the experiment goes well, the whole thing could make the switch. we'll keep you posted . >> in the end, only one could be crowned. new york san crawford has the half marathon title . the senior is among 27,000 runners participating in the race. it's a 13.1 mile journey. the 21-year-old did it in just under an hour and 25 minutes >> she decided to go without the tutu and tiara >> that helped a little bit x with less weight. it's warming quickly. there is not a lot of rain today. we'll increase the range chances for the next few days. enjoy today. we will see front coming in on wednesday and we will have a
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wednesday in the afternoon. the risk of gusty wind and even a rotating storm, just like the front to the north. we see the weather set up in it so nice over the weekend. the area of high pressure is off the coast and it's quite a bit becoming a clockwise spin. the red arrows indicate the southwind bringing in so much of the warm air. it's getting well into the 80s temperatures feeling like the 50s. the average high of 75. it's already above
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it's 77b0 and 74 in melbourne. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecasts. we dry your attentions to the sky. it's 82b0 by 3:00 with range chances at 20%. it's from 3:00 b 6:00 this evening. it's still warm at 77b0. it's only a 20% chance for rain increasing to 30%. it's from seven or 8:00 tonight on through 11:00. we're still at 70b0 and 6611. cloudy skies tonight with all the clouds in place acting as a blanket. we keep temperatures dropping off into the early morning hours tomorrow. the clouds and rain forecast with white indicating cloud cover through 9:00 tonight. we can a few of them indicating a couple of light showers.
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home. th the actual front. the front approaches as we head into the morning hours on wednesday. it's 9:00 and takes you through the day at noon on wednesday. at noon on we have a chance for stronger storms and we will watch around-the-clock . starting at 4:00, we have brand-new data on the timing of the storms. 64b0 is the overnight low in orlando. 58 in ocala and 62 in daytona beach. mild start tomorrow compared to this morning. no need for a jacket heading off to the but stop . 81b0 on tuesday and plenty of warm air ahead of the front. storms and you can tell that it will be a strong front. it's a drastic change in temperature with a high of 82
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by thursday, it's only warming to 65. we stay in the 60s for highs through saturday and we barely make it to 70b0 by next sunday. it's another round of cooler air . on wednesday, we watch it closely for severe weather it's a big one! people have been enjoying the low gas prices for a while. there is bad news. they are about to go out. the reason experts say prices are rising. here is a look at stocks. things are looking great. the tao is rallying 206 points in the nasdaq is up 58.
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according to aaa, there is fluctuating oil prices. prices rose two days last week. the national averages 171 4a gallon of regular. floridians paying 174 per gallon. a record-setting finish. the race had a awesome ending.
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>> here they come to the line! it's unbelievable. >> oh my goodness! finish. humans by the closest margin in the 58 years of the race. just 4 inches! incredible! you will join david tonight . if you blinked, you missed that one. it would hundred and 60 old woman could not stop dancing. you'll hear her "better ingredients. better pizza." you better deliver. papa's quality guarantee: love your pizza, or get another
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this is the coolest story of the day! this woman celebrating black
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>> she visited the white house >> hey,! [laughter] i am fine. how are you? is is virginia mclaurin's. she ran up to the president who was so surprised to see how 160-year-old . she could not stop dancing so michelle joined in. that's the secret. the first lady told mister mclaurin , i want to be like you and i grow up >> that's probably why she stayed so youthful. dancing and the moving >> she said she was there to celebrate back like history month and she did not think she would make it to the white house. of this super energetic senior, you can guess one of her secrets is just keep moving! >> great advice!
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it's great to see someone so happy and doing what they love doing. >> we love that. she put out a video saying she wanted the opportunity . you put it out there and get it back. >> get on out there. we we will have clouds building in the 80s. 82b0 the average high and we are going well above that with a 20% chance of rain. tonight, the range chances are higher at 30%. temperature is much milder than this morning. it's a lot of 50s i will be in the 60s so no big need for a jacket. would stay in the jacket through wednesday. there is severe storms of the front moves through.
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