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tv   News 6 at 4p  CBS  March 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> ginger: breaking tonight, a neighbor, shot dead by police. investigators say he was angry at construction happening next door. good afternoon, everyone. this is news 6 at 4:00, getting results. i'm ginger gadsden >> lisa: i'm lisa bell. thanks for joining us. >> julie: and i'm julie broughton. we have lots to get to tonight, starting with breaking news above volusia county.
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where firefighters tell us a pedestrian was hit. this is impacting traffic along west grenada boulevard in ormand beach. there you see. we're still waiting to learn more. we'll keep you updated on air and on, powered by news 6. again, a pedestrian hit in ormand beach, affecting traffic on west grenada boulevard. >> ginger: we're also following breaking news from the space coast where moments ago a fourth launch attempt by spacex has just been scrubbed. spacex c.e.o. elon musk just confirmed the launch has been pushed back to friday because of extreme upper-level winds. erik von ancken will have more from the space coast within the next half-hour. >> lisa: also breaking right now, a deadly officer-involved shooting triggered by alleged threats towards construction worker. that's according to palm bay detectives at the scene along
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two-hour standoff today. news 6's troy campbell joins us with the breaking new details. how did this escalate into shots being fired? >> reporter: yeah, the scene is still very active. we're as close up as we possibly can go up to the crime tape. you can also see crime scene investigators still out here collecting evidence. palm bay police say this all started about 9:30 this morning when a 39-year-old man who allegedly threatened three construction workers doing work on his neighbor's house. the workers called police saying the man threatened to shoot him. the police used an intercom system to get the man out of the house. he exited the home for the final time and police say he was holding a handgun. officers then fired one fatal shot at the man. police have not released the name of the man who was killed here this afternoon. we've spoken to neighbors who live in the neighborhood who witnessed the police activity.
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news at 5:00. right now, troy campbell, news 6. >> lisa: also happening right now, super tuesday is in full swing across a dozen states. >> julie: matt austin joins us with a last-minute push which seems to end later tonight in florida. >> matt: the polls don't open in the sunshine state until the 15th but it's the place to party tonight for donald trump, marco rubio, as well as hillary clinton. the three holding celebrations and rallies in south florida today. but earlier today they were scattered across several states, finishing up last minute campaign stops. republican frontrunner business billionaire donald trump taking jabs at the democratic leader, hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton does not have the strength or the stamina to become president. i'm telling you. >> they seem to have forgotten completely about issues and now
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>> matt: according to national polls, it looks like trump and clinton are running away with their respective races right now. the first polls start to close at 7:00, when we'll really start to see how election 2016 is taking shape. >> julie: thank you, matt. our crews will be live at the trump and rubio events tonight in south florida. we'll also have updates on the results as they come in, on air, powered by news 6. >> ginger: well, the driver who police say ran from the scene after hitting an 8-year-old boy on his bike has been caught and is facing charges tonight. news 6 reporter kirstin o'connor is live in the titusville neighborhood where it happened, where that boy was hit. and you were in court today. tell us what happened. >> reporter: well, it was definitely unsettling to watch. the 73-year-old has been in the hospital since the crash that happened at this intersection behind us last week. he was arrested yesterday by
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jail. the 73 yeer -year-old limped into his first appearance this afternoon, five days after he's accused of driving into an 8-year-old boy and leaving the scene. in court, he did not respond to the judge, saying he couldn't hear. >> can you hear me? >> reporter: his attorney was called to the front for clarification. >> judge, the state agrees he has no prior record. the bond schedule is $15,000. that seems appropriate. >> okay. i find probable cause and i'll go ahead and set the bond at $15,000. will you explain that to him, please. >> reporter: we talked with the assistant state attorney gary beaty outside the courtroom who tell us police were not far off the trail from the start of their investigation. >> they actually found him that night. they took him to the hospital before he was brought to the jail. >> reporter: titusville police say he was cleared from the hospital yesterday and that's
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the man could face a maximum punishment of 15 years in prison. the assistant state attorney tells us the hearing problem was not the only confusion. there's also inconsistencies with the suspect's story, what we're putting together for you at 5:00. >> ginger: thank you. >> lisa: a local community is getting results this afternoon. >> ginger: donations are pouring in after a girl scout was robbed outside a deltona wal-mart. >> julie: the 12-year-old's cash box was stolen while selling cookies at the store. crews decided to pitch in after hearing our story last night. news 6 reporter loren korn shows us how they are getting results for this troop. >> reporter: after our story aired last night, we're getting results. deltona residents stepped up and donated hundreds of dollars tolerate girl scout troop after the thief stole all their money while selling cookies here at wal-mart.
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>> reporter: a busy day outside of wal-mart, people giving money to the girl scout troop after deputies say this man stole their cash box sunday afternoon. >> we've had so many people donating and angry about this and opening their purses and helping out. >> reporter: adam alexander says it was a no-brainer to pitch in and help the girls. >> we heard about it and said this is ridiculous. >> reporter: alexander taped up this homemade sign and it didn't take long for people to donate. >> i heard about it this morning when i was taking my grandchildren to school. i thought how can a person do something like that. i thought i'm going to give them something. >> reporter: between donations and the gofundme page the community raised more than a thousand dollars.
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>> reporter: meanwhile, deputies say they're still looking for the crook, along with this woman and child in tow. the group was seen leaving in a gray hyundai sonata fe with georgia tags. >> julie: news 6 will also be donating to the girl scout troop tomorrow from the mix 105.1 show. a representative from the girl scout organization will be there to accept the donation. >> ginger: that guy is the worst cookie monster ever. why would you do that to a girl scout troop? >> lisa: we're just hours away from the return of astronaut scott kelly. he is coming back to earth after a year on the international space station. right now, crews are preparing to close the hatch and say their goodbyes to kelly.
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home to his home planet until 11:30 tonight. we're so excited about this. kelly and a russian cosmonaut served as test subjects on the international space station so scientists can study the effects of space travel on the human body. it's all part of nasa's goal to make sure astronauts can handle a trip to mars. kelly has been very active on social media while in orbit as we all know. we love showing his pictures. he posted some 713 photos from space. worked on 400 experiments, traveled more than 143 million miles and ran about 648 miles on the i.s.s. treadmill, named after stephen colbert, by the way. that's longer -- he's spent longer than any other american in history in space at 340 days. unbelievable. >> lisa: a lot of accomplishments there. i'm surprised he's run so many miles. >> julie: on top of everything
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>> lisa: a lot of people are sharing our support with scott kelly on our facebook page. [reading postings] >> ginger: if you want to join the conversation, leave a meant on our facebook page by going to 6. >> lisa: ahead at 4:00, the fastest car in the world, put to the test. >> julie: then the local bank that turns into a fire battle. >> tom: we're dry as we can be in central florida. take a look at the radar. nothing to track this evening. you know what's on the way, the heat. the heat is on. i'll be back to show you the pinpoint of how hot things are going to be tomorrow. >> ginger: but first, the new discovery about a so-called dog trainer who is really a career criminal. the news 6 investigation, next at 4:00. getting results on news 6 at 4:00 and the news 6 app. keep it right here, we'll be right back.
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>> lisa: tonight growing concerns there may be more victims involved in a news 6 investigation. >> julie: last night at 11:00, we told you the story of a local man claiming to be a dog trainer who works with special needs kids. >> ginger: but investigator mike deforest uncovered he's actually a career criminal. >> reporter: we had already heard from a few people. today i heard from two more who think their dogs may have been abused by someone who was supposed to be training the dogs. abbey walton adores her doberman, which she named cat for short. the 9-year-old who has down syndrome and remission for leukemia needed a trained service animal. so her family purchased the
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to kids' canine, a dog training school run by ryan thompson, seen here on his company's website. >> cat was a happy, healthy puppy. >> reporter: this is what she looked when he sent her to his $3,000 training program. this is what she looked like. she can no longer wag her tail. >> her tail has to be amputated. >> the dog's paws have bloody sores. >> they had to carry her in my house. >> reporter: the family is convinced he was abused while in her car. when we checked with the organizations, they have no record of thompson. then we drove to the address listed on the kids' canine facebook page. it turns out to be the home of the lake brantley rowing club,
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ryan thompson is actually robert ryan freedler, a convicted felony with more than a dozen arrests. he's never been charged with animal abuse, he has served prison time for abusing a child and his girlfriend. >> ginger: that's just an awful, awful story. we understand this guy is in jail, he's locked up? >> reporter: he is right now. it's an interesting story. freedler just got out of prison about three months ago for the domestic violence crime and then about two weeks ago he was arrested again on a probation violation for allegedly trying to contact the victim. so police are now investigating allegations that he may have been abusing those animals as well. >> ginger: we have to hope there's a way to stop this from happening to any animals out there again. great work. thank you, mike. we have put other resources on our website to help you choose a reputable dog trainer. just head to 6 to find the link. it's at the top of the page.
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sorrells is joining us now. once again, another 10 outside. >> julie: it was beautiful. i drove to monte verde today. >> tom: did you really? >> julie: a beautiful drive out there. >> tom: when you get out there and hit the big rise, it's like wait a minute. what's this hill here? it's good stuff. the radar is as clear as it can be in central florida. the only thing i've had to track in the last several hours is a couple of brushfires. the smoke plume showed up over here, on the county line, sprayed the county line along brevard county and volusia county. other than that, i've got nothing to show you. but i do have a bunch of heat. here are the temperatures right now. in melbourne, we're holding at 75 degrees with winds from the southeast at 15. it's 81 in the villages.
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71 degrees at news time. 75 from the cape to cocoa beach, all over, down to melbourne, all over brevard county. you're at 75 degrees along the coast. wind direction and speeds, we've got a wind of about 6 miles per hour from the southwest in orlando. my highest winds are in brevard from the south at about 15. otherwise, we're doing great. here's satellite and radar together. not much in the way of cloud cover. the much heralded and talked about cold front, that's still coming, but look at this. have you seen the cold front ever that was less impressive than this thing. the lows are cranking here. we have snow showers up north from chicago to detroit and big rain through the ohio valley. all the energy is way up north. this extended part down here is barely going to make it in. you see light sprinkles of rain down through louisiana. that's what we're going to deal with. the front will roll in here. it's nothing like the front that came through last week. the front may drop us 4 or 5 degrees but no big explosions. here's 1 in the afternoon tomorrow. a little bit of cloud cover and
4:19 pm
i'm thinking not much happens with this front at all. it comes through with very little fanfare. by thursday, we're back to the good stuff with sunshine and a good weekend ahead. overnight lows for tonight. here we go. 56 in palm coast. 60 in sanford. 62 in orlando. the same in kissimmee. 58 in leesburg and as far as ocala, the low is 54. in orlando, warm, partly cloudy, 62 is the low. here's tomorrow. >> tom: first thing in the morning, the temperature hops to 62. by noon, 77. the daytime high tomorrow is 82 degrees. here's the extended forecast. we hit 82 tomorrow, low tomorrow night, 55. then on thursday, a little bit cooler. so i'm going to say a four-degree drop between wednesday and thursday because of the cold front. then on friday, the high is 78. reinforcing shot of cooler air for saturday. when i say "cooler," i mean back to normal air. that's good stuff. 75 on saturday. sunday, 77.
4:20 pm
so really this is good stuff. >> ginger: not an impressive front but we like it. >> tom: that's the way i like them. it's all good. >> ginger: thank you, tom. >> tom: see you in a few. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> lisa: well, it was also a beautiful day to hit the ballpark today. >> julie: meteorologist candace campos just got back from spring training near the attractions. sounds like another tough assignment for you today. >> reporter: ladies, you guys always give me a hard time. but, yeah, it was a great, great afternoon. the sun was shining and the temperatures were warming up. folks came out in droves. thousands of people came out to wide world of sports in lake buena vista.
4:21 pm
weather. yes, you had to lather on the sunscreen and the grass was looking nice and green but no rain to speak of, barely a cloud in sight. of course, we went around and handed out news 6 gear. what else would we do out there? we spoke with one guy who said right now, it's a snowstorm up in baltimore where he's at and he's happy to enjoy it watching baseball and a t-shirt and shorts. we aim to please in central florida. there. if you're heading out to watch a home game, i've got the perfect forecast heading into thursday. that's our next home games, the braves versus the tigers. temperatures by 3 p.m., 82 degrees today. first pitch at 1:00. same story for thursday. temperatures in the upper 70's. a picture-perfect outlook as well for thursday. overall, it looks like perfect weather for everyone who enjoys
4:22 pm
baseball games. >> ginger: is it just me or do you smell the scent of hot dogs out there? >> reporter: it's me, it's me, it's me. >> julie: candace, thank you. >> ginger: ahead at 4:00, new traffic trouble for google's self-driving car. >> julie: plus hear from the woman captured on surveillance cameras during a powerful tornado. >> lisa: but first, a fireball outside a local bank. what firefighters say about this wild call. >> you're watching news 6 at 4:00, getting results for
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>> lisa: flames growing wildly out of control today at a leesburg bank. >> ginger: leesburg fire/rescue says it started out as a car fire. you can see the flames quickly spreading around the vehicle and lots of smoke. fire crews quickly jumped in and put out the flames. >> julie: for the first time, one of google's self-driving cars caused a crash. no one was injured. but a car hit a bus near google's headquarters in california. according to an accident report, the employee of the car did not
4:26 pm
the bus would stop. still, overall, they have a pretty good record. 17 accidents over the past six years. this is the first one where the car is actually at fault. >> ginger: i'll take those odds all day. >> lisa: i was reading about the accident. it's hard to blame the car because it was one of those wide lanes and it was going to make a right. but there were sandbags in the road and it got back over to the left and there was an oncoming bus which is why they sideswiped each other. >> ginger: it thought the bus would yield. >> lisa: french automaker says their car model can go 260 miles per hour, faster than the bay run model, the world's fastest car in 2013. it plans to make just 500 of the vehicles and they've already sold a third of them. here's the problem. the price tag, from the fast
4:27 pm
>> ginger: not a problem if you can afford it. >> lisa: right, but for you ginger. >> ginger: right. i can only afford the poster of the car. ahead at 5:30, we'll check in at the space coast where the fourth attempt of the launch was scrubbed. >> julie: and a woman's feat rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled by hand? it's what we do. freshly-baked bread and crisp veggies? it's what we've always done. the new rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway.
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every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. >> lisa: heart pounding video. a woman found herself locked outside during a powerful tornado. her powerful story in minutes. >> julie: but first, firefighters tell us a 5-year-old was just pulled from a canal near an elementary school. >> ginger: news 6 reporter jennifer ortega is live there now. we're told other kids flagged down rescuers right after this all happened? >> reporter: that's right. but not a whole lot of information just yet. let me show you what the scene looks like right now. it's been blocked off by a lot of crime scene tape. when we got here, we saw deputies interviewing two young boys. orange county fire/rescue confirmed a 5-year-old boy was
4:31 pm
they responded to the call regarding a near drowning in the canal around 3:30 this afternoon. when rescuers were flagged down by the children, that's when they found out the child was back there. we'll keep you posted on the developing story as we get more information. >> ginger: jennifer ortega reporting live, thank you. jen. >> julie: three scrubs and now a fourth. our team coverage begins with chief meteorologist tom sorrells. but first, news 6 reporter erik von ancken is live on the space coast. we learned the problem today is wind. >> reporter: wind shear specifically. in fact, the c.e.o. of spacex, elon musk, just put out a tweet a half-hour ago. take a look at it. at the bottom of the tweet, you see the squiggly line there. there's a graph that musk put on there to show how bad the wind
4:32 pm
straight up with that rocket. about 10 miles up, the graph shows wind shears around 70 miles per hour. he says, to use his word, "it would slam into his rocket like a sledgehammer." i want to show you a live picture of what it looks like across the river. i'm standing on the causeway in front of the cape canaveral air force station. that is the banana river behind me, and that is launch complex 40 where the rocket is sitting. you can see it's still a little bit choppy out here. the problem is when you go up. 10 miles up, he says he's afraid his rocket would not do well in that. and cbs news space analyst said the wind shear is going to continue for the next couple of days. friday is the day for try no. 5. we'll be out here with you through countdown when they do this again. we'll let you know if it changes, of course. >> julie: thank you, erik. we'll check back in with you later tonight. moving over to chief
4:33 pm
a beautiful day out there but wind is a big issue at the space coast today. >> tom: it really is. it's winds aloft. a 15-mile-an-hour winds coming out of the cape, not a bad deal. a 6-mile-an-hour wind inland. as far as wind gusts go, look at all my empty reports. got a big wind gust of 20 miles per hour at gainesville. at the surface out at the cape, nothing stronger than 15 miles per hour. that would be an easy rocket launch. it's the wind shear aloft that erik just explained, not the winds at the surface. radar closer to home, we've had nothing to track except for a few smoke plumes here this afternoon. i've got no rain, so no problems for the evening forecast. right now, we're at 80, 80 degrees. wow, from leesburg, sanford, to orlando, all of them, 80. 81 in palm coast and 81 in the villages. on-the-town forecast this evening, near perfect. partly cloudy and mild. by 6 p.m., we're down to 76. by 7:00, 75.
4:34 pm
overnight lows for tonight. i'll go ahead and tell you, they're not really low. and then we'll talk about an even warmer day tomorrow. see you in a few. >> lisa: all right, tom. thank you. new questions tonight surrounding a facebook photo showing a dog with its mouth taped shut. >> julie: ginger, you learned daytona beach police are investigating. what have we learned so far. >> ginger: the case is centered on the image you see right there, a dog with blue tape around its mouth. it surfaced on a daytona beach news journal blog site called "let's talk pets." grabbing the attention of local police. daytona beach officers tell news 6 animal control is aware of the post and trying to identify the person responsible for doing this. then they will decide if any charges are to be filed. you may remember back in november in south daytona a similar posting on facebook sparked outrage on social media. this picture went viral and led to a woman being charged with animal cruelty. we'll keep you posted on the investigation.
4:35 pm
full report on 6. >> julie: the ucf downtown campus is a step closer to construction thanks to a private donation the campus received. >> reporter: today's big announcement caps off a busy few weeks of fundraising for ucf's downtown campus. this check right higher, bringing that one step closer to a reality. >> i'm pleased to announce that doctor phillips charities has pledged $3 million toward the construction of a new academic building for ucf downtown. >> reporter: it's the largest single private donation for ucf's downtown campus. on the eve of a presentation in front of the board of governors, it comes when the university needs it most. >> i think it contributes to the momentum we have. >> reporter: the total community support is now $16 million for the campus, short of the $20 million goal for private donations. but president john hitt says
4:36 pm
>> i will feel confident that we could move into the next months with a good chance of getting commitments for that $4 million. >> reporter: the fundraising effort was sparked after governor rick scott vetoed funding last year. since then, the university has worked with the city of orlando to build the campus. it's set to anchor the proposed creative village and reshape the landscape of the amway arena. with support like today's donation, mayor buddy dyer says the new campus is supported this year. >> last year's veto is not reflective of the merits of the particular project. >> reporter: now ucf's focus shifts to the board of governors. the meeting is at the main campus tomorrow afternoon. for now, reporting from the university of central florida. >> julie: the downtown campus is expected to serve 8,000 students. if plans are approved on wednesday, ucf officials say the
4:37 pm
open in the fall of 2018. >> julie: good news for duke energy customers. duke energy says it will reduce its rates because of lower projected natural gas prices. they say customers will notice the difference in their bills this april. prices will drop around 6 bucks for the average residential customer, bringing the total electric bill to around $108 a month. >> lisa: happening now, law enforcement officers across central florida are out in full force and will be for the next several days. >> julie: they're looking for belts. >> ginger: it's all part of the national safety campaign click it or ticket. it runs through march 14th. during that time, deputies, police and troopers will be stationed in locations throughout the area, looking for people not wearing seat belts or kids not secured properly in a
4:38 pm
tickets can range from $114 to $116 depending on the location. and for kids, it's $164 to $166. >> lisa: a woman lives to share a remarkable story of survival. she lives to share the terrifying moments. she was caught outside during an ef-3 tornado. you can see the powerful winds reaching 140 miles per hour, turning this hardware store in louisiana into a mangled mess. now, out of nowhere comes a woman, pulling on the doors, only to find them locked. that was kyra johnson. she had just made her fedex deliveries to the store from the back door when she suddenly looked up. >> i'd never seen the sky swirl so pretty. it was scary but it was great. i held myself to the coke machine, it was not even a holding on. it was just to brace myself. >> lisa: wow, that coke machine fell over after the debris blocks the view. even johnson can't really explain what happens next.
4:39 pm
survival. >> ginger: that story is just -- she said she used her iphone or her phone and she was filming it for a couple of minutes before she realized, wow, something's really happening here. you know, the fact that she survived winds like that without even really bracing, she just kind of parked herself there, she didn't have a scratch on her. >> julie: things could have hit her. that's really incredible. >> ginger: she needs to buy a lottery ticket, like, right now. a lot of excitement tonight over the new season of broadway shows coming to orlando. >> julie: the doctor phillips center for the performing arts announced the line-up. it kicks up with the following line-up. >> julie: i always love that they have such a great mix. and they always have ticket prices at all levels.
4:40 pm
sell out pretty quickly. >> ginger: i've seen it three times. i hope it will be the fourth. >> julie: i'll be there for the little mermaid. >> ginger: ahead at 4:30, why stamp prices are going down and when you'll notice a difference. >> lisa: then where this giant fireball streaks through the night sky. see it there on the left? and what witnesses said after seeing that. >> julie: but first, the household devices that could be compromising your privacy and how you could better protect yourself. getting results in bithlo, mims and all of central florida on
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>> lisa: tonight are you buying access for hackers into your home? >> julie: it's a question we all need to take seriously as the demand for high-tech toys demand. >> ginger: the modern-day gadgets not only entertain us but make life easier.
4:44 pm
dangers, making it easier for hackers to target your family. seems like just about everything is now connected to the internet. like this baby monitoring camera and this refrigerator with cameras built right into the door. toys are also tied to the web. they all have processors that transmit and receive data. it's part of an exploding category of connected devices called the internet of things. >> we're going to have something in the neighborhood of 20 billion of these devices online by 2020. >> ginger: todd beardsley is a tech researcher. he says gadgets that send out information on the internet can also let hackers into your home. last april, a new york city couple was horrified to hear a man talking to their 3-year-old through a web-connected baby monitor. hackers can also invade your privacy just for fun. this website features hijacked
4:45 pm
the world. changing your router's default password is a must. >> you don't have to be a particularly sophisticated hacker to guess the password is the password. >> ginger: once your router is compromised, hackers can learn a lot about you. >> first name, last name, date of birth, a pretty good data set that i can use directly for time or sell it. >> ginger: he says create unique passwords for all your devices and change them often. internet security experts also suggest you check your software updates for all your connected gadgets. they also recommend reducing your attack surface by turning off your devices when they're not in use and resetting them to their original factory setting at least once a year, but you have to update them again. i'm just afraid to leave home anymore. >> lisa: it's overwhelming. >> ginger: the internet of
4:46 pm
>> lisa: tonight must see video of a mysterious fireball flashing across the sky. look at the left side of the screen. this happened in -- all signs point to it being a low altitude meteor that burned up. >> ginger: that is crazy but i love that we have dash-cam video of these things now. >> lisa: back in the day, it was like, "hey, did you see that thing?" >> ginger: this is where we like video on the internet, so we can have access to that sort of thing. not so much your baby monitor at home. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is looking at me strange. what a beautiful day today. >> tom: it's been gorgeous the last several days. it continues. i was really worried for a while that maybe tomorrow might be -- it's looking better all the time.
4:47 pm
>> tom: barbara was out shooting the birds in the surf. >> ginger: getting ready for bike week. >> tom: yeah, man, it starts on thursday, bring it, bring it, bring it. it actually starts on friday, saturday. and leroy shot that one. >> ginger: oh, my goodness. i want that as a screensaver. >> tom: i could probably make that happen. radar is looking good in central florida. no radar echoes or no rain on the way. tomorrow with the arrival of the cold front, i don't think much is going to happen. maybe just a sprinkle or two. that's just about going to do it. our daytime high today did hit 81. tomorrow should be that much warmer. the overnight low drops to 56. i don't think we'll get that cool tonight. the average is 76 and 54. we crushed that. the record is 90 and 32. we got nowhere near either one of those. right now, in daytona beach, 78 degrees, wind support from the south-southwest at 5 miles per hour.
4:48 pm
way into the night. other temperatures, look at all the 81's i've got for you. palm coast, the villages, wow, a bunch of 80's from leesburg to sanford to orlando. 79 in kissimmee. all of brevard county at 75 and new smyrna beach still sitting there at 73. visible satellite image shows the cloud cover for the now. you don't see much in the way of any real clouds here, just broken cloud cover and even in the gulf of mexico, not much going on. we'll widen the view out. there's our cold front marching towards memphis. honestly, the big energy with this cold front is way up north. all the big stuff, all the lift, from the tennessee valley to the ohio valley, all the way into the great lakes, that's where the action is. we don't have any action coming on. we have the cold front dying out. look at the southern part of it. there's not much left of it. the hour-by-hour breakout doesn't call for any big rumbles. there will be no lightning strikes or rocking and rolling. here's the way it looks tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. there will be an increase in cloud cover. it's not going to be picture-perfect and sunny all day tomorrow like it was today. but you're going to see some
4:49 pm
by 2 in the afternoon, here's the location of our frontal boundary, broken cloud cover. maybe a sprinkle. i seriously can't call it totally dry. but it's close to being totally dry. by 9:00 tomorrow, all the action, if there is any, long since gone. as we work our way into thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, it's all going to be good. i'll show you in a moment. let's talk about the overnight lows tonight. daytona beach, 58. 57 will do it in de land. maybe as low as 58 in new smyrna beach. in sanford tonight, 60. 57 in oviedo. we're going 46 in ocala. 50 in the villages and 61 from cocoa to 61 in melbourne and 62 will do it in kenansville. the overnight low tonight in the city beautiful will be 62. here's tomorrow. >> tom: first thing in the morning, it's all good. the sun will be trying to battle through the cloud cover. by noon tomorrow, 77. the daytime high, back to 82. 1 degree warmer tomorrow than we were today. 82 tomorrow. 78 on thursday.
4:50 pm
a reinforcing shot of cooler air for saturday, a high of 75. sunday, 77. >> ginger: i love the lows. >> julie: it all looks nice. >> lisa: thank you, tom. >> if you're on the road and can't check your news 6 weather through one of our three radio chief meteorologist tom sorrells and meteorologist troy bridges 105.9 sunny fm, 101.9 amp radio, and mix 105.1. >> julie: time to check on the afternoon drive for you. this is a live look outside on i-4 at the state road 408 ramps. the cars you see there on the right side of the screen, those are traveling eastbound. traffic, really slow eastbound this afternoon as more people head out the door. expect a slow ride through the downtown area. westbound looking a little bit better, although you're seeing slowdowns as folks are trying to get on the state road 408.
4:51 pm
>> ginger: so are you looking for some weekend plans? news 6 wants to send your family to legoland, free. all you have to do is enter to win. just head to 6 and you'll find the contest right there. you have until tomorrow night to enter. >> lisa: something you don't hear very often. stamp prices are going down. >> julie: ahead at 4:30 why the change is not something the post office is pushing. >> ginger: ahead at 5:00, a man arrested in a hit-and-run that left an 8-year-old boy hurt. why prosecutors say they have questions about the suspect's story. >> lisa: but first, an explosion knocks a firefighter to the ground, sending witnesses running for cover. the source of this fiery battle, a busy gas station. that's next. getting results from lake mary, cocoa beach and all of central florida on news 6 at 4:00 and
4:52 pm
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>> ginger: yikes. a dangerous fire battle in san francisco. a bus burst into flames at a gas station. >> julie: witnesses ordered to stay back as they were on the street. >> lisa: the driver of the bus parked at a pump and got out when he saw smoke coming from an engine. not a place you want to park if you see smoke. according to the investigation, he went inside the gas station store then to call his boss and that's when people inside saw the fire and called for help. >> i told the customers to get out. get out of here, thinking the place might explode. that was more -- that was so much worry about the fire itself but more about the explosion. >> julie: the fire was so intense, several gas pumps, even the lettering on the signs melted. no passengers were on the bus when it caught on fire. >> julie: for the first time in nearly 100 years, stamp prices
4:56 pm
starting april 10th, it will cost you 47 cents rather than the current 49-cent price. the change in pricing is because of a soon to expire contract with congress. they allowed an increase to help the struggling post office to get out of the red. >> lisa: so my investment in forever stamps -- >> ginger: thank you, i don't even know how much i paid for them. >> lisa: you overpaid. >> julie: i can't remember when i actually mailed something. >> lisa: hold on to them because they'll be back. >> ginger: you have to see this story. doggie dental work that will definitely make you smile. his name is wesley. his braces photo shoot is going viral. i can't imagine why. >> lisa: of course it is. >> ginger: after doctors from harbor front hospital for animals says it's not for aesthetic reasons.
4:57 pm
mouth completely. >> julie: i feel like someone is making money off of this. >> ginger: there's a doggie commercial that makes fun of this, like doggie dentures and doggie braces. i feel like we might be taken for a ride on this, but i don't care. >> matt: it can't be a real thing. no way it's a real thing. >> julie: it is a real thing. >> matt: have you ever seen a dog with braces? it's not the real thing. >> lisa: would you pay thousands of dollars to get your dog braces? >> ginger: if it's to help his self-esteem. >> julie: piglet doesn't have great teeth, but a vet mentioned it. >> ginger: matt austin is joining us with the news coming up at 5:00. >> matt: we're staying on top of several breaking stories right now. what we're learning about the moments leading up to a tense standoff with police. and a pedestrian hit by a car near volusia county school.
4:58 pm
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shop anywhere else? pstart maximizing your savings on your entire pbasket of groceries by shopping at walmart. start shopping with walmart's every day low prices today and see what you could save. [r [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> lisa: now at 5:00, an arrest in a hit-and-run crash that hurt an 8-year-old boy. why prosecutors are now questioning his version of events. >> matt: breaking right now, new details on a brevard county suspect shot by police. first, though, breaking news on a near drowning in orange county. we've learned a 5-year-old boy


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