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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  March 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> julie: it's the biggest day yet in election 2016. super tuesday is here. as we look live, marco rubio is waiting for results in miami. we have live team coverage, in moments. >> lisa: also, the fourth time was not the charm for spacex. what is keeping the falcon9 rocket on the ground at the cape for at least two more days. good evening, this is news 6 at 7:00, getting results. i'm lisa bell. >> julie: i'm julie broughton. >> ginger: and i'm ginger gadsden. us. new at 7:00, a family's fight. >> i don't drink, i don't smoke, i don't do anything to hurt my body and this happens. it was really crazy. i'm like, oh, i can't believe this. >> ginger: a mom and her daughter are both coping with cancer and they're not doing it alone. how neighbors and strangers are helping them fight.
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your way in just minutes. uplifting at the same time. moment. we start with the biggest day yet in election 2016. super tuesday results should start coming in at any moment. polls closed just moments ago in georgia, vermont and virginia. in all, 12 states and american samoa are up for grabs tonight. for the g.o.p., 595 delegates will be awarded tonight. half of the number needed to clench the nomination. the biggest surprise, texas with 155 delegates which is do or die for senator ted cruz, the smallest, vermont with 16 delegates. ahead to florida. news 6 reporter eric sandoval is with the marco rubio camp in miami tonight, waiting for the returns to come in. we start with mike holfeld at beach. this could be a big night for the brash billionaire. >> reporter: yeah, if the polls
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and roll for donald trump. good evening, everyone. this has been billed as a 9 p.m. press conference, no rallies, no cheers, just business, politics. take a look with me. lots of press, local press, from south florida, central florida, networks from fox, cbs, all here because when donald trump says there's going to be a press conference, you think about governor chris christie's endorsement. within the last 24 hours, there's been talk of maybe an endorsement from tallahassee. we're thinking about governor rick scott. that's a possibility. in terms of super tuesday if the polls are right, mr. trump should land some big ones. on the stage, you see flags and a placard that says trump on the podium and we expect something besides accepting a big victory tonight will be in the future. a lot of delegates, as you indicated. the sense from the polling so
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texas is a do or die state for ted cruz with the 155 delegates. we'll be live again at 11:00 to fill you in. until then, back to you. >> julie: donald trump will hold a rally in central florida as well, set for saturday at ucf. eric sandoval continues our team coverage on the super tuesday. he's live in miami where marco rubio is hoping to beat the odds. >> reporter: yeah it is going to be an uphill battle for rubio but he says it's not impossible. i want to draw a comparison here for the difference between 6:00 and 7:00. everybody is starting to file in now to the kickoff event here in miami for marco rubio and his florida campaign. i want to show you how long this line is. it winds all the way back here and all the way into the parking lot. a lot of people coming out after work for this rally tonight. i want to show you how many have gathered early this evening to stake their place in line. we talked to a lot of them.
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about rubio winning the primary. many of them made signs supporting him. others brought their entire families. they think donald trump's time is running out and they're ready to have rubio take his place. >> trump might be the leader right now, and winning all the delegates, but today people are going to realize that once we sweep florida and we take florida, people are going to realize who the real leader is, and that's going to be marco rubio. >> reporter: back out here live in miami, you know, somewhere hidden in that crowd there at this equestrian facility is a stage that marco rubio will be standing on. this event is supposed to start at 8:00 tonight. we just got word that the event actually may be delayed until 9:00 because rubio is running a little late coming back from minnesota. these people, though, say they're willing to wait. they're going to be live tweeting what he says.
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comments, coming up on news 6 at 11:00 tonight. >> lisa: going to be a big night, eric. thank you. >> julie: of the other major candidates, senator ted cruz is in texas tonight hoping to win his home state. >> ginger: on the democratic side, former secretary of state hillary clinton is hoping to win big. she's throwing a super tuesday party in miami at the ice palace film studios. this is a live look as her event gets underway. moments ago, the associated press declared her the winner in virginia and georgia. and senator bernie sanders will be watching the returns come in from his home state of vermont. this is video of a rally he held a short time ago in the town of essex junction. >> julie: we'll send out push alerts from our new mexico mobile app and >> julie: in volusia county, a 3-year-old is being treated after an unusual crash. sky 6 flew over the area tonight. ormand beach police say
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to a store on west grenada boulevard leaving her 3-year-old in her suv alone. somehow it shifted into reverse. the child fell from the car and was hurt. the 3-year-old was rushed to the hospital. in orange county an 8-year-old boy was pulled unconscious from a canal at riverside elementary school. jennifer ortega is there. >> reporter: detectives are still out here working the scene. we're told the 8-year-old is in the hospital in critical condition in these last hours. now, we've learned the boy goes to riverside elementary and cutting behind houses and through the canal to get home. this happened around 3:30. deputies say the boy and his friends were playing on a pipe that stretches across the canal when the boy fell off into 3 foot deep water and his friend helped pull him out. >> that's actually his playmate. he plays with him on a day-to-day basis. i'm going to go home and make sure he's okay. >> reporter: what do you think of them cutting back near the
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>> i'm upset about it because he knows it's not a path i told him
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>> ginger: not ideal for a launch today was a picture-perfect day for some baseball. >> lisa: yes, it was. meteorologist candace campos took the pinpoint weather patrol to disney's espn wide world of
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>> reporter: it's been 122 days since we've been able to enjoy professional baseball. this is the first one for the atlanta braves at the wide world of sports at lake buena vista. it was a gorgeous afternoon. the sun was shining, the stadium was packed. there was people lathering on the sunscreen, prepping up the fields and the players were practicing in their short sleeves and everyone was in shorts and sleeves and sunglasses as well. of course, while we were out there we had to give out news 6 gear to folks sitting back and enjoying the baseball game. if you would like to enjoy it, our next game we're going to be pinpointing is going to be on friday, the braves versus the tigers on thursday. temperatures will warm up into the upper 70's, low 80's by the end of the game. ladies. >> ginger: we should go. >> lisa: sounds good. >> ginger: we should do it before work or after or just miss work. in minutes, we'll check in with chief meteorologist tom
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>> lisa: he'll pinpoint the weather where you live, coming up. >> julie: also, astronaut scott kelly will return to earth in just hours. we'll reveal his final tweets from his mission. he's leaving us with an unforgettable image. >> it's just unreal. it's unbelievable. we can't believe this is happening to either of us. >> lisa: the story of a mom and daughter both fighting cancer but fighting together hand in hand. how friends and strangers are lending support. that is all new, next. >> ginger: we're getting results in flagler beach, winter springs and all of central florida here on news 6 at 7:00. and on our free news 6 app. >> julie: during the break, we're streaming live on facebook.
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>> reporter: they call each other their rock for relying on one another to get through this difficult time and their community which is stepping up
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what dena johnson thought was an annoying cough turned into something bigger, a pain in her side, which sent her to the hospital last month. >> i didn't know. it scared me. >> reporter: doctors found a large grapefruit-sized tumor in her lung. it's cancerous. the big c, a scary diagnosis for any family. >> unbelievable. we can't believe it's happening to either of us. >> reporter: daughter and mother. both battling cancer at the same time. penny hawkins was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2014. her tumor came back in january. >> it was really crazy. i was like, i can't believe this. >> reporter: penny is now getting ready for chemotherapy while her daughter prepares for surgery. >> i have to be there for my mom. i have to. i need to get this done and over with so i can be as good as new
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>> reporter: a rock for each other. also stepping up, their hometown of casselberry. their community is raising money through a gofundme page to pay for dena's bills and medical expenses. >> i was worried to death about her because she can't go back to work. you know, she can't work in here and work even when she goes home. it takes a long time to recover. >> reporter: the prayers and support they say are medicine a doctor can't prescribe. helping them both in their battle against cancer. in orlando, amanda castro, news 6. >> julie: amanda, thank you. dena is scheduled to have surgery to remove the surgery on thursday and penny starts chemo next week. >> ginger: your heart goes out to them. you look at it and they're in it together and the community is rallying around them. >> lisa: the support is so important. >> ginger: we wish them the best. right now, scott kelly is a big step closer to his return to
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we brought you the hatch closing live as the station astronaut bid farewell to the two cosmonauts. he spent 340 days in space. in a half-hour, they're due to start final preparations before undocking from the station. it's scheduled at 8:02. the soyuz will fire the thrusters at 10:42 for the deep orbit burn. it will lead to a safe landing in kazakhstan. welcome home. we can't wait to hear what he has to say and see what the experiments are all about. his twin brother is part of the experiment to see the effects of his time in space. >> lisa: just getting results into the soyuz, he tweeted his last picture at orbit and him staring through a window. he says "thanks for following our year in space. the journey isn't over.
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see you down below." >> julie: during his time on the space station, kelly witnessed 10,880 sunrises from orbit. this is his final one, tweeted out as five pictures from kelly this morning. he and his cosmonaut traveled 144 million miles together. i love that picture of him getting ready to -- >> ginger: looking out. >> julie: it makes me feel weepy. i don't know why. tom always shows up with a confused look for whatever we're talking about. >> lisa: that picture will end up in the smithsonian. he's set so many records in space. >> ginger: meet chief meteorologist tom sorrells, everyone. >> tom: it's better than the
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i don't have storm pins this go 'round. he was on the intercoastal today in flagler county, nice. good, smooth water. i like those. and what about this one? >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. radar is clear, the daytime high with the clear skies, no rain, hit 81 degrees. the overnight low was 56. versus the normals. we're not on fire. we're warmer than where we ought to be. it's been a good run the last few days. 68 in pensacola, as far as atlanta, it's 67. it's 67 right now in jacksonville. orlando, 73. 70 in melbourne. 73 in leesburg. other temperatures, 67 in palm coast where all our big photos were from just now. 75 in sanford.
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73 in kissimmee. >> tomorrow, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being awesome, tomorrow's going to be a little more cloud cover. we're going to be dealing with a passing sprinkle, but overall, i think tomorrow is at least a 9 on the sorrells scale. i think it's going to be another day when we're above normal. we get a pretty good day. this cold front doesn't do a lot. this is what it looks like tonight. it's been a huge snowmaker from chicago to detroit. a rainmaker as far as atlanta. the ribbon of activity is just not impressive. where you live for overnight lows tonight, we're going 58 in leesburg. 56 in the villages. 55 in ocala. 56 in palm coast. the official forecast for tomorrow goes like this. temperature reading by noon, hits 77. the daytime high tomorrow is 82 degrees. so, again, it's at least six or seven degrees above normal for this time of year in spots. overnight low tomorrow night, 55. then come thursday, the high is 78. friday, 78.
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shot of cooler air comes in for saturday. but even saturday, the high is 75. so that's very pleasant and right on the money, just about where we ought to be this time of year. tonight at 11:00, i'll have a brand-new model run for the rain chance for tomorrow. right now, just not impressed.
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>> lisa: we'll have all your super tuesday results at 11:00. >> ginger: then the lateshow with stephen colbert. >> julie: colbert says donald trump failed an easy question. >> i know nothing about david duke or white supremacist. you're asking me a question about people i'm supposed to be talking about people i know nothing about. >> i'm just talking about david duke and the ku klux klan. >> it's not like they're muslim or born in mexico. i recently gave some advice to hillary clinton after she could not give a straight answer about whether she'd ever lied to the american people. i said that was the easiest question to answer in politics. i would like to apologize. i was wrong.
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answer in american politics. when someone asks you, "will you disavow the ku klux klan" just say yes and start high 5ing your future cabinets. i can understand where you would want to wait until the end of the sentence. >> lisa: thanks for watching news 6 at 7:00.
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