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tv   News 6 at 4p  CBS  March 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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you wouldn't waste money buying a snow blower in miami. so why waste your money on overpriced lunches? instead, for just three dollars at subway, you can get one of our best 6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> ginger: how did a gun get in the hands of a 6-year-old girl who shot and killed herself by mistake. that answer from police in seconds. >> ginger: then his son pulled from a canal near school. now fighting for his life in the hospital. >> i want my son to come home.
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he says is to blame tonight. good afternoon, everyone. this is news 6 at 4:00, getting results. i'm ginger gadsden. >> lisa: i'm lisa bell. thanks for joining us. >> julie: i'm julie broughton. also ahead, swimmers be aware, where the sharks were spotted off the local coastline and more shots in action in less than 15 minutes. >> lisa: but first, new questions tonight in the heartbreaking details in the accidental shooting of a 6-year-old girl. the fatal shot came from a gun police say was stored unsecured under a living room sofa. now this man, eric williams, is in jail charged with child neglect after her death. troy campbell is joining us live with new information about the suspect and the victim. >> reporter: yeah, that 6-year-old girl, she was in kindergarten here at wick low elementary school. school officials saying the man arrested is the child's uncle,
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that gun loaded and unlocked and also child neglect. >> it's sad, really sad. i feel bad for the parents, for the family. she was such a young little girl. >> reporter: the family of the 6-year-old alyssa burke, posting these photos on social media. remembering the young child. she was killed last night when she got ahold of a handgun underneath the couch, the bullet discharging, hitting her in the shoulder. >> i believe everyone has a right to have a gun, but if you can't be responsible, you shouldn't have a gun. >> reporter: 35-year-old eric williams, baby-sitting her at the time, failing to watch her, and keeping a loaded gun and he was a convicted felon, who shouldn't be in possession of a weapon in the first place. >> it's a very tragic circumstance and really that's where our attention is, to the family and to the fellow students at that school.
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also came to the school today and students this afternoon, they left with a letter to give to their parents. in that letter, advice on how to talk to your young child about this death. we'll have more on how the school district is handling this tragedy later at 5:00. until then, live in sanford, troy campbell, news 6. >> lisa: such an awful story, troy, thank you. >> ginger: retired neurosurgeon ben carson announcing within the last two hours, there is, quote, "no path forward in the 2016 race." >> julie: as for the other presidential contenders, they're back on the campaign trail. super tuesday lived up to its name for donald trump and hillary clinton. and florida u.s. senator, marco rubio, it wasn't necessarily a loss either. earlier he spoke after casting his vote with his wife. he said it was supposed to be ted cruz's night but he beat him in half the states and won minnesota.
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than 25% of the delegates he needs to secure the republican nomination. hillary clinton with more than 40% on the democratic side. we're going to have full recap with news 6 investigator mike holfeld who just got back from miami. that is coming up at 4:30. >> ginger: right now, this young boy is in a medically induced coma. he fell into a canal yesterday near an elementary school. his father says he will now likely have brain damage from the fall. this happened yesterday off of forest city road, east of riverside elementary. news 6 reporter kirstin o'connor is live in orange county. the boy's family blames the county for what happened to him. >> reporter: the father was out here earlier. he's at the hospital now. we've been talking with him, standing by his son. he admits his son shouldn't have been in a no trespassing zone. none of the kids should have been there. he points to holes in the fence, like this one you can see, and
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>> i want my son to come home. >> reporter: the father of the 8-year-old boy who nearly died falling 10 feet into a canal tells us his family is spending every minute they can at the hospital. >> to see tubes in your son is not something you want to wake up and think about. i've got to go down to the hospital and stand by my son. because my son is fighting for his life. >> reporter: we met up with him this morning near the area where the child was trying to cross the canal along a concrete walkway and fell. milton pointed to a large hole in the fence where kids have crawled through. we counted at least four others in nearby gates. >> even though my son did wrong, he would have never did it had the state done its job. >> reporter: they added dirt and sod to fill in gaps. >> we've got a large area we're trying to control with fencing, but kids either cut a hole in
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over it, it's hard to control that. >> reporter: the parents say this problem is not new. >> i've seen them over there standing around the canal by the fence. i've beeped my horn. >> reporter: this is a very busy street around school time, right in the morning and in the afternoon. we actually saw a lot of parents coming down the sidewalk today, saying they normally let their kids walk home from school alone but today they made sure they got their kids home safely. >> ginger: can't really blame them for that. thank you, kirstin o'connor. developing tonight, a slight weather change later tonight. >> lisa: a new front is pushing through central florida. >> julie: chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing exactly what we can see. >> tom: the front is right there, happening right now. the only problem is it's not much of a front. all the energy went up north so we're left behind with not much. look at this radar. there's a front on top of us right now and we're having absolutely no rain.
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see the front is coming through, too. the cold air is pooled up north. 52 in atlanta and 69 in pensacola and 72 in jacksonville. right now, it's 81 in orlando and 81 in melbourne and 77 in ocala. your on-the-town forecast, down to 80 within the hour. 76 at 6 p.m. and 73 at 7:00. coming up, i'll pinpoint overnight lows and talk about the rebound tomorrow which looks weird, considering there's a cold front here. see you in a few. >> julie: all right, tom. thank you. tonight a deadly crash is under investigation in volusia county. you can see this is what's left of that car after it crashed and caught fire. i-4 eastbound was down to one lane earlier today because of the crash. crews are still inspecting the enterprise road bridge for damage. troopers tell us the driver went on to the shoulder and struck the bridge. his car caught on fire and then became fully engulfed. it's a burned-out shell now. the driver was killed. troopers are still investigating the cause of the crash.
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we've got an alert for drivers. this is a crash on i-4 at the florida turnpike. this is causing traffic to slow down through the area. cars are still getting by. here's a look at the drive times for you right now. >> lisa: an allegiant flight that left from sanford had an emergency landing in jacksonville today. it had pressurization issues. flight 758 was heading to indianapolis when it started experiencing problems. it turned around west of savannah and headed for jacksonville. there were 161 people on board, but no one was hurt. the cause of the problem is still under investigation. >> ginger: tonight a once popular store for sporting goods is in financial trouble. >> lisa: sports authority filed for bankruptcy today. >> julie: 140 stores are closing, nearly a third of its
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the bankruptcy had been looming since january when the company said it missed a $20 million debt payment. the bankruptcy filing will allow it to break leases for stores that are losing money. sports authority was once the largest sporting goods retailer but it has struggled with the debt load associated with a leverage buyout a decade ago. there are five stores in central florida. >> lisa: bright colorful lights will soon light up the river and sky at disney's animal kingdom. this is the rendering of what the show will look like. disney says the show will happen on the discovery river in the asia section of the park. it will feature an ancient lantern festival. you can check out the new show, starting april 22nd. >> ginger: that's going to be so nice. all right. this is not a trick question. but would you hand over your
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>> lisa: ahead at 4:00, the popular chain that wants your hands-free for food. >> julie: and consumer reports reveals how much hidden sugar is in your food. the numbers might surprise you. >> ginger: but first, an alert to beachgoers. new video of shark sightings, these guys were discovered lurking right off our coast. >> you're watching news 6 at 4:00, getting results for central florida. >> and join us on facebook during the break. just search for lisa bell at
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>> lisa: new video showing a bird's-eye view of sharks lurking off the volusia county coast. the beachgoer captured this drone footage near the jetty in new smyrna beach. now, we know they're out there. it's just when you actually see
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they've seen baby sharks the last three days, hanging around in the warm water before migrating to the north. we're going to hear more from the beachgoers who snapped these shots for us coming up on the news 6 at 5:30. >> ginger: fyi, baby sharks still have sharp teeth. >> julie: and they have mothers. >> lisa: and daddies. >> ginger: just in time for dinner -- >> julie: it's no secret sugar is lurking in your food. you may be eating more of the sweet stuff than you think and it could be harming your health. food companies toss added sugar into almost three-quarters of all packaged product. this frozen dinner has four teaspoons of added sugar. whole wheat bread can add a teaspoon of sugar in every slice.
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disease and diabetes. >> julie: try to keep your teaspoons to more than 6% of daily calories. even small amounts add up fast. when consumer reports compared similar foods, they found sugar counts vary widely. take cheerios, original cheerios has just a quarter of a teaspoon of sugar in each one and a quarter cup sugar. cheerios protein has more than four teaspoons in the same amount of cereal. this amy's asian noodle stir fry has four teaspoons of sugar but the thai stir friday has less than one teaspoon. >> the type of sugar matters. the natural sugars in fruit, they're not really so much of a problem for your health. what matters are added sugars.
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things like sucrose, dextrose and other added sugars. >> julie: be a sugar sleuth and read labels carefully. sugar on food labels is listed in grams. there are four grams in a teaspoon. >> ginger: i look for sugar and i look for sodium. it's like the things you think wouldn't have sugar, even your condiments, it's loaded with sugar. >> lisa: when you see it in writing, it doesn't hit you as hard as when you actually see the teaspoons. >> ginger: it's not good. chick-fil-a is offering in 150 of its stores a coop, of sorts, not for chickens, but for your cell phone. families who ditch their devices while chowing down will be rewarded with a free ice cream cone. it's called the ice dream cone.
4:17 pm
to create a space for families and friends where they can spend quality time together. and i guess in silence. would you guys go for that? >> lisa: it's a great incentive for adults and kids. >> ginger: sometimes it's the only way you get peace and quiet during a meal. in my former life, i was a marketing person. i would call it a cone of silence. >> julie: this story is buzzing on the news 6 facebook page. [reading postings] >> lisa: you can weigh in on the conversation right now at 6. >> ginger: but i understand when you're at dinner and your kid is pitching a fit and the only way is to get him to settle down is
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>> tom: i've never done that. >> lisa: your kids were younger before cell phones were the thing. >> tom: we had cell phones everywhere. you can't talk to them. you have to take them outside and talk. >> ginger: you did it the rosalie gadsden way. >> tom: look at radar tonight. we have a cold front on top of us. can you believe there's a cold front? >> ginger: no. >> tom: this is the weakest little front ever. it's produced cloud cover but no rain. here's what's happening in daytona beach. i just want to show you. every day i stand here, not that i don't love my gig, i stand here and think, man, if i could get to the beach. 78 degrees right now from daytona beach, wind is from the west at 12 miles per hour. downtown orlando doesn't look too shabby either. 81 degrees in orlando. 81 in melbourne. ocala holding in at 77. it is 76 up there in gainesville.
4:19 pm
daytona beach is gearing up for bike week, already. 78 degrees, i'll show you a storm pin in a minute of bikes that have already arrived. 73 in new smyrna beach. 81 in cocoa beach and 81 again in melbourne. visible satellite, there it is. here's the cold front, right there. the leading edge pushed through to daytona beach and orlando already. we have increased the cloud cover. if you watched us at 6 and 7:00 last evening, i didn't think we would get much out of this. most of you have not even had a sprinkle and it's almost done. satellite and radar shows cloud cover but you do not see rain. i don't think you're going to. here's the futurecast by tonight. by 11:00, frontal zone totally through the area, and no big deal. no big whoopee do. tomorrow, a little bit of cloud cover. we stay warm, even with the passage of the front, the core of the colder air is not here. so we're going to have a good day. futurecast likes to throw in a scattered shower as the reinforcing shot of cooler air
4:20 pm
i think we're going to stay dry into the weekend. here's a look at tomorrow. by noon tomorrow, we're back to 77 degrees with the daytime high, hopping to about 81 or 82 degrees, as if the cold front never really came through. so high tomorrow is 82. overnight lows, 61. high on friday, 79. then the really reinforced shot of cooler air helps us out with a high of only 76 on saturday. but that 76 on saturday, that's normal for this time of year. come sunday, the high is 77. monday's high is 79. >> ginger: i was going to say it seems early for 82. >> tom: it is a little early. it's 5 to 6 degrees above normal. >> ginger: thank you, tom. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> julie: here's a live look outside on i-4 at kaley. cars on the left side of the
4:21 pm
traffic is already slow here at 4:20. do expect a slow ride through the downtown area, especially heading out on i-4. now westbound lanes through the area is looking much smoother and up to speed. here are your drive times for you. >> lisa: news 6 is giving you and your family a chance to get up close and personal with tons of legos. we're giving away four tickets to legoland. if you want to win, it is easy to enter. just head to 6. you'll find the contest there. you have until tonight to give you and your family a chance to win. >> ginger: that's awesome. ahead at 4:00, a first for a local sheriff's office. >> julie: then the new trend in this year's brand-new list of the world's richest people. plus -- >> scott kelly, back on mother
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>> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet. take us with you. >> julie: tonight a milestone for the volusia county sheriff's department. >> ginger: karen pearce was promoted to rank of sergeant, making her the first black female to be appointed to the department. >> lisa: in 2012, she was named deputy of the year. she's also currently serving in the u.s. army reserves. >> ginger: congratulations to her. forbes is out with its annual list of the world's richest people. and for the 17th time, microsoft found
4:26 pm
warren buffet remained in third, even after his net worth dropped 11 billion. he lost $11 billion and still worth $60 billion. the u.s. had the most billionaires but the china had the most newcomers. the first who made the biggest leap on that list is mark zuckerberg, who went from 16 to 6th. not too shabby. >> julie: speaking of rich, the jackpot is growing and time is running out to get your powerball ticket. tonight's jackpot is estimated to be worth $292 million. if you go with the lump sum option, it's $192 million before taxes. the only place to see tonight's drawing live is here on news 6. it will happen at 10:59, right before news 6 at 11:00. >> lisa: it's funny to think $292 million is worth nothing to millionaires. >> ginger: a huge step to stop teen smoking.
4:27 pm
raise the legal age and why it has so many people talking on facebook. >> julie: and the mystery black box that has florida police on alert. how it's helping crooks break a code into your car. >> lisa: and former presidential candidate mitt romney wants to talk election 2016. the details are next. getting results in ocoee, and
4:28 pm
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>> ginger: just in, talk of a big announcement for election 2016. >> julie: and it's coming from former republican candidate mitt romney. >> lisa: he has something to say about the race for the white house and will do so tomorrow from salt lake city. he has expressed his concern over donald trump in the last following days. following his big win over super tuesday. mike holfeld is joining us now. >> reporter: it was fascinating. chandeliers, big room, unbelievable. trump chose a setting with chandeliers, a state filled with
4:31 pm
he was subdued and ready to claim the g.o.p.'s coveted crown. on his way to taking seven states in the much-anticipated super tuesday showdown, donald trump waved a political rally to take his case directly to the press. his pitch, he could be the unifying voice of the g.o.p. >> i think we're going to be more inclusive, more unified. and i think we're going to be a much bigger party and i think we're going to win in november. >> but candidates cruz and rubio are not reading the script that way. >> reporter: backed by major contributors, rubio launched an ad offensive, targeting trump's awful response to the david duke endorsement and his ties to the k.k.k. >> they're going to put 20 or $25 million into it over the next two weeks, from what just came over the wires. frankly, i think that's just fine.
4:32 pm
disavowing david duke, the ads have been airing non-stop, to raise his lead. trump is shrugging off the establishment's resentment. >> if i'm coming in the worst, second in the two or three i might not win. we're a democracy. it's awful hard to say it's not the person we want to lead the party, right? >> julie: but still the republican party is very fractured. there's a good chance it could be a brokered convention despite trump winning as much as as he has. >> reporter: if he doesn't hit the 1237 delegate count, the anti-trump could rock the g.o.p. in july.
4:33 pm
florida's primary march 15th, 99 delegates. the winner takes all. rubio loses that and it's all over for rubio and trump is on his way. >> ginger: we have to wonder what romney is going to be talking about tomorrow. >> lisa: it's all about the math at this point. for a complete voter guide about information about early voting, the candidates and more, visit, powered by news 6. you'll find it right on the home page. >> julie: right now the cause of a deadly mobile home fire in polk county is under investigation. polk county sheriff's office is trying to figure out what caused the fire on old polk city road. a driver saw the flames and called 911 around 1 a.m. two bodies were found inside the home once the flames were extinguished. their identities have not been released. the state fire marshal is investigating the cause of the fire. >> ginger: just in tonight, zika
4:34 pm
announcements will soon hit airwaves across the state. the florida department of health says the short clips are to inform us on how to stay effective and warns us at what's at stake. >> it's been more than 50 years that something was identified on a broad level. as far as we know, never before has there been a mosquito-borne cause of a severe fetal malformation. the link to another disease looks fairly certain. >> ginger: they're talking about a condition when the immune system attacks the nerves. he also said the cases in puerto rico are doubling every week. as of this afternoon, in florida, the number of zika sits at 44. all of them are travel-related. >> reporter: right now, we cannot complain about the
4:35 pm
it was very warm and dry out there. >> julie: an absolutely beautiful day to hit the beach. right up the coast in volusia county. sky 6, we don't have video of it, but it was very exciting. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining you with the pinpoint accurate weather forecast. we were going to talk about dolphins. >> lisa: apparently there were dolphins and there were sharks earlier. >> tom: take a look at radar right now. i don't have any radar echoes to look at, which is really weird considering the fact the cold front is right here, right on top of us right now. the frontal zone is right about right here. the pre-frontal clouds have built up. there's a little cloud cover in central florida. there's no rain. the visible satellite backs out and shows how clear it is once the front moves through. it's clear way back out west. temperatures are doing great, considering the clouds are here and so is the front. 76 in gainesville. 76 in leesburg. 80 in sanford and 81 in orlando and 82 out at the cape. in palm coast right now, you're
4:36 pm
the on-the-town forecast this evening, by 6 p.m., we're down to 76 degrees. by 7:00, the reading will be 73. no worse than partly cloudy. i'll be back to pinpoint the overnight low and talk about how warm things are going to be tomorrow. >> lisa: tom, thank you. continuing our pinpoint coverage down to street level. >> ginger: meteorologist candace campos joins us live. she's in winter garden. >> reporter: hello, ladies. it's a beautiful day. we're pinpointing around town. we're overlooking lake apopka right now. it's a gorgeous day. temperatures when we first arrived here an hour or two ago was in the low 80's. things are starting to cool down into the upper 70's. it's a gorgeous, gorgeous day, plenty of sunshine still. and if you weren't able to get out and enjoy it today, not to worry, we're in store for another great-looking afternoon for tomorrow. let's pinpoint the forecast down to street level. in winter garden it's also very breezy this afternoon, as you can tell.
4:37 pm
going to be in the upper 50's. a very mild, dry evening, still with mostly cloudy skies. the front starts to make its way in. by tomorrow, the sunshine returns and temperatures will quickly rebound back into the low 80's. the good news is we're not going to be seeing much in the way of rain for tomorrow. if you have any outdoor plans, you should be good to go. >> ginger: candace, thank you. a piece of debris believed to be from the missing malaysia airlines nice was found on the coast of mozambique. it's in the middle of africa's east coast and the west coast of australia. it's a piece of horizontal stabilizer skin, part of the aircraft's tale. it was discovered by an american tourist and a local fishermen on a sand bank in mozambique. the flight disappeared two years ago this month and is the only known missing 777. the wreckage is being transported to malaysia as part
4:38 pm
>> lisa: in just hours, the plan to get a permanent homeless shelter off the ground in daytona beach will go front and center before local lawmakers. the clock is ticking as well. come tomorrow, an offer by volusia county city councilmembers are set to expire. they're standing by their plan to offer land and $4 million, going to the construction of a new 250-bed homeless shelter west of daytona beach. but daytona beach city councilmembers want the county to spend an additional $2 million over five years for operating costs. the deadlock comes after dozens of people had to be moved into a temporary shelter after camping out in front of a county building for weeks. the meeting is tonight. we'll let you know what happens. >> julie: another big city took another step to prevent teens from smoking. san francisco boosted the legal age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21. the city is the second largest behind new york to raise the minimum age.
4:39 pm
june. >> lisa: i just checked our facebook page. not a lot of comments on this yet but lots of people have liked this story right now. >> ginger: yeah, i guess anything to help delay kids smoking is a good thing. if you're going to smoke, you're going to do it. if it's now or later, we just wish it didn't happen. do you think florida cities should follow suit? if you want to share your opinion about this story, leave a comment on our facebook page at 6. >> julie: inspections of royal cripple -- royal caribbean's anthem of the sea. it was cut short in another voyage due to storms because of another severe weather policy. the same cruise ship last week sailed into a storm that forced passengers to stay in their rooms for about 12 hours. >> ginger: any minute now, astronaut scott kelly will fly back home to houston after an
4:40 pm
today kelly spoke interest his unprecedented year in space after returning to earth last night. after all, his mission may soon pave the way to a trip to mars. scott kelly gave a thumb's up last night, moments after landing in kazakhstan. >> the first thoughts back on earth after a year? >> the cold air was amazing. >> and lift-off, a year in space starts now. >> ginger: last march, kelly flew to the international space station and carried out, among other things, countless experiments to study the effects of long duration trips in space. he spent an unprecedented 340 days in orbit. the same number of days it would take to get to mars. >> i'm definitely encouraged on our ability to go even longer. i kind of -- even though i looked forward to coming home and there's things that i miss, i felt like if it was for the right reason, i clearly could have stayed.
4:41 pm
he admitted space is a harsh environment. >> for instance, having no running water. it's like i've been in the woods camping for a year. >> ginger: during his mission, he flew more than 143 million miles, made more than 5400 orbits around the earth and saw 11,000 sunrises and sunsets. along the way, he's had plenty of fun and flooded his social media with incredible pictures of our planet. now, kelly beat his closest u.s. contenders in terms of time in space by 125 days. the world record of 436 days in space was set by a russian doctor in the 1990's. >> lisa: i have to imagine he's a little jet lagged. >> ginger: you knew the press was going to be there so you can't say i don't want to talk now. he also got 2 inches taller in space. there's no gravity and his spine just stretched.
4:42 pm
he was hoping to be taller than his brother when he comes back. >> lisa: if we go to space, we could all be potentially supermodels. >> ginger: i'm not going to space. i'm tall enough. you can find the latest on his final leg of the journey on 6. it explains why aliens are so tall. >> lisa: are they? >> ginger: i guess. speaking out about something considered a silent killer in women. >> lisa: the new findings, concerns and major obstacles ahead in the fight against ovarian cancer. >> julie: but first, the same technology making it easy for you to get into your car is also making it easy for criminals, too. the new warning about this
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
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>> lock, unlock, regular. everyone has this nowadays. violent times, you know. >> lisa: it's the same technology that allows you to lock and unlock, makes it easy for criminals as well. we're talking about a new warning. how thieves are able to break into your car. >> ginger: yeah, they could be using your electronic car key or fob to break in without you knowing about it. they're using a secret device? >> julie: that's right. you can see how thieves are using a mystery remote to unlock doors. it's a device that emulates a car key. the keyfob constantly emits a signal, even in your house or pocket. it's really a power amplifier that boosts your key's signal and pops your locks without ever knowing. no one has been caught by law enforcement using one of these remotes, but the bureau says thieves are doing it. >> it's a whole thing you really wouldn't know.
4:47 pm
they're having a hard time with it. >> julie: so what can you do? some are wrapping their keyfobs or putting them in a microwave or freezer. >> ginger: that doesn't sound safe. >> lisa: this is happening in central florida because our security guard here at the station was at a gas station and the very thing happened to her. someone got in her car and stole her purse. >> ginger: it's really scary. it's national read across america day. it is to honor the late writer dr. seuss. in honor of dr. seuss' belated birthday, starting tomorrow the orlando science center is hosting a party through sunday. we posted a link about the event inside the dr. seuss story. spread the word and share it with your friends on
4:48 pm
>> lisa: your favorite dr. seuss book? >> ginger: there are so many of them. >> julie: i like green eggs and ham. although it's a workout reading those out loud over and over and over again. >> ginger: people are sharing their favorite dr. seuss books right now. [reading postings] >> julie: share your favorite at 6. i love all those book clubs. they still do those where you can get books in the mail and kids think it's so exciting. >> ginger: extra points if you
4:49 pm
>> ginger: chief meteorologist tom sorrells. we know your name. >> tom: sometimes you don't. sometimes you look at me and you look blank. >> lisa: we love you. >> tom: that's all that matters. it's been a beautiful day in the neighborhood. no, no, no rain, though we had the clouds. i keep waiting for sprinkles. there's not much going on. right now in orlando, we're at 81. 81 in melbourne and 76 degrees in leesburg. kind of breezy, too, with winds from the west at 17 in orlando right now. take a look at other temperatures across the area. 77 in ocala. 77 in the villages and 80 in sanford. down along the coast, 82 at the cape. 81 from cocoa beach to melbourne and 78 in daytona beach. almost time to get the cycles running and get out there. today we did it, 1 degree warmer than we were yesterday in the afternoon. 4 degrees cooler in the villages
4:50 pm
it in with the cloud cover. a little cooler air in spots. not everyone is seeing it yet. but you will. visible satellite image is showing you exactly where the front is. it's worked its way in across the panhandle and into the viewing area right now. the pre-frontal cloud cover doesn't amount to a whole lot. we're not firing up any showers, no lightning, no rain. we back it out here on the infrared shot. we're clear from atlanta to jackson, mississippi as well. there's no big axe ction with this. no fanfare. by 8 a.m., tomorrow morning, remnant clouds. we'll call it partly cloudy to clear during the overnight. through the day tomorrow, a whole lot of sunshine. watch this, futurecast likes to squeeze out a shower as the real cold air comes in on friday. when i say "real cold air," it's
4:51 pm
it's not a big deal at all. i don't think it's going to sprinkle then either. the weekend things remain the same. overnight low, 58 will do it for you in daytona beach and 57 in sanford and 56 in ocala. going 58 in the villages and 56 in leesburg. along the coast tonight in titusville, you drop to 60. and 60 will do it in the city of cocoa. here in orlando, we're going 56 degrees for the overnight low. here's tomorrow. first thing in the morning tomorrow, temperature reading will be about 60. then we warm to a daytime high of 82. we do 79 on friday. then saturday's daytime high is 76. 77 on sunday and we're dry. come monday the high is 79 degrees. there's not a drop of rain in my extended forecast. bike week is awesome. there have been times i was not
4:52 pm
this is primo. >> if you're on the road and can't check your news 6 weather app, you can now get updates through one of our three radio partners all day long. chief meteorologist tom sorrells and meteorologist troy bridges are pinpointing your weather on 105.9 sunny fm, 101.9 amp radio, and mix 105.1. >> julie: ahead at 4:00, what is your biggest consumer complaint? >> lisa: we reveal the no. 1 gripe and why it's bucking a 15-year trend. and ucf's big plan for a downtown campus gets the go ahead from state leaders. the reaction from orlando's mayor. >> ginger: but first, new findings in the fight against ovarian cancer. why doctors now suggest it's not a single disease and how that's changing the way patients may tackle treatment. getting results in lake mary, oviedo and all of central
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
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>> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet. take us with you. >> ginger: tonight a new health revelation about ovarian cancer. >> lisa: it's a complication of different types of cancers involving the ovaries. >> julie: it's a big step
4:56 pm
knowing where to look for the cancers can help them find it earlier and specialized treatments. with that being said, the report reveals the different types of cancers usually start in the uterus or fallopian tubes. about 20,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year. it's the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths among women. scientists say understanding these cancers are critical from understanding more cancers. >> ginger: consumers are now calling debt collectors their biggest complaint. identity theft tops the national ranking of consumer complaints for 15 years, but now they say it's debt collectors who have taken the top spot for 2015. they made up 29% of consumer complaints last year, followed by identity theft with 16% of complaints. i can agree with that. >> matt: that would be a tough job, though, being a debt
4:57 pm
>> julie: we've done stories on those who have not said nice things when they call. >> matt: i'm sure there are good ones out there. >> ginger: look at mr. glass half full. matt austin is joining us now with the stories coming up at 5:00. >> matt: it's a story we've been following for days. hundreds of dollars stolen from a 12-year-old girl scout. now news 6 is helping get results. how supporters are helping the girl scout troop recover their losses and maybe even more than that. i love this story. and we're following a sad story, though, in sanford. a 6-year-old girl, shot and killed. police are just calling this a terrible accident. new for 5:00, how the school the girl went to is now handling a very tough situation. we're getting results on news 6 at 4:00 and the news 6 app. you can see live out here in daytona beach, another gorgeous day. we'll be right back.
4:58 pm
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