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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  March 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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company.] >> i got to go down to the hospital and stand by my son. because my son is fighting for his life. >> julie: as he waits for his young son to wake up after nearly drowning, that father is demanding action and answers. what he wants the county to do to keep other kids safe. >> ginger: plus orange county has pledged millions of tax dollars to fight homelessness. why much of the money may not have helped people get off the streets. good evening, everyone, this is news 6 at 7:00. i'm ginger gadsden. >> julie: i'm julie broughton. >> lisa: and uber is launching new attacks ads, taking on tallahassee. they say the ride-sharing service -- why the ride-sharing service says local lawmakers and leaders are in the pocket of taxi giant
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we'll have more and the big debate, coming up. >> julie: but first, a breaking traffic alert causing big problems in downtown orlando. sky 6 is live over i-4 and eastbound parr street. the back-up reportedly stretches all the way back to the turnpike. orlando firefighters tell us construction debris fell out of a truck. they aren't sure what it is, but we saw crews hosing it down. sky 6 photojournalist dave sprung is live over the scene. what else can you tell us? >> >> reporter: the hazmat unit was out and they had the suits on. it's causing a big problem at the end of the rush hour drive where they have i-4 closed down. the headlights stretch for miles and miles, back to the turnpike. eastbound i-4, not a good ride tonight. stay away from this as long as you can. it's going to take quite a while for the roadway to recover.
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we're following right now, an 8-year-old boy is fighting for his life, one day after falling 10 feet into a canal. now his dad is demanding answers and action to keep it from happening to someone else's child. it happened on forest city road east of riverside elementary school. other parents tell news 6 reporter kirstin o'connor they have seen kids playing in this very same area before. >> reporter: the father of that 8-year-old boy still recovering in the hospital admits his son shouldn't have been in a no trespassing area but points to holes in the fence still out here like this one, saying the county needs to take some responsibility. >> i want my son to come home. >> reporter: the father of the 8-year-old boy who nearly died falling 10 feet into a canal, tells us the family is spending every minute they can at the hospital. >> seeing tubes in your son is not something you want to wake up and think about. i have to go down to the hospital and stand by my son because he's fighting for his life. >> reporter: we met up with him
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the child was trying to cross the canal along a concrete walkway and fell. milton pointed to a large hole in the fence where kids have crawled through. we counted at least four others and nearby gates. >> even though my son did do a wrong, he would have never have did it had the state been on their job. >> reporter: they doubled up sections of the fencing and added dirt and sod to fill in gaps. >> we've got a large area we're trying to control with fencing, but kids either cut a hole in the fence, climb under it, climb over it. it's hard to control that. >> reporter: but parents picking their kids up from riverside elementary school say this problem is not new. >> i've seen them standing over by the canal, by the fence. i've beeped my horn. >> reporter: if you see areas in a fence like this that are open, give them a call at 311 and they'll have a crew out here to repair it in as least as 24
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>> julie: in seminole county, grief counselors are helping elementary school students cope with the loss of a classmate. a 6-year-old killed in an accidental shooting. as police try to figure out how the gun got into her hands, the girl's uncle is facing charges. it happened last night inside a home near county road 46-a. the girl was a student at wicklow elementary school. the school sent home a letter to the parents about the death of the 6-year-old child. she found a loaded gun underneath a couch. her uncle, eric williams, is charged with child neglect, not securing a weapon and having a firearm as a convicted felon. >> it's sad, really sad. i feel bad for the parents. for the family. she was such a young, little girl. >> reporter: williams is being held without bond. he's scheduled to be in court tomorrow afternoon. >> ginger: uber is fighting hard in tallahassee. it wants lawmakers to block cities like orlando from
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than traditional taxis. justin warmoth shows us how the fight is getting nastier but it could save you money. >> reporter: uber's reps are trying to work things out with the senate. nothing is agreed on. meanwhile, uber is going nuclear. >> the attack ads against the senate president andy gardner linking them to meres taxis are getting attention in tallahassee but according to state representative simmons, it's not helpful. >> how can that be helpful trying to solve this issue. >> reporter: the issue for him is uber's insurance company. he wants ride-sharing companies to have more. >> we want to make sure the law keeps up with technology and make sure the people of the state of florida are protected. >> reporter: uber agreed it needs more insurance but it
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tape and leave the regulations to the state. that's what the state wants, too. >> unfortunately we can't even get a vote in the florida senate on that issue. >> reporter: the senate bill requires uber to pay more insurance but does not stop cities from regulating uber at all. the way they are, they'll both die and no one will get the results they want. but not all hope is lost. >> reporter: would you consider a compromise? >>
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>> lisa: news 6 was there in november of 2014 when florida hospital pledged $6 million to get results inspired by large pledges from the city of orlando and orange county.
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later, orange county's mayor and the county commission just learned much of the $7 million already spent may not be helping to solve the problem. news 6 reporter amanda castro looks at why. >> reporter: orange county is spending millions of dollars this year on programs that help end and prevent homelessness. the report just released today brakes down what it's doing right and what it needs to improve on. >> reporter: the report found almost half of the $7.7 million that goes toward homeless prevention programs may not actually help the homeless. >> the money wasn't wasted, it just wasn't focused in a housing for the homeless program and that's something orange county is going to take a hard look at. >> reporter: county leaders say the money helped financially struggling families, particularly during the recession. the funds recently shifted to solving the long-term homeless problem. >> we're going to look at how we restructure and ensure the funding that is there for crisis
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supposed to. the funding that is there for homeless prevention works as it's supposed to. >> reporter: mayor teresa jacobs says it's ultimately her responsibilities to make sure the money is spent appropriately. >> it's extremely important that we spend those dollars as effectively as possible. >> reporter: the report says not all of the programs are tracking the people they help. and suggests they start keeping that data. it also states the county should shift its focus on transitional housing to a more permanent solution. >> there will always be a need for some shelters because there's always going to be situations where we can't get somebody in immediately. in to housing. but i don't see that expanding. >> and making sure every dollar is helping our most vulnerable neighbors in need. >> now we've got to make sure every resource is aligned with those steps and we're getting the most money to help so many families in need. >> reporter: in orange county, amanda castro, news 6.
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tonight, the retail chain sports authority is declaring bankruptcy and closing 140 of its stores. we know eight of those stores are in florida. four in central florida. according to the wall street journal, the local locations include one across the street from daytona international speedway and one across from melbourne square mall. a store on colonial and west orange county and a sports authority across the street from waterford lakes town center in east orange county. no word yet on when the stores will shut down or how many local people are losing their jobs. >> lisa: well, you may be smelling or seeing smoke in volusia and seminole counties tonight. >> julie: it's nothing to be worried about. sky 6 flew over the huge-looking brushfire in the osteen area near state road 415 and the st. johns river. it's a controlled burn aimed at preventing brushfires and helps renew the ecosystem. >> lisa: no smoke in windemere, just warm weather. >> ginger: that's a good thing because that's where meteorologist candace campos took the pinpoint weather
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>> reporter: we're here on our last top on the pinpoint weather road trip. we're in windemere after visiting winter garden and ocoee. we're at r.d. park overlooking palmer lake. temperatures topped off today in the low 80's. if you weren't able to enjoy the weather, today, not to worry. look at what's in store. temperatures tonight will be cooling down, very mild, into the upper 50's, mostly cloudy skies. by tomorrow, the sunshine comes out and temperatures are going to be warming up very quickly back into the low 80's. i'm news 6 meteorologist candace campos. back to you. >> lisa: and in minutes, chief meteorologist tom sorrells will pinpoint changes coming to the weather whether you live. >> julie: also viewers are spotting hundreds of sharks off the coast of one city, but is there danger in the water? what we've learned about this swarm. >> ginger: plus disney announces new details in its plan to keep locals and tourists well into the night at animal kingdom.
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rivers of light will debut and why the show is unique. >> lisa: we're getting results in merritt island, casselberry and all of central florida here on news 6 at 7:00 and our free news 6 app. >> and join us on facebook during the break. just search for me at broughton
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>> screamed at them and they got really scared and ran away from us. >> julie: we spotted the two surfers darting the other way after feeling the sharks in the shallow water.
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scary, lemon sharks are not a threat to people. >> lisa: i am scared to see them. >> julie: it's no big deal say my friends. >> lisa: we also cover shark bites on this station. >> ginger: yes, we do. >> lisa: after more than three years of planning and construction, disney posted new images of what we can expect, two of the story tellers tell a grand show on the water and in the air, complete with lasers and fountains and mist stream projectors. >> ginger: with disney, it's always go big or go home. at this time of year, all the parks have festivals to lure in
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>> julie: epcot debuted its 23rd annual international flower and garden festival. this is video from last year. in addition to topiaries and plant displays, the party features food sampling and outdoor kitchens. it runs through may 30th. >> lisa: the flower and garden festival is incredible. it's year-round, constantly growing everything. everything is bobby pinned into place. >> julie: really? >> lisa: yeah, and it's all live. >> tom: it's like prom night for the flowers. >> lisa: it really is. >> ginger: chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us. you have a beautiful view of the weather. >> tom: look at the beautiful storm pins i got for you. frank in daytona beach loves the
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this is from clermont. >> ginger: i like what he did there. >> tom: shooting from the windshield of the car, splitting the lights and all that. good stuff, from >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. radar tonight, we don't have any radar echoes. i know a lot of you were talking about the smoke. we had a smoke plume on there earlier, there it went, right from there. it's gone now because the fires seem to be calming down. how did we do today? we hit a daytime high of 82 in orlando. the overnight low this morning was 58. normals this time of year are 76 and 54. the record is 90. it was warm but we were eight degrees away from a record. we didn't get anywhere near that. other daytime highs, we tagged 79 in ocala, 78 in gainesville and 81 in daytona beach and 83 at the cape and 83 in melbourne. in kissimmee, you maxed-out at 81 degrees. where are we now? temperatures are starting to drop on down. here's daytona beach.
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in orlando, 71. 73 in melbourne. and in ocala, we have dropped to 66 degrees. 70 in leesburg and 74 in cocoa beach and 65 right now in palm coast. okay, today was a 9. because of the cloud cover and the risk of some sprinkles. tomorrow, less cloud cover, no risk of rain, so tomorrow is a big fat 10 on the sorrells scale. >> tomorrow, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being awesome, tomorrow's pretty awesome. the front dissolves on top of us, brought us the cloud cover but no rain. water vapor shows the moisture. you see the black mixed in here, the dark colors, all of those, it's the dry air aloft. it's going to gobble away our rain chances. on friday, futurecast likes to bring in a chance for rain. the pool of cooler air shows up and not much changes. overnight lows tonight are okay. down to 45 in ocala. 53 in daytona beach and 61 in melbourne. in orlando tonight, two degrees cooler than we were this
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here's tomorrow. first thing tomorrow morning, 58. partly cloudy, cool, 77 at noon. the daytime high tomorrow hits 82 degrees. on friday, just a little bit cooler at 79. then on saturday, 76. come sunday, the daytime high is 77 degrees. coming up tonight at 11:00, i'll have a brand-new model run. we'll talk more about friday and whether or not we get the sprinkles then. >> lisa: sounds good. >> julie: powerball fever is spreading again. you have a chance to turn $2 into $292 million. >> ginger: ticket sales run until 10:00. you still have time. >> julie: the only place to see the winning numbers drawn live
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>> julie: a local family has a warning for pet lovers. they boarded their dog molly when they left on vacation. when they came back, she was gone. >> i'm very mad at her, she killed my dog. >> julie: what you need to know
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boarding facility's care, tonight at 11:00. >> lisa: after news 6 at 11:00, stay tuned for "the late show with stephen colbert". >> ginger: colbert says there's a potential bombshell revelation from hillary clinton's childhood. >> it is being widely reported there's solid photographic proof linking hillary clinton to a known terrorist organization. an editor in politico was tipped off in hillary clinton's book "living history" she included this picture of her family in 1959 with their cat isis. right there. right there. in print! that's right. hillary clinton's childhood cat was named isis. this is a little shocking political pet news since jimmy carter revealed his cat's name was ayatollah cat-maine.
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possibility that isis named themselves after hillary clinton's cat. we just don't know yet. but it does make sense, if you don't think about it. cats have a lot in common with isis. they're both ruthless killers who poop in the sand, one would assume. a lot of sand out there. and both isis and cat have flooded the internet with recruitment videos. >> ginger: i love that video. tonight, don't miss "the late show with stephen colbert" after the news at 11:00. >> julie: a reminder we're dealing with big traffic problems on i-4. i-4 eastbound at parr shut down. delays extend past the turnpike. avoid the area if you can. thanks for watching news 6 at 7:00. >> ginger: "inside edition" is next.
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erin andrews' trial shocker. >> reporter: outrage after a waitress says she saw a hotel executive looking at the peephole video over din we are friends. >> the you have the video on your cellphone? then the night they roasted donald trump. >> it's pronounced huge. >> could he really take a joke? >> you disappointed more women than sex and the city 2. and, lady gaga and the former bachelor already


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