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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  March 3, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> his young niece found a gun and accidentally shot and killed herself while this convicted felon was baby-sitting. in moments, why he could walk out of jail anytime now. >> julie: also a tragedy that has you asking questions after two toddlers drowned in a filthy backyard pool. no one is facing charges and no one ever will, that reason, coming up. >> ginger: good evening, this is news 6 at 7:00, i'm ginger gadsden. >> julie: i'm julie broughton. >> lisa: i'm lisa bell. on the map, he says because donald trump is planning on rally at ucf. how the campus is working to keep it safe for the candidate, supporters and protesters, in minutes. >> julie: we'll have that coming up in just a few minutes. but first, we start with updates
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first, a race to save lives in brevard county. firefighters rescued three people after this truck flipped into a ditch. it happened along corner road in cocoa late this afternoon. one teen was thrown from the pickup truck bed but the driver was so badly trapped in the wreckage there, rescuers had to use airbags to help pull that person out. he was flown to the hospital. troopers tell us everyone will be okay. >> lisa: more breaking news in volusia county. deputies say this man and his sister are the ones who snatched cash from the girl scouts, selling cookies this week. this is an older mugshot for the man. they say his sister, ashley wenters, see seeing in the surveillance video at the wal-mart in deltona moments before sunday's robbery. deputies say the man is the man seen on camera, grabbing a cash box from the scouts at the wal-mart in deltona and took off in a car with his sister and small child. news 6 reporter jennifer ortega
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on the crime and the suspects. look for her report tonight at 11:00. >> ginger: developing at 7:00, the man charged after his young niece accidentally shot herself to death could get out of jail any moment now. news 6 was there as the judge set bond at $20,000 for eric williams. reporter troy campbell tells us strangers are now trying to help this grieving family. >> reporter: with the child's uncle facing charges for keeping that gun unlocked and within reach, a local business is helping raise money for the family to pay for her funeral costs. >> cute little girl. you know how young kids are. >> reporter: kevin shaw, the owner of kevin's corner store off 1792 and sanford says the family has been frequent customers of his for a while. >> i've known the family for years. they've been spending money at my story for years now. i've been knowing them 10 years. >> reporter: the jar is on the counter. the money is going toward the
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young child. she was tragically killed after picking up a loaded handgun and accidentally pulling the trigger. her uncle, 35-year-old eric williams, facing several gun related charges but not for the killing. he said the child was always full of energy. >> she used to love ice cream and stuff. >> reporter: a donation jar on the loved one's porch to help the little girl. >> it's hard, these times when something like this happens. >> reporter: in court on thursday, williams's attorney argued sanford's police do not have evidence that the gun the child found was his. he's being held on $20,000. >> ginger: eric williams just posted bond. we'll be there when he walks out of jail. >> julie: we have new information tonight on another
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in july, two toddlers wandered out of a home and drowned in the filthy backyard pool. back then, many of you asked if loved ones should face charges. detectives couldn't decide. now prosecutors say no crime was committed. justin warmoth looks at their detailed reasons why. >> reporter: according to the incident report released today, the woman who deputies say was supposed to be watching the children before they drowned told them that she asked d.c.f. for a pump to get all that rainwater out of her pool. she claimed d.c.f. did not have the funding to help her out. >> reporter: underneath this algae-infested pool, two toddlers drowned after slipping through a sliding glass back door. investigators say the 33-year-old martha jenkins was watching the toddlers. she was the mother to one of them and grandmother to the other. jenkins says she put the toddlers to sleep around 11:00 the night before, barricading
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the doors. when she woke you know around 7:00 the next morning, the toddlers were still asleep so she went back to sleep. when she woke up around noon, the back sliding glass door was open. she found the toddlers not breathing, facedown in the pool. according to the memo the state attorney's office released today, "to this date it is still glass door. although important, it doesn't legally affect the case." prosecutors say, quote, "the facts surrounding this tragedy do not rise to the level of culpable negligence sufficient for filing criminal charges, noting jenkins took the appropriate steps to secure both children." >> reporter: volusia county deputies recommended in july that jenkins be charged with aggravated manslaughter because she was solely responsible in charge for the toddlers. >> ginger: tonight a local man
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burns from a motorcycle explosion. it happened last night while he was working on his bike in bithlo. we brought it to you as breaking news this morning. deputies tell news 6 the blast happened as the man was putting nitrous oxide into his bike. it's a gas that can help engines run faster. it's not flammable by itself, but the tank can explode if it gets too hot. deputies are calling this an accident. >> julie: all eyes are on florida and at ucf, preparations are underway for donald trump's first local rally this saturday. news 6 reporter amanda castro looks at how the campus is bracing for the event. >> reporter: donald trump's rallies often draw huge crowds and protests. they're preparing for the visit while students are planning a protest against the candidate.
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putting ucf at the center of the 2016 presidential election. >> you have people coming from around the state just to see trump, if you support him, if you don't, whatever the case may be. you're going to at least listen to the presidential debate. you want to be part of the 2016 message. >> reporter: the republican presidential candidate is making a campaign stop saturday at the cfe arena, a week and a half before the florida primary. it can hold 10,000 people. >> there's going to be a line around the building. >> reporter: and there's a protest on facebook, saying they're going to be there. >> i don't feel he is someone who deserves to be president of this country. >> reporter: organizers say they're working with ucf police to keep the protests safe and secure. >> the ucf community has been helping with how we can delegate that and how students can stay
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area. >> reporter: trump is known to kick out hecklers who disrupt his rallies and cause outburst. the information is releasing information on its plans to keep people safe. >> it's basically like going to a concert. it's really cool. i'm excited for it. >> reporter: you can get two free tickets for the rally. you just have to register for them online before the event. no word on what you're allowed to bring inside, including banners or posters. reporting in orlando, amanda castro, news 6. >> julie: thank you. moments ago, we just learned signs have been banned from the rally. doors open at 9:00 that morning and trump is expected to speak around noon. >> lisa: tonight news 6 is getting results in tallahassee. they're trying to find common ground in their fight over how to regulate ride-sharing. the meeting comes one day after it looks like competing bills would die because neither side would compromise.
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scheduled after news 6 traveled to tallahassee and asked senator david simmons whether he would consider a compromise to stop cities from forcing uber to raise their prices if the companies carried more insurance. lift told us our story helped get everyone back to the table to talk and is helping to get results. they said they're open to discussing all reasonable proposals in hopes of keeping safe, affordable ride-sharing options open to all floridians. we'll let you know if a deal is reached, on >> julie: today was pretty fabulous. >> ginger: i'll say so. but rain may be on the way. let's check in now with chief meteorologist tom sorrells with your pinpoint weather forecast. >> tom: let's be real. rain is on the way but it's not like a wash-out tonight. if you have outdoor plans, wanting to go dine outside, have at it. radar is good right now. take a look. i wouldn't call this trouble but we've got a touch of rain back up here. it's trouble if you're driving to atlanta tonight. you'll have to drive through the big squall line.
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it's not super troubling at all. a little bit of light rain along the panhandle. here's i-10. notice the bottom part of this does not look nearly as impressive or wacky as the top part of this does. this seam from atmore, along i-10 in pensacola looks strong. we'll watch it through the night tonight but we're good overall. daytona beach is 68. 72 in ocala. 65 in palm coast and 75 in new smyrna beach. temperature reading for the overnight low tonight is 62. the forecast -- the on-the-town forecast calls for things to chill out and pre-rain for tomorrow morning. i'll talk about the arrival of the rain and what it means nor your friday and bike week. >> lisa: thank you, tom. from surfing to veterans meteorologist candace campos is meeting all sorts of people today.
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our last stop on our pinpoint weather road trip this thursday evening. we hit cocoa beach, port canaveral and even merritt island. now we're back in time, we are at christmas. port christmas in orange county. you know, temperatures are going to be feeling really nice the next couple of days. let's pinpoint your forecast for folks living here in christmas. temperatures tonight in the low 60's. mostly cloudy skies. still the slight chance for rain will be in the forecast as the front rolls through. as the front clears on friday, you can see we will cool down a few degrees, only warming up into the mid-70's compared to the low 80's we saw today, but do expect a lot more sunshine for your friday. i'm news 6 meteorologist candace campos. back to you. >> ginger: all right. cutbacks are coming to a popular sales tax holiday. why you will save less at back to school time. >> lisa: plus big announcements at disney, how the cruise line is growing by a third. >> julie: and seaworld is
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where you can see the baby dolphin in person. >> lisa: but first, they're counting down again at the cape for the fifth time. when spacex will launch and hopefully make history, next. >> ginger: we're getting results for central florida on news 6 at 7:00 and our news 6 app. >> and join us on facebook during the break. just search for me at broughton news.
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>> 3, 2, 1, 0 -- okay. we have launch abort. >> ginger: so close
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sunday but a boat got in the way. tuesday high winds called off the launch. now we know spacex will try again tomorrow night to launch a falcon9 rocket with a russian communications satellite on board. >> julie: the launch window opens at 6:35 tomorrow night and so far the weather looks good. >> lisa: this is the fifth time spacex will try to launch and make history by trying to land it on a barge in the atlantic. it ended in this last year. the rockets can be reused, saving the company millions of dollars. the technology will help spacex take men to mars. >> julie: again the launch window opens at 6:35 tomorrow night. we'll carry it live on news 6 and on >> lisa: parents, listen up. it appears you will have less time to take advantage of the
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>> ginger: not happy about this one. today a key state senate panel slashed the sales tax holiday from 10 days to 3 days in august. they also get a smaller break on what clothes and supplies will be tax-free. last year's limit was $100. computers would not be included in the sales tax holiday. >> lisa: clearly we're not happy about this. the bill goes before the full senate for approval. we all need more time to save more money. three days is not long enough. >> ginger: and people wanting to get a computer tax-free was a huge help for families out there. >> julie: even kindergarteners are using laptops these days. disney says the cruise line is about to add two new ships. >> ginger: disney's c.e.o. bob iger showed off this image of the two cruise lines. we don't know their names but
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germany and larger than the dream and fantasy. they're due in 2021 and 2023. >> julie: at the same meeting, iger confirmed the construction based on new lands based on "star wars" kicking off next month at disney's hollywood studios and the lands in california. it will feature two new rides and restaurants and shops and demolition is finally underway inside hollywood studios. no word yet on when you'll be able to travel in person to a galaxy far, far away. >> lisa: seaworld's discovery cove is showing off its tiniest new addition. the park sent news 6 this video of sky, a 52-pound newborn dolphin. she's just nine days old. sky is nursing and bonding with her mama. she will be joining her two sisters who also live at discovery cove. >> julie: she's so tiny and cute.
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she's rambunctious, though. >> lisa: they have a naming contest on the disney cruise, whoever wins gets a free crews. >> ginger: last i heard, you weren't big on cruising. >> lisa: i like cruising, just not when you cruise into a storm. >> tom: people won't be doing that. >> ginger: no, they won't. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. no storms on the horizon, beautiful weather but we may see some sprinkles. >> tom: this is nice. it gets better. hang on. i can't say it gets better. it gets different. great shot there from our lady karen down in deltona. that's a beautiful lemon sky there. and that's tim from ormand beach and i love ponce inlet. >> lisa: that's really nice.
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the corner? >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. there's some scattered shower action out here over the gulfstream. look at that hook bowing out there. that's staying to the north of us. the bottom side of the system is not nearly as impressive as the top part. it's been my mantra, all winter long. we've been waiting for the big storms from el nino. so far it's all gone our way. it's been a good winter. knock on wood. overnight lows are going into the low 60's. right now, we're in the 60's in daytona beach. it's 68. 68 in the villages and 63 in ocala and 68 in gainesville. still warm in orlando at 74. wind speeds tonight from the west at 8 in leesburg and a 7-mile-an-hour wind in orlando. >> tomorrow, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being awesome, tomorrow's about a 9. we got the rain early, a little
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i'll give it a 9. here comes the frontal boundary. tomorrow morning when you first wake up, tune in troy bridges because at 2:00 in the morning, scattered showers are approaching. by 4:00, they're in ocala. by 7:00, they're here, knocking on the door in orlando. you could have showers up north and a spritz of rain in orange county. what does it mean for tonight? if you have outdoor plans tonight, we're good. 59 is the low in de land. 59 in oviedo. 57 in ocala and 60 in titusville. i'm calling the low 62 in orlando. here is tomorrow. first thing tomorrow morning, 65. by noon, 74. the daytime high is 79 degrees. 78 on saturday. 77 on sunday. so we're back to normal for our temperatures. down the road apiece by next thursday, we are back to 85. tonight at 11:00, i'll have a
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>> ginger: colbert says the g.o.p. taught us more about the strategy. >> we feel very optimistic. last night was not supposed to be my night. i never said super tuesday was going to be my big night. >> he was just asking voters if they wanted to see a movie this weekend. there's some doubt whether the party will ever be enthusiastic about donald trump. for all those fears that are out there, every single one of them were laid to rest last night by former rival chris christie's joyous introduction of trump at the victory rally. >> good evening, donald trump is the clear winner on super tuesday. tonight is the beginning of
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republican party together for a big victory this november. >> chris christie kind of sounds like the best man at a wedding he never believed in. now it's too late to stop. jennifer and mark, what a couple. who did actually just get married. it happened. we all saw it. it's real. >> julie: tonight colbert welcomes actor christopher maloney. don't miss it at 11:35, here on news 6. thanks for watching news 6 at 7:00. >> ginger: "inside edition" is next.
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>> civil war. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud, a con man. >> and what trump's ex-wife is saying about the presidential race. >> how do you feel about possibly being the first ex- wife. >> and manhunt for a gang that made off with arsenal. >> that's tactical training. >> and tina fey unleashes on the oscars. >> this is real hollywood [censor]


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