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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  March 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> this little guy has lied so much. le >> here we go! >> about my record. o >> reporter: mr. chairman, is your party coming apart at the seams? >> pelley: also tonight. >> back on the record in the simpson matter. >> pelley: nearly a quarter of a century later, a new mystery surfaces in a notorious double murder. a red flag at the top of the world. the mercury's rising, the ice disappearing. [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] singing to it. who's going next in the red trailer >> lisa: a spectacular sunset launch.
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on news 6 and but did they successfully land the rocket on a barge? we'll check in with spacex in moments. >> ginger: and an unexpected arrest, weeks after the first double murder in winter park in 20 years, tonight a juvenile is behind bars, charged only in one of the deaths. >> lisa: good evening. welcome to news 6 at 7:00. i'm lisa bell. >> ginger: i'm ginger gadsden. >> julie: and i'm julie broughton. also ahead, a year in space astronaut scott kelly reveals how he kept sane aboard the international space station for nearly a year and the side effect on his body that he wasn't expecting. it's really interesting to hear from him. >> ginger: i read what bugs him now that didn't before. i knew that was going to happen. >> lisa: interesting. >> ginger: speaking of space, the fifth time was definitely a
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>> 2, 1, 0, lift-off.s, and joining the >> ginger: that is spectacular. the launch went off perfectly on time, at 6:35 this evening. this is the official video from spacex's camera. but we are still waiting to hear if the company successfully landed on a barge out in the atlantic. spacex lost the video signal from the barge about 15 minutes ago. just the first stage was expected to touch down hundreds of miles offshore. here's another look at the spectacular launch as seen from sky 6. the primary mission, launching a communications satellite for asia, appears to be a success. the satellite had to be an unusually high orbit taking a lot more fuel than normal and the rocket had to fly much faster, making the landing attempt even trickier. here's one more look at the falcon 9 rocket launch from the jetty park area in brevard county. the first four tries to get this
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were thwarted by high winds and warmer than expected fuel. after the ship sailed into the fallout zone on sunday. and here's a look at the barge spacex is aiming to land on right now. the first four attempts all ended in fiery failures. but recovering the rocket can slash millions off the launch cost and the technology will help land men and women on mars. of course, we will tell you as soon as we hear that the landing was a success or not. in the meantime, see the entire launch anytime from the home page of >> lisa: we're also waiting to learn more about a developing story in marion county where a tip led crime scene detectives to a body buried in the ocala national forest. take a look at this video sent to news 6 by the sheriff's office from the search scene. the body was buried in a shallow grave in an area off forest road 50. it will be up to the medical examiner to figure out if this is a man or a won and hopefully
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no word yet when the autopsy will be getting underway. >> julie: an unexpected twist, weeks after winter park's first double murder in two decades. a man and his adult stepson were killed inside the house on comstock avenue. back then, police said they were not looking for any suspects. tonight, only news 6 has learned a juvenile is under arrest for one of the murders. reporter kirstin o'connor is digging into what this means. >> reporter: with flowers on the street corner and letters remembering her son, the mother of one of the men shot outside this winter park home just blocks away from rawlins college is demanding answers after police make an arrest. >> i'm not angry. i'm just hurt. >> mary freeman lost her son last month but tells us she's still searching for answers about what happened that night. >> they didn't tell us anything that night. when it happened. they just wanted to know who was there. >> reporter: on february 17th,
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the home on comstock avenue. the 46-year-old frank free and 24-year-old jordan ingram were found dead inside the home. hours later the evidence markers were back on the lawn outside. new police tell news 6 there's a new development in the case, a juvenile was arrested and charged with one count of first-degree murder, five days after the shooting. but the case is now sealed by court order. after burying her son last weekend, mary freeman says she's ready to hear the truth. >> i really didn't know what happened. now i'm glad somebody is going to have to pay for it. >> reporter: we've been talking with winter park police all night long. they can't give us much information because the court has sealed this case. but do say they do not believe there's any continuing threat to the community at large. in winter park, kirstin o'connor, news 6. >> lisa: tonight three men are
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after one of them is accused of hopping in an suv and pointing a gun at a 2-year-old while demanding cash from two women. here's part of the 911 call. >> i saw the whole thing. now she's getting out of the car, getting violent. >> did they take your car? >> they hit my girlfriend in the face and there's a baby in the car. >> lisa: this happened outside the winn-dixie in deltona. at some point, one of the women fought with the intellect. that's when he jumped out and ran to a waiting truck. the women chased down the suspects and rammed their truck on howland boulevard. >> he was coming, you know, i hit him head on and on the side when he was going to turn. i smashed into him and totaled my car but he didn't get away. i feel like at least there's three bad guys in there, they're not going to do this to an older person, a child or anybody else. >> lisa: the 3 men jumped out of the truck and ran toward deltona high school. a police dog helped make the
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the woman and toddler are doing okay. >> ginger: tonight the brother and sister accused of stealing from girl scouts had a chance to get out of jail. loren korn was there when they faced a judge who lowered their bond. >> reporter: at last check, the siblings are at the volusia county jail. the judge reduced their bonds today only after the attorney says the man has a few drug charges and his sister has no criminal record at all. siblings accused of stealing more than $200 from a 12-year-old girl scout at this deltona wal-mart sunday afternoon appeared in court today. >> i understand why it's such a big deal. it's girl scouts and that's an american icon. >> reporter: their attorney asked the judge for bond reduction. >> she was nowhere near her brother when the crime was committed. >> reporter: 25-year-old ashley winters went first, hiding behind her attorney. you can see her whispering
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the judge also lowered the bond for the 20-year-old man from $150,000 down to $25,000. even though the state argued the pair would be a flight risk. >> he also went to north carolina after this incident occurred. >> reporter: we spoke with lambert shortly after. >> there's decent evidence against one. the other, i can't tell if she even knew. >> reporter: deputies say the duo turned themselves in yesterday after pictures of them on surveillance video surfaced. several people identified them in the pictures, also helping with the case. >> we're glad people stepped up, helped us identify the suspects and we're also glad they came back, turned themselves in and willing to face the consequences. >> reporter: both are charged with robbery by snatching and sudden theft. we called both winters' husband and grandfather, but they both
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>> lisa: election 2016 is heading for central florida. one night after a contentious debate in detroit, frontrunner donald trump has his eyes on the i-4 corridor with a rally planned tomorrow at ucf. they're expecting 20,000 people to turn out. news 6 reporter amanda castro shows us how ucf is getting ready. >> reporter: law enforcement spent the day preparing for trump's visit, releasing new security information ahead of the rally. officers are also working with students who are planning a protest, growing bigger by the day. donald trump's aides expect more than 20,000 people to be at saturday's rally, putting all eyes on ucf during the 2016 presidential election. >> you're going to come out and show your support either for or against him, no matter what. >> reporter: students from across the state will be there, like shaun winston, who drove three hours from st. petersburg
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>> we have to make a choice in the right direction. >> reporter: entry into the arena is on a first come/first served basis. >> you either love him or hate him. some are expecting chaos promoting him and against him. >> get him out of here. >> reporter: law enforcement is known at his rallies. no one is allowed to bring in signs or large bags and they'll all go through metal detectors. across the street, hundreds of people are planning a protest against the republican frontrunner. organizers say they're ready for any potential backlash. >> we are prepared. as long as everybody comes here and realizes what can happen and they're okay with that, i think we'll be okay. >> reporter: they're working with ucf police to keep the protests peaceful and safe. >> they've been telling us they're on our side, they support us and they will be here
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sure nothing goes awry. >> lisa: gates for the trump rally open at 11:00. trump himself is expected around 2:00. >> julie: hundreds of thousands of bikers are hitting the roads. >> ginger: yeah, take a look. bike fest is here. this is a live look at daytona beach. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is excited about it. the guys are all hoping for some good weather this weekend, which means no rain, right? >> tom: it's the 75th anniversary of bike week. can you believe that? >> ginger: i can't either. >> tom: not that i've been there for all 75. i just can't believe it goes back that far. this has been here all day bringing us the blue sky. it's 59 in daytona beach right now, very comfortable. bike week forecast goes something like this. today is beautiful, clear tonight, tomorrow a warm start. 78 degrees for the daytime high tomorrow. and 78 on sunday as well. the on-the-town forecast for
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we'll slide down to about 60 by 11 p.m. i'll be right back in a few minutes to talk about what lies ahead for the rest of the overnight and then we'll pinpoint the forecast for not only tomorrow but the entire weekend. >> ginger: tom, thank you. from bike week, the epcot flower and garden festival, there is a lot to do this weekend. >> julie: meteorologist candace campos took the pinpoint weather patrol to leesburg. >> lisa: that's where viafest is underway. >> reporter: we've been out here pinpointing the forecast out in leesburg all because of the first annual viafest. it runs from 10 to 9:00 and it's going to be a beautiful, beautiful afternoon. so really get out here and enjoy it. there's things for all families to do. let's pinpoint your forecast across the board. plenty of sunshine. nice, clear skies to honor the new viaport mall. temperatures are going to be nice and mild, into the mid 70's. just in time for the fireworks at 9:00. temperatures will be cooling down with skies staying mostly
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i'm news 6 meteorologist candace campos. back to you. >> lisa: candace, thank you. we're still waiting to hear if spacex made space history with a barge landing. we'll have an update on the mission, in minutes. >> julie: also a first-of-its-kind program in one city. how uber is timing up with one city to cut the cost of your commute by 20% or more. >> ginger: plus, how does your body change after almost a year in space? scott kelly said he was surprised by one big thing. what has him uncomfortable back on earth, next? >> we're getting results in central florida. >> and join us on facebook during the break. just search for me at broughton news. we'd love to chat with you. payments that you're making. that's not a good deal. >> pelley: that got us into a lot of trouble before. mellody hobson, our cbs news t financial analyst, thanks so much. >> thank you. ys
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believe how quickly the arctic is melting. and would you believe, anchorage had to send out for snow when the cbs evening news continues. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old.
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clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. >> pelley: in alaska a dog race n without snow makes for tough sledding. anchorage got less than two inches last month, so with the iditarod starting tomorrow, organizers brought tons of snow by train from fairbanks. farther north, scientists are discovering that the sea ice of ing the arctic circle is melting c faster than first thought. this winter, enough ice is missing to cover california three times. here's don dahler. >> reporter: the arctic ocean is six million square miles, most of it covered in ice. but last month, the top of the world was up to 14 degrees above normal and broke the record for
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ed unprecedented. people who work up there, you know, go up to the arctic, go out on boats and cruise around >> julie: the launch was a success. the falcon9 rocket reached orbit. but no word if it landed the first stage of the falcon9 rocket on a barge. we'll keep you posted. >> lisa: astronaut scott kelly says he's still getting used to life on earth after nearly a year in space. >> ginger: he says the trip changed his perspective a bit. >> i think the only big surprise is how long a year is. it seemed like i lived there forever. seemed longer than i thought it would be. i tried to have milestones that were close, like when is the next crew arriving, when is the next vehicle arriving, the next dva, the next robotics, next science activity, and that made a difference to me, keeping my sanity.
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reporters in houston friday that he could have gone longer, but the flight has taken a toll on his body. >> my level of like muscle soreness and fatigue is a little higher than it was last time. i also have an issue with my skin, that because it hadn't touched anything for so long, like any significant contact, it's very, very sensitive to -- it's almost like a burning feeling wherever i sit or lie or walk. >> lisa: that doesn't sound good. >> ginger: no, it doesn't. but as soon as he landed, he landed in kazakhstan. all these people grabbed him and it's like back off. he didn't have any human contact. >> lisa: they were afraid for him to just walk off. >> ginger: it's probably a weird feeling to have all of these people touching him at one time.
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he broke two nasa records, longest flight in space by an american and longest time in space. >> lisa: altamonte springs is trying something new with the ride-sharing service uber that could change your commute. the one year partnership is a first of its kind in the country, providing a 20% discount on all uber trips within city limits. it aims to increase ridership on sunrail. trips starting or ending at the altamonte sunrail station will receive a 25% discount. >> julie: if you're hitting the roads anywhere near daytona beach, expect to see up to a half a million bikes. >> lisa: the 75th annual bike week kicked off today. >> ginger: this is a live look at daytona beach and our daytona beach cam pointed toward the pier and main street. the speedway will host bike racing events during the
7:20 pm
bike week runs through march 13th. i love seeing those guys just kind of zip around there. >> lisa: it's a never-ending stream right now. >> ginger: yeah, it is. let me tell you, they could not have asked for better weather. >> julie: so beautiful. >> ginger: they could have asked for it, but they're not going to get it. >> tom: nowhere. epicenter of bike world right now. we launched the rocket just an hour ago. my storm pins are filing in right now. tonight at 11:00, i'll have so many i'll try to bang right through them. if you've got a great shot posted on storm pins, i would like to see the view from where you are. this is perfect, good to go. look at how we turned out today. temperatures across the area, on the warm side. we had an overnight low of 59 with a touch of light rain. early this morning, daytime high bounced back to 78. it's two degrees above normal
7:21 pm
right now we're at 57 degrees in palm coast. 61 in leesburg. 61 in the villages. 65 in orlando and wind speeds are all over the board. a 14-mile-an-hour wind in orlando and calm in the villages. a 15-mile-an-hour wind right now in cocoa beach. >> tomorrow, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being awesome, tomorrow's a 10. the whole weekend is a 10. today was a 10. >> lisa: it's raining 10's. >> tom: i've got to get on the motorcycle and go. everything is beautiful this weekend. here's why. satellite and radar showing the progress of the frontal boundary, a reinforcing shot of cooler air i was raving about yesterday made it through here. there were the rain showers. but from here to dallas to memphis to raleigh-durham, we're clear. north, south, west, everywhere. there's no direction you can go where there's any bad weather in florida. right now, it looks like the onshore flow will usher in some clouds on the coast.
7:22 pm
a lot of rain in there. our dry air takes care of all of that. you make it through your saturday dry, sunday dry, and wait until you see the extended forecast. overnight lows tonight, we're going 50 for you in palm coast. 51 for the bikers in daytona beach. across the interior, 45 in ocala. 48 in the villages. 50 in leesburg. in orlando tonight, clear sky. wind is from the north, 5 to 15. the low is 52. here's tomorrow. first thing in the morning, 58. by noon, sunny and 75. daytime high tomorrow is 78 degrees. 78 tomorrow, 78 on sunday. monday's not too shabby either. down the road a piece, come wednesday we're back to 82. one week from today our high is 85 degrees. that's bike week right there, all week long. it's perfect. >> ginger:
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>> ginger: after news 6 at 11:00, stay tuned for "the late show with stephen colbert" >> lisa: colbert says with trump rising in popularity, the republican establishment had only one option. >> here's what i know. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. that's right. faced with a monster, the g.o.p. had only one choice. they broke the seal on mitt's hyperbaric dignity chamber and shambled out and brought the pain. >> i'm far from the first to conclude that donald trump lacks the temperament to be president. wait, wait, wait, he's a huge business success. does he know what he's talking about? no, he isn't. and no, he doesn't. how about trump airlines and trump university and trump magazine and trump steaks and trump mortgage.
7:27 pm
>> true he put his name on terrible investments. for example, four years ago he endorsed mitt romney for president. let's see how trump's supporters responded >> of business and our marriage was going to be over. >> julie: don't miss "the late show with stephen colbert" at 11:35 on news 6. >> ginger: fantastic weekend ahead, right? >> tom: perfect. i'll have new model run at 11:00. i'm not looking for rain. >> ginger: we're not looking for it either. >> lisa: sounds good. thank you for watching news 6 at 7:00. een secretly posting a blog called "vegan journal of a rancher's wife." she attracted thousands of followers, and through those contacts, rene was able to raise $30,000, enough for a hostile a takeover. >> all of a sudden he was fixin' to be bought out by his wife. ' >> reporter: is this not emasculating in any way? >> no!
7:28 pm
>> yeah. i didn't appreciate it, but, you know, it was growing pains. >> reporter: and here's where this story gets good. after his wife raised the money, tommy did something rare for a rancher or any man, for that matter-- he put aside his ego and reconsidered a core belief. >> how you doing, girl? >> reporter: he stopped eating ep meat, liked how it felt, and now works for his wife at the rowdy girl vegan farm animal sanctuary. as best we can tell, the only cattle ranch conversion in the country. so now that he's changes for e' you, how would you like to change her? >> i can't think of a thing. >> ah! >> reporter: and there is everything you need to know to stay married forever. steve hartman, "on the road," in engelton, texas. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all
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bada ba ba ba simpson trial. discovery. >> was the knife used in the double homicide found in the rubble of o.j. simpson's mansion? panic. >> is the new sacha baron cohen movie being suppressed because it insults trump? manhood. >> you were making reference to your private parts and people presidential. donald trump versus megyn >> hello. >> nice to be with you, megyn. underwood. her troubled life and secret >> have people been stunned by


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