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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  March 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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cbsn. live news streaming to you. cbsn. cbs news. always on. "we're going to win florida. and you'll find out on march 15th how confident congratulations william. now for the rest of the thumbs. numbers.
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live getting results, this is news 6 at 11:00. >> you will find out how confident we are. >> you will be so proud of your president and so proud of your country. >> erik: the road to the white house runs through florida, and the presidential candidates know it. good evening to you. i'm erik von ancken. glad you are with us tonight. candidates are turning their focus on florida after criss-crossing the country and making a stop in central florida, on this supersaturday. we are getting results in now from four of the five states, holding their primaries today on the democratic side. hillary clinton has won in louisiana, taking 70% of the vote there. bernie sanders won two states tonight, nebraska and kansas. and as for the gop candidates a disappointing night for marco rubio who did not win any
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ted cruz claimed kansas and maine and trump has won in louisiana and we learned in last few minutes he has won kentucky by a slim margin. donald trump was in central florida this afternoon drawing ten also of thousands to ucf, so many that lines were out the door this morning and hasn't were turned away. some stood in line as early as 6 am to attend the midafternoon rally. >> no more hate! >> erik: hundreds of protesters gathered with signs and chanting and while protests were going on outside plenty of action inside. >> look up at the protester camera. >> reporter: at least nine heckleers were kicked out, amanda castro was there all day. you were in the room with trump and all those people.
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>> reporter: there was a lot of energy and excitement, a woman actually fainted while listening to trump's speech and filled cheers and protests and trump speaking off the cuff sharing personal stories and feeding off the crowd. hitting on the key points of his campaign and helping to get votetories pick him during the upcoming republican primary. >> this is beautiful. >> reporter: donald trump greeting a crowd of 11,000 people, inside this arena at ucf and thousands more outside who couldn't get in. you a eyes on the gop front-runner ahead of the florida primaries. >> we are not going to be the stupid country any more, or the stupid people think more. we will be the smart country, we will be the smart people. >> reporter: trump said if elected president he will create jobs and protect our borders and get rid of the common core and replace obamacare.
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>> there has never been a greater division just about, about what we have right now. the hatred and animosity, i will bring people together. i will bring people together. you watch. >> reporter: the speech was interrupted by protesters. >> get them out of here. >> reporter: with hundreds more pro-pesting outside and holding signs and chanting against the candidates. >> every time i hear a speech it is hate speech. >> reporter: a message in the affecting the supporters, who took a pledge to vote for him. >> i think we'll get things con. donald trump will be really good for the country. >> reporter: also at the arena lots of law enforce. keeping an eye on the situation and ucf says everything went
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erik von ancken it amazes me how much energy some have, he was in kansas before this rally and flies to ucf and he made his way to south florida tonight. >> reporter: we will pull up a live picture if we can. he was speaking with a crowd of supporters at his trump international golf course in west palm. a pretty busy day for him. erik von ancken he owns that golf club, probably no protesters there. >> reporter: probably not. plenty the ucf today. von vn marco rubio is campaigning in jacksonville. erik von ancken marco rubio is campaigning in jock sonville. >> erik: political pundits say he must win florida if he has any chance of being the him in knee. he is trailing donald trump in florida but much of florida's
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lined up behind him. so we have to win. but it's not just about winning but what you l you do, we want win if we don't run as a conservative party that embraces the principles, i said this at c-pac, that is not an attitude or how loud can you be, how manied bad words can you say. erik von ancken he will make more stops in florida and will at two different rallies on monday, at that time tampa convention center, and we will be there, and hillary clinton is also making the rounds, in miami on tuesday ahead of wednesday's debate and on thursday she will campaign in tampa. and we haven't heard from bernie sanders if he will make a trip to florida, we have learned a grass roots headquarters is popping up in downtown melbourne, it is called brevard for bernie n time for florida's
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the corner now, march 05 and early voting began this weekend, starting today registered republican and democratic voters can cast their ballot for the primary in volusia and brevard and seminole and osceola and sumter. early voting is already underway in lake and orange. tomorrow night democratic candidates will debate in flint, michigan, on wednesday they will debate in miami, like we said. gop candidates will debate on thursday, in miami. don't forget the latest on election 2016, any time, is right on powered by news 6, including the rest of the primary and caucus numbers as they come in tonight. fhp says they are on the scene of a hit-and-run crash on colonial drive this pine hills road. there are injuries, crews had to shut down the eastbound lanes and authorities could investigate what happened, we are working on getting more answers.
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news 6 investigation on a family's dog killed in a boarding facility. several people showed up with signs protesting in front of the paus and claws store in brevard county. the family claims the facility owner lied about their dog's death and they claim the store's owner told them that molly died of a brain and you arism but they felt something wasn't right and they got ahold of the vet. >> the doctor's office said we were misinformed about the way molly died and when i found out they told me she had been mauled to death by seven other dogs. >> the owners say you lied to them? is that true? >> did i tell them another dog broke the dog's trachea. no. >> don't you think that is an important part to tell the dog's owners. >> i wanted to tell them what
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take the news. >> erik: the family has met with the attorney to discuss a possible lawsuit against the store. a well dressed bank robber, here is a picture here. you see the surveillance video that they have is quite good. you can't see his face because of the blue cap covering it. and it match ses button down shirt, though the wells fargo on sea breeze boulevard, he acted like he had a gun and both away with a paper bag full of money but dropped that bag outside when a customer followed him for a short distance. tonight this woman is in jail for crashing her pickup to six motor homes and four people at the infield of the daytona international speedway. they say she told them she shouldn't have been driving because she had three beers and
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charges. we are checking to see hoy the four people are doing. tonight spacex and its company on board last night's rocket are happy about this. a very smooth sunset launch last night, from cape canaveral. right now the communications satellite is in orbit and will provide tv to the asia pacific region. one failure space station's ceo says the first stage of the rocket came down hard trying to land on a barge out in the atlantic np was expected, since the rocket barely had any fuel left. an overnight shooting on lionel avenue off south john young parkway parkway, a person who
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and knows the shooter so they say they are expected to make an arrest shortly. we will let you know when we get more. north are searching for an endanger teenager, he was last seen leaving his home in ocala. a 2004 white ford explorer, braid enhas made comments that has his family concerned for his safety. he could be on his way to ohio. if have you seen him or you have any information, on him, please call the crime line. new video shows the dangers pedestrians face while trying to cross orlando's streets in a crosswalk. this video shows cars driving right through the crosswalk while a child on the left is on a bike trying to cross. the.recording the video stops and waits, and cars next to them keep keep going. eventually some can stop to let him go.
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drivers to always stop for people in a crosswalk. tonight we are hours away from the kickoff of the orlando city lions second season, how the soccer club plans to break a big record for the second year in a row. and traffic alert, bike week is going full throttle, motorcycles are jamming into almost every inch of main street in daytona beach and meteorologist elizabeth hart is pinpointsing the bike week forecast. frl >> elizabeth: low and mid70s today. temperatures are on the rise. i will let you know when we're in the mid80s coming up. >> erik: we are hearing from oj's former sports agent for the first time since that knife discovery.
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>> news 6 is always on clickorm and your smartphone and tablet. take us with you. >> erik: the discovery of a knife reportly found on property that o.j. simpson once owned. the l.a.p.d. said they are testing the knife that a construction worker apparently found. a worker who helped to level the
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knife over to an cove duty l.a.p.d. officer years ago but the l.a.p.d. says when detectives discovered the now retired officer had the knife, they launched an investigation. they say the former officer believed the case was closed and kept it. mike gilbert was simpson's former sports agent and watched the news confrence with many questions. >> let's say he did bury a knife at rockingham, within a few days of him being arrested he would have contacted us and asked someone to go get it and get rid of it. i mean, it would be logical. you won't leave it there. >> erik: he says it could give in comfort to the brown and goldman families but he believes it this will be a case with no answers. thousands gathered on campus
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front-runner came to town to walk for juvenile diabeteses. news 6 was there, too. >> reporter: know than cell is a normal kid and he's a fan of power rangers. however, unlike a lot of his friends he has a daily battle, he is one of the millions who suffer from type 1 diabetes. his mom jacqueline. >> he has several shots a day, and gets a reaction and the pain. we celebrate, though, because he is okay, but it is hard and doesn't end. it is 24 hours a day. we want to make it easier for everybody. >> reporter: one way to do that is the jdrs one walk to cure diabetes, since 2010 thousands have met at ucf walking a 5-k in
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today the goal for organizeers beat what they raised last year, more than pour 56,000. -- $456,000. >> it is emotional, the celebration of what the children have to go through on a day-to-day basis. >> some people who have diabetes like me, they need a cure. >> reporter: he had a following today, friends and family and strangers walking by his side. all with one goal on their mind. finding a cure. and he does not take the support for granted. >> thank you to all the people who support me. >> reporter: at ucf, news 6. >> erik: tomorrow the start the of of the season for the oral city soccer team and tickets for the game are going fast. there are less than 3,000 available seats for sunday's
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orlando city is trying to fill the bowl again. they are using that hashtag, when they begin that second mls season. last year 62,510 fans attended the inaugural home game at the citrus bowl. it should be warm. >> elizabeth: warm, warmer, and warmest. rain, not for a good six or seven days. and you can hear it in my voice, when we get to this time of year, everything is blooming. oh, the pollen is brutal. i am so enverious, if you don't have allergies i'm envious. the only relief is when it rains it helps to wash the pollen out of there. we have really high levels of oaks and grasses and they will
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seeable future. beautiful, though. right nope nothing going on as far as the radar is concerned and we will see a weak front slip through here during the night and into the day tomorrow. up over the midsouth, seeing the precipitation associateed with that and some disturbance through the florida straits between south florida and cube a none that have impacting us and we are barely going to see any cloug moving in with this front. as we head dlu the through the day tomorrow the winds will pick day tomorrow the winds will pick up and it will become breezy with winds between 10 and 20 miles an hour for sunday afternoon. this evening looking at light winds in central florida, from the coastline, palm coast reporting calm winds between a 7-7 mile an hour wind this traffic orange county. beautiful out there today, topping out at 75 in orlando and will average for this time of year and we were cooler at the
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could be chilly at the coast and 72 for the high in ocala and we did see midof his tease at the brevard coast. 52 in palm coast and down to 50 in ocala. so we will have chillier numbers tonight, and here you see the midand upper 40s for the north and west of town, a low of about 53 and 58 one of the warm ef spots in cocoa beach. the remainder of this evening, waking up to mostly clear skies, and again keep in mind no issues tomorrow, lots of sunshine again comfortable temperatures but the wind will become gusty through the afternoon as we head to sunday evening, mostly clear skies once again. details now on roar hour by hour forecast. -- on your hour by hour forecast. if you are lucky enough to be participating in bike week, enjoy, tenths near 70 by
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only issue again, i must stress, breezy tomorrow, 76 for the high and 78 on monday and up to 8 have to tuesday and temperatures keep climbing, we will see mid80s by thursday and friday and remember next weekend, between saturday night and sunday horning we spring forward. prepare yourself. because it takes a while to adjust. if you think about it now maybe you will be acclimated by then. >> erik: it does take a while. maybe the pollen will be better by then. sorry. lotto with extra a fantasy 5 games. tonight's jackpot is $6 million
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>> erik: here are tonight's winning powerball numbers for you again. good luck. jamie seh is here. >> if the does sell out there will be standing room. don't be afraid to go down there, if you don't have a ticket, okay.
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season opener, it felt like a win a history making tie. an electric atmosphere.
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avo: when account lead craig avo: he gets a ready for you ready. he can settle in and practice his big pitch. pitch down pat, do you know what client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf! craig: great. client: better yet, how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! secretary: your 2 o'clock is here. client: oops, hold your horses. craig: no problem. avo: la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. avo: the ready for you alert, only at craig: laquinta! >> erik: i do have to tell you about it. >> jamie: we should bewaring
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everybody will wear it tomorrow, the opener is just hours away. orlando city soccer kicks off 2016, at 2:00 tomorrow. lions fans are partying in downtown tonight. and 60,000 will be roaring tomorrow. what does year two have in store? the lions hope a strong start against salt lake city. the club put in it final preps in sanford this morning. they hope to welcome their newest addition, and tonio, he trained with the team for the first time after a rifting in central florida today. the 30-year-old comes from orlando from european power, and he will not be are the to lay tomorrow but he will be at the game. -- play tomorrow but he will be at the game. this is last year's opener, over 22,000 strong on hand to watch
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orlando city's tying goal, coming from the captain. he believes they will rise to tomorrow's occasion. >> an expression, the best players do that. we have the best players, we look at kaka, and he came up with a goal last year. when big games come around we look to our best players. they played salt lake city once last season and it ended in a draw. the copa america, making the rounds in orlando. the late of the rendition of the hundred year international tournament is held in the u.s. in early june but citrus bowl is one of ten host cities, brazil
11:29 pm
would team could claim the cup. tickets are on sale. michael phelps wins gold medals, he and other world class swimmers have been competing in orlando this week, on i-drive but phelps the most decorated olympian in history, probably not the best swimmer any more, he still wins everything. he swam in his final event in orlando. finished third. his american teammate, nathan adrian finished first. he prepped for the rio olympics s fourth and final olympic games, he is allows himself to enjoy the moment. >> i would like to look back in 20 years and say i'm happy with how my career ended. if i stopped in 2012 i would have been disappointed. i work as hard as i can and don't make a final, that will
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but i did what i could. >> at the same time how cool is it to have him here in orlando? i saw him in person, and you did, too. fantastic. >> we had a great time. amazing. awesome. jamie, that i. we put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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