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tv   News 6 at 6.30pm  CBS  March 6, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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the next couple of days that mark will address and get straightened out as they get into the big ten tournament, a saw today in terms of attitude and preparation for indiana. >> ian: offensive rebound and a layman. >> bill: down on the bottom. >> ian: juwan morgan is fouled from behind. >> bill: the hustle plays. most of them have gone to indiana. >> ian: williams upset at himself that he missed the free throws. indiana retains it and morgan, a 76% shooter is at the stripe. >> bill: the pieces fit for indiana. it's not like there is a buzz saw of overall talent but as a team they're magnificent contributors. >> ian: they won the big ten title in 2013. they lost their top four scorers
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oladipo and zeller. tom crean has been able to get this team back to that high level. >> bill: it's the speed of the game that's devastating. you've got to match it. the push. the willingness to spread and attack stretches your d. tough pass. >> ian: ferrell. the turnover. >> bill: he knows. a little giveaway. trimble a little frustrated. how smart is he? didn't go all the way -- actually picked it up, i think he was going to make a play for a cutting hoosier. >> i thought you were going to say "smarter than your average point guard." >> bill: that he is. that's not going out on a limb. >> ian: i'm like your "boo-boo." again. >> ian: a left-shoulder injury he was dealing with heading into
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>> bill: looks like that thing again -- even though he's bending over, excruciating pain. >> ian: he aggravated it against iowa. tom crean comes over. the medical staff will come over. dr. steve opfelt who played here for bob knight. >> ian: doing his job trying to tip a ball, and did, by the way, did his job. >> bill: did and paid for it, and tom was saying to both of us that at the end of the year, it's happened so often they're going to have to address it. god bless him, huh? >> ian: indiana playing without robert johnson.
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morgan was a question mark for this game. hartman was a question mark for this game. they help the freshman to the locker room with 1:20 left to play. >> bill: yesterday he was saying "i feel pretty good. ready to go." remember the rebounding he got earlier in the game, soaring -- tom and the staff, tim buckley worked hard, chuck martin, rob judson, on the other end i spoke to to hall of famer at st. mary's who watches the games, he studied, by the way -- la salle guy. >> ian: brantley in for maryland, trimble will sit and melo trimble wraps up his day with 17 points. four rebounds. three assists. >> bill: indiana puts so much pressure on you. constant. every trip.
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>> ian: 17 for yogi ferrell. >> bill: nice hands. >> ian: layman gives it away. williams is fouled and now it's all window dressing for indiana. >> >> ian: layman has fouled out. the big ten tournament coming up in indianapolis. indiana will be in the be one seed. michigan state the two. maryland entering action could have been the three, or the four. either way, they've got the double bye which was a big key for mark turgeon. >> bill: that's what his concern was. they've got a few days to get back together and get organized. this was a terrific performance. who was ready. watching practice, tom didn't want any letdown.
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them, not sitting down -- you get that reaction at home, don't you? >> ian: yeah, left, right. billy, maryland will be a part of it, indiana will be a part of it. we'll have it for you -- the big ten tournament, semifinals and finals on cbs from indianapolis next weekend. >> bill: from beginning to end. >> ian: it's going to be a battle too. >> bill: it's going to be a great tournament. seven guaranteed, maybe eight teams. >> ian: depending on michigan. >> bill: yeah. >> ian: final 45 seconds. williams makes his move. hangs and hits. 80-62. williams has 23 to lead the hoosiers. >> bill: when he finishes at the rim, ooh, does that complement
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tom wanted to probably call that time out, continue play to get seniors in. >> ian: nickens had it blocked. anunoby. 20 seconds left. >> bill: they're going to call a time out and keep playing. just to keep playing. yeah. just to get the seniors in. >> ian: senior day. yogi ferrell. >> ian: indelible impact that he's had on this program. >> bill: a keeper. early in the year, struggled a little bit. notre dame game seems, tom, to have turned the season around for them -- buckley with the hug -- why not? he is hugable. i've seen him play a lot of good games.
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>> ian: jackson tharp is in. >> bill: don't rub it in. >> ian: he wants to get one more player in. tim priller. >> bill: something to talk about the rest of your life. >> ian: indiana riding the waves. big ten champions. they will enter the conference tournament as the number one seed. a convincing 80-62 win over maryland. the number 12 hoosier defeat the number 14 terrapins. for bill raftery, tracy wolfson
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. >> soccer sunday. the lions kicking off their season with a huge home opener at the instruction bowl. the thrilling finish that left fans on the edge of their seats. good evening to you.
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two big events are happening in central florida, bike week and that soccer game just wrapped up. 60,000 fans packed the stands. that's almost record attendance, almost as many fans as last year's home opener. troy is live at the citrus bowl. troy? >> reporter: yes, a lot of purple. the weather was perfect by the time the game got under way. the fans cheered on the game that ended in a tie. >> orlando city taking on sal lake in the season home opener attended by 60,000 fans. >> thousands of fans sporting their purple, welcoming orlando city into their second season in
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>> with a guy and new player having a way to go. >> with every security checking inside bags entering the stadium, families with small under control. >> it is a great experience. experience. >> the merchandising, everything with the stadium is is great. >> also once the game was over this afternoon, a lot of people, because the weather was so nice, they didn't leave. they went out to cars, pulled up lawn chairs and did postgame tailgating. orlando city is set to place chicago fire at 7:00 on friday. live outside the citrus bowl, troy campbell news 6. >> jamie is going to have complete highlights. pingalore will have reaction from that later in sports. >> to a developing story in orange county, somebody fired shots while they were responding to a call at mr. jiro's
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justin spoke with a restaurant employee who says this type of violence is actually normal. >> the restaurant is back open. they opened at 10:00 this morning. a little more than 12 hours after the shooting was reported. deputies say it started towards the back of the restaurant and when they got here, they say it was directed towards them. >> deputies say they were called about a trespasser. when they got here, they were welcomed with the sound of gun fire which they say was directed towards them. you can see bullet holes in the parking lot as deputies talked with witnesses and looked for evidence nearby. workers showing back up this morning disturbed but not surprised to hear what happened. >> the area is not really safe. >> he has worked here for five years and said last year they had a similar incident, the
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and doesn't close until 4:00 a.m. >> because we are open late, especially on the weekend. we are having a lot of people come from clubs, people getting drinks and stuff. it is not safe. >> investigators say a dark colored suburban with four black males was seen speeding away from the restaurant. no one was hurt in the shooting and deputies did not return fire. fire. former first lady nancy reagan has died at her home in california at the age of 94. she was married, of course, to president ronald reagan for 52 years until his death in 2004. mrs. reagan's assistant said she died of congestive heart failure. rick scott sent this message -- nancy reagan made a monumental impact and i know her legacy will live on like her husband's legacy has. thoughts and prayers to the reagan family and all those who knew her, end of quote. we'll be right back with more
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steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. >> we had another nice day, the only issue was the wind really picked up, especially in the afternoon. we did have a weak front come through. obviously no rain. it didn't have much of an impact on our temperatures, once it swung down towards south florida, a northeast breeze between 10 and 25 miles an hour if you were close to the water. boating was a little treacherous out there today. as we look at the wind speeds, they are starting to come down a little bit. still breezy along the immediate coast. we have a 15-mile-an-hour sustained wind in downtown orlando. as we head through the evening, they'll back off more.
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we topped out at 75 in orlando. pres close to where we were yesterday. a little below average. 68 in palm coast. a high of 64. a nice warm 75 in central marion county. we are sitting at 73 in ocala. 68 in the villages. 63 in new smyrna. 65 in daytona. through the overnight, mostly clear skies. winds lighter when you wake up. a chill in the air with the breezier conditions early tomorrow morning. temperatures near 53 in orlando. a couple of mid and upper 40's north and west of town. as we head through the remainder of the evening, clouds are not an issue. we'll see mostly clear skies. the exception will be as the winds start to veer and come a bit more off the atlantic. we'll look for clouds building along the coast. we'll have high thin clouds. a lot of blue sky on monday. that will continue through the
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no rain coming into play tomorrow. you see here the flow coming in off of the atlantic. those are gustier winds setting up again tomorrow afternoon. here are the details on your hour by hour forecast. early tomorrow, in the upper 50's. another cool start to the day. a high of 77. from there, back in the 80's. tuesday looks beautiful. breezy but the winds backing down a bit. your high near 81. here we go, feeling like spring. wednesday, thursday and friday with temperatures stretching up there into the mid 80's. a little cooler with another chance of rain on saturday. we spring forward next sunday. (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake
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all the right reasons. where shopping
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if you're going to say "better ingredients. better pizza." you better deliver. which is why i'm introducing our new papa's quality guarantee: love your pizza, or get another one, absolutely free. pget any large pizza up to 5-toppings pfor just $9.99. online only. at >> orlando city soccer lived it to its motto -- defy expectations. two goals in 30 seconds doesn't happen in soccer but it did in the lions' opener, sending the
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over 60,000 at this game. lions down 2-0. they finally capitalize in extra time. kyle puts it away. it is 2-1. orlando city needs another, seconds left, passes it back, he is your hero. adrian vinter scores with no time left, saving the day, two goals in 30 seconds for the lions. eagles, a 2-2 draw. a crazy scene in a happy loeshg room. >> now he scores one again, gives everything. all our energy, throwing a long ball. scored it 2-2. it is a great feeling. >> it is a feeling as though you have won the game. you feel as though you have something else, when you hook at
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you don't feel as though you'll get it. to come out with a point, we have to feel good about that. >> it kind of felt like that, it looked like that. >> you don't see that in soccer but i guess we brought it to real life. >> that they did. kyle, rookie of the year, finishes with a goal. attendance, just over 60,000. 2,000 less than last year. orlando city back, chicago kaka didn't play. has an a thigh injury. all in all, a great day. people.
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>> this is the other big event going on. bike week. we have lots and lots of visitors enjoying a perfect weekend. it will be nice. >> been really nice. the only issue we had out there weather wise for the bikers is that it was windy. that makes it hard to steer sometimes. f to pay extra careful attention because it will be breezy tomorrow, fantastic with temperatures climbing into the mid 80's this week. >> that is even better. more news tonight at 11:00. hope to see you then.
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(music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix. where shopping
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>> i was a snowboarding instructor, a bouncer in a nightclub. >> laura logan: and now 44-year- old justin trudeau is a world leader. the new prime minister of canada and his wife will be guests of honor at a white house state dinner later this week. crisis will likely be on the menu. while we were with trudeau we found out he loves to box and is not afraid of a fight.


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