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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  March 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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motorcycle crash shuts down i-4 in volusia county. why happened next put a deputy in harm's way. >> another big win for that man, donald trump. where he picked up even more delegates in the white house race just hours after another surprise victory, this one on the democratic side. it is 6:00 a.m. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison. thank you for waking up with us on this hump day wednesday. >> get you over the hump. >> we are about to cross over. we have a couple of accidents, fairly minor. i'll give you details in a minute. >> we are talking about more heat today, even hotter than yesterday. rain also for the weekend. we'll detail that and pinpoint it in minutes. >> we'll see you in a second. we have breaking news in downtown orlando. police are still on the scene of this shooting happening outside a nightclub in the past few hours at pine street near orange avenue. that's where we find kirsten kirsten.
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>> all right. it seems kirsten cannot hear us. for now, they'll send it to troy bridges for the latest on the weather. >> it is all about that warm weather. a little bit of a haze with a little bit of moisture in the atmosphere. no real fog to deal with. the winds kicking up just enough to keep that at bay. winds out of the east-southeast bringing in plenty of warm air. starting off much milder this morning at 64 degrees from that vantage point. 58 in sanford. 61 in ocala right now. 58 in daytona beach. and almost 70 in brevard county. here's the warmup, it will be breezy like yesterday. expect a lot of sunshine mixed in with a couple of clouds. we are up to 80 as early as lunchtime.
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coming up, we'll talk about 80's for the rest of the week and then rain chances increasing considerably for the weekend, if you are making plans. first, let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. amy? >> thank you very much. here's what is going on right now. we have a couple of accidents i want to bring to your attention. the first one in kissimmee. boulevard. keep that in mind. moving you up towards orlando, it doesn't appear there are any blockages. we have a minor backup through the area on whisper lakes boulevard. we'll take you to i-4. we have added more cars. you can see by fairbanks, these are eastbound cars traveling away from you, getting a little bit more active. that's your check on traffic. >> there is more breaking news, talking about volusia county where a motorcycle crash shuts down i-4 overnight. things got more scary after a deputy responding to the scene was also hit.
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morning in the eastbound lanes near the dirkson drive exit. johnny is there live. you just got some updates from deputies. what more can you tell us? >> we though this morning that that deputy, he was not hurt. he is ok. a smoke driver was hurt and transport to a hospital. the crash happened overnight in the eastbound lanes lanes. a deputy pulled over to help when a driver of another car rammed into the deputy's cruiser. the deputy was not inside at the time of the crash. now, we are in the middle of bike week in volusia county with dozens of bikers in town. at this point, we don't know if that motorcycle driver, he was heading to volusia county to the daytona beach area. of course, i'm going to be reaching back out to deputies to get more information on what happened. of course, once i get new
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you on air and, of course, online. online. >> now to election 2016 news. there is a big news in the white house race. >> bernie sanders celebrating a big win here. the reaction as the florida primary gets closer for us. mark? >> they call this supertuesday. with another night when it comes to the presidential race. let's start with the republicans. that's where voters in four states were heading to the polls. we are talking about michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii. it was another big night for donald trump. he took home three of those four states, including hawaii. news of that broke overnight. the big surprise of the night came on the democratic side, specifically in one state. we are talking about michigan. that's where bernie sanders defied a majority of the poll showing him losing by more than 240 points.
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could give a boost to his campaign. >> it was all smiles for bernie sanders, pulling off the surprising upset in michigan. hillary clinton was expected to win big in the delegate rich state. the voters had other ideas. >> i just want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan who kind of repudiated polls that had us 240, 25 points out a couple of days ago. >> voters focusing on political experience. >> i want to be the president for the struggling and the striving, for people who have a dream. >> for the republicans, exit polls showed voters wanted change. donald trump taking those states >> we have something going that is so good. we should grab each other and we should unify the party and nobody is going to beat us. >> ted cruz picked up a win in gaining momentum. more than 300 delegates up for grabs in tuesday's races.
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where we stand with a delegate count when it comes to the democratic side, hillary clinton holds a big lead with 1200 delegates but the win last night in michigan gives bernie sanders nearly 600. on the gop side, it was a brutal night for marco rubio. what this could mean for his campaign coming up at the bottom of the hour. >> ginger will be there, she will have a wrap tonight at 11:00. >> a wild ride in a stolen car arrested. this is where it ended up after troopers say the teens crashed into a tree. investigators tried to stop them. detectives say all three teenagers tried to run away but they were all tracked down and eventually arrested.
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working to find out what led to a crash in winter springs. fortunately, we are told the woman inside that car is ok. so far, no other details have been released to us. >> a convicted sex offender is back behind bars in orange county. this time he is accused of exposing himself at a complex. a judge set bond at $1,600 during his first appearance before the judge yesterday. deputies say on monday cooper was walking around the cottages apartment naked. you can see in the mug shot, he doesn't have a shoirt on. we found he was already on the sex offender registry for sex charges involving a child in the 14990's. he is charged with exposure. the man behind amazon said his private space travel company could send humans into space next year. he made the announcement during
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he says thousands of people have expressed interest in a suborbital trip. the company isn't taking deposits for the proposed journey yet but he said his goal is to fly as many as 100 suborbital flights a year. >> this whole week has been nice and the trend will continue. >> oh, yes. mid 80's into the next several days. you can see the live view in high definition over daytona beach. the sky is getting brighter there. it is going to be a beautiful sunrise. you can see the waves. a few issues at the water if you are going to get in the water. a rip current risk. cool enough for a light jacket. expect a warmup. it is 61 in ocala. here's the bus stop, most of us don't need a jacket heading out to the bus stop. look at the afternoon. shortly sleeves in order.
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coming up, we are talking about increased rain for the weekend. first let's check on the roads in the traffic center. >> i have not noticed any changes to your drive times as we add more cars, especially on i-4. westbound and eastbound, trying to head out the door. the same conditions for our expressway travelers as well. eastbound, good holmes road over to john young parkway, only taking six minutes. the westbound side as well, 417 into downtown. a quick 8 minute ride. a look outside, a beautiful start to the day. it is very mild. by land star boulevard, again, pick your direction. you won't have any issues moving. that is your check on traffic. david and bridgett, back to you. >> we want to get back to breaking news where one person was shot outside a nightclub on pine street. what do we know so far?
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seems to have happened after a fight in a parking lot behind one of the clubs. pine street is open in the last hour or so. here's a look at what we saw when we got to this chaotic scene. the street was covered with people. police were interviewing witnesses and cars were out on pine street. one man told us he heard the gun shots from downtown the street on the corner and when he came ground. >> when i seen him, i saw him on the ground. he was bleeding. i don't know who shot him. >> police have not identified the 26-year-old man but the watch commander does tell us he was shot several times in the leg and was taken to the hospital. he is expected to be ok. but the big question that we are continuing to ask police is if shooter. they have not answered that question.
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it on our website,, along with any other details given by police. >> it is 6:10. still ahead, more trouble for a popular fast food restaurant. >> we'll show you why another chipotle is temporarily closing its doors. the coast guard has a warning for this mayor. why his planned trip to cuba could have deadly consequences. >> you are watching news 6, getting results for st. cloud, cocoa and all of central florida, on the air lemme get a mcpick 2 check out the brand new mix on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! lemme get a mcpick 2. now, choose any 2 delicious
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>> just waking up with us, thank you for joining us. breaking news out of downtown orlando. this is where police say a man was shot twice. this happened in the parking lot of a nightclub on pine street. that victim was rushed to the hospital. kirsten is at the scene working to get you information on a possible suspect. she will have another live update coming up at the bottom of the hour. >> there is more trouble for chipotle. >> the massachusetts franchise
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after a worker was diagnosed with noro virus. clean-up crews arrived at the restaurant with sanitation supplies yesterday. the restaurant voluntarily closed tuesday after four employees called out sick. chipotle as you may remember has been in the spotlight after an e. coliout break. customers say they'll be back. >> i haven't had any problems with it. i'm sure they are looking out for us. >> the restaurant will be closed until at least the end of the week while employees won't be allowed back million they have been symptom free for five days. >> officials warning the mayor not to take a planned trip that is already getting him national attention. we told you yesterday the mayor is planning on rafting from cuba all the way to key west. you can see him working on the raft. johnson wants to recreate the journey many took to the united states in search for a better life. the coast guard says that trip will put him in extreme danger
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the mayor says he is ok with that. >> every 10 minutes there will be an update where i am at. i'll be able to send messages out during the trip to give updates on what is going on. it is all about the size of the shark that swims by or whatever? he is brave. johnson is planning on leaving for cuba in mid-april. the trip could take between two and 10 days. >> this morning, police asking for your help getting results in finding these robbers they say are targeting the idrive tourist district. look at your screen. police say these men held up a sunglasses hut on sunday. one of the suspects is seen filling up that red bag with 29 pairs of designer oakly and prada sunglasses. those sunglasses are not cheap. if your recognize these suspects, call the crime line. that number is at the bottom of the screen, 1-800-423-tips. >> good samaritans in florida who break into cars to rescue animals will have legal
6:17 am
yesterday governor scott signed a bill into law focusing on situations such as when pets, senior citizens are trapped in hot cars. it will provide immunity while trying to help those vulnerable individuals. >> meanwhile, the florida house only has a few more days to make a decision on a bill inspired by a deputy killed in the line of duty. right now, deputy scott pine's pay. they want 100% and they want the same thing for other families. the rule would expand benefits. the legislative session is set to end on friday. >> after a bad breakup, most people can't wait to purge reminders of that old love. >> a museum is giving couples a display. >> a museum?
6:18 am
the museum is accepting everything from old love letters to even old wedding dresses. the idea and the concept behind this museum is to help provide an outlet for people who don't mementos. >> i'll admit, i have some old love letters i'm not trying to throw away. >> a good point over there. today we are looking ahead to some warm weather, the mid 80's, yesterday was beautiful. we got up to 80 in orlando. hopefully you got out and about. we'll do it again today. we are staying hot for some folks. let me show you some awesome photos. this is a beautiful sunset shot from yesterday in satellite beach from hills beach, we love that. also i really like this from truesdale -- i'm hanging with
6:19 am
that's a bicycle with big tires. a cool shot there. you can see the blue sky, sunshine. more of the same today. a lot of sun to enjoy. that will warm us into the 80's, even there for bike week in daytona beach where we were in the 70's earlier in the week. 78 will be the temperature as early as noon in daytona beach today. at 3:00, we are all the way up to 81. no rain but a little bit of a breeze. those winds kick up near 20 miles an hour much like yesterday. 64 is the temperature right now in orlando. starting out at 58 in daytona beach. of course, bike week well under way. 63 in ocala. right now, it is almost 70 in melbourne. what about the rest of today? here's a look at pinpoint accurate forecast. >> notice the sky as we take you into the future, blue sky, sunshine, a few clouds on and off. we are at 80 degrees at noon. getting up to 84 degrees by 4:00
6:20 am
still near 80 at 6:00 tonight. were at 70 at 9:00 tonight, staying dry and mild. it will be breezy through the day with winds coming in out of the ocean waters. that east wind bringing onshore a little bit of moisture, not in the form of rain but in the form of cloud cover. you can see the white on your screen. clouds off and on. 6:00 this evening, looking good, looking dry with sunshine warming us close to 80 if not well into the 80's. up to 83 in sanford today. 84 in leesburg for lake county. ocala, marion county at 83 degrees. palm coast, flagler county, 80. in daytona beach, volusia county. brevard county in cocoa beach at 81 degrees. area wide, warming up, use the sunscreen. we'll see a good bit of sunshine. tomorrow, warmer. getting up to 86 degrees. 84 on friday. wouldn't you know it, in time for the weekend, there are the rain chances at 30% saturday. not a washout but sunday we increase rain chances a little
6:21 am
we see a big old clock on the screen. setting the clock ahead one hour before going to bed on saturday night. you lose an hour of sleep. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the traffic center. we lose some sleep but we'll take it. >> i guess we don't have a say in the matter. as you get up and you get your day started. you have to clear these accidents. we have couple hanging out. a lane blocked, that is right over by oren brown road in kissimmee. then moving you up towards orlando. it looks like this one, whisper lakes at john young in the clearing stages which is excellent news. taking a look outside, it looks like the sun is coming out, looking lovely, not huge volume on the beachline. moving you easterly past airport plaza. i-4 is filling in. drive times are still right on time. that's your check on traffic.
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>> remember, it is almost time for the sixth annual runaway country music festival. >> do you have your coy cowboy hat ready to go? we are partnering with college roofing to give you the ultimate fan experience. we are giving away tickets for the entire event. all you have to do is watch news 6 for the country star of the day. then head to, slash runaway country for your chance to win. runaway country is march 18 through the 20 at osceola heritage park. >> another major data breach. this time at a hotel chain. >> see what workers are doing to help keep customers' wallets safe. >> he is adjusting to life back on earth after nearly a year up
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> after almost a year in space. scott kelly is getting used to life back on earth. >> apparently adjusting to life on the space station was easier
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he posted a video on twitter writing gravity gets you down. he said soreness is one of the side effects of spending 340 days in zero gravity. >> my legs are still a little swollen from the fluid that shifts up to our heads in space gets pushed back down in my legs. >> nasa scientists are studying kelly to determine how extended space travel impacts the body. he said the hardest part was being away from his family. >> i wonder how long it will take for him to feel normal again. coming up, we have sad news coming out of sea world. >> an update on the declining health of one of the park's most well-known killer whales. >> thieves target a family at a sports complex, smashing into their cars.
6:27 am
families safer out there ahead. >> a downtown orlando shooting
6:29 am
>> a man shot near downtown
6:30 am
gun fire. >> a surprise win in election 2016 as bernie sanders picks up a key win in an important state. house race. florida. it is already 6:30 on your wednesday. thank you for joining us. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. good morning. >> good morning. >> starting off warm. david needs to dust off the short shorts, because temperatures well into the 80's. we'll talk about that straight ahead. >> a couple of accidents, they way. we are coming to life. we'll see how we unfold. >> we'll see you in a second. we want to get to breaking news in downtown orlando first. shooting. we know a victim was shot hospital. kirsten is there working to get more from investigators about the search for the shooter. kirsten? >> yeah, so we are still trying to figure out if they are even
6:31 am
that's the big question this morning. police are still conducting this active investigation. they have cleared pine street now. we have seen some cars come through. still an active investigation and they are not offing very many details. on the scene when there were quite a few people out here. our cameras were rolling as police were interviewing witnesses. there were groups on the street, cars parked out here. police say a 26-year-old man was shot several times in the leg and taken to ormc. he is expected to be ok. one man said he saw the man laying on the ground after hearing eight gun shots. >> i heard pow pow pow pow. >> police say this does appear to have started as a fight between people in the parking
6:32 am
they are still not offering any information about the identity of the victim or saying if they are looking for a shooter. we are working to get more answers in this investigation. kirsten, thanks. with the weather today, another warm day ahead. we are heading into the 80's. >> time to check in with troy bridges. >> mid 80's in store. >> here's how it hooks in daytona beach as we see a beautiful sunrise shot. a mix of sun and clouds today even though there is a lot of sun, we are starting off cool enough for a jacket. hold off on those shorts at least for now. we are at 58 degrees in daytona beach. as we take you through the day. we are starting off cool in spots. not as cool as yesterday. in the 40's in our northern zones. 54 at palm coast, 64 in orlando. look at the afternoon, a mix of clouds and sun. up to 80 at noon. all the way up to 84 degrees at
6:33 am
that average high is 76. we are going well above it, staying dry. we'll talk about when rain does return. let's check on the roads and head to amy in the traffic center. >> good morning to you at home. things are looking pretty nice on our roads. if you will be traveling i-4 like a lot of us do, no delays westbound and eastbound. still completely in the clear. you can see what a beautiful start it is. on 417 just a little bit east of john young parkway. lovely. we are free of major accidents so far. that is your check on traffic. >> we are following more breaking news overnight, this time it is in volusia county, a deputy cruiser is damaged after a car hit him while he was trying to help out an accident victim. this happened along i-4 in deltona over the st. john's river bridge. dispatchers say a motorcycle crash on the eastbound lanes, a
6:34 am
the side of the road when his car was rammed -- when a car rammed his cruiser. the deputy was not inside at the time and was not injured. that motorcyclist was injured in the first crash. highway troopers are investigating both accidents. >> now to breaking developments overnight in the white house race. another big win for donald trump and a shocker in michigan for bernie sanders. >> those victories could have an impact on the primary now just less than a week away. mark lehman is following the overnight developments. mark? >> a big surprise on the democratic side despite polls showing a big lead for hillary clinton, it was bernie sanders pulling out the win last night in michigan. it was the biggest prize of the night in terms of delegates and considered a big boost for his campaign. on the republican side, it was another night dominated by donald trump picking up three of the four states up for grabs. >> only one person did well tonight, donald trump. >> the front runner increased his lead with three key wins.
6:35 am
came out on top in idaho. >> we have tremendous support. we are fighting to earn delegates. >> it was marco rubio left trailing in all four states, voting tuesday. >> florida will be decisive. for a republican to be president, you have to win florida. >> rubio spoke with news 6 at a campaign stop in kissimmee. he said his win hinges on a primary less than a week away. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton split the two states up for grabs. clinton took mississippi but in a surprising twist, bernie sanders pulled off the upset in michigan. jobs and the economy were top issues there. >> i want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan who repudiated the polls. >> on thursday, it will be the republicans taking the stage, all this leading to our primary on tuesday.
6:36 am
states with voters heading to the polls. >> news 6 will be live in miami for tonight's big democratic debate. ginger will have a complete wrap up on news 6 tonight at 11:00. we'll also post updates throughout the night on >> some breaking news just in from seattle where we have just learned multiple buildings have been destroyed after an explosion there. the seattle fire department just tweed out these pictures. take a look. we are told crews were checking out reports of a gas leak when the blast happened. we know two buildings have been leveled and we are told several firefighters were hurt. we are working to get more details. again, an explosion reported in a seattle neighborhood. we'll keep you updated as soon as we get more information on this. >> this scene right here has deputies stepping up patrols after several cars are broken into.
6:37 am
from where parents were watching their children play baseball. they stole purses, wallets and money. parents tell us this is not the first time something like this has happened to them. >> it is hard for women because we want to exercise, we want to go places but we need our purse. we need our i.d. it does become difficult. i think a lot of us are getting preyed upon. >> very upsetting. we are working to get results on this situation. we spoke to the sheriff's office. they told us, they are increasing their patrols around this club. according to police, they will start patrolling more as well. >> in seminole county, hold ago free gun safety class tonight. you may remember last week a 6-year-old girl was killed in sanford after police say a gun she was playing with accidentally went off inside her uncle's home. investigators say the gun was
6:38 am
a week before that, shooting another child showed up at a hospital with a gun shot wound to the hand. tonight's gun safety class will be held at the sanford police department at 4:00. >> officials with orlando hotels are warning customers about a data breach. reps say they received reports on february 3 about a pattern of unauthorized charges. they say cards used by september of 2014 and february of 2016 could be affected here. they are working with card networks to identify them. they have set up a hotline for guests to call with questions. we have that number on 1-800-423-tips. >> congressman mica in orlando to officially transfer the lake baldwin va nursing home back to the state of florida. it comes after the florida house approved mica's bill.
6:39 am
orlando veterans affairs outpatient clinic. they expect the new facility to fill up fast considering the facility at lake nona is already full with a waiting list. >> looking good and warm. there is daytona beach where we are seeing tons of sunshine. we are in the 60's in orlando at 64. 63 in ocala. no big need for a jacket. certainly through the day, a warmup. getting into the mid 80's. 84 by 4:00 so short sleeves in order. the winds out of the east at 20
6:40 am
just posted this graphic on facebook. you can see my which he shall shire tie. >> that is a dead ringer tie. as far as the roads go, we have one accident we are watching this morning in kissimmee. we are still holding onto one lane which is blocked on poinciana past oren brown road. minor delay but still, need to pass that along for you. it looks like you are making excellent time. finding a lot of green data coming back. also taking you outside to take a live look at i-4, over by lake mary boulevard, it is a beautiful start to the day. not a lot for delays. just a little bit of a westbound, just starting to fill in. >> a shooting suspect is arrested at the white house.
6:41 am
secret service says the man was trying to do two days after gunning down a pastor. >> new developments surrounding a killer whale involved in a sea world trainer's death. up next, find out what sea world is saying about tilikum's health. >> breaking news in downtown orlando, a man was rushed to the hospital after being shot. up next, what we are learning
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>> just joining us, we are following a breaking story in downtown orlando. police searching for suspects after a man was shot twice. this all happened in the last few hours outside a club on pine street. we are told the victim was hit in his legs and rushed to the hospital. we'll let you know as soon as we get more information from investigators. >> we are following breaking news from overnight in the world of music. famed beatles producer george martin has died. martin is responsible for producing all of the peats recordings and was considered such a key part of the band he was often dubbed a fifth beatle.
6:45 am
>> a developing story coming out of sea world. the park's largest killer whale is sick and may not survive. we are talking about tilikum, the same whale that killed dawn brancheau. a bacteria infection in tilikum's lungs is not getting better at this point. there is no cure for his condition. a vet says the bacteria is found in a variety of species and tilikum is receiving several medications a day. trainers say they have noticed his demeanor is changing which indicates his health might be deteriorating. >> every day i'm here and every day these amazing veterinarians are here, he will receive the best care care. >> peta has repeatedly called on sea world
6:46 am
say released a statement saying, if tilikum never sees the ocean again, his blood will be on sea world's hands. >> an arrest at the white house. the secret service says a man wanted for shooting a pastor over the weekend is now locked up in the nation's capital. authorities say kyle odom was arrested after agents saw him throwing suspicious items over the white house fence. he is accused of shooting pastor remington in the parking lot of an idaho church. that pastor is expected to survive. police say while the attack was planned, they are still working to determine a motive. pastor remington spoke at a rally for ted cruz a day before he was shot. police say there is no information indicating the shooting was policely motivated. >> a close call now for a tv news reporter caught on camera. take a look at this. if you haven't seen it already, it is crazy. ktau reporter alex savage narrowly hit by a car while
6:47 am
he stepped out of the way on time when his photographer screamed for him to get out of the way. you can see the driver veer off the road and head for him. he was standing in a seven-11 parking lot reporting on a train derailment. the woman who was driving got hit by another car. she panicked and hit the gas instead of the break, causing that close call. the good thing here, no one was hurt. you have to pay attention when you are out reporting. >> too close to the road. he could have been further away. >> scary, nonetheless. >> stay away from the road. today we'll deal with heat. folks love it. >> i have heard from folks. we have folks on facebook excited about a warmup. temperatures getting into the 80's. even though we are seeing a mix of sun and clouds out there.
6:48 am
what we saw this time yesterday. no big need for a jacket. a lot of folks out and about in this milder weather, dealing with allergens, all in the high category. oak, baybury and grass. that will likely continue for some time. we will see rain by weekend to help sweet some of that pollen away. not a whole bunch to get it out of here. we'll continue to keep you up to date on that allergy cast. i have gotten a lot of requests from folks on e-mail and facebook about that. we'll keep you up to date. 63 is the temperature in ocala. 58 in sanford. it is 64 at new smyrna beach. 58 in daytona beach. a little cooler north, you may want a light jacket heading out the door. look at the warmup through the day. 80 as soon as noon. up to 84 by 4:00 this afternoon. well above the average.
6:49 am
a few clouds on and off. the clouds and rain forecast showing moisture in the form of clouds moving onshore. as we talk about the breeze kicking up, gusting near 20 miles an hour out of the east and the southeast. you can see the white indicating clouds rolling onshore. green trying to paint some moisture. again, most of the moisture we see will be in the form of clouds. any rain will be out to sea. no forecast for rain in the coming days on land. as we take you through temperatures wrshgs you live by 4:00, up to 81 in daytona beach. bike week is under way. 83 will be the afternoon high in ocala today. 84 in leesburg. 82 in melbourne for the afternoon high. well above the average in many spots. tomorrow, even warmer. getting up to 86 degrees on your thursday. there's your friday, a high of 84. no rain all week, until the weekend. wouldn't you know it, a 30%
6:50 am
a 40% chance for rain on sunday. we set those clocks ahead one hour before going to bed this saturday night. don't forget about that. highs in the 80's all weekend. let's go to amy in the traffic center. good morning. >> good morning. good morning to you at home. here's what you need to know heading out the door. one travel lane blocked. this is going on in kissimmee still at poinciana boulevard by oren brown road. i wanted to bring you in so you can see the slowdown as you make your way past, dropping you to 17 miles an hour on your approach. as far as the rest of our major bad. this is in melbourne, i-95, right by palm bay road, looking lovely there. it looks like as well, no significant slowdown on i-4 yet. that's your check on traffic. back over to you. >> up next, a check of our big stories on this wednesday, including an up date update. >> what police are saying for the search for a shooter and the
6:51 am
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>> let's get you up to date on headlines, starting with kirsten o'connor. >> it was chaos after gun fire erupted outside a nightclub here on pine street. one man was shot twice, hit in both of his legs. police saying they believe the shooting happened after a confrontation. the victim was taken to the hospital. police haven't released any information about possible suspect. as soon as we get updates, we'll post them to our website. now to johnny in volusia county.
6:55 am
for a deputy after their cruiser was rammed by another car. the deputy had stopped another motorcycle crash on the highway near the st. john's live bridge. when the deputy got out, that's when troopers say another driver rammed into their cruiser. fortunately, that deputy was mot hurt. but the motorcycle rider, he was transported to a nearby hospital with injuries. this crash still remains under investigation. now to mark lehman. mark? >> we are staying on top of breaking news in seattle where we just learned nine firefighters have been hurt after an explosion in a neighborhood. we just got this video in from the scene. firefighters were checking out a reported gas leak when this blast happened. we know two buildings have been destroyed, multiple others destroyed in what is being described as a war zone. cbs this morning will have an update coming up at the top of the hour. >> a mild start across central florida. in the six in most spots. no big need for the jacket heading out.
6:56 am
we get up to 80 degrees by noon. we are all the way up to 84 at 4:00. the average afternoon high in orlando at 76 degree. we are going well above it for the next several days. 86 tomorrow. 84 on friday. no rain until the weekend. rain chances at 30% saturday. 40% on sunday. we set the clock ahead one hour before going to bed this saturday night. lots of folks excited about more sunshine in the afternoon. we'll all be complaining on monday being tired. >> less excited about sleep. >> we have an accident on the westbound side of i-4. this is right by the 436 exit. it is now in on the right lane. use caution and expect delays as well. another crash i want to bring to your attention on apopka vineland road. it looks like we have a lane blocked there as well.
6:57 am
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