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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  March 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> breaking overnight, a mother at the center of a georgia amber alert is booked into jail in central florida. how she was found and what police are now saying about one of her children. >> there is a crime alert coming out of volusia county after a boy said he was abducted while riding his bike to school. what police are doing to keep other children in this area safe. >> we are live in palm bay as fire crews keep a close eye on what is left of a large brush fire that damaged four homes. where firefighters think it all began. i'm kirsten o'connor in for bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. and we have troy and amy. >> all friends here. things are looking pretty good. we had quite the construction presence earlier. already that is lightening up nicely. >> i drove through some of that. >> we get stuck in it. by the time we tell you, it is
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>> people are like, what you are you talking about? today we'll talk about the heat, a lot of that to deal with and the breeze. the fire threat will continue, especially this in brevard county, where we have been pinpointing it the last several days. here's a beautiful live view over downtown orlando. you can see tamway center. 66 is the temperature. a mild start. mainly because of the southeast breezes kicking up near 10 miles an hour. it is 62 in sanford. 66 in daytona beach. 63 in ocala. bike week is under way in volusia county for daytona beach. we will be heating up into the low 80's. the mid and upper 80's in spots in central sections. 81 by noon in orlando. 86 by 4:00 with that breeze kicking up near 20 miles an hour. coming up, we are talking about rain returning, the timing for that straight ahead. first let's check on the roads
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>> not the best timing for the rain. at least we get to enjoy nice dry roadways. it is pretty much construction we are dealing with, the tail end of. you can see the presence along the i-4 ultimate project this morning but it is not causing any big delays. look at saxson boulevard, we are moving very, very nicely still at this point. your drive times are reflecting that. hitting the expressway, not going to have any slowdowns eastbound and westbound sides fantastic still. that is your check on traffic. back over to you. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news overnight. a wanted mother is booked into jail in marion county. it comes after an amber alert alert for one of her children who was found dead. authorities in georgia put out the alert for garrison and three of her children ranging in age
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they were worried about the children after one of gar spai rison's child, a 2-year-old, was found dead. we are continuing to follow this breaking news stories. we'll bring you updates on air and online, >> overnight, another mass shooting in the united states, this time in pennsylvania. right now, five people are dead and several others are hurt. police say it was an ambush style attack. police say the gunmen are still on the run at this point. what is the latest? >> police in pennsylvania are looking for two gunmen after they say more than 30 shots were fired at the party in a suburb outside pittsburgh. check this new video out from the scene. in the last couple of hours, police say when they arrived to the house, they found four people dead on the back porch. one person was transported to the hospital and later died there.
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and one was a man. police say at least two different guns were used in the attack. the violence has left people living nearby stunned. >> this street was quiet. nothing buzz kids on the street. to see that, it is probably shocking to everyone else out there. >> at this point, the victims haven't been identified. as for those survivors, we know two of them are in critical condition and one is stable. the investigation is still ongoing. we'll bring you the latest information once we get it. >> johnny, thank you. crews are keeping a close eye on what is left of this, a big brush fire that left dozens of acres charred and four homes damaged. forestry workers think that fire started in a structure and then spread to brush in a neighborhood around koegen and san felipo in palm bay yesterday. these are live pictures. we are out there on the scene.
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for any of those flare-ups for a fire that left 45 acres burned. hole. at one point, 100 others were threatened, leaving people living nearby extremely worried. >> what happened? >> i don't know. friend. they said, your house is on fire. >> not news you want to hear back to those live pictures now. crews say one was hurt and no one was hurt and that fire is now 100% contained. we'll let you know as soon as we get new information. >> there are increased patrols in volusia county after a child is nearly kidnapped while riding his bicycle to school. it happened on west target avenue south of edgewater public school. detectives say a man approached this 9-year-old boy and tried to get him to go to his house. mark lehman is live. news of this abduction have plenty of parents concerned.
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>> they say it is difficult to even imagine their own child encountering a similar scenario. the attempted abduction happened here along this street yesterday morning. a 9-year-old boy was approached while riding his bike to school. >> with children heading off to school this morning, neighbors worry about the intentions of a man who could be walking the street. a 9-year-old boy was approached wednesday morning. he asked the child if he wanted to go to his house. the boy ran off. >> very concerning seeing how i have a 4-year-old daughter myself. it is scary to think of that. i would think i should feel safe next to the school. >> the child described the man as someone who is heavy set with black hair and a black goatee. he was wearing black shorts and black tennis shoes and sunglasses. >> to stay away from strangers.
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to his grandkids. o'neal hopes it was just a misunderstanding. >> could have been somebody trying to ask a kid something and the kid might have taken it wrong. >> that is certainly the hope. many parents fear it could be something more. i did a search and found 28 registered sex offenders within a two mile radius of the school and that includes two sex predators. we'll talk with police and we'll ask if they are questioning any of the men on the list in connection with the investigation. >> very concerning for all of the families in that area. deputies in polk county have stepped up their patrols after another abduction scare. this one involves an 11-year-old girl. investigators say a man matching this sketch pulled up to the girl tuesday after she got off her school bus on thousand oaks boulevard west of u.s. 17/92ed in daven port.
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mother was in the hospital and he was sent to get her. the girl ran off. >> a substitute teacher accused of being drunk while teaching second grader is out of jail. holly joel was arrested at bentley elementary school yesterday. officers say a teacher noticed her acting strangely. police say when they arrested her, they found a waet bottle filled with alcohol in her purse along with prescription pills. according to court records, she was arrested for dui in 2012, two yes before she was hired as a sub with schools. according to school district leaders a misdemeanor dui does not disqualify a sub from employment. >> less than five months after the first bear hunt and one county is considering banning it. according to the sentinel, seminole county commissioners say the hunt did little to reduce the number of nuisance bears. officials say out of the more than 300 bears killed during
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them were in seminole county. however, officials with the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission says state law overrides any county law so a ban would be ineffective. >> the west melbourne police department is hold ago seminar for parents in the area. the goal is is to teach moms and dads the washing signs of bullying and how to prevent it. it will start at 6:00 sharp. the west melbourne police department is encouraging parents of all ages to attend if they can. >> i can't wait to get back outside. >> it was beautiful yesterday. hoping for the same thing today. >> everybody is jealous of us. all my family, friends, calling me, texting me, sthap chatting me with the number we have. it has been beautiful outside. troy, thanks for that. >> you are welcome. a lot of people complaining about these allergens. the allergy cast showing oak and grass in the high category and without measurable rain until
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with this for the next couple of days days. 63 in ocala. 66 in orlando. 66 at daytona beach. 71 in melbourne. we haven't had much rain. of course, what is today? the tenth. not far into the month. here are the official totals so far this month. we are already below for the month, almost an inch, if not more than an inch. almost an inch in orlando and melbourne more than an inch in daytona beach. we'll keep going below the average for rainfall totals. it is dry. with the breeze and the heat in the forecast, getting up to 86 degrees today, there is a fire threat. it will likely continue. we'll talk about rain chances for the weekend. first let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the traffic center. good morning, amy. >> good morning. good morning to you at home as well.
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right around the beachline, these are northbound cars, southbound a few coming towards you but there are not a lot of cars out there in general which is why some of your drive times look fantastic. we have absolutely no delays for the time being. the rest of our roads are exactly the same, very nice conditions. thags your check on traffic for now. we'll go back to you. >> the time is 5:41 on your thursday morning. there is a push to educate healthcare workers about the zika virus. >> what the governor is asking the cdc to do. >> remembering nancy reagan. how thousands of people are paying their respects to the former first lady before her funeral. >> an officer involved shooting, a detective shot in front of his
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>> an offduty detective is in critical condition after being shot several times. all this happened in front of his son. detectives say the undercover officer whose name hasn't been released yet was shot three times after pulling over a car that was driving erratically. the officer was shot in the head, upper body and hand. the suspect in the shooting was shot after a chase with other officers near a home. his mother spoke out saying her son is a good person. >> please, this is not him. i know he is in so much trouble. please, he is not this cop not. >> unfortunately, this happened.
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just driving his teenaged son to school when the shooting happened. his son was not injure. >> new this morning, a former orange county teacher will now spend the next two dozen years behind bars after being sentenced on charges that he tried to lure a teen to have sex with him. he was lasted last year after a woman discovered her daughter was having sexual conversations with this teacher. investigators say the former social studies teacher got her to send pictures of child pornography. >> thousands will pay respects to nancy reagan. she lies in repose at the ronald reagan library in california. many left behind letters and cards thanking her for the work she did for the country during and after her husband's presidency. she died at the age of 94. she will be laid to rest
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presidential library next to her husband, former president ronald reagan. >> governor scott is asking for the centers of disease control and prevention to host another conference call with state healthcare workers. this comes after the first sexually transmitted zika case was reported in the state. according to the state health officials, the person affected lives in polk county and contracted it from someone who traveled outside the country. currently there are 52 confirmed cases of zika here in florida. >> when people think of art, they immediately think of paint. >> or sculpting or something artistic. one man in iowa is creating works of art -- it is still artistic but it is nothing but a chain saw. look at this. so maybe arguably even more
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he is turning a once damaged tree in des moines, wow, into this incredible sculpture, several sculptures it looks like. he has been doing this kind of art wok for 15 years. as you can see, he is pretty good at it. this sculpture will feature owls, a raccoon and squirrels. he said he started working on the project on saturday. >> he is already that far? >> he hopes to have it completed by today. >> i you tubed this story. people in the community will come out and gather around him as he works on a project. >> i would too. >> yeah. >> look at that. >> it reminds me of the sand castle art. >> a second look at those owls, they look real. we are giving away an umbrella today to the storm pinner of the day. we have gotten a brand new one in, this is of a ferret. his name is sylvester. this is from cheryl in daytona beach.
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umbrella because it is going to get so hot. he needs to get in the shade. >> he looks hot. >> he does. he is not very modest. >> very comfortable. >> we love sylvester. so we are inviting you to pin your photos with the storm pins app. search wkmg in the app store. it is free. you can pin your photo of whatever. this guy is trying to keep cool in the heat we are expecting today. near 90 in some spots. what about what we can expect out the door? starting off mild as well. this is a blocking high, acting as a brick wall, blocking all these storms from moving into florida, at least for the next couple of days before it breaks down and we allow a front to
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today, a hot day. you see winds out of the southeast. we'll see those along the coast. like yesterday, a few clouds move inland. a lot of us will see sunshine. starting out at 66 in orlando. bike week under way, starting out mild. it is 71 in melbourne. here's a look at the accurate forecast. >> notice the sky. we take you into the day with windows into time periods. there's noon, look at the sky, blue sky, sunshine, a few clouds. up to 81 by then. it will be breezy. we warm to 86 degrees at 4:00. the fire threat is real. we have a breeze kicking up. we have the heat now with temperatures approaching 0 in some of our southern zones. even through tonight at 9:00, we are mild at 71 degrees with no rain. there's the clouds and rain forecast. notice the white indicating
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certainly no rain. the east breeze kicking up. we warm to 81 in daytona beach for bike week. 85 in leesburg. 85 in ocala. 83 in melbourne, warming into the morning hours. at 58 in ocala. not dropping much. 62 in orlando. a mild start early tomorrow. 85 tomorrow afternoon. 83 on saturday and on sunday. look at the rain chances, only at 20% saturday, 50% by sunday with a new front. don't forget, we spring forward saturday night before you go to bed. let's check on the roads in traffic center right now. >> thank you very much. things are looking good. i have been going through my live cameras, looking for reports of accidents. so far, not find ago ton of morning. even getting through all of our i-4 ultimate construction. you can see your average speeds are excellent. the surrounding area looking just as nice as well.
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clear this morning. this is what i'm seeing on my live camera. take a look at 429. this is south of 414, lovely wide open roadways. that is your check on traffic. back over to you now. >> remember, the sixth annual run away country music fest is right around the corner. >> are you ready for it? >> i'm dancing to the music. >> we are partnering to give you the ultimate fan experience. all week giving away tickets for the three day event. watch news 6 at 11:00 for the country start to the day. head to to enter. runaway country is from march 18 to the 20 at osceola heritage park. i'm ready for it. >> some of the best names in country coming our way. >> there is new trouble for a trash company. >> why they are facing fines if they miss a pickup. >> we have a check of the big stories on this thursday, including breaking news coming county.
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an amber alert is is booked into jail. find out what new details we are learning about one of her children.
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>> let's get you up to speed on breaking news stories. a mother was booked into jail after an amber alert. the amber alert was put out for the woman and her three kids who vanished from their home in georgia. there were reports another one of her children children, a 2-year-old, found dead inside. >> a student reported seeing a gun on campus. >> what they will be doing later today to make sure students stay safe. plus -- >> i think i said it many months before. she said it.
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tense. hillary clinton and bernie sanders go head to head again before next week's florida primary. what issues led to interruptions with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't the spring home event is happening now.
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>> a disturbing find at her home
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>> patrols stepped up after a scare at a school. what a 9-year-old said happened to him that has students and parents on alert. >> excuse me, excuse me. >> can you feel it? the final fight before the florida primary. we are in miami with the topic that took center stage at last night's debate. it is 6:00 a.m. i'm david hall. >> i'm kirsten o'connor in for bridgett. >> happy to be here. >> it is going to get hot. it is going to be a pool day. >> we are talking about temperatures approaching 90 in some spots in the coming days. that does mean the fire threat will be elevated. we talked about that brush fire earlier.


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