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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  March 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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the democrat bernie sanders and bring his campaign back to central florida while hillary clinton campaigns in tampa. the mother was wanted in found dead.
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captured in marion county but a nine-year-old boy said he was abducted while riding his bicycle to school in volusia county. by noah police are doing to make sure other children in the area are safe. that afternoon central florida. i am david hall. there are increase controls where the child was nearly kidnapped south of edgewater public school. a man approached the nine-year-old boy and tried to get him to go to his house. the new six reporter tells us how police are keeping children safe >> edgewater police made their presence known as students were arriving for class. continues for the the point of the school and parents are voicing their concerns >> the officer is stepping up control after a man approaching nine-year-old boy riding his bike to school. the man asked the trial if you wanted to come to his house. >> wow!
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she learned about the attempted abduction while dropping off her daughter. the nose was alarming but not surprising >> for someone to approach your child , there is a lot of that going on >> shells that she has noticed strange activity in the neighborhood before >> i have reported it to school on several occasions of strange guys walking up and down the school >> after yesterday's encounter, they say they are looking for one guy described as heavyset with medium length like hair and a long goatee. they say he was dressed in all black and wearing sunglasses. incident they were going to's >> take the opportunity to continue the conversation about strangers and how to handle the situation, should your student be approached >> michelle says she will be watching >> eventually he will get caught and i will keep my eyes open. i will. >> edgewater police say they will continue extra patrols around both elementary schools within the city limits. they are also asking anyone
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incident that happened yesterday to call crimestoppers and the phone numbers one aaa 277 tip 's school bus driver are facing child abuse charges after two instances involving a special needs student. gil brown left the 13-year-old on the bus twice after dropping off all the other children. are told the attendant did not even notice the child sleeping when they park the bus and left the scene. and out of the emergency exit and hitchhiked 30 minutes home. this happened twice. there is a child reminder school. jail. a woman wanted in georgia and is now sitting in a marion county jail after her children was found dead after an ever alert was issued for three other children. claire and garrison faced the judge earlier today after georgia authorities put out the b seven years old. t.v. stations reported garrison's other child, a two-year-old was found dead.
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least two days before her body was even found. garrison was found in marion county and detectives say she has family there. the deputies discovered the missing children inside of the car. the children unharmed and they are in good health. to brevard county. the police are searching for a man that abduct in his two and four-year-old children. both are believed to be with her father , patrick scott junior. investigators say she dropped them off at the account lodge. deputies say the three could be traveling to houston in a gold ford fusion. if you know where they are, call crime line. there are five days left and to the florida primary. both candidates are here in florida. hillary clinton just started speaking to voters at the ritz theater anymore city. let's move to gainesville with the candidate wrng up his sp speech at the university of florida.
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3:00 rally. will show you what the candidate said last night as it squared off in a debate in miami. we'll tell you what republicans are doing to prepare for the debate later on. the final four republicans will take the debate stage. the anchor will be there. she will have live coverage throughout the night on news 6 and and on there's a big warm-up with highs in the mid-80s. it's time for troy bridges >> sunshine across central florida and were saying that now. we'll see if you close on and off and it's warming up quickly across central florida. there is a live view in downtown orlando and here's the lunch hour. we are at 81b0 and look at the southwind. near 20 and it's a warm wind bringing in plenty of warm air. we are heading close to 90b0 and many spots. today at 83b0 and sanford. keep in mind the average high is 77b0 for orlando. that normally comes around three b
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here are the lunch hour we are above that . 80b0 in leesburg and it 75 aetna summer beach. beach. we are going up from here and going up to 85b0 at 3:00. 86b0 by 4:00 and it's breezy conditions with a southwind picking up near 20 b 25 miles per hour. the fire threat will continue and dry brush is in place. there is wind and heat . we will talk about rain chances for the weekend. i know it's bad timing but we can use it. we will talk more about that, straightahead >> good point. it's been less than five months since the first bear hunt. one county is considering banning hunting season. seminole county commissioner sadie hunt did not release the amount of nuisance bears. out of 300 bears killed , only four of them were in sumner county. officials with the florida fish commission say
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overrides any county loss of a band would be in effect . the mayor is testing out his homemade showing how hard they have it to get to this country. th the first time out on the water started with one hiccup but he says nothing is going to stop him from planning his trip to cuba >> i'm doing this trip . it's something , when i put my mind to something i don't give up until i have achieved it it's the first or to test run >> it's better than expected and were feeding very i can get this done >> he says he has been planning this trip since he rode from tallahassee to key west on a bicycle. as for national tension, i don't want to diminish the
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trip and the people who have do done it for me >> the mayor says even after strong warning from the coast guard to reconsider his trip from cuba, he is staying on course >> there is no law that prevents an american from coming home about . better definition. his homemade vessel could need a few more alternations . of the metal bolts broke. he had to roll back to fix it >> it's still confident but i know one of my weak spots now >> this is in his last test run. they say he plans to do more of the close this month and the final test run will be across lake okeechobee . a former teacher will spend the next two dozen years behind bars after being sentence on charges that he tried to lure a teenager to have sex. greg vaughn was arrested after a woman found that her daughter was having sexual conversations. the former teacher also got him
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images. he he was sentenced to 27 years in prison robbing a bank will face a judge for the first time. detectives say john p tran went into the bank on merritt island yesterday. they said he indicated that he had a weapon and he demanded motorcycle. he was arrested where he is also facing charges. he is being held at the indian river county jail without bond. orange county trash haulers could face fines if they miss a pickup. they were been following the story since the beginning of the year when crews rolled out their new automated trash collection system. complaints. the haulers could face fines of failure to complete the routes. 4500 calls in january had 2500 in february. county officials blame a le
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they also say the number of routes is simply unacceptable >> firefighters spent the night watching for flareup after a brush fire damages homes. how they are making sure people are safe in this area >> democrats faced off in miami while republicans prepare for the debate tonight . we'll show you how they stand out ahead of the primaries.
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right now, hillary clinton just started speaking to voters. here's a live look at the ritz theater. she and bernie sanders did it out and another debate while republicans prepare to face off later tonight. candidates are doing all they can to draw differences as they
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battlegrounds in florida. craig boswell has the story >> hillary clinton was all smiles as she greeted the voters in miami beach thursday morning >> florida is big football country! >> he target young voters at the university of florida. things were different as sanders and clinton faced off in a contentious debate excuse me! immigration was a big focus for the univision sponsored event >> i voted for the bill and senator sanders voted against it. just think where we would be today if we had achieved comprehensive immigration % >> children came from honduras and i said, welcome the children into this country. secretary clinton said send them back >> republicans debate tonight and it could be more bitter than the democrats but at least one candidate said he won't go
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used i really would . my kids were embarrassed by and my wife didn't like it. i don't think it reflects good . >> he insists he will drop out before tuesday's election despite lagging poll numbers. even her problems drawing a crowd in his hometown of miami >> john kasich is doing much better and his home of ohio . the fox news poll shows he is beating donald trump in the buckeye state >> brevard county firefighters spent the whole night watching for flareups after a brush fire damages for homes. we were in palm bay as they made sure the area was safe. the fire was burning in the middle of a neighborhood in and around cogan drive. smoke in the area and a few flareups in the woods throughout the morning. it was nothing compared to what we saw yesterday afternoon. take a look at your screen. 45 acres burned in a few quick hours.
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on top . they say the weather did not help with strong wind. the fire started in a structure and went nearby. it's 100% contained. we will watch the story closely for you and let you know if anything changes. a graders will have a hard time getting around orlando after officials say a major overhaul will include a bike lane. there is the main role from karen drive. it's currently closed for storm drainage and it said to reopen early next year >> it's looking good. >> i was riding a bike downtown. people were honking at me >> today is perfect for a bike ride >> folks and minivans will honk at you >> were showing you a beautiful view in a high definition with blue skies and it's a great day with no rain. we're just talking about the
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we have been dry and we will likely stage right at least until sunday. the rain chances return and we march. we are already an inch below average when you talk about the rain totals across central florida. it's even above the average of an inch. you talk about the rain bucket. here's where we talk about. the blocking high of a big area of high pressure acting as a brick wall blocking all the bi big area of high pressure with a dominant feature today. tomorrow, sinking air around the high we see winds coming in the are heating up . we are getting well into the 80s today. it's already here at the lunch hour 81b0 orlando. we are at 83b0 in sanford and 79
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leesburg and 81 in ocala. 80 in melbourne. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. there's a lot of sunshine but the sun filters through it with the warm-up adding up to 86b0 by 4:00. the average high is 77. we are going well above that and we are still at 80 at 6:00 this evening. if you are making evening plans b look at that b 70b0 with no rain chances tonight. we stayed dry with a few clouds building in and there's an east coast seabreeze trying to push and with the east wind picking up near 20 b 25 miles per hour. you will notice the breeze into the early morning hours tomorrow with temperatures mild and you might wind like jacket in the northern zone at 58. it's by 7:00 a.m. in marion county.
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many other spots in the 60s and 62b0 orlando. we start out tomorrow morning at 67b0. 70 in cocoa beach. the next three days continues the warmth above the average at 85 on friday. 83 on saturday and sunday and rain chances return minimally at 20% on saturday. if you have plans, we are looking pretty good but by sunday b the high breaks down in the front moves in. doesn't bring rain chances with thunderstorms at 50% on sunday but no severe weather risk. notice the highs today into the 80s. and brings us some thunderstorms and rain and we keep a cup >> a little rain will be good >> it will be but i don't think we'll see enough head's up >> over drivers spotted a class-action lawsuit. still ahead b find out why
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they don't get what they should be getting >> here is a look at stocks right now on wall street. dow jones is in the red at 90+ points. 87 now and nasdaq is going down 24 points with the snp slipping below 10 points. will be right back
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right now, in tampa, hillary clinton is holding a rally for voters and here's a live look at the ritz theater and ybor city. we'll have more on clinton and ybor's city at 4:00 so statement for that. texas over drivers file a lawsuit. they are known for easy use for some drivers say the california-based company is not giving them the full tips. a lawsuit filed on behalf of a over driver claims over has advertised to customers and marketing materials say gratuity is included with some drivers say it's not the case. >> is a good company with a good idea but my position is that when you build something like that on the backs of someone else, either drivers , you shouldn't do it in a way that abuses or takes advantage of the people that are helping you build the empire
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amount due for customers and no specific line for tipping. the lawsuit is room for other drivers to join if they feel the need.
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the best during the day here is an old tortoise keeping up with the latest trend. he is in his 80s. he posed for a selfie and we'll take a look at the old sport . this guy was looking at how long will tours hiccuped. he was looking at how long the tortoise hiccuped. he snapped a picture of the perfect time >> the torah snapped a picture >> some might say >> is around 80 years old and
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>> it's a big old tortoise >> it looks cool >> let's get the shot >> today we will be looking at some heat if you want to get outdoors. 81b0 in orlando and looking up to 86b0 as we go into the afternoon today. 85b0 and rain chances return. this is a good thing. we could use the rain as we were talking about the fire threat . not a big chance until sunday. on saturday it's only a 20% chance of rain and the rain chances at 50% on sunday. both days with highs in the low 80s. we continue into the 80s next week. we will get the rain on sunday . it's a few tender storms
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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come in today for storewide savings. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. [thwack] the spring home event. from classic to contemporary, havertys. >> nick: i' m sorry we didn' t get a chance to talk last night. i-i know i said some things i shouldn' t have. >> sage: no, you just said one thing you shouldn' t have, the most hurtful thing you could ever say to me. you accused me of wanting to son. >> nick: i said i was sorry. >> sage: i know you did. but christian is irreplaceable. i said that to shawn the very first time we met her. me, nick. >> nick: sage -- >> sage: i need you to stop questioning me and support me. can you do that? >> ashley: so you think an mri is really necessary? >> dr. neville: well, given your latest bloodwork and the severity of your symptoms, i information. >> ashley: yeah, but, neville,


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