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tv   News 6 at 5 pm  CBS  March 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> matt: now at 5:00, new details on the georgia mom at the center of an amber alert. deputies caught her in central florida. we're getting answers on the mystery surrounding the death of her youngest daughter. >> lisa: also disturbing video at an orlando publix. the man accused of using his phone to look up the skirts of young girls. we'll hear from the man who helped police catch him. first, though, we're following breaking news in brevard county right now. we have learned two kids are hospitalized after a truck hit them.
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along courtney parkway and grove boulevard. this is happening right by merritt island high school. we're told the kids were flown to a local hospital. you can see a bicycle underneath the silver pickup truck. right now, we're working to learn more on the kids' condition. we'll continue to follow this story for you and bring you any updates as soon as we get them. now to the man accused of taking upskirt videos of girls at a local publix. tonight that man is behind bars. this is news 6 at 5:00, getting results. i'm lisa bell. >> matt: i'm matt austin. we're learning the suspect too. orlando police tell us the incidents happened last month at the store on meeting place. that's in the baldwin park community. news 6 reporter troy campbell talked with police about this and joins us live. so an alert customer tipped off police to catch this guy, right? >> reporter: yeah, not once but between. the witness recognizing him.
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instances they're aware of, that man targeted this publix here. he put his cell phone inside of a basket. he walked around and what he did was he set the basket on the ground allowing his phone to capture images of the young girls, we're talking ages 5 and 8. last time this happened, the witness, store manager followed him in the parking lot and wrote down his vehicle information. >> the 27-year-old scott irwin arrested inside his orlando home thursday morning. witnesses identifying him as this man seen in the surveillance video inside the baldwin park publix wearing a t-shirt and jeans. investigators say he placed his cell phone inside a shopping basket. in the first reported incident, he walked up to girls wearing shorts and skirts, placing the basket underneath him, allowing his phone to record them. >> he propped his cell phone up
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the basket was a means to place on the floor or next to one of the young female victims. >> reporter: a few weeks later on february 24th, the same witness saw irwin again and decided to follow him. >> he was about to check out, saw the suspect come in, put everything back in his cart and said i'm going to follow this guy for a minute. saw what he did, notified publix management and police. >> reporter: the witness and the management says irwin placed a shopping basket on the ground with his cell phone filming underneath the clothing of a couple of teenage girls. orlando police are thankful the witness paid attention to his surroundings. >> if you see something, you're supposed to say something. what he saw he reported it to publix management and they reported it to police and we were able to locate him. >> reporter: police were able to seize his cell phone and his computer. we asked how they plan to identify the victims and how he was not able to share his videos
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we'll have the details later at 6:00. until then, live in baldwin park. >> matt: you can get another look at the surveillance video on our website. powered by news 6. you'll find the story on the home page. new developments tonight on the georgia woman caught in marion county. deputies tracked her down for hours after she took off with her three kids. >> lisa: a fourth child was found dead in an apartment. she faced a judge for the first time. deputies spotted the woman's car in ocala last night. we're told a 2-year-old was dead albany, georgia. about 250 miles away. an autopsy is set to happen at any moment. we've been getting answers all day and deputies say their instincts led to this arrest. >> reporter: that's right. the moment that this search was on and this amber alert was on, the hunt was on for garrison.
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escaping to family here in ocala. their hunt was spot on. they found the car and the kids okay at first but then there was no sign of garrison. family says that's because they dropped her off to the jail so she could turn herself in but deputies say she got cold feet. still, they were able to get results and get garrison in handcuffs within hours. >> just 24 hours ago the hunt was on for this mother deemed extremely dangerous. but today 28-year-old clarion garrison is in handcuffs and in front of a judge for her first appearance. >> are you going to wait until you return to georgia to request an attorney? >> yes. >> reporter: the mother telling a judge she will not go back to georgia, where she was running from, taking her three other kids with her. that's where investigators found her 2-year-old daughter dead in her albany home. >> it was conveyed to us the subject was a very dangerous subject. >> reporter: with the three
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years old in mind, the search to get garrison was in mind. deputies pulled up to her family's home and found her car and the kids uninjured but garrison was nowhere to be found. >> where was she during that time? >> it's speculation at this point in time. the family says she came -- they had just dropped her off at the marion county jail to turn herself in and she got cold feet and walked back to the house. >> reporter: which is where deputies were waiting. news 6 tried to talk to her family at that home today but no one answered the door. >> so garrison is going to stay behind bars without bond in marion county. she's actually facing a charges out of georgia in connection with her daughter's death. it's the charge of concealing the death of another. but it could take a while for her to actually get back to georgia to face that charge. why? i'll answer that question coming up tonight at 11:00.
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the zika virus. we've learned of two new cases in osceola county. that brings the total number of cases there to three. there are now 58 confirmed cases across at least 12 counties statewide. four of them involve pregnant women. state officials are not releasing where they're located. the new cases come just one day after we learned someone in polk county contracted the virus after having sex with a person who traveled outside the u.s. we have more information about the zika virus, including travel notices, symptoms and tips to help you protect yourself on our website. head over to, powered by news 6. >> lisa: an all-out search for a dad and his two kids in brevard county. deputies tell us they believe the man abducted a 2 and 4-year-old. here's a look at them. we're told the 28-year-old patrick scott, jr. took 2-year-old paris scott and 4-year-old patrick scott, iii. the kids' mom said she last saw them around 1:00 this morning.
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in a gold 2015 ford fusion with texas plates. if you know where they are, call the crime line at 1-800-423-tips. >> the fight for florida continues to heat up in the race for the white house. in just hours the remaining republican hopefuls will take the debate stage in the sunshine state. >> matt: the debate will come 24 hours after the democrats faced off in south florida. ginger gadsden is joining us live from the university of miami. ginger, the candidates don't take the stage for 3.5 more hours. and one of them, no surprise, already making some headlines. >> ginger: yeah, no surprise here. ted cruz received a major endorsement today. we're going to talk about that in just a moment, but i am at the university of miami and, you know, it's for tonight's g.o.p. debate. it's no surprise that florida is the epicenter of the road to the white house. journalists from all over are
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university of miami. the media's spin room is packed with media from just about everywhere. cbs, cnn, fox, al-jazeera, and youtube have cameras set up and ready to roll on what the republican candidates have to say to florida voters. if you have something to say and you want everyone to hear it, the spin room is where you go. it's where utah senator mike lee came today to make his big announcement. >> my name is mike lee. i'm a senator from the state of utah. i'm here to announce my endorsement for ted cruz for the president of the united states. >> when anyone receives an endorsement, it puts momentum on their side. this is an opportunity for the candidates to allow the voters to hear their voice and hear what they have to say. >> ginger: what happens on the stage tonight will make headlines tomorrow and determine where the news crews end up
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and back out here live, we're in the google trend, the google spin room where this giant screen, it tells you everything that's trending. as you can see, minute by minute candidate surge, donald trump the number one search candidate there. it just continues to update throughout the day. it's one of the cool things you'll find in the media spin room here. all sorts of cool gadgets and bits of information tonight. tonight what really matters is what the four candidates have to say on the stage and all eyes are here on miami tonight. it is a big deal with those four men and we'll see, of course, people watching to see what donald trump has to say as well. back to you. >> matt: that they will. we saw the information getting tracked yesterday at the democratic debate by facebook. it's interesting stuff. >> lisa: it's interesting how they transform a place like that into a debate stage. the g.o.p. is in the spotlight tonight. the democratic candidates quickly hit the trail after last night's debate.
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for a rally this afternoon. clinton told the crowd she can beat any of the remaining republican candidates. she also criticized governor rick scott for his stance on climate change. her daughter, chelsea, will visit sarasota and st. pete tomorrow. in the meantime, clinton's rival vermont senator bernie sanders paid a visit to central florida today. he attended a rally in kissimmee today. what he told supporters there, coming up at 5:30. and we have you covered throughout the 2016 election including last night's breakdown of the debate and where candidates will stop over the next few days, on our website. just head to, powered by news 6. >> problems in the aftermath of a large brushfire. >> matt: it left homes damaged in a local subdivision. next at 5:00, what firefighters are still dealing with, 24 hours after this thing spread. >> reporter: check out how hot temperatures were today. orlando topped out at 86 degrees.
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how long will the east last and when the chance for rain is back in the forecast? i'll have the details, coming up after the break. >> matt: and more trouble for the motorcycle racer accused of punching a cop. what we've learned about the racing champion's f in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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>> matt: right now, brevard county firefighters are keeping a close eye on a palm bay neighborhood. >> lisa: they spent the day battling flare-ups just one day after a brushfire damaged at least four homes. this is happening in the area west of i-95. video from our news partners at "florida today" show fire crews out there this afternoon. firefighters say the combination of dry air and wind is causing a greater risk of flare-ups right now. we're told 45 acres burned in just a few hours yesterday but
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an update now on the motorcycle racer accused of punching a daytona beach police officer. >> matt: we've learned the two-time defending daytona 200 champion will not be defending his title this weekend. the american motorcyclist association suspended the guy. police arrested him earlier this week. they say he pushed a woman and then punched an officer who chased him. he's charged with felony battery on an officer. the ama said in a statement today, racing is, quote, a privilege not a right. it's not known how long he'll be suspended. planned, calculated and brutal. >> lisa: that is how police are describing a deadly attack at a backyard cookout that left five people dead and two hurt. investigators say a group of about 15 people were in the yard when someone fired shots at the home from an alley. we're told another shooter with an assault rifle started firing
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one woman said the scene was chilling. >> it was mass chaos. people were crying and people were everywhere, screaming and yelling and there were children in the house, and they moved some of the children out of the house where all the events took place and to another house. >> lisa: police are now searching for the shooters and trying to determine a motive for the attack. we're less than two weeks away now from central florida's largest country music festival. the 6th annual runaway country musicfest will bring many of country music's biggest names to kissimmee. >> matt: we're partnering with collis roofing to give you the ultimate fan experience. just watch news 6 at 11:00 for the country star of the day and then head to country to enter. it runs march 18th through the 20th at osceola heritage park. we'll be out there for a bunch of it.
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looking forward to that. i was out there last year when it was in brevard county. big names coming to town. >> matt: it's always a great show. we'll have our 10-gallon hats on. >> lisa: and if the weather continues, we'll be really happy. candace campos is in for tom today. >> reporter: at least throughout this weekend, it's going to be like today. mid to upper 80's and a chance for rain on sunday. there's a little mix to the forecast. >> lisa: we can take some rain. >> reporter: we can definitely get some rain. i feel your pain, matt. i feel like it's getting too warm too fast before summer rolls around. taking a live look across central florida. we're at 82 in orlando and 83 in ocala and 77 degrees, winds out of the southeast at 9 to 18 miles per hour. the strong wind is making it difficult for firefighters out there trying to really fight some of these brushfires. here's the weather story throughout the next couple of days.
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a very beautiful evening. if you want to take dinner outside. for friday and saturday, we'll stay windy and it will stay warm, almost to the hot category. we will stay warm. for sunday, more cloud cover, better chance for rain. about 50% chance on your sunday. looking at our current temperatures, 84 in the villages. we're at 80 in sanford and 82 in kissimmee and along the coastline, 78 to 77 degrees. looking here at the wind speeds, this is sustained. so wind gusts up to about 30 miles per hour along the coastline. but sustained, about 16 in cape canaveral and 18 in the southeast in melbourne and up to 21 miles per hour in new smyrna beach. so here's what's going on. got the ridge of high pressure still over bermuda, blocking most of this activity from making its way into the southeast. because of that, we're going to stay high and dry. above-average temperatures, limited rain around. you can see we'll still see the
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for saturday, a slight chance of rain up and down the coastline for the early morning hours. that's about it. tomorrow morning, as you get ready for work and school, temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's, very nice start. again, get ready for the heat as temperatures are warming back up into the upper 80's for your friday. hour-by-hour forecast a mild night. about 6 p.m., a temperature of 78 degrees. 73 by 8:00. looking at the hour-by-hour forecast for tomorrow. that's an 87 degrees. today we topped out at 86. we're thinking even warmer than today. it will be getting warm and windy, no chance for rain across the board. let's look at the seven-day forecast. temperatures should stay in the low 80's. don't forget to move the clock ahead one hour as you go to bed
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still, temperatures are going to be in the mid-80's. >> matt: goodbye, 70's. it was great while it lasted. >> reporter: absolutely. >> matt: thank you. a little sunshine for florida's signature crop. >> lisa: next at 5:00, why this year's orange harvest might not be as bad as first thought. and an effort to boost tourism ramps up again. where space coast leaders want to see a new train stop. >> matt: and ahead at 5:30, see how the volusia county mayor is setting out on a dangerous we'll be right back. >> remember, news 6 is always on smartphone and your tablet.
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this is a letter from someone who's here.
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drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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>> matt: coming up tonight at 6:00, our latest getting results award winner is a man on a mission, traveling on the back roads of florida to help
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you'll want to see it tonight at news 6 at 6:00. what a cool guy. >> lisa: oh, yeah. new developments along the space coast to build a train station as part of a big rail project. >> matt: they hope all aboard florida will consider cocoa for one of its stops. it was picked along clear lake road in north cocoa. it's one of eight spots they considered. it will run from miami to orlando, finished by late 2017. it plans to conduct a study to see if there are enough potential riders to build a station in cocoa. good news for florida's struggling citrus crop. >> lisa: ag officials slightly increased this year's forecast. they raised the orange forecast and the grapefruits rose slightly. florida citrus crops have been
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lows because of citrus greening, spread by a small insect and cause the fruit to shrink and drop early. the budget is expected to pass tomorrow to fight greening. the harlem globetrotters are known for their talent on the basketball court. >> matt: and this was in philly. two globetrotters went to the roof of the wells fargo center. they wanted to try a shot 100 feet above a basket. they just hit that, both did it and both got it on their first try. watch. >> lisa: i was going to ask you how many times it takes. >> matt: the team is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. celebrating. it's more like a pass. >> lisa: we've seen incredible shots like that lately. there was one with the florida gators or one of the players did a chess pass from half court.
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actual game. >> lisa: yeah, right. that is awesome. >> matt: i couldn't do it with 100 tries at it. sachelle saunders is joining us with the news at 5:30. >> sachelle: we have the details on a huge recall regarding meals. and a mother and her daughter call 911 after a disturbing experience at a local publix. the details about what brought her daughter to tears, coming up. watch >> you're watching news 6 at central florida. this is a live look outside at daytona beach. bike week is continuing right now. it's hot this time of year. will we see relief anytime soon? meteorologist candace campos is
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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>> sachelle: a shocked publix shopper calls 911 from the store. >> matt: what a man is accused of doing. a mom says it brought her daughter to tears, too. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm matt austin. >> sachelle: i'm sachelle saunders. ginger gadsden is covering the debates tonight. we'll have the story in a minute. first, changes are on the way after a hot start to the month of march. meteorologist candace campos is in for tom tonight and here with your pinpoint weather first at 5:30. it's hot! too hot.


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