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tv   News 6 at 4p  CBS  March 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> lisa: now at 4:00, breaking news. a brushfire burning more than 30 acres in brevard county. we're working the scene to find out more. >> ginger: and thousands of people showed up to ted cruz today. what the g.o.p. candidate said to a packed rally in orlando. good afternoon, this is news 6 at 4:00. i'm ginger gadsden. >> lisa: i'm lisa bell. thanks for joining us. >> julie: and i'm julie broughton. remembering tonight, former first lady nancy reagan. family and washington and beyond joined in a private service.
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less than 10 minutes. >> ginger: but first we're following breaking news right now. tavares police is investigating a woman involving an 88-year-old woman. this is on doris avenue. rosemary rosemary rosemary gets was shot by her boyfriend of 20 years. lange admitted to killing her. he threatened to kill himself but police took his gun and arrested him. the investigation is still going on right now. we will let you know as soon as we learn more about the situation. >> lisa: breaking right now, a brushfire is causing some traffic problems in brevard county and it keeps growing. state road 407 in titusville is closed in both directions near i-95. that's where news 6 reporter amanda castro joins us live. you got to the fire a short time ago. what is going on out there right now? >> reporter: well, lisa, state road 407 is completely blocked off. we've got troopers over here
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coming off interstate 95. they're not allowing anyone to drive down this road state road 407 because there's an active scene down there. law enforcement is out there battling the blaze. sky 6 flew over the brushfire this afternoon. fire officials are naming it challenger. it's about 35 acres in size right now. at this time there are no homes or structures in danger. fire crews have been out here all afternoon. right now, it's about 90% contained. the fire did burn to the edge of state road 407. that's why authorities closed the roadway to traffic between i-95 and state road 405. now, i've been out here for about an hour or so. i've seen helicopters flying over the blaze, dumping water on to the brushfire. we've got crews from several local fire departments on hand helping, but still no word yet on how this brushfire started. again, it's about 90% contained, but we're still seeing lots of smoke coming up from over there.
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on. no structures or buildings are in danger at this time. the roadways, though, here on state road 407 is still closed to traffic. no one allowed to go down the road for a while. no word how long it will take before the road reopens. we'll keep you updated on air powered by news 6. >> lisa: amanda castro reporting live in titusville tonight. thank you. >> ginger: with that brushfire, some rain would definitely be a welcome sight. >> lisa: but today, all we're seeing is mostly clear skies and sunshine. you can see the wind out there. >> julie: but there are changes ahead this weekend. let's get to candace campos in for tomorrow tonight. she's pinpointing our weekend forecast. >> desperately needing the rain, that's for sure. thankfully we'll see a better chance for showers heading into sunday. no rain to smoke of right now on the radar. let's take a live look outside. you can see the smoke plume being picked up on the radar.
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northwest thanks to a southerly wind flow. the highs topping off today in the mid-80's. yesterday, we were at 86. right now, 81 in daytona beach and 83 in sanford and 84 for you folks in the city beautiful. winds again are playing a big factor when it comes to the firefight out there. along the coastline right now, wind gusts between 15 and 16 miles per hour. across brevard county, 17 in new smyrna beach. 10 from the south-southeast in orlando. compared to this time of year, we should be up to 77 degrees. we're nowhere near the record of 91 in 1918. if you're starting the weekend with an orlando city game later on tonight, the weather is looking spectacular. how long will the nice weather last? i'll have the full forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> julie: thank you, candace. this just in to the newsroom, another another zika virus in central florida. there are now 59 cases statewide
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the list with 27 cases and there are four cases involving pregnant women. >> lisa: new at 4:00, sky 6 flew over a shooting in orange county. investigators are investigating near north orange blossom trail. witnesses reported multiple shots fired near this citgo and then saw a man injured there. we are still working to find out more about the victim and any possible suspects. >> ginger: now to results 2016 and the race for president. supporters gathered today at republican candidate ted cruz rallied for votes in orlando, just hours after a debate in miami. justin warmoth is live at the supervisor of elections in orange county where early voting is happening right now. crews had a big crowd out at the event today. what was the atmosphere like? >> reporter: well, his supporters were not only excited to be there today, but they were also optimistic. he's polling third in florida right now, behind the frontrunner donald trump and
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that's why he's spending so much time here. he wants to get to as many floridians as possible, like the ones voting early here at the orange county supervisor of elections. >> a crowd of more than a thousand supporters welcomed presidential hopeful ted cruz to orlando this morning, fresh off the g.o.p. debate last night. the texas senator was rallying up voters ahead of tuesday's primary. >> we're going to get to the delegates to beat donald trump. >> reporter: fox hannity hosted the event. while the i.r.s., and obamacare was discussed, donald trump was the focal point. >> leaders who understand we work for you. that's why i don't like donald asking people to pledge support to him. it's not about us. it's not about a candidate. it's about the american people and we need to pledge our support to you. >> reporter: right now, cruz is
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state, a state that has 99 delegates up for grabs on tuesday. cruz who was joined by former g.o.p. candidate carly fiorina said the republican nomination is now a two-man race and urged the other candidates to stop out. >> the choice in central florida is simple. do you want donald trump to beat hillary clinton? hillary clinton will wallop donald trump. >> we're going to stand on the constitution and this is a candidate that stands behind the constitution. >> reporter: cruz supporters rally today. marco rubio's campaign was also there, giving out flyers to everyone in attendance. those flyers were saying, quotes, "no matter what you think of ted cruz, any vote not for marco in florida is a vote nomination." >> ginger: thank you. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is getting some help
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in 40 minutes, her daughter chelsea will speak at the hilton lake buena vista hotel. >> julie: several first ladies are at nancy reagan's funeral. news 6 anchor matt austin is joining us more with how nancy reagan is being remembered today. >> matt: the 94-year-old passed away sunday in los angeles of congestive heart failure. the service started around 2:00 this afternoon. first lady michelle obama, former first ladies, rosalynn carter, laura bush and others
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>> she was one of the best first ladies we've ever had. my goodness, 94 years old. that's a long time to live. bless her heart. i'm glad they're together again. >> i knew she was getting older and everybody has had their time and she's lived a good long life. we're here to pay respects to her passing. >> matt: ronald reagan's headstone was removed to add her name to it. >> lisa: dr. ben carson is throwing his support behind trump. he says he and trump have, quote, "buried the hatchet." he says the frontrunner is more than meets the eye. the retired pediatric neurosurgeon calls trump an intelligent man who cares deeply about america. he addressed the endorsement while campaigning in florida. >> it is politics.
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it's a tough business. i used to think real estate in manhattan was tough. this is a tough business, this politics. >> lisa: carson is not the first former candidate to support trump. a few weeks ago new jersey governor chris christie announced his support but mitt romney came out against trump, urging voters to pick another candidate. >> ginger: the beaches of central florida are staying pretty busy. >> julie: the crowds are ready to shell out some cash and competing at local bars. >> we're going to continue to stay mostly dry for most of your saturday until sunday. that's when we'll start to see rain. i'll have the full forecast, coming up after the break. >> julie: and getting your body ready for the beach can be challenging.
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there are things you need to know before trying one. we'll explain, next. >> you're watching news 6 at 4:00, getting results for central florida. we'll be right back. . >> and join us on facebook during the break. just search for lisa bell at
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>> ginger: so are you thinking about getting your body beach-ready after a long winter? >> lisa: 20% of adults -- don't look at me -- concerned about their weight have tried to cleanse. surprisingly, men are edging out women. >> julie: juice cleanses are an estimated $200 million a year industry. she did her first juice cleanse two years ago and has done several since. >> i was do a cleanse if i've eaten too much or drinking too
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i feel like it resets my system. >> julie: by replacing solid foods with juices made from fruits and vegetables and nut milks, some cleanses claim to jump-start a healthier you. we looked at three-day programs from top selling brands including blueprints renovation cleanse and press juicery's cleanse one and an original fresh start. they promise to reset your digestive system, rejuvenate your body and cleanse your system from toxins. pounds. you will in the short-term because they're relatively low in calories. they also are too low in fiber sugars. three days of juices can cost as much as $200. >> if you're healthy and you do
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three days, it's probably not harmful. they just don't contain all the nutrients your body needs, so longer than that it's just not smart. >> julie: healthy eating is a better way to go we're reminded. >> lisa: always good advice. consumer reports reached out to the manufacturers regarding the claims they make. some did not respond. those who did defended the benefits of their products but consumer reports health experts remain unconvinced the products are worth the money. >> ginger: $200 for a cleanse, that's cleaning your wallet out is what you're doing. and "the wall street journal" is reporting jessica alba's laundry detergent contains a forbidden chemicals. the journal sites two independent lab tests which found the cleaning agent contained a harsh agent.
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detergent, showing a certificate from the detergent manufacturer, saying there's no chemicals showing up. >> lisa: bike week is wrapping up this weekend and people are getting ready for spring break. march is a busy month in volusia county. news 6 reporter kirstin o'connor explains what they're doing to accommodate everyone. >> reporter: main street is packed with crowds overlapping between spring break and bike week. restaurant and business owners tell us this is one of the busiest weekends of the year. >> it's bike week. it's crazy. >> lisa: harleys are still lining the streets but about to be rivalled by flip-flops and coolers. >> it's a great atmosphere all the way around. >> on the last weekend of the 75th anniversary of bike week, students are filing into daytona beach for the first week of
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>> my friends are looking for missing items from last night. so they're walking up and down, everything. >> between drinks, lodging and shiny new swag -- >> the 75th bike week anniversary. >> -- both crowds are shelling out cash and competing for local bars. >> last night was awful. everybody. >> at the lucky rooster on main street, they say they changed the menu to bike week specials to keep plates coming out hot. >> it's been a mixed crowd but a fun crowd. everybody is being safe and pleasant. that's all we can count on. >> lisa: for the first time this bike week, a giant wooden motorcycle will be burned. it's called burning the bike. the bike will be set on fire at the fast lane campground in de land.
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tonight. all the ladies are laughing at this. all this week, people have signed the wooden bike. it costs $5 to get into the campground to see the fire. and there's a costume contest. >> ginger: it's like the burning man but it's a burning bike. >> julie: if you're -- >> reporter: if you're going to bike week throughout the weekend, a better chance of rain is starting saturday into sunday. that's the only wrinkle in the forecast for those heading out to bike week. let's break down the forecast for bike week. spotty showers and early morning showers and a chance of thunderstorms for sunday. if you're heading out, have the leather umbrellas, i guess. 78 degrees in daytona beach right now. it's a nice afternoon. mostly dry conditions. as we start to look at the radar
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hours, you can see the smoke plume from the brushfire happening in titusville, affecting the portions of the 405 and 95. but no rain to speak of right now on the radar. right now, temperatures are warming up. it's a very nice afternoon. it feels nice and comfortable because the humidity is down. temperatures today, pretty warm. 82 degrees in sanford. 84 in orlando. good evening to you in kissimmee. 82. 77 in cocoa beach. 78 up in daytona beach. as we look at the wind speeds, making things very difficult for firefighters in brevard county, you can see between 15, even up to 17 miles per hour. that is sustained. wind gusts clocking up to 25 miles per hour. 10-mile-an-hour wind right now in orlando, up to about 13 out in sanford. here's the forecast. what's going on in the atmosphere. we have the ridge of high pressure, hence nice and dry. it's been blocking all of that moisture out there over the gulf coast states from staying out there. that will start to break down throughout the next few days, which is why we'll start to see the rain chances increasing.
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mid-80's again, mostly dry and sunny with the southerly wind continuing across town. here's the change. come sunday and monday. highs are going to stay very warm. we're not going to feel a drastic drop as the front makes its way through. we'll see the showers and a few thunderstorms. as of now, the national weather service is saying we're not expecting anything very severe from the showers and storms. you can see a few spotty showers, good indication there's moisture getting back into the atmosphere. you can see a few showers by saturday night across the inland areas and more of a widespread chance it will start rolling in by sunday afternoon. you can see some of them could be producing a few thunderstorms by sunday afternoon. be aware of that if you're making your afternoon plans. so here, where you live, by 7 a.m. tomorrow morning, if you're getting up early on this saturday, temperatures about 63 in orlando. 61 out in sanford. for your out of town forecast for tonight, overnight lows around 8, 9:00, will stay in the mid-70's.
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temperatures are going to be warming up, again, back into the mid-80's. by 4 p.m., you can see rain chances up to 10 to 20%. more of the widespread chance rolls in for your sunday. again, as we make our way into the weekend, don't forget you lose an hour of sleep as you go to bed saturday night and into sunday morning. the temperatures should stay above average throughout the next couple of days. you can see a decent chance on sunday. it's a nice day to sleep in. >> ginger: it is, and not to be a debbie downer but we're doing a segment in the show later about why springing forward could even kill you. >> julie: i love it. >> ginger: thank you, candace. 2 florida sisters have a lot more in common today. >> lisa: they'll be celebrating their children's birthdays on
4:23 pm
>> julie: we'll tell you about the sisters who went into labor at the same time. and a new study reveals health effects of daylight-saving time,
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>> julie: daylight-saving time is this sunday but it could be more than about just changing your clocks. >> ginger: it can raise your risk for stroke. the rate for stroke way 8% higher two days after the time change. people older than 65 were 28% more likely to have a stroke. the switch also costs the economy more than $400 million a year because of worker productivity. most adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep to function properly. >> julie: that's me. i need at least that much. >> ginger: my problem is my body needs five, but my face needs eight. i haven't been able to work that out. >> lisa: we're not sure what that means. >> ginger: i don't need a whole lot of sleep, but when you don't, you look different.
4:27 pm
cause all those problems? >> ginger: and they say heart attacks increase on monday just on a regular basis. you're getting an hour less of sleep. >> julie: two florida women are proving the bond between sisters can be pretty strong. >> ginger: the women both went into labor at the same time. >> julie: the sisters who also happened to be neighbors were rushed to the same hospital in tampa and put into rooms right beside each other. look at those babies. one sister delivered her son just 13 minutes before her nephew came into the world. both moms and their newborns are doing well. >> lisa: how cute is that? >> ginger: it's so nice they'll be able to grow up together like that. >> julie: they can go over to each other's home back and forth. >> ginger: after spending 24 days in a coma, a south florida
4:28 pm
police say her roommate beat her. what her family is saying about her recovery.
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>> ginger: now at 4:30, a major drug bust. more than 27 pounds of pot found
4:31 pm
what charges the homeowner is facing tonight. >> lisa: and a warning to parents. human trafficking is what parents need to be worried about. they say young teens are being forced into pornography. good evening, i'm lisa bell. >> ginger: i'm ginger gadsden. >> julie: i'm julie broughton. also at 4:30, it's a dominated field by men, but the push for ladies in the sky. we'll hear from some interesting women. >> ginger: they call the story fly girl. it's a cool title for it. we'll get to that in a moment. tonight, an alert for parents from local law enforcement. human trafficking is on the rise and your child could be next. it comes after a man is arrested and investigators say some of his victims are teens. news 6 reporter mark lehman shows us why there's so much concern. >> reporter: investigators say the charges the suspect faces amounts to a modern-day form of slavery. today at a press conference at fdle, agents are using the
4:32 pm
>> make no mistake that human trafficking and sex trafficking is a problem in central florida. >> reporter: law enforcement saying that problem is highlighted with the arrest of this man, 23-year-old martin wright, in jail tonight facing charges of human trafficking and child pornography. >> manipulate them into beginning to do acts they were not comfortable doing. >> reporter: the investigation began after an 18-year-old high school student contacted police, telling them she was a victim. a day later, a 16-year-old student also came forward. >> he would drive them to appointments where they would perform sex acts for money and he would then take the money. >> reporter: they were able to track him down using his facebook page. while he's now in custody there's concern for more possible victims. >> if you're out there, if you're wanting our help, we're here to help you. we can do it. >> reporter: police using the opportunity today to make
4:33 pm
school aged kids could fall victim. >> parents look at their cell phone and look at their social media. >> reporter: as the investigation continues into his actions, police are asking anyone who is a victim or knows someone who is, to call the human trafficking hotline at 888-373-7888. >> lisa: money, drugs, pills a lot of marijuana. tonight the marion county sheriff's office says they've taken a major dealer off the streets. detectives say for the past month, they've conducted an undercover operation to arrest this guy, 25-year-old glen prahock. during that time, undercover officers bought drugs from him where officers found all of this marijuana in his home. they found scales, vacuum sealers, ecstacy, liquid codeine and oxycodone pills and $65,000 inside his home.
4:34 pm
taken off the streets. this gentleman was a higher-level dealer in marion county. >> i think it's going to send a message to many, many others that may possibly be out there, that we're taking a proactive measure in removing him from the street to make our community much safer. it's about the children that we have coming up in our community so they don't get their hands on this type of product. >> lisa: the suspect is now facing several charges, including drug trafficking. he's in the marion county jail on an $80,000 bond. >> julie: in the past hour, we've learned the person hit and killed by a train in holly hill is a man. right now, police say it's still unclear why he was on the tracks. news 6 reporter loren korn was there as investigators tried to figure out what happened. >> reporter: holly hill police are out here trying to figure out what happened after they say a train struck a person early this morning. railroad crossing lights still flash red as police work the accident they say happened
4:35 pm
tracks near 6th street. the medical examiner arrived on scene after police say the person was struck by northbound freight train and killed instantly. investigators say the engineer saw the person and tried to son but couldn't. officers blocked the tracks, forcing cars to take a detour, slowing down traffic as police continue to investigate. investigators say it's still unclear who the person is and why they were on the tracks in the first place. in holly hill, loren korn, news 6. >> ginger: new information today on a fiery crash involving a car and motorcycle. right now, the motorcyclist is recovering in the hospital from severe burns and other injuries. both the car and the motorcycle caught on fire after the biker ended up under the car. it happened along nova road, not far from west international speedway boulevard. witnesses say the driver of the car lost control and drove into the motorcycle. the motorcyclist was airlifted to the hospital. the driver of the car was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries.
4:36 pm
update on both their conditions. >> well, we warmed up to the mid-80's today but there could be rain in sight. >> lisa: we're expecting cooling rain to move in this weekend. >> julie: let's get right to meteorologist candace campos in for tom tonight pinpointing our weekend forecast. >> we desperately need the rain. one the fire danger and the pollen counts have been so high over the last couple of days. finally some rain will help relieve a couple of those issues. today, though, it was a beautiful afternoon if you didn't mind the mid-80's. look at the highs for today. 84 in orlando. leesburg. 84 in ocala and the villages. 2 degrees cooler than yesterday. who can really feel the difference of two degrees? we're not the only ones dealing with the heat. most of the southeast will see wind. over the gulf coast states, cooler air thanks to an area of low pressure that will bring in the rain for us on sunday. wind speeds right now, still clocking between 10 and 15 miles per hour from the southeast.
4:37 pm
have been climbing is the winds pumping in all that heat and humidity around town for today. let's look at the water vapor imagery. it gives us a good idea of the changes ahead. you can see earlier today we were under a lot of nice, dry shades. the area behind me is an area of low pressure building its way throughout the gulf of mexico, tracking to the southeast for your saturday and sunday. it will start to break down the ridge of high pressure that's been keeping us nice and dry and increasing the chance for rain. we should stay nice and dry for tonight. if you have any dinner plans outside, 78 degrees by 7 p.m. it's going to be warm but i'll have the timing of the rain and storms, coming up in a few minutes. >> ginger: a woman who was in a coma since valentine's day who was attacked by her roommate she
4:38 pm
he brutally attacked her. he even tried to cut off her lips and her eyelids. jones' mother says jones has to learn to walk and talk again. >> i couldn't believe it. doctors couldn't tell me if she'd ever wake up. they couldn't give me a prognosis. for 24 days, i did not know if danielle would make it. she will hug you. she tries to talk and at times i can hear her say "i love you." >> ginger: that is a miracle. mitchell and jones had only lived together a week before the vicious attack. mitchell is claiming self-defense but prosecutors claim mitchell snapped. he remains in jail tonight. >> lisa: new information tonight about an undercover florida officer who was shot three times. his family says he is now awake, speaking and sitting up. the detective's name is not being released because of his undercover work. but the jacksonville sheriff's office says the detective continues to improve but is
4:39 pm
the officer was shot on wednesday after pulling over a car that was driving erratically. he was so the in the head, upper body and hand. the suspect was shot by two other officers and also remains in the hospital. >> julie: right now, the gates just opened at the air show on the space coast. this year, there's a twist. this year for the first time, the show will also include nighttime performances with a special illuminated plane. the evening show starts around 6:00. the three-day event is at the space coast regional airport in titusville. this is video from our news partners at "florida today" from last year. >> ginger: it looks awesome. we're less than three hours until the orlando city lions hit the field for the second time this season. they take on the chicago fire at the citrus bowl. the tie last sunday night allowed them to improve their unbeaten streak to 9 at home. the team says kaka is expected
4:40 pm
thigh injury. the game starts at 7:00 at the citrus bowl. tickets are still available. if you're interested, get online and get them now. >> lisa: precisely why i never like to leave a game early. >> ginger: you never know what's going to happen. they scored both goals in the last minute and a half of that. so who would have thought? well, more women are going to be lacing up their boots and training for combat. >> julie: see when they'll now be able to train with the navy s.e.a.l.s. >> temperatures are going to be in the mid-80's saturday and sunday and a good chance for rain for your sunday. i'll have the full forecast, breaking down hour by hour what you can expect coming up after the break. >> lisa: also, she is so fly. now more women are training to be pilots. their push to be behind the
4:41 pm
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
>> julie: the search is on for the right man or woman for the job as a pilot for the next few years. this is not just another day at the office for united airlines captains. on this san francisco to maui flight, the pilots, friends and gate agents and ground crew are all women, a rare occurrence in the world of aviation. >> i never thought it would be like this but it's really wonderful that it is. >> julie: she joined the airline in 1999 and a former army reservist. before coming to united, she competed in air shows. >> looking forward to seeing more women in the field in the future.
4:45 pm
prove to people that you can be strong. >> julie: the number of women licensed to fly an airliner has grown by more than 800 between 2010 and 2014 and make up only 4% of licensed airline pilots. studies like this one from 2006 found an aviation masculine beliefs, values and perceptions dominating the industry and lead to sexism, prejudice, hostility and inappropriate discourse. >> the perception is this is a boy's job. >> sometimes it's hard because you feel like nobody takes you seriously. but for as many times as you get that feeling, you get the feeling of people looking at you and inspired by you. >> julie: the airlines are pilots. remains small. just 200 are women at the
4:46 pm
>> we still have a ways to go. >> julie: this is the group's president and founder. >> when women first became airline pilots in the 1970's, sometimes senior level management asked them not to make a pa announcement. they were afraid the general public were afraid they were flying the airplane. that's changing. >> i think it's the serenity i feel in the air. i get up there and everything just goes away. >> julie: on the full flight to paradise, the fact that the entire crew were women got the attention of this 7-year-old. >> there's not many pilots around who are women. >> reporter: does it make you think you can do that one day, too? >> yes. >> julie: that's exactly what the captain wants to hear. >> you can do this. i did it so anybody can do it. >> julie: i love that little girl's reaction.
4:47 pm
about, inspiring young girls like that. i've never been on flight but i've flown a lot, with a female pilot. that's very cool. the first female navy s.e.a.l. candidate could start pre-training as soon as mid-may. women could be assigned to s.e.a.l. teams as early as october of next year. all the physical standards will remain gender neutral. it lasts 6 weeks for training and a quarter actually become a s.e.a.l. because it's brutal. the marines will start sending women ground combat candidates to boot camp as soon as next month. the ban on women in combat has been a move building since twern 2013. >> julie: the white house is launching a new initiative to make diapers more affordable. it gives low-income families
4:48 pm
cheaper. cutie's diapers and online retailer are available. the program is expected to launch at the end of next month. i was so surprised that diapers weren't covered. >> ginger: if you've ever been to a baby shower, the one thing they love getting, diapers. you know you're going to use them. >> lisa: every time we change henry's diaper, we say, "that's another 33 cents, henry." candace is filling in for tom today, but it's gorgeous out there. >> it's very pretty. the sunrise this morning was adorable. i do love a good storm pin. >> ginger: that's gorgeous. >> that's from ormand beach, kathy who always sends nice ones.
4:49 pm
there's a little bit in the way of cloud cover out there. how about that one? >> ginger: those are three award winners right there. >> reporter: it was a gorgeous start to a very pretty afternoon. as we look at the visible, we had a mix of sun and clouds today. temperatures were a few degrees cooler than yesterday, which we don't mind really. things are starting to clear up. a mix of sun and clouds right now. tonight, nice and mild for a nice friday evening if you're taking a stroll in the city. we're not shaking off the heat just yet. mostly sunny skies and looking mainly dry. sunday is going to be the big changer here. we're going to see a better chance for rain returning. temperatures are not going to be dropping off at all. we'll be staying in the mid-80's. right now, though, mid-80's right now. 84 in orlando. 82 in sanford. that's the story throughout the next seven days. get used to it. 77 in cape canaveral. cocoa beach and palm coast as well. 84 from ocala out throughout the
4:50 pm
wind speeds at least making it feel a little nicer, keeping the humidity down. ranging between 10 to 15 miles per hour. not a good story for firefighters in titusville, trying to fight that brushfire. as we look at the clouds and rain forecast, finally some rain relief when it comes to the pollen, when it comes to the fire danger. it looks like the models are picking up in the way of a few isolated showers for your saturday morning. mainly because we're now starting to see the moisture atmosphere. it looks like by late saturday night, early sunday morning, we'll start to see a bit in the way of showers, a few thunderstorms developing across the inland areas. more of the widespread chance starts moving in by sunday evening. you could see we could see a few pockets of thunderstorms. as of now, nothing very severe. early tomorrow morning, for your early risers, 61 in new smyrna beach tomorrow and 59 in de land. 63 in orlando. overnight lows in the villages 61.
4:51 pm
brevard, in the mid to upper 60's. the out of town forecast for tonight, by 7 p.m., dinnertime, 78 degrees and a mild evening with mostly dry conditions. let's see the hour-by-hour forecast for tomorrow. temperatures back into the mid-80's. we won't be shaking off the 80's for very long. warm and breezy. winds will be moving in from the southeast about 5 to 15. let's break down the planning forecast for saturday into sunday. we will lose the hour of sleep. don't forget to move the clock ahead one hour for daylight temperatures should be staying in the low 80's. it looks like we could be at the end of the winter season. >> ginger: thank goodness. thank you, candace. >> julie: bringing new movies to your home screen. >> lisa: one guy wants to make it easier for families to see new releases. work, coming up. and then all new at 5:00, a long time local restaurant is suddenly closing its doors.
4:52 pm
shut down and if the owners will relaunch. >> ginger: and a myth busted. why killing all your iphone apps may not save your battery life after all. that's next. >> you're watching news 6 at 4:00, getting results for central florida on this fr yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her,
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>> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet. take us with you. >> ginger: grab your big old bucket of popcorn, the box office may be coming to your living room. >> julie: napster founders plan to hit the home on the big screen. >> lisa: it costs $50 per viewing. the device to stream the viewing costs $150. it will protect rights holders against piracy but hollywood insiders are extremely concerned the new service will gain traction closing many theaters across the country. two things about that, if you want to have a big watch party to pay that much money. when was the last time we heard napster? >> ginger: that's exactly what i was thinking.
4:56 pm
meant to be seen on a giant screen, not at home. i've been to your house and your screen is pretty giant. it's the whole surround sound experience. >> julie: i feel like i never leave my house. >> ginger: it's an event. >> lisa: or if you want to watch movies with your kids. get this, if you're constantly killing your apps in hopes of squeezing out extra battery life, you can now stop. >> julie: apple is now confirming it doesn't really save battery life. >> ginger: why does it feel like it works? this is how it all started. this is a picture of an e-mail a customer sent to the chief executive. they asked mr. cook whether closing down multiple apps improving battery life. he responded to the question simply saying, "no." ever since they added multi-tasking to the apps several years ago, questions surfaced about if it reduces
4:57 pm
but quitting the apps actually drains the battery even more. when you have to reload them, it uses more memory which uses more battery life. >> lisa: that's if you want to open it, but if you're not using it -- i don't know. >> matt: i don't believe that at all. you're wrong, tim cook. >> ginger: just shut 'em down. it's got to help, right? >> matt: i think we know better than he does. >> ginger: that's why we're here. matt austin is here with the news coming up at 5:00. >> matt: new developments for the family whose hoverboard caught fire earlier this week. now we're getting results. next at 5:00, how the family says the vendor that sold them the hoverboard damaged them. that's the hoverboard right there. and a brushfire has part of the
4:59 pm
but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> matt: now at 5:00, thousands turn out as another presidential candidate sets his sights on central florida. >> lisa: first, though, breaking news in brevard county. crews are working to contain a brushfire, the second brushfire


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